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  • topher nolastname
    topher nolastname 10 minutes ago

    16:20 Tippy Tom was an alcoholic, Sam... he was always happy because he was drunk.

  • ass holio
    ass holio 19 minutes ago

    44? Damn....How much blow was this guy doing?

  • Thomas Henesey
    Thomas Henesey 23 minutes ago

    Im actually bummed Carl died. He was a cool.ass dude. I constantly interacted with him on twitter. One of my favorite reasons of Twitter. He was just always a cool.ass.dude and talked to everyone. Great chef. Died way too young.

  • Ryan_n
    Ryan_n 23 minutes ago

    Opie's shit show just took a big hit without Carl.

  • Scarlett Johannesburg
    Scarlett Johannesburg 42 minutes ago

    When I die, I desperately want Larry to be the speaker at my funeral. 🔥

    • Thomas Henesey
      Thomas Henesey 22 minutes ago

      Just hire any pueto rican who drinks to do it. Same results.

    • BLANK
      BLANK 29 minutes ago

      i want him to be the one that alerts my loved ones "ITS GOIN DOWN IN THIS MUTHAFUCKA"

    • Steve Jones
      Steve Jones 29 minutes ago


  • tikocal
    tikocal 3 hours ago

    Kenny net worth: $760M

  • BallZzD33p
    BallZzD33p 3 hours ago

    I screamed Oh nooooooooooo!!!! This is why u never do ur bits on the sofa!!! Write sofa bits goddamit....

  • lonniebelle
    lonniebelle 14 hours ago

    If my man ISN'T touching my lady bits without permission I get real bummed out.

  • No More Honor Killings

    a good old fashioned strapping would put a stop to that

  • Skies Orion
    Skies Orion 19 hours ago

    I’d rather go to Syria wearing a Lady Ga Ga outfit then go on tour with Kiss🤣. Horrible music, shit Gene and geriatric women trying to suck your dick.

  • Skies Orion
    Skies Orion 20 hours ago

    Any minority or immigrant that gets an award during this woke culture has to have an asterisk beside it. It’s more then likely not deserved.

  • Skies Orion
    Skies Orion 20 hours ago

    Lorne Green and SNL would throw their own baby under a bus to be more woke. Fuck that show. And dum Sam. I can be triggered by someone being triggered if their trigger causes ppl to get fired. There’s a dif

  • reliable milkman
    reliable milkman 22 hours ago

    I almost feel bad at this point Jim and Sam should do like a love rehab thing on him and set him up with short girls

  • SubGrappling 805
    SubGrappling 805 23 hours ago

    LoL at the midget acting all butthurt and heartbroken because the stupid porn star acted flirty with him but was flighty and unreliable when it came down to it...I never would’ve seen that coming. What a little dunderhead.

  • SubGrappling 805
    SubGrappling 805 23 hours ago

    Troy’s laughing in the background always cracks me up. He and Travis are such an underrated part of the show.

  • Ass Bread
    Ass Bread Day ago

    sam was forced to wear his stepdad's rear-end like a feed bag, and inhale his farts like an elderly person with an oxygen tank.

  • L H
    L H Day ago

    *He's USUALLY wrong BUT I have to admit, this time he does at least have an argument for her rudeness. It's rude as shit, not to respond. No matter how you slice it.*

  • Bryan Morgan
    Bryan Morgan Day ago

    just saying chink is not a joke, pretty sure its the same as saying nigger

    • J Gilbert
      J Gilbert 15 hours ago

      Bryan Morgan you don’t know jokes then.

  • Slick Rock
    Slick Rock Day ago

    Crowder showed clips from SNL just 4 years ago clowning Asians. Bullshit "offensive culture" has seeped into everything. SNL SUCKS!

  • Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble

    not watching the video, couldn't care less about troys life stories, that's all

  • Br R.
    Br R. Day ago

    Small wewe guy is literally a cringe fest. He thinks he's a famous person and not a sociatial joke. My gosh this guy is joke.

  • Robert Anthony

    White people using WOKE is a bad as that idiot getting fired .

  • Skimmerlit
    Skimmerlit Day ago

    Reminds me of that tragedy

  • MrGMovieReviews

    How Variety also tried to paint it like SNL hired him because he's conservative, which he isn't! And nobody from SNL even confirmed that claim btw.

  • Canadian Turtle

    "stolen valor" LMAO

  • Bob bobson
    Bob bobson Day ago

    Is Sam playing idiot's advocate? Stop being so reckless behind mics? If the people who get people fired have learned anything it's that they can take a mile when they're given an inch.

    GOAT YOMAMA 2 days ago

    A lot of people argue that clean comedy is more difficult but really it's the easiest. Taking risks in comedy is always going to be more difficult. Not knowing how people will react to a dark joke is what makes comedians who take risks the best. Avoiding controversy is easy. Diving head first into it takes guts.

  • Sean Wegner
    Sean Wegner 2 days ago

    Almost felt sorry for him when he admitted that he hasn’t had any sex with any hot women since this Bagel Boss thing happened. Like...dude...there are convicted killers and school shooters that have more admirers than Bagel Boss will ever dream of having.

  • Jason King
    Jason King 2 days ago

    5:42 Best get outta myyy waaay

  • CornishRicky
    CornishRicky 2 days ago

    There's a little Angry Bagel Guy in all of us. Let this be a lesson to us all XD

  • LeSloth
    LeSloth 2 days ago

    Troy also pushed his girlfriend off a cliff

  • Terry Francona
    Terry Francona 2 days ago

    If you could press charges for someone farting on you my older brother would be doing 100 back to back life sentences

  • Hank Moody
    Hank Moody 2 days ago

    Sam being a bully again

  • Anna X
    Anna X 2 days ago

    Ok well, to be fair, she does porn. She's getting her ass licked by dudes consistently, someone like that would be excited to see the Maytag repairman.

  • thef13nd138
    thef13nd138 2 days ago

    Guys guys guys, no no no, if he gets a hooker, she is for sure dead.

  • thef13nd138
    thef13nd138 2 days ago

    His hypocrisy is baffling.

  • Boabywankenobi
    Boabywankenobi 2 days ago

    45:00 - he's a maniac, I love it. "you've got to be kiddin' me"

  • E101ification
    E101ification 2 days ago

    Jim's assessment of 'Woke' culture and SJWs is spot on. It's like that Black Mirror episode where convicted murderers are tortured daily in theme park-like centers where people can pay to watch the torture in an audience. The protagonist of the episode is a woman who murdered a child and is now being physically and psychologically tortured 24/7 for the rest of her life for the entertainment of the general public. The point of the episode is that the 'ordinary' people who are enjoying watching the torture are just as deranged and unhinged as the murderers they're watching be tortured. More specifically, it makes it clear that the joy these people are experiencing, the glee they display at watching this woman being tortured, has ZERO whatsoever to do with compassion for her victim, who isn't even in the minds of these audience members as they're practically jacking off to the torture. It makes it clear that these people's sadistic euphoria isn't motivated in the slightest by a desire to see justice - they just want to see someone tortured and it's almost like her murder victim is just the excuse. The episode depicts a future where "punishment as entertainment" is slowly turning the population into a nation of psychopaths who are every bit as sadistic, cruel and utterly devoid of empathy as the bad people they're torturing. Sounds like SJWs and the Woke community, to me.

  • circa now
    circa now 2 days ago

    Crackle crackle. People who are racist aren’t usually people who joke about their racism, they’re usually pretty serious. He used racist slang while joking I have no problem with this at all. I have a problem with actual racist.

  • Robert Henry
    Robert Henry 2 days ago

    So you punched a blind kid and then filled him in? Pussy Troy

  • Alvalanker
    Alvalanker 2 days ago

    Anyone feel like Bagel Guy is the modern day Stalker Patti and Marion/Lady Di (without the alcoholism) combined? This guy is gold.

  • Stephen Russell
    Stephen Russell 2 days ago

    He didn't pay the doctor dummies

    • Jeg Hunckel
      Jeg Hunckel Day ago

      is the doctor just some uptight old jewbag?

  • Chip Chipperson
    Chip Chipperson 2 days ago

    Yea YOU do

  • BorgesProduction
    BorgesProduction 2 days ago

    These guys are being sarcastic asf and just playing along with Chris lol and Chris doesn’t realize it

    • Embryo
      Embryo 2 days ago

      lol poor guy

  • Richard Pickney
    Richard Pickney 3 days ago

    Sam: so, Troy... Mary Jean was hanging out with you and having fun and nit sad whatsoever? Troy: Yeah, Mary Jean is completely fine. Sam:That's good. I was worried about her. Glad to hear she is okay. So, Chris... what were you saying? You're all sad and stuff? It's always nice to hear Jim and Sam shit stirring 🤣

  • ramalama dingdong
    ramalama dingdong 3 days ago

    Woke culture is all about controlling other people. There's nothing good, kind or moral about it

  • Daniel Porras
    Daniel Porras 3 days ago

    Sort of in a way Jim and Sam created the monster that is Chris the angry Bagel guy. So it's partially their fault for the way he's behaving now for the platform they gave him and the people they introduced to him to

  • Matthew Reid
    Matthew Reid 3 days ago

    "clout chaser" oufffffffff.....

    • Linda Niemkiewicz
      Linda Niemkiewicz 2 days ago

      Hahahahaha. Yh they must want to ride his tiny coat tails

  • fckoff 76hansolo
    fckoff 76hansolo 3 days ago

    That was planned lol.

  • Marko Garcia
    Marko Garcia 3 days ago

    Melissa Villaseñor got away with some old “racist” tweets... soooo there’s this double standard

  • Astro Mastro
    Astro Mastro 3 days ago

    This Norton Show is excellent.

  • Michael Blaine
    Michael Blaine 3 days ago

    He’s made it so much worse for himself to ever get a woman’s attention,however hard it was it’s almost entirely unlikely now

    • Ali
      Ali 21 hour ago

      As weird as it sounds it might be easier for him just because he is way more known. He will her way more opportunities

  • M Kolmer
    M Kolmer 3 days ago

    That lady is doing the “you asked for it for what you were wearing”

  • Pork Chop67
    Pork Chop67 3 days ago

    this latest interview with The Angry Bagel Bite is about 40 min too long. I bet growing up Sam pulled the wings off fllies.

  • One-Eye
    One-Eye 3 days ago

    AB is a pig of a human being. Pray he joins the rest of his ilk and goes broke by 40.

  • Jordan Tropila
    Jordan Tropila 3 days ago

    631-805-7239 Pretty sure this is his direct cell#.

  • Bill bick
    Bill bick 3 days ago

    Wow Sam is a closet snake what piece of crap he is Opie 2.0 acts so proper and nice but he scum like rest but like a lizard that blends in. Sam u smarmy bastard keep it up very entertaining.

  • Bill bick
    Bill bick 3 days ago

    I'm I'm not lying

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 3 days ago

    I'm positive Mary Jean has been leading him on exclusively for this bit for Jim and Sam. It makes so much sense for the show to use Mary Jean and the Bagel guy for extra material, I bet they're even paying her

    • Jason C
      Jason C 3 days ago

      Shit, didn't think of that. Geez I hope not😧

  • chip chipperson
    chip chipperson 3 days ago

    I feel like this nonsense is being spewed by some broken ass GTA waking down the street

  • friskynixon
    friskynixon 3 days ago

    He's like Bobo but shorter.

  • Cunnilingus Messiah

    Well I'm hard now.

  • david bingham
    david bingham 3 days ago

    Poor bastard needs a Patrice intervention." She's Stealing Your Time!!!"

  • Nick Desroches
    Nick Desroches 3 days ago

    Chris obviously deserves a beautiful, large breasted model... DUH!

  • Timothy Hagstrom
    Timothy Hagstrom 3 days ago

    No militia can compete with the us army tel that to Afghanistan

  • Mark Peppers
    Mark Peppers 3 days ago

    I'm with this Mr Brown

  • Richie Realz
    Richie Realz 3 days ago

    Someone please introduce this guy to Black Phillip, he sounds like he’s entitled or an asshole but I think he’s just ignorant and obviously can’t control his emotions..

  • Reezer83
    Reezer83 3 days ago

    That woman is brilliant

  • Nick Mccartan
    Nick Mccartan 3 days ago

    I'm gettin Bobo & Christina vibes from the Bagle Tard & Mary Jean relationship

  • aeskeets
    aeskeets 3 days ago

    These appearances are going to be great to hear again during his eventual trial for murder.

  • Nick Mccartan
    Nick Mccartan 3 days ago

    I hate the guy but damn that was funny. Zero fucks given

  • Seth Joyner
    Seth Joyner 3 days ago

    Shane Gillis for king

  • Butt Stephens
    Butt Stephens 3 days ago

    ....why am I listening to this a second time? All I want to do is punch my monitor repeatedly.

  • Kyle Peterson
    Kyle Peterson 3 days ago

    How much better would 'A Christmas Story' have been had Ralphie shit his pants while emptying a can of high grade mace into Scut Farkus' eyes?

  • Skimmerlit
    Skimmerlit 3 days ago

    The pieces come together

  • S A S
    S A S 3 days ago

    7 out of 10. Classic.

  • The 4bidden1
    The 4bidden1 3 days ago

    He is on his 14 min, 45 sec of fame.

  • ShinRyojin
    ShinRyojin 3 days ago

    Bagel Guy missed his calling as a member of the Wack Pack.

  • Dustin Officinalis
    Dustin Officinalis 3 days ago

    His little brain might be damaged.

  • Rikard Lindblom
    Rikard Lindblom 3 days ago

    That peckahsuckah Norton is gonna start bullying Troy just so he can get some turds on his chest and shit! Get outta the closet ya piece a gahbage! He can't even rock out like a real man! DVV DVV DVV!!

  • Thomas Henesey
    Thomas Henesey 3 days ago

    Im not trying to sound like a tough guy at all here..growing up I physically fought people a couple dozen people, won and lost em. I never once came close to shitting myself. Idk even how that happens.

  • Paranoid Reggie
    Paranoid Reggie 3 days ago

    I thought jim would of stuck with patrice after amy clearly stole his jokes but no ,no he didnt

  • Thomas Henesey
    Thomas Henesey 3 days ago

    Again...I had enough.

  • Cohaagen90
    Cohaagen90 3 days ago

    Do you think little Norton has ever physically defended himself? LOL

  • T B
    T B 4 days ago

    LOL, I LOVE IT! Lefties becoming the overseer of what's morally right or comedic. It's like leaving a child in charge of a candy shop. They want it, eat everything, get sick then blame everyone else for what they did. When you give an inch, these evil, controlling, hateful and truly privileged neo-democrats take five feet. Enjoy having your bland millennium culture.

  • American Radio
    American Radio 4 days ago

    Did Troy find any info on him?

  • ShinRyojin
    ShinRyojin 4 days ago

    If you combine the complete lack of self awareness powers of Opie, Bobo, Vos and Jordan, it still wouldn’t match Bagel guy.

  • Ted Crilly
    Ted Crilly 4 days ago

    never ever ever fart on another mans balls.

  • GandaPain
    GandaPain 4 days ago

    I usually shit my pants before I throw the punch

  • cbk0485
    cbk0485 4 days ago

    Shit. I use to live in Emmaus PA. Troy should name this fool.

  • Scarlett Johannesburg

    “When someone maces you and then shits themselves, they are a problem” - Jim Norton

  • Eddy otu
    Eddy otu 4 days ago


  • Nick Bardsley
    Nick Bardsley 4 days ago

    The honesty of this man is superhuman

  • Drez Laird
    Drez Laird 4 days ago

    Sam and Jim have improved so much in the last year.

  • Five Iron
    Five Iron 4 days ago

    Both his body and his mind are at the level of an 8-year old.

  • Allison Walkthroughland

    Tsss Tsss take me golfing and I'll give you a hole in one

  • MetalHeadBaller
    MetalHeadBaller 4 days ago

    This guy stinks tss tss

  • dubtat
    dubtat 4 days ago

    “Nuders” was pretty funny.

    • dubtat
      dubtat Day ago

      @J-Boogie Brown Shane Gillis was making fun of how Chinese people say "noodles."

    • J-Boogie Brown
      J-Boogie Brown Day ago

      What's that?

  • Robert Henry
    Robert Henry 4 days ago

    Bet it was mini golf!

  • Colby Ballos
    Colby Ballos 4 days ago

    This is the greatest 15 minutes of fame I've ever seen lmao. He uploaded a 9 minute video of him having the dumbest conversation anyone's ever heard with High Pitch Erik, but the best part is the angle its shot at. I highly recommend watching a minute of it. I haven't heard gold like this since Bobo.