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Walsh wants Wallabies
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  • DJ Snegg
    DJ Snegg 3 hours ago

    savea's try against highlanders?

  • Jnr waqavonovono
    Jnr waqavonovono 6 hours ago


  • Butters L. Blanco
    Butters L. Blanco 8 hours ago

    Long term Wallabie #9 right here

  • Jack Rock
    Jack Rock 10 hours ago

    Two pens in that Reds try surely

    POINTY NOBB 11 hours ago

    He's an amazing player. Reds better perform this year, they have the talent but not sure about the coaching yet.

  • Gerry Hagen
    Gerry Hagen 12 hours ago

    The day of decay for ARU

  • Eric Morgan
    Eric Morgan 22 hours ago

    Curwin Bosch try vs the blues?🤔

  • David Parsons
    David Parsons Day ago

    He'd be awesome in 7's

  • Rob
    Rob Day ago

    The reds should play him at fullback, seriously he's electric

  • Krishneel Nadan

    Future wallaby

  • D K
    D K Day ago

    There goes another.. FLYING FIJIAN 🇫🇯

  • Butters L. Blanco

    Yes Bula congrats on the extension

  • Andy Hunter
    Andy Hunter Day ago


  • Hugh Diamond
    Hugh Diamond Day ago

    to newzeland

  • Hugh Diamond
    Hugh Diamond Day ago

    i went to this game the score was 36-14

  • TheCameront555

    You can tell this was made by an Australian 😂

  • jay nesian
    jay nesian 2 days ago


  • 1969cmp
    1969cmp 2 days ago

    What were they thinking. I bet they regret it now.

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 2 days ago

    Boy did the board and interested parties get that one wrong. I've never known Rugby Union in Australia to be in such bad shape the rapid decline has been just that rapid under this current CEO. In process of cleaning out the board seriously this current CEO needs to go. Part of an unholy trinity that is quickly ruining the game. Who are the unholy trinity - inept board, corrupt corporate sponsor and ceo with the skill set of a barely adequate receptionist.

  • Euka
    Euka 2 days ago

    Where's Sevu Reece's try. Where he bumps off Kwagga Smith? It should be in the top 10.

  • PerpetualApex
    PerpetualApex 2 days ago

    Doesn't NRL and Rugby Union have it's own governance and sporting reprentives to administer and over see our sporting direction.I still don't see why we would employ external parties ie kiwis to do the job are we lacking a great deal of substance or does nobody want this job.

  • Bible Reading Outreach

    Proverbs 28:12 When ✝️righteous men do rejoice, there is great glory🤗: but when the 🏳️‍🌈wicked🏳️‍🌈 rise, a man is hidden.😔

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts 3 days ago

    Fijian boys have a unique style of rugby humble and respectful people the real stallions of the South Pacific Tonga needs to practice more on the haka may b one day they will get a try!!

  • Creamapera
    Creamapera 3 days ago

    What is Raelene?

  • Dandan Diqce
    Dandan Diqce 3 days ago


  • DougandMarion Davidson

    thank you chiefs

  • Desmond Allin
    Desmond Allin 4 days ago

    Good luck new coach. I see few years of pain and frustration that that Lesbo destroying rugby Australia...... Condolences...... But at least you get to work with class players ....

  • Desmond Allin
    Desmond Allin 4 days ago

    The term 'drama queen' is the wrong term to use to describe this man. As a South African Springbok supporter, what we see objectively is a coach and a man who is extremely passionate and supportive of rugby and the Wallaby team. Regardless the results u can’t fault his efforts and passion and belief in his players, all the while battling against extreme negative rugby administration and challenges off the field that impact the harmony of the team, destroyed the cohesion and trust between player and management and Rugby Australia...... he’s offered no excuses and ultimately take sThe responsibility of the results and has stamped down. Good stuff Coach. Ultimately - Hats off. And to the players, I think they a great bunch, extremely talented, and the best is to come - so keep going Wallabies 👍🏻

  • Desmond Allin
    Desmond Allin 4 days ago

    They lie in this little speech. In ALL her endeavors at ALL her previous positions, she’s left behind zero succes. In fact she’s left behind a trail on destruction, every bad results, and financial losses! Great appointment indeed isn’t she! Good job - appointing a proven failed work record .......... horrible obese looking ...... marvelous 👍🏻 Point in case, 2019December, ..... AR in the doldrums, financial crisis, embroiled in PC scandal and disgraceful and bringing rugby into disrepute, involving politics in the game, and worst of all, has managed to fire a star in form player from the Wallaby team on the eve of the WC, destroyed player management relationships, all but destroyed team cohesion, and, as clearly now witnessed, worst Wallaby and super rugby performances in history. She should be tarred and feathered...... what she says and what she does is two different things judging by results.....

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 days ago

    Sack Her she is a disgrace and cannot handle the job. Clearly she knew someone to get the job in the first place.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 3 days ago

      @Desmond Allin All you have to do is look at it to know where it is coming from.

    • Desmond Allin
      Desmond Allin 4 days ago

      John Smith: a firing squad for her comes to mind....

  • Nelly Mildred
    Nelly Mildred 6 days ago

    Wonderful game

  • Nelly Mildred
    Nelly Mildred 6 days ago

    Im so proud of all South Africa rugby players well done guys

  • BigBollocks
    BigBollocks 6 days ago

    Who would have thought there was a Rocky Horror Show for the morbidly obese?

  • Usi USA
    Usi USA 6 days ago

    William Ryder is old now

  • Victor Pinilla
    Victor Pinilla 6 days ago

    Bien merecidos los golpes se los tenía el ql, Foulau de mierda

  • Bo Pik
    Bo Pik 6 days ago

    Sonny Bill, if he had a brain he would be dangerous...

  • pokers112
    pokers112 7 days ago

    Good luck hopefully you can turn the wallabies around

  • Renegade Aotearoa
    Renegade Aotearoa 7 days ago

    Definitely gutted you lot got Dave, great coach! ..good luck, I wont be writing off the wobbz this world cup cycle.

  • John Ny
    John Ny 7 days ago

    Love the look. NOT!

  • The Friendly Badger

    Israel folau and paddy Jackson playing hahaha

  • Stephan Engelbrecht

    I hope the stormers is great in 2020 seasen

  • Andy Hunter
    Andy Hunter 9 days ago

    Good appointment.

  • Chris Lunstedt
    Chris Lunstedt 9 days ago

    If you don't like his views just ignore it..being born as a homosexual doesn't mean you go to hell...Its what you do wrong to many others will determine your fate under GOD

  • Chris Lunstedt
    Chris Lunstedt 9 days ago

    I ignore your views and have faith in 1 GOD...religion corrupts my mind.

  • Chris Lunstedt
    Chris Lunstedt 9 days ago

    GOD created me as a gay person and I can't change that. I respect the gift of love and not promiscuous sex.

  • John A
    John A 10 days ago

    A great coach hopefully he can change the culture of the wallabies,get best players in the field get Folau back

  • Joey Money Man
    Joey Money Man 11 days ago


  • The Yeti
    The Yeti 12 days ago

    Is Raelene Castle using Prince Andrew as her speech writer? Another 4 years of her? Will there be a RA in the future?

  • Pete Isaac
    Pete Isaac 12 days ago

    whose playing atm, NSW vs NT??

  • JD Jordaan
    JD Jordaan 12 days ago

    4:24 cant stop watching how quick Reinach chases him down

  • arcticchris x
    arcticchris x 12 days ago

    It was a very poor decision by the coach. Radrada was still outstanding but could have had far more influence overall at outside centre. Very strange to shift the best 13 in world rugby out wide where he gets less ball.

  • hello hello123
    hello hello123 13 days ago

    Please bring back my man Micheal cheika haha, I like to see him wen his agary druing the game hahaha

  • Jason Sherman
    Jason Sherman 13 days ago

    Kerevi would be fucking devastating in Sevens! It takes at least two men to bring him down and in Sevens that's like a quarter of their defenders!

  • Blusuck
    Blusuck 13 days ago

    7s should used to get more aboriginal kids to play

  • bikoncy
    bikoncy 13 days ago

    Have you got the full game coverage for this game?

  • hey hey
    hey hey 13 days ago

    Rennie is a great coach, delighted he's on the move. The squad he's working with now don't even have the basics.

  • V.Dell15 Sului
    V.Dell15 Sului 13 days ago

    Congratulations girls🤙🏾

  • Joshua Ballinger
    Joshua Ballinger 14 days ago

    Aussie rugby rebuilding

  • J Terblanche
    J Terblanche 14 days ago

    Is there no men in Australia that has the balls to be a Rugby Boss?

  • David Gee
    David Gee 14 days ago

    Should take the Westpac approach and remove both Chairman and CEO.

  • Michael Schuster
    Michael Schuster 15 days ago

    The end of the road for rennie just like deans

    • Michael Schuster
      Michael Schuster 15 days ago

      Not because he isn't a good coach, it's because raeleen is a disease that destroy everything great about aussie rugby

  • D K
    D K 15 days ago

    Seriously that's why Rugby is doing so well in Australia - thanks Rugby Australia 👎 Rugby fans in Australia deserve way better 🇦🇺

  • JJ Eales
    JJ Eales 15 days ago

    what a joke..

  • Mel Brainch
    Mel Brainch 16 days ago

    I met him

  • Billy' Booboo' thorne


  • ralf wi
    ralf wi 16 days ago

    If Union really wants to be recognized or even live up to the old and glory days - ARU needs a new CEO. The actual CEO is missing a clear sense of strategic management. I cannot see a sustainable plan for the future, no actions have been released to grow the local club rugby. How long will it take for Australia to realise there is something going wrong for the last 6 to 7 years?!

  • BackwardsMoving
    BackwardsMoving 17 days ago

    Can’t wait to have you on board Rennie, thoroughly excited for what’s to come!

  • Phiphe Dude
    Phiphe Dude 17 days ago

    Was this our C team?

  • Michael Schuster
    Michael Schuster 17 days ago

    The most luckiest human being alive

  • Daywalker Nightwalker


  • Siona Nua
    Siona Nua 17 days ago

    She is a double header

  • Michael Schuster
    Michael Schuster 17 days ago

    The rise and fall of David's Castle

  • Malakai Saumatua
    Malakai Saumatua 17 days ago

    aust has nothing to lose. cheika was an aussie so....

  • Louis Pieterse
    Louis Pieterse 17 days ago

    you should have won wordt ref you tool

  • Graham Hutton
    Graham Hutton 18 days ago

    It would have been a bit sick if the All Blacks had held on for. Win though. A hollow victory on any level

  • righteouskongo1
    righteouskongo1 19 days ago

    Now.tell me.who's yo daddy?

  • Pio Tuimavave
    Pio Tuimavave 19 days ago

    Feel sorry for Dave Rennie.

  • Pio Tuimavave
    Pio Tuimavave 19 days ago

    Wallabies dont need a new coach. Need to change the board especially the CEO.

  • Usman Haidar
    Usman Haidar 19 days ago

    Rugby Union in Australia is flopping because it's closed off to the upper class of society! but yes get a new coach and I'm sure you'll start winning again LMAOO

  • Usman Haidar
    Usman Haidar 19 days ago

    why is it in bloody new zealand?? Like nz dont have enough good players!

  • T. Macneil
    T. Macneil 19 days ago

    Australia hasn't won a Rugby game at "Eden park" since I think 1986, that's about to change with Dave Rennie. The Bledisloe Cup is about to make it's new home in Australia. Those are my thoughts. I predicted correctly the Abs wouldn't win the RWC 2019, a month before the tournament started my co-workers didn't want to hear it.

  • key tools
    key tools 19 days ago

    Wrong choice. England fan. Personally I would of picked an Australian coach preferably from QL.

  • OGC Clan
    OGC Clan 19 days ago

    Bad defending should of taken him way before the step(I’m 11 years old and even I know that cmon)

  • Bruce Sherborne
    Bruce Sherborne 19 days ago

    Building Culture ha ha what a joke......Get rid of ray lean Leo patra to start with

  • Rugby first, English second.

    Good move Australia. He will bring in youngsters and change the passive aggressive nonsense culture Cheika spouted.

  • JarnoTrulyYT
    JarnoTrulyYT 20 days ago


  • bullyoz1973
    bullyoz1973 20 days ago

    Dave Rennie indicated he was in negotiations with Australia for months hence his decision not to formally apply for the AB role. If anything the man has integrity.

  • N Daly
    N Daly 20 days ago

    Maybe if Australian rugby looked outside private schools they’d find some actual rugby players. Not silver spooned kids that have never dealt with adversity in their lives.

    • RugbyGuide
      RugbyGuide 19 days ago

      @Will Will What sort of 'brains', though? I've coached many 'game smart' athletes over the years who were hopeless in the classroom (and in many cases, that wasn't their fault... not everyone is an academic).

    • Will Will
      Will Will 20 days ago

      Might also end up finding people who don't have enough brains though

  • Stefan Jones
    Stefan Jones 20 days ago

    Launched perhaps?

  • Gabriel Stewart
    Gabriel Stewart 20 days ago

    Website for more information?

  • Lisiate Toefoki
    Lisiate Toefoki 20 days ago

    Dave Rennie is Awesome, i think we need a new CEO?...

  • rodeo 4
    rodeo 4 20 days ago

    It's understandable that there are those that want a home grown bloke to coach the wallabies (get it) And also those that are a little sceptical for whatever reasons but for majority of NZdrs this one like 3 other outstanding coaches got away and rugby Australia popular CEO did get this appointment right

  • TITUS 3V5
    TITUS 3V5 20 days ago please believe the Gospel death, burial and resurrection three days later between burial and resurrection. May God bless.

  • rodeo 4
    rodeo 4 20 days ago

    That saying Rome wasn't built in a day definitely applies at this point in time for Rugby Australia and as a kiwi Im bummed out that the Wallabies have secured Rennie services as Head coach but I also congratulate them. There are alot of sceptics ( understandable) but if the wallabies buy into the culture Rennie is renowned for - lookout and that includes the All blacks

  • D K
    D K 20 days ago

    Australian fans deserve much better from Rugby Australia at Board and Executive Management level - cleanup is needed at Rugby Australia HQ before any positive results are achieved 👍

  • D K
    D K 20 days ago

    Rugby Australia needs to an urgent cleanup at Board and Executive Management level - fans deserve much better 🇦🇺

    • The Yeti
      The Yeti 12 days ago

      Is Raelene Castle using Prince Andrew as her speech writer? Another 4 years of her? Will there be a RA in the future?

  • Harley W
    Harley W 20 days ago

    Regardless of who is coach, Aussies will have to pick foreign based players if they want to compete for the rugby championship. The talent pool is not as great as NZ, and even SA wouldn't have won world cup without foreign based players. You can't let players as good as Kerevi not play. SA unlikely to collapse again with Nienaber as probable next head coach and Rassie being around, and NZ will always be good even when they're relatively bad by their own standards, Argentina will probably also improve a bit, so championship will be quite competitive next year

  • J Potter
    J Potter 21 day ago

    Definitely onside. The TMO got confused between the offside line at a ruck and at a tackle. In a ruck the offside line for Lawes was the hindmost foot of the England player - he doesn't go beyond that line. If it was a tackle then the offside line was the hindmost part of any player and he would have been offside.

  • Dean Tairi
    Dean Tairi 21 day ago

    All the best Dave

  • Hahahihihehe
    Hahahihihehe 21 day ago

    Who on Jersey no 5 wallabies?