Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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  • Reic Hershel
    Reic Hershel 32 minutes ago

    What about the sky version? The height sky.

  • High Fox
    High Fox 39 minutes ago

    Hello fellow me's!

  • snerl play
    snerl play 39 minutes ago

    то чувство когда смотришь эту охирительную анимацию и читаешь субтитры

  • Tanmay Gupta
    Tanmay Gupta 41 minute ago

    They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

  • sebastian Johansson
    sebastian Johansson 44 minutes ago

    Now comes the question can we split the planet with nuclear weapons?

  • Uğurcan Kurtuluş
    Uğurcan Kurtuluş 46 minutes ago

    Superbug: antibiotics dont kill me anymore fucking humans Bacteriophage: hold my beer

  • Charles Aiden De Leon
    Charles Aiden De Leon 46 minutes ago

    Why did I got an investment ad?

  • Sunam Panigrahi
    Sunam Panigrahi 52 minutes ago

    It's Pubg infection mods Bacteria (Zombie) Immune system (defenders) Bacteriophange(Vanquishers) Remember while playing PUBG

  • Rita Martin
    Rita Martin 53 minutes ago

    Dead Sea is the deepest sea on Earth

  • IDK
    IDK 54 minutes ago

    Thanos: ಠ_ಠ

  • Felipe Leão
    Felipe Leão 54 minutes ago

    Read Ayn Rand.

  • Shaheer Shakeel
    Shaheer Shakeel 57 minutes ago

    4:44 What you've come for Thank me later

  • Cheezies
    Cheezies 58 minutes ago

    I have long held a fear of open water and the deep sea, watching this video helped make it less abstract and more understandable. Thank you for helping with that.

  • ദuദദໄ౯ Ꭲ౯a
    ദuദദໄ౯ Ꭲ౯a 58 minutes ago

    Adventure Time :D

  • Tyler DeMamiel
    Tyler DeMamiel 59 minutes ago

    My players game is boring as shit and works a carwash

  • Inferno Studios
    Inferno Studios Hour ago

    We can make a religion out of this!

  • Aladin
    Aladin Hour ago

    Why can we drink a drink but not food a food?

  • Jack Roblox
    Jack Roblox Hour ago

    How to survive a Ebola Attack 1.Ebola must miss The Attack at Dentritic cell Because of Ebola misses that attack Dentritic cell will Notice that a virus was Here

  • lonelee
    lonelee Hour ago

    meat yummy. wish schools would teach us to kill and butcher our own animals.

  • Crimson Wolf
    Crimson Wolf Hour ago


  • ᏕԾuլ
    ᏕԾuլ Hour ago

    Hammer of Dawn

  • burnt f1ames
    burnt f1ames Hour ago

    Well WiFi is a very a good prison

  • Gabriel Hernandez

    Is no one literally gonna comment the different pokemon in 1:34?

  • Michael Priest
    Michael Priest Hour ago

    I smoked a lot of weed for 5 years including dabs. I never tried anything other than acid and mushrooms a few times. The only reason I don’t smoke any more is because I decided to join the Army. I have never had the urge to smoke weed since I stopped so the whole addiction thing is bs and false. There really is no reason for it to be illegal.

  • DRAGON 123
    DRAGON 123 Hour ago

    i tought its a game

  • Sleeepyy Knight
    Sleeepyy Knight Hour ago

    I worked so hard for this video. Never knew all those time I spend sleeping will result to this

  • Petanifer
    Petanifer Hour ago

    Well, the computer would only really need to simulate one consciousness if you think about it. I think, therefore I am.

  • Иван Балясинский

    Ролик про кота какото

  • Cheese
    Cheese Hour ago

    So that car crash was just the person killing himself accidentally? The children was just him? His wife was him? But more importantly, he was Adam AND Eve.

  • nicholas41505
    nicholas41505 Hour ago

    now this is a big think moment

  • Michael Priest
    Michael Priest Hour ago

    EU should be like United States 🇺🇸 or Canada 🇨🇦. Why have a bunch of countries when they could just be provinces? Having a bunch of different countries in 1 union is too complicated.

  • Tsukerka
    Tsukerka Hour ago

    1. Maybe they lied about causes 2. Maybe exist some vaccine to reduce harm effect 3. You are with them!!!

  • California Penguin


  • Kyle MyMaccasRewards

    Hopefully a terrorist didn’t watch this video “Do what makes you happy”

  • breme
    breme Hour ago

    Thank you. Now give this video to Dr. Doofenshmirtz so that he can own the tri state area

  • Professor #⃣1⃣ Think Tank

    I have made 2 new videos with latest photos of sun with love handles. All my suspicions have been confirmed. There is a very strong strobe light on the sun. It rotates fast. The strobe-light is strobing & rotating in the order of 60 micro seconds and less. Perhaps it might be even 10 micro seconds.

  • Sophie McAuley
    Sophie McAuley Hour ago

    "living on a small wet rock" sounds pretty good to me

  • P A
    P A Hour ago

    only dreams now

  • Ohsomyeah
    Ohsomyeah Hour ago

    5:03 is not strange at all. I do it all the time.

  • Michael Priest
    Michael Priest Hour ago

    Humans becoming extinct would be the greatest thing to ever happen to planet Earth 🌍.

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk Hour ago

    I sense heresy

  • Kyle Clair
    Kyle Clair 2 hours ago

    This video was really amazing. The animation is, as always, fantastic, the music is expertly crafted and atmospheric, and the content is fascinating. Love it!

  • Dawid Malak For Better Future

    It is all just a theory,humans must always have some explenation due to our limited brains ,how can anyone posibly talk about stars ,Universe ,Black holes etc if No one ever been there ,as same as how can humans say that pluton or Saturn is build of ,,this and that ,, to me its all big pile of human crap ..talking nonsens , they just recently managed to bearly Take Photo of Damn thing ..but they know all about it all ready ....what a joke this is ...feeading people of nonsens

  • eydan
    eydan 2 hours ago


  • Karmel Abufarha
    Karmel Abufarha 2 hours ago

    They mentioned the Inuits that live healthy on pure animal, no need to balance just need variety of nutrition. If you only eat red meat then yeah you'll run into problems, but if have organs, dairy and throw fruits and veggies in there you have everything you need but the amount of meat isn't the problem.

  • Teresa Wong
    Teresa Wong 2 hours ago

    When NASA workers are playing DDLC and a glitched text moment comes up: *Ah, yes. Let's name our next star this*

  • Bayar Bekhbat
    Bayar Bekhbat 2 hours ago


  • Thereal Swinery
    Thereal Swinery 2 hours ago

    "Will we be destroyed, or does a glorious futrue await us?" Trick question. Our destruction is our glorious future.

  • TJ Esterhuyzen
    TJ Esterhuyzen 2 hours ago

    To be honest this was really interesting

  • Pranav Ghantasala
    Pranav Ghantasala 2 hours ago

    Could you make a video trying to explain gravity. That would be amazing!

  • FamousMrAnonymous
    FamousMrAnonymous 2 hours ago

    To be honest, it left me feeling daunted and exhausted. How many consecutive years is that? Oh ya, all of them. Multiplied by an unimaginable number. 😧plus infinite pain and suffering 🥺and maybe a few laughs along the way 🤨awesome

  • Kshitiz Agarwal
    Kshitiz Agarwal 2 hours ago

    What about wormholes?

    IM AVISHAE 2 hours ago

    Lol when he pronounced vitamins

  • Karmel Abufarha
    Karmel Abufarha 2 hours ago

    While this video is insightful it doesn't tell the whole story... The standard of just being organic isn't that big of a difference because it just not using chemicals... There is however a larger difference when you use more sophisticated soil building methods, no till, crop diversity which is the true organic... Otherwise known as regenerative farming. This does have a difference in nutrition, social construction of the farm, the impact not he environment as it's essentially a part of the environment rather than being a separate entity of the environment.

  • Thereal Swinery
    Thereal Swinery 2 hours ago

    "The Universe is too beautiful not to be experienced by someone" Beauty does not exist without that someone, no? All the more reason to preserve it, I suppose.

  • ramix023
    ramix023 2 hours ago

    I feel that my little LIKE, doesn't reflect how much I admire the people who work on these videos. Each video is a work of art.

  • Dimitry Cobos
    Dimitry Cobos 2 hours ago

    This one was weird

  • 卢艺文
    卢艺文 2 hours ago

    I feel so confident now!

  • Jorge Mendoza
    Jorge Mendoza 2 hours ago


  • Edie Marshank
    Edie Marshank 2 hours ago

    black holes r cool

  • Jon
    Jon 2 hours ago

    What about the animals?

  • Manisha Somani
    Manisha Somani 2 hours ago

    @Kurzgesagt You are an authentic Pokémon fan

  • 卢艺文
    卢艺文 2 hours ago

    Exploded elephant and mouse parts are gross!!!!!!!!! But this is what makes experiments fun.

  • RageFire
    RageFire 2 hours ago

    FTL developer should collaborate with you guys

  • Raymond Storey
    Raymond Storey 2 hours ago

    People don't understand how fucked up marijuana is honestly bunch of fucken idiots it's bad it does make you believe everything is fine but it's not its messing with your mind it's not good it does make you try harder drugs you all need to wake up FFS you'll see all fucken monsters and demons and your antisocial you always hang around people who don't do nothing for themselves your all lost

  • Crypto Sonic
    Crypto Sonic 2 hours ago

    How do you beam energy?

  • Fonnex fox
    Fonnex fox 2 hours ago

    Kurgskazat. I got really sick a week ago and it got worse and worse. Turns out my body Basicly created a superbug and i was patent zero. And now my entire school is kinda fucked.

  • Savagetypeship4 jade

    There is no such thing as Space dummy that's why you can't find life out there. It's a firmament no dumb ass human can pass. That's a fact. Stop disrespecting the true creator with this bs ads science religion thing. Science is an acult club and guess what? You ain't in it and I'm glad I don't follow that 💩.they want me to think stuff is so far we could never figer it out for ourselves just to keep our ass on rolercoster ride or how ever you spell it LMAO

  • Drape Nailed Talaoha

    *anything too much is illegal for your body and for a reason...* *even too much water, food, and air* - Me - i live by these rules

  • RageFire
    RageFire 2 hours ago

    You Minecraft veteran,we need to test that 3 billion tons of TNT

  • Gavin Kim
    Gavin Kim 2 hours ago

    You should make immune system 3 with everything in it

  • Pritam Roy
    Pritam Roy 2 hours ago

    I risked being vulnerable again and i shit you she made me feel so good when she was with me ..... And then 'Life' happened and she lost her feelings for me being vulnerable feels good uk but when she left me like we had nothing and that shattered me uk and j can't stop feeling this constant pain in my chest as if something's missing it's not a painful feeling but this keeps you from socializing and doing things you love

  • Amaroq64
    Amaroq64 2 hours ago

    Ah, the FDA. Making sure people die unnecessarily for 20+ years while the potential cure already exists.

  • Glitchy
    Glitchy 2 hours ago

    1:33 hey wait a minute... amazon? That explains a lot...

  • Quinnelltv
    Quinnelltv 2 hours ago

    I have a fair argument against the simulation theory..That being Organic vs Synthetic properties. We humans are organic and simulation theories purposed are synthetic. We as organic beings have experiences, memories, emotions ect.. these things take time to happen. Synthetic starts just right away. for example, if we have an indistinguishable simulation reality invented, most likely the avatar or character that comes about wont be a small baby that cant walk, talk, function ect... A first person shooter character always starts from being able to speak, walk, talk, function on his or her own. For a highly intelligent being designing a simulation, it would be very inconvenient to start avatars as little tadpole sperm, or tiny babies. Let alone having other players as animals, elements, Planets. You have to focus on the time it takes for things to develop and happen. This is face reality because of the grunt work that we need to do or go through as a species.

    USBEN 2 hours ago


  • Raeesahmed1972 Raees

    Min d blow ing

  • Von Sakamoto
    Von Sakamoto 2 hours ago

    What kind of drugs that white dwarf use? His eyes are soo red

  • Owez Khan
    Owez Khan 2 hours ago

    Can't believe I am sharing the video I made with mess.

  • A Vallejo
    A Vallejo 2 hours ago

    A small price to pay for some serious gormet shit

  • Tedaros
    Tedaros 2 hours ago

    space marines

  • RageFire
    RageFire 2 hours ago

    Chimera Ant Arc

  • Lucas nada mas
    Lucas nada mas 2 hours ago

    *Entire population of Australia Argentina, USA and Germany realize they are fucking dead*

  • Pygmy
    Pygmy 3 hours ago

    Time to go play through Subnautica. Again.

  • biggyjupiter
    biggyjupiter 3 hours ago

    Your videos deserve so much more appreciation

  • E Sern Tee
    E Sern Tee 3 hours ago

    So , is this how we make global warming disappear?

  • RageFire
    RageFire 3 hours ago

    Reincarnate?Im taking you with me .Steal!!!!

  • Vyom Sharma
    Vyom Sharma 3 hours ago

    Reupload dis shiz Yang gang 2020

  • Jaden Bishop
    Jaden Bishop 3 hours ago

    This video is a beautiful video about beauty, nice

  • Daniel Katz
    Daniel Katz 3 hours ago

    :29 Magnemite is a mufucking alien!!!

  • Mia Guerrero
    Mia Guerrero 3 hours ago

    I havent seen bees in a long time all i see are wasps

  • yu hui Chen
    yu hui Chen 3 hours ago

    bruh they won’t delete the universe. they will make the universe self-destruct bc no universe=no black holes

  • yu hui Chen
    yu hui Chen 3 hours ago

    Looks like only birds have cells.

  • Lucas nada mas
    Lucas nada mas 3 hours ago

    Yes it is bad and fuck no its not democratic

  • Haochi Zhang
    Haochi Zhang 3 hours ago

    This is good but looking back from 2019 it's amazing how much they've grown.

  • Blue Fire
    Blue Fire 3 hours ago


  • Seady 9
    Seady 9 3 hours ago

    More episodes

  • PezDre animates
    PezDre animates 3 hours ago


  • SonicXRage
    SonicXRage 3 hours ago

    What if we genetically engineered bacteria with DNA which codes for harmful proteins? A very large amount of bacteria could be injected/ingested by a human. They will die shortly afterward, allowing superbugs to harvest their screwed up DNA, eventually killing them. This might destroy gut bacteria, but supplements might help someone recover. Some superbugs might eventually stop transformation to avoid harvesting the dead bacteria's DNA, but it could potentially be helpful if nobody has tried this already. But I'm just a musician. What do I know about medicine?

  • Xion
    Xion 3 hours ago

    1:38 planets do not have a limited lifespan and carrying capacity. Like adding a new room to a house or the advent of a mobile home a planet can be upgraded to accommodate more people and even be mechanized thru science to become mobile. Incredible science would be needed and the mining of additional materials from other objects in space but it could be done. If you think it's farfetched you go back to the start of man and the evidence you have is telling them we sent a vehicle with people in it to the moon and back, and see how crazy they'll think you are. In another 100-1000 years technology will be incredible if that is we don't blow are selves back to the stone age with nukes.