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Hell's Kitchen
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    IDONTMISS- 2 minutes ago

    Season 1 Ramsay was a Savage!

  • Black Scythe
    Black Scythe 3 minutes ago

    2:20 when your really tired from school and you come back to play minecraft and you see a creeper but your so tired you don’t even care

  • Jeanette Fernandes
    Jeanette Fernandes 4 minutes ago

    My brother said that the guy at 1:24 looks like Dwight from the office

  • Chrysi McDonald
    Chrysi McDonald 6 minutes ago

    *get dunked on suckers!

  • Maxs Raving Music
    Maxs Raving Music 8 minutes ago

    Linda fears how shit the food was

  • HM
    HM 8 minutes ago

    Most basis rule: Ready fucking lamb sauce

  • Magnetic Hawk656
    Magnetic Hawk656 9 minutes ago


  • Vela S
    Vela S 14 minutes ago

    I love all these retards saying shit like ‘I’ve cooked for my kids, so this will be easy.” Your dumbass kids think McDonalds is gourmet food and their crying is just noise. You are not ready. I hate the arrogance of parents. Being a parent is the last reprieve of stupid people to feel like they have power and accomplishment in their worthless lives.

  • Vela S
    Vela S 19 minutes ago

    “I thought hot water was supposed to freeze faster than cold water.”

  • HM
    HM 21 minute ago

    Ladies night out What do you do for living Me guessing: porn

  • Rian Milligan
    Rian Milligan 29 minutes ago

    Robert is a G

  • Storm
    Storm 35 minutes ago

    Q-"What do you do for a living?" A-"We're whores, hehehehehe."

  • Shark007
    Shark007 40 minutes ago


  • KTE
    KTE 44 minutes ago

    Matt looked like a bitch smirking

  • Mal 1:
    Mal 1: 55 minutes ago


  • TrippzXI
    TrippzXI 56 minutes ago

    Tatum who?

  • jdolaktv
    jdolaktv Hour ago

    "Hey Josh, this lamb is-" "Rah-" "Rare!" "Fuck...!"

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Hour ago

    Where the lamb SAUCE?!?!?! WHERE'S THE LAMB SOUUSSZZZE!?!?!?!

  • Hah Aha
    Hah Aha Hour ago

    Anyone who makes fun of him is racist.

  • HM
    HM Hour ago

    The most fearsome question Where is the fucking lamb sauce?

  • HM
    HM Hour ago

    When Ramsay drinks water Ramsay: Bland, soggy and it’s RAW!!!

  • 62202ify
    62202ify Hour ago

    "LEAVE IT LEAVE IT LEAVE IT, YOU'RE GONNA BLOW FIRE IN YOUR FACE YOU FUCKING DONKEY"! I've never seen Chef Ramsay's face so red before.

  • Chris Steverson
    Chris Steverson Hour ago

    What season is this

  • Aaron Bolanos
    Aaron Bolanos Hour ago

    touch that meat bebe, no shame

  • fuckin shit
    fuckin shit Hour ago

    The real lesson is that Gordon can make a TV dinner taste good

  • Mya Morales
    Mya Morales Hour ago

    Kris Jenner

  • Mya Morales
    Mya Morales Hour ago

    Millie Bobby Brown

  • N8IVE PRIDE406
    N8IVE PRIDE406 Hour ago

    Gordon Ramsey would lose his mind if he went to my schools lunch

  • Shadow Moon5454
    Shadow Moon5454 Hour ago

    Ending: SHOTS FIRED SHOTS FIRED! (This is legit and I'm not sorry)

  • PanicSAnimations

    its just joshs twin

  • HM
    HM Hour ago

    Move your fucking ass will you? Me: yeah move your fucking ass lady

  • beautiful disaster
    beautiful disaster 2 hours ago

    Ugh I hate a know it all

  • Mich
    Mich 2 hours ago


  • why god
    why god 2 hours ago

    Ordering a pizza is kinda dickish Just leave

  • brett bono
    brett bono 2 hours ago

    oh my goodness she cheateed!!

  • rebel gamer
    rebel gamer 2 hours ago

    Words for the day "touch that" Also 8:03 he goes insane

  • Emman Paqueo
    Emman Paqueo 2 hours ago

    i never seen Gordon so happy

  • Isaac Baldwin
    Isaac Baldwin 2 hours ago

    Martin Luther King Jr would be proud of Chef Ramsay. He cares not the color of your skin, but the content of your Cooking. You're all shit.

  • HM
    HM 2 hours ago

    Duck breast seems like my morning solid and hardened poop. 3:51 when you do weed, meth, coke and wy at the same time Lmfo

  • Angel 27
    Angel 27 2 hours ago

    “I can take criticism” Makes snarky remark about Gordon because he criticized her teaching when she can’t cook properly.

  • Basel Altows
    Basel Altows 2 hours ago

    Randomly found my way here and been watching Gordon Ramsey highlights for like 3 days now, Hell’s kitchen, Hotel nightmares and Kitchen nightmares. Gotta say i’m not disappointed hahaha

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 2 hours ago

    That’s so cool Kendall decided to eat at HK that day

  • PizzaHut Honoka
    PizzaHut Honoka 2 hours ago

    Anyone else find these videos oddly motivating?

  • Amity
    Amity 2 hours ago

    “I have a doctorate in music” what a clown lmfao

  • Nicolas Hadler
    Nicolas Hadler 3 hours ago

    8:28 While the blue kitchen has only served sex

  • Mom
    Mom 3 hours ago

    in the thumbnail gordon looks like the chunky doll 💀

  • Austin Taylor
    Austin Taylor 3 hours ago

    I want them all

  • Maissa Cueva
    Maissa Cueva 3 hours ago

    Those are f*cking empanadas.

  • Sike sike
    Sike sike 3 hours ago

    2:21 when your little cousin spots your expensive lego

  • Momo Yaoyorozu
    Momo Yaoyorozu 3 hours ago

    can we just appreciate how happy carol looked? pure. so sweet.

    INCREDBILIS 3 hours ago

    When the lady at 0:08 went 👁👄👁 I felt that 😫

  • rippen lips tv
    rippen lips tv 3 hours ago

    Nino would have cooked that perfectly

  • RunningMan
    RunningMan 3 hours ago

    LA apparently has no idea how the real world actually works

  • PizzaHut Honoka
    PizzaHut Honoka 3 hours ago

    Former Prison/Chef Um....

  • Chrysi McDonald
    Chrysi McDonald 3 hours ago

    The only innocent person in this video was Heather who burnt her hand so badly that she has led to go to the hospital.

  • Soup Boul
    Soup Boul 3 hours ago

    That girl had the best day ever seeing the chefs that fucked her food getting screamed at

  • fuckface unstoppable

    Damn, Jean is an asshole making ramsay look bad before they even order lmao rofl

  • Whiskered Shrimp
    Whiskered Shrimp 3 hours ago


  • Tommy Lynch
    Tommy Lynch 3 hours ago

    Fuck off you, you fat useless sack of fuckin Yankee dankee doodle shite

  • 5th1
    5th1 3 hours ago

    Nobody: Bobby: Ima Four Star General!!!

  • Tommy Lynch
    Tommy Lynch 3 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay is the only human that can insult someone by calling them a donut

  • Joseph Niccoli
    Joseph Niccoli 3 hours ago

    was that buzz aldrin?

  • Флорентино Перес


  • Deadpool231
    Deadpool231 4 hours ago

    Are we a fast food joint yes chef mcdonald

  • Emp1re HNBL
    Emp1re HNBL 4 hours ago

    Your mean

  • Dono Bozz
    Dono Bozz 4 hours ago

    Beyond funny

  • Maissa Cueva
    Maissa Cueva 4 hours ago

    3:02 "oh oh thats my dish" I CANT

  • Jack Parker
    Jack Parker 4 hours ago

    5:20 That was such a savage moment 😆 i love it

  • Better Run
    Better Run 4 hours ago

    I think it’s hilarious I was just relentless what are the contestants

  • dari_ m
    dari_ m 4 hours ago

    Wow I'm surprised Ramsay didn't pop a vein when a customer puked

  • TheTrainGuyRBLX
    TheTrainGuyRBLX 4 hours ago

    0:01 Andrew's Absolute(ly shit) Penne in my books.

  • tracy Russell
    tracy Russell 4 hours ago

    Bitch eyebrows give her no position to talk about anything

  • Shattered Wolf
    Shattered Wolf 4 hours ago

    If you call me that one more mumbles I'm gonna kill y.......😂😂😂😂

  • Robbie Sheth
    Robbie Sheth 4 hours ago

    But the women can’t dunk so it doesn’t work

  • Chrysi McDonald
    Chrysi McDonald 5 hours ago

    One was undercooked and was told to duck the off. The other was burnt and was also told to fuck off.

  • Nini Ashka
    Nini Ashka 5 hours ago

    0:04 I'm French and I can telle that "Oh putin" was perfect

  • buss
    buss 5 hours ago

    Appreciative highschoolers? Do those exist?

  • Рубен Данелиан

    Sterling is the funniest out of em all

  • Deadpool231
    Deadpool231 5 hours ago

    Bonny blond shit

  • Davxs Arrxola
    Davxs Arrxola 5 hours ago

    smack me in the ass if it’s you thoug

  • Luis Escobedo
    Luis Escobedo 5 hours ago

    This is fucking over cooked

  • Boomer85 !
    Boomer85 ! 5 hours ago

    If they didn’t sign a contract saying they wouldn’t touch Gordon no matter what; many of these people woulda knocked him on his ass. Yea he’s a black belt but he brings it on himself. Gordon is a great world renown chef but that doesn’t give him a reason to treat people how he wasn’t treated and got ahead

  • Kacper Szymaniak
    Kacper Szymaniak 6 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay is such a nice guy.

  • Rian Milligan
    Rian Milligan 6 hours ago

    Ok but like dude was just trying to see better, even if he took the slouch too far

  • Ellagh O'Connor
    Ellagh O'Connor 6 hours ago

    2:10 - 2:15

  • Deadpool231
    Deadpool231 6 hours ago

    Its off ninoo took pictures of it

  • Vlad Gameru'
    Vlad Gameru' 6 hours ago

    When it's break time, yet my math teacher wants to do another problem 2:21

  • Deadpool231
    Deadpool231 6 hours ago

    Love how someone lies making shit and thinking someone’s going to help fuck off

  • Tayyab221 Khan
    Tayyab221 Khan 7 hours ago

    Finally the channel has another life getting this vid to 3.2k likes instead of 1.5

  • Yolanda Cordero
    Yolanda Cordero 7 hours ago

    @Gordon Ramsey you are so verbally abusive. I surprised 😮 no one has punched 🥊 you teeth 🦷 out.

  • unknown troller
    unknown troller 7 hours ago

    4.38 ain't that woah vicky

  • wissen
    wissen 7 hours ago

    Plot Twist: Gordon finally Eliminates Neno

  • Klemen94
    Klemen94 7 hours ago


  • Tariq Aslam
    Tariq Aslam 7 hours ago

    Gordon looks bad telling of Eddy then you see he's 28, maked you feel a lot better.

  • Sherry B
    Sherry B 7 hours ago

    "You're acting like I'm doing a bad F***** job here." "You are!" "I'm not." Delusional much?

  • Augustas S
    Augustas S 7 hours ago

    Open your eyes you belgium twat 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😁🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Bevi Vlogs
    Bevi Vlogs 7 hours ago

    What season is this

  • Richie Nieves
    Richie Nieves 7 hours ago

    No one peeped bosh? 🏀

  • Earth Has Curve
    Earth Has Curve 7 hours ago

    What are they leaving off about the wood? Lobsters generally come either pegged or banded so they don't fuck the recipient. The pegs are generally wood. What happened here was that a shitty peg was used, and the splinter broke off. This isn't fucking rocket science for a michelin star chef.

  • Antonio Smurf
    Antonio Smurf 7 hours ago

    2:18 "Dinner service is like great sex i needed it......I FucKeING needed it" If u listen closely someone laughs in the background