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  • Black Blood
    Black Blood 7 minutes ago

    Ⓒ 😂

  • Noah 'VintageWeedKiller'
    Noah 'VintageWeedKiller' 28 minutes ago

    My panic attacks are horribly unfavorable. I cry, hyperventilate, scream uncontrollably, seize... I don't know how to stop doing this...

  • Gloom King
    Gloom King 58 minutes ago

    I have a thing with yelling and loud situations. Recently, I had a panic attack after my father yelled at me and I had my first really bad panic attack. I felt like I couldn't breath and every sound felt really loud. It was actually very, very scary. I'm still not sure what to do when I have a panic attack.

  • Victoria the green cheek conure

    People be like Just don’t

  • Larsaleen
    Larsaleen Hour ago

    Illy, I hope you know that there are people out there who get it (at least a little), and while I don't actually know you (I'm just a stranger on the internet, what do I know), when I started having panic attacks it was super isolating. It made me fear for my relationship, my job, my friendships, and my long-term ability to function as a human being, which (of course) made everything worse every time it happened, for a long time. My fears were not about social anxiety but about feeling out-of-control. It is like literally as though the fear of a panic attack is what causes the panic attacks. Like an endless loop of terror. Like Russian roulette. Will it happen at my job? Will it happen while I'm driving? Surprise! It happens when I slam my finger in a door by mistake! Nobody saw that coming! I didn't get better, but I have friends who understand why I am the way I am, and love me anyway, and understand my limitations. It took a LOT of convincing. Even now, in the moment of terror, it still feels like nothing will ever be okay, but I can guarantee that people will still love you even if you have these moments where you don't feel like yourself. I know, because I am one person who cares. I would cry if you got hurt, and I would be angry if you were wronged, and in the same way, I would feel sad that you were feeling the way you were when you panic, because I know that it isn't an easy feeling to experience. And I'm just a stranger on the internet, but I just want you to know, because it matters, and so do you.

  • *- Nik- Chan-*
    *- Nik- Chan-* Hour ago

    Yep i have the same problem

  • Guy With a brain

    Did you rip anyone’s arm off at school when you were a damn clown?

  • Aiden Bucio
    Aiden Bucio Hour ago

    Me: *Has Social Anxiety* Also me: *Somehow manages to get on stage and sing/play drums to a lot of people without breaking and after it, when alone, get the rush of anxiety* It's funny in a way

  • john decarlo
    john decarlo Hour ago


  • Raina Rivera
    Raina Rivera 2 hours ago

    As someone with panic disorder specifically, I can very much relate and I definitely intend to use this video to help people understand when they ask about my condition and need something more visual! 💜

  • Herpy derp
    Herpy derp 2 hours ago

    Respect for putting your story out here

  • Univerxse Roblox
    Univerxse Roblox 2 hours ago

    Wno esle got affened from that Christmas in winter joke (aussies)

  • Frying Pan
    Frying Pan 2 hours ago

    Anxiety: This is totally a good time to get anxious and panic. Hey, are you listening to me?! Me, internally: *Staring from the deep dark abyss* Anxiety: *On phone* *_Mom come get me, I'm scared_*

  • Gretchen Abling
    Gretchen Abling 3 hours ago

    Me too

  • N3RVE G4S
    N3RVE G4S 3 hours ago

    Illymation: is advertising Cayote: vibe check

  • Chloë Senécal
    Chloë Senécal 3 hours ago

    I’ve never related to a video more.

  • Tvisha Elley
    Tvisha Elley 4 hours ago

    *_GOD BLESS_*

  • Tooshle
    Tooshle 4 hours ago

    *LOOK MOM I LOOK LIKE ME NOW* I'm actually dead 😂😂😂😂

  • Gabriel 9193
    Gabriel 9193 4 hours ago

    Do you play hearthstone

  • TheBluApple :D
    TheBluApple :D 5 hours ago

    Harris: Im just pathetic :c Me if i was in that situation: YEA U R STOP SPAMMING AND HARRASING MEH >:c

  • An Eevee Named Pearl

    On Christmas Eve - eve Me: my birthday

  • Maisy and the Musketeers

    Wait this is actually a thing? I always thought that was just me being overly nervous. My thoughts don’t go to that extent but I always feel like I’m being judged, everyone hates me, that I annoy everyone and that type of thing. Also kind of random but when I buy things I think I’m annoying the cashier and that they don’t want me there, so I never order food. This usually leaves me overly stressing and hyperventilating, when it’s really bad I pick at my skin and pull on my hair, but that doesn’t happen often. Thanks for spreading this video so I don’t just feel like I’m over reacting 😊

  • Herobrine's Daughter

    Me: *having a really bad panic attack* Dad Screaming: STOP BEING A BABY AND CRYING AND GET TO SCHOOL OR ELSE *precedes to break a radio he was fixing to scare me* (True story he has broken other things even some of my own just to scare me into complying with him which makes me come to school barely able to breathe from crying and a counselor just telling me it was my fault he did it)

  • I'm invisible
    I'm invisible 5 hours ago

    I want to chop his body off and give it to a shark

  • Anthony Bury
    Anthony Bury 5 hours ago

    I’ve only had a panic attack once in my life before in sixth grade, but the only thing that happened was I couldn’t breathe and had to go to the nurse’s office, which I believe is the only time at that school that they actually helped me with any injuries

  • Pinkiecale Waite
    Pinkiecale Waite 5 hours ago

    I named my pt cruiser Sean because he was the color of champagne and I know it's a French alcohol but I wanted to give him a Irish name because Irish people are known for drinking any alcohol and one of their most common names was Sean, sadly I got in a wreck that wasn't my fault and he got totaled

  • Niyi Aguaze
    Niyi Aguaze 6 hours ago

    Ooooooooh. So this is what I have? I didn't know that. Well then. How do I get rid of it?

  • gacha life and vlogs

    Sloppy joes are good

  • Mads Eskildsen
    Mads Eskildsen 6 hours ago

    Everytime I'm stressed I just play a sudoku on my phone

  • Diggie Doggy
    Diggie Doggy 6 hours ago

    South Korea I want to go there :(

  • incognito Dorito
    incognito Dorito 6 hours ago

    I'm so sorry this happened. I am dealing this this kind of stuff right now and I don't know how to get out.

  • Maisie & Gracie
    Maisie & Gracie 6 hours ago

    It’s the worst when you just *cannot* breathe for the life you... literally

  • Ananas Ee
    Ananas Ee 6 hours ago

    I lost my cat two Weeks ago. She was nice and gentle cat she was named Søs. I come from Denmark

  • ArminezBeanz16
    ArminezBeanz16 6 hours ago

    This girl in my classes at school once asked me and my best friend how it was possible we were theatre kids who acted and were generally very expressive around any amount of people could have social anxiety and the both of us just kinda laughed and said "Oh we still do those things, we just have crippling anxiety the whole time" and she went "...Oh" and we just smiled

  • StarchyMC
    StarchyMC 6 hours ago

    3:35 look on the top left

  • Dumb Turtle
    Dumb Turtle 6 hours ago

    Her first crepe didn't have chocolate. Whole trip was a waste.

  • Allison Arts
    Allison Arts 6 hours ago

    Oh my gosh I played lion king to. Except I would play with my sister when Nala and simba where escaping form the hyenas. I would always drag her up a couch or slide

  • Kitkat Reel
    Kitkat Reel 6 hours ago

    So many many

  • Jubilant Wolf
    Jubilant Wolf 6 hours ago

    Me: *tells mom I might need to go into therapy because I might have anxiety and or depression, because I show signs of possibly having it and simply talking to a professional might help* My Mom: What do you have to be depressed or anxious about?

  • Lazy Flump
    Lazy Flump 6 hours ago

    God i remember the times where you either had an option of square pizza that taste like cardboard, cheeseburger that felt stale and made mcdonalds look like gourmet dishes and a bag filled with graham crackers, cheese and a baby bag of chips. Going from that to highschool food felt like achieving nirvana (even though highschool food isnt even all that great either)

  • RexRaptor 8888
    RexRaptor 8888 6 hours ago

    Thanks for making this this is probably the most necessary video ever

  • Banana Bread
    Banana Bread 6 hours ago

    Love that when she said a great TV show she had She-ra and the princesses of power. I LOVE THAT SHOW!

  • oOTrash QueenOo
    oOTrash QueenOo 6 hours ago

    I remember once in 5th grade I was a line leader and noone shut up, so then a teacher yelled at me that I wasn't doing anything and *SHE SAID* ," *You're fired!* " And then I was hyperventelating at the back of the line and trying to calm down after 4 other classes saw her yell at and my friend asked me if I was ok, then I burst out in tears and then was self countious about anyone thinging I was a baby so I hid my face. *G* *o* *o* *d* *t* *i* *m* *e* *s* *g* *o* *o* *d* *t* *i* *m* *e* *s*

  • Fire Gaming
    Fire Gaming 7 hours ago

    I liked chicken sandwich but I just eat the chicken lol

  • FanGirlFreak 16
    FanGirlFreak 16 7 hours ago

    My mom refuses to take me to a therapist because I don’t have a lot of physical signs when I have anxiety attacks unless it’s really bad. Even when my school contacted her about some unhealthy coping mechanisms. To see that other people are going through this stuff makes me feel a little bit better. Thanks, Alyssa :)

  • Simara Razzaghipour
    Simara Razzaghipour 7 hours ago

    One like is (here or on the video 😉) one karate kick in the ribs for Harris

  • Michi Chiharu
    Michi Chiharu 7 hours ago

    When she said she has hurted herself hit me hard cause I have so many scars since I was 11

  • Hobbit Girly
    Hobbit Girly 7 hours ago

    Illy the first time she sniffed that candle: I sniffed a candle and I liked it, scent of it's waxy goodness.

  • CrypticCreature
    CrypticCreature 7 hours ago

    Anyone else get super jealous of a friend’s other friend and worry that they like them more than you and they actually secretly hate you....but then you realize you’re kind being greedy and you just sit there in a puddle of anxiety of losing the only person that makes you wanna keep existing.

    BMGO THE IRON DOG 7 hours ago

    ILLY, i dont think too many dating is a good idea TAKE A BREAK

  • Nicky R
    Nicky R 7 hours ago

    Gurrrl I got you. I'm no pro but if you have any questions I got a lot of pale and ginger friends and I did a lot of research for them

    BMGO THE IRON DOG 7 hours ago

    14:02 Wait, where is Sir PELO

  • aussierk
    aussierk 7 hours ago

    the forks weren’t that tasty

  • Crimson Cayenne
    Crimson Cayenne 7 hours ago

    This video really touched me. Social anxiety can be a beast that can consume you. It's bad enough always being concerned about other people's opinions, but it can be a gateway to things that are much worse. Personal story incoming. I was never the most attractive person, and I was fully aware of this, but at a certain point, I began obsessing over how I looked, and eventually, this obsession turned into anorexia which lasted for about three years, until just recently when I got treated for it over the summer when I had to go get a physical for marching band. Fast forward, I'm fighting every day to make sure that I don't relapse. This video is so important. Maybe it'll help someone deal with their anxiety. Maybe it'll inspire others like me to come out with their story and share it with people, even if it's just online. I really hope youtube doesn't suppress this video, and I really hope that you continue to make content like this, Illy, because it's something that needs to be said, and people on this platform are getting increasingly scared to talk about mental health.

  • Artsy Zit
    Artsy Zit 7 hours ago


  • Litttle Kid
    Litttle Kid 7 hours ago

    Also i tell my brother I have anxiety and he was “ oh you’re just lying because you just want attention “ but I do have it and now no one believes me I have anxiety except my friends

  • ai ko
    ai ko 7 hours ago

    "Holy crap its chicken jesus"

  • Ryder Sigmund
    Ryder Sigmund 7 hours ago

    At 3:28 did anyone else see the loss reference on the right?

  • Litttle Kid
    Litttle Kid 7 hours ago

    When my mom says stuff it like reaction in Spanish it makes my heart drop

    BMGO THE IRON DOG 7 hours ago

    ILLY : i am going to make u stay away from me Harris : what are you going to do huh??? ILLY : imma going to CALL DA POLICE POLICE : THIS IS DA POLICE BETCH

  • Bacon Life Matters
    Bacon Life Matters 7 hours ago

    C ITS C!!! 2:30

  • ai ko
    ai ko 8 hours ago

    LMAO that intro

  • Just Ianah2シ
    Just Ianah2シ 8 hours ago

    I had a panic attack in *_health class_*

  • Mackenzie Garner
    Mackenzie Garner 8 hours ago

    I know what you were going through but I’m good now😔

  • Shia Teague
    Shia Teague 8 hours ago


  • • W I L L O W •
    • W I L L O W • 8 hours ago

    Neighbor : mOmMy Me : oh gawd get the holy water

  • Heather Ceplecha
    Heather Ceplecha 8 hours ago


  • kem
    kem 8 hours ago

    SHERA AND THE PRINCESSES OF POWER!!? *thank u illy!*

  • Lilly Lizzie666
    Lilly Lizzie666 8 hours ago


  • The Saucy Tiger
    The Saucy Tiger 8 hours ago

    That’s tuff

  • Samantha That one girl

    Me anytime someone talks about social anxiety Me agrees to everything thing they say Also me doesn’t want to say I have anxiety when I’ve never been diagnosed

  • Demonheart543
    Demonheart543 8 hours ago

    *snjört the candle*

  • Jesmagi
    Jesmagi 8 hours ago

    6:55 Just wanted to point this out here: I'm also a person who also struggles with anxiety. But you can always be that person who OFFERS to help. Being that kind person who just offers, can mean SO MUCH to a person who is struggling. Even if they say no. The notion means tons. For example, I'm a new mom. There have been times at the grocery store or other places, that i'm struggling to juggle my child and many things around. I get to the point of tears because I am overwhelmed. When a stranger just offers to lend a hand, or just distract my toddler while they're either throwing a fit trying to grab everything on the shelf, it helps tremendously. Those few seconds allow me to take a deep breath and continue on.

  • Lilly Lizzie666
    Lilly Lizzie666 8 hours ago

    Hi I just wanted to to say your really pretty illy ok have a nice day also your cat is very cute

    HATER HOMIEZ 8 hours ago

    4:03 Me when my friends provoke me

  • Kiera Butler
    Kiera Butler 9 hours ago

    hi there! i really just want to let you know how much this video helped me - i’ve been diagnosed with social anxiety a few months ago, but i’m still so used to the idea of people responding to everything with either “haha that’s not a real panic attack though” or the opposite, “no i have those all the time that’s just being nervous ahaha”. this really helped me feel somewhat secure in myself. i have panic attacks but i still find that so difficult to say out loud, so hearing from someone else with social anxiety going through something similar really made me feel valid in some sort of weird way, because so many people have told me before that i don’t actually have panic attacks that i have a lot of trouble thinking that i actually do now? if that makes any sense? anyways i’m so sorry you have to read through my weird rant, but i just want you to know these videos are really helpful to people like me, who don’t really know what they’re going through :) thank you so much, and i love your videos!

  • Isey Kitty
    Isey Kitty 9 hours ago

    Me: *panicking because my job suddenly tells me I have to answer the phone for to-go orders even tho I’ve never been trained and hate talking to customers over the phone* My GM: “this whole ‘nervous’ thing is silly, it’s not that big of a deal, you’re answering the phone”

  • Jaymie Wilson
    Jaymie Wilson 9 hours ago

    3:28 iS ThiS LoSS?

  • Meemie the Eevee
    Meemie the Eevee 9 hours ago

    Teacher: shows his disappointment in me Everyone else: ... My brain, to me: "You're an unforgivable, idiot monster" Me, one hour later: stabbing myself with an exact-o-knife in an empty classroom Me, three hours later after I've patched myself up: "FUCK that teacher!"

  • Adam Clarke
    Adam Clarke 9 hours ago

    Wow I didn't know chick fil a was like that

  • amelia dooley
    amelia dooley 9 hours ago

    “God bless”

  • Lilly Lizzie666
    Lilly Lizzie666 9 hours ago


  • Keira Copeland
    Keira Copeland 9 hours ago

    Me and my dyslexic ass: "Piano Attacks" *w a c k*

  • Proud Ass Army
    Proud Ass Army 9 hours ago

    I hate panic attacks, I had one at a drama club audition. We didn’t have a choice, we had to sing, BUT I DIDN’T LMAO! On stage I started crying, I couldn’t breathe well, I couldn’t speak, and my legs committed not alive lol. It was so embarrassing and I also have social anxiety So.... I kinda sorta ran away from the audition 😂 one of the most embarrassing things that have happened to me

  • KK Crafty
    KK Crafty 9 hours ago

    I love this video so much! <3 After watching it really made me happy and less alone. My anxiety spikes ( if you’d call it that) in one particular class. When it does spike, it makes me second guess myself . For example, I’d be taking a test. I am now reviewing my answers and feel aching in my tummy. So I would change the answer, even after several times checking. Then when I get my test back, I would usually have a D - B on it. And the main reason I do this is 1. I’m In a advanced class ( So I’m more pressured to get the stuff correct)2. My classmates aren’t the best 3. My teacher always has assigned seats and my seat is always we the part of the class that has the bully’s.

  • shadow master69
    shadow master69 9 hours ago

    wow it smell so good

  • Minion Man
    Minion Man 9 hours ago

    You could have reported him for rape.

  • IDissprxt _Josh
    IDissprxt _Josh 9 hours ago

    I have anxiety and sometimes when I get nervous my hands start to sweat and tears come out of my eyes

  • Minion Man
    Minion Man 9 hours ago

    Noah. GET THE BOAT!!!!