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One Movie Later - Cars 3
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Soarin' Over Frozen VLOG!
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Some Jerk With A Patreon!
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  • Jimmy Parker
    Jimmy Parker 2 hours ago

    It's African Queen meets the Mummy I dig it.

  • Theresa Cherco
    Theresa Cherco 12 hours ago

    The vanquelus's dummies remind me of sloppy from Goosebumps that scared me

  • Branyon Heffley
    Branyon Heffley 15 hours ago

    The Rock: welcome to world famous jungle cruise.

  • Emperor Picard
    Emperor Picard 15 hours ago

    I like that they included the schlubby, rumpled, unbuttoned and oversized suit and high pants. No attempt present him with the illusion of class at all.

  • Rylee Wyatt
    Rylee Wyatt 16 hours ago

    Wait, so if Jerk got sent to an Alternate Dimension, have the episodes of SJWAC since this one been taking place in said-Alternate Dimension? This just raises questions : /

    • Tony Goldmark
      Tony Goldmark 16 hours ago

      An alternate dimension identical to the first one in absolutely every way, yes.

  • Trumpet Dinopup
    Trumpet Dinopup 21 hour ago

    The Rock is looking a little roided out.

  • Batman
    Batman 23 hours ago

    Technically Steven Universe IS hand-drawn! While it might be easy to assume it's done with Flash, it's actually done with a program called OpenToonz. While it uses digital technology to speed things up, it's still the product of a bunch of hard-working artists. Honestly, it seems like the only place you can really find good 2D animation anymore is in TV cartoons, which funnily enough, are getting movies of their own (Steven Universe got one, as did Invader Zim and Rocko, and as will We Bare Bears, Loud House, the new TMNT series, Bob's Burgers, Family Guy and The Simpsons). The exception to this seems to be the next Spongebob movie, apparently they're doing all-CG. I mean, not that I'm surprised.

  • Thespis64
    Thespis64 Day ago

    Well ackshually, when Emily Blunt says "The myth is real" she's probably referring to the fully-armored guy who happens to be *covered* in snakes, rather than the snakes themselves. My guess is that he's a conquistador who got lost trying to find the Tree of Life, and he'll either be a supporting character or the main antagonist. The scene was pretty dark, though, so I don't blame you for only seeing the snakes.

  • Nina Avins
    Nina Avins Day ago

    It wouldn't have made mych would have looked like joke casting (largely because it would have *been* joke casting)...the fans would have flipped out over the unexplained between-movie racial change...and he probably wouldn't even have *taken* the part...but I can't help but think...if they were *gonna* cast someone to play Han Solo alongside Donald Glover...

  • weirdalison
    weirdalison Day ago

    I came here for Skipper Dan references and I'm leaving satisfied

  • endplanets
    endplanets Day ago

    With guest appearance from Abraham Hitler before his appearance on Rick and Morty.

  • Rothur The Paladin

    Id go see anything with the rock.

  • James F. Ewart

    This was a good trailer, but I’m a little worried that the next trailer might spoil a crucial plot point. That reminds me, where’s the Guillermo del Toro Haunted Mansion starring Ryan Gosling?

    • Wintermute01001
      Wintermute01001 11 hours ago

      @Tony Goldmark Too bad. One of my big hopes for this movie is that it does well enough to finally bring us a good Haunted Mansion movie.

    • Tony Goldmark
      Tony Goldmark Day ago

      According to del Toro, as of earlier this year that project is officially dead. Sucks too.

  • Chase Endricks

    The bit of the struggle to his name is too real.

  • J Man
    J Man Day ago

    I don’t know, I was kind of expecting the trailer to be more...funny I guess? Just seems like another Pirates wannabe and that just feels tired by this point.

  • Rose Weldon
    Rose Weldon Day ago

    Hooray, it looks like we got Dwayne “I Know Exactly How Stupid This is” Johnson!

  • Emike misterio 1701

    I wish we get a space mountain flick were they fight the ghost galaxy and meet jules verne and the paris space mountain with the timekepper

    • Dallas Cimini
      Dallas Cimini Day ago

      Damn that sounds awesome Maybe this could kickstart a movie attraction cinematic universe

  • Stay Joanne
    Stay Joanne Day ago

    Seems good, but I’m hoping they don’t reply on props and stunts too much, god that be soo childrirish

  • Laota Surfs
    Laota Surfs Day ago

    It looks good, the Mummy on water. But... I really wish it was Bruce Campbell in the lead. Also: why are they avoiding showing Emily Blunt's character's brother? Is he some big reveal? Or did they edit the trailer to create an insinuation of romance that wasn't there? (A sort of illusion of intimacy that in the actual film is broken up by there always being some dude standing there.)

  • Mark Myers
    Mark Myers Day ago

    This just looks really boring.

  • Lars
    Lars Day ago

    The movie looks like it has potential, but honestly I'm really side-eyeing the fact that they didn't put the flamboyant effeminate gay guy stereotype in the trailer. A source working on the movie talked about the character in the past and he's on the poster, but he's not in the trailer, so I'm guessing Disney *knows* how bad it would look and wants to try and keep it in the dark until the movie's actually out.

  • Jason R
    Jason R 2 days ago

    Will we find out Emily Blunt's character is related to Swann family OR Rock's character is related to Jack Sparrow?

    • Jason R
      Jason R Day ago

      *applause* That's a better idea! Someone from S.E.A. is who hired Frank to captain that New Orleans riverboat.

    • Wintermute01001
      Wintermute01001 Day ago

      It ends with the Rock quitting, moving to America, and captaining a New Orleans river boat. "This is so much nicer. I bet nothing weird ever happens here," he says as he sails past a creepy looking mansion.

  • Xenothran Hero
    Xenothran Hero 2 days ago

    One thing I wanna point out is that the vines look VERY similar to those from Curse of the Emerald Trinity, a Halloween overlay for the Jungle Cruise in Hong Kong Disneyland which has your skipper steal a valuable artifact that pisses off these living vines that are hunting the three emeralds down. I'm glad they worked in a more obscure part of Jungle Cruise lore that most American fans wouldn't be aware of.

  • Walter Lopez
    Walter Lopez 2 days ago

    this trailer feels a lot like the Mummy movies starring Brendan Fraser.

  • matthew whitcher
    matthew whitcher 2 days ago

    I guarantee you in 10 years when kids are riding the jungle cruise they'll ask their parents "Mommy isn't this ride based on that Dwayne Johnson movie?".

  • Oyster
    Oyster 2 days ago

    wow, just saw this trailer with you...i am even less optimistic somehow, they really should have aimed for haunted mansion since while maybe not the writing but the tone would have fit better, jungle cruise is supposed to be fun and kind of lucking your way through deadly traps...if anything they should have hired a modern equivalent to rick moranis, some one who can pull off absolutely pathetic, not "i am confident in everything i do, and i look exactly like i can pull it off" god i hope they don't change the ride too much for this, i don't want another ride to go the way of pirates

    • Wintermute01001
      Wintermute01001 Day ago

      "modern equivalent to rick moranis" Jesse Eisenberg?

  • servomoore
    servomoore 2 days ago

    So Disney saw how Jumanji 2 did so much better than expected against TLJ and decided they wanted a Jumanji 2 of their own.

  • Charuchii
    Charuchii 2 days ago

    They probably put Artemis Fowl in the Christmas slot because at the time Artemis Fowl often got compared to Harry Potter, even going as far as calling him "Harry Potter's evil twin." they might still be riding on that Harry Potter comparison. EDIT: Who am I kidding, with how much they want that Harry Potter money after squandering it, this is definitely why they are doing this now.

  • WonderlandPirate
    WonderlandPirate 2 days ago

    The rumour I heard floating around on twitter is that at least part of the reason for the delay is that they're reshooting pretty much all of Jack Whitehall's scenes, which is also why he doesn't have a single line of dialogue in the trailer.

  • Dean Irvine
    Dean Irvine 2 days ago

    I wonder if they work SEA into this, as a way of introducing it to movies. Could be the group she takes the arrow head from.

  • Max Leunig
    Max Leunig 2 days ago

    Or better yet, what if the post credits tease show Dwayne Johnson saying that there's a bayou he's thinking of journeying to..... And he points to a map with an old house near the bayou..... And he shows a picture of something that's meant to be in the house....... And he calls it the most horrifying thing he's ever seen....... EDDIE MURPHY'S SMILING FACE!!!!!! (Disney, if you're reading this, don't get any ideas)

  • kat.espe
    kat.espe 2 days ago

    Oh wow, I forgot how great that train scene was in The Lone Ranger. I remember Jim Hill writing about all of the supernatural elements that they held back due to budget restraints, Wendigos that they pushed back to the intended sequel we never got. You peaked my interest in revisiting this scene and found a great study on it. Check it out Tony:

  • endplanets
    endplanets 2 days ago

    44:16 They ruined the cannon!!!1! In the books Scar (named Taka) is evil and "overflowing with jealousy of his golden boy brother, so he provokes a herd of buffalo into attacking Mufasa in order to embarrass him and teach their father a lesson. But while Mufasa manages to escape the stampede, Taka is too busy laughing maniacally at his perceived victory to notice that they're also coming after him. He ends up taking a horn to the face, leaving him with a scar and a cool nickname" I would be overflowing with rage if I ever bothered to read the books. Or this could count as Scar going against his brother which means this movie cements the books more than the original.

  • Brandon Levine
    Brandon Levine 2 days ago

    Do you think the movie could reference the Adventure Club lore? Or could Emily Blunts character be apart of it? Maybe to start a Cinematic Universe of that?

  • Retrocade Podcast
    Retrocade Podcast 2 days ago

    The Mummy meets Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Chase Endricks
    Chase Endricks 2 days ago

    It's a Kind of Wonder, Queen 1986 I Magic Why, Fleetwood Mac 1995

  • Quinn Newman
    Quinn Newman 2 days ago

    *urge myself to not be snarky about if you want more subscribers post more content*

  • Hekata greyback
    Hekata greyback 2 days ago

    i am the only one who is getting "Brendan Fraser Mummy" vibes especially with that latter joke

  • SilverKappa
    SilverKappa 2 days ago

    Man, The Rock really did turn out to be the all-powerful talent the film industry needed. I have not yet seen a movie of his I disliked, or at least a movie of his where I disliked HIM in it.

  • jordan chua
    jordan chua 2 days ago

    I watched this film as part of a test audience, and let me say, you will not be disappointed.

  • D.J. Guthrie
    D.J. Guthrie 2 days ago

    Of Weird Al doesn’t cameo, we riot....

  • endplanets
    endplanets 2 days ago

    A sequel to Anaconda? We have to go down the river in a dingy to find magic plant. And an oil refinery blows up and the final boss is a snake.

  • MJ Red
    MJ Red 2 days ago

    "Johnson Remake: A remake/reboot/adaptation of a popular property that really has no connection or similarity to that property other than maybe the setting. Named after the many reboots starring Dwayne Johnson that are like this. (ex: Baywatch 2017 is just Dwayne Johnson at a beach; Jumanji:Welcome to the Jungle is just Dwayne Johnson in the jungle,etc.)"

  • David S
    David S 2 days ago

    Come on, this movie is so dirivitive of Pirates, it’s mind boggling. - Another fantasy CGI fest on water. - A typical movie opening escape action scene. Her ladder exit appears to be a near duplicate of Jack Sparrows prison escape in in Pirates 4. - The arrowhead vs. any Captain Jack owned McGuffin like the compass or cursed gold coin. - Talk of a Tree Of Life? You mean like Pirates 4’s Fountain Of Youth? - Oh, and how about all this “curse” talk? Sound familiar? - Lastly, looks like we again get a CGI enhanced villain.

    • David S
      David S 2 days ago

      I would never state Pirates was the originator of the tropes, but one can trace Jungle Cruise’s to directly marching those of an action fantasy adventure movie based on a Disney Park attraction made by the same studio... Pirates. That is my point. As for the sidekick Character you mention? Yup, that’s a movie cliche for the ages.

    • Defective Factoid Bot
      Defective Factoid Bot 2 days ago

      First of all those aren't exclusive to Pirates, and pretty vague Second you missed the overused popular actor playing a sidekick comic relief who ends up stealing the spotlight

  • Matthew Bond 007
    Matthew Bond 007 2 days ago

    Will it be Cats or Frozen 2 for One Movie Later? YOU BE THE JUDGE! I vote for Frozen 2 because Cats never had a theme park ride.

  • Emily Hogan
    Emily Hogan 2 days ago

    Who wants to bet there will be a scene later where they are in a Grotto behind a waterfall and the Rock says something along the lines “the backside of water I never knew it could be this beautiful”

  • Crowvamp1979
    Crowvamp1979 2 days ago

    Reminded me a lot of "The African Queen" (1951)

    • Jason R
      Jason R Day ago

      Its supposed to, in that 'behind the scenes' teaser trailer from awhile back, they mention "The African Queen".

  • Katherine Alvarez
    Katherine Alvarez 2 days ago

    Hey it’s Emily Blunt and The Rock being badass and quipping. If they managed to screw that up, then they deserve a medal in incompetence.

  • Jordan Willner
    Jordan Willner 2 days ago

    I also noticed a few homages to The African Queen as well!

  • Jon McKenzie
    Jon McKenzie 2 days ago

    It looks like the Rock was complaining that the "native" shot too close, silently mouthing "Come on", and the native waves back indicating "Sorry dude!"

  • TheAllSeeingEye
    TheAllSeeingEye 2 days ago

    13:13 its a good thing George doesn't own star wars anymore, then again Disney isn't doing well with it either

  • CG_Imp
    CG_Imp 2 days ago

    This looks crazy fun. I'm genuinely hype. We haven't seen a proper adventure movie like this in what I think is decades.

  • Wintermute01001
    Wintermute01001 2 days ago

    Thanks for reminding me the Artemis Fowl movie exists

  • TheSharbear14
    TheSharbear14 2 days ago

    Overall, I'm very interested in the movie. I adore Emily Blunt, so I'm excited. I'm not sure why, but the action set-piece with the ladder reminded me quite a bit of Rachel Weisz in the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies.

  • Adrian Dezendegui
    Adrian Dezendegui 2 days ago

    The Natives would probably speak perfect English and is a classically trained actor, and Lindsay Ellis thought that Disney won't talk about Race

    • Ikrani
      Ikrani Day ago

      @F. N. Lorter That's because they spoke fluent English and about 5 other languages EACH, but native Africans they most definitely were.

    • F. N. Lorter
      F. N. Lorter Day ago

      Ikrani I don’t remember any natives in that movie.

    • Ikrani
      Ikrani 2 days ago

      Like the islanders from Doctor Doolittle?

  • FireBlast Studios
    FireBlast Studios 2 days ago

    I think many of us thought that this movie ever actually coming out was a myth, and now the myth is real.

  • Haybone
    Haybone 2 days ago

    A galaxy's edge vlog? Thanks, Tony, can't wait!!!

  • dannytheman1313
    dannytheman1313 2 days ago

    Disney you have literally one job just one its not that hard its actually very easy to do don't put a Dwayne Johnson animatronic on the ride just keep it as is.

  • Jacob Colton
    Jacob Colton 2 days ago

    Welcome back to 2003

  • David Rust
    David Rust 2 days ago

    That looks like a lot of fun, Tony; I'm in total agreement! :)

  • Aspiring Creator
    Aspiring Creator 2 days ago

    What I love about this trailer is that it seems to show a movie that's willing to have fun with itself. It knows how ridiculous the idea of making a movie based on Jungle Cruise is, it knows what people are probably thinking about it but to that it says "Yes it's stupid but my lord we'll have fun with this.". Honestly as someone who absolutely was not looking forward to this movie coming out and was intending on skipping it? I think I've changed my tune after this trailer.

  • ZadnoleyaEdits
    ZadnoleyaEdits 2 days ago

    Sending you lots of love Tony thanks for the reaction ❤️

  • Shelby Hotz
    Shelby Hotz 2 days ago

    I totally want someone in the movie to be like, "There aren't hippos in the Amazon!" Looks like the new Jumanjis meet the first Anaconda.

  • JasCotton
    JasCotton 2 days ago

    It's funny how Jack Whitehall was excited to be in a big time Hollywood movie. And I saw him once behind Emily Blunt in a quick shot. Poor Jack.

  • metropod
    metropod 2 days ago

    It sort feels like The Rock’s apology to the adventure genre for his terrible CGI look from “The Mummy Returns.”

    • James Loveland
      James Loveland 11 hours ago

      @Ikrani Well. it should be

    • Ikrani
      Ikrani 12 hours ago

      @James Loveland Dunno. It was never screened at my school's bad movie club.

    • James Loveland
      James Loveland 15 hours ago

      @Ikrani Especially Doom?

    • Ikrani
      Ikrani 16 hours ago

      @James Loveland i'd agree, except those movies can at least be enjoyed ironically.

    • James Loveland
      James Loveland Day ago

      I was thinking it was an apology to either Race to Witch Mountain and/or Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and/or DOOM

  • sorcerers apprentice

    Please let this be the start of the Society of Explorers and Adventures Cinematic Universe that we all deserve.

  • TheOddest Channel 2.0

    Getting the vibe of the Mummy (1999)

  • tscream80
    tscream80 2 days ago

    Well, that's one half of my wish come true. *looks towards Brian Hull's channel* What you got for this and Onward?

  • TheSlayFer Ch. T.
    TheSlayFer Ch. T. 2 days ago

    This movie is basically Flex Cavana trying to redeem himself for his role in The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King, because the trailer's tone reminds me a lot of Brendan Fraser's Mummy movies.

  • sorcerers apprentice

    Am I the only one that got a Mummy 1999 vibe from this trailer?

    • metropod
      metropod 2 days ago

      The ladder bit, most especially.

  • Colin Froehlich
    Colin Froehlich 2 days ago

    Anyone else notice that the arrowhead is labeled A. Falls?

    • Jason R
      Jason R Day ago

      So this is the start of the D.SEA.E.U (Disney SEA Extended Universe)

  • LeoFan93
    LeoFan93 2 days ago

    I can only imagine all the self-deprecating jokes the actual ride will add regarding this movie.

  • Bossclips
    Bossclips 2 days ago

    That camera perspective is making it look like you're being consumed by your computer. If that is what's happing, and now you're inside the internet, I cannot help you and wish you luck escaping.

  • brandon meacham
    brandon meacham 2 days ago

    Coming 2021, Disney presents George of the Jungle reboot starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson!

  • Dan Shull
    Dan Shull 2 days ago

    I'm still waiting for the Haunted Mansion reboot...

    • Jason R
      Jason R Day ago

      This is what Wintermute01001 said in my reply to my tweet:Wintermute010015 hours agoIt ends with the Rock quitting, moving to America, and captaining a New Orleans river boat. "This is so much nicer. I bet nothing weird ever happens here," he says as he sails past a creepy looking mansion.

    • David Brewer
      David Brewer 2 days ago

      I think what you mean is,”I’m still waiting for The Haunted Mansion movie.” As a teenager I worked in the projection booth at a movie theater and one day I threaded a film through the projector and incorrectly onto the platter. As a result, the film ended up in a giant pile on the floor. That’s where the master copy of Haunted Mansion belongs. Oh, and not that anyone cares, but I usually had to start eight different movies just a few minutes apart. I wasn’t just sitting there watching the film dump out of the projector onto the floor (Which is what Disney execs should have done when confronted with the Haunted Mansion when watching it.) 🤦‍♀️

  • Jonah Henrickson
    Jonah Henrickson 2 days ago

    I’m actually really looking forward to this movie. :)

    • Jonah Henrickson
      Jonah Henrickson 2 days ago

      Also, I hope it’s a good movie like the first Pirates movie. :)

  • Mc Key
    Mc Key 2 days ago

    Actually doesn't look toooo bad

  • aquapyro1
    aquapyro1 2 days ago

    HE LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Giant Robots Conquer the World

    It looked like snakes were crawling on a human. I saw a hand that looked webbed, so maybe the flowers turn you into a creature from the black lagoon type creature or that's the curse Skipper Rock mentioned

  • Mathieu Leblanc
    Mathieu Leblanc 2 days ago

    The trunk where the arrowhead was has a reference to Albert Falls on the tag

    • Jason R
      Jason R Day ago

      So this is the start of the D.SEA.E.U (Disney SEA Extended Universe)

  • rct3isepic
    rct3isepic 2 days ago

    I just noticed they used the same jungle ambience as in the parks! I'm SO unbelievably ready for this movie!!!

  • kevin willems
    kevin willems 2 days ago

    As someone who loves the Artemis foul books, I'm concerned

    • David Brewer
      David Brewer 2 days ago

      Like I said, I haven’t read Artemis Fowl. I just understand the complexity of converting a good book into a good movie. There is a reason why everyone says the book is better than the movie. First of all, no film can ever compete with your imagination. Second, how do you jam a three or four hundred page novel into an hour and forty-five minutes of film? Screen adaptation is extremely difficult and something is getting left out. Then there is relevance. Right or wrong, the movie is going to reflect current thinking on any number of social issues. The original Artemis Fowl book was published in 2001, I think? That’s a long LONG eighteen years when it comes to social change. Again, having never read the books, I can’t speak to the tone of the book, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least that your idea differs from that of a group of people making a movie they want to succeed in 2020. Anyway, after thinking about it for a while, I’m going to go ahead and just read the books now. I survived seven of the eight Harry Potter movies (Prisoner of Azkaban nearly did me in) so I will probably live through an Artemis Fowl movie as well. 😀

    • kevin willems
      kevin willems 2 days ago

      @Katherine Alvarez yeah.

    • kevin willems
      kevin willems 2 days ago

      @David Brewer That wouldn't be the problem. The problem would be toning it down and missing the tone of the original.

    • Katherine Alvarez
      Katherine Alvarez 2 days ago

      My expectations for the Artemis Fowl movie (aka one my favorite book series growing up) is so low, that if the kid who plays Artemis is actually Irish, I’ll be impressed.

    • David Brewer
      David Brewer 2 days ago

      I dearly loved A Wrinkle in Time as a kid …………If I was a betting man (and I am) I would either see Artemis Fowl with absolutely no expectation or just not see it at all. I’m not a Disney hater, I have no problem with acceptance or diversity in film, I wholeheartedly support it so that’s not the root of my concerns. I just think that filmmakers have a way of convincing themselves that in order for their project to reach the biggest audience possible, they need to add A B and C and remove a little bit here and this and that tidbit. It doesn’t take much tinkering and a fabulous book loses its soul. I’ve never read Artemis Fowl, at this point I might watch the movie first with the hopes of being able to enjoy both.

  • SirPaladin
    SirPaladin 2 days ago

    so basically it's "The Mummy" but on a boat.

    • Adam Sherman
      Adam Sherman Day ago

      Ikrani Take a good hard look at the motherfucking moat!

    • Ikrani
      Ikrani 2 days ago

      ON A BOAT!

    • edvaira6891
      edvaira6891 2 days ago

      Yeah, but the first Brendan Fraser Mummy was a lot of fun..if it’s similar to that,...I’m all right with that

    • Defective Factoid Bot
      Defective Factoid Bot 2 days ago

      Also Pirates of the Caribbean but in the jungle

  • Sarah McMann
    Sarah McMann 2 days ago

    My mom, and I are going to see it cause we’ve seen every movie starting the Rock

  • Busted musket Productions

    Woooooooo hooooo didn’t even have to wait for a one movie later

  • William Hanekom
    William Hanekom 2 days ago

    Emily Blunt and The Rock, ooooo theres too much charisma to take!

  • Lesbomarx
    Lesbomarx 2 days ago

    Here's hoping for Weird Al to have a cameo as Dwayne's depressed coworker.

    • KoDOmega
      KoDOmega 2 days ago

      Or at least for the "Skipper Dan" song to get played at some point...

    • Crew Channel
      Crew Channel 2 days ago

      Or as Trader Sam. No taboo what so ever.

    • c0mf0rta61ynum6
      c0mf0rta61ynum6 2 days ago

      Not to mention he's done cameos in other Disney shows like Gravity Falls and Star vs. The Forces of Evil.

    • Mathieu Leblanc
      Mathieu Leblanc 2 days ago

      Weird Al does have a cartoon with Disney which is actually pretty good

  • The Dimensioneer
    The Dimensioneer 2 days ago

    There should be a new Disney Cinematic Universe about the SEA (Society of Explorers and Adventurers), which basically connects attractions like Big Thunder Mountain and the variations of the Haunted Mansion AND the Tower of Terror. Throw in Atlantis: The Lost Empire and the Team Atlantis show (AND the GARGOYLES CROSSOVER) that never happened.

  • oz pardo
    oz pardo 2 days ago

    It has a jumanji: welcome to the jungle vibe, and I like it.

  • BuddyL
    BuddyL 2 days ago

    Part of me wishes Tony Danza were involved to recreate his sequence from that old Disney Park🏰 tv special. Still... "the backside of water" is nice, but Emily Blunt on the ladder is a bit *too* reminiscent of Rachel Weisz in _The Mummy_ for me.

  • lance turley
    lance turley 2 days ago

    Basically, I'm getting *The Mummy (1999)* crossed with *Pirates of the Caribbean.* I kind of wish they could have gotten more of a snarky, comedic actor for Dwayne's part, though. Someone who actually feels like they could have been a skipper on the ride.

    • lance turley
      lance turley 2 days ago

      @Cameron Marnoch I was thinking more of an everyman/comedic type, who can also do action. Someone like Paul Rudd or Ryan Gosling.

    • Cameron Marnoch
      Cameron Marnoch 2 days ago

      Dave Bautista was right there if they wanted a muscle man

  • Julian Ysaguirre
    Julian Ysaguirre 2 days ago

    Ok so I’m not much of a jungle cruise guy so what the heck is “the backside of water” all about

    • Julian Ysaguirre
      Julian Ysaguirre 2 days ago


    • metropod
      metropod 2 days ago

      Part of the route the boat travels pases under a ledge with waterfall coming off it, with you passing be behind the waterfall.

    • Time Cop
      Time Cop 2 days ago

      It’s a classic joke from the ride.

  • Julian Ysaguirre
    Julian Ysaguirre 2 days ago

    Ok so I’m not much of a jungle cruise guy so what the heck is “the backside of water” all about

    • Julian Ysaguirre
      Julian Ysaguirre 2 days ago

      c0mf0rta61ynum6 thanks

    • c0mf0rta61ynum6
      c0mf0rta61ynum6 2 days ago

      It's one of the lines that the skippers (the cast members who host the ride) tend to say whenever you're on the ride.

  • iHeart Gaming and Whose Line

    aren't most of these family films with Dwayne the Rock Johnson fun? sounds like Tony is reviewing this no matter what

  • REJ Arcive
    REJ Arcive 2 days ago

    WOW! Thats one BIG Laptop or Tablet... Oh that trailer was awesome.

    • REJ Arcive
      REJ Arcive 2 days ago

      @Tony Goldmark I assumed so but I just wanted to make that joke.

    • Tony Goldmark
      Tony Goldmark 2 days ago

      It's just close to the camera.

  • sugarfrosted
    sugarfrosted 2 days ago

    Wow. Some jerk with a reaction.

  • Xander Casey
    Xander Casey 2 days ago

    I still think it's a missed Opertunity that they didn't name Dwayne Johnson's Character Dan

    • kat.espe
      kat.espe 2 days ago

      They're saving that reference for Weird Al's cameo

  • googamp32
    googamp32 2 days ago

    And so, the Disney Parks Cinematic Universe begins! 2020: Jungle Cruise, POTC reboot. 2021: The Haunted Mansion, It's A Small World. 2022: The Enchanted Tiki Room, The Matterhorn. 2023: The Astro Orbiter, Big Thunder Mountain. 2024: Disneyland, Churro Carts. And Mr. Lincoln is the Nick Fury of the franchise.

    • sorcerers apprentice
      sorcerers apprentice 2 days ago

      2025: Dole Whips

    • googamp32
      googamp32 2 days ago

      @MichaelJacksonYotes 7 And there was already a Hulk movie made by Ang Lee. Didn't stop them from making another one.

    • MichaelJacksonYotes 7
      MichaelJacksonYotes 7 2 days ago

      There is already a Haunted Mansion movie it was with Eddie Murphy

    • googamp32
      googamp32 2 days ago

      @lance turley No way! He's gonna be the Doctor Strange of the franchise.

    • googamp32
      googamp32 2 days ago

      @Michael Strong Sonny Eclipse, obviously!

  • David Brewer
    David Brewer 2 days ago

    On the office door is the name Nilo Nemolato entrepreneur. I’ve been digging for a couple minutes and not finding anything obvious, but I did see a piece of artwork hanging in a Hawaiian restaurant with the name and an Amazon river adventure. Interesting 🧐 I love you bro, keep being you Tony!

    • David Brewer
      David Brewer 2 days ago

      Another thing I picked up, the legend and corresponding curse deal with the tree of life. Presumably the tree grants eternal life if you can get to it. Enter the arrowhead/mcguffin but of course that’s not enough, something else makes one worthy and unworthy entrants become part the tree or are consumed by the tree. (The curse) I’m not sure where the snake guy myth fits in, but the parallels with Pirates of the Caribbean are plentiful and obvious. I’m super excited for the movie.

  • Isaiah Williams
    Isaiah Williams 2 days ago

    My biggest fear is Animotronics of Dwayne being forced into the Ride.

    • Darth Griffin
      Darth Griffin Day ago

      I’m going to kill myself if that happens.

    • mrnuke999
      mrnuke999 2 days ago

      You’re right. We should hold off until he becomes Dwayne “The President” Johnson before making an animatronic.

    • Defective Factoid Bot
      Defective Factoid Bot 2 days ago

      The characters from the movie could probably replace the people getting chased up that pole, other than that it would suck