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Reacting to Reddit Magic!
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Fiverr Magicians?!
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Solving The TYCHO Puzzle!!
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Some pretty dope magic
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Solving The SPIRAL Puzzle!!
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Say goodbye to USPCC...
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You FLASH, You LOSE!! pt2
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  • Alan Grant
    Alan Grant 2 minutes ago

    Boring Unsubscribe

  • rhuezo504
    rhuezo504 2 minutes ago


  • s h O j
    s h O j 4 minutes ago

    Where did you buy that thing? Coz i want to it too, im little confused tor that one😏😏

  • Emil Happy
    Emil Happy 19 minutes ago

    wow... took you 22 minutes.. what a waste of money.

  • Douglas Wallace
    Douglas Wallace 28 minutes ago

    He never gave the dudes MONEY back lol

  • Ehren Krause
    Ehren Krause 41 minute ago

    Those locks would be good to use on a trunk to protect your stuff because crook wouldn't be able to figure it out.😆😆😆😆👍

  • lazy gizmo
    lazy gizmo 42 minutes ago

    I kind of figured out he was pulling his vest layer off under the table but everything else not a clue.

  • HunterXray
    HunterXray 58 minutes ago

    Not that I could possibly do better, but it was painful to watch. Lol.

  • Mr. Duane
    Mr. Duane Hour ago

    Do you have the video of them making this box now that you've solved it?

  • Mr. Duane
    Mr. Duane Hour ago

    You should live stream this stuff. Would be nice to be able to give live feedback and help solve puzzles vicariously through you. Doesn't have to be all of them, just some.

  • AMG anonymous
    AMG anonymous Hour ago

    Simply using a magnet would make the process of reconstruction 10 times easier

  • Can I get 10k subs without any videos?

    I'm just here so I can flex on my friends

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Hour ago

    It's perfect for hiding my weed from my parent

  • DuSAprukiyathan
    DuSAprukiyathan Hour ago

    "But the pieces I'm left with are all female!" Me: "What... OH"

  • NorseKnight
    NorseKnight Hour ago

    Imagine this as a lock for your house

  • Bret Percival
    Bret Percival Hour ago

    He had the way I start at 5:30

  • Will Coats
    Will Coats Hour ago

    The minute he said I can’t show this on camera I knew what it was

  • Tesa Baldock
    Tesa Baldock Hour ago

    It is called a lotus puzxle because a lotus flower has multiple layers of flower and the puzzle has multiple parts so it is called a lotus puzzle. (By the way I said that before he watched the whole vid and that was my guess then.)

  • Joen Sumagingsing
    Joen Sumagingsing 2 hours ago

    How do I buy the book and how much pls

  • Mugen
    Mugen 2 hours ago

    4:11 😂

  • Iliana Davis
    Iliana Davis 2 hours ago

    I like how all of them won something

  • Landon Baker
    Landon Baker 2 hours ago

    Damn, this new update for The Room looks great!

  • xsniper assassin
    xsniper assassin 2 hours ago

    I know the solution if you give it to me I know it

  • Chad Dubie
    Chad Dubie 2 hours ago

    Awesome job bruh. Love your intros more and more every new video. To the haters the video starts 0.00! 💯

  • Far From Fashion
    Far From Fashion 2 hours ago

    $2300 for a hunk of junk that was made from modern tech using an artificial craftsman, no thanks. I'd rather pay 10 times that price and only if it used real metal and was made by hand in a workshop. Blood, sweat, clanks, fire, you know the works not aligned lasers and melted plastic by some computer schematic.

  • Marie C
    Marie C 2 hours ago

    Hey love the background music! Do you mind sharing what your streaming? Also, my kids shared your channel a couple weeks ago with me... loving your vids😃

  • aToz
    aToz 2 hours ago

    Tf i didn’t realize he has deformed hand till i saw the comments. Fr.

  • Barbara Barker
    Barbara Barker 3 hours ago

    Dude you are the shit i wish i could try a puzzle loke this.

  • AlphaStar12
    AlphaStar12 3 hours ago

    At the end I don’t get it, I don’t see the square!

  • Timothy Zaborsky
    Timothy Zaborsky 3 hours ago

    This man deserves more followers that 4 mil

  • Mark S
    Mark S 3 hours ago

    I want that necklace.

  • Angel X Raider
    Angel X Raider 3 hours ago

    I dont want to come as a hater bro cuz i find the magic trick cool bro but on the real somethings are only done with help of the other side. Lets not be ignorant people 😜.

  • Kieran Brown
    Kieran Brown 3 hours ago

    At least some people are buying these pricey puzzles... I prefer technology myself, now try figure out a file with 256 bit encryption and no key to get into that, you'd be better off making the file from scratch even if the key was as simple as C0mPuzZl3D

  • Peacemaker 4 Real
    Peacemaker 4 Real 3 hours ago

    none cut that video ;-))) rofl

    • Peacemaker 4 Real
      Peacemaker 4 Real 3 hours ago

      the fuck is the clock there??? wanna tell us u did it in this time??? Americans,,, stop whatchin TV! GET outta here!

  • Crey Lacoste
    Crey Lacoste 3 hours ago

    The magnet tapping was sooooo asmr

  • Sydney Treagus
    Sydney Treagus 3 hours ago

    yall my first thought was screws

  • Blk Mtl Stv
    Blk Mtl Stv 3 hours ago

    I think some use it and some don't. Or some use both .

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams 3 hours ago

    Gets stuck trying to open the box "Let's take a second here to admire this box here"

  • Sage Blackthorn
    Sage Blackthorn 3 hours ago

    Very cool little toy. Way out of my price range, but still very cool.

  • Nico Kuwano
    Nico Kuwano 3 hours ago

    That is the Japanese 5 yen coin

    • Nico Kuwano
      Nico Kuwano 3 hours ago

      By the way, this 5 yen coin brings luck sometimes

  • mstrfool
    mstrfool 3 hours ago

    Kept expecting Cenobites to show up....

  • vlogsurfer
    vlogsurfer 3 hours ago

    There was a pocket in the fly swatter, I think, that stored the quarter until he flipped it out

  • Paul Bryant
    Paul Bryant 3 hours ago

    The craftsmanship and integration are first rate. I was really hoping for some type of internal works. Or a second box inside that box which needed the same type of mechanism to open, or the box folds open to reveal a second type of box. But a very cool puzzle 👍

  • Adam Araujo
    Adam Araujo 3 hours ago

    Where do you put all of these puzzles afterwards?

  • jason07770
    jason07770 4 hours ago

    It's cool to see someone that is often in the spotlight not taking them self too seriously. Thanks for being real. And for the videos. I've learned a lot.

  • cody moore
    cody moore 4 hours ago

    Throw the others away until you have one don’t follow the rules :-€

  • Austin Davis
    Austin Davis 4 hours ago

    In the title make the sharpest part point up it will fit

  • джокер фокусы

    Hi Chris, I'm from Russia. My name is Igor. What you do with the cards is just crazy, watch your channel and try to learn. I don't know much English, so I have to translate everything. I really want to ask you a question and what would you answer me: where can I get or buy secrets of magic tricks with cards and not only? I hope you answer) I just really want to become a professional in this.

  • THE HERK23
    THE HERK23 4 hours ago

    What’s that last trick called

  • Devan Sughiarto
    Devan Sughiarto 4 hours ago

    Who else just got there jerry nuggets in the mail They feel great and nice box

  • King Yuzon
    King Yuzon 4 hours ago

    4:09 that's a 100 peso bill 😂

  • Qwert y
    Qwert y 4 hours ago

    you should play the mobile game "The Room",it has several parts and it may be fun to you.

  • Rich Long
    Rich Long 4 hours ago

    So magicians can make contracts with demons? Can the demon be sued if the magician is shitty? It's sad that christians believe this load of bullshit. Maybe even more sad that they must resort to tge deepest depths of untruth to promote this fake agenda against the fictional Jesus (the original magician) dude. Sad sad sad...I'm always bummed when I'm reminded that even though the human race has made tremendous progress in awareness of our surroundings and the true nature of reality through scienctific study, quantum physics, etc. There are still people that are so mentally challenged that they still buy lies like the ones being told in these "demon magic" videos. If you play dummy games you win dummy prizes. Get it?

  • dbutter
    dbutter 4 hours ago

    Now that's totally thinking outside the box that was awesome man!!

  • rando
    rando 5 hours ago

    Someone should make a puzzle that actually requires spinning just for you lol

  • Jacqueline Alford-Hewitt

    Wonderful puzzle and great guys , you too!

    MASTA_ SARDEAN 5 hours ago

    Man this puzzle reminds me of the movie A House With A Clock In It’s Walls.

  • Jason Slt
    Jason Slt 5 hours ago


  • Joseph Williams
    Joseph Williams 5 hours ago

    I know how u forced the card but how'd she hear something?!?!

  • Mind Altering Music
    Mind Altering Music 5 hours ago

    I wonder how many puzzle boxes have been used to smuggle government secrets and or drugs...

  • Marcus Henley
    Marcus Henley 5 hours ago

    Best way to keep ur luggage secure

  • Guzzist11
    Guzzist11 5 hours ago

    y, i always wanted to drop someone 20 Bucks ........ "wrapped" in 100 Bucks.

  • denhal1
    denhal1 5 hours ago

    Hope you have heard/seen the British comedian Tommy Cooper.

  • trexpaddock
    trexpaddock 5 hours ago

    Seemed kinda easy, if I am being honest.

  • McDonald's Advertisement

    "All the pieces I have left are female" ok

  • Electric Jellyfish
    Electric Jellyfish 5 hours ago

    If you're up for it, you could try a puzzle from this guy. GarE They ain't cheap though.

  • Caio Alexandre Herter de Moura

    I think this is the only channel ever I drop a like right away on the intro

  • Adam Wolford
    Adam Wolford 6 hours ago

    Good thing you spent all that time on the left side

  • Aaron Ricedup7
    Aaron Ricedup7 6 hours ago

    Chris Ramsay you should try out the "Escape Room in a box"!! It's a challenging puzzle you would enjoy doing! Love your videos!! You nailed the pussy cat dolls btw 🤣😂

  • G The Entity
    G The Entity 6 hours ago

    Who buys MERCH‽ wtf

  • Grant Widmann
    Grant Widmann 6 hours ago

    I don’t see it move and I can’t see that ball picture move no matter how hard I try.

  • xXfrank1215Xx
    xXfrank1215Xx 6 hours ago

    The intros in these videos are so incredibly well done. You have so much talent seriously

  • Channing Bros
    Channing Bros 6 hours ago

    Love mrbeast

  • ThePassiveGamer PS4
    ThePassiveGamer PS4 6 hours ago

    A creator that doesn’t wear their politics on their sleeve integrity @ 💯

  • Mike Moors
    Mike Moors 6 hours ago

    Imagine making this without being able to be pulled apart and just put "Puzzle" in its name

  • yeti man
    yeti man 6 hours ago

    Hi have to do it I have to commit and make a channel lol...

  • Nik Lerch
    Nik Lerch 7 hours ago

    And here I am, already failing to unwrap my headphones

  • Frederick Wan
    Frederick Wan 7 hours ago

    click bait

  • Mike WhoCheezHarry
    Mike WhoCheezHarry 7 hours ago

    the coin says “5 ¥”

  • nikki c
    nikki c 7 hours ago

    It bothers me that its crooked

  • Tim Kaluger
    Tim Kaluger 7 hours ago

    This is dynamo's trick

  • ItzMeAlfred
    ItzMeAlfred 7 hours ago

    Chris now has 1000 IQ

  • bro 11
    bro 11 7 hours ago

    I know how to solve the glass bottle puzzle in seconds hit it with a hammer

  • Raxyz Kaarn
    Raxyz Kaarn 7 hours ago

    That was slightly anticlimatic. So what's the steps? You just turn one of them frantically until one piece pops, dismantle the key, puts only the head there and twist the movable handle? Sure it's hella hard to discover this, but it still look a bit... Off...

  • FaYde
    FaYde 7 hours ago


  • Russell LeCour
    Russell LeCour 7 hours ago

    I've been watching your stuff for a while now, just realalized Ive seen you in PM videos.

  • ms gaming
    ms gaming 8 hours ago

    Put liquid in it and put that bolt in it the cap on it

  • Mídñíght Kuñ
    Mídñíght Kuñ 8 hours ago

    Humans: *THIS IS TO HARD* Robots: *To easy.*

  • Remorseless One
    Remorseless One 8 hours ago

    This is this first video I've seen of yours. Subscribed!

  • Anni Schön
    Anni Schön 8 hours ago

    The end when he solved it made me very happy :D

  • Shepty
    Shepty 8 hours ago

    Magic Drugs*

  • J.Howard J
    J.Howard J 8 hours ago

    The lock picking lawyer might like this.

  • Tamsin Tweddell
    Tamsin Tweddell 8 hours ago

    I solved pryamid before he did

  • Lisi 777
    Lisi 777 9 hours ago

    witches go to a very special place in hell.....

  • darkhunter
    darkhunter 9 hours ago

    Now if the C had diamonds

  • marshant chambers
    marshant chambers 9 hours ago

    "Looks like these magicians were crips" I cannot stop laughing

  • Dawn Marie May
    Dawn Marie May 9 hours ago

    Alec Baldwin is a Satanic Phedophile you will find out the truth before the end of the year. Welcome to the Great Awakening. #WWG1WGA #TRUMP2Q2Q

  • Dawn Marie May
    Dawn Marie May 9 hours ago

    I’m sorry you have not done enough research to find the truth. I suggest you research project looking glass and project yellow box. Welcome to the Great’s WORLD WIDE. #WWG1WGA #TRUMP2Q2Q 🙏❤️🙏

  • d b
    d b 9 hours ago

    cool as hell, not 2300$ cool, nor the rarest in the world. Nor is it metal... meh either way, my ass got baited into it..