Bloodhound LSR
Bloodhound LSR
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Mission Accomplished!
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  • stuart jarvis
    stuart jarvis 7 minutes ago

    Better get this done before Brexit goes through or these two chap will be "bye bye Johnny foreigner, go home" gone...

  • steve ed
    steve ed 21 minute ago

    2021 is the year that Britain breaks the land speed record 😊🇬🇧

  • Garry Beard
    Garry Beard 34 minutes ago

    It makes things go very very fast then. Great video guys well done.👍🇬🇧🍺🤘

  • Steve Clements
    Steve Clements 42 minutes ago

    Interesting job you fellas have.... 😊

  • Steve Clements
    Steve Clements 42 minutes ago

    Interesting job you fellas have.... 😊

  • John Sim
    John Sim Hour ago

    Isn't that the same fuel as the V-2 rocket?

  • sjb2oak
    sjb2oak Hour ago

    Why is this taking so long!!! It's not rocket science!🙂

  • Patrick Sawyer
    Patrick Sawyer 2 hours ago

    Interesting. First I'd heard of the switch from a hybrid motor to monopropellant liquid.

  • Nailed IT
    Nailed IT 2 hours ago

    Can't wait for more videos like this.

  • kydrythm
    kydrythm 2 hours ago

    Okay, now what??

  • ritual301
    ritual301 3 hours ago

    Love that you guys keep the environment in mind, while developing for the project! Kudos to you all🙂

  • steve ed
    steve ed 3 hours ago

    It will propel Britain to the record books and break land speed record 😊🇬🇧

  • Frank J Bott
    Frank J Bott 4 hours ago

    You guys and the entire project is just down right cool! Period!

  • Robin Frischkopf
    Robin Frischkopf 4 hours ago

    If it doesn't work I would contact Peter Beck of Rocket Lab. Rutherford engines would be perfect for this application. Probably wouldn't need the jet engine anymore then.

    • Robin Frischkopf
      Robin Frischkopf 37 minutes ago

      @scabthecat Just slap some wheels onto an Electron and replace the second stage with a cockpit.

    • scabthecat
      scabthecat Hour ago

      just a different car

  • harry smith
    harry smith 4 hours ago

    Can't wait to see the testing good luck guys and gals most of all stay safe RESPECT at you all 😎😎😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍

  • Anglus
    Anglus 4 hours ago

    Here's to the Bloodhound team wherever you're from. The worlds biggest car fart lol

  • knightsofn1
    knightsofn1 4 hours ago

    12-18 months?

  • Peter Herrington
    Peter Herrington 5 hours ago

    Interesting stuff. Pretty sure that's the same system Eric tebuel uses on his quarter mile bike . Great power and excellent reliability.

  • Racing News
    Racing News 5 hours ago

    Unbelievable! I wish everyone involved at Bloodhound all the best. This LSR project should be getting more attention.

  • Owen Sparks
    Owen Sparks 5 hours ago

    Other than the rocket what other engineering is required for the record attempt? Ta, Owen.

  • chris carter
    chris carter 6 hours ago

    2021 are you fucking kidding us? ! ! ! This is the land based version of the james webb space would be so funny if elon musk decided to go 1000mph and he would have it done in 6 months , can't help feeling some of you are keeping yourselves in a job. I'm done following this bullshit carousel. Watch how fast they delete this comment because the truth hurts. 🖕

  • anthony love
    anthony love 6 hours ago

    just great well done to all

  • chap666ish
    chap666ish 6 hours ago

    HTP-powered rocket to get to the moon??? That's rather novel...

    • MX304
      MX304 5 hours ago

      Not getting to the moon, landing on the moon. Big difference. HTP doesn't have enough power density to power a rocket from Earth to the Moon.

  • Vizzo
    Vizzo 6 hours ago

    Fantastic! It’s great to see Nammo supporting the project 🚀

  • ironman tooltime
    ironman tooltime 7 hours ago

    2021??? 😭

  • Bill Kerr
    Bill Kerr 7 hours ago

    Monopropellant... but using H2O2? I didn't know that could make a full power rocket motor. I thought Bloodhound was to use a hybrid rocket motor.

    • Zadster
      Zadster 2 hours ago

      @Jim Patrick I believe Jaguar's involvement ceased when the new owner took over. Last I heard, they were moving to an electrically driven pump. Potentially smaller, lighter, more powerful and easier to package in terms of dealing with coolant, fuel etc.

    • MX304
      MX304 4 hours ago

      Original plan was a hybrid. Not so much because it was needed, but because it was an engineering exercise. The HTP rocket will work just fine, most likely with a higher safety margin.

    • Jim Patrick
      Jim Patrick 5 hours ago

      Bill Kerr yes they had planned a hybrid, but I assume with using a jag V12 as the fuel pump and all the plumbing they wanted something a little more simple. It’ll still pack quite a punch I bet!

    • Bill Kerr
      Bill Kerr 5 hours ago

      @Jim Patrick Yes, I've only heard of H2O2 used alone in small thrusters but it can be used in hybrids too. Spaceship1 used H2O2 as the oxidiser and solid rubber as the fuel for its hybrid motor I believe. I thought I read that the original Bloodhound effort was going to do that as well.

    • Jim Patrick
      Jim Patrick 6 hours ago

      Bill Kerr you can decompose HTP to basically create steam. That’s how jet packs work. It has very low specific impulse and port efficiency due to low combustion temperatures, but also because of these it is very cheap! You can make a dual fuel rocket with HTP and kerosene, temperatures are higher and so Is efficiency but more complexity.

  • Kirsty Sinclair
    Kirsty Sinclair 7 hours ago

    How exciting .

    KINGT1GER 7 hours ago

    Keep up the good work, Britain rules the World..

    • JustJoe73
      JustJoe73 5 hours ago

      @KINGT1GER Your post didn't age well :D #2hoursIn #StupidWhenPosted

    • ironman tooltime
      ironman tooltime 7 hours ago

      Piss off back oop North yer racist twat

    • forbiddencrisis
      forbiddencrisis 7 hours ago

      @convinth mere technicality

    • convinth
      convinth 7 hours ago

      Er, yes, but correct me if I'm wrong but the two interviewees seemed to be mainland Europeans.

  • 잔치국수
    잔치국수 21 hour ago

    Why should you run the ground with a jet engine?

  • Kronos my account got hacked

    Not sponsored by the Green Party.. No ABS either... Hold his balls

  • Sven Täveby
    Sven Täveby Day ago

    Was that sir Richard Noble @ 3.14?

  • Unknow User
    Unknow User Day ago

    I'm remember the cinema back to the future :')..

  • Budi Binomo
    Budi Binomo Day ago

    Jutaan orang bahkan tidak menyadari bahwa mereka bisa menghasilkan 1000 USD sehari tanpa meninggalkan rumah

  • Budi Binomo
    Budi Binomo Day ago


  • Myk TA
    Myk TA Day ago

    thats just the jet engine... but if the rocket comes in

  • Eduardo Trujillo

    But can it beat my modded mustang that goes faster than the speed of light??

  • FortNikitaBullion
    FortNikitaBullion 2 days ago

    How about a vehicle that can go directly from land into orbit with no further thrust upon taking flight?

  • ajay kumar
    ajay kumar 2 days ago

    i want to make better than this . okk is that clear

  • S Miller
    S Miller 2 days ago

    Basically drifted the car at 650mph

  • Razan254
    Razan254 3 days ago

    Imagine having races, but using this

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson 3 days ago

    It's Ken Warbys Spirit of Australia on wheels. Cheaters.

  • GetUpFalcon
    GetUpFalcon 3 days ago

    Quality human beings involved in this project

  • LadyAnuB
    LadyAnuB 3 days ago

    What about the noise? A 1000 mph car will make a tremendous amount of noise as it moves along. Will this have any impact or is it mitigated due to the amount of runs being kept to a minimum?

  • kyle robinson
    kyle robinson 3 days ago

    they are going to eat those goats.

  • Peter Yianilos
    Peter Yianilos 4 days ago

    I’m sure some will strongly disagree, but I feel the entire project celebrates the human condition. Bravo to the team.

  • Chillax animates
    Chillax animates 4 days ago

    A car?????

  • David miorgan
    David miorgan 4 days ago

    White people are geniuses!

    • Dream World
      Dream World Day ago

      U RACIST WHITE PEICE OF CRAP, One of them in this video called this CAR, its a FREAKING jet on wheels. I dont see nothing smart about it yr so stupid that your Racist ya twit.

  • Marius van Niekerk
    Marius van Niekerk 5 days ago

    Don't want your s#|t laying around in the pan, understood? There's nothing here, let's keep it that way!

  • andrew henderson
    andrew henderson 5 days ago

    What happened to all the money people paid to have their name on the tail?

  • Pankaj kumar sharma

    Why it couldn't take off??

  • Nec Big Dog Ozzi
    Nec Big Dog Ozzi 5 days ago

    At 1000 mph the aluminum wheels will be 95 centigrade or 199 Fahrenheit hitting the ground they should become orange. Can't wait to see it.

  • Bob Smithies
    Bob Smithies 5 days ago

    When they go for the record, will it be shown live on TheXvid and Facebook ?

  • Owen Smith
    Owen Smith 5 days ago

    Burning Man should watch this and take notes, so they can look after Black Rock desert rather better in future than they have in the past.

  • Jack Winters
    Jack Winters 5 days ago

    Thrust SSC bloodhound: *ENTERS THE CHAT*

  • Garry Beard
    Garry Beard 5 days ago

    Fantastic job well done lads.all by the book .professionalisms at it’s very best love your environment .👍🇬🇧🍺🤘

  • Cauã Alves
    Cauã Alves 5 days ago

    I wish i could see the DAMN car

  • Marta Celmer
    Marta Celmer 5 days ago

    Forza hirizont 4 class x xD

  • jonny somers
    jonny somers 6 days ago

    "By next year, there should be no indication Bloodhound was even on the pan"? I thought they were going for the LSR next year?

    • Derek Pirie
      Derek Pirie 5 days ago

      Yes. After the Pan has dried after the floods, about the same time as this years Test run.

  • Man Cheetah
    Man Cheetah 6 days ago

    It’s pathetic they have to worry about this shit just to keep a dozen hippy- keyboard warriors happy.

    • Michael Mccarthy
      Michael Mccarthy 2 hours ago

      It's the jurisdictional government that must be assuaged to allow their presence.

    • MUDGEL
      MUDGEL 5 days ago

      It’s called acting responsibly.

    • F0X_H0UND
      F0X_H0UND 5 days ago

      Although I agree with you somewhat - this will calm down the overly aggressive armchair activists for the most part. I do believe that the work that they put in towards the environment here will actually be beneficial in the long run.

    FEDERICO LAZZARI 6 days ago

    5 Stars Team! Incredible organization and Passion in this Dangerous But Historic Challenge. 😎 Very Proud for You Guys... Good Luck! ❤️🇮🇹👍

  • Lee Rogers
    Lee Rogers 6 days ago

    No less than I expected from this highly professional team . Well done guys.

  • CragSide
    CragSide 6 days ago

    So its probably best I didn't go, i would have been been practicing doughnut for sure :)

  • DST- Engines
    DST- Engines 6 days ago

    Looks great 😍

  • Philip Williams
    Philip Williams 6 days ago

    Incredible attention to detail, well done team Bloodhound!

  • Mauricio Junior
    Mauricio Junior 6 days ago

    Hey, invite #LewisHamilton to drive this car!

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 6 days ago

    All as it should be. 👍

  • Martin Heathcote
    Martin Heathcote 6 days ago

    Another example of how well this project is being conducted. So thorough in all aspects from the science through the engineering and technology to the impact on the local people and environment. Exactly how things should be done. Brilliant work team.

  • Steve Tank
    Steve Tank 6 days ago

    The thumbs down was probably salty Americans

    • Gregory Veizades
      Gregory Veizades 5 days ago

      As an American. I'm not salty. Unless you were making a Bonneville joke. Then yes I am.

  • Global Nomad
    Global Nomad 6 days ago

    thanks for a very clear and reassuring explanation of the environmental impact or lack thereof...

  • Jon Bradbury
    Jon Bradbury 6 days ago

    How could someone give this a thumbs down; a fabulouse engineering project to achieve something most people still think is impossible (over 1,000MPH in a car) with barest of impacts on the pan? Absolutely brilliant

    • TheBarnestah
      TheBarnestah 5 days ago

      Obviously to yellow to leave a comment about there dissatisfaction. Loosers. Great work team. Massive respect to you all.

    • Martin Heathcote
      Martin Heathcote 6 days ago

      Indeed. How on earth can anyone give a thumbs down for this? People baffle me sometimes.

  • animated flow
    animated flow 6 days ago

    This has to be one of the most professional organisations of all time. Prep, the runs, the work after. Highly impressed.

  • Kelvin130552
    Kelvin130552 6 days ago

    Well done to everyone on the team and the local help and all involved with the logistics to make everything run as smooth as possible. Looking forward to next years runs to achieve 1000mph!

  • drdavid
    drdavid 6 days ago

    A brilliant presentation demonstrating how the project is doing virtually no harm whatsoever to the ecology of the pan. And somebody downvoted it. WTF?

    • Pauli
      Pauli 5 days ago

      @Buzz Killington Yeah. When the view count has been less than 100

    • Buzz Killington
      Buzz Killington 6 days ago

      John yep have you ever seen a youtube video without a thumbs down

    • John
      John 6 days ago

      There's always one....

  • Basel Kader
    Basel Kader 6 days ago

    How fascinating! A great insight.

  • Gazrat jackson
    Gazrat jackson 6 days ago

    No one gave a rats ass before the $$$$ started flowing ffs, I hope that shrimp survives like it has for the last billion years. Is Greta thonberg involved??

  • Rob Christopher
    Rob Christopher 6 days ago

    This project seems to have been run incredibly responsibly and professionally - really hope we get to see a much deserved new LSR of 1,000 + MPH next year!

  • D. Allan
    D. Allan 6 days ago

    I had no idea about the environmental side of it. Great work !

  • Alex goss
    Alex goss 6 days ago

    Thanks for the great video, it's amazing to see how much effort goes into preserving the pan.

  • Damien Milk
    Damien Milk 6 days ago

    Great work. A brilliant effort so far congratulations to ALL involved

  • Carl Reiche
    Carl Reiche 6 days ago


    • Carl Reiche
      Carl Reiche 6 days ago

      Have posted on LKND, especially for the ME as they can learn much from this

  • Terry Moseley
    Terry Moseley 6 days ago

    Why "Bloodhound"? A bloodhound is not a particularly fast dog!

    • David miorgan
      David miorgan 4 days ago

      Because they are hunting the world record.

  • Pol Daniel
    Pol Daniel 7 days ago


    THE LÊGAL GAMĚŔ 7 days ago

    Just imagine a 45°ramp. He would launch to space.

  • Martins Kupcis
    Martins Kupcis 7 days ago

    How dare you! :)

  • Erwintwr1
    Erwintwr1 7 days ago

    Well done team! Keep it up! (or down rather :P)

  • Itz Shock
    Itz Shock 7 days ago

    Theoretically, that car can drive on water when it reaches the “sonic boom” if it is flat waters and no waves. Im just a kid so that’s my thought.

  • Takavor Vardig
    Takavor Vardig 7 days ago

    Congratulations on a pointless exercise.

    • David miorgan
      David miorgan 4 days ago

      Moron, all advancements in everything ever done are taken in steps. How can anyone be so Bullwinkle stupid?

  • Hurricane Matt
    Hurricane Matt 7 days ago

    This is fun to watch but rather pointless. How about attempting the electric car land speed record? At least that would lead to tech that would be one day used by the masses.

    • David miorgan
      David miorgan 4 days ago

      Why don't you? Is it because you are a lowlife? That has never done anything? Yup, you and I both know you will never do anything, you're just to stupid, to simple minded, to inbred, and to greedy to do anything for anything except yourself!

  • Sam Eer
    Sam Eer 7 days ago


  • Yogi Man
    Yogi Man 8 days ago


  • Hussain Moosa
    Hussain Moosa 8 days ago

    it isnt faster than the speed of sound

  • Ali Kemal
    Ali Kemal 8 days ago

    What is the purpose of this project?

    • David miorgan
      David miorgan 4 days ago

      To be as different from people like you as possible!

  • Mantikal
    Mantikal 8 days ago

    You know, I may finally be able to get to work on time with this.

  • Mystery of Science
    Mystery of Science 8 days ago

    Tgis is not car this is jet

  • U.S. of CHINA
    U.S. of CHINA 8 days ago

    Unfortunately none of it was captured on camera therefore unconfirmed 🤔 all hearsay 😏

  • Zasty
    Zasty 8 days ago

    Producer: How much land do you need? Driver: Yes

  • Landon Combs
    Landon Combs 8 days ago

    Worlds fastest car? More like the worlds fastest car jet

  • TikTok
    TikTok 8 days ago

    Can I mount this on my Ferrari?...

  • Zach Meyers
    Zach Meyers 9 days ago

    Wtf did she say at the start of the video

  • luv luvzu
    luv luvzu 9 days ago

    My yaris is faster