Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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  • Jonas
    Jonas 4 hours ago

    10:48 Omg that's Thad castle!!!!!

  • Millie Grullon
    Millie Grullon 4 hours ago

    The best scene from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and they should do another one because it’s awesome and so funny

  • Millie Grullon
    Millie Grullon 4 hours ago

    Song I like how he got into that song end it was so funny to see the Guys face is there singing the song

  • Kitsomo
    Kitsomo 4 hours ago

    That was awesome

  • Jonas
    Jonas 4 hours ago

    How many siblings has Charles?

    AHMADHD 4 hours ago

    why’s my phone always dead i paid 13 DOLLARS FOR IT 😂😂😂

    AHMADHD 4 hours ago

    i finished all 6 seasons but i am watching it all over again 😂

  • MarvinSchreijer
    MarvinSchreijer 4 hours ago

    Scully married his dog

  • Lewis Monaghan
    Lewis Monaghan 5 hours ago

    We have an answer, Kelly is his dog This cold open alone tells us enough to assume But in season 3 (I think) during operation beans, where Hitchcock and Scully bust the weed kingpin, Jake and Terry are concerned about Hitchcock's wife because Hitchcock has been captured, but scully says "don't worry guys, she'll be looked after" *Cutaway* Hitchcock: "Scully, if I die I want you to marry Lucille, I can't stand the thought of you being alone" Then there's the episode where the precinct goes to that convention and get drunk, losing Holt's laptop. Scully hits on that awkward girl who is basically a twin. Even if he was married before this, you'd think he'd have had some trauma if his wife had left him or god forbid died. Kelly is Scully's dog, you're all welcome.

  • Galactic Gamer
    Galactic Gamer 5 hours ago

    It's *WUNCH-TiME*

  • Nishtha chezhian
    Nishtha chezhian 5 hours ago

    What’s a cold opening

  • Mate
    Mate 8 hours ago

    Wait. Somewhere in the show was said that Scully is divorced and his kids doesn't speak with him. If he didn't get divorced after that episode, we can easy said that Kelly's his dog. Also, the way he described part with peanut butter sounds like he was describing animal or small child, not a grown adult woman that he would be married for years. Case closed

  • YoungO33
    YoungO33 8 hours ago

    which episode number was this?

  • Sara Denio
    Sara Denio 8 hours ago

    Poor Kevin's probably just sitting on the couch enjoying a good book with Cheddar laying at his feet, when out of nowhere he hears his husband yell 'BONE' twice in the distance.

  • John Pabelloren
    John Pabelloren 9 hours ago

    I need the season 6 in the freaking Netflix already.

  • Jean Doberman
    Jean Doberman 9 hours ago

    Raffaella Cooper - Requiem Rave

  • Ganesh Kamat
    Ganesh Kamat 10 hours ago

    So glad this came on my Recommended out of nowhere! Peraltiago ❤️

  • Vicente Lopez
    Vicente Lopez 11 hours ago

    Me parto de risa 😂

  • XxAmelia ChanxX
    XxAmelia ChanxX 12 hours ago


  • Jill I
    Jill I 12 hours ago


  • Karan Rasquinha
    Karan Rasquinha 12 hours ago

    Are we not gonna talk how bloody tall no 3 is

  • Ojas Pathare
    Ojas Pathare 13 hours ago


  • Abhishikta Paul
    Abhishikta Paul 15 hours ago


  • Dee Alamil
    Dee Alamil 15 hours ago

    Definetely one of my fave tv shows, never get tired of it even 1 eps... and Jake Peralta became my ideal guy 😍🥰

  • Sammy Ceviche
    Sammy Ceviche 15 hours ago

    Which episode is this

  • Liezel Broadway
    Liezel Broadway 15 hours ago

    Wat a fum policeXD😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sameeksha Hoskote
    Sameeksha Hoskote 16 hours ago

    Not hearing the "pUBUMPUMPADUM-" after each of these was so grating

  • Nuclear Matt
    Nuclear Matt 16 hours ago


  • Mr Butterzzz
    Mr Butterzzz 17 hours ago

    Eugene get on

  • Svetlana Andrášová
    Svetlana Andrášová 19 hours ago

    Missing my fav part chill,bro. dont call me bro! Ok,dude😂

  • Lino 21
    Lino 21 19 hours ago

    My theory is that he made up Kelly so people didn’t realize he’s lonely.

  • Balaji Msv
    Balaji Msv 19 hours ago

    0:27 Priceless 😂

  • bon
    bon 20 hours ago

    what episode is this?

  • Nicole DuFault
    Nicole DuFault 21 hour ago

    After I saw this episode, I couldn't look at Hitchcock and Scully the same way again. xD

  • George C
    George C 22 hours ago

    This is one of my favorite scenes. Lol

  • baden closson
    baden closson 23 hours ago

    Number 5s signing was actually really good

  • Bloopy
    Bloopy Day ago

    Why isnt b99 on netflix 😢

  • jason patrick
    jason patrick Day ago

    Gina Knows Best

  • galaxy zana
    galaxy zana Day ago

    Wow so BOOTIFUL;w;

  • Jake Leon
    Jake Leon Day ago

    This episode was stupid. In previous episodes you see how keen he is for children and all of a sudden he’s not sure

  • Matheus Facas
    Matheus Facas Day ago


  • Bobby Brian
    Bobby Brian Day ago


  • Sunflower
    Sunflower Day ago

    Imagine getting killed while the murderer is singing Backstreet Boys.

  • Matthew O'Brien

    Mind if we burrow

  • Daniel Amazing


  • Serina & Mikayla Vlogs

    I can die in peace having heard Andy Samberg say “not a doctor”

  • Ananya Jain
    Ananya Jain Day ago

    Why are season 6 here and season 6 in Netflix different

  • Ciara Thakoordyal


  • Meep
    Meep Day ago

    The 470 dislikes are from Teddy's different accounts

  • Mahmoud Alawneh

    Holt finds it hilarious that Kevin isn't being meticulous about sections

  • Feirce Majora
    Feirce Majora Day ago

    I cant believe I thought this audio was actually from it 2

  • rishita setia
    rishita setia Day ago

    Undoubfully the best scene from brooklyn 99

  • Sadev Abeyrathne

    So... who actually took the pie?

  • Danish Da Wolfie

    Number 3 or 4 sings better?

  • Aaliyah Ioane
    Aaliyah Ioane Day ago

    Can I just say they really have Some singing skills

  • Hungry Like The Vultures

    This is assuming there are like 4 more seasons which I know there aren’t Next season either Rosa Or Charles win probably Rosa Then someone who has won before or Kevin Doug Judy Or Bill this is a long shot this is only if they are helping anyone Hitchcock and Scully (by accident)

  • Meep
    Meep Day ago

    I love how progressive Jake and Terry are... Terry never complains about being over powered in a household with 4 women and Jake has a female groom gut

  • Sophie Bumblebee

    That beard is awesome

  • C Leong
    C Leong Day ago

    Which episode is it?

  • Ashleigh Tompkins

    Just when I thought they couldn't top the Full Bullpen but I was proven wrong by the "BABUSHKA!"

  • Sarah Mathis
    Sarah Mathis Day ago

    Idk why they add sound affect the ones Andy does are perfect! for example 0:38

  • Slimey Annihilation

    Can’t wait to binge watch season 2

  • Jeremy Sitorus

    B99 fans: *see the soldier in Gulliver's Travels who gets stuck up Gulliver's butt is Boyle * "Somehow that is exactly what we expected to happen to him"

  • Rowdy The Redneck

    Tik Tok brought me here

  • Shiela Hazel Sabaria

    This is still one of the best scenes 🤣

  • andres urbina
    andres urbina 2 days ago

    Everyone get in here and bring a camera.

  • Captian _ViperZ
    Captian _ViperZ 2 days ago

    You forgot about amy santiago

  • Maya Davis-Goodstein

    Unusual Suspects who???

  • Random name
    Random name 2 days ago

    I'm convinced that 90% of the people watching the show started watching it after this episode snippet became viral

    • P.Z. Arnott
      P.Z. Arnott 23 minutes ago

      I'm part of that 90%. I just binged the entire first season and now I'm into season 2

    • Heidi A.
      Heidi A. 22 hours ago

      Random name nope 👎

  • Gina Gras
    Gina Gras 2 days ago


  • Mark Dinosaur
    Mark Dinosaur 2 days ago

    If scully and hitchcock win itll be by accident😂 hahahaha

  • Judy SA
    Judy SA 2 days ago

    Sometimes I think Boyle is the best character 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Renben Kithan
    Renben Kithan 2 days ago

    Omg their average height 6 ft and I'm here 5.5 ft standing tall... 😉😉

  • Wild Seed
    Wild Seed 2 days ago

    I hope Netflix adds season 6 soon...

  • Titan Uranus
    Titan Uranus 2 days ago

    Correction: Jake makes the suspects sing. Surely the point of a line up is that only one of them is a criminal, and even that is a maybe untill proven otherwise.

  • MegaKnight2012
    MegaKnight2012 2 days ago

    Yeah, we like the way Terry looks

  • shitface
    shitface 2 days ago

    We'll never know if Kelly was his wife or his dog

  • Andre Gordon
    Andre Gordon 2 days ago

    0:15 the young actors nail how Hitchcock and Scully bounce off each other, its great

  • Hungry Like The Vultures

    _Also all the people saying how would a woman get hit getting the mail what if it was close to the road and she stumbled and 👩 🚗_

  • Hungry Like The Vultures

    *I watched this earlier today on another episode and I’m still wondering*

  • Hungry Like The Vultures

    *I’m glad this was posted on my Birthday*

  • Ellen Hall
    Ellen Hall 2 days ago

    i love Scully so much... he’s so wholesome

  • SaLoNi
    SaLoNi 2 days ago

    Still dont know

  • Luciana Malngiang
    Luciana Malngiang 2 days ago

    When someone doesn't tells the truth 0:41 😂

  • Adib Ahmed
    Adib Ahmed 2 days ago

    What they say: Nine-Nine!! What I hear: NEIN NEIN!!

  • Alex Harding
    Alex Harding 2 days ago

    Overkill? Never heard of it.

  • evansh sedani
    evansh sedani 2 days ago

    One like = dog Comment = wife

  • Sonanki Ghosh
    Sonanki Ghosh 2 days ago

    please tell me which episode is this. I want to watch it again. but too lazy to go through all the episodes to find one.

  • Fatima Aziz
    Fatima Aziz 2 days ago

    What episode is this?

  • Birfincancoffe Jsbsgd

    Diziye bu kadar geç başladığım için çok üzgünüm

  • εvү
    εvү 2 days ago

    This is gold. 😂😂

  • Alex the Gryffindor

    1:06 Gina is saying what I am thinking

  • Rowan
    Rowan 2 days ago

    What is it???

  • Frighten
    Frighten 2 days ago

    Kelly is definitely his dog...wife

  • Hamda Hussein
    Hamda Hussein 2 days ago

    🎵Breathe in, Breathe out, I invented meditation🎵

  • ItzNightmareGacha
    ItzNightmareGacha 2 days ago

    I'd die of boredom without Brooklyn Nine Nine lol. Yeah, should probally go watch it now..

  • Pill Head
    Pill Head 2 days ago

    They should be the new One Direction.

  • Linny Crocus
    Linny Crocus 2 days ago

    Hi everyone hope you are doing well I just need you all to know that I love Bill Hader very much thanks that's all

  • David Morales
    David Morales 2 days ago

    Okay this is epic

  • Linny Crocus
    Linny Crocus 2 days ago

    why do I feel like Bill had way too much fun with this character..