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Sending Nudes | Lee Evans
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Olympics - Lee Evans: XL
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PE - Lee Evans: Roadrunner
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Sports - Lee Evans: XL
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Gyms - Lee Evans: XL Tour
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  • Smurfy
    Smurfy 3 hours ago

    That face when he says ruined xD

    M1KE FEAR 20 hours ago

    0:32 when your girl looks at you with that face when shes about to kill you lol

  • Emma Swaddling

    Bring back Lee Evans. I miss him

  • King Kayode
    King Kayode Day ago

    I work at Sainsburys and this is a fact.

  • King Kayode
    King Kayode Day ago

    Spelt 'Kwame'.

    CLAVICLE Day ago

    Best comedian of all time不不不不不 first watched Lee as a kid because of my father and his box sets + live at the apollo and I can honestly say. Hes the funniest man in my opinion keep it Mr Evan's

    Alan JOHNSTONE 2 days ago

    Funniest guy alive

  • Ahmet Gocmen
    Ahmet Gocmen 2 days ago

    Lee is top guy.

  • Suzanne Loveridge Lowe

    What lee Evans show is this?

  • Abby Jaded
    Abby Jaded 3 days ago

    He is literally the best comedian ever

  • aiden
    aiden 3 days ago

    666,513 views22 Jun 2019

    M1KE FEAR 3 days ago

    His face when he said wedding anniversary

  • pog mo thoin
    pog mo thoin 3 days ago

    He's fuckn lethal

  • Keith Whitty
    Keith Whitty 3 days ago

    That's a lot of sweat

  • Joe R.G
    Joe R.G 4 days ago

    Which tour was this?

  • Claire Smith
    Claire Smith 4 days ago

    After I lick my genitals!...Jesus I'm crying

  • Claire Smith
    Claire Smith 4 days ago

    The absolute best!..I'm crying...can't beat Lee Evans. Ever!

  • Denny Bell
    Denny Bell 4 days ago

    Brilliant love him

  • Hugh Templeton
    Hugh Templeton 5 days ago

    Lee your the best 歹

  • Abby Jaded
    Abby Jaded 5 days ago

    Miss this guy, but it's good he's spending time with his family.

  • Eda Kanari
    Eda Kanari 5 days ago

    The sheep are in the pen!!!!

  • thomas leguilcher
    thomas leguilcher 6 days ago

    wish he would do one more tour. Hes so relatable but that might be me lol

  • Chloe Tudor
    Chloe Tudor 7 days ago

    And guess whose got the knife!!!

  • Chloe Tudor
    Chloe Tudor 7 days ago


  • Marley Butler
    Marley Butler 8 days ago

    Take off ya coat

  • Wayne Flint
    Wayne Flint 9 days ago

    Just watched this had a coughing fit laughing so much

  • Aimee Hughes
    Aimee Hughes 9 days ago

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  • the toy figure stop motioner

    this just happened recently i was thinking of someone and then a few seconds later my mom got a call from the person I was thinking about

  • dannyh 9541
    dannyh 9541 11 days ago

    Who the fuck are you

  • Daisy Goodger
    Daisy Goodger 12 days ago

    Anyone else notice how sweaty he is all the time? But I absolutely love this man, absolute legend歹歹

  • Marley Butler
    Marley Butler 12 days ago

    Take off the coat buddy

  • FiftyShadesOfGreyUk
    FiftyShadesOfGreyUk 12 days ago

    Lee Evans was all of us in school 不

  • Russell
    Russell 12 days ago

    I'll bet he never ever stops sweating like that. He wakes up every morning in a pool of it.

  • Lucas Lucas the lucky lucbaj

    Even back in the old days he was still funny but not as much as joe

  • Logan Eveleigh
    Logan Eveleigh 13 days ago

    Ill just av the egg an chips

  • kirsty Clark
    kirsty Clark 13 days ago

    Is no one going to talk about the face he did at 2:58 because I was in absolute stitches 不

  • Dino Macak
    Dino Macak 13 days ago

    Hahaaaaaaa Lee so funny

  • CamProHelper
    CamProHelper 13 days ago

    It's mad the difference from here in the west end to performing in front of thousands in a sold out arena.. just the difference in how he delivers a performance

  • Keiran Hyre
    Keiran Hyre 14 days ago

    Come back lee one more time

  • Chantal Major
    Chantal Major 14 days ago

    Where's his sketch...'double s, socks and slippers'.....from his phonetic alphabet sketch??? Does anyone know??? Thanks in advance

  • Cameron Bierman
    Cameron Bierman 15 days ago

    Its like comedy for children, just run around and make some funny faces and they will love it

  • Alan Batty
    Alan Batty 15 days ago

    Need him back on tour asap,

  • Alan Batty
    Alan Batty 15 days ago


  • Dino Macak
    Dino Macak 15 days ago

    Stacking the selfs

  • Brody Curr
    Brody Curr 15 days ago

    Made up istannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Alan Batty
    Alan Batty 16 days ago


  • Sophie Shaw
    Sophie Shaw 16 days ago

    Alright mate its only fish and chips

  • InHislove
    InHislove 16 days ago

    He s so funny minus the language. Lee ur so funny you don't need to swear!

    • Claire Smith
      Claire Smith 4 days ago

      That's lee Evans for you..he's real so if you don't like it don't watch..wouldn't be the same if he wasn't being himself..the language as you call it is what makes it even funnier if that's possible

  • InHislove
    InHislove 16 days ago

    Really reminds me of Norman Wisdom

  • Siobhan Mcleish
    Siobhan Mcleish 16 days ago

    No one compares to him he makes me laugh my ass off pmsl不不不不不不不不不不

  • Alan Batty
    Alan Batty 17 days ago

    Need him back ASAP. Legend

  • Preston Guru
    Preston Guru 17 days ago

    Lee Evans at his best. This show is what put Lee to the top of the stand up comedy scene

  • daniel odonnell
    daniel odonnell 17 days ago

    Greatest comedian to ever live 不不不不

  • Sian Harry
    Sian Harry 17 days ago

    Your felting my face

  • Dean Stanley
    Dean Stanley 18 days ago

    Around 5:00 or so: So relatable, went to a wedding the other week and about 3 kids walked around when the species western happening. Still funny tho

  • Jack Richardson
    Jack Richardson 18 days ago

    Fucking class

  • Amardeepxxx Sianxxx
    Amardeepxxx Sianxxx 18 days ago

    Best comedian ever so funny love Lee evens

  • cfcrule99991
    cfcrule99991 18 days ago

    "Is everyone fucked off? Fantastic!"

  • Sophie Shaw
    Sophie Shaw 18 days ago

    Miss these

  • mandy c
    mandy c 18 days ago

    Seen this loads of times and still laughing .

  • Rachel Elizabeth
    Rachel Elizabeth 18 days ago

    Its 08:00am in the UK. Currently just getting in bed after working my night shift as a nurse - I can absolutely confirm that I am that woman that looks dead and miserable

  • Cameron Jones
    Cameron Jones 19 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • Danny Read
    Danny Read 19 days ago

    Bisto bum Brill!

  • jamie ali-boyce
    jamie ali-boyce 19 days ago

    Comedy gold

  • Specialized 29er
    Specialized 29er 19 days ago

    16.11.19 - 69 folks cried from laughing

  • Specialized 29er
    Specialized 29er 19 days ago

    Poor bugger looks like he's had a stroke.

  • Callum Davo
    Callum Davo 19 days ago

    Come backkkkkkkkkk

  • Adelle Thompson
    Adelle Thompson 19 days ago

    Women never take a coat out oh no they've already got one its lovely and warm I should know IT'S CALLED MINE

  • fugthiz fugu
    fugthiz fugu 19 days ago

    They were all born out the same egg

  • Jamie Wilson
    Jamie Wilson 20 days ago

    不不不不 I'm in stitches

  • Jimmy Morina
    Jimmy Morina 20 days ago

    I like a lot of comedians but this guy makes me CRY!!!

  • Sian Harry
    Sian Harry 20 days ago

    61 people dislike this why? Lee is a funny man

  • J Lunn
    J Lunn 21 day ago


  • HighFlyingBird82
    HighFlyingBird82 21 day ago

    The Michael Jackson but is unreal

  • HighFlyingBird82
    HighFlyingBird82 21 day ago


  • Franca Perotti
    Franca Perotti 21 day ago

    The best joke in his very first interview ever was, my father was Laurence Olivier.

  • Franca Perotti
    Franca Perotti 21 day ago

    The cat under the car is accurate in every way I reason I just love cats

  • James Cooper
    James Cooper 22 days ago

    Fookin legend our Lee.

  • FizzyPancakez TV
    FizzyPancakez TV 22 days ago

    Did anyone else's eyes go funny? Must've been the background... Anyways I loved it! You are really funny!!

  • Harry Turner
    Harry Turner 22 days ago

    Raaaararrrrraaaaaaa... ...tweet tweet 不不不不不 every time

  • 篧篣圉
    篧篣圉 23 days ago

    湊 鮈 諻域

  • erin stone
    erin stone 25 days ago


  • erin stone
    erin stone 25 days ago

    Lee we miss you !!!

  • chloe freeman
    chloe freeman 25 days ago

    Lee elfun you are fuiy

  • choicesman2000
    choicesman2000 25 days ago

    Lee evans replaced by posh micheal mcintere come back lee

  • Kyrpptic
    Kyrpptic 25 days ago

    Watching this while on a night shift

  • Blueprintbluetongue Edits

    Who disliked this they dont have a sense of humour

    • daniel taylor
      daniel taylor 12 days ago

      On the Graham Norton show Lee has hinted that he wants to return to his comedy sketches because he is waiting for his wife to say "Lee, go to work".

  • Sean Craig
    Sean Craig 26 days ago

    2:53 crazy, are there any other comedians performing infront of audiences that size?

  • Tanya Windsor
    Tanya Windsor 26 days ago

    Howwwwww can 60 people hate this..... no sense of humour

  • Scorpio
    Scorpio 26 days ago

    Bob,BOB,BOB NOT YOU BILL FUCK OFF BOB,BOB NO,NOT YOU BRENDA LOVE,SORRY LOVE BOB,FUCKIN ELL. BOB,BOB Fuck it. Steve tell Bob to call me will ya? For fucks sake

  • Siobhan Mcleish
    Siobhan Mcleish 26 days ago

    love him he is soooo fu^#^n funny xxx不不不不不

  • mandy c
    mandy c 27 days ago

    "I took my fridge in " made me spill my tea laughing :)

  • Da Sarge
    Da Sarge 27 days ago

    dude you are awesome i cant stop laughing lol

  • Bilbo Baggins
    Bilbo Baggins 27 days ago

    I really like Lee Evans, but my man needs to lay off the powder, those coke sweats are serious...

  • Demolisher 35
    Demolisher 35 27 days ago

    Did this dude go for a swim before he goes up and does this funny ass stuff

  • 74DEADSMITH-141
    74DEADSMITH-141 27 days ago


  • Renata Veerkov獺
    Renata Veerkov獺 28 days ago

    Omg brilliant!!!!!不不不不不不不

  • Inquisitor Vex
    Inquisitor Vex 28 days ago

    Lee: do you know youre upside down? Bat: Am I?! No wonder theres all this shit down here!