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  • satisfying animals
    satisfying animals 14 minutes ago

    Love it

  • Brayden Floreck
    Brayden Floreck 18 minutes ago


  • Rsmoly Datta
    Rsmoly Datta 20 minutes ago

    Hi I’m very impressed Mr Lin

  • richard nielsen
    richard nielsen 22 minutes ago

    Is that Brad Pitt playing the washboard ?

  • K D
    K D 23 minutes ago


  • ILL Jist
    ILL Jist 25 minutes ago

    TRUE DAMAGE League Of Legends

  • Sam Abuukar
    Sam Abuukar 25 minutes ago

    I thought this song was about the food.

  • Marcus Contreras
    Marcus Contreras 27 minutes ago

    no way that thats sky jakson

  • [Katie MSP]
    [Katie MSP] 30 minutes ago

    1:38 “I NEED A BIG PISS”

  • Sosa
    Sosa 31 minute ago

    This needs to be in Madden. They should let us make our own soundtracks

  • Angela Wei
    Angela Wei 32 minutes ago

    I like riding horses 🐎

  • - almondmilk
    - almondmilk 36 minutes ago

    I feel like an alien... I’M IN AREA 51

  • Wilson Nonato
    Wilson Nonato 36 minutes ago


  • Gracie Rubio
    Gracie Rubio 37 minutes ago

    Whii OK likes this cause Skai Jackson is that n it

  • nome fake
    nome fake 40 minutes ago

    (I'm italian) Ei panini non essere mini Non te ne andare Sto provando,chi mi tieni Gahsisvamabmmmmmm For mai laife Iu laaai (Sorry)😂

  • arhams gaming
    arhams gaming 41 minute ago


  • Sheila000
    Sheila000 44 minutes ago

    what is this supposed to mean

    ALEXANDRIA SKINNER 47 minutes ago

    He must be obsessed with Skai Jackson

  • Дмитрий Гавриш


  • Jusef Campos
    Jusef Campos 54 minutes ago

    Like si te gusto el video😍

  • Kolby Isaksen
    Kolby Isaksen 54 minutes ago

    I haven’t even got 2 likes as the most on my comment so can we get this to 100 likes

  • Anastasia Maksimova
    Anastasia Maksimova 54 minutes ago


    MASOL 55 minutes ago

    i like afroamerican people culture.

  • Chroist Alisma
    Chroist Alisma 57 minutes ago

    *This video Is what peeps in the 80’s thought it was going to be like in 2019*

  • BlueTiga
    BlueTiga 57 minutes ago

    I know the song is about Nature and future she wants More nature not cars and other stuff like that and maybe hes the one who created the future and he doesnt know why she is the only one that hates him and then he knows the reason

  • Swinz
    Swinz 58 minutes ago

    Indian version so much better ... in my opinion

  • Batiqtz Lucas
    Batiqtz Lucas 59 minutes ago

    Ehhh panini chicos children enfant

  • Nanette Nette
    Nanette Nette Hour ago

    This is CRAP. Literally. Country + Rap. 😆 Not bad though. I kinda like this.

  • Alexis
    Alexis Hour ago

    Can you send a iphone 11 to my house joking

  • nick da bike nick

    Mo legal essa musica

  • kelly perkins
    kelly perkins Hour ago

    Wow Time change fast lil nas LOL I HAD TO!! like horses now robots? XDD

  • Beniz Random
    Beniz Random Hour ago

    I love it that all this insane tech like instant ubers neon masks holograms are normal but when this girl sees Lil nas X on a plane wing she seems stunned

  • Animequeen
    Animequeen Hour ago

    At 1:50 I swear that’s chirs jericho

  • Fenneke Immerzeel

    Kapot leuk lied

  • Lebriga Gamer LG

    1:59 *Tik Tok Lil Nas X hehehe*

  • Lil Wiper dipper

    They brought disney into it

  • Eddie Wetmore
    Eddie Wetmore Hour ago

    Low I read it like your

  • Kathleen Micke
    Kathleen Micke Hour ago

    Herrlich, ich mag Leute, die sich selbst auf die Schippe nehmen

  • Tayler Pumphrey
    Tayler Pumphrey Hour ago

    Yo save espanol tambien😁yo megusta espanol❤💛💚💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💞💞💞:-D

  • power of duh_boi


  • ethan pittman
    ethan pittman Hour ago

    Why does lil nas look like the final boss of a game when the he has the rocket boots in the sky 1:48

  • Buttercup __
    Buttercup __ Hour ago


  • Subbayal Javed
    Subbayal Javed Hour ago

    R we gonna ignore that she is 15?

  • Tayler Pumphrey
    Tayler Pumphrey Hour ago

    Old town road is cool💰💰🐎🔫👌😁

  • JuanDTBツ
    JuanDTBツ Hour ago

    PANINI :9

  • vakotorua rosie
    vakotorua rosie Hour ago

    your cut i love you so mach

  • Jelloz AKJ
    Jelloz AKJ Hour ago

    Hey guys

  • Trevor Erickson
    Trevor Erickson Hour ago

    Can’t get enough of this song. So freakin catchy.

  • GamingNoob159
    GamingNoob159 Hour ago

    IF your here just to say hes gay fu** off

  • 가차Emathyst
    가차Emathyst Hour ago

    At 1:13 she be like WHAT THE FU-

  • dbevans1328😀
    dbevans1328😀 Hour ago

    Lil Nas X: *releases Panini video* Live Chat: OMG IS THAT SKAI JACKSON Skai Jackson: Zuri we did it again

  • Black Skeletor
    Black Skeletor Hour ago

    bruh why lil nas changin country music

  • Gamescast
    Gamescast Hour ago

    The Minecraft parodies better

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M Hour ago

    Nas stop chasing her its no nut november dude

  • mathilde _slz
    mathilde _slz Hour ago

    du vrai rap 🤗 mercii 💓

  • Alpay oçtur
    Alpay oçtur Hour ago

    Türk var mı aq

  • lance brown
    lance brown Hour ago

    I love this song

  • Sarah Carminatti


  • JaLaya Roper
    JaLaya Roper Hour ago


  • BeetleJuice Jugó de escarabajo

    Skai jackson

  • Marcos Muñiz
    Marcos Muñiz 2 hours ago

    la mejor canción que e estado escuchando todo este tiempo sigue asi espero otra más

  • Ironpillow
    Ironpillow 2 hours ago

    Are Russian here?

  • An egg
    An egg 2 hours ago

    Men in black in 3 years:

    MARCELO STARS 2 hours ago


  • An egg
    An egg 2 hours ago

    Now I know why it’s old town road ...EVERYBODYS OLD.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Boon
    Boon 2 hours ago

    "You cheated. That horse got like a V12" lmao that was a smooth transition

  • Ktoś Ktoś
    Ktoś Ktoś 2 hours ago

    Hahahaha i hate niiga

  • Vitor Henrique
    Vitor Henrique 2 hours ago

    rip my iphone

  • Paul Blue
    Paul Blue 2 hours ago

    Hell yeah, Mike Diva!

  • _HyDrA _
    _HyDrA _ 2 hours ago

    I played this in my HOUSE.... Now it's a *BARN*

  • MinionNooblol
    MinionNooblol 2 hours ago

    At the start there a flipping fricking TikTok billboard thingy ma Bobby

  • oierrromg e
    oierrromg e 2 hours ago

    Like si venias buscando comentarios en español

  • Romina Tarazona Palomino

    Soy la unica que viene de tik tok?

  • Sly Sylvia Williams
    Sly Sylvia Williams 2 hours ago


  • Jacqueline Ramirez
    Jacqueline Ramirez 2 hours ago

    It Said that. It was. The. Future

  • ktos napewno
    ktos napewno 2 hours ago

    Jea kurła polska! Good music

  • Freya van Oosten
    Freya van Oosten 2 hours ago

    Beste liedje van 2019!!!!!!

  • Slays
    Slays 2 hours ago

    he hits the woah at 1:03 XD

  • Enno Kravchenko
    Enno Kravchenko 2 hours ago

    The version with vitas is better

    WEEPEX GAMING 2 hours ago

    1:13 What the fuck !!! 😂

  • Nils Jensen Pålsson

    i love this song

  • Owen
    Owen 2 hours ago

    WTF!?? this video has a nice rhythm and beat but whats the meaning of it. It sounds so pointless and looks really cringey, American millennial.

  • Janani
    Janani 2 hours ago

    Seoul Town Road, pun of the century

  • Kobe Dhauwer
    Kobe Dhauwer 2 hours ago


  • Owen
    Owen 2 hours ago

    Well this video totally ripped off BladeRunner and BladeRunner 2049.

  • Ionasku Alexander
    Ionasku Alexander 2 hours ago

    I thought this another LOL music video

  • Gamert89 _08
    Gamert89 _08 2 hours ago

    Minut "1:33

  • Christopher Francis
    Christopher Francis 2 hours ago

    Man whos still listening in November

  • Havin Bulgan
    Havin Bulgan 2 hours ago

    Tik Tok lol

  • Tomas Martinich
    Tomas Martinich 2 hours ago

    no mames es el papa de hannah montana :V

  • John Embling
    John Embling 2 hours ago

    4 months ago it was all like now but now it is in the future but still really good

  • Dhishan Nahakpam
    Dhishan Nahakpam 2 hours ago

    I like old Town road

  • Nathanielnauts
    Nathanielnauts 2 hours ago

    I hope he goes to Mr. PotatoHead in the 3rd song

  • welison Vieira
    welison Vieira 2 hours ago


  • DavidTMT
    DavidTMT 2 hours ago

    This is me trying to run away from Old Town Road

  • Frantisek Csillag
    Frantisek Csillag 2 hours ago

    Why does a woman say Kiya/Kia

  • Zac Fletcher
    Zac Fletcher 2 hours ago

    hey panini

    SKyLANDeRS 2 hours ago

    LOVE ❤❤❤❤😏😏