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Unboxing a $25,000 Smartphone
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  • BOOM
    BOOM 33 minutes ago

    Sounds like a bunch of rubber chickens

  • Daniel Barr
    Daniel Barr 34 minutes ago

    Dont purchase they arent shipping been waiting 15 days to cancel my order. These fakes are found on asian sites as tws i200 black

  • Whatislegday
    Whatislegday 34 minutes ago

    After this video, we literally broke the black pods website 😂 3000% increase in sales lmao!

  • Rahim Miah
    Rahim Miah 34 minutes ago

    lou i noticed ur hyperactive and hypertalkative

  • Epona Nope
    Epona Nope 35 minutes ago


  • Pedro Ramirez
    Pedro Ramirez 36 minutes ago

    550 dollar US. 2 months of hard work without eating, 0 public transpotation. no thanks

  • Justin Turner
    Justin Turner 37 minutes ago

    What do you expect its $74

  • Rohit Pai
    Rohit Pai 38 minutes ago

    wait did the huwawei and apple collaborate 2 years ago 🤔🤔🤔

  • dombrox
    dombrox 43 minutes ago

    That Willy face and Lew cholericism XD I didn't check this channel since mx master 2s probably XD The thing I don't like about these mice is that you have to turn mouse around to chagne device :/ Btw yes you false advertise mx master 2s, make more research before review. It seems like you didn't even use mx master 2s XD still ok vid, but make more research

  • Sound創Marx
    Sound創Marx 43 minutes ago

    chihiro music

  • Ꭰᥲʀκ͢ ᗰᴀɢᴇꪜꪜꪜ

    While Apple on the other side added a camera "iPhone 11"

  • Gudiwada Ajay
    Gudiwada Ajay 51 minute ago

    Guys did anyone receive their balckpods or any delivery information about the order after placing the order??

  • Walter Kendall
    Walter Kendall 52 minutes ago

    Can u do best smart shades please what a pair so bad

  • Bart And Lisa
    Bart And Lisa 54 minutes ago


  • Jonathan Caraway
    Jonathan Caraway 54 minutes ago

    thats what a drug lord needs

  • Luke Mettam Gaming
    Luke Mettam Gaming 55 minutes ago

    Why do people like iPhone specifically for iMessage, I have an iPhone because it’s simple to use.

  • vladi Hess Hernandez
    vladi Hess Hernandez 55 minutes ago

    You can get real AirPods for $50

  • Brkati Duh
    Brkati Duh 57 minutes ago


  • - Shrdz -
    - Shrdz - 59 minutes ago

    I’ve made perfectly good ice coffe just bye putting the hot coffe in the refrigerator the night before then adding ice when I get up to get my coffee ☕️

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E 59 minutes ago

    that shit aint new, didnt samsung have a phone like that like 10yrs ago?

  • DLighte
    DLighte Hour ago

    You should unbox an Acura NSX 😂😂

  • Joshua Ewe
    Joshua Ewe Hour ago

    Give me your MacBook pro plsss

  • Aziz Chergui
    Aziz Chergui Hour ago

    Apex langet

  • Ludo Wolf
    Ludo Wolf Hour ago

    It legit looks like a complete phantom copy lol

    MARK HENRY Hour ago

    You forgot the Soulja Boy Console. smhhhh

  • trucker V
    trucker V Hour ago

    This thing is such junk. I love my Keurig machine but this was a big waste of money. No wonder they stopped making it.

  • TheBennyboy1984
    TheBennyboy1984 Hour ago

    what is that music in the background at the end of the video?

  • NickElite
    NickElite Hour ago

    air pods

  • SRZ PH
    SRZ PH Hour ago


  • Clay hunter Cole evans

    He did not cut the cigar

  • xxXDeathSniperXxx

    Not so much of a secret now

    MKI4EVA Hour ago

    Hi Unbox T, thanks for the great vids. Speaking to some of my friends a lot feel these days phones are packed with too much attention absorbing tech for users. We wondered if there was such a phone that hd simple old early 2000’s call functionality and nice design as an alternative for periods where you just want to switch off the data grid if you will. 👍🏻

  • Principe Carlos
    Principe Carlos Hour ago

    They look very well made and super fun. But I'm not sure I want to pay $1500 for a 🤖 robot

  • Dibs Migee
    Dibs Migee Hour ago

    “This is....the knockoff... that got knocked off.” Me:wut? “These came from india” Me:ohhh makes sense now.

  • Lily
    Lily Hour ago

    Let me guess...its from Apple right?

  • Gimme Gain's
    Gimme Gain's Hour ago

    That is fooking sexy af

  • kurus3
    kurus3 Hour ago

    "Oh Human music I like it"

    NIGHTCRWLR Hour ago

    Logitech: sells Mx master 2s for £100 Also Logitech: creates Mx master 3... Sells it for £100 Mx Master 2s: still £100


    I need this mobile can you give me this mobile

    ZED END Hour ago

    A more angular design would have been great

  • noel patio
    noel patio Hour ago

    I wanna be rich.


    The most awesome phone I have ever seen

  • Bro Army Soldier

    That rewind gave me lung cancer, heart disease, and AIDS. Stay away from it at all costs. There are even cases of autism and mental diseases.

  • TheMillennium_Subie Vlogs

    Had this problem on my X, went to the Xs Max and still same prob. Appled wouldn't or "couldn't" help when I went to my local store. So I just switched to the Oneplus 7 Pro. Problem solved, apple doesn't care. Sorry not sorry...

  • nigel turner
    nigel turner Hour ago

    Hey Lew I saw this brand also have a pen that's is also a phone plus you can connect your phone via Bluetooth

  • Xuanzhe Han
    Xuanzhe Han Hour ago

    Put a god damn phone into it, and it does the same thing. Some of the unbox therapy videos are dumb

  • des
    des Hour ago

    $180 now best buy

  • artemio anguiano

    Speaker looks like pathfinders head from the white skin.

  • Elijah Smith
    Elijah Smith Hour ago

    It’s sucks that this isn’t available to the public 🤦🏽‍♂️ Straight flexing’ on............. everyone 😂😒

  • 吸うmilo
    吸うmilo Hour ago

    $260? I feel it’s worth it. You can muffle, better Audio than AirPods, travel case, charger, translator...

  • Andres Flores
    Andres Flores Hour ago

    He’s not even coughing for his first time💀

  • Dario Grazettes
    Dario Grazettes Hour ago

    Lew where you at upload video miss you for a while now

  • Antonio Starr
    Antonio Starr Hour ago

    Me: My phone was stolen. Police: What does it look like? Me: You know that glow Captain Marvel gets when she’s lit ? Police: The comics or the movie? Me: 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Mohamed Youssef
    Mohamed Youssef Hour ago

    Since day one I had a Sony Ericson phone I wished for this day phones and I know people will not get back to style phones again I was very confused when people was crazy about smaller phones 😂

  • abdulrahim2540
    abdulrahim2540 Hour ago

    What the price even tho I'm not going to get it lol

  • Lordcool
    Lordcool Hour ago

    Every gamer’s dream... just a dream

  • Joseph Clark
    Joseph Clark Hour ago

    This the shit you resell for £10, easy profit

  • The Piano Man
    The Piano Man Hour ago

    try Inca cola

  • Dew Is Bad
    Dew Is Bad Hour ago

    I don’t think a keyboard made from glass cause what if a hardcore gamer plays with it and rages

  • Dew Is Bad
    Dew Is Bad Hour ago

    I have keyboard made out of a g502 “using the extra buttons lol”

  • Stoped All ready

    Yeah I bought that and was horrible

  • The Sandman
    The Sandman Hour ago

    Admit it, you don’t care that there is a lighter case. You clicked to see if he smokes.

  • kurd product
    kurd product Hour ago

    Guys keep calm, he wants to make it a big unboxing video for the iphone 11 its like a surprise thing just wait till 20 september

  • mohsin patel
    mohsin patel Hour ago

    Someone please bind tape on his mouth

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson Hour ago

    One thing I don't miss since switching over to fill time phone for everything is a cold mouse hand. Good one Willy

  • sasha gaffney
    sasha gaffney Hour ago

    “now granted if you’ve got an iphone 7” lol who else watching this when the iphone 11 coming out

  • John Jermaine Watson

    Unbox Therapy: What’s your Phone? MKBHD: I GOT TWO PHONES ONE FOR THE...

  • Tan 27
    Tan 27 Hour ago

    What phone should I switch my iPhone 7 with 🤔

  • Kevin Troy Lumandas

    Pocophone ghostouch problem for gamer like me. Touch panel showing problem after 2-6 months. Check it on mi forum and reddit.

  • Shadow Blaze
    Shadow Blaze Hour ago


  • Raaif Mollah
    Raaif Mollah 2 hours ago


  • juicy2knife
    juicy2knife 2 hours ago


  • Santos JB
    Santos JB 2 hours ago

    Patriot fries🤔

  • Noel Glima
    Noel Glima 2 hours ago

    I love to have that kind of gaming phone with all the accessories but I don't think I will have the chance ever. Love the video!!!

  • Rabbit Gaming
    Rabbit Gaming 2 hours ago

    Lmao, jokes on you, I got mine off Wish last week for $6

  • Jacob Gaming
    Jacob Gaming 2 hours ago

    Meow meow meow

  • Blue Chargerz
    Blue Chargerz 2 hours ago

    Ice can chill my drink in 30 seconds😑

  • andrew desilva
    andrew desilva 2 hours ago

    The generation 2 also has the nice baring in it for scrolling you have to press the button above it, it has two settings for scrolling. I just didn't like how you didn't check in on that before making the vid.

  • Swiiperr
    Swiiperr 2 hours ago

    Lmao sound like something today would say *Suck it does*

  • É dos Game
    É dos Game 2 hours ago

    Is the Fortnite bruto

  • Oliver James
    Oliver James 2 hours ago

    Aha 'ive never smoked even a cigerette' takes a cigar without coughing

  • David Flores
    David Flores 2 hours ago

    What monitor is that

  • Solo
    Solo 2 hours ago

    Watching this in 1080p on my 2560x600 2019 MacBook Pro

  • Ralvin
    Ralvin 2 hours ago

    Where are you lew??? What’s going on?

  • TetheredherO
    TetheredherO 2 hours ago

    streets of rage!!! BRING BACK ADAM!

  • Tahjae Grave
    Tahjae Grave 2 hours ago

    Literally this phone went from ⚫>🚥>🚦>🔲

  • t3rdzburgl3r
    t3rdzburgl3r 2 hours ago

    They are fake the website it fake steals you deatails and send you crappy black pods DONT BUY PLEASE

  • 1M Subs No Vids Challenge

    Is the box 15k and phone 5k?

  • Sorbet Mountain
    Sorbet Mountain 2 hours ago

    that intro impressed me more than it should wtf.

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson 2 hours ago

    Canadian currency? Shiny. I had no idea this was a channel from mother Canada.

  • Michael Honein
    Michael Honein 2 hours ago

    U didnt have to specify that it was android u actually thought apple was going to sell a 4$ phone

  • Cain Medina
    Cain Medina 2 hours ago

    What an amazing burner phone.

  • Pablo Tamborini
    Pablo Tamborini 2 hours ago

    When are you getting your hands on the new updated galaxy fold??

  • Mossab Belbaraka
    Mossab Belbaraka 2 hours ago

    Please Help Me

  • Oof
    Oof 2 hours ago

    I was like: “yeah that could be useful to bring at school instead of different bulky notebooks” Then I checked the price.

  • genium me
    genium me 2 hours ago

    Thats an average folding time of 1.15 seconds :)

  • michael johnston
    michael johnston 2 hours ago

    Could be solar powered save money and electricity

  • Godslayxr Gaming
    Godslayxr Gaming 2 hours ago

    I peeped the CRKT Snaplock, shit is a clean ass knife.

  • Faniix
    Faniix 2 hours ago

    Thanos in the gaming industry

  • trufiend138
    trufiend138 2 hours ago

    sept 2019: iPhone 8 is out, the 12gb is now $599 with the release of the iPhone 11 series. Time to upgrade from iPhone 6 to 8?? But the lack of aux/headphone port is annoying in the iPhone 8 and later! Seriously considering getting my first android.