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Kane Brown - Weekend
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  • Kissandra Cope
    Kissandra Cope 19 minutes ago

    i love your songs

  • Daniely Oliveira
    Daniely Oliveira 38 minutes ago

    Hola Argentinos😍🇦🇷

  • MedSou
    MedSou Hour ago

    Who love *Kane Brown* ? || || ⬇️⬇️

  • speed150mph
    speed150mph 2 hours ago

    Great song. Now if only I could stop messing up the first line saying “remember when ninth grade was about getting laid” 🤣 damn dirty mind. And no, I wasn’t trying to get laid in 9th grade, don’t worry

  • Sawyer Dalle nogare
    Sawyer Dalle nogare 2 hours ago

    great song

  • Bryant Vance
    Bryant Vance 3 hours ago

    This feeling is the most amazing thing I've ever had is with you... Me & U...it DEFFENTLY RIGHT.....I want u in my life for a lifetime so just... MARRY ME.... WE BOTH WANT IT SO LETS JUST DO IT... WE R DEFFENTLY IN LOVE with each other

  • Paula Hartman
    Paula Hartman 4 hours ago

    Love the bulldog

  • Frank Canales
    Frank Canales 4 hours ago

    buena musica

  • avonni phillips
    avonni phillips 4 hours ago

    im at school watching this XD

  • Santa Sanchez
    Santa Sanchez 4 hours ago

    who still listening in december ! ?🥰

  • Valerie  Duran
    Valerie Duran 4 hours ago

    Today Is my birthday I'm 41 years old today I'm happy

  • Jim Hayes
    Jim Hayes 4 hours ago

    some of us trying to be a good dad but child doesn't see it that way

  • Destri Smith
    Destri Smith 5 hours ago

    *starts crying* realizes that ion have a girlfriend 😖

  • Drozone Video
    Drozone Video 5 hours ago

    Beats? Do you even air pods, bro?

    TOMATO_HEAD 6 hours ago

    Feels like new town road

  • Im Jamail
    Im Jamail 8 hours ago

    Shoutout to youre BigBoy 👍

  • Alliejovillarreal Jo

    This song remembers me when I get die

  • Denise Turner
    Denise Turner 9 hours ago

    I love you so much and

  • Lynne Jones
    Lynne Jones 9 hours ago

    What a beautiful song. This Kane Brown kid really can sing What a deep man voice. Dig it.

  • Eunice Gacheke
    Eunice Gacheke 12 hours ago

    a voice one can die for🙃🙃☺️

  • Last Chance Gaming
    Last Chance Gaming 14 hours ago

    that southern twang

  • Akim Diallo
    Akim Diallo 14 hours ago

    Wer ist da 2019👍🤙

  • Thingreishon Kh
    Thingreishon Kh 16 hours ago

    I love this song soooooo much ...... biggest fan of kane brown here... 🖐

  • Mitcheal Johnson
    Mitcheal Johnson 17 hours ago

    I'm Playing This Song For My Girlfriend When I Give Her a Promise Ring On Christmas

  • Tanner Podany
    Tanner Podany 17 hours ago

    love aLL THE SONGS

  • Charly BlackBird
    Charly BlackBird 17 hours ago

    Perfect. HE'S gorgeous.

  • Candy Ouellette
    Candy Ouellette 17 hours ago

    Anyone would want that type of love in their life.

  • Candy Ouellette
    Candy Ouellette 17 hours ago

    I love the way he loves his wife.

  • Morenojz Jimnez
    Morenojz Jimnez 18 hours ago

    El canta country lo conos por eso muy bueno

  • shelbi celes
    shelbi celes 18 hours ago

    My soldier is deployed for 6 long months and I’m pregnant with our first child. He won’t be able to be here for the birth. I listen to this song on the daily because he loves this song.

  • lyrics
    lyrics 18 hours ago

    [Verse 1] Dancin' in the kitchen, you singing my favorite songs Swinging on the front porch, just laughing at the dogs How you swear you love me more When you're whisperin' goodnight All those little moments are every reason why [Chorus] I'm homesick This feelin' that I'm feeling' No, it don't quit It's like half of me is missin' Heaven knows it that all I wanna do Is be alone with your brown eyes all tangled up Just holdin' onto you tonight Until the mornin' Baby that's the damn truth If home is where the heart is Then I'm homesick for you [Verse 2] Well it says Kane Brown On a sign with a line out the door It sold out some little town I've never been before Yeah, they're screamin' my name This is what we dreamed about But out here singin' about you, baby, all I think about [Chorus] Is how I'm homesick This feelin' that I'm feelin' No, it don't quit It's like half of me is missin' Heaven knows it that all I wanna do Is be alone with your brown eyes all tangled up Just holdin' onto you tonight Until the morning Baby that's the damn truth If home is where the heart is I'm homesick for you [Bridge] Homesick for you Yeah, yeah [Chorus] I'm homesick This feelin' that I'm feelin' No, it don't quit It's like half of me is missin' Heaven knows it that all I wanna do Is be alone with your brown eyes, just tangled up Just holdin' onto you tonight Until the mornin' Baby, that's the damn truth If home is where the heart is I'm homesick for you I'm homesick for you Yeah, yeah

  • Charly BlackBird
    Charly BlackBird 18 hours ago

    What if I .......replay this song?

  • Daniel Elliott
    Daniel Elliott 18 hours ago

    This is by far the best version of the song and deserves alot more notice for his music 😊

  • britney arne
    britney arne 19 hours ago

    im crying rn, i cantttttt

  • justin parker
    justin parker 19 hours ago

    Great song

  • jed wilson
    jed wilson 19 hours ago

    i remember walking in my door in 07 after 2 years away in iraq and my 4 kids never knew thier daddy was coming home this song hits home god bless my fellow usaf brothers ans sisters

  • Rick Gravel
    Rick Gravel 20 hours ago

    Wow this song is really amazing! Great work!!

    MATTHEW SCHULZ 20 hours ago

    perfect song to lisen to when farming

  • FLY EAGLES FLY Peace85

    Whats up fam👊

  • Rohan Thompson
    Rohan Thompson 20 hours ago

    Beautiful song

  • Tristan Stathos
    Tristan Stathos 20 hours ago

    Yo I always have wonted to do a song with Kane brown

  • mobile gamin
    mobile gamin 21 hour ago

    Yo kane brown is one of the best

  • Lanaya Krezymon
    Lanaya Krezymon 21 hour ago

    R.I.P repeat button

  • Lolwolf Pet
    Lolwolf Pet 21 hour ago

    I'm a guy and I think he's hot

  • Hayde Gutierrez
    Hayde Gutierrez 21 hour ago

    That voice tho😌💕👌

  • Grace Troyer
    Grace Troyer 21 hour ago

    I love you music

  • Bad Intentions
    Bad Intentions 22 hours ago

    Thank you to all the brave people who sacrificed so much so that we can be safe. Heros!

  • Jennifer Ganus
    Jennifer Ganus 23 hours ago

    Seriously just watched this like 15 times , lordy

  • lexi Shaddox
    lexi Shaddox 23 hours ago

    I love Kane brown hes a good country singer

  • Jennifer Ganus
    Jennifer Ganus 23 hours ago

    Jeez he's HOT, golly !

  • Margie McLamb
    Margie McLamb 23 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Julia Schaedel
    Julia Schaedel 23 hours ago

    I Love His Sons Can't Stop Watching His Videos He Touches My Heart Gives Me Chills.

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole 23 hours ago

    Please make more awesome videos you are awesome ☆$$

  • Debra Askew
    Debra Askew Day ago

    I love Kane ❤️ too

  • best music
    best music Day ago

    I liiiiik you kane brown

  • MysteriiMann6244

    Never CRINGED so bad in my life....

  • Rachel Avilez
    Rachel Avilez Day ago

    For all those boys who vowed to do better, love and respect to guys!

  • Gavin Anderson

    Thank you for your service to the vet's and on active duty...stay safe out there Merry Christmas to all of you🙂🙂🙂🙂🎄

  • NFS_ Caleb23
    NFS_ Caleb23 Day ago


  • Danielle Zurla


  • melody Hakunavanhu


  • AICHA BH_11
    AICHA BH_11 Day ago

    DECEMBER 2019?ANYONE? ⬇️

  • Emily Celestine

    l love it songs 😍❤️ beautiful song ❤️❤️

  • alicia Ryan
    alicia Ryan Day ago

    🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 I'm homesick for you🎶

  • Quinten Eckhart

    big fan 111

  • Mwangi muthoni

    OMG I love this song...... Esp when am ⚡️.... Thank me later guys. 😂 😂

  • Queenxx
    Queenxx Day ago

    I love all your song's I'm so happy i found your music what a great artist you are 😊

  • Jamiel Rogers
    Jamiel Rogers Day ago

    This song makes me think alot about where im from

  • Mr X GaMer osi

    Bin wegen Tik Tok hier.. :o Wer noch??

  • Benjamin Clay
    Benjamin Clay Day ago

    fin sucks

  • one Don
    one Don Day ago

    I'm homesick for this Christmas😏 cookie and milk anyone??? 😋😋🙏

  • Pedro Sabino
    Pedro Sabino Day ago

    I love you Kane brown

  • Daniel Petrey
    Daniel Petrey Day ago

    I love Kane Brown

  • Jonathan Palmer

    Come to Louisville at the KFC yum center

  • Xander Fuchs
    Xander Fuchs Day ago

    kane brown rules listen to the song hometown by kane brown

  • Jennifer Morgan

    Love this song we all need some one like this in our life ❤️

  • not here
    not here Day ago

    This song touches my heart so much, God bless the ones in the same situation

  • Nicky Chatsak
    Nicky Chatsak Day ago

    I love your song

  • Debbie Molitor

    Aww he is so Gifted and my Lord that Voice i could Listen to all day & Night :) I am so in Love with his Music :)

  • michele pedrini


  • Maggy Almay9
    Maggy Almay9 Day ago


  • Nearly Stuck
    Nearly Stuck Day ago

    I first heard this song the other day, as I'm driving home from dropping my Airman off at the airport. I had to pull over so I could see again.

  • Jesusindara Orekoya

    It's my 3rd fav song I love his songs

  • marty ditirwa
    marty ditirwa Day ago

    I'm honestly your biggest fan Kane brown. All the way from Botswana 🇧🇼. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ This song drives me craaaaazy.

  • HenrynCandy Laughman

    Thank you chad for making me smile again

  • Christy KRAUS
    Christy KRAUS Day ago

    ❤Kane Brown💙 #1 I just love this young man going to see him in Concert " 2020 " for the 4th time YEAH!!!!AND EVERY CONCERT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER EVERYTIME #FAN #FROM #DAY #ONE #FAN #FOR #LIFE

  • Rosscoeginncoe Lake Havasu & Orange County

    Tracy and Ross put in some work in SoCal 🙌🏻

  • Rippin n Lippin


  • Andy Macedo
    Andy Macedo Day ago

    Y'all want to get my attention you know how ! No secret - Selena knows what u like and pay attention to ! I'm simple - uncomplicated - like del griffin what you see is exactly what you get ! Remember my wife likes me my customers like me I like me ! Authentic - be yourself I only know how to be Andy the idiot from Massachusetts !

  • Stacy Nava
    Stacy Nava Day ago

    This song makes me think of my son and his wife. Hes in the Air Force

  • Lovely My
    Lovely My Day ago


  • Irma Salazar
    Irma Salazar Day ago

    A mí me gusta el chico y hasta su corte sexy 🤭🤪

  • Power'S KiLL
    Power'S KiLL Day ago

    The Best song for relax

  • Yok Haos
    Yok Haos Day ago

    Does he keep telling that he wants to be g.a.y? :)

  • Tina Pohl
    Tina Pohl Day ago

    thank you

  • Tina Pohl
    Tina Pohl Day ago

    this is my aunts theam song shepassed away this year but thing is that she was like my older sister we were VERY close

  • Wendy Moseng
    Wendy Moseng Day ago

    You bring true hard times to music. Don’t let celebrities mess with you. Most important don’t become one of them. Please, please don’t become one of the righteous fuckers. Sorry I’m 62 and speck my mind.

  • Michael Mitchell

    Beautiful voice sucks that country music awards shun you! You also seem like a beautiful person 😊😊...ps im a 50 year old dude i definitely appreciate the good tunes your are kicking out to us

  • Risos de Oro
    Risos de Oro Day ago

    Tomorrow tonight para el resto de mi vida te amo y siempre estare para ti bae aunque no me ames como yo a ti,pero siempre te llevare en mi ❤ te amo

  • unicorn cupcake