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  • SpeedFreak0122
    SpeedFreak0122 3 minutes ago

    If you look at the current driver point standings, it is LeClear why they needed their number 1 driver to win this race.

  • Myhaboika
    Myhaboika 4 minutes ago

    Really easy, Leclerc cucked by his team once again.

  • Tiberiu Radulescu
    Tiberiu Radulescu 4 minutes ago

    Nico, we worked it ouț! Ferrari used Leclerc to keep Lewis at slow pace so Seb could put în fast laps în clean air on hard tires în the back. Then în the end of the race, Vettel would have WORN hard tires and robably would be passed by Leclerc and Once again put problems for Hamilton. BUT no one exected the SAFETY CAR PERIODS which conserved Vettel's tyres and they did not wear ouț as soon ;) Tell us what you think of this :)

  • SpeedFreak0122
    SpeedFreak0122 6 minutes ago

    How did Vettel get such an amazing outlap? Did the team give him all the juice for the car, and maybe didnt give it to Le Clerc the when he asked for it?

  • TunisianDom 93
    TunisianDom 93 9 minutes ago

    Vettel and LeClerc do not have same pit window. Charles was 3 seconds ahead of Seb so yeah the pit window opened for seb before Charles and Ferrari took it and immediately asked Charles in radio to push hard so he can fall in same window to pit in next lap.he pushed and made the gap but not enough to comeback ahead of Vettel. a combination of Vettel making a good out lap and Charles having sub optimal tyres at that point.

  • Craig Simpson
    Craig Simpson 10 minutes ago

    It was the right call because ferrari ended up with a 1-2 and they were covering verstappen with vettel. Leclerc screwed up by not putting down a fast in lap.

  • Zaki M
    Zaki M 18 minutes ago

    2 weeks ago - Vettel has lost it Yesterday - Vettel is back. Nico, go home. You've been forgotten.

  • Majd Safa
    Majd Safa 19 minutes ago

    Ferrari said that they had to pit vettel because they saw the red bull garage get ready for verstappen but by that time charles have passed the pit entrance so vettel was next and he got the call just in time to enter the pit.

  • Zach Mav
    Zach Mav 20 minutes ago

    Analysis from a driver who was handed in a championship from his team.........and the quited.........

  • pabloMK
    pabloMK 23 minutes ago

    grande Nico...coem sempre, ottime le tue analisi.

  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph 23 minutes ago

    Full of crap 💩

  • Lorenzo Bailey
    Lorenzo Bailey 23 minutes ago

    Hi Nico, What do you think about Mercedes telling Valtteri to slow down so that he couldn't undercut Lewis? I mean that's quite embarrassing and disrespectful towards Bottas. Then people are in denial when they say Mercedes never implement team orders.

  • steveninthe
    steveninthe 23 minutes ago

    Vettel around $45 million for the year LeClerc around $3-4 million for the year oops

  • Daniel Khorkyi
    Daniel Khorkyi 24 minutes ago

    Nico, you are the best, that is exactly what I was thinking about Vettel. You are also right about Verstappen If you will ever come to Prague let us know.

  • Ehab Sohaib
    Ehab Sohaib 24 minutes ago


  • Otto Stierlitz
    Otto Stierlitz 27 minutes ago

    Die Intro ist nervig und abstoßend. Du bist doch kein pubertierender Teenager mehr. Lass den Scheiss

  • Wayne Lancaster
    Wayne Lancaster 28 minutes ago

    It was great for Seb to win & Ultra important for his mental strength - Charles has just had a great run - so he need not complain - anyways to finish in 2nd is epic It is excellent for the team so fantastic all round.

  • Patrik
    Patrik 28 minutes ago

    Good driving also from Giovinazzi, bad strategy but drove well and fought hard for that point

  • steveninthe
    steveninthe 28 minutes ago

    Nico is so married... so much clutter and crap everywhere in the background

  • Felidrummer1
    Felidrummer1 29 minutes ago

    as i understood it it was not only to cover the Verstappen undercut but when they saw the RB Mechanics get ready leclerc was already past the pits and they barely managed to call Vettel in. So even if they would have wanted they could not have covered that with Leclerc. That was the only possible way to cover Verstappen and attack Lewis at the same time. Was the perfekt call. And THAT is the thing... for me the real winners here are the constructors of that front wing and the strategy department. Both fixed the biggest issues Ferrari had and are now nailing it. That is impressive :) but yes Seb drove like the old Seb. He's gonna be back now and right up there with Charles fighting for P1's

  • Richard Wagner
    Richard Wagner 31 minute ago

    He’s German but can’t pronounce Vettel correctly.

  • royalty_risin538
    royalty_risin538 33 minutes ago

    Farraris car isnt that bad been mainly mistakes and machanical problems that costed them

    FR3NZYFPV 35 minutes ago

    I was shouting at James through the TV to pit Lewis lol.

  • Dicky Saputra
    Dicky Saputra 36 minutes ago

    just wonder why vettel come in front of leclerc after his pit ? did leclerc doing some mistake in pit ? or he is too slow when come out the pit ?

  • royalty_risin538
    royalty_risin538 37 minutes ago

    Besides the safety cars it was a good race i love watching night time races there should be more than 3 on the calender

  • Chris Nicastro
    Chris Nicastro 37 minutes ago

    I think at about 20 laps to go Hamilton should have pitted and switched to soft tires. He could have sprinted to the end and gained ground.

  • royalty_risin538
    royalty_risin538 38 minutes ago

    Vettel still got it its just his confidence in his car wats the main problem

  • kaga kaga
    kaga kaga 39 minutes ago

    Did James talk to you like that before ?

  • royalty_risin538
    royalty_risin538 40 minutes ago

    Hamilton is bitter by saying he couldve won easy

  • Stefano Ceruolo
    Stefano Ceruolo 40 minutes ago

    Grande nico should have come to ferrari

  • It’s Vizor
    It’s Vizor 41 minute ago

    Whatever they did, they played everyone, and they got it right. Catching everyone off guard, that’s ideal in unpredictable situations. For the first time in forever I was incredibly impressed by Ferrari strategy. The way they looked at the bigger picture, and above all, actually got it right. I knew they had played a big one when even Crofty thought it was Charles in the pits. Couldn’t stop grinning the entire race.

  • Asad
    Asad 43 minutes ago

    Just very happy to see Vettel win... i saw very few ppl still had belief in him after those disastrous 13 months or so... Nico ,too, i felt watching his previous videos, wanted Vettel to win one back badly just like many of us wanted.... Finally we got it....TBH nothing gave me more happiness in the past year than Vettel’s win yesterday.... Change in fortunes i guess in store !!!

  • Grga Pitić
    Grga Pitić 43 minutes ago

    Come on Nico, epic lap?!!??

  • Muhammad
    Muhammad 44 minutes ago

    Ferrari's strategy looks to be favoring Vettel over Leclerc even after considering the great outlap from Vettel. I thought it was not fair for Leclerc especially that he had won pole position in this hard circuit, where qualifying results dictate the final results significantly (if everything else was held constant, i.e., strategy not favoring your teammate).

  • Lesley Visser
    Lesley Visser 50 minutes ago

    Seb deserved the win, the outlap on the new tyres was epic putting him in that position going on to win

  • Matt Harte
    Matt Harte 52 minutes ago

    Great analysis

  • Cityzen
    Cityzen 54 minutes ago

    Warum ? macht William Rotkit immer umfall wenn Mercedez nicht mehr führt .Ich habe viele gp beobachten und es passiert immer genau so! Dann kammt das Savety Car!

  • Diogo Ruas
    Diogo Ruas 56 minutes ago

    next week if Lewis doesn’t win: WHY LEWIS NEEDS TO RETIRE

  • Priyansh Vyas
    Priyansh Vyas 57 minutes ago

    Ferrrai knew they had the potential to get a 1-2 and they tried to undercut Hamilton and Overcut Max by pitting Vettel first as compared to Leclerc who was only racing against Lewis. Singapore is the best track to make an undercut work as a pit Stop causes you 30 seconds. A great leap on the outlap (2 seconds theoretically) would've put him behind Leclerc in P2 but 3.4 seconds put him in P1. Ferrari didn't want Leclerc to be on older tyres I suppose beacuse he would suffer immense pressure from Hamilton at the end (like Spa and Monza) as he still cannot manage his tyres perfectly. Anyway 1-2.

  • Alessio Giglio
    Alessio Giglio 57 minutes ago

    On point as always, nice stuff Nico 💪🏾

  • f W
    f W 58 minutes ago

    Max is the best... Vettel was juist lucky😂😂😂🤣

  • Hursh Vardhan Singh
    Hursh Vardhan Singh 59 minutes ago

    Intro music?

  • Vongani Mpenyana
    Vongani Mpenyana 59 minutes ago

    Loving it so much Nico. These analysis are too informative. Thanks mate

  • Dzony Milanovic
    Dzony Milanovic Hour ago

    I think Ferrari saw that the Verstapen wasgoing to pit and then the tried to defend from Verstapen with Vettel....

  • kusal basnyat
    kusal basnyat Hour ago

    in my view vettel deserved it 100%..and leclerc need to learn to deal these things.. for me i lost some respect towards charles today...tht outlap of vettel made tht 1-2 possible for ferrari..

  • AWPS Renewable Energy, LTD

    Thank you Nico

  • amfohr
    amfohr Hour ago

    How does that work gaining 3.4 seconds in an outlap on white tires? (2:08) I thought the red tires were much quicker, is the degradation of the red tire that bad? Also doesn't the white tire need more temperature to have grip, I mean how can you have so quickly an advantage? Can someone explain this?

  • Lefteris Theodossiadis

    Keep on the good work Nico.

  • Nico Rosberg
    Nico Rosberg Hour ago

    Subscribe here so you don't miss hypercar announcement soon :)

    • Alexus Catriona
      Alexus Catriona 45 seconds ago

      Nico I think you need to go back in Formula One and drive with live Vlog. Isn’t it amazing ..

    • pap jin
      pap jin 46 minutes ago

      Whenever I see Nico, he makes me think his joy is in Hamilton's loss

    • Michael Joseph
      Michael Joseph 59 minutes ago

      Nico Rosberg Merc fans boy

  • Miguel Heijnen
    Miguel Heijnen Hour ago

    Yes! Not a Vettel fan, but what an out lap!! ...and his pit stop was 0.6s slower too.. Bravo Vettel!

  • raphtan
    raphtan Hour ago

    Because he was the better driver. End of story.

  • 19popo87
    19popo87 Hour ago

    I Like Leclerc attitude. Im Happy for Vettel, this win has a very High worth for him.

  • Jason John
    Jason John Hour ago

    Hi Nico. Love your work. I'm not sure if it was mentioned but Leclerc's pitstop was 2.4 secs vs vettel's 3 secs. Correct? If Vettel was favored, shouldn't his pitstop be faster?

  • AWPS Renewable Energy, LTD

    Nico thank you for your take on the race

  • Vale Ventu
    Vale Ventu Hour ago

    Lo poverino.e riuscito a vincere un gara.sono 4anni che butta via i mondiali.senza Neway che gli metteva la macchina a punto e i regolamenti a favore ha dimostrato di non valere i 4 titoli mondiali vinti.sicuramente dai box hanno detto a Charles di restare dietro, altrimenti perdeva anche questa.

  • Vörös Gellért

    Im gonna save 8 minutes of your life. Undercut. Thats all. Edit: I didnt write that by hate just to sum it up

  • Zizi Essal7ie
    Zizi Essal7ie Hour ago

    Now by Ferrari say and think merc Era is over??? 😂 They are drunk with Italian liquor!!! Last races were bad luck and bad pit strategies of merc!!! Merc still has the best and fastest engine, but don't take risks with it unlike Ferrari and Red Bull because it's not really necessary. But perhaps the merc engineers woke up and will upgrade the engine for more power, than we will see who has the best and fastest car, MERCEDES!!! I say in Russia 1-2 Merc again!!! 😎👌😉

  • Klaas Beheydt
    Klaas Beheydt Hour ago

    interesting insight! thx!

  • biocybernaut
    biocybernaut Hour ago

    Charles hat nach dem Rennen gesagt dass die Strategie welche dem Sebastian den Sieg zugeschoben hat, schon vor dem Rennen abgesprochen wurde. Klar, der Sebastian hat ein gutes Rennen gefahren, aber den Sieg hat er nicht wirklich verdient. Und bei Mercedes hat man den Valtteri gedrosselt damit der Lewis sich besser klassieren kann. Stell Dir vor die Formel 1 hätte 1 Wagen Teams, da könnte man diese faulen Spielchen nicht mehr spielen.

  • Karlis Vitols
    Karlis Vitols Hour ago

    i think Vetel have contract with secret point about apprior team support and treating him as N1. So thats why Charles was struggling all first half of season cos it was clear from Ferrari actions - who MUST be in P1.... but it didn't turn out so smooth and whole world was seeing THAT young guy who is stronger, but cant do nothing BECAUSE of TEAM... the same for yesterday. I Wish all the strong mental health for Charles to stand this out and HIS DAYS will come!

  • Captain Black
    Captain Black Hour ago

    That was LeClerk's race. Meh

  • Juan C. Tagaytay

    Vettel had to pit first because of worn out tires in attacking Hamilton. That's just it that gained him the advantage.

  • manoc98
    manoc98 Hour ago

    Well done to Sebastian... it's about time...

  • Underwater Tribe

    It was obvious that Ferrari pitted Vettel to undercut Hamilton and have 1st and 2nd rather than 1st and 3rd

  • sumeet mallick
    sumeet mallick Hour ago

    Will this new package help them in other circuit as well

  • durfel x
    durfel x Hour ago

    it is clear, Ferrari wanted the help vettel more

  • Erich von Manstein

    I just think Ferrari did the undercut to bring Vettel from P3 to P2 as Ferrari didnt have any concerns of Hamilton making a move on Leclerc due to his possible pace in Singapore. However, Vettel aced his outlap combined with Leclercs rather slow inlap resulted in Vettel P1. Nontheless Ferrari did the right strategy as a team as they went from 1-3 to a 1-2. Bravo, forza Ferrari. P.S i hope this win will help Vettel a bit mentally!

  • Sarang Sharma
    Sarang Sharma Hour ago

    Rosberg is bringing up these cases to discuss "oh Vettel could have pitted himself" Rosberg- no he couldn't have here is why Audience- we know why he couldn't have, we know exactly what happened and you're not saying what happened clearly and directly, just wasting time

  • Alain Belanger
    Alain Belanger Hour ago

    It’s nice to hear about Vettel congrats Stephan

  • Ramiro Dzafran
    Ramiro Dzafran Hour ago

    Awesome analysis as usual from Nico. Should join Sky or BBC permanently as a pundit

  • Roberto Archetti

    Leclerc is such a talented guy and i really wish the best for him, but still Seb is 4 times World Champion and he's got a lot of experience

  • log140
    log140 Hour ago

    Ferrari was surely not expecting Vettel to overpass Leclerc during that undercut, they had Verstapen on the radar... on the other hand lets remember one small detail :-) Leclerc won the last 2 races, but compare that now to Vettels 4 World Championships!!! so at this point you can only say: who the F... is Leclerc to claim anything was done against him ?!

  • TheMerlin1984
    TheMerlin1984 Hour ago

    Vettel won because he was in front 🤷🏻‍♂️. Simple as that.

  • MusenYT
    MusenYT Hour ago

    any predictions for the upcoming race this weekend?

  • Chris Xerri
    Chris Xerri Hour ago

    The way I saw it, if they pitted Leclerc first, that would have liberated Hamilton to an unknown performance at the front.... maybe he still had a second a lap in those tyres. So Vettel had to come in first. Once they also pitted Leclerc, which was a risk, I feel, not knowing what pace Hamilton still had, then Mercedes also felt that by waiitng for the Ferraris to get into traffic, Lewis could create a margin to 3rd placed cars after him and Bottas. So happy it turned out good for Ferrari , and poor Leclerc but Vettel shone yesterday

  • Young tedo Dodo
    Young tedo Dodo Hour ago

    Funny how Leclerc is mad AFTER not giving vettel slipstream in Monza.

  • Aldo Oviedo
    Aldo Oviedo Hour ago

    Is that a Rolex submariner you were wearing?

  • Mike Hydropneumatic

    Ferrari wants to keep Vettel and to give him the win by strategy keeps him mentally fit. Ferrari has basicly two title candidates in their team. VET or LEC P1 & P2 or vice versa doesn't make a difference for the team in points but for the team as a whole it does. VER in an interview said that it wasn't an undercut he did to HAM but just his tires were done. Turned out to be worth a podium since MER didn't react in time.

  • Steven Nayef
    Steven Nayef Hour ago

    I wouldn’t say Vet is back just yet. Lec was much quicker.

  • M.S. Vishal Bhardwaj

    In the post race interview, Vettel said that he was informed about the decision to pit in the last corner prior to the pit lane. I think the decision to pit was taken to cover Verstappen and also undercut Hamilton. But the delta between the Hard & Soft compound + the stonker of an out lap by Vettel actually made him gain more than anticipated gain over Charles. Smart strategy by Ferrari to go from a 1st & 3rd to 1st & 2nd.

  • Jamie Schaap
    Jamie Schaap Hour ago

    Sick intro!!

  • Carlos San Luis
    Carlos San Luis Hour ago

    As annoying as this guys seems to be, he really has some good insights. I wish he would be patient and smart enough to use a better communications expert and help him organize and make this video more watchable.

  • Maggie
    Maggie 2 hours ago

    Nico, please keep posting the great post-race analyses. You’re helping new fans like me understand things about F1 that we would otherwise have no idea about. Awesome job! 👍🏻

  • Ezra S
    Ezra S 2 hours ago

    Ha, ha, ha! You call it beat?!! This is all the best that Vet can do....because he don't even know how to overtake as a racing driver should... Ferrari told before that to Leclerc to slow down...they wanted to brink Vet is confidence back... Sometimes the origin chang a man viewpoint....

  • Matthys Strydom
    Matthys Strydom 2 hours ago

    Perhaps Ferrari wanted to shift focus from one driver to another, in order to confuse the competition and ensure a 1-2 finish.

  • Kemal Kaya
    Kemal Kaya 2 hours ago

    Ferrari wanted to Vettel win because of what leclerc did at monza ? So they intentionally pitted Vettel first

  • Cris Meman
    Cris Meman 2 hours ago

    No one notice about Leclerc's pitstop, it took him 4sec why? they couldn't release him because Verstappen was on his back, unsafe release would cause them unnecessary penalty. I don't think Vettels undercut is intentional to upstage Leclerc's possible win. I do like Leclerc after Kimi, i'm not Vettel fan either but i love Ferrari as a whole.

  • valfs santiago
    valfs santiago 2 hours ago

    But did they got the fastest lap? I don’t think so. K-Mag should have won. XD

  • jmikeDMI
    jmikeDMI 2 hours ago

    The rest of the season should be very interesting and I'm hoping verstappen will keep it close just as he did and this race. I know it's not realistic but it would be interesting to see him in a Mercedes or Ferrari.

  • gmonga
    gmonga 2 hours ago

    Ferrari knew VER was going to pit and VET was brought in to protect 3rd. Beating HAM and LEC was a surprise. Massive out lap from VET and poor in lap from LEC made the difference, plus poor Comms from the pitwall.

  • Matt Prior
    Matt Prior 2 hours ago

    I reckon if you put verstappen in the torro rosso . Gasly , kvyat and Albon would all be on pace with him . That red bull is clearly favoured towards verstappens style

  • Vitihotra Jataveda
    Vitihotra Jataveda 2 hours ago

    Charles LeCry.

  • Strong Force
    Strong Force 2 hours ago

    3,4 seconds faster in the outlap, true, but I believe Sebs pitstop was also 0,5 sec faster, so 3,9 in total. Maybe if the pitstops would have been the same speed, Charles would have landed in front.

  • Shashank Shivakumar
    Shashank Shivakumar 2 hours ago

    Please keep these videos coming. Wonderful to understand more about the race and the strategy

  • Zoran Jurmic
    Zoran Jurmic 2 hours ago

    Hi Nico! I saw it a little differently ... Instead of assuming that Ferrari made the mistake again, like many times so far through the season, I think this time they made a brilliant strategy, and that was the only way to try to finish 1 & 2! In any other scenario, this would not have been possible. The only downside is that Leclerc did not win, but the team couldn't have done better! Of course, assuming that Vetel will make a good exit lap, which he did damn well! The only thing that is not clear is what for God's sake the team of Mercedes strategists was doing and waiting? 😳

  • Juan Van Nieuwwnhuizen

    And what about Daniel kyvat pushing fastest lap at the back of the grid. Does that mean Red Bull torro Roso has now got their fast car and right stratergies and things

  • markoes28
    markoes28 2 hours ago

    I think they pitted Vettel for overcut on Hamilton and Verstappen, not for one on Leclerc. And Leclerc whas cruising on his inlap, not racing.

  • Patrick Woods
    Patrick Woods 2 hours ago

    The opening shots photograph video grabs collage effect and the photo of Mr. Vettel standing up to the ovation of the punters wow!....felt like I was at the race

  • Travollic
    Travollic 2 hours ago

    A better analysis from a former WC compare to the "former F1 driver who now becomes reporter" who never stepped on podium 😂

  • ziyik loh
    ziyik loh 2 hours ago

    Vettel’s post race Radio was just straight up depressing

    • Shoaib Akhtar
      Shoaib Akhtar 21 minute ago

      Depressing? How? To me he sounded relieved, very calm and if a weight were suddenly off his shoulders..