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  • Aidan Devine
    Aidan Devine Hour ago

    6:06 Lol.

  • Elliot Gibbons
    Elliot Gibbons 9 hours ago

    At 8:06, you can see they have a picture of their mother on the wall...right next to a sausage with the caption "FATHER" WTH?!

  • Roberto Cruz Trinidad

    this video is so funny i almost died from laughter! 😂😂😆 oh and by the way in 7:20 it shows father in ham in the picture

  • Beautiful me kabirah ali

    O my g his father is on the wall

  • Stephanie Mills
    Stephanie Mills 2 days ago

    Your so cute and funny xx

  • Джинзó Аркайдия

    1:28 Okay, that Melody is the same as in the russian movie Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors. I have no clue who is the orignal composer for it but I first heard it when I was 7-years old, then heard it again this year on a russian movie.

  • Kit Walker
    Kit Walker 3 days ago

    I used to get so scared while watching this, when I was so young. That wolf was really big and bad! XD haha

  • Megan Minor
    Megan Minor 5 days ago

    i wish we had these around still !

  • MARLEY duyshart
    MARLEY duyshart 5 days ago

    Its sooooooo funny guys 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 6 days ago


  • Jariah Mohd Tapsi
    Jariah Mohd Tapsi 7 days ago


  • رضا محمد
    رضا محمد 7 days ago

    and mother picture

    FRANCISCA CORDOVA 8 days ago

    At8:09 i saw there mother with all the pigs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    FRANCISCA CORDOVA 8 days ago

    Me to his tail 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    FRANCISCA CORDOVA 8 days ago

    I did see the picture

  • Adam COWLEY
    Adam COWLEY 12 days ago

    this is better then endgame

  • Paige Mandy Ajero
    Paige Mandy Ajero 12 days ago

    omg lungansa is your father

  • Sofia Reynoso
    Sofia Reynoso 13 days ago

    What a sense of humor! Father and Mother's pics ha ha

  • K P
    K P 14 days ago

    Dam I remember watch these type of shows like looney tunes and road runner coyote show etc. my favorite was Sylvester and tweety shows lol

  • Robert Alanis
    Robert Alanis 14 days ago

    I saw your flaw your father is dead hmmmmmm😡😡😡😡😡😡👏👏👏🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • jiroken lagbas
    jiroken lagbas 15 days ago

    omg i see another father's picture its a meat so creepy 7:29

  • nhayr
    nhayr 15 days ago

    I just notice that the mother is hanging in the wall 7:28 look

  • Lanie Monteras
    Lanie Monteras 16 days ago

    5:49 and 6:02 they put their mother and father in their frame ;-;

  • KM Fluffy Brony
    KM Fluffy Brony 16 days ago


  • Рик Санчез
    Рик Санчез 17 days ago

    Iam si scared bigb

  • jiroken lagbas
    jiroken lagbas 18 days ago

    what the heck i saw mother picture on it has alot of pig more like 5 or 6 pigs so creepy 8:07

  • jiroken lagbas
    jiroken lagbas 18 days ago

    so creepy!

  • jiroken lagbas
    jiroken lagbas 18 days ago

    OMG those pigs are creepy and father hanging in the picture so creepy! and their face are creepy when they sing

  • jiroken lagbas
    jiroken lagbas 18 days ago

    yea i saw it too kawaii anyone watching 2019???

  • 비현실비현실
    비현실비현실 18 days ago

    6:14 Lmao just imagine that's actually the dad that is trying to get in the house

  • 비현실비현실
    비현실비현실 18 days ago

    99% of the comments: About the father being a sausage. (At 5:50) 1%: Such a great StOrY and moral. NEVAH EVAH LET A STRANGER IN UR HOUSE :D

  • Stefan Gingrich
    Stefan Gingrich 18 days ago

    I would like to point out that the big bad wolf was supposed to be an Ala gory for the great dipression.

    BURGER SADNESS 19 days ago


  • wolfy night
    wolfy night 19 days ago


  • Ariana Tasnim
    Ariana Tasnim 20 days ago

    At 5:55 The same time as I saw the pigs mum giving birth to piglets and the dad was dead my Wi-Fi didn’t work Edited

  • Blake Champion
    Blake Champion 20 days ago

    This was kinda scary to watch😂😂

  • Samantha Dennis
    Samantha Dennis 21 day ago


  • IKERO_o amv
    IKERO_o amv 25 days ago

    Damn big b

  • Cynthia Ferreyra
    Cynthia Ferreyra 26 days ago


  • Yeru G
    Yeru G 29 days ago


  • Yeru G
    Yeru G 29 days ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha

  • Yeru G
    Yeru G 29 days ago

    Flute vilons stick brick hay

  • Yeru G
    Yeru G 29 days ago

    The small mall come over Juan funny faces sneeze snow builder I'm house

  • Yeru G
    Yeru G 29 days ago

    The never want goofy golbin the haunted witch piano quick part sunny goofy bonce done rub dub boo how bowel not bowel Muppet babies wolf werewolf pie do join circus wolf big bad wolf river help turpline the end ocean fire water messy ghost the buster the gentle spaceman

  • Yeru G
    Yeru G 29 days ago

    Pigs 🐖 the haunted terryfind ghoul golbin haunted witch

  • Yeru G
    Yeru G 29 days ago

    How big bad big wolf big bad wolf how go there

  • Yeru G
    Yeru G 29 days ago


  • Yeru G
    Yeru G 29 days ago

    Little pig little pig let me in not by not

  • Yeru G
    Yeru G 29 days ago

    Welcome 🔈flute 🎤 mirchphone vilon 🎻 frog 🐊 crodilie how big bad wolf

  • Yeru G
    Yeru G 29 days ago

    I'm build stick

  • Jaime T.
    Jaime T. 29 days ago

    14:19 yow he's head

  • Haroun Martin
    Haroun Martin 29 days ago

    White people hogs🖕

  • kalico the night fury

    1:06 mad at first day of school

  • shannonmm1
    shannonmm1 Month ago

    I worked my way to college HA that ones funny😆😂😄😹

  • ZzzFlarezzZ
    ZzzFlarezzZ Month ago

    5:59 the father frame was great


    And mother is on the wall

  • Javier Ambrosio
    Javier Ambrosio Month ago

    In the father sign people say hot dogs but I believe it’s sausages or hot dogs I’m not sure

  • Laila Davis
    Laila Davis Month ago

    I love this story

  • Marley_Gacha
    Marley_Gacha Month ago

    This is my past childhood favorite show. I watched this over and over again EVERY DAY and just found it again

  • Ariana Tasnim
    Ariana Tasnim Month ago

    The picture of your dad and your mother is Amazing

  • Master- OOF
    Master- OOF Month ago

    Me : so Donald Duck watch this PIG! Donald Duck : *EXCUSE ME I AIN' NO PIG!* *SHOUTS* Me : *walks backwards quickly*

  • Happy Ball
    Happy Ball Month ago

    I laughed way too hard when he said "I made my house of straw! I built my house of hay!"

  • Kelli Herreras
    Kelli Herreras Month ago

    In this video I do the voice of The Big Bad 🐺

  • tejaswini gaikwad

    Plz Hindi dubbed

  • Limey Lemon
    Limey Lemon Month ago

    I just realize their father is hanged up on the wall.... O-O

    • Ki
      Ki 28 days ago

      Limey Lemon me too!!!

  • powerkid23 ,Im just a fortnite player

    14:17 the picture of your father looks great :'D

  • Gonzalo L'Afflitto

    A jew? 6:07

  • Louie Balaba
    Louie Balaba Month ago

    Number 5:50 your father will die

  • Denez Stallworth
    Denez Stallworth Month ago

    Wow i remember this one

  • Rayan Tarmiz
    Rayan Tarmiz Month ago


  • Janusz Krowinski
    Janusz Krowinski Month ago

    G g go.

  • Megan Stella
    Megan Stella Month ago

    5:51 their father is hot dogs bruh you have to be kidding me!

  • Jesus Rodriguez
    Jesus Rodriguez Month ago

    He said blow your house in boi😂

  • Falcaograve
    Falcaograve Month ago

    2019 anyone :D i still remember this!

  • •kawaii potatoz •


  • patty bowden
    patty bowden Month ago

    poor pig

  • Akhnai SEAcel
    Akhnai SEAcel Month ago

    6:06 Russian Jew swindler

  • EmmanuelMagnus Dimacuha:/

    Hey it’s the OG bigby

  • Mega Noob
    Mega Noob Month ago

    5:50 the pigs killed their father and made him a sausage and took a picture of their father turned into sausage

  • RicTic66
    RicTic66 Month ago

    Sheer brilliance 🐷🐷🐷 😊

  • Asher Te Knight
    Asher Te Knight Month ago

    0:13 Legend of Zelda theme inspiration?

  • Nikola karen Wibisono

    yall saying father hanging on the wall yall should see at 7:30 look whats on the wall hmmmm? yeah another father :\

  • Nikola karen Wibisono

    Nostalgia ;v;

  • ThatAfricanBoi
    ThatAfricanBoi Month ago

    Who's here after Trap 3 little pigs?

  • Potatoe øwø
    Potatoe øwø Month ago

    It gave me nightmares when I was young and now I’m terrified of the wolf.. 🥵

  • Wite Tiger
    Wite Tiger Month ago

    You can only send me notifications if they're Looney tunes

  • Oceanie
    Oceanie Month ago

    Who else is terrified of the wolf? 😰

  • Blustery GT
    Blustery GT Month ago

    Just came here because I saw the scary part written in the website 😂

  • JustBear WithMe
    JustBear WithMe Month ago


  • LPS glitter
    LPS glitter Month ago

    5:50 Ok then They're Father is dead :/

  • Robin Ceuleers
    Robin Ceuleers Month ago

    One of my favorite disney shorts when i was a little boy 🤟🏻

  • Alma Huerta
    Alma Huerta Month ago


  • Pei Liu
    Pei Liu Month ago

    I mean... can you blame the wolf? They do look delicious lol

  • Jerry
    Jerry Month ago

    My childhood!! :)

  • BuzzKill
    BuzzKill Month ago

    I like how the Practical pig trolls the wolf by playing little cues on the piano each time he huffs and puffs.

  • Leonel Duque
    Leonel Duque Month ago

    5:58 father is hangin

  • Thomas Allen
    Thomas Allen 2 months ago

    14:14 father on the wall?! Hope they didn’t eat him

  • Frying Eggrolls
    Frying Eggrolls 2 months ago

    10% of the comment section: nostalgia The other 90% : HOLY MOLY GUYS DID YOU SEE THE FATHER ON THE WALL AT THE 5:50 MARK?!?!? THATS SO DARK AND SCARY

    • Vicente Olvera
      Vicente Olvera 15 days ago

      You could aso see ther mom when they come in

    STILL CHILL 2 months ago

    5:50 tf?! The father is putting into hot dogs eh?!?1 in the wall?!?

  • Gacha Choco
    Gacha Choco 2 months ago

    I remember watching this as like a 3 year old except it was an older video