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  • Cookies Tv
    Cookies Tv 56 minutes ago

    Is there a way to make him not have gingervitus that horrible disease forces those who suffer from it to avoid sunlight, as it is harmful to their unpigmented skin

  • The Gonefshn
    The Gonefshn 57 minutes ago

    It definitely was bad. Very bad. And I really liked the other 4 episodes.

  • Braden S
    Braden S 57 minutes ago

    Poor admiral ackbar

  • Archer, Emissary of the Gorgonites

    I hate backtracking in this fucking game

  • Luke with an N
    Luke with an N 57 minutes ago

    lol obi juan kenobi xD

  • Ekopingviini
    Ekopingviini 57 minutes ago

    I will laugh my ass off when they add MTX 2 months later after the positive reviews have come in

  • Ms Gumba
    Ms Gumba 57 minutes ago

    Anyone watching this in 2019 on a potato

  • paranidherc
    paranidherc 58 minutes ago

    Ugh, fat leech detected, no thanks.

  • Maxime Larouche
    Maxime Larouche 58 minutes ago


  • OffhandDelivery
    OffhandDelivery 58 minutes ago

    That woman from Madtv is Debra Wilson, and yes that is her. Also, Madtv did have a theme song and it went like this: "Mad You're so--- crazy you're driving me wild Mad, You're so---- crazy you're driving me wild oooooooooooooooooooooooooh you are now watching Mad TVvvvvvvvvvv MAD!

  • Hoodie
    Hoodie 58 minutes ago

    at the end of the day, 2 grown ass men recorded themselfs playing with lightsabers.

  • Glad Komrad
    Glad Komrad 58 minutes ago

    Another issue that has become more prominent in this episode is the situation with these tracking fobs. Did anyone else find it odd that when Toro destroys the fob he claims that it's all good cause it's in his head? What the fuck? They find another, anyway, on the dead bounty hunter, I think, but how the fuck do these things work? In episode one, IG-11's beeps faster in greater proximity of the target. My explanation, which is probably not the case now, was that the fobs actually track the DNA of the target through the HoloNet or something. However, this episode almost blows the plot hole wide open when Toro says that it's in his head. So... is it just location based, then? How does it know?

  • Taylor Cripto
    Taylor Cripto 59 minutes ago

    My least favorite part of the episode was when the Tusken Raiders just appeared next to them, wait what!?

  • Kevin Andrews
    Kevin Andrews 59 minutes ago

    “Ayyyyy wanchu take it eessee” lmao

  • Dext
    Dext 59 minutes ago

    where did the 2ed speeder go?

  • Rob Cooper
    Rob Cooper Hour ago

    I knew Toro was gonna be evil the moment they showed him and played the super obvious bad-guy-don't-trust-him music. And then even more obvious when he repeatedly pointed his gun at Mando while he slept. Filoni & Favreau, ENOUGH CLICHÉS ALREADY

  • Tom
    Tom Hour ago

    The wannabe Han Solo was horribly casted. That guy sucked

  • Steve Mirykle
    Steve Mirykle Hour ago

    I would like more linear gameplay, just like it was at the beginning but visiting planets and exploring grew on me. Btw if you visit planet you were before (like to unlock somethic with new power) you can meet diffrent stronger enemies that are challenging.

  • henry s
    henry s Hour ago


  • Dylan F
    Dylan F Hour ago

    You were supposed to jump when you reach the end of the slide, and then time your double jump mid air to reach the other side. It looks like you're spamming ur double jump at the start of every jump lol

  • James Staab
    James Staab Hour ago

    The intro dragged on a bit too far. I couldn't even make out what Corporate Commander was saying.

  • Mr. Miggs
    Mr. Miggs Hour ago

    I don’t even remember that slide so one of 2 things happened 1. I didn’t have any trouble 2. It was so traumatizing that my memory has been repressed

  • Veritaserum90
    Veritaserum90 Hour ago

    Fuck your multiplayer. Muliplayers by EA are cancer these days. We need good singleplayer Star Wars stories - nothing more

  • AA BB
    AA BB Hour ago

    Wow! Still doing video game reviews?

  • Mr. Manager
    Mr. Manager Hour ago

    Easily the best game of the year

  • The Pro
    The Pro Hour ago

    (This is my opinion) Respawn has my full respect. Almost every game they put out is amazing. Titanfall 2, apex legends, this. They continue blow me away

  • Dulce2
    Dulce2 Hour ago

    Impressed that Joe knew the Fett's wore durasteel and not real mandolorian armor. gg

  • mackstertube
    mackstertube Hour ago

    He is a softy but mainly towards bsby6 yoda. I am not sure what they can do their because how is he suddenly supposed to be tough with baby yoda. I mean the whole premise is that her is looking after baby yoda. You would love it more so it would not make sense to be tougher their. So not sure what you really mean Joe. I mean he kills everything else. So what are you saying?

  • Nocturnal Toothbrush

    This episode the weakest? Whhhattt, man episode 4 was WAY weaker than this. Episode 4 was by the books bullshit.

  • Michael Shaffer
    Michael Shaffer Hour ago

    I was at a bar n I seen both Joes making out,I was in shock,and Alex was on his knees giving them dual handjobs......

  • Mortally Challenged

    I feel like the hint of someone we saw at the very end of the episode was Boba Fett. I mean, they were on Tatooine... You say it's Mando but that just wouldn't make any sense.

  • IronDragonPcGaming

    Boba fetts helmet is the one with the dent not mando's

  • Big chief keeping it real

    Thank God I wasn't the only one finding the boss battles tough.

  • Carlos Gratacos
    Carlos Gratacos Hour ago

    I believe, this filler episodes are introducing a future crew for Mando. If you notice every episode presents a different character with a different set of skill and the story makes an emphasis on them. This is just my theory.

  • Evan Butler
    Evan Butler Hour ago


  • Stone Osborne
    Stone Osborne Hour ago

    Joe, I don't think they're the same cantina. Chalmun's Cantina had a strict no droid policy because of Wuher's hatred of droids(stemming from his parents death at the hands of battle droids). This cantina had droid bar staff, I don't think that'd fly at Chalmun's.

  • Orion Slaver
    Orion Slaver Hour ago

    After this I consider it absolutely imperative that OJ grow a big, bushy moustache as soon as humanly possible.

  • Moderately Amused

    I'm pretty sure if EA allowed light sabers to chop humans in half, Disney would have EA take that back out of the game. When it comes to Disney violence, they like to leave room for suspended disbelief that all the dead bodies laying around are just knocked out and will get back up later.

  • Ryan G.
    Ryan G. Hour ago

    What no mention of the Second Sister she was the best part. And she's Dominican too. Had you not unlocked the double jump at the slide part?

  • addidaswguy
    addidaswguy Hour ago

    Ugh.. I really wish you guys never learned the word Trope - (Trope figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression) Ever since Joe started doing reviews with OJ And Alex, everythings gotten more negative.. And you guys SAY TROPEY in EVERY review you do.. Seriously, watch them. Every review..

  • bsc24
    bsc24 Hour ago

    strangers w candy reference appreciated alex

  • Marko Dabrowski
    Marko Dabrowski Hour ago

    Rise of Skywalker will be worse than The last Jedi and that one was horrible

  • Harvey An-Nasir Salah ad-Din Royce

    Filoni, much like Lucas, is a bad director

  • Bo Jangles
    Bo Jangles Hour ago

    I’m glad they made a good single player Star Wars game.

  • Movie Fan Belgium dutch

    Here in Belgium rise of Skywalker is out december 18 😛😛

  • RBeeZ
    RBeeZ Hour ago

    I liked the game a lot

  • Sneecy Boi
    Sneecy Boi Hour ago

    That mysterious figure has a pretty good chance to be Boba. Not only in the spur sound they make as they walk identical to the one Boba makes as he walks in Ep. V But also, there's a beeping tune that plays when the figure walks onscreen, that also plays when Boba walks offscreen in Ep. IV on Tatooine. That seems really coincidental, but it could be a troll.

  • Emagdnim9788
    Emagdnim9788 Hour ago

    Fuck seeing multiplayer but other than that Joe is correct.

  • BMO
    BMO Hour ago

    Never knew Joe was CORPORATE COMMANDO until TODAY!! i can hear it in his laugh under mask. Man im dissapointed all this time i thought it was somebody else..somebody besidds Joe. Somebody evil!

  • Dequavious Howardson

    i agree i didnt like the toro character at all he seemed like a jonas brother

  • Spartacus FPV
    Spartacus FPV Hour ago

    I liked it, but it was the weakest episode. I really wish they added like 10 minutes to the episode runtimes. I also wanted far more Ming Na Wen

  • Hadesel
    Hadesel Hour ago

    Post credits is bloody Boba Fet!

  • addidaswguy
    addidaswguy Hour ago

    Bro, No, they HID his face, it's NOT the Bounty hunter guy, and it's definitely not Mando Joe, come on... They would have shown them, if it was someone we had already seen..

  • Lost Nomad
    Lost Nomad Hour ago

    Half life games were stepping stones in general, first were the game play half life 2 was a stepping stone in physics and now new half life will leap in to tech of VR. To evolve the VR platform developers have to nurture it with good titles.

  • James Bowman
    James Bowman Hour ago

    Honestly I thought this episode was better than the fourth

  • Kelir Steel
    Kelir Steel Hour ago

    Warframe is a far better game then this one.

  • addidaswguy
    addidaswguy Hour ago

    My problem, is she has been hiding from the guild, How the hell would she know, what targets the Bounty hunters have or that Mando took the baby, she's been running away, trying not to get killed for a long time, does anyone else find it weird she would have that information?

  • SuperZombiepimp
    SuperZombiepimp Hour ago

    It was actually a good ac game in understand joe saying its linear cause it is but so was ac 2 and people love that game really if conner was more lively I think people would of like him more and yes some of the frontier stuff was retarded and the crafting was just stupid but people forget how this game actually push the series forward by adding new machanics

  • TJ Bathan
    TJ Bathan Hour ago

    Episodes should be longer

  • War624
    War624 Hour ago

    Did AJ get himself a lady? I've never seen her before. But I also don't watch the livestreams.

  • PeteOnFire
    PeteOnFire Hour ago

    Only Metal gear rising understands how a sword weapon works on humans lol

  • Joel Keene
    Joel Keene Hour ago

    It's bill burrs character

  • Mama Jama
    Mama Jama Hour ago

    I think at the end it was boba fett

  • Егор Семенов

    4:57 that was Jerek from Dark Forces 2?

  • evilemperordude
    evilemperordude Hour ago

    Debra Wilson. I knew I recognized Cere from somewhere.

  • SevenDaysToNoon
    SevenDaysToNoon Hour ago

    Nice review but a little late. Most people have finished it.

  • Hunter Lee
    Hunter Lee Hour ago

    2 more episodes before rise of Skywalker I think.

  • Christoph Egger
    Christoph Egger Hour ago

    Another redundant episode. The main plot is not going anywhere for 2 episodes now. We get told a mini side quest story that has barely anything to it. Even worse than in the last episode which was also a side quest with no meaning to the main plot. 3 episodes left and we haven't learned anything so far. No character build up. We dont know nothing about any main threats, main bad guys... or any other stuff for that matter.

  • Lord Shockwav
    Lord Shockwav Hour ago

    Don't worry E.A. is gonna find a way to fuck it up some how ... Its the way of the Dark E.A execs to Fulfill their everlasting pockets of gamers hard earn money...

  • JW Geiger
    JW Geiger Hour ago

    I think you'll are looking at it all wrong. Toro or whatever his name is doesn't feel like he belongs because he doesn't. He's a spoiled little narcissistic rich kid who wants to be a bounty hunter. His clothes are all new and don't quite fit with what bounty hunters normally look like. I mean what bounty hunter starting out has that kind of money? He went and bought two speeder bikes like it was nothing. Had a bag full of money, probably has a brand new ship he bought with his parent's money and brand new binoculars. He's playing at being a bounty hunter. That's why he doesn't care about the bounty. He's already rich. Mando's an accomplished bounty hunter and doesn't have that kind of money. Also I don't think Mando is getting too trusting. I just don't think he gives a f***. He isn't worried about the girl or the rich boy one bit. Shortness of the episodes are a problem though.

  • Brandon S.
    Brandon S. Hour ago

    I don't know why everyone is hating on this episode or saying its weak. I thought this was better than last weeks and enjoyed it a lot. There are a lot of call backs to classic westerns and television serials.

  • G T
    G T Hour ago

    there's the force and the highground.

  • GoodGoy Productions

    That terminator shirt is dope

  • geomio9
    geomio9 Hour ago

    Was anyone else looking for the Greedo scorch mark on the wall in the cantina?

  • Długi Long
    Długi Long Hour ago

    Obi Juan Kenobi beats it all

  • Zain Padela
    Zain Padela Hour ago

    Obi Juan Kenobi needs his own trilogy.

  • Seaboo Productions

    I like this game and review.

  • Lawrence Espinosa

    This episode wasn't written by Jon Favreau and neither is 6. Wiki says 6 is written by Christopher Yost and the teleplay by him and Rick Famuyiwa so a little worried about episode 6. 7 and 8 are back to being written by Jon Favreau though so that's good, and 8 is directed by Taika Waititi so omfg hype.

  • Bastiaan Brands
    Bastiaan Brands Hour ago

    I thought the fight between toro and the assasin was kinda bad. For someone fighting to survive or stay free she gives him so much time to get on his feet. She couldve killed toro 4 times before mando comes kn

  • Erik Wedin
    Erik Wedin Hour ago

    Blue checkmarks on Twitter: The force is female ALSO blue checkmarks: Gender is a social construct

  • Cookies Tv
    Cookies Tv Hour ago

    Other joe really let himself go

  • Hunter Lee
    Hunter Lee Hour ago

    If they’re gonna stay 30 minute episodes, can we get like 12 in a season?

  • mechamill
    mechamill Hour ago

    TORO and SOLO have a connection past a four letter word you f***

  • Offelgar
    Offelgar Hour ago

    Mentionign the rogue squadron i thought immediately about this TIE Fighter-short film :)

  • iiShreDarr
    iiShreDarr Hour ago

    Oggdo Bogdo bit was hilarious 😂

  • Olsongc
    Olsongc Hour ago

    AngryJoe hates Corporate Commander unless it has to do with merchandise that he wants then he gets upset Corporate Commander isn't doing his usual thing.

  • Taylor Gulledge
    Taylor Gulledge Hour ago

    MOSS, not moist Eisley

  • Theodore Stanley

    Alright this skit was funny as hell 😂😂😂 the whole leaving a voicemail

  • Vasil Zahariev
    Vasil Zahariev Hour ago

    You know how it goes: this video is longer than the episode itself.

  • jeff x
    jeff x Hour ago

    TheXvid Rewind 2020: Darth AngryJoe vs Jedi Master Juan.

  • Donald Xavier
    Donald Xavier Hour ago

    Take it eessssseeeeeeee

  • Spidermanbcs
    Spidermanbcs Hour ago

    I literally lost my mind and skill points on that same slide on Dathomir. Ultimately I learned to jump a little earlier than you expect.

  • ThrustFrom Behind

    Hold on, hold on, he does a full review on *THIS* , and not Sekiro: Shadows die twice? Even though they somewhat have the same type of combat albiet Sekiro being a hell of a lot better, a hell of a lot more challenging, and a hell of a lot more creative? Something just tells me that he did a Full review on this because it's "sTAr wArS". For Sekiro, it'd be like, "Oh cool, a Samurai Game". As to this game it's, "Holy Shit! It's a Star Wars game! RAAAAAAAAAAH!" I can tell the Devs are kinda smart for this decision because since Star Wars is popular, they can suck money out of people's pockets this way LOL. Afterall, making video games is also a Business. But then you have someone like EA pushing business to another level on Video Games.

  • steakatron
    steakatron Hour ago

    Literally everything Joe wanted is in the old Jedi Knight series. 13 force powers, hella modding, multiplayer, 3 saber styles, jedi academy allowed for dual or double blade, 6 blade colors, and dismemberment.

  • Jacob Taylor
    Jacob Taylor Hour ago

    This was one of my favs.

  • anonamister
    anonamister Hour ago

    God you sucked at the jumping. I didn't know anyone had an issue with that slide. All you do is a normal jump, then jedi flip at the peak. You were just doing the jedi flip at the beginning.

  • Reggie Jenkins
    Reggie Jenkins Hour ago

    I love Joe but these videos would not be the same without Other Joe. He’s the heart of this channel.

  • Mr. Popo
    Mr. Popo Hour ago

    21:13 that’s because you’re not suppose to do dathomir until you unlock the double jump

  • LEGO D-eggo
    LEGO D-eggo Hour ago

    I love the show but they are right the episodes are too short. The directors and writers do their best but you can’t get any character depth other then mando and Lil yoda. Hope the next season episodes will be longer. Again still love the show.

  • Dwayne Powell
    Dwayne Powell Hour ago

    pokemon should get away from being turn base and make it more of an open battle like say narutos ninja storm combat style