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  • Lynnie Heal
    Lynnie Heal Hour ago

    Brilliant #AldiUK and #RobbieWilliams

  • htidman7
    htidman7 2 hours ago

    Leafy blinders good call but for god sake ditch robbie. Hearing this on the tele and radio several times a day is already grating on my nerves😔

  • Nikkie marley
    Nikkie marley 3 hours ago

    Bloody hell ..they have cut the best bit on TV when the tomato eats through the string ...why????

  • Laura Hepples
    Laura Hepples 5 hours ago

    I really want a Tommy Tomato

  • Right Lyte
    Right Lyte 6 hours ago

    That tomato is the cutest thing ever

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy 22 hours ago

    Aldi and Kevin steal the Christmas ads again!!

  • Anne Hewson
    Anne Hewson Day ago

    Brilliant Ad as per usual - really puts you into mood for Christmas

  • taz biscuit
    taz biscuit Day ago

    lol Aldi are clever by not showing humans. Avoiding all possible controversy!

  • Craigy Marsh
    Craigy Marsh Day ago

    Nice Christmas advert

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy 22 hours ago

      Russell Sprout ..,,. HILARIOUS!! 😂😂😂

  • Kimberley Rowntree

    Nah, this is cringe. Sainsbury's is winning so far for the ads.

  • tacheman
    tacheman Day ago

    Kevin’s got a bit cocky

  • Richard Harpley

    Love it :) Check out my own version Aldi Christmas launch 2019

  • Richard Harpley

    Absolutely love this xmas advert, so much I created my own :) Aldi Christmas launch 2019

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty Day ago

    original first edition kevin the carrot soft toy.😀👍

  • cagakmco 1380
    cagakmco 1380 Day ago


  • cagakmco 1380
    cagakmco 1380 Day ago


  • cagakmco 1380
    cagakmco 1380 Day ago


    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty Day ago

      In the first bit:" NOO KEVIN NOOO" AFTER:" OMG YAS KEVIN YAS" XD

  • cagakmco 1380
    cagakmco 1380 Day ago


  • cagakmco 1380
    cagakmco 1380 Day ago


  • oh dear. i seem to have dropped my croissant

    my mum said “against a grater? how sinister” and was so confused about this

  • Robert 1981
    Robert 1981 Day ago

    Fucking idiots. Its November

  • Liam Tomlinson
    Liam Tomlinson 2 days ago

    Well done to Aldi. Pulled this off really well it's excellent

  • Team Zombie
    Team Zombie 2 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • Ken Fullman
    Ken Fullman 2 days ago

    And this tells us absolutely NOTHING! What a waste of bandwidth.

  • AwesomeHyperSonic547

    Is that actually Robbie Williams singing?😲 it sounds scarily like him, but if is, lovely to know that he's still got it. 😉 😊

  • Elle Dee
    Elle Dee 2 days ago

    Russell Sprout ..,,. HILARIOUS!! 😂😂😂

  • Anthony Radford
    Anthony Radford 2 days ago

    fantastic ad

  • Person Probably
    Person Probably 2 days ago

    Christmas adverts by John Lewis: *emotional* Aldi: Oh hey look a carrot

  • Nathan Mitchell
    Nathan Mitchell 2 days ago

    Leafy Blinders > Carrot

  • Pickle Penguin
    Pickle Penguin 2 days ago

    *WhEn ArE tHe TeDdIeS cOmInG oUt?!*

  • Mountain Sun-Beach
    Mountain Sun-Beach 3 days ago

    @AldiUK Did Russell Sprout die?

  • Phil Curtis
    Phil Curtis 3 days ago

    0:52 yes fuck off Brussels 🇪🇺🚮

  • jedi on board
    jedi on board 3 days ago

    Cracking crimbo ad. Listen to all the mini bits,,, Russell sprout,,, tiny tom, katchup, farty noise when the sprout gets fired,,, and , that one will be hanging around all christmas,,,,,, we know that one,,,,,,. Great ad Aldi.

  • C l
    C l 3 days ago

    I despise the fact this ad is unskippable and 11 seconds

  • •Vixiechu• UwU
    •Vixiechu• UwU 3 days ago

    In the first bit:" NOO KEVIN NOOO" AFTER:" OMG YAS KEVIN YAS" XD

  • Homelivinfun
    Homelivinfun 3 days ago

  • maggieshome
    maggieshome 3 days ago

    Best Christmas advert

  • Amren Shahida
    Amren Shahida 3 days ago

    Christian kichu jai ashbena

  • Catherine ferguson
    Catherine ferguson 4 days ago

    Go Kevin go, don’t let the sprouts get you, well done Tom Tomato for freeing Kevin.🥕🥕🥕🥕

  • Lisa Jane
    Lisa Jane 4 days ago

    Didn’t expect good ‘ol Kev the carrot to have those pipes!!

  • itz_ Chløe b
    itz_ Chløe b 4 days ago

    I have a question when are the kevin the carrot plushes coming out

    • GeekyGirl 033
      GeekyGirl 033 Day ago

      I've been asking this question too! Some helpful people have to of me it's probuably 28th November! :)

  • Isabella Main
    Isabella Main 4 days ago

    Kevin's creators pure genius. Rock on Kevin. Merry Christmas to you and yours🎄🤣💖

  • MAKO B
    MAKO B 4 days ago

    Everyone will be muting it on TV by the end of November😅😅

  • Charliable
    Charliable 4 days ago

    Why is the carrot being crucified? What are his crimes? Did the vegetables mean to throw rotten vegetables... would those be corpses? Are the other vegetables throwing their children?

  • niall noone
    niall noone 4 days ago

    I Love This Advert!

  • i challenge you to drop ailbes on pear

    So come on help meeeeeeeeee To tin you

  • LilPranks
    LilPranks 4 days ago

    i actually cried coz of this

  • MiniClips
    MiniClips 4 days ago

    Kevin: *So anyway, I started blasting*

  • Richard Harpley
    Richard Harpley 4 days ago

  • Arrow In The Knee
    Arrow In The Knee 4 days ago

    When they said "*Nom NUM NOM nom*" I felt that.

  • Ammon
    Ammon 4 days ago

    Who reads all the haters comments...I don't

  • Amazing
    Amazing 4 days ago

    Being waiting for the advert. This is great! I am going to watch this everyday until Christmas to get me in the Christmas Mood! 👍

  • Beetlejuice Does Gacha

    **Peaky Blinders aggressively eating wotsits off scene**

  • georgemiser
    georgemiser 4 days ago

    IDK. Sprout Flavoured Crisps seem to be popular nowadays.

  • Xx Xxx
    Xx Xxx 4 days ago

    I don't think Robbie is singing this. Doesn't sound like him.

    • Lexington365
      Lexington365 2 days ago

      Falador20 i stand corrected. Said the man in the orthopaedic shoes.

    • Falador20
      Falador20 2 days ago

      @Lexington365 sadly for you, it's Robbie. I've been a lifetime fan, and it's his voice for sure. The voice breaks and strong chorus, look up any latest peformances of this song and you will see.

    • Lexington365
      Lexington365 3 days ago

      Xx Xxx yeah because this guy can actually sing⬆️

  • Kaasam Ali Khan
    Kaasam Ali Khan 4 days ago

    Too early for this

  • Tonia Roberts
    Tonia Roberts 4 days ago

    Is it really robbie singing it sounds like him

  • Iso Aqua
    Iso Aqua 4 days ago


  • the gaming ikie
    the gaming ikie 4 days ago

    I came here to see British people's comments

  • okow tina
    okow tina 4 days ago

    Without a doubt the best Christmas adds are Kevin the carrot ads

  • Elaine Stil
    Elaine Stil 4 days ago

    Love the new Christmas advert with Kevin the carrot

  • SparkzMusic
    SparkzMusic 5 days ago

    This advert is a load of.... what comes out of bottoms after eating too many sprouts. Terrible. A dire parsniship with that usless idiot from "take that" and promoting his new Christmas album which, is nothing but tat. Pass

  • Amanda Moore
    Amanda Moore 5 days ago

    What a brilliant advert. Great work Aldi. ❤️❤️❤️

  • sirprintalot
    sirprintalot 5 days ago

    Why did you have to ruin it with Robbie Williams?

  • Hener4472
    Hener4472 5 days ago

    Its fucking november

  • Claire Rogers
    Claire Rogers 5 days ago

    Bloody brilliant 👌

  • Unmasking Fools
    Unmasking Fools 5 days ago

    *At least not a WOKE advert*

  • Dino Plumley
    Dino Plumley 5 days ago

    Aldi, take a bow, genius, By order of the Leafy Blinders

  • Immi
    Immi 5 days ago

    When I first watched this I thought the star was already up there and the sprout was just impaled

  • Life of The Strunins

    I never thought that I will watch ads on purpose! Well done, thanks! Us until you far

  • Larry Talbot
    Larry Talbot 5 days ago

    I used to love these Christmas ads with Kevin the carrot, much better than those overhyped M&S Christmas ads - but now they've gone & ruined it by having bloody Robbie Williams screeching all over it!! bah - humbug!

    • Mr Critical
      Mr Critical 5 days ago

      Last M&S Christmas advert I remember was that really heartwarming one with Paddington

    MR.SHADOMAN 5 days ago

    Go to hell kevin

  • bilias hour
    bilias hour 5 days ago

    Well done Aldi

  • Sul2004
    Sul2004 5 days ago

    Kevin the Carrot deserves to die

  • Xion Mitsuki
    Xion Mitsuki 5 days ago

    OK, the person who made this was high.

  • the artistic mew
    the artistic mew 5 days ago

    the fuck

    • bilias hour
      bilias hour 5 days ago

      Has...has someone shown this to jackman?

  • Emerson
    Emerson 5 days ago

    He did not tell the tomato to 'ketchup' did he?

  • Bruce Woodhall
    Bruce Woodhall 5 days ago

    On this showing we should get Kevin to sort Brexit out once and for all

  • Bindass Boy Shivam
    Bindass Boy Shivam 5 days ago

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  • Harold
    Harold 5 days ago


  • Ulla Clemens
    Ulla Clemens 5 days ago


  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss 5 days ago

    Best Christmas advert I have seen in a long time

  • cagakmco 1380
    cagakmco 1380 5 days ago

    Thanks aldi big fan of the series love it xx

  • Ugandan Sebastian Knuckles

    Ok Boomer. Song and plot were both outdated.

  • Clo K
    Clo K 5 days ago

    In a serious note who even like sprouts 🤮

  • TheDarkCreed86
    TheDarkCreed86 5 days ago

    Omg it's in trending. Now it will be queueing for two hours to get to the till.

  • Al Grant
    Al Grant 5 days ago

    We all know Pascal the Parsnip is behind the Leafy Blinders. Will Kevin and Tiny Tom escape the jealous attentions of the windy veg? I doubt it 😂 oh dear and its only November.

  • camelpissflavour
    camelpissflavour 5 days ago

    are the sprouts supposed to be white people ?

  • Katrin Olf
    Katrin Olf 5 days ago


  • Katrin Olf
    Katrin Olf 5 days ago

    I,m your fav and 5 stars from Adam Smith

  • MeghanIsBored
    MeghanIsBored 5 days ago

    But it’s still November 8th

  • Oscar Davis
    Oscar Davis 5 days ago

    sell walkers and real stuff you cheap knockoff

  • The Wolf pack
    The Wolf pack 5 days ago

    Has...has someone shown this to jackman?

  • Megan King
    Megan King 5 days ago

    Let's hope John Lewis' advert is better than last year's one. It isn't a John Lewis advert if I don't cry

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi 5 days ago

    Absolutely love it!! Best Christmas advert ever!!

  • Squiggly MDV
    Squiggly MDV 5 days ago

    This is a bit of an early release

  • marilyn hull-parkes

    Love it, very funny , glad to see Kevin get one up on the Leafy Blinders, always look forward to the Aldi Chrismas Advert, thanks Aldi

  • K.E.V.I.N
    K.E.V.I.N 5 days ago

    ....well I didn't realize they were filmin my rescue and adventures..

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi 5 days ago

      Its November cant you wait a month

  • HyperVoxel
    HyperVoxel 6 days ago

    Amazing song choice !

  • I Do Monologues
    I Do Monologues 6 days ago