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  • mudassir awad
    mudassir awad 7 hours ago

    Give rafa benitez the job and he'll win you the league

  • Santhosh
    Santhosh 7 hours ago

    Simply put, they should have stuck with Mourinho and got rid of players who threw him under the bus (pogba, martial etc)

  • polyglot8
    polyglot8 7 hours ago

    The first time I heard about this "new" approach was an interview with Conte when he won the league at Chelsea. Apparently he has players in training position themselves around the pitch and stay in those positions to the point of boredom, physically pushing them "back to their positions" if they deviate. He said this is because players need to know automatically where their passing options are; and not every player is like a Del Piero who can improvise in real time like an artist. Henry described a similar approach by Guardiola, with some improvisation only allowed in the final third. Henry said that he was once substituted out of anger by Guardiola for being out of position, even though he had scored a goal. Anyway, my first thought was that this "new thinking" means that maybe Soccer is becoming more like American Football, with the strict patterns famously portrayed by coaches on chalkboards as "X's" and "O's" moving in predetermined patterns according to arrows. Already, set pieces in soccer are becoming more like American Football "plays" that players have to memorize in "playbooks".

  • mikael feathers
    mikael feathers 7 hours ago

    You could be right but I disagree with how you view the Premier league being in worse condition than previous years because the overall points totals of the teams are lower. I actually think that is a good thing because lower points means The top teams are drawing and losing to the bottom teams more often so the point totals are lower than previous years . So the range is less which I believe is a better indicator of competitiveness, not drop in quality but A rise in quality of lesser teams who steal more points from top ones. It would make sense

  • kamran ahmed
    kamran ahmed 7 hours ago

    I just don't know now after man utd situation I just got 10x respect for mourinho he accomplished smthng incredible

  • OOF
    OOF 8 hours ago

    United are experiencing the Banter stage like Liverpool did and they’re not gonna enjoy it.

  • wpscz
    wpscz 8 hours ago

    in hindsight.. imo the issue with Man Utd was the strategy & tactics Mourinho was implementing... Ole went on an unbeaten run with the same players Mourinho had.. If only Mourinho would've been more flexible with his strategies and less defensive

  • Tengku Rian
    Tengku Rian 8 hours ago

    The only person Manchester United fans want to fire is Woodward.

  • Caitlinmorrisxx
    Caitlinmorrisxx 8 hours ago

    As a Newcastle United fan who’s had to suffer Mike Ashley as an owner for the last 12 years it’s hard to feel sorry for Manchester United fans with the way their owners have impacted their club. Bury doesn’t exist anymore due to poor ownership, Coventry doesn’t have a stadium to play at anymore because of poor owner ship , Leyton Orient got relegated to the conference due to poor ownership so I can’t feel sorry for these Manchester United fans moaning that they aren’t top dogs anymore. People just have to accept that times change and you can’t expect to be the most dominant team in english football forever

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      Yeah I hear you, there's a bit of entitlement there and I can't deny it as a United fan. I have genuine empathy for anyone in a Bury situation who has literally lost their club, and the plight at Newcastle (likewise Blackpool, Wrexham and many others) is horrible to watch, but it's a bitter pill to swallow that your club has gone from title winning to utter dross in the 15 years since being bought in a hostile take over and loaded up with debt as part of the purchase that the club still hasn't paid off and it all happened because you were a success on your own merit. Times change, sure, but this is a perfect case study in of how an organisation thinks that business expertise in one narrow and specific area makes you a genius at everything. #AshleyOut

  • Hugh Arse
    Hugh Arse 8 hours ago

    Do a video on Celtic

  • Levi Griffiths
    Levi Griffiths 8 hours ago

    Ole not to blame hes dealing with the rot that's set in over years of mismanagement, little to no vision and an incompetent board. Not having a director of football for a club the size of Manchester united is ridiculous. Any player who leaves United seems to go onto bigger and better things. Something at the club just feels toxic and off.

  • Delp
    Delp 8 hours ago

    if Man Utd doesnt win the league for 30 years it would be the definition of karma

  • Abdul Latif Mamat
    Abdul Latif Mamat 8 hours ago

    How about the captain slip and when the el-nino still could win it for them???

  • David PT
    David PT 8 hours ago

    I've told you what I think on twitter. Ole is not the problem. The coach hasn't really been the problem in a while. The coaches are doing what they can. The owners are garbage at management, they're too nitpicky with their investments and they miss important things the teams need. The squad is pretty average, only a few players stand out and overall they don't seem motivated enough probably because the environment and morale inside the club is low, clouded with uncertainty and confusion, lack of confidence as well. Some players keep being used out of role because the team is missing players in key roles and they can't make the football they would want to do because of this. I'll say it again: no coach would fix this United. Not Klopp, not Pep, nobody. It starts in the roots: the owners. Wrong mentality is running the club and there's not much a coach can do about it.

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      @David PT Same thing tbh, he brokered their deal to take over the club.

    • David PT
      David PT 8 hours ago

      @Ben McManus The Glazers and Woodward

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      And this is why I think United will be continue to be nothing until the Glazer's are gone.

  • Pama-lama-ding-dong
    Pama-lama-ding-dong 9 hours ago

    as a porto native and fan seeing kelvin score that goal and jorge jesus dropping to his knees is truly iconic

  • Dag Jumah
    Dag Jumah 9 hours ago

    what happened to your hair?

  • Just Hurricane
    Just Hurricane 9 hours ago

    im not trying to hate or anything but its a little annoying that you make an effort to get Portugese pronunciations absolutely perfect but pronounce PSG as Paris Sayn Germayn which even as a British person I know is completely wrong and even more incorrect than even the average British fan would pronounce it.

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      France French and Canadian French have different pronunciations. Dude lives in Montréal I believe, so don't blame him for using the pronunciations he's acclimatised to.

  • carl watson
    carl watson 9 hours ago

    Man utd still can't understand why they are shit. Maybe losing probably the greatest manager of all time and the chief executive who left. Basically a bank manger is chairman with the owners who took out money from the club to pay for shortfalls in American business interests

  • KafuiOl
    KafuiOl 9 hours ago

    At this rate, United are gonna be a championship team in the next 2 yrs

  • Joseph Alcindor
    Joseph Alcindor 10 hours ago

    Ole in forever ever

  • John Gorny
    John Gorny 10 hours ago

    A small squad, riddled by long term injuries, a style of play which is inconsistent at best, no incision in the final third, poor decision making all over the pitch and a leaking defence. Its no wonder our team is on its knees, a big shift is needed in not only player calibre and mentality; but at the top of the club too. United need 3/4 players who are first team regulars to hit the ground running. Things are gonna get worse before they get better.

  • Rujav T
    Rujav T 10 hours ago

    I mean if mourinho even gives him his full debut

  • Kostas Kekeris
    Kostas Kekeris 10 hours ago

    When Ole was on that streak i was sure that Woodward would give him the job and he would suck at it. Im not a genius of course. It was logical that the players would be better when Jose left because of the toxic environment. Woodward should know that and search for a good manager. So Woodward out Glazers out Ole out!!!

  • tj ykk
    tj ykk 10 hours ago

    Im currently searching the comments for the steven g slip😂

  • Andrew Ramos
    Andrew Ramos 10 hours ago

    Please stop calling Sheffield United Sheffield, There are two teams in Sheffield. That would be like calling Man U Manchester.

  • Dawn Samurai Arashi
    Dawn Samurai Arashi 10 hours ago

    Please make a video on takumi minamino

  • Josh O'Connor
    Josh O'Connor 10 hours ago

    I feel like maybe MAYBE, the “big 6 “ is slipping away, Liverpool and city, then there’s a couple of teams like Chelsea and maybe Tottenham, then for me it’s only because of the amounts of money that makes the rest different. And this is from a chelsea fan btw

  • lalala like this
    lalala like this 10 hours ago

    You can bring guardiola and the team would sink as well, the problem is the "manchester united tax", they have been paying almost the double price than other team would

  • Dawson Landis
    Dawson Landis 11 hours ago

    I signed up using your code for the athletic

  • Son Gokuu
    Son Gokuu 11 hours ago

    Are you ever going to talk about how Pep revolutionized the game and how he and Klopp made the Premier League the most popular league out there?

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      @Son Gokuu Has Klopp changed much in his approach though? Not really from what I've seen of him; it's just when it's in the Prem it's in front of a bigger audience and with better players because of the money in England. I'm not saying you're wrong, but it's a bit of a chicken and egg situation.

    • Son Gokuu
      Son Gokuu 8 hours ago

      @Ben McManus Money is a part of it sure, but, the style and intensity that Klopp and Guardiola added to the Prem forced the other teams to play with a higher level of intesity and a more attacking style of play.

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      "he and Klopp made the Premier League the most popular league out there" That was money, friend, not Guardiola and Klopp.

    • Son Gokuu
      Son Gokuu 9 hours ago

      @Beats by Admiral Z The reason Pep's last season at Barça wasn't as successful as the other three is because of pure luck. He lost LaLiga by a couple of points and lost to Chelsea by pure luck. Even so, he won both the European and Spanish Super Cups and the Club World Cup. He did not worsen Bayern's squad he made them better. He won every Bundesliga Title in his three seasons at Bayern, while competing against Jürgen Kloop who for some reason you're undermining, and once again he lost in the Champions League thanks to pure chance. The Champions League should not be considered as important as Football League. One takes place in a couple dozen games, while the other takes place for an entire year. One is more difficult than the other. At City, while yes he has spent over 500 million on signings, he's also sold most of them gaining profit and let's not forget still spent less than United on contract and signings in the last three seasons. You're only using VAR when it's useful for your argument. Tottenham didn't even beat City, they lost the game and won on away goals thanks to VAR. If you are honestly trying to tell me that Pep's city cheated their way to success then you're crazy. If anything, Liverpool and Tottenham have cheated more than City, at least in the last two years.

    • Beats by Admiral Z
      Beats by Admiral Z 9 hours ago

      Pep only performs well if he has the players he needs (proven by the fact that he barely finished 4th with a multi million pound team that was lacking the players he needs for his system) because he is too arrogant to change his tactical approach. Give pep a team with the same financial capacities as Bournemouth for example and he will achieve less than Eddy Howe has done with the same team

  • Philip Saal
    Philip Saal 11 hours ago

    I was a valiant Ole defender but at this point, I won't be unhappy if we get Poch and investment in the squad. It's not fair, but life isn't fair, Poch could probably get Lingard better too.

  • glennaldosf
    glennaldosf 11 hours ago

    that comment about Newcastle never being seen again in title races is just not true... they won 2 titles even - the EFL Championship that is!

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 11 hours ago

    Man Utd absolutely need to rebuild, but I just don’t think Ole is the man to do it. A manger needs to come in who has experience, who the players will trust, and who can be promised time to fix things

  • iRuben
    iRuben 11 hours ago

    Another amazing video as per usual

  • eldiegoman
    eldiegoman 11 hours ago

    It's dangerous a tourist?

  • Killer Dank Law
    Killer Dank Law 11 hours ago

    You should do relegation battle version of this

  • CoffeeForCorporateCounsel

    *Laughs in Mourinho*

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      @CoffeeForCorporateCounsel *respect, man, respect, this is football heritage*

    • CoffeeForCorporateCounsel
      CoffeeForCorporateCounsel 8 hours ago

      Manchester United is a club built on winning trophies. The club won trophies under him. What’s Ole done past smile and act like the Glazers have properly invested in the club?

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      @CoffeeForCorporateCounsel Yeah I was super proud to finish "best runner up" without actually competing for the title, felt so good. Do you get a stamp on your Mou-cult membership card whenever you mention his trophies?

    • CoffeeForCorporateCounsel
      CoffeeForCorporateCounsel 8 hours ago

      No one “misses” Mourinho. You just sit back in awe in how he got this bag of rocks squad to winning trophies and their best finish since SAF left.

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 9 hours ago

      This is exactly why I don't miss Mourinho

  • Mohamed Abo El Fadl
    Mohamed Abo El Fadl 12 hours ago

    Is the quality of the premier league going down or are teams getting stronger?

    • I am What I am
      I am What I am 10 hours ago

      @JP Mulligan You mean Wolves and Sheffield United.

    • JP Mulligan
      JP Mulligan 11 hours ago

      Mohamed Abo El Fadl Teams are getting stronger. Look at wolves and burnley for example this year.

  • Elle Sea
    Elle Sea 12 hours ago

    I just don't believe the squad and club can be trusted until they get relegated. When the while world sees them take the best club in the world out of top flight football. Olé is just fine in that regard, as he was always out of his depth.

  • Olivia Alves
    Olivia Alves 12 hours ago

    While I do agree with your statement about the overall dip in quality of the Premier League, I would also argue that United (and Chelsea, to a lesser extent) are responsible for the current state of the league's ranking as well.

    • demas moha
      demas moha 6 hours ago

      How can you explain your point?

  • Varun Madhavan
    Varun Madhavan 12 hours ago

    What a god aweful position Man Utd have gotten themselves into. I blame modern football fans' thought process as much as Utd's board. A manager is not ALWAYS to blame for a poor run. As John Henry (LFC Owner) put it, it is no longer a holy trinity of fans, players and coaching staff.. Modern football is about quaternity of fans, players, coaching staff AND ownership. Unfortunately fans these days are shortsighted to not see the issues ownership spread into a club. As a rival club's fan, I was enjoying when Man Utd (wrongly) blamed Mourinho for the club's failings and fired him (I enjoyed it because a rival club was taking another step in the wrong direction).. But as a football fan, I felt outraged that some utd fans placed blame on him.. Mourinho had ALL along kept saying he needed a central defender (this was after the season he'd finished 2nd place with the squad). Many dismissed his requests.. Mourinho had thrown Pogba out of the squad because he was of poor attitude - many questioned his judgement calling Mourinho too egoistic back then, but now they want to literally kick Pogba out of the squad claiming he doesn't deserve the United badge.. Time is proving Mourinho was right all along.. Lets face it, Ole (as much a legend he is at Utd as a player) is no match when it comes to managerial qualities in comparison with Mourinho. He is far more accomplished, experienced, clever and tactically astute... Now that they've fired and replaced Mourinho with a manager of lower standards in Ole, the hierarchy are hesitant to fire him because they realize any manager needs time (or atleast I hope they did - as a neutral football fan) to accomplish things.. But do they want to give that time to an unaccomplished manager in Ole who has no track record of providing long-term stability and success, and in developing a proper squad? The record that Klopp had before he came to Liverpool? As a Liverpool fan, I guess I derive a very lowly pleasure in watching them fall so spectacularly.. But on the other hand, as a football fan, I feel saddened to see one of the greatest assets of the premier league and club football in general is being ruined.. Only good thing for United I'm seeing right now is that the Utd fans are strongly together in realizing the issue is with the board and are rooting for the manager.. May be had they rooted for Mourinho with as much adore, they'd have been at a better position than they are right now... If they fire Ole now, and replace him with another manager hoping for a honeymoon period to calm things down, then they're again falling into the same cycle.. Managers are not magicians - they need proper support, infrastructure and above all proper players.. Only way United are going to start heading in the right direction is if the management is if the board itself changes.. Which I don't see happening anytime soon because the current board is more setup to appease the Glazers than the fans..

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 9 hours ago

      Dude you'll always get people who think it's as easy as "sack the manager" to fix it all, but Mourinho made his position untenable so the club had to get rid of him. Let's be honest, by the end he'd made a rod for his own back in calling out his employers, pissing off the fans and slating the team all the time; he had to go. In any normal situation, Solskjær would've been fired by now too, but this isn't a normal situation. This is Man Utd under the Glazer's, an unserious football adjacent institution that somehow wants to make money without understanding that winning football games is quite important (as Carl Anka put it)

  • Mr Abdi خالد عبدالرحمن

    Yes the main problems stem from the Board however this narrative being pushed that the Manager has no blame on the performances is really an awful take that's being pushed by people in the media to defend Ole. The fact that we consistently struggle with teams that use the low block shows Tactical incompetency from Ole and lack of ideas.

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      @Mr Abdi خالد عبدالرحمن I know where you're coming from, but I have to say if there's one thing you can credit Solskjær for it's that young players seem to mesh with him and work well with him. Rashford, McTominay have improved, Williams, Greenwood are developing well, Wan-Bissaka was a really good signing. The players who he's struggled to get the most out of are the older heads.

    • Mr Abdi خالد عبدالرحمن
      Mr Abdi خالد عبدالرحمن 8 hours ago

      @Ben McManus Yeo 100%, but he have a good enough team to beat clubs like Burnley, Watford, Bournemouth, West Ham, Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, Everton, Southampton, etc. And the players are all playing fo the Manager so you it's not like their commitment is in question.

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      Well it also shows a lack of talent in the squad. It doesn't have to be all one way or all another.

    • Beats by Admiral Z
      Beats by Admiral Z 10 hours ago

      Mr Abdi خالد عبدالرحمن half of the so called TV experts used to share a dressing room with him, that’s why they keep defending him even though he’s a garbage manager

  • Paulo Orlando Ramos Assunção

    im sorry but you forgot to do your research...how Mourinho won champions league with Porto?how did Mourinho won the Champions with inter?Im sorry but you are wrong about Mourinho...he isnt a coach only for elite payers...hes a coach for all teams...theres a lot of things influencing a football match and a footbal team season...you cant say this coach is this and this coach is that...the game has a life of itself and a lot of people making part of it that can change the course of things...Mourinho is a great great coach man

  • Admiral Fujitora
    Admiral Fujitora 12 hours ago

    I would Love for Ole to have success but what can one do if the players don't go out to die for their manager - look at Liverpool they would all die for Klopp

  • why me
    why me 12 hours ago

    Man utd 2020s=liverpool 2010/15

  • tommarkoliver
    tommarkoliver 12 hours ago

    You’re being too nice on ole....the guy is a pe teacher and a glazer puppet...he is always smiling after embarrassing defeats and is tactically inept. Sure the glazers and ed Woodward are the root of the problem but Ole is still a terrible manager who needs sacking ASAP

  • Zac Jones
    Zac Jones 12 hours ago

    When United were on that quality win streak before signing Ole on a permanent I remember Adrian being the only one skeptical and I guess he was right.

    • Gee.
      Gee. 7 hours ago

      I mean i was being skeptical, but im a nobody so yeah. Despite having those incredible winning runs i always says United should wait until the end of season, but that night in paris happens

    • Wan Irfan
      Wan Irfan 8 hours ago

      Not everybody is that deluded. Most were though

    • Beats by Admiral Z
      Beats by Admiral Z 10 hours ago

      Zac Jones no, only the most deluded united fans said that

    • Zac Jones
      Zac Jones 10 hours ago

      s dude Nah everyone was saying give him the job.

    • s dude
      s dude 11 hours ago

      Zac Jones Lots of people were sceptical

  • Morgan Stokes
    Morgan Stokes 12 hours ago

    They said the problem was Mourinho lol. He got second place with this mediocre squad and won 3 titles, in a league with man city and Liverpool!!!

    • TacticalBacon 58
      TacticalBacon 58 8 hours ago

      Eilon Davidson Nah i think that the utd head coaches don’t have a say in transfers

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 9 hours ago

      "They said the problem was Mourinho" ... A problem, not THE problem.

    • play station
      play station 10 hours ago

      De gea carried him when they got second,with out him they wld have came 6th

    • Eilon Davidson
      Eilon Davidson 10 hours ago

      @TechTheMighty dont you think he was responsible for choosing the players though?

  • The Busby Babes
    The Busby Babes 12 hours ago

    the glazers are probably the worst owners in world football

  • The Busby Babes
    The Busby Babes 12 hours ago

    the fact that fans cant do nothing but watch when bad owners ruin a club is just wrong and shouldnt be a thing in football.

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      It hasn't been our club for a long time, mate.

  • Rabona TV
    Rabona TV 12 hours ago

    Sorry guys! When speaking of Wan-Bissaka, I said "most tackles" instead of "highest tackle success rate." My bad!

  • The Busby Babes
    The Busby Babes 12 hours ago

    im afraid that with the glazers and woodward, in 10 years, we will be closer to relegation than to winning the league again :(

    • I am What I am
      I am What I am 10 hours ago

      I hope the reports of Luis Campos becoming our first sporting director before the summer transfer window opens are true.

      MØ YASSIR 10 hours ago

      Have hope ;)

  • Don skeng
    Don skeng 12 hours ago

    People need to realise the clubs rotten from top to bottom. Owners who don’t give a fuck, incompetent senior staff and a clueless, out of his depth manager #GlazersOut #WoodwardOut #OleOut

  • Vinayak Krishnan
    Vinayak Krishnan 13 hours ago

    Fuck Man Utd.

  • The New King
    The New King 13 hours ago

    Love seeing United crumble as a Real Madrid fan. These lot actually had the audacity to claim that they are "the biggest club in the world" .13 UCL 33 La Ligas HALA MADRID!

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      Al Ahly have the most trophies in world football, so....

    • kcin kcin
      kcin kcin 12 hours ago

      Bla bla bla Franco bla bla bla

    • Jim
      Jim 12 hours ago

      In terms of worldwide 'fans' they're technically right actually. Trophies however is a different discussion entirely.

  • Evonne Okafor
    Evonne Okafor 13 hours ago

    The problem with Man Utd is that the owners are clearly the worse in the PL and also there is no structure. You could say that there was the problem at the end of Fergie 's era but winning the PL papered the cracks and when he left Man Utd went into free fall. By now you should be seeing some green shoots which was the case with Liverpool in their winless years but this is not the case with Man Utd at all. I feel it might too late to save Man Utd.

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      Under the current ownership, definitely too late. Our future is a 4th - 7th placed side.

  • D A
    D A 13 hours ago

    And I thought Arsenal were bad

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      @Gabriel Yeargan United haven't been "good" to my eyes since around 2011, haha, but I guess we'll agree to disagree on that one.

    • Gabriel Yeargan
      Gabriel Yeargan 12 hours ago

      D A oh they definitely still are. Don’t get it twisted. The only reason arsenal aren’t talked about as much is because they’ve had the same inconsistent run of form for the last 5 years. While United was pretty good up until last season and especially now.

  • Chris Bautista
    Chris Bautista 13 hours ago

    Man United fans can strike by not coming to the stadium to watch the games. Hurting the Glazers bottom line is the only way they listen to the fans or maybe sell the club to a new owner with ambition. Because frankly American sports team owners only care about profits and not silverware. That’s the type mentality they have back in America.

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      Not that easy to turn your back on the club you love though, is it? It's more than just a ticket, it's the thing you've been looking forward to all week.

  • The true Reds
    The true Reds 13 hours ago

    Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool A mediocre red team makes history against the best team ever Ac Milan in 05, and loses to a lesser Ac Milan in 07. Rafa facts in 09 mess it up and BRs attack attack fails to feather captain fantastic's cap yea yea slips. Klopp 19 team bitter lose by a point to the merchants makes 2020 a smack in your face kind while hopefully changing the EPL perspective

  • iwantgoals 15
    iwantgoals 15 13 hours ago

    Yo please help me tell these clueless idiotic top reds that are begging for Ole to have more time. Ole isn’t the root cause of the problem but he’s definitely part of it now and it’s not just his stupid tactics. He defends the Glazers and Woodward at every turn no matter how bad the pressure gets. The best thing he could do for us a United legend rn is to walk away by mutual consent at the end of the season, that would speak volumes about how badly we’re run. Plus it’s absolutely laughable that a more capable manager like Poch wouldn’t be able to do a better job so it frustrates me all the more that these top reds and legends keep spouting the same shite.

    • iwantgoals 15
      iwantgoals 15 7 hours ago

      Ben McManus Feel like I’m just repeating myself here. Poch started off at Spurs with a much worse squad and Levy has him on a shoe string budget. He’s a manger that you can bring if you have strange owners like ours. And I think the Glazers back managers up to a certain point but remove the backing when they think those managers are failing with the investment. As bad as they are you have to remember that things usually happen for a reason and if they have confidence in him succeeding they will back him.

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      Because the problem is deeper than the manager. Sure, Poch comes in and the team probably does a bit better; but he will come in with promises of investment in the squad and once the transfer window opens he'll suddenly find he has to sell players before he can sign anyone, or despite assurances, the "right player wasn't available" or "there's no value in the transfer market." Then, a few transfer windows down the line, here we are again saying "is it time for Poch to go?". It's the whole structure above the manager that continues to hold the club back, not the guy picking the team.

  • Legend Incredimata
    Legend Incredimata 13 hours ago

    This isn't the same squad Mourinho finished 2nd with tho

  • Lincoln Jacdonmi
    Lincoln Jacdonmi 13 hours ago

    I'm not even triggered by rival fan comments anymore. I'm just..... numb.

  • ChiChi
    ChiChi 13 hours ago

    I don't get why a low points total for top half teams indicates a poor league? Granted the title is (so far) massively one-sided, but the bottom teams having more points shows that this season is incredibly competitive with no standout poor teams (Swansea, Huddersfield etc. in the past).

    • Rabona TV
      Rabona TV 12 hours ago

      That's a great point! I think that it's a bit of both. The rest of the league has definitely improved, but the state of the classic powers like Chelsea, United and Arsenal is much worse than usual.

  • John Karagiannis
    John Karagiannis 13 hours ago

    It's truly a shame to see the issues that Man Utd have today. The Glazers and Woodward imo have severe negative impact on the club just look at how Jose would come out saying he'd sign players but the board wouldn't give him all necessary funds. For me and other United fans, it's going to be a long time before we become competitive with the Iikes of Liverpool and Man City.

    • John Karagiannis
      John Karagiannis 12 hours ago

      @Rabona TV Thanks Adrian, I've been commenting recently but due to the time zones, you can't see my comments :(

    • Rabona TV
      Rabona TV 12 hours ago

      Hey John! Good to see you around again.

  • iNdicud
    iNdicud 13 hours ago

    At this point. Manchester united has 34 points. Liverpool has 67. Nearly twice as many points.

    • iNdicud
      iNdicud 12 hours ago

      @Big Head Peanut lol! Now that's crazy

    • iNdicud
      iNdicud 12 hours ago

      @Rabona TV poor Fergie must be so confused.

    • Big Head Peanut
      Big Head Peanut 12 hours ago

      Man Utd and Arsenal COMBINED have less points than Liverpool. Let that sink in.

    • Abhishek Bhandari
      Abhishek Bhandari 12 hours ago

      iNdicud seriously? Damn. I don’t think even the ownership or Ed Woodward know what is going on. Lol

    • iNdicud
      iNdicud 12 hours ago

      @Abhishek Bhandari hahaha you're right. United is such a different club post Ferguson. I hear rumors of them going after Tevez? Lol what is going on

  • El Nino
    El Nino 13 hours ago

    I hope they get relegated ^_^

    • Gabriel Yeargan
      Gabriel Yeargan 12 hours ago

      No, I don’t want them to get relegated. I don’t much care for the premier league anymore since a few years ago and I dislike United entirely. But I don’t want them relegated because they don’t deserve it. Norwich and West ham do. Not United. They are for sure not breaking the top 4 this year but they will probably end up in 8 or 7th place because the only goal scorer is injured with no backup. They were lucky getting to 5 with teams like wolves, and Sheffield doing surprisingly well. If Tottenham and arsenal get any better by the end of the season, United can kiss goodbye any chance of European competitions.

    • Tobias Lid
      Tobias Lid 13 hours ago

      El Nino liverpoolfan?

  • augustine morudi
    augustine morudi 13 hours ago

    So a ManU fan was telling me how hiring lampard was a bad call coz he has no experience. Same guy said "ole s good, he is doing a great job with what he has"

  • L S
    L S 13 hours ago

    I bet they with for Jose to return....

  • iNdicud
    iNdicud 13 hours ago

    I thought Adrian was a porto fan

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 13 hours ago

    10:08 Not surprising as we've been wasteful. Mané, Salah and Firmino have between them missed 35 big chances in the Premier League alone...

  • johnny Lama
    johnny Lama 13 hours ago


  • Aslam Bakar
    Aslam Bakar 14 hours ago

    United have gone from having strikers like tevez ronaldo and now being lined to Islam Slmani and Odion ighalo for on Loan

    • Jamston Julian
      Jamston Julian 10 hours ago

      Man Utd get linked with everybody, good and bad.

    • Morgan Stokes
      Morgan Stokes 12 hours ago

      @Gabriel Yeargan I bet they will. Slimani didn't even get in the starting eleven at Leicester lol. They could snatch cavani or other big striker. They should by Bruno Fernandes, or even eriksen, but of course they failed to do so already. Just imagine they will play with lingard and Slimani up front. Scary.

    • Gabriel Yeargan
      Gabriel Yeargan 12 hours ago

      I can’t get over them being linked to Slimani. Just a joke. Watch them pay 50 million + for him on deadline day.

    • Morgan Stokes
      Morgan Stokes 12 hours ago

      Sad... Really the board is so unorganized...

  • Incognito
    Incognito 14 hours ago

    The fans aren't innocent either

  • MuZikfanatic1998
    MuZikfanatic1998 14 hours ago

    Ole is not a good manager, shouldn't have been given the job, he has no experience at this level so ole is of course a problem because he's responsible for what happens on the pitch but he's not the biggest problem to be fair. The biggest problem is ed woodward and the glazers. they don't give a single fuck, they just care about money. Recruitment has been extremely poor for a massive club like united, they have spent almost a billion this past 6 years and look at the state of the squad lol they still have shitty players like lingard, phil jones, andreas perrira, an old mata that should have been sold years ago, static matic etc. This team is not a top 6 team. Half the players wouldn't make it in man city team or liverpool.

    • OnesMight
      OnesMight 6 hours ago

      Mata isn’t bad, you can’t necessarily put all the blame on Ole since he managed to give a number of youngsters their chances to break out as great young players, eg. Greenwood and Williams. Though this costs him the wins but at the same time Ed Woodward hasn’t managed to crack a deal with Bruno which just shows the problems lying in United board and squad.

    • Vasil Sotirov
      Vasil Sotirov 7 hours ago

      Half of the players? We have like 5-6 top players. The rest of the squad is either shit, too young or too old

  • Sassy Ranma
    Sassy Ranma 14 hours ago

    *Who'd the most tackles in the league last season.* Wrong. That was Ndidi and Gueye was 2nd

    • Rabona TV
      Rabona TV 12 hours ago

      Sorry, tackle success rate**

  • Daiton
    Daiton 14 hours ago

    I will never understand why United chose to hire a man who's only managed Molde and a relegated Cardiff team just because of a good run of form. Hire a Director of Football who can give United a plan and actual direction instead of accepting mediocrity, get rid of Ole and hire a more accomplished manager and make smarter recruitment choices. I get that it's easier said than done but United could easily fall further if things don't change

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 9 hours ago

      Because results are irrelevant to their business model, brother.

    • The Busby Babes
      The Busby Babes 12 hours ago

      and btw we wont get a director of football because woodward likes his power too much.

    • The Busby Babes
      The Busby Babes 12 hours ago

      a new manager wont change a thing, ole is not the problem that should be dealt with, its like putting a band aid on a torn off leg. the problem sits at the top of the club...

  • cheee chee
    cheee chee 14 hours ago

    I saw this happening from a long way, I was a big fan of LVG fan and as soon as he got sacked. This shows that he was the one who really deserved the backing. But the glazers is so good at making the fans turn on the manager. How things would've changed had he got his 3rd year. But then again its harder to get rid of the owneres rather than the coach.

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      His dreadful football made the fans turn on him. It's easy to forget given how rubbish things have been in recent times, but LVG played the most structured, devoid of flair football I've ever seen in my life. He was never the right fit for United.

    • Tormund Giantsbane
      Tormund Giantsbane 14 hours ago

      Dont see what LVG did to warrent more support then Ole or Mou...

  • Yung Lsg
    Yung Lsg 14 hours ago

    Lol we were joking about your hair but awesome video as always Adrian

  • Guillermo Kyosuke
    Guillermo Kyosuke 14 hours ago

    Owners are to blame. Boycott the merch, the tix, and the sponsors who contract with this team until they sell or change the structure.

  • Yousef FC YFC
    Yousef FC YFC 14 hours ago

    Hey Adrian there is a guy from the Athletic who is (or was) in Egypt to see just how life was for Mohamed Salah growing up and also how big of an impact he has done on egyptians I am not sure if he has written an article yet but if he did then I would be interested in you making a vid about it

    • Yousef FC YFC
      Yousef FC YFC 14 hours ago

      Oh 😢

    • Rabona TV
      Rabona TV 14 hours ago

      I have seen the article, yes! This was the last video of my current contract so unfortunately I won't be able to do a video on it.

    AVICII UK 14 hours ago

    Loving every minute of it YNWA

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 8 hours ago

      @Perry The Platypus Yep, I remember having the exact same thought.

    • Perry The Platypus
      Perry The Platypus 8 hours ago

      Despite hating Liverpool, it was sad to see Gillett and Hicks suck the life out of the club. Now, the same thing is happening to us...

    • Ben McManus
      Ben McManus 9 hours ago

      I bet. I only hope it's not 30 years before United are in contention again.

  • Mujeeb Ahmed
    Mujeeb Ahmed 14 hours ago

    Banter FC

    • Ramdas R
      Ramdas R 8 hours ago

      Bit rich coming from someone who supports Arsenal ! I see that your team is absolutely blowing teams apart with that Spanish fraud who used to lay cones for Pep as a manager.

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 14 hours ago

    Adrian uploading a video just as my lunch break is over...not cool bro 🤣🤣

  • Cvetomir Georgiev
    Cvetomir Georgiev 14 hours ago

    Everytime my team slip I worry that United are gonna close the gap between us. And then they proceed to mess up against a very beatable team

  • HaVoC YaBoiYas
    HaVoC YaBoiYas 14 hours ago


  • Felix Platt
    Felix Platt 14 hours ago

    First to comment on a great quality video. Really interesting.

  • Dexter
    Dexter 14 hours ago

    As soon as I was about to be bored out of my mind 🤜

  • Robert Lewandowski
    Robert Lewandowski 14 hours ago

    Imagine not sacking Ole by now

    • Hristijan Zdravkovski
      Hristijan Zdravkovski 14 hours ago

      Ole may not be a good coach but it's not really ole's fault that the club is in such a bad spot

  • MaxGuitarist
    MaxGuitarist 15 hours ago

    who would actually support spurs like tf seriously

  • D Roman
    D Roman 15 hours ago

    While technically not a Finals collapse, Barcelona blowing huge leads in the Champions League in two consecutive years. The choke against Roma was amusing. The semifinal collapse against Liverpool was awe inspiring and a testament to the fighting spirit of Klopp’s eventual UCL Champion Liverpool squad.

  • Rabona TV
    Rabona TV 15 hours ago

    I hope you guys enjoyed this batch of videos with The Athletic, and thanks again for watching! For access to great articles and club-specific podcasts on tons of Premier League teams, head to www.theathletic.com/rabonatv for a FREE 7-day trial and 50% off of your annual fee! Love ya.

    • Munthasir Islam
      Munthasir Islam 13 hours ago

      Ole may not be right manager but it’s Woodward and Glazers thats the source of the problem. Like if you hate the Glazers! #GlazersOut #WoodwardOut

    • HaVoC YaBoiYas
      HaVoC YaBoiYas 14 hours ago

      ❤❤❤Please like my comment for no reason, it would make my day.❤❤❤

    • HaVoC YaBoiYas
      HaVoC YaBoiYas 14 hours ago

      Love your videos 👌🔥❤

  • Alexi Vishesh
    Alexi Vishesh 15 hours ago

    After the Benfica vs Chelsea UEL Final, I remember reading this article which said that Benfica was cursed by a former manager back in the 70s or 80s that they will never win a European title after he left.

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 16 hours ago

    By publishing this video, you are making it known that you expect Liverpool to squander their lead, no? ;-)

  • Michele Frisoli
    Michele Frisoli 16 hours ago

    Inter losing the title and Ronaldo crying that is iconic.

  • Harsha Verma
    Harsha Verma 16 hours ago

    Don't forgot last year's Barcelona performance😢

  • CB 4567
    CB 4567 17 hours ago

    Did you just walk out of the shower?

  • FootballManagerFTW GoanimateFTL

    Here Are Title Collapses Teams That Should Be Here Braga 2009/10 Basaksehir 2018/19 Real Sociedad 2002/03 Boavista 1998/99 Dortmund 2018/19

  • Jesus Villalba
    Jesus Villalba 18 hours ago

    That Blemish on your wall is pissing me off. Or is it just my phone? 🤔

  • Youtube Sucks
    Youtube Sucks 18 hours ago

    Whats the outro song called?

  • jimakos25xD
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    By the way i'm Adrian and i just had sex.