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MiG-21 Full Display RIAT 2019
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  • bruce lee
    bruce lee 17 hours ago

    abihnandans baap

  • War Daddy
    War Daddy 20 hours ago

    Who is here after Jf17 SHoT DOWN MIG21 AND SU30MKI OF INDIAN ARMY

  • Leonardo San
    Leonardo San Day ago

    Turkish pilot flying Jf-17?

  • Qwe Ewq
    Qwe Ewq Day ago

    nice planes

  • Olaf Weinzer
    Olaf Weinzer 2 days ago

    As for WW2 planes, don't forget the Polish Squadron that defended England and was the one that most shot down Nazi planes.

  • Qasimali Qasimali
    Qasimali Qasimali 4 days ago

    JF 17 Thunder very nice Pakistan zindabad

  • Aquavidify
    Aquavidify 5 days ago

    There are 2 MIGs at the Finnish Air-Force museum in Jyvaskyla, you can sit in the cockpit which I did, then had to see one flying! Thanks for the upload

  • Plane Spotting Aviation

    excellent video - must visit one day

  • WTB Wrestlers
    WTB Wrestlers 5 days ago

    Always remember a message of Quaid-e-Azam " There is no power on Earth that can undo Pakistan "

  • WTB Wrestlers
    WTB Wrestlers 5 days ago

    Hit a like those who r waiting for Block - 3 of JF-17 Thunder. 👇🏻👍🏻

  • Noman Jahangir
    Noman Jahangir 7 days ago


  • rohan sawant
    rohan sawant 9 days ago

    Chinese maal .....tikega nahi....except for pakistan no one uses it

  • Fouad Hasan
    Fouad Hasan 9 days ago


  • George Hopper
    George Hopper 9 days ago

    I was at Lakenheath in the 80th's! Was assigned to the 493rd TFS! Loved every minute of it. Even had a incentive flight.

  • aardvark493
    aardvark493 11 days ago

    I was crewing the spare that day.

  • Anubhav Das
    Anubhav Das 12 days ago

    Surprising tat russians can do so much with low budget, less resourses and very low support from other countries...

  • Nadeem Ashraf
    Nadeem Ashraf 12 days ago

    War tested and proven to be a killer

  • forcexjr
    forcexjr 12 days ago

    Only the most experienced pilots are deemed worthy enough to ride this warbird. Absolutely breathtaking display.

  • George Job
    George Job 13 days ago

    As a boy in the 1950,s I recall all our V bombers , Valient, Victor and the Vulcan, we were something..

  • A D
    A D 13 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful These the f15s and f111s are all so sexy

  • Khan Afrydy
    Khan Afrydy 14 days ago

    Ma Shaa ALLAH

  • Saeed Ullah
    Saeed Ullah 14 days ago

    Love Azerbaijan turkey from Pakistan

  • Mohammad Baloshe
    Mohammad Baloshe 15 days ago

    Love pakistan

  • free kashmir
    free kashmir 15 days ago

    Jivey jivey turky ..jivey jivey pakistan ..ilove my pak Army air fource .

  • junaid munir
    junaid munir 15 days ago


  • Hamad Ali
    Hamad Ali 15 days ago

    I respect to pak army

  • Rahim Khan
    Rahim Khan 16 days ago

  • mohammad akhtar
    mohammad akhtar 17 days ago

    💚💚Shahid Latif sb💚💚 ZINDABAD

  • mohammad akhtar
    mohammad akhtar 17 days ago

    Pakistan zindabad Pak Army zindabad ISI ZINDABAD.

  • Zahadcheema998 Cheema

    We love Turkey Bangladesh ( from Pakistan)

  • shakil mirza
    shakil mirza 17 days ago

    Pakistan zindabad

  • Khan Ghafoor
    Khan Ghafoor 17 days ago

    Very good

  • Dadi Sri
    Dadi Sri 18 days ago


    ANIMESH GAUTAM 19 days ago

    looks like mirgae 2000 and f16 in one.


    BAD AIRCRAFT👈👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Ibn Walid Al Qurashi


  • Ministries Embassies

    State.govملک حسام حنین حفی مریم نور ناصرخادم ورلڈوائیڈمنسٹریز.

  • Muhammad Arbab Awan
    Muhammad Arbab Awan 24 days ago

    MashAllah i love you my Pakistan army zindabad and isi zindabad Pakistan zindabad

  • ik khan
    ik khan 25 days ago


  • Crazy Russian Gamer
    Crazy Russian Gamer 25 days ago

    Beautiful sound Mikulin AM-35A

  • R Agung Surono, S. Si

    Smoke trail nya mirip punya MiG 29.......

  • R Agung Surono, S. Si

    Pesawat ini satu kelas dengan pesawat FA 50 Golden Eagle punya Korea Selatan.

  • Zafran Mehmumod
    Zafran Mehmumod 28 days ago


  • riyan15979
    riyan15979 29 days ago


  • Arbind Mandal
    Arbind Mandal Month ago

    Chinese junk fighter Chinese goods no guarantee no warrantee

  • Usman Ahmed
    Usman Ahmed Month ago

    JF 17 hunter of 2 Indian jetts including SU 30

  • Maqsod Ahmad
    Maqsod Ahmad Month ago


  • Nadeem Ahmed
    Nadeem Ahmed Month ago

    Alhamdullila Proud of PAKISTAN and thanks of ALLAH & mian Nawaz Shrif

  • Andrew Drabble
    Andrew Drabble Month ago

    Please get one of these Tonka toys back on the airshow circuit

  • Andrew Drabble
    Andrew Drabble Month ago

    You can see her champing at the very bit to be let loose. Brilliant

  • pasley21
    pasley21 Month ago

    I'm kind of perplexed that this is the footage you sell, it's so far away. There are so many other videos here on TheXvid that did it so much better without trying to make a buck

  • P A K I S T A N
    P A K I S T A N Month ago

    Haha tyres bhi band nahii kye

  • P A K I S T A N
    P A K I S T A N Month ago

    If some one want fantastic tea then fly these third class jets... 😂 #abhinandan quotes

    • Mansoor Khan
      Mansoor Khan 7 days ago

      Yea,jf17 thunder killed mig 21 indian jet on 27feb 2019...

  • bigdmac33
    bigdmac33 Month ago

    Absolutely pointless saving the cockpit area. The RAF, like so many government agencies, know the cost of everything and the value of nothing!

  • Arturo Gatti
    Arturo Gatti Month ago

    It’s 2019 now ! Wow

  • Tadeusz Lesniowski


  • Khan Khan
    Khan Khan Month ago

    Long live Pakistan

  • Joseph Markey
    Joseph Markey Month ago

    Ah those were the days...

  • Hazrat Bilal
    Hazrat Bilal Month ago

    Pakistan 🇵🇰 ❤️Turkey 🇹🇷 Long live🤝

  • Molten Lava
    Molten Lava Month ago

    I like that new skin

  • Avalon_Independent

    Think you'll like this one,

  • Awais Mehmood
    Awais Mehmood Month ago

    Long live Turkey, Long live Pakistan

  • Willysmb44
    Willysmb44 Month ago

    It's amazing how it looks like something from a sci-fi movie, even now. The Brits sure how to make amazing looking (and performing) airplanes! I saw one of these sitting on the ground at an airshow in the US back in the early 1980s. I wish I could have seen it in the air when it left to re-cross the pond.

  • Virgil Lazar
    Virgil Lazar Month ago

    The Mig 21 sound is incredible...the spectre of frequency is unique

  • Tyler Cleary
    Tyler Cleary Month ago

    It was loud

  • Tyler Cleary
    Tyler Cleary Month ago

    It was so cool

  • Tyler Cleary
    Tyler Cleary Month ago

    I went to the air show it took 4 hours to get there

  • Andrew Drabble
    Andrew Drabble Month ago

    Superb footage of The Grand Old Lady. Such a beautiful aircraft

  • Muhammad Khurshid

    mashaAllah Allah blassing pak air force ameen

  • Muhammad Khurshid

    mashaAllah Allah blassing pak air force ameen

  • Computer Addic
    Computer Addic Month ago

    Needs a parachute to slow down,needs a ladder to get the crew out!Can't even do his door fully open..No,old fashioned!

  • Max Aviation Videos

  • Johnny Barfield
    Johnny Barfield Month ago

    It has a style of lt's own.

  • Idrees Khan
    Idrees Khan Month ago

    🐄 cow urine drinker khanjer

  • Idrees Khan
    Idrees Khan Month ago

    This pakistani 🐦 bird jf17 thunder killer of two2 Indian fighter jets mig 21 and one helicopter. Long leave pakistan army and iSi 🇵🇰❤ 🇵🇰 Long leave Pak China frendshif

  • Sigma Geranimo
    Sigma Geranimo Month ago

    Somebody stole this design.

  • junaid ali
    junaid ali Month ago

    Pakistan zindabad👍👍👍👍

  • imtiaz ali
    imtiaz ali Month ago

    Best fight

  • تجمل خان خان

    Love jf 17

  • Mohammad Wasim Akram

    Pakistan Zindabad Pakistani Air Force Zindabad

  • CrazyManJH 2240
    CrazyManJH 2240 Month ago

    I saw myself in the video I came to watch it to this year and I have a lot of nostalgic memories so next time it's on, I'll see you there 😎

  • Agent Isi
    Agent Isi Month ago

    Love u turkey brother pakistan turkey zindabaad🇵🇰🇹🇷

  • Manakh Jyoti Phukon

    Looks more like a UFO.

  • manish kumar
    manish kumar Month ago

    Char chawanni Ghodee... par Pakistani mere lode.. par

  • bmoorear
    bmoorear Month ago

    Cool jets, rugged. Pretty standard euro demo, no rhyme or reason to anything being performed, hodgepodge. No point rolls, no minimum radius turn, no high alpha flight.

  • nisar muhmmad
    nisar muhmmad Month ago

    I love you pak armi and pakistan

  • Energia M
    Energia M Month ago

    Love the sound processing on these videos. I find most airshow recordings intolerable. Jet acoustics can be very harsh on the ears. But your videos make them comfortable without failing to capture the sheer power of jet thrust!

  • Afridi Samim Samim

    Go ahead pakistan& from bangkadesh

  • ali Baloshi 1
    ali Baloshi 1 Month ago

    پاک آرمی زندہ باد⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩ پاک فوج زندہ باد⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩ پاکستان زندہ باد⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦🇵🇰⁩⁦

  • Hetstaine
    Hetstaine Month ago

    Be nice if that guy in the helo fucked off.

  • Arfan Hafeez
    Arfan Hafeez Month ago

    Pak air Force is proud of all nation thanx allah

  • Brett Lloyd
    Brett Lloyd Month ago

    Get all those spitfires and any other WW2 planes available for Ridley Scott's battle of Britain movie

  • Junaid Sheikh
    Junaid Sheikh Month ago

    Our hero