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  • Specter
    Specter 4 minutes ago

    Ah feminism.... Empowering women and making men women.

  • zizinnnn
    zizinnnn 9 minutes ago

    staying in office for 3 years is not Trump's merit it's society's fail

  • New Message
    New Message 20 minutes ago

    Dude.. Extra life!

  • Nebojsa Mita
    Nebojsa Mita 20 minutes ago

    Epstin frend baidenq

  • Karolina Nowak
    Karolina Nowak 23 minutes ago

    Princess Mia What are u doing ?!

  • Gaming Law
    Gaming Law 25 minutes ago

    Is j*s*s above law?

  • CrystalblueMage
    CrystalblueMage 28 minutes ago

    Rakes.. they are famous for Rakes!

  • Joe Storm
    Joe Storm 42 minutes ago

    The austrian prime minister is 33 years old.

  • Patience Ameh
    Patience Ameh 53 minutes ago

    I guess their education system is paying off. Finland that is.

  • Antti Kalpio
    Antti Kalpio Hour ago

    The picture of government leaders is wrong. Krista Kiuru on the right is not a party leader. And you’re missing Anna-Maja Henriksson who is.

  • Jo Mane
    Jo Mane Hour ago

    That lady behind the trump fighting inside to not explode laughing! Gold!!

  • Kartoshkafool Boi

    Trump is the goat, dissing presidents to their face

  • Rakibul hossain
    Rakibul hossain Hour ago

    Of the mattress that you stole From your roommate back in Boulder We ain't ever getting older

  • R Faisal Azmi
    R Faisal Azmi Hour ago

    Terbaik 😁😁😁😁

  • J B
    J B Hour ago


  • Smart Phone Fix
    Smart Phone Fix Hour ago

    USA is corrupted even that steven seagal moved to russia because he knows how USA are corrupted

  • RastamanJungle
    RastamanJungle Hour ago

    Why Dont you resign and give your comedy central spot to a women, trevor. Dont be a hypocryte

  • the real TUPO
    the real TUPO Hour ago

    Cursive helps you write faster.

  • Katarina Staub
    Katarina Staub Hour ago

    Aaa.. I don't understand.. if you don't write in cursive.. how do you write than?

  • Asim Malik
    Asim Malik Hour ago

    #Democracy is myth and I am not surprised by this outcome!💰🤑💰 #Humanity & democracy don't mix; just ask historians..🤓. #AllforOne I❤🇨🇦

  • Le Monkii
    Le Monkii Hour ago

    Banana was recently eaten by some guy. 140k well spent

  • Zoe Moon
    Zoe Moon 2 hours ago

    love the opening "listen up!"

  • JustThaor
    JustThaor 2 hours ago

    It's not about the size of the impeachment, it's about the friction of the conviction HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA

  • Royal Satan
    Royal Satan 2 hours ago

    I don't see that banana taped art funny at all. It shows the insanity of our world where rich people pay huge amount of money for a meaningless luxury and at the same time think it is waste of money to pay enough wage to their workers.

  • Servant Of Jesus Christ

    There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth I tell you..

  • Ana -X
    Ana -X 2 hours ago

    Isnt it sexist just to praise women for being women like i swear if they are all young men 35 yrs it wouldn't get all this coverage . You empower women to the point that they come across as inferior and they need all the help they can get. STOP treating women like mentally challenged being that need clapping for everything

  • man
    man 2 hours ago

    The saddest part is trump won’t get to build his beloved wall

  • kathy smith
    kathy smith 2 hours ago

    considering there are a lot of kids not even learning to read let alone critical thinking maybe it is not such a bad idea. it could be a way to include reading and critical thinking

  • andres nuñes
    andres nuñes 2 hours ago

    Season and episode????

  • JoneXi
    JoneXi 2 hours ago

    Torilla tavataan!

  • Khajitxi
    Khajitxi 2 hours ago

    Anyone else expecting a Christmas launch?

  • TheShazam76
    TheShazam76 2 hours ago

    You have to give it to Trump. He is funny... Bad president, but funny!

  • Wosim Tahan
    Wosim Tahan 2 hours ago

    No one saw Trump teaching presidency no one believe he could stay in power till date seriously he is an idiot and yet he managed to be the president of Usa

    DATING HARLEY QUINN 2 hours ago

    4:30 look at how totally lost and bewildered Trump looks at this moment as his brain tries to scramble to make sense of his surroundings.

  • Robert Ferentz
    Robert Ferentz 2 hours ago

  • Bailo Descalza
    Bailo Descalza 2 hours ago

    I was expecting Hail Momma 😇

  • prem swaroop
    prem swaroop 2 hours ago

    Hail Mary, same as every play 🤣🤣😂😂

  • NadChel1
    NadChel1 3 hours ago

    Shout out to that black woman managing to keep a straight face

  • Fatima Mirza
    Fatima Mirza 3 hours ago

    In America woman wouldn’t vote for Hillary because “I’m a Christian”! 🤷‍♀️

  • feranoks
    feranoks 3 hours ago

    His supporters booing are just as bad as Trump supporters and they don't even know it

  • Papurri en Europa
    Papurri en Europa 3 hours ago

    I also tought that old peopel should bugg off, until Bernie changed my mind instantly.

  • Festy
    Festy 3 hours ago

    I thought the banana story was funny but I had no idea what Trump was talking about lol

  • Tyrone biggums
    Tyrone biggums 3 hours ago

    Where as Americans are like , women can't be president because of periods.

    • Jeff Brailsford
      Jeff Brailsford Hour ago

      Forget periods, Americans don’t let women be President because of the fear they might be too emotional. Then the went and elected Donald Trump. 😂😂😂

  • Dingle McBerry
    Dingle McBerry 3 hours ago

    Why is George Costanza announcing this, and why is Walter White in the background?

  • Jaapples Po
    Jaapples Po 3 hours ago

    We should set a cap on voting age. I don’t want some 80 year old has been who thinks he knows best voting for the future of a country and society they are progressively stepping back from interacting with more and more.

  • Pamela Cass
    Pamela Cass 3 hours ago

    Moscow Mitch is waiting for further instructions.

  • OloladeImmanuel
    OloladeImmanuel 3 hours ago

    Is there a "black setting" 😂😂

  • sandesh suresh
    sandesh suresh 3 hours ago

    I think u guys are bit too harsh on Trump

  • Kevin Rehar
    Kevin Rehar 3 hours ago

    Finland is awesome. We need more women in government.

  • M X
    M X 3 hours ago

    Arts nowadays is disgusting and a joke

  • sandesh suresh
    sandesh suresh 3 hours ago

    I think Trump will survive and be elected again next year

  • crilauriola
    crilauriola 3 hours ago

    Cursive is actually quicker and at least here in europe mostly used everywhere

  • Indukuri Raju
    Indukuri Raju 3 hours ago

    origins sound strange everybody should say oringes forever

  • Subri Subrika
    Subri Subrika 3 hours ago

    So so dumb they should do the emoluments clause and literally everything else he's done

  • Gourgandise
    Gourgandise 3 hours ago

    A comedic writer couldn't even THINK of what Trump is saying every day. And to think some still find him adequate for the job... Idiocracy.

  • Tausif Karim
    Tausif Karim 3 hours ago

    Really wanna try out the romance feature of the game :3 Hope they make a Mohammad DLC.

  • Bryan Ouellet
    Bryan Ouellet 4 hours ago

    Crucifix the glitches.

  • Bud Borne
    Bud Borne 4 hours ago


  • E-MAN
    E-MAN 4 hours ago

    0:51 your welcome

  • Max Covfefe
    Max Covfefe 4 hours ago

    Has anyone told Kevin yet?

  • Rosamund T
    Rosamund T 4 hours ago

    Apparently one consumer who bought the art ate the banana, legit.

  • Anindya Dey
    Anindya Dey 4 hours ago

    hey man....cursive is beautiful....

  • E-MAN
    E-MAN 4 hours ago

    The kids made that dance awesome they nailed it

  • The P
    The P 4 hours ago


  • Abha Agrawal
    Abha Agrawal 4 hours ago

    Americans even cheer for that

  • Kader Kader
    Kader Kader 4 hours ago

    Wow he mentioned Algeria yaaaay 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Disavowal F
    Disavowal F 4 hours ago

    Those poor poor women, if they ever have to meet Drumpf...uh oh!!!

  • Ґалаґан
    Ґалаґан 4 hours ago

    You haven't seen Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers. Our minister of education is, like, 27 years old.

  • Andreas Hauschild
    Andreas Hauschild 4 hours ago

    It does not matter. It will never get through the Senate. Trump will then announce that america has found him innocent.And he will go on to win 2020. And for all that say history will judge. Guess what, the victor write history.

    • Yoshi Frazzled
      Yoshi Frazzled 42 minutes ago

      @Andreas Hauschild I believe you underestimate the youth vote in this election voters aged 32 and younger out number voters 33+ for the first time this year and those numbers showed up at the mid term house elections and they show up again Bernie is polling the best versus trump and he just gains ground the more Biden acts like Biden

    • Prashant Wason
      Prashant Wason 46 minutes ago

      @Andreas Hauschild No. Unfortunately you're wrong on that front. Bernie Sanders infact has the highest chances of winning against Trump. Trump largely won the rust belt swing states because he appealed to the people there- jobs, no more wars, fixing Obamacare. But he went on and did none of that. Bernie will actually deliver on these. That's why he polls the best in that belt. In addition, his medicare for all and free college platform appeal a lot to zoomers and millennials, who would have very high turnout if he were indeed the Democratic nominee. People aren't tired of left-leaning policies. No they're tired of corporate elites.

    • Andreas Hauschild
      Andreas Hauschild 4 hours ago

      @Yoshi Frazzled Na, he will win. Reason is that the democrats have not a single candidate that is realistic. America is not ready for such extreme left directions and it turns them of. People are not voting for Trump, they are voting against extreme left views. Once democrats understand this, then they have a chance again.

    • Yoshi Frazzled
      Yoshi Frazzled 4 hours ago

      He may not get impeached but he wont win in 2020 even some of his own supporters are sick of his lies like coal workers who he promised wouldnt lose their job but still did

  • M
    M 4 hours ago

    3:20 You mean "oringes", right?

  • Ol Oem
    Ol Oem 4 hours ago

    😍I'm moving to Finland 😍

  • Jaapples Po
    Jaapples Po 4 hours ago

    This is almost as bad as the story from America who cut his hand off to challenge himself more in life. Your country is the laughing stock of the world

  • larry stylinson
    larry stylinson 4 hours ago

    That video game is evangelicals’ solution to “video games cause violence”

  • Ausie Gamer
    Ausie Gamer 4 hours ago

    He got away with flag molestation. 😂😂

  • the loner guy parodys


  • Nehco Oahnait
    Nehco Oahnait 4 hours ago

    Social democrats!!

  • deltagpap
    deltagpap 4 hours ago

    Cursive is a great tool to teach small motor skills.

  • akev
    akev 4 hours ago

    Other things Finland does well: Nokia, hockey, education. They invented Biathlon!

    • Desiigner
      Desiigner 40 minutes ago

      @Blogger Blogg Come to Finland and be a Zoo animal if your a non white male.

    • Blogger Blogg
      Blogger Blogg Hour ago

      Finland does well everything, Finland the country( free country) nearly exist since 102 And they develop themselves almost the first country in the world. And they are, just no one talks about it. Maybe I have to refresh my Finnish knowledge They really try and do successfully to treat everyone equal( no matter women, men or where is come from, religion, skin color etc.) and understand other cultures.

  • zack trever
    zack trever 4 hours ago

    Those Fox and friends edits were epic

  • James Cooper
    James Cooper 5 hours ago

    “Hail Mary, same as every play!” 😂😂😂

  • Talha Hanif
    Talha Hanif 5 hours ago

    The salt from the salt bottle. not the bottle😉

  • Carys
    Carys 5 hours ago

    It is really weird that there’s a minimum age requirement of 35 in America.

    • Denyze
      Denyze 56 minutes ago

      Carys ... 35 minimum makes sense to me but an 80 year old president in the Oval Office with another 4 years to go?

  • carsten mencke
    carsten mencke 5 hours ago

    Speechless a banana

  • no one
    no one 5 hours ago

    Hail mary same as

  • Bang Bang
    Bang Bang 5 hours ago

    All those dinosaurs in politics need to go!

  • Najieb
    Najieb 5 hours ago

    The mattress theft is still bothering me.. HOW?? ffs... HOW??

  • John Cordova
    John Cordova 5 hours ago

    Mattress thieves, lol. Sounds more like a gimmick to get mattresses paid for by insurance.

  • Steve Jarvis
    Steve Jarvis 5 hours ago

    "I'm gonna take my horse to the big old plane". Forget about the old time road.

  • Bang Bang
    Bang Bang 5 hours ago

    Finland... Period!

  • suitrBJ
    suitrBJ 5 hours ago

    I don't understand why the republicans would attempt to defend trump. They're only hurting their own party. Surely they couldve just chucked in a still right leaning leader who has some more geopolitical savy. Rather than trying to keep trump. Or is it just that the president inherently has that much power.

    • Pamela Cass
      Pamela Cass 3 hours ago

      Russia has siht on them all.

    • Nal
      Nal 4 hours ago

      No, the president doesn't have that much power. And Republicans are not hurting themselves at all, they're getting a fresh wind in fact. Lots of people are leaving because they're tired of this constant smearing and misdirected focus on fabricated issues over problems that seriously matter to the everyday life of people.

  • Rayzersword
    Rayzersword 5 hours ago

    In college if you handed in a paper in cursive they would probably give it an F without reading it

  • Mehar
    Mehar 5 hours ago

    No matter cool...

    SLIM MILL ✪ 5 hours ago

    Torilla tavataan!

  • 4- EAST Entertainments

    Before i die I'm going to *Finland*

  • Morgan Kemp
    Morgan Kemp 5 hours ago

    Five women at the helm...hardly sounds like equality does it?

    • Sami Helen
      Sami Helen Hour ago

      The new government has 12 women and 7 men. In the past, there have been numerous governments with mostly men in them, and especially in the key leadership positions, who have often been all men. What’s different now is that the 5 leading ministers are all women, and relatively young women compared to past goverments. Since we’ve had so many governments run by men, I suppose we can try and see if anything is different like this. I’d also imagine their age and experience is a much larger factor in any questions about their competence than their gender would be.

    • enrique ordaz
      enrique ordaz 2 hours ago

      When women were not considered it was because men were aHoles, now they are left out for the same reason in Finland. Women are apparently better suited because they genuinely care for others and are way more honest. We are just too attached to power and money.

    • sk70091
      sk70091 5 hours ago

      Would having gender quotas be better then, in your opinion? How would that be true equality?

    • ZL
      ZL 5 hours ago

      Considering all the other governments with all male members, I don’t think one with all women will cause harm.

  • 柳岑焉
    柳岑焉 5 hours ago

    其實大法師律众及耶子方式之論,也可助大馬士革之部下属下而知其部下心,,,So,有无異心即知,,,。 而好朋友会分享,也可待知心人,,,SO。

  • Fun Horus Die
    Fun Horus Die 5 hours ago

    Better put a parental advisory about self-harm on that game.

  • sandesh suresh
    sandesh suresh 5 hours ago

    3:48 I think that game is sponcered by Kanye west

  • Angel Gray
    Angel Gray 5 hours ago

    Yass Democrats!!!!!!

  • reina ashley
    reina ashley 5 hours ago

    well that was utterly incredible