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Jingle Bells intro on Comb
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  • UtTeR666
    UtTeR666 8 hours ago

    i’ve eaten pokémon cards before

  • UtTeR666
    UtTeR666 8 hours ago

    damn mad lad

  • KnottyTulip2713
    KnottyTulip2713 2 days ago

    Came off r/madlads

  • DynoSandwich
    DynoSandwich 4 days ago

    Dad: Son do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Son: A youtuber! Dad: Son people like that don't make enough money. Son: but, (shows him video) Dad: What do you need.

  • Gmad
    Gmad 5 days ago

    He actually liked it and ate it all. He stopped the recording so that people won't think he is weird

  • Liz
    Liz 5 days ago

    Remind me: 2019: ✔️ 2020: 2021: 2022: 2023:

  • Cameron Tibbs
    Cameron Tibbs 5 days ago

    Mad man

  • Justin Talley
    Justin Talley 6 days ago

    I saw this dude's post on Reddit and spent 30 minutes trying to remember the link but turns out I could have just wrote it down on a post-it 😭

  • Shane Bobey
    Shane Bobey 7 days ago

    Amazing. Now can you play the great Blue Danube?

  • Arnold Layne
    Arnold Layne 8 days ago

    Jukin Media owns this video...

  • celt67
    celt67 8 days ago

    I wonder if this will be on the Perry Combo Christmas album.

  • Monica Bauman
    Monica Bauman 9 days ago

    Hi! My name is Monica, and I work for Jukin Media, a viral video company. We're interested in representing one of your videos to our media partners in TV and online publications. Contact trending@jukinmedia.com about our offer! Thank you!

  • 4Js Gaming
    4Js Gaming 9 days ago

    not even a lie he actually flipping ate part of a book

  • Jules Doré
    Jules Doré 10 days ago

    Lyrics Comb comb comb... comb comb comb.. comb comb comb comb.. comb comb comb comb comb comb comb comb comb comb comb comb comb!

  • Protein Sparkles
    Protein Sparkles 10 days ago

    Outstanding job.

  • The Normie
    The Normie 10 days ago

    I cane here from a vid copied the link and holy hell

  • RolfeDeWolfe Rules est 2006

    I showed this to a bear Now he's Billy Bob

    • masterfrown
      masterfrown 10 days ago

      I showed this to a wolf Now he's Rolfe DeWolfe

  • Shadow Shinanigans
    Shadow Shinanigans 10 days ago

    I Typed The Link Out BY HAND Edit : Hello Fellow Redditors The Poster Of Lamae , Horror Of The Caved Halls Edit 2 : U/ShadowzeenOfWorth Edit 3 : This Was Posted A Day Before My Birthday. And Why Do I Make These?

    COMBO 11 days ago

    Is this TheXvid 2005?

  • Testing 123
    Testing 123 11 days ago

    Holy shit this was on trending good job man

  • Mr Blue Sky
    Mr Blue Sky 11 days ago


  • Alex Corrado
    Alex Corrado 11 days ago

    New Album "Now that's what I call music 2019" Out Now!

  • Courtney Mcneill
    Courtney Mcneill 11 days ago

    Make this the most liked comment so when this video gets recommended to me in 5 years I will see it 😂

  • Adam Kerrigan
    Adam Kerrigan 11 days ago

    What the fuck have i just watched people have way to much time what a sad cunt

  • Thanos
    Thanos 11 days ago

    *Now play megalovania with your microwave*

  • Raptorz GAMING
    Raptorz GAMING 11 days ago

    Lol its 38 trending on TheXvid

  • sophiemariie
    sophiemariie 11 days ago


  • Charlotte Edgar
    Charlotte Edgar 11 days ago

    Well that 12 seconds of my life I won’t get back

  • ThatRandomLogic
    ThatRandomLogic 11 days ago


  • Ash Rodway
    Ash Rodway 11 days ago

    Legend 😎😎✌

  • Lilrex12345765
    Lilrex12345765 11 days ago

    How has this person uploaded two videos in the same day with 700 subs and is hitting thousands kf views doing stuff like this

  • Swedish Sam
    Swedish Sam 11 days ago

    This is the original content we want back on TheXvid. Who agrees?

  • Cherry Toastie
    Cherry Toastie 11 days ago

    This is the shit the trending tab should be filled with

  • Lee Pearson
    Lee Pearson 11 days ago

    jingle bells batman smells robin laid an egg

  • Kirsty Louise Wilson

    This should be Christmas #1 😂

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter 11 days ago

    Why is this trending?

  • S T
    S T 11 days ago

    *No One I mean No one Searched this video up* *Recommended showing us grails*

  • Changez Ahmed
    Changez Ahmed 11 days ago


  • MLZVilicious
    MLZVilicious 11 days ago

    How is this trending???

  • Dizzy ninja
    Dizzy ninja 11 days ago


  • Musoke Magic
    Musoke Magic 11 days ago


  • Salty Prepper
    Salty Prepper 11 days ago

    Browsing trending and this is by far the best content there

  • Nagia Zia
    Nagia Zia 11 days ago

    Hi Thanks so sweet

  • PoisonHotdog
    PoisonHotdog 11 days ago

    This is the legendary content that deserves to be on Trending

  • Keep Calm And Travel On

    Ok, that's enough of TheXvid for today...

  • Turnh
    Turnh 11 days ago

    I want more like this on trending

  • Иван Грозный

    Please 10 hours version)

  • zorpio
    zorpio 11 days ago


  • Royal Gaming
    Royal Gaming 11 days ago

    Featuring - Nits and Dandruff

  • ACoonerMatata
    ACoonerMatata 11 days ago

    31 on tending but only 700 subs lol

  • Thunder
    Thunder 11 days ago

    So this is on the trending tab ...

  • MullaG
    MullaG 11 days ago

    “Come here and play your instrument” “I’m coming with my come”

  • ImperfectLemon
    ImperfectLemon 11 days ago

    Already looking forward to this being in my recommended next year

  • 1,000 subscribers with 1 video before Christmas

    O Comb All ye faithful Here Combs the Santa Clause Santa Clause is Combing to town

  • Oscar Zurdo
    Oscar Zurdo 11 days ago

    the 415 dislikes are from people who are salty that they havent been practcing 40 hours a day like this hero

  • TheDark Beard
    TheDark Beard 11 days ago

    Simply sublime

  • Rachael Skipworth
    Rachael Skipworth 11 days ago

    I did that when I was In year 6 and I've made a comb band with my friends with a bass comb and everything 😂

  • Nathan Davies
    Nathan Davies 11 days ago

    Sing this while it's trending Jingle bells Jingle bells How the fuck is this trending I must be going through nemonia oh

  • Ikra
    Ikra 11 days ago


  • Slouve Gaming
    Slouve Gaming 11 days ago

    Omg 21 on trending

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson 11 days ago

    TheXvid is weird sometimes

  • Aaron Ryder
    Aaron Ryder 11 days ago

    Me: mom, I need a new music instrument! Mom: we already have a music instrument at home. Music instrument at home:

  • WConKill
    WConKill 11 days ago


  • i love kpop tee hee
    i love kpop tee hee 11 days ago

    This is trending.

  • Shaheer Burney
    Shaheer Burney 11 days ago

    This is #19 on trending in uk

  • Adam Phillip
    Adam Phillip 11 days ago

    Sean "Puffy" Combs

  • Leah Wilks
    Leah Wilks 11 days ago

    This, this is british culture. Trending a guy playing a comb.

  • ЗЕЙЛ - любит сабов

    Русский? Тогда поставь лик

  • Oisin Moore
    Oisin Moore 11 days ago

    See use all in five years wen this comes up on your recommendations

  • Farari A
    Farari A 11 days ago


  • sharp kut
    sharp kut 11 days ago

    Family: so what instrument do you play Guy: comb

  • TrøpicalQuartz
    TrøpicalQuartz 11 days ago

    My last two brain cells in an exam

  • Joseph illsley
    Joseph illsley 11 days ago

    this is on trending , why

  • israt jahan
    israt jahan 11 days ago

    It's on trending?! Lol

  • Hassans
    Hassans 11 days ago


  • bb wolfintel
    bb wolfintel 11 days ago

    this is gonna go viral I can just tell

  • Aysha Sufian
    Aysha Sufian 11 days ago

    This is the kind of content we need to see.

  • The GMP
    The GMP 11 days ago

    I just watched somebody play the comb.

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 11 days ago

    Is everyone else thinking why tf did I watch this

  • Bianca Robertson
    Bianca Robertson 11 days ago


  • Celebrity Snapchat Stories

    GF: I bet he’s cheating on me when I’m not there BF: Playing jingle bells on a comb

  • Doge 512
    Doge 512 11 days ago

    Why hasn’t this ever been on trending before?

  • Calixia Wolf
    Calixia Wolf 11 days ago


  • Arya Fun
    Arya Fun 11 days ago


  • Anime Pizza
    Anime Pizza 11 days ago

    That's so cool

  • Hasnain Hussain
    Hasnain Hussain 11 days ago

    How the fuck is this shit trending

  • random Stuff
    random Stuff 11 days ago

    Well done I can't do that

  • Charlie Darwood
    Charlie Darwood 11 days ago


  • BVM
    BVM 11 days ago

    18 on trending omfg

  • The Game Bros
    The Game Bros 11 days ago


  • peachybee
    peachybee 11 days ago

    Exactly what I was looking for....

  • Tyler Spencer-Yates
    Tyler Spencer-Yates 11 days ago

    The power of a god

  • chase bell
    chase bell 11 days ago

    Beats cardi b

  • Jimmy McGill
    Jimmy McGill 11 days ago

    This is the shit TheXvid was made for

  • Inferno Cubing
    Inferno Cubing 11 days ago

    We have reached a new age

    YEBOYMATTO 11 days ago

    nice. i subscribed

  • Elly Haynes
    Elly Haynes 11 days ago

    This is on trending though what

  • Mezzanur C
    Mezzanur C 11 days ago

    Best day ever

  • Big Boy Ben
    Big Boy Ben 11 days ago

    The fact any channel can get on trending blows my mind

  • Gary Dodge
    Gary Dodge 11 days ago

    Can you make my channel blow up? Search "Canadian Man is Rude to Deer"