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Stuber Angry Movie Review
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Midsommar Angry Movie Review
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  • Ali Jordan
    Ali Jordan 2 minutes ago

    9:25 lmao that’s the best sly impersonation ever !!!

  • solid snake
    solid snake 4 minutes ago

    hahha joe is great

  • CasualShai
    CasualShai 4 minutes ago

    i would want to see a space movie i would go and see space cowboys

  • Mariko True
    Mariko True 4 minutes ago

    Well the dog was cute.

  • Павел Анатольевич

    This game have interesting moments, but you really fast understand that it just another walking simulator, without really consequence of your actions, you can die, but it's tp you few steps back and all. And near end game convert itself into yet another P.T. clone with bunch of stolen ideas.

  • Ri Mc
    Ri Mc 7 minutes ago

    Doing great work guys. Keep it up! Its worrying the state of the world at the moment when you can't even let your kids play a game without the fear of them getting screwed over. It truly is a sad and greedy time.

  • Brett Skinner
    Brett Skinner 7 minutes ago

    Such a stud Rambo joe!! Man crush and that accent blood gurgling greatness.

  • Endless Eon
    Endless Eon 7 minutes ago

    It's going to be a cash grab No Doubt

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 8 minutes ago

    I’m amazed by how much the quality of these movies has improved since you first started doing them

  • Caa129
    Caa129 9 minutes ago

    What the fuck wheres the spoiler warning smh

  • Joe M
    Joe M 11 minutes ago

    Anyone see that Applebee’s on Moonbase?

  • aHairyWhiteGuy
    aHairyWhiteGuy 11 minutes ago

    Just finished watching this film in IMAX and I was blown away by it. I'm also a fan of slow burn films if they are done correctly and, in my opinion, this was done correctly. The score, the cinematography, the was all really good. Solid 9.1/10 for time to get roasted by people who haven't seen the movie because I have an unpopular opinion :)

  • RobinPM100
    RobinPM100 13 minutes ago

    Hey Joe, I thought you were of mexican heritage too 😀 not just the Other Joe 😀

  • Bewarden
    Bewarden 14 minutes ago

    Jim Sterling have been talking about this for years. He said for anything to change, politicians will have to get involved because the ESA and ESRB are doing nothing about this. I absolutely agree. I'm tried of them turning players into payers. I'm done.

  • XsiadzBiskup_PL
    XsiadzBiskup_PL 14 minutes ago

    Thumbs down, cose you’re using the term 'toxic masculinity'.

  • Bill Lee
    Bill Lee 14 minutes ago

    He's a man,not a god!

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 16 minutes ago

    Just think about it, they sit in the same spot at the table every episode

  • ResidentTDK007
    ResidentTDK007 17 minutes ago

    God would have mercy. He won't.

  • Stanley Dunigan
    Stanley Dunigan 17 minutes ago

    Y'know, the way you're formatting your movie reviews now, you could easily print everyone's final verdict directly underneath them as they give it, then maybe put an average of the three up at the top. I, at least, would like to see that.

  • Ben Warren
    Ben Warren 17 minutes ago

    I feel like Joe is just regurgitating what the reviewers are saying (gruesome, political (American cops are constantly criticized why can’t other crimes be highlighted??))

  • psum wahn
    psum wahn 18 minutes ago

    100% agree Joe, the grind is designed to push the player to boosters. Hit a wall at level 12 and then again at level 24. I got the gold edition with all the dlc for $40, so skipped to fate of atlantis after hitting the wall at level 24.

  • Sam
    Sam 19 minutes ago

    Dude spending your money in micro transactions is optional. Quit crying

  • Stephon Taylor
    Stephon Taylor 21 minute ago

    I get what your trying to do, but I just came for a review...

  • SkyeRa89
    SkyeRa89 22 minutes ago

    I don' know about this movie but some things were boring.

  • Dlonra Reggenzrawhcs
    Dlonra Reggenzrawhcs 22 minutes ago

    So whats the endgame of the Singleplayer story? Does character lvl translate to pvp??

  • Kid C
    Kid C 24 minutes ago

    The hardest part of this game is, turning it off and going to bed. 😝

  • Miguel Mata
    Miguel Mata 25 minutes ago

    "Journalists" won't say shit 'cause then they will be blacklisted and no longer recieve review copies...

  • Pre Alpha
    Pre Alpha 26 minutes ago

    NOTHING TO LOSE... AGAIN!!! LMFAO, OJ that was so great i cried... stomping your "pointing finger" off your lap multiple times BWAHAHA

  • R K
    R K 26 minutes ago

    Gotta say the previous Rambo film was great and the Expendables series was great he is making much better films in his later age, when tied with Creed and Balboa.

  • Rick E
    Rick E 27 minutes ago

    My Hero Academia anyone? those ranged attacks are literally Detroit smashes. so cool.

  • Steven Brousseau
    Steven Brousseau 27 minutes ago

    Perfect example of how power and money can cause corruption, as long as people make there money, they will look the other way

  • Durandt Storm
    Durandt Storm 27 minutes ago

    The ring also comes from underneath Vader's castle

  • Luke Skillings
    Luke Skillings 29 minutes ago

    EA and DICE deserve to go bankrupt!

  • Fluffy Waffles
    Fluffy Waffles 31 minute ago

    This is genuinely one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. The plot (if there is one) basically doesn't even matter in the end. The main character (Brad Pitt) is just a boring plank of wood the whole time (what a fucking waste of great acting potential), having zero emotion and responding like a complete robot to every single challenge faced. There's no emotion, there's no motivations....or what little motivations that ARE shown....end up being completely inconsistent for their respective characters at the end. Characters are not developed, and dialogue is extremely clunky and on the nose. Editing is choppy and confusing. And there's no saving grace to any of this, because the movie itself is genuinely boring, despite having TONS of potential for great storytelling. What about the lunar rover pirates? What about his relationship with his wife (kids too?)? What about THE DAMN EXTRA TERRESTRIALS?! Nothing pans out. The whole movie feels like it's in slow motion, with slow camera movements and character narration lasting the ENTIRE film, as though there's something significant going on. The pretentiousness of the writer(s) is staggering. It IS staggering, how anyone could have signed off on this or funded this. I am sick to death of seeing hack writing to this degree infesting big budget Hollywood movies. The last movie I saw with this level of stupidity was Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Screenplay writers: actually get *good* at your fucking craft or go home. Don't you DARE waste other people's time (or your own) with your shitty, unpolished scripts. Guys trust me, this is a movie worth missing. This movie basically copies Interstellar, Blade Runner 2049, and especially 2001: A Space Oddysey, and it takes all the worst concepts from those movies and mashes it into a movie that SHOULD have only been 20 minutes.

  • Luke Skillings
    Luke Skillings 31 minute ago

    7:18 imagine thats us and hans gun is all of our money.

  • KEN 777
    KEN 777 31 minute ago

    I love how creative angry joe is.

  • Luke Skillings
    Luke Skillings 32 minutes ago

    That's why I hate Disney and ea. Its all about money. They release the shitty games and the games that are actually good get cancelled.

  • Alex Silva
    Alex Silva 33 minutes ago

    Fucking LOL at the Round earth propaganda 😆 OJ is the best

  • Nael Mohammed
    Nael Mohammed 33 minutes ago

    I can give you a good reason as to why the action was only at the last 20 minutes and not throughout the movie Joe, Rambo is OLD AS FUCK, of course he won't be able to go all out all the time like he did in the other movies

  • Stephen Collins
    Stephen Collins 33 minutes ago

    First blood Rambo (4) First blood part II Rambo 3

  • Gouky
    Gouky 36 minutes ago

    Trump/Rambo 2020

  • Joe Lomax
    Joe Lomax 37 minutes ago

    This is an example of how self-regulation completely fails. The ESRB should be forced to only hire non-interested parties who are not in or benefit from the gaming industry.They also need to get rid of that board of directors and replace them with some people more impartial. That's the only way the ESRB is ever going to be an effective organisation. I think government involvement is necessary to force the ESRB into putting this plan into action. It's clear that they're too corrupt to do this on their own.

  • Frank Nakamo
    Frank Nakamo 38 minutes ago

    Simulated gambling and simulated emotions by the guy who was playing the game.

  • setoriusbelle
    setoriusbelle 39 minutes ago

    The part he's ranting on isnt even the part where you pay its more of the pack side not the slot side thats free... Dont comment on the game now when you never play it or even really care about the community.

  • TheCondorjc
    TheCondorjc 41 minute ago

    Uhhhhh, Angry Joe with his SJW stuff again. Please, Joe. You’re a good dude.

  • chrono050
    chrono050 41 minute ago

    um he killed literately a dozen people before the last 15 min.. He was a badass the whole time Joe this might be a movie I really disagree with you. But Rambo 4 was better.

  • Matías Tondato
    Matías Tondato 42 minutes ago

    For a moment I thought this was a rail movie (?) I'm drunk.

  • NotReallyABlessing
    NotReallyABlessing 42 minutes ago

    Sooo... Rambo is against Mexicans, Pennywise hates the alphabet people and going to space is about dick-size. I got a feeling if whamen were fully in control we would still be living on trees.

  • Marissa B
    Marissa B 43 minutes ago

    "Grandpa Power" I love you guys... XD

  • Water 8962
    Water 8962 44 minutes ago

    Hope it drops on Netflix soon...

  • Andrew Hills
    Andrew Hills 45 minutes ago

    Tho i do agree with other joe the visuals were stunning only thing it had going for it

  • Cristiano k
    Cristiano k 45 minutes ago

    He's a man, not a god!

  • Wade Mercer
    Wade Mercer 46 minutes ago


  • 폼폰오르세
    폼폰오르세 46 minutes ago

    Can u just review the game? I really can’t care about ur introduction to how u feel for 5 minutes.

  • STXY -DB
    STXY -DB 46 minutes ago

    I want it in theaters again

  • Comet Storm
    Comet Storm 47 minutes ago


  • Orrin Salazar
    Orrin Salazar 47 minutes ago

    Joe stratz for getting companies to reply to you.

  • mohahafunny
    mohahafunny 47 minutes ago

    Honesty I didn't get it. Can someone provide me with some more clarification please. Is he man or is he god?

  • Andrew Hills
    Andrew Hills 47 minutes ago

    I found this film just as boring and pointless as intersteller

  • Lucifer Nebulae
    Lucifer Nebulae 48 minutes ago

    Ahhh thank you, no. I am tired of being preached. Tired of being told how "bad" I am, how "toxic" I am. I guess I will stick with older movies ;-)

  • TheCondorjc
    TheCondorjc 48 minutes ago

    Let’s just forget that METRO: EXODUS exists. Right on, Joe.

  • Roxlimn
    Roxlimn 49 minutes ago

    I think there's a combo package with both World and Iceborne at something like $50 or so. Basically, they put World in Iceborne and are selling the entire package as a new game. At that price point, it's astounding value, assuming you like this genre.

  • Wojtek
    Wojtek 51 minute ago

    Oh Joe 6/10 was fine, I am mexican and I can confirm that cartels get weapons inside and out of the US with ease thanks to the US gun laws.

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera 51 minute ago

    Joe always interrupts his ppls man lol but as hes a great game reviewer. Films his boy in the middle seems to be the most knowledgeable on how to critique a film...joe isnt the best at judging movies.

  • Jay Water
    Jay Water 53 minutes ago

    The Rambo video reference made me smile.

  • cmmiles000
    cmmiles000 53 minutes ago

    It was mostly just boring and a little pretentious. That and I hated that they relegated Liv Tyler to a mostly cameo role. I really wish she was in more films.

  • Derrick Alix Jr
    Derrick Alix Jr 54 minutes ago

    Joe is one of my favorite YT but he doesnt play these games and flame them to death! NBA 2K MINI GAMES IN MYTEAM ARE FREE!!! The machines are a free service bro! There is literally a No Money Spent comunity from NBA 2K to Madden! Spending money isnt the problem but the loot boxes are, and every game nowadays has them. Attack Loot Boxes as a whole and not just shit on the sports genre. All I ask is that you sit down and actually play the game for a day at least!

  • synthWizkid
    synthWizkid 57 minutes ago

    At least 2 of these guys can stay in decent shape

  • Cray2TheZ
    Cray2TheZ Hour ago

    He's a man, not a god!

  • Dennis George
    Dennis George Hour ago

    Has anyone explained what the MT stands for in the middle of the roulette wheel? Is it literally Micro Transactions, Money Talks, Moolah Taken? I seriously need to know.

  • MrTyler189
    MrTyler189 Hour ago

    Haha the old rambo memes are strong with this one I love it

  • Algard
    Algard Hour ago

    fucking corruption at its finest... EA has enough money to give some nice presents to those bastards on court....

  • Alex
    Alex Hour ago

    I watched this last night in Japan and unfortunately I was disappointed about it as well. I'm a big fan of sci-fi, but this just didn't hit the spot for me. It had a lot of potential to be good, but it just didn't get there.

  • TheCreepypro
    TheCreepypro Hour ago

    I wasn't expecting much so I'm down with this movie being a little slow for the fun action parts

  • Neptunias Beard
    Neptunias Beard Hour ago

    I agree that it’s wrong to blame video games for these shootings. But it’s also pretty messed up to blame mental illness. There have been many studies on the subject and none have found a conclusive link between mental illness and gun violence. Blaming the mentally ill only stigmatizes them further. The simple fact of the matter is that some people are just assholes

  • Chris Thurber
    Chris Thurber Hour ago

    Joe needs excuses to wear a lot of his outfits

  • McC1oudv2
    McC1oudv2 Hour ago

    Wish there was some kind of notification on the screen when the auto mute attacks copyrighted audio.

  • Chris Thurber
    Chris Thurber Hour ago

    Incoming he’s a man not a god comments

  • SonnieSlim1
    SonnieSlim1 Hour ago

    Ign kotaku and other "journalists" are in the pocket of publishers and executives too

  • RaveSault
    RaveSault Hour ago

    The Martian is way better than this artsy fartsy stuff.

  • UGA Dawg
    UGA Dawg Hour ago

    This game just dropped out of nowhere, like a poop that sneaks up on you!

  • Summer Jazz
    Summer Jazz Hour ago

    This is rated as safer for children than Pokémon…

  • daniel mayer
    daniel mayer Hour ago

    Just watched Joe's reaction to the new Terminator videogame before this whom are the same devs that made that Rambo game. Literally thought he was doing an updated review of that game to shit on it again. Forgot that this movie was coming out.

  • - Propagandalf -

    Yeah dont buy it, boy would they listen then! But too many meatheads buy this game

  • Mellow Felloh
    Mellow Felloh Hour ago

    I love movies and don't mind slow burns whatsoever but its something about these space movies that I absolutely loathe. Like Joe mentioned, Gravity and Interstellar to a certain degree as well. Its like its just a circle jerk for film critics/enthusiasts. I find them awfully boring.

  • Your Friendly Demon Neighbor

    Man of medan is a 5 at best,the story is mediocre and the animations are uncanny sometimes.

    COOKCAL Hour ago

    Me personally these gambling mechanics don't really matter to me because I know how to control my fucking self and relax. I am just confused as to why lie yourselves just call it gambling it clearly is. I mean it's not like your going to get in trouble. The freaking internet is full of shit you could just enter and do free of charge with no effort. Tons of gambling games to play online. The internet has a archive of inappropriate propaganda for minds to wonder in and lose themselves in. So I just honestly don't get it. I'm still liking your videos Joe and watching them of course like usual lol and I also am still subbed to your streaming TheXvid channel as well. XD.

  • AscendantGaming
    AscendantGaming Hour ago

    You can tell Joe has gotten too big when he says Yongyea is a small TheXvidr, guys about to hit 1 mill subs lol.

  • Elite
    Elite Hour ago

    2019! StarCraft remastered and StarCraft 2 are phenomenal games.

  • Fabio Torres
    Fabio Torres Hour ago

    Low key look how Angry Joe totally dismisses Other Joe when he has a great view on this flick

  • Vũ Khiêm Phạm

    So many stupid areas of this game like AI revival mechanic, armor penetration bullets, repetitive mission area and stupid RPG level that I can relate to, lol

  • DJ Polo
    DJ Polo Hour ago

    It does look pretty good but I'm not getting my hopes up.

  • ShyWhiteMage
    ShyWhiteMage Hour ago

    I say we just print off a bunch of Rated M stickers, go to every game store that doesn't have NBA 2K20 behind a glass case, and stick them over the E rating. If the ESRB isn't gonna do their fucking job, we might as well do it for them.

  • WinstonSmith6
    WinstonSmith6 Hour ago

    So basically this is the white man’s machete.

  • Mathías Muniz
    Mathías Muniz Hour ago

    I don't get the fun of these linear games. You're just playing a movie.

  • john wayne
    john wayne Hour ago

    Oooohhhh he went all the way to Neptune and analyzed data and theres no more life wtf....theres way more trillions of lightyears of travel left

  • Qui-Gon Jinn
    Qui-Gon Jinn Hour ago

    Yeah they are bad places in Mexico but there are bad places everywhere

  • Thug Life27
    Thug Life27 Hour ago

    This shit made the game better

  • SlCKB0Y
    SlCKB0Y Hour ago

    didn't took long for joe to unleash his inner libtard ... where was joe's outrage when he was shooting russian, vietnameses, canbodgians, oh and did i mention, US cops ? oh yeah, nowhere to be found, it was perfectly fine. now suddently he's like "but he's shooting mexicans !!!" yeah, the F'ING MEXICAN CARTELS. have you seen the vids all over the web of what those guys are capable of ?? they are literal fuckin' demons and if mexico wasn't such a cesspool of corruption, they would arm their citizens and allow them to shot those bastards like the rabbid dogs they are. now i have to ask, if mexico is such a nice place and 'murica is so over run by evil racists, what is preventing you from going back over there exactly ??

  • dreamomega
    dreamomega Hour ago

    10:20 "Ours stay on" man, I fuckin love other joe. Dudes hilarious