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  • ishan verma
    ishan verma 22 minutes ago

    I really want a long summer vacation like phineas and ferb!!

  • Re4gen
    Re4gen 2 hours ago

    Watching this video makes me remember my childhood :,)

  • Sindhu Sreenivasulu
    Sindhu Sreenivasulu 2 hours ago

    Tq soo muchh!!!! This means alot..!!

  • Tom And Jerry
    Tom And Jerry 5 hours ago

    And now they have crossed The line...

  • Kichten Magic
    Kichten Magic Day ago

    Phineas and Ferb fav❤😍😭

  • sαмαя vιsρυтε

    Damn ! Those g(old) days ;_;

  • joking player
    joking player Day ago

    Who else cried by watching the end of regular show

    • joking player
      joking player Day ago

      My eyes were filling up with tears right around here 13:35 13:50

  • Nina Santos
    Nina Santos 2 days ago

    I love the Kids next Door ending😊

  • Ohi 10
    Ohi 10 2 days ago

    I badly want Tom &Jerry and Adventure Time back at least 😭

  • Kepinto Aj
    Kepinto Aj 2 days ago

    Now mlp my childhood show

  • Nirmal Kumar
    Nirmal Kumar 2 days ago

    Even getting Chicken dinner was not as great as our childhood cartoon ❤. I love my childhood cartoons.

  • Ah yes
    Ah yes 3 days ago

    Damn... All my favorite shows are over

  • Danny 1234567890
    Danny 1234567890 3 days ago

    The end is just the beginning Waiting for SEASON 2 in 2119

  • jai prakash
    jai prakash 3 days ago

    These shows can never be end, it will remain in my heart till I die, I don't know what had happened to the cartoon channel nowadays they are telecasting the shit things only but the old one, these actually made my childhood I would never be old to watch these again

  • Radit 4050
    Radit 4050 4 days ago

    Regular Show = DAVID BOWIE

  • Louis lulu
    Louis lulu 4 days ago

    Damm it was feels so fast, I still remember when Finn from adventure times used physical sword not grass and when ice king captured princesses

  • Asu patel
    Asu patel 4 days ago

    I watch this video once a year to remember my joy watching em.

  • Ajeeth Kumar
    Ajeeth Kumar 5 days ago

    Pheneas and Ferb ma favourite

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar 5 days ago

    Tom and Jerry 😢😢

  • Sheena Mae
    Sheena Mae 5 days ago

    Oh ferb and vanessa😍 but i also want to ship ferb and isabela hahahahah

  • Hector Gabriel Vega

    My top 3 saddest show endings 1.- Regular Show 2.- Gravity Falls 3.- Tom and Jerry

  • FearEcho
    FearEcho 5 days ago

    Fuck the rest except fit Tom and Jerry 😢

  • Abhishek Mundri
    Abhishek Mundri 5 days ago


  • eren sevilen
    eren sevilen 6 days ago

    this is will end my childhood💔😭

    THE FINAL EPISODE 6 days ago


  • Bhatiaji company
    Bhatiaji company 6 days ago

    Everyone finish but left remember

  • xIts PNZx
    xIts PNZx 6 days ago

    i cried when i see the adventure time end in this video.. it made my childhood perfect ;-; well i was crying while typing thid comment TwT

  • artdenver espino
    artdenver espino 6 days ago

    I remember my favorite show in my childhood days

  • Anamaria Alessya Aranghel

    10:21 she looks so adorabole

    CHOU TZUYU 7 days ago


    TECH THAKUR 1M. 7 days ago

    Totally fake Because Legend never die Broz👌

  • Pvre RAZE
    Pvre RAZE 7 days ago

    20:09 😓😔🤧

  • Pvre RAZE
    Pvre RAZE 7 days ago

    20:10 😓😔🤧

  • Trio Trio
    Trio Trio 7 days ago

    It may sound childish but this vid actually made me cry

  • Shaphrang Kharluni
    Shaphrang Kharluni 7 days ago

    Phineas and ferb is my fav..

  • WakiROX YT
    WakiROX YT 7 days ago

    This is the spark of my childhood memories, and now i am 19 i still remember the episodes :(

  • yoboyazeez WMF
    yoboyazeez WMF 7 days ago

    Regular show is best

  • Galaxy Lucy
    Galaxy Lucy 7 days ago

    Ferb looks a lil bit like Joker 🤣🤣

  • sunitha Kumari
    sunitha Kumari 8 days ago

    This defines my childhood

  • Don't take me seriously

    Gravity Falls hit me hard man..

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 8 days ago

    All cartoons in 7000 years Great great great grandpa what is adventure time Grandpa:Its a old old old old old old old old cartoon. Grandpa what is gravity falls Grandpa:Its a cartoon about monsters and two kids.

  • Shade Blade
    Shade Blade 8 days ago

    Clarence was the saddest for me and I wished it had one more season

  • Rainbow Daddy
    Rainbow Daddy 8 days ago

    I won't even lie Regular show Adventure time Gravity falls Those shows got me 😭😭😭

  • TV Thái Dúi
    TV Thái Dúi 8 days ago

    Ferb looks so cool and handsome >"<

  • VinFJ
    VinFJ 9 days ago

    im glad i was born in this era.

  • just a chair
    just a chair 9 days ago

    goodbye, childhood

  • Mr. PatrioticBulgarianSpy

    I can't believe that some businessmen just removed Finn and jake just because money they stole peoples memories and childhood

  • Mr. PatrioticBulgarianSpy

    This touched my heart

  • Nyksterstein
    Nyksterstein 9 days ago

    Phineas touches her boobs 6:38

    ZK BATOOR 9 days ago

    The song from the last episode of regular made it more emotional

    ZK BATOOR 9 days ago

    Knd was my favorite cartoon when I was a kid , last episode made me emotional.

  • just a name
    just a name 10 days ago

    I really missed a lot

  • holt gamer
    holt gamer 10 days ago

    😖😖😖💖happy ending

  • Luke Welsh
    Luke Welsh 10 days ago

    I cried on regular shows one

  • UUTube HD
    UUTube HD 10 days ago

    They all end with a kiss

  • Rey
    Rey 10 days ago

    Wait,I just saw Ferb talking woahh

  • Yung_ Limus
    Yung_ Limus 10 days ago

    Man I remember watching the old tomorrow and Jerry and I didn't know that was the last episode

  • Gaming Badge
    Gaming Badge 10 days ago

    So this was all not ended "Our childhood ended"😰

  • 歴戦王だったキリン


  • Aaron Games
    Aaron Games 11 days ago

    “See you next summer” Me: Its enough to make a grown man cry

    • Cool Beans
      Cool Beans 2 days ago

      Yes. I miss Gravity Falls so much.

  • Prinz Sherwin Calminero

    Saddest 22 minutes of my life

  • NightBot
    NightBot 11 days ago

    so what happened if they are finished am gonna see the old episodes.....😢😢😢

  • Luna x IQ
    Luna x IQ 11 days ago

    Knowing Ferb could talk but rarely then hearing him was weird

  • Ehrenbruder Ofenkartoffel

    gravity falls has rly gotten me

  • Diar Beka
    Diar Beka 11 days ago

    Grafity falls is my favorite one

  • Stefan Playz
    Stefan Playz 11 days ago

    I failed

  • RageBoy Eibrahim
    RageBoy Eibrahim 11 days ago

    I didn't knew that they were ended😭😭😭😭😭😭 Edit: I thought there will be new episodes

  • Berkehan Tekiner
    Berkehan Tekiner 11 days ago

    Where is SAMURAİ JACK :((((((

  • one from all
    one from all 11 days ago

    21yr old me: stop crying man😒 Inner me: when did all these shows ended🙄

  • vqnz - 设计师
    vqnz - 设计师 12 days ago

    4:10 who also thought he looks like steve from minecraft

  • ShadowSpecs95
    ShadowSpecs95 12 days ago

    Never got to see kids next door ending when I was a kid, now I'm 18 and finally got to see it for the first time and got to shed a tear

    GLAMPINO 12 days ago

    Damn didn't know Clarence finished guess I'll go watch it again

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 12 days ago

    oh may old days

  • Farham Resqi
    Farham Resqi 12 days ago

    Well dude , thx for the video, its mean a lot to me

  • Gheng Joe
    Gheng Joe 12 days ago

    Gravity falls😢

  • Mr. Rohit
    Mr. Rohit 12 days ago

    Tom, jerry is my favourite

  • Nina Franco
    Nina Franco 12 days ago

    My soul is crushed! thank you, this was amazing

  • niraj gautam
    niraj gautam 12 days ago

    Im proud that i grew up watching cartoons and not the animes..

  • Lachlan Cody
    Lachlan Cody 12 days ago

    I never saw ending to most of these they bring back so many memories thanks so much loved them all

  • Airdarksonic 1
    Airdarksonic 1 12 days ago

    I think we can all agree that the Regular Show ending is the most emotional.

  • Santy Gzz
    Santy Gzz 12 days ago

    Damn the regular show End hitted me

  • Deniz Dalar
    Deniz Dalar 12 days ago

    6:38 where was his hand

  • BunanaChip
    BunanaChip 12 days ago

    The Tom and Jerry one is really depressive

  • Temp - 708141
    Temp - 708141 12 days ago

    Bruh none of them apart from regular show got me

  • Divåkå -diviq mu vikali :D

    15:32 oooooh God pops make me cry here i miss them so much 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  • Sophie S.
    Sophie S. 12 days ago

    so Tom and Jerry just ended up with suicide? y‘all I-💆🏻‍♀️

  • Rich Okonkwo
    Rich Okonkwo 12 days ago

    For me regular show and tom and jerry had the saddest ending

  • The Thundershock
    The Thundershock 12 days ago

    Damn now whenever I see a math exercise with a triangle inside a circle I will think of that Phineas kiss scene😂

  • Noelle Milan
    Noelle Milan 12 days ago

    Kids Next Door😭😭😭💔

  • Kronosz
    Kronosz 12 days ago

    Futuramas saddest moment the seymour the dog

  • ツFreaky
    ツFreaky 12 days ago

    Cartoon Network ruined so many great shows....

  • Zonik pvp
    Zonik pvp 12 days ago

    i cant this is hard

  • Aman Kharb
    Aman Kharb 12 days ago

    Why did she roll down the window at 7:22 before opening the door? 🤔

  • shayan efi
    shayan efi 12 days ago

    Hey bro i really cried for gravity falls and tom & jerry s ending. They are so sad. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Otaku MA
    Otaku MA 12 days ago

    Thes cartoon shows where in my memory foerever That was the best time in my life 😭😍

  • Şeref ALACABA
    Şeref ALACABA 12 days ago

    sad to see adventure time

  • KumihoClaude 03
    KumihoClaude 03 13 days ago

    Kids nowadays have a good childhood no doubt, but our childhood was THE BEST and I am proud watching these cartoons as a kid

  • pranav maran
    pranav maran 13 days ago

    These times were gold! Cartoons sounds "whack" these days

  • Bøba Tea
    Bøba Tea 13 days ago

    Gravity falls gets me every time!!

  • marek.947
    marek.947 13 days ago

    i never liked futurama sorry fans