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The Levitating Sneaker
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How Bad is a $50 Smartphone?
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Apple AirPods Pro Unboxing
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My New Cheese Grater
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The Apple iPad MacBook Pro
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Unboxing Every Google Pixel 4
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The "Coolest" iPhone 11 Cases
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Phones Have Gone Too Far...
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This Is Not A BlackBerry...
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The Other Type Of ThinkPad...
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iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing
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  • Keith Manns
    Keith Manns Hour ago

    I got this watch and loving it. Its awesome.

  • mohit singh
    mohit singh Hour ago

    This is what happens when everyone in team needs holidays..

  • Airial Cavalry
    Airial Cavalry 2 hours ago

    the battery is a problem

  • Renato De Leon
    Renato De Leon 2 hours ago

    * listens in max volume * so, you have chosen *DEAF*

  • RIØT
    RIØT 2 hours ago

    he is ironman

  • Roy Zapata
    Roy Zapata 2 hours ago

    I thought I was watching porn for a moment.

  • science struck
    science struck 2 hours ago

    $149 present price..

  • Arian Davoodian
    Arian Davoodian 2 hours ago

    I feel like I am watching porn

  • Wakanda Foreva
    Wakanda Foreva 2 hours ago


  • Carlos Suarez
    Carlos Suarez 2 hours ago

    if only we can take the guts out of these new macbooks and stick them in the 2012 models it be the perfect laptop ...

  • IntoTheVortex
    IntoTheVortex 2 hours ago

    Charge your phone 100%, turn your screen brightness to minimum, turn off Bluetooth NFC GPS WiFi and change your screen refresh rate to 15hz and undervolt your CPU and downclock. You will get many days on a single charge.

  • James Greable
    James Greable 2 hours ago

    My flatscreen is so flat that when you look at the wall, you don't see it because it's not even there 🤣

  • Mad 1952
    Mad 1952 2 hours ago

    How would the android one by like anyway like who is the guy???

  • Jay Baird
    Jay Baird 2 hours ago

    you could fit a pc in that pocket 😂

  • Dan Magill
    Dan Magill 2 hours ago

    I love my Passport but unfortunately they don't make it anymore.

  • KS
    KS 2 hours ago

    HAHAHAAaa.... thats such a funny device!!

  • Ashwin V
    Ashwin V 2 hours ago

    Is any renovation going on in the studio

  • MO
    MO 2 hours ago

    I played with this when I was at best it and had a blast on it between this and apple. I personally like PC/Microsoft better, played with both apple and PC products before I buy anything. So far so I might just stick to the surface line for art cause I'm loving them atm. Can't wait to get the Surface Studio when I get the money.

  • Kabali
    Kabali 2 hours ago

    I am surprised to know that you didn’t come across this “weird” thing earlier. I had a chance to feel this in 2018. Amazing gadget to have.

  • BluuCraft
    BluuCraft 2 hours ago

    Jack killed willy du and took over lew’s channel... Yes willy du passed away

  • parkies
    parkies 2 hours ago

    1:50 Karti.... Nigar Bruh

  • Deneth Sandeepa
    Deneth Sandeepa 2 hours ago

    Mom....... I need your credit card...

  • Lohtyo
    Lohtyo 2 hours ago

    4:35 when you get caught playing on your backpack

  • yash bhatt
    yash bhatt 2 hours ago

    Why he is not saying anything???😅

  • Skeptikal
    Skeptikal 2 hours ago

    I hate apple but i love hating on the fake airpods along with the apple fans

  • eagle9516
    eagle9516 2 hours ago

    I have a lot of headphones and earbuds, Sony, Bose, Jabra.. etc. I work in a secured forensic lab and this is great to hear when someone is knocking on the door or I have to engage in conversation right away. Love it

  • dongle memes
    dongle memes 2 hours ago

    Looks cheap

  • Kyle Harrison
    Kyle Harrison 2 hours ago

    I don't know what to feel about any of this lol

  • Callum Murray
    Callum Murray 2 hours ago

    Poxy channel always about 10 ads

  • Michael Hurst
    Michael Hurst 2 hours ago

    This is really weird

  • oofig
    oofig 2 hours ago

    Imagine having 64gb

  • Ramaraju Sai rajesh
    Ramaraju Sai rajesh 2 hours ago

    What happens to Lue he stopped telling anything about the product and start doing at FPP camera videos did he scolded anyone with anger and they say bye-bye to Lue? Maybe he did solo studio on his own? Answer it, Lue!

  • Nancy McKeown
    Nancy McKeown 2 hours ago

    At 10:46 he started summoning all the other Green Apple phones with its mating call

  • parinde parinda
    parinde parinda 2 hours ago

    Dude slowly and steadily we are going to be slaves to robots. Terminator Judgement Day. Beware don't challenge nature. Results are going to be disastrous in the future.

  • Metangy PlaysRB
    Metangy PlaysRB 2 hours ago

    Chromebook os sucks more to be honest you cant do anything

  • Koplop
    Koplop 2 hours ago

    Is don’t = not?

  • Jason Lowton
    Jason Lowton 2 hours ago

    U the best Lew

  • abu hamza
    abu hamza 2 hours ago

    useless stuff. flipped off in 2 days right after arrival.

  • Zach Shapiro
    Zach Shapiro 2 hours ago

    This is......awkward, I miss Willy du

  • Humain 003
    Humain 003 2 hours ago

    5:02 When you and your friend laugh for something useless

  • Nick Fisher
    Nick Fisher 2 hours ago

    I've been watching unbox therapy for years and the recent videos coming out such as the 2 before this are the worst videos I've ever seen on youtube hope they go back to good content before I unsubscribe

  • Cooker Badge337
    Cooker Badge337 2 hours ago

    Me not realizing how big it is *His hand next to it*

  • Ducko23rd
    Ducko23rd 3 hours ago

    I have the silver ones 😎

  • Nick Fisher
    Nick Fisher 3 hours ago

    I've been watching unbox therapy for years and the recent videos coming out such as the 2 before this are the worst videos I've ever seen on youtube hope they go back to good content before I unsubscribe

  • Nancy McKeown
    Nancy McKeown 3 hours ago

    Anybody just love that Will’s holding the dog the whole time?

  • sam katz
    sam katz 3 hours ago

    Lew what happened to you???? Where's the meat and potatoes... You know what I mean The reviews.... where is my pixel 4 review?

  • - Nessie
    - Nessie 3 hours ago

    3:49 Just me swatting at a fly.

  • Raph Rom
    Raph Rom 3 hours ago

    These silent videos suck, stop showing off your new house

  • Silvanus Bactowar
    Silvanus Bactowar 3 hours ago

    Lew idk wtf this first person view is but I need some voice and different angles this I don't like bro

  • Specializes movies Joshua

    I got a GoPro hero 8 black bundle it is a great camera!

  • Tiger P
    Tiger P 3 hours ago

    If it’s late don’t try this but put your volume at full now it’s super loud 😂 tricked your

  • Xskode Media
    Xskode Media 3 hours ago

    this is cool, but you can build 3 of these laptops with $9,000 and still have a little money left over. $9,000 is greatly overpricing this product

  • Jacob Carlson
    Jacob Carlson 3 hours ago

    this are interesting please do more

  • BMW Films
    BMW Films 3 hours ago

    If this is what this channel has become I’m out

  • Calvin Trinh
    Calvin Trinh 3 hours ago

    I thought the video was called “The Sony... Just Changed The Name” Wouldnt be the worst thing

  • Nitin Kolish
    Nitin Kolish 3 hours ago

    Yes the tree will make a sound but in peace ✌️

  • Anthony C V
    Anthony C V 3 hours ago

    That was kind of awkward 😬

  • Aaron Lassen
    Aaron Lassen 3 hours ago

    Not a fan of Unbox Therapy ASMR. I actually like Lew and Willy Doo's commentary. Maybe i'm odd.

  • Daddy Dragon
    Daddy Dragon 3 hours ago

    Who knew he was that good at hockey

  • Mr. P.Dribbles
    Mr. P.Dribbles 3 hours ago

    Wireless chargers amaze me.... you have to plug in the charger in order to put a device on it to charge.... so why not just plug in the device or two on their own? What a waste of money.

  • AND838
    AND838 3 hours ago

    why can't apple do OLED display... I really can't switch from mac due to the work but this is honestly upsetting!!!

  • kimmie
    kimmie 3 hours ago

    so many dislikes😭

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 3 hours ago

    As a long time subscriber I get that change is needed to keep things fresh, but this ain’t it.

  • Jacob Carlson
    Jacob Carlson 3 hours ago

    this is awesome please do more

  • Jacob Carlson
    Jacob Carlson 3 hours ago

    this was sick please do more of these

  • GodBotherer1
    GodBotherer1 3 hours ago

    I miss flip phones, I owned a few Motorola phones over the years. My first phone in 2001 was a flip phone.

  • john needy
    john needy 3 hours ago

    Looks wobblie ,I'll keep my ole table ✌

  • Dylan Lanham
    Dylan Lanham 3 hours ago

    lol say goodbye to crapy sound? more like goodbye to sound.

  • sachin goud
    sachin goud 3 hours ago

    Is the account hacked or what?

    • BluuCraft
      BluuCraft 2 hours ago

      Willy du past away a few days ago.

  • Dante Sellitto
    Dante Sellitto 3 hours ago

    I don't know about any of you, but if I was in public and folded this boy out, I'd be sooo afraid of being robbed lol

  • Nahom Dereje
    Nahom Dereje 3 hours ago

    Please stop making this vids please is it even lew anymore

  • Dirty Futanari
    Dirty Futanari 3 hours ago


  • DarkRhino 42zero
    DarkRhino 42zero 3 hours ago


  • ローズ
    ローズ 3 hours ago

    Please we need you to talk

  • Vinny Playz
    Vinny Playz 3 hours ago

    i like the black pods even though they are bootleg

  • Russen Zock
    Russen Zock 3 hours ago

    I'ma be real, I am worried. This might be something I don't get, and inside joke or so, but I am worried, if there is a problem please do say something, if you struggle with something or other, I am just a bit worried.

    • BluuCraft
      BluuCraft 2 hours ago

      Russen Zock willy du past away.

  • Seen By Yosh
    Seen By Yosh 3 hours ago

    Pop that guy on top of the old bucket and show us them dangles!

  • Zach
    Zach 3 hours ago

    Dad : do you want a ps4, xbox or a pc Me : *yes* .

  • Binsu2005
    Binsu2005 3 hours ago

    i have the speaker and i love it. it's a big upgrade form my ihome

  • La la
    La la 3 hours ago

    I'm actually worried like what is going on ?

  • Shiaz Vivek
    Shiaz Vivek 3 hours ago

    Appreciate for doing something out of norm.

  • Ryan Bergeron
    Ryan Bergeron 3 hours ago

    Are these in 8k? The quality is crazy great.

  • The Youtube Order
    The Youtube Order 3 hours ago

    What is this new style?? Willy Do quit?

  • Water sheep’s Child

    On the reviews it said no Mechanical Keys😂😂😂😂

  • blitzer25 blitz
    blitzer25 blitz 3 hours ago

    this is a compact big phone. a big phone with compact phone handling. i like it.. i even still have my Xperia X1..

  • Jayy
    Jayy 3 hours ago

    These past few videos his been posting are so freaking funny and I dont know why lol I can't stop watching but i cant stand these videos lmao Im confused Lew help haha

  • Shameria Johnson
    Shameria Johnson 3 hours ago

    Do anybody think that the AirPods pro are ugly me personally I like the size of them but everybody at my school think they look ugly but I don’t know why

  • Vagabond Sparrow
    Vagabond Sparrow 3 hours ago

    As a person who enjoys ASMR I actually like this

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 3 hours ago

    The song from 1:53 reminds me of grandpa. True fans know what I mean

  • Javier Liera 3
    Javier Liera 3 3 hours ago

    These videos as amazing you should obviously do more of these

  • Banana
    Banana 3 hours ago

    uh wanna trade

  • giovalexts11
    giovalexts11 3 hours ago

    I know you already did the Gold Phantom speaker close to 2 or 3 years ago but do the Gold Phantom Opéra de Paris one which supposedly is even louder

  • Claudiu OCF
    Claudiu OCF 3 hours ago

    i think he started with drugs... :)))

  • Harry Liang
    Harry Liang 3 hours ago

    One more video like this and I'm unsubscribing. Seriously, the number of dislikes should explain why. I want the old format back, please. I want to hear your voice.

  • Timothy Woodard
    Timothy Woodard 4 hours ago

    Completely pointless video

  • Silver Gem
    Silver Gem 4 hours ago

    But can't you just put the cup itself into the freezer, and take it out before it becomes ice?

  • maxwell folina
    maxwell folina 4 hours ago

    Gotta be real my dude, best ASMR in the game

  • Username8320 Il
    Username8320 Il 4 hours ago

    I get a HowToBasic vibe watching the video

  • Highest laik21
    Highest laik21 4 hours ago

    RIP Unbox Therapy YT Channel - because of the start of a ASMR Channel

  • Melanie Delaney
    Melanie Delaney 4 hours ago

    Save your money just buy coke put in fridge n chill drink be happy 😁