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  • M W
    M W 4 hours ago

    LOVE your cooking videos. I played this twice while I cooked dinner. Thanks for keeping me company!

  • safi korn
    safi korn 8 hours ago

    Still as obsessed with Anna’s vids as always *but* I can’t relate as much anymore because everything in this haul is pricey af ☹️ dupes are ok but feel like Anna’s lifestyle is too boujie for my salary lol

  • ManonChant
    ManonChant 13 hours ago

    That leather dress is a dream! I'm in love ❤

  • Bronte C
    Bronte C 18 hours ago

    Living in central Europe = Puffy coat for 3 months during Winter as a minimum. I have three!

  • Sabrina Sanders

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  • Bobette McCann

    Hats! Amazon has great slouchy knit beanies - you'll get the same look and feel as your grey hat but without the tall bump on the top of your head :)

    • Bobette McCann
      Bobette McCann Day ago

  • katie Thomas
    katie Thomas Day ago

    I’m so excited I found this video I’m going to Amsterdam my first time ever overseas ! Had no idea what to wear and now I do ! Thank you so much

  • Amoolya
    Amoolya Day ago

    this really made me realized just how long I've been watching lol, I was a teenager when I first subbed to ViviannaDoesMakeup! you're one of the few youtubers I've actually grown up with and whose content I still enjoy tbh

  • Kimberly Strempek

    your lashes look amazing in the video they really pop

  • Thistle Coast
    Thistle Coast Day ago

    I've heard you reference being tall and having long arms. For fit reference, do you mind sharing your height? I'm sure you've done it, before, but I haven't caught it.

  • Sophie H
    Sophie H Day ago

    I bought a merino wool hat same style as that from &otherstories last year. The shape was proper East17, so it was swiftly sent back. Your photos with this hat have made me giggle 😂

    SUPERRITA0830 Day ago

    I only wear down jacket in the winter!

  • bpore
    bpore Day ago

    Why are we keep our knees straight in squats? This is the one thing I took away from this video haha JK I loved the styling!

  • Kristal
    Kristal Day ago

    white people dumplings

  • Emma K
    Emma K Day ago

    I just can’t see how this wardrobe is capsule anymore. I know it’s seasonal but I do wonder how many clothes are in the total wardrobe (including under the bed, in the loft etc). In the last capsule wardrobe video there were like 8 pairs of jeans alone just for one season. I do feel these videos do still promote brand sales and consumerism. However, really like how you try to really curate the gifted items now and your whole approach to only buying things you really want/love.

  • Rose Mary
    Rose Mary Day ago


  • Elisabeth Rowe

    What happened to the puffer you bought in California?

  • Moroccan  Gardens

    i lreally love a capsule update but would also love to hear more about books, like maybe favourites from last year, or picks of the last decade?

  • Evelien
    Evelien Day ago

    Loving that black cardigan!!

  • ghnb ghj
    ghnb ghj Day ago

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  • ellenmeilee
    ellenmeilee 2 days ago

    M&S cami bras are brill under low cut tops

  • HalfAgonyHalfHope
    HalfAgonyHalfHope 2 days ago

    every time someone talks about their leather trousers, I can't get the image of Ross with baby powder on his legs out of my head. :D

  • Arna Alayne
    Arna Alayne 2 days ago

    Anna, you’re DEFINITELY cool enough to wear the beanie popped up!! Very cute x

  • Ina Vitale
    Ina Vitale 2 days ago

    Anna, you inspired me to start a capsule wardrobe! I did a fall capsule and this is now my first winter capsule. It’s helped me rediscover my style after having a baby and basically deal with my new/changing body. I’m really excited to continue in 2020.

  • Gail Evans
    Gail Evans 2 days ago

    Love Anna but I’m so old school her pants would have been called “flood pants” when I grew no way I could pull that off....such an odd length.....but I adore your videos! LOL 😂

    • Melanie Holmes
      Melanie Holmes 9 hours ago

      I had to Google what 'flood pants' meant. It's funny how ideas from our youth hang on. It's actually a really flattering length if you've got slim ankles.

  • Ella de Ville
    Ella de Ville 2 days ago

    Yes Anna! Love these capsule videos! Always inspiring me to do my bit for the environment

  • Sarahjane Baxter
    Sarahjane Baxter 2 days ago

    Love all the new bits. I think 💭 you should do another one of the videos with mark where he picks your outfits of the week . I thought that they were interesting what he picked out for you .

  • Amy Cole
    Amy Cole 2 days ago

    The leather trousers + cardigan + boots combo is so perfect on you! Do the leather trousers or leather dress make noise when you walk or sit?

  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith 2 days ago

    I love your brows! 🥰

  • Starloony
    Starloony 2 days ago

    So inspirational, I'm getting double fitted wardrobes from having a whole room full of clothes. I want to downsize and just make use of everything till it rips.

  • Jonathan Curtis
    Jonathan Curtis 2 days ago

    Totally unrelated but what brand did you go with for your metal light switches? And do you think it was worthwhile investment?

  • Bonkers Donkers
    Bonkers Donkers 2 days ago

    the double zip is really handy for going to the loo without taking your coat off. xx

  • Emma Currens
    Emma Currens 2 days ago

    Love the new additions! In the UK is it not typical to keep your outerwear (coats) in the closet by the front door? Do most places not have a coat closet/additional closets in other rooms? I've always been curious why you keep your coats in your bedroom :)

    • sparklesandseahorses
      sparklesandseahorses 9 hours ago

      In the UK our houses are a lot smaller. Therefore it is quite normal to keep outerwear in your bedroom. I do, as there is no where else to put it!

  • Asima
    Asima 2 days ago

    Puffed jacket is the best thing in the world for winters! In fact, proper puffer can replace any outer outfit during cold season. Perfect for minimalists. 👍 I’m so bad with my gloves... I’ve lost so many experience pairs over the years. So, I try to buy cheap ones.

  • Isabel Horton
    Isabel Horton 2 days ago

    Gucci GG tights (or similar) with that dress would be amazing!

  • Anastasia Povoroznyuk

    First of all, I really like your wardrobe. It’s all beautiful high-quality pieces and you clearly found your style - the one that expresses your personality and looks flattering on you. I still enjoy watching your capsule wardrobe videos but... They just seem a bit hypocrite to me now. The number of pieces you own honestly makes it difficult for me personally to call this a « capsule ». Plus, all the new purchases you make kind of erase the whole idea of a capsule wardrobe for me (besides, I feel like buying recycled pieces and second hand is great and all but only helps with the « symptoms », not with the actual problem which is over consumption). That sad, I am far from perfect myself, I know and admit that. But... What’s started like inspiring and motivating series of videos now just feels like a good old-fashioned TheXvid haul to me. I hope these words didn’t hurt you ‘cause I meant no harm (I never leave negative comments anywhere), just wanted to share my opinion as an old subscriber. Again, the pieces themselves are lovely.

  • Natalie Mirolo
    Natalie Mirolo 2 days ago

    That squat was true commitment to showing your followers the leather trousers flexibility!

  • Ana Fagundes
    Ana Fagundes 2 days ago

    what's Anna's definition of "capsule"?

  • Nallelie Vega
    Nallelie Vega 2 days ago

    Anna, how tall are you and what inseam do you prefer?

  • gmcw002
    gmcw002 2 days ago

    it looks great with the boobs!

  • Carolyn Leslie
    Carolyn Leslie 2 days ago

    Double zips! So practical for comfortable long cold car rides and not taking off your coat to go to the washroom. With love from cold Canada.

  • Susan Kim
    Susan Kim 2 days ago

    Great purchases And additions to your capsule wardrobe 👍 The last v neck cardigan try wearing it backwards. I’ve seen Sezane style their cardis this way! Happy new year girl!! Excited to see where 202 takes you 😊

  • Lisa McAllister
    Lisa McAllister 2 days ago

    Just wanted to say I love your videos! Especially the ones with Mark in you two are so funny together!

  • Elieska
    Elieska 2 days ago

    Great video Anna! Love all the cooking continue, could watch hundreds of them haha

  • Emma McDonnell
    Emma McDonnell 2 days ago

    You should wear the leather shirt dress as a jacket open over jeans and a tee. Would look fab. X

  • RestingBelindaFace
    RestingBelindaFace 2 days ago

    Anyone know of a good faux leather pant that isn’t cropped?

  • Rita Greenberg
    Rita Greenberg 2 days ago

    Yes for when you sit or drive - not for a breeze - lol!

  • Jackie Ross
    Jackie Ross 2 days ago

    I think for 2020 the goal is to finally find the perfect leopard print loafers 🤦🏻 The struggle is real.

  • Elizabeth Wilmink
    Elizabeth Wilmink 2 days ago

    As a Canadian with -40C winters, puffer coats are a must!! The double zip is so you can sit down, drive, get something out of your pocket, etc. without having to completely undo your coat (and thus losing all the warmth inside your coat!).

    • LisaH
      LisaH 2 days ago

      LOL as a Canadian I never knew this, smart!

  • S. Wan
    S. Wan 2 days ago

    obsessed with the DemyLee jumper!! it is sold out :(

  • Rachael Dempsey
    Rachael Dempsey 2 days ago

    Please can you do a video on exercise, with benefits of Pilates and Spin and the pros / cons and difference you have seen in your health and body. I am starting a yoga, and cardio routine and wondered how long it took for you to see results xx

    • Natmari
      Natmari 2 days ago

      Rachael Dempsey that would be such a great video! I just went to try those classes. :)

  • Audery C
    Audery C 2 days ago

    So glad you are going to be open on your wardrobe this year. Gifted stuff is not helping in terms of evlevating style, since you can't go through the editing process to pick them out. (Unless it is something you wanted already) I love your style and love to see your purchase timeless pieces!

  • Becka Mayfield
    Becka Mayfield 2 days ago

    You picked a great year to do NYE in NYC. It was actually warm for this time of year. A couple years ago it was so frigid my friends came to pick me up and I was like "Can we just stay here?" It was below freezing and WINDY. We went out but I wore sweatpants under my dress

  • The Blessed & Beautiful U

    Anna when you put your hat on I thought wow! She should wear her hair back from her face more often! Very pretty!

  • Rosii Keith
    Rosii Keith 2 days ago

    ♡ I absolutley LOVE that last sweater from American Vintage! The cut and color is absolutley STUNNING on you!! ♡

  • Lucinda Samira
    Lucinda Samira 2 days ago

    I think the double zipper comes in handy if you want to ride your bike for example (If you would’ve gotten it in your regular size the jacket would probably be a bit longer)

  • Allybiz7
    Allybiz7 2 days ago

    The double zip is when you want to sit down or may be go to the bathroom without removing your coat! 😉❄😉 I love the cardigan you are wearing! Great video! :)

    • JMin37
      JMin37 20 hours ago

      I also discovered this when ice skating! Otherwise my long coat cuts off leg movement too much.

    • Allybiz7
      Allybiz7 2 days ago

      @alkatraz001 Yes!!! Like when you go skiing! ⛷

    • alkatraz001
      alkatraz001 2 days ago

      Allybiz7 I just discovered that this year on one of my winter jackets and it was an ABSOLUTE game changer. Being able to use the washroom without completely undressing in the dead cold of winter > 👏🏻

    • Meghan Auld
      Meghan Auld 2 days ago

      Yep! I use my double zip when sitting on the bus so the bottom doesnt flip up awkwardly.

  • Katie E
    Katie E 2 days ago

    Anyone looking for a high street alternative to the washed black jeans - the Topshop editor jeans come in a really similar wash! X

  • Elisabeth Eriksson
    Elisabeth Eriksson 2 days ago

    This year I'm gonna try and be mindful of every item going into my wardrobe, and if possible by everything second hand. The only acceptation is swimwear, socks, undies and tights.

  • epdias4
    epdias4 2 days ago

    I love your style! The funny thing is mine is quite different, I must always have something colourful on

  • Romy Liddiard
    Romy Liddiard 2 days ago

    Love the leather dress but going to see if it goes in a sale. All your jeans / trousers look way too short for you or do you choose a short length on purpose? X

    • Mari Kay
      Mari Kay 2 days ago

      Thats a no-no for me in the winter 😅

    • Philippa Jayne
      Philippa Jayne 2 days ago

      I've never understood the cold ankle trend either 😬

    • Stu cumins
      Stu cumins 2 days ago

      Romy Liddiard The pants are deliberately cropped....that is the style

  • jacque3737
    jacque3737 2 days ago

    Anyone having trouble with the links? I’m pressing them all and nothings working x

  • Leona Shopaholic
    Leona Shopaholic 2 days ago

    Love the leather dress! Some fab items Anna 💕🤗 xx

  • kittieconvoy
    kittieconvoy 2 days ago

    The double zip is for when you sit down, so the coat sits better and doesn't bunch up.

  • A. C. D.
    A. C. D. 2 days ago

    The double zip is great if you are riding your bike 😊 Great haul!

  • Amanda Weldon
    Amanda Weldon 2 days ago

    Need to start my capsule wardrobe so I can be proud of every purchase like Anna ♥️♥️

  • Rose
    Rose 2 days ago

    One of the things I love about you is how practical you are at the same time as being oh so stylish 😍

  • Caroline
    Caroline 2 days ago

    Love the video! I have similar hair to yours and would love to see an updated hair routine someday because your hair looks very healthy!

  • Liz Seville
    Liz Seville 2 days ago

    Very Diana Rigg. Nice x

  • Challenge Danika
    Challenge Danika 2 days ago

    The double zip is so you can get to your pockets without unzipping the whole thing or pulling it up ☺️

  • Jana Mynaříková
    Jana Mynaříková 2 days ago

    I love the eyeliner ! Have to go and bu myself a eyeliner pen asap great video

  • nwazan
    nwazan 2 days ago

    I am a jeans kind of girl too! However, the leather pants are to die for!! You’re also making me want to be a cardigan girl 👩🏻👌🏻xx

  • milkrock
    milkrock 2 days ago

    That yellow polka dot on black is festive, not mourning dress. Love the choice!

  • Camilla Kristiansen

    So many great pieces. 💞

  • Abigail Pyke
    Abigail Pyke 2 days ago

    Cubitts is great for sunglasses! Sorry to hear about the Dick Moby ones

  • EJ Huang
    EJ Huang 2 days ago

    the zip up is for when you sit down

  • MadameLockenkopf
    MadameLockenkopf 2 days ago

    Anna I just want to know what sandals those are in the thumbnail? 😍

  • Lena Torgrimsen
    Lena Torgrimsen 2 days ago

    The double zip is great for when you sit down!

    • E Jamieson
      E Jamieson 2 days ago

      Specifically great when sitting in the car or in a bus where it’s definitely too cold to take off your coat...!

    • Melissa Diarne
      Melissa Diarne 2 days ago

      Lena Torgrimsen ...and if you need to retrieve something from your trouser pocket without getting chilly 👍👍

  • peaceoglory
    peaceoglory 2 days ago

    How do you clean the leather dress? Does it get stniky/sweaty under the armpit? Waht about the trousers? That's something I always wondered about leather clothing.

    • Mystic Fox
      Mystic Fox 2 days ago

      You can also pop it in the freezer to kill bacteria.

    • Irina Brumm
      Irina Brumm 2 days ago

      peaceoglory you can dryclean them and there are some brands that make washable leather

  • Jennifer L.
    Jennifer L. 2 days ago

    Anna how do you wash Cashmere sweaters?

  • Heather H.
    Heather H. 2 days ago

    Good morning. Capsule additions are gorgeous, and practical. Actually, the puffer coat would be great for me, it negates the need for a hat (hats aren't practical with curly hair: the Albert Einstein/Tim Burton of it all). ❤

  • Divya Raj Singh
    Divya Raj Singh 2 days ago

    The leather dress could work as a very cool outerwear Anna!

  • M Devlin
    M Devlin 2 days ago

    More beauty/ makeup videos please! Xx

  • miladeb
    miladeb 2 days ago

    cant believe you havent owned a puffer jacket before hahah

  • Millie
    Millie 2 days ago

    5 seconds in and crestfallen that the cardigan you're wearing is sold out 😭💖 what a BEAUTY it is!

  • Michelle
    Michelle 2 days ago

    I love the leather trousers but it is so costly when trouser fits and styles vary so much from year to year 😏

    • Mystic Fox
      Mystic Fox 2 days ago

      If you buy the best fit for your body it will never look dated. I never stopped wearing flared pants because they flatter me. I agree the cropped length probably will feel super dated soon.

  • Rachael Jones
    Rachael Jones 2 days ago

    yessss the queen of streamline x

  • TheEiffelTowerGirl
    TheEiffelTowerGirl 2 days ago

    This capsule wardrobe videos make me so excited! I love your style so much Anna, and you give me so many inspos and great tips 😊 hope you have a lovely Sunday!

  • Claire Gueissaz
    Claire Gueissaz 2 days ago

    Perfect Sunday morning with Anna and her perfectly organized wardrobe ☕️☁️✨

  • TMD Series
    TMD Series 2 days ago

    Nice 🥰

  • Juniper Bees
    Juniper Bees 2 days ago

    Just wondering, do you air out and clean your shoes after each wear before you put them back in the closet? I had my boots in my closet for a while and it was a big mess in fall/winter due to rainy weather, etc. Nice selection of clothes!

  • Eliza Beth
    Eliza Beth 3 days ago

    Well! My comment on your video from like six years ago would have been more appropriate on this video! As I said, please do an updated 'all the makeup I own and what's in my every day and what's in my bigger drawers' video!

  • Eliza Beth
    Eliza Beth 3 days ago

    Please do an updated makeup storage/ 'what makeup do I own' video! You've had a few shopping trips in 2019 and I'm curious about what you still have, use, and love, and what you might have gotten rid of.

  • nadiaemmalie
    nadiaemmalie 3 days ago

    Anna, could you do a wear and tear review on your Mejuri pieces?

  • S Somers
    S Somers 3 days ago

    New to your channel. Saw you on Jo Good's channel. Looking forward to watching.

  • Raconteur
    Raconteur 3 days ago

    As soon as you mentioned Mac Patisserie I was taken straight back to your old videos! Whichever year that was a favourite must be when I started watching you. Love this liner on you, definitely worth doing again in 2020.

  • Emily van der Waals

    Thanks, Anna! Great to see that Waitrose is providing interesting options for all diets! Although I have to ask, was this dish very salty? 2 stock cubes and seasoning... it seemed very salty to me? I appreciate however that salt is a very personal thing - some people like it a lot and others don't! I would appreciate your thoughts on this! Thank you!! x

  • Drh Lau
    Drh Lau 3 days ago

    This video made me so nostalgic !

  • Marigold Humphrey
    Marigold Humphrey 4 days ago

    Heard you stood up jo good

  • dissie
    dissie 4 days ago

    The food looks delicious! I will try the recipies! Love your video!❤️❗️👌🏻