Kanye West
Kanye West
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  • Rolando Soul
    Rolando Soul 4 months ago

    F****** Amazing

  • EclipZe Muzik
    EclipZe Muzik 5 months ago

    i love your page!

  • FLYWHEEL1967
    FLYWHEEL1967 4 years ago

    Kanye West is such a disappointment to black people even Martin Luther King would tell to him to sit at the back of a bus..

  • telemetryz
    telemetryz 4 years ago

    If you would of charged me on stage like that, I'd of knocked all your front teeth out on the spot. Feral nigger. Gutless talentless hack. Let me know when your in Edmonton so I can come slap you around for a while. Niglet.

  • IMMusic9
    IMMusic9 4 years ago

    Some GOOD music on my channel !

  • Earnest McGuire
    Earnest McGuire 5 years ago

    Yo yezzy keep making that shit 4 us young fly ass n!ggaz ta roc too !!!! Ya dig Chi town's BOSS !!!!

    • johnh mclekl
      johnh mclekl 4 years ago

      hes in illuminati no doubt homo jews

  • Krsna Golden
    Krsna Golden 5 years ago

    what up sir this is Kris from Euphonics holla at me I got a Young producer that has a new sound killing shit he from chicago and reminds me of you as far as his drive! Boogz knows him and I know he works with you still u been good I know the people give you a lot of flack but fam I am proud of you I liked just about everything you have put out this last album you touched some real topics and took some risk.... I aint never been a yes man so I can say with honesty I really liked it and I think its some of your best work yet keep at it Kid and sorry about your Mom she was really nice to me and everyone who would visit you when you were starting up......keep it up stay ahead of the game make yo doe and live the dream this what we all thought you could accomplish and you have went beyond all of the back packers and bboys beat makers and hustlers in the city.....I humbly applaud your efforts and your contributions to Hip Hop!

  • Obito
    Obito 5 years ago


  • Christina Wagner
    Christina Wagner 5 years ago

    Yeezus is no.1 in the world charts

  • McKeever Barrow
    McKeever Barrow 5 years ago

    I've been searching high and low for the "Cruel Summer" short film. . .I'm no critic, blogger, etc. I'm just a Yeezy listener! Put it on the net, PLEEAASSSEEE!!??!?

  • TheCjerozuk
    TheCjerozuk 5 years ago

    KANYE please post the Cruel Summer film! im dying to watch it

  • luluheartsnunu
    luluheartsnunu 5 years ago

    Looking forward to more videos Kanye!

  • Christina Wagner
    Christina Wagner 6 years ago

    Clique is no.38 in the world charts

  • spire52
    spire52 6 years ago

    U dope af

  • Christina Wagner
    Christina Wagner 6 years ago

    Clique is no.40 in the world charts

  • Christina Wagner
    Christina Wagner 6 years ago

    Clique is no.40 in the world charts

  • imrko
    imrko 6 years ago

    You need a video to the murder section of murder to excellence. You are blessed with a great ear for beats, my man.

  • Christina Wagner
    Christina Wagner 6 years ago

    Clique is no.35 in the world charts

  • trab ē
    trab ē 6 years ago


  • MoneyUpNation
    MoneyUpNation 6 years ago

    Check out Nate Cal on my Channel, He's Chicago's up and coming artist

  • Christina Wagner
    Christina Wagner 6 years ago

    Clique is no.10 in the world charts

  • Spiritual Master, Sage Omid Mankoo

    Hello Mr. West. My services are available in person as well as by book, which you can find out by a visit to my yotube channel. God Bless

  • Isaac Albright
    Isaac Albright 6 years ago

    kanye sittin comfy on the throne right now.bum niggs sit back and witness.

  • Larry Bird
    Larry Bird 6 years ago

    you know how when, you've traded your bass guytar for a saxophone, and you should have gotten a drum, couchin in pompei, after you moved from atlanta, you caught somebody's germs, got sick and watched the DARK KNIGHT RISING after you watched BEOWOLF,,,PERSONALLY I'd fuck the 3 graces 2 after I watched the super friends,,,that damned sinestro.....and the birdman......only on a cloudy day, only on a cloudy day,you hang the cloths out and hope they get dry...dble-down your bet, go get a fishfry. in unseen moments, still a chance to lose, does he even know he has gum on his shoes

  • Zane
    Zane 6 years ago

    Will Be The BEST ALBUM 2012...Cant Wait to see What G.O.O.D. MUSIC 2013 will Bring ! hope im signed by then !!

  • Johan Andrade
    Johan Andrade 6 years ago

    I know that someday i will make a song with you.

  • Norran'z World
    Norran'z World 6 years ago

    Norran Gunniz

  • Blackstone Avenue
    Blackstone Avenue 6 years ago

    Cant wait to buy Cruel Summer! Hopefully we get that Cudi track ft Kanye called "No One"

  • Christina Wagner
    Christina Wagner 6 years ago

    Mercy is no.38 in the world charts

  • Swisha Main
    Swisha Main 6 years ago

    check me out im a new artist ..sub to me ...i make good music

  • Christina Wagner
    Christina Wagner 6 years ago

    Mercy is no.34 in the world charts

  • sacrificial lamb
    sacrificial lamb 6 years ago

    post traumatic warlab stress

  • Christina Wagner
    Christina Wagner 6 years ago

    Mercy is no.21 in the world charts

  • Christina Wagner
    Christina Wagner 6 years ago

    Niggas in Paris is no.40 in the world charts

  • Hannah Fatlosers
    Hannah Fatlosers 6 years ago

    ur sexy

  • ZoOMMakesFunOfYou
    ZoOMMakesFunOfYou 7 years ago

    i am beating u soon kanye >:p