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Buy THIS MacBook in 2019!
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THIS is the Google Pixel 4!
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Which Mac to get in 2019?
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iOS 13 - Everything We Know!
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  • W.D Gaster
    W.D Gaster 2 hours ago

    Excuse me but PS4 also has a voice assistant

  • Adorn Jobi
    Adorn Jobi 2 hours ago

    Airpods 🤞

  • The Arunachali Guy
    The Arunachali Guy 3 hours ago

    I would love to use this while studying in our noisy hostel. Twitter @marternyorak

  • Ty S
    Ty S 3 hours ago

    Hey bro I’m currently using a Broken and cracked iPhone 6 and the pixel would be amazing for me as I am really looking to get into photography as a hobby. Instagram - @tystorken Twitter - @storken_ty

  • Tim Patten
    Tim Patten 3 hours ago

    Really Hope I win i would love a new phone or the airpods pro. Twitter: @TimPatten8 Insta: @t_patten5

  • Niall Bradley
    Niall Bradley 3 hours ago

    Twitter handle: @NiallGBradley Instagram handle: @niallbradley91 Great vid and I can’t wait to see your in-dept 16 inch MacBook Pro review!

  • THE Parkour
    THE Parkour 3 hours ago

    I'm hyped for this! ig:@sr3w7 twitter:@MIgelstrom

  • Marcel
    Marcel 3 hours ago

    Ooooh brooo! I need to win this. I quit my job for study so I am basically broke af. This would help me out so mutch! But yeah, of course goodluck to everyone. Insta & Twitter : @marcelvdz0

  • Hussnain The King Ali

    IG=hussnain121a, Twitter=hussy23king3

  • Thechico Tube
    Thechico Tube 3 hours ago

    S11+ shouldn't have a hole punch!

  • Philo Dsouza
    Philo Dsouza 3 hours ago

    I'm from India! And I cannot buy the Pixel 4 because of Google! Therefore I need yours ! Give me!!!!!

  • Mohiuddin Ahmed Robin

    I am excited about airpods pro, not about pixel4 Instagram : thunderstorm_007 Twitter : robindhaka87

  • dandansfu
    dandansfu 3 hours ago

    it can compliment but never replace. all these TheXvid says its good but I bet they still use MacBook or laptop but they will tell you its great just for the views

  • Raylexson lol
    Raylexson lol 3 hours ago

    Man i really want to try the pixel 4 Twitter & Instagram: Raylexson

  • Matthew Richards
    Matthew Richards 3 hours ago

    IG: @captain_matt23 Twitter: @Captain_matt23 Would Love to win the air pods Pro💥🔥💥🔥

  • LF Clips
    LF Clips 3 hours ago

    Instagram (jesse_hackmann_and_102_others) plizzzzzzzz

  • binh nguyen
    binh nguyen 3 hours ago

    can wait

  • JB79
    JB79 3 hours ago

    I can’t wait to get a glimpse of Apple fanboys with these glasses on with their AirPod pro 3s. 😂

  • Vishal Parmar
    Vishal Parmar 3 hours ago

    Hey Daniel.. I love all your videos. They are so informative. Before buying any gadget I always see your reviews for it. In fact I bought my NOTE 10plus after seeing your reviews for it. I must say I made the best decision. However I miss the headphone jack on it and I don't have any wireless ear phones yet. It would be the best christmas gift for me, if I could have the Air Pods Pro give away. You will make my dream come true.. Thanks a lot for all your good videos and keep on doing this good work. Love n Prayers. Dr Vishal Twitter: @drweshall Instagram: @drweshall

  • Joe Thomas
    Joe Thomas 3 hours ago

    Thanks for the vid, this phone looks really cool I love your vids and keep up the good work

  • Ali Rabskid
    Ali Rabskid 3 hours ago

    Wish i can get one though @ali_raboaudu @alirabxz 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Ali Rabskid
    Ali Rabskid 3 hours ago

    👏🏽👏🏽. Still prefer Apple 🙌🏼 @ali_raboaudu @alirabxz

  • Ali Rabskid
    Ali Rabskid 3 hours ago

    Instagram- @ali_raboaudu Twitter - @Alirabxz 😁🙌🏼🙌🏼⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

  • Virgil Ocelot
    Virgil Ocelot 3 hours ago

    Twitter and instagram: @areshaku

  • Staint12
    Staint12 3 hours ago

    Need a new phone bro. Still using an iPhone 6s bc I'm broke. :( Twitter: @staint12 Instagram: @sy_hasann

  • Joy Glad
    Joy Glad 3 hours ago

    Asshole fucking Tim Cook!

  • Mathew Mututu
    Mathew Mututu 3 hours ago

    @mathewmututu IG: mathew kiilu Would really love to win the pixel phone . I've never won anything before plus it would really help me on my current iphone 4 which full of problem the batterie is so bad that i have plug it to the charge so as to use it. Thanks

  • Hridoy
    Hridoy 3 hours ago

    Twitter:Hridoy35611934 Ig: hridoy_101 I never won a giveaway in my entire life. I just want to win one of the giveaways😭. Hope I will win.😊. Best of luck everyone. And thank you man for ur giving away ❤️

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos 3 hours ago

    wow pixel can match with other smartphone despite not having a 4k camera that's why i really love to win the pixel. hope i could win it. twittr: @ahmadi_95 ig: ahmadi_95b

  • Hridoy
    Hridoy 3 hours ago

    Twitter:Hridoy35611934 Ig: hridoy_101 I never won a giveaway in my entire life. I just want those Airpods pro so badly😭. Hope I will win.😊. Best of luck everyone. And thank you man for ur giving away ❤️

  • importrule
    importrule 3 hours ago

    you lost all credibility once you mentioned the battery. if you don't know jack, don't pretend. zone of tech, more like zone of bs cuz the host doesn't know jack.

  • Alex Moise
    Alex Moise 3 hours ago

    @Zoneoftech I'm actually thinking they will gut the S11+ or e considering the large size of the phones. Considering that the Plus variant only comes in 5G would make sense this big variant to replace the S10 5G meanwhile the other 2 models to replace the S10 and S10+ (also keeping in mind that they are all curved). That being said the rumoured S10 Lite to actually be aimed to replace the S10e considering the specs and flat panel

  • Nishad Sourav
    Nishad Sourav 3 hours ago

    because I like them Twitter: iNishadS Insta: iNishadS

  • Manikya Jain
    Manikya Jain 4 hours ago

    Will anyone buy 6.9’’ display model?? IG:__manikya Twitter:JainManikya

  • Leyo Fernando
    Leyo Fernando 4 hours ago

    0:17 looks like a small ipad pro, and an small ipad pro folded in half

  • Perk6ix
    Perk6ix 4 hours ago

    The future bud 🤖 Ig: young9rasshopper Twitter: yung9rasshopper 🦗

  • Jamie Fox
    Jamie Fox 4 hours ago

    Pls give air pods pro

  • Shanto Saha
    Shanto Saha 4 hours ago

    Hope I will win one Instragram: shanto__shan Twitter: @ShantoS73885046

  • Angel horse777
    Angel horse777 4 hours ago

    Ah zip it apple you lost this round Amit it Android is better!!! We came out with foldable phones first!!!

  • Filip Kendeš
    Filip Kendeš 4 hours ago

    One correction: oppo reno ace has the fastest charging at 65W

  • Red Tomines
    Red Tomines 4 hours ago

    Something worth looking forward to!! Follow me on Instagram: sol_rojos Twitter: solrojos More power Daniel!

  • Marc Serge Corpuz
    Marc Serge Corpuz 4 hours ago

    Cool vid IG: srgcrpz_ Twitter: Babysergeee

  • Jay Parker
    Jay Parker 4 hours ago

    I would just love some new wireless headphones, never owned a pair as I just can’t part with the cash for some. I just use the wired out of the box iPhone ones. Great video by the way keep it up dude 👍🏻

  • Hallon
    Hallon 4 hours ago

    when i see this i think about the purge that little kid use them with like a creepy doll

  • DimIsHere!
    DimIsHere! 4 hours ago

    When I see you with that black jacket I SWEAT because I live In GREECE

  • Shah Rahman
    Shah Rahman 4 hours ago

    What if I win both? :D :D :D @shahjrahman on twitter and @shahjrahman on instagram!

  • Nazy Ramzy
    Nazy Ramzy 4 hours ago

    14.05 - you should do more research, note 10 is not the fastest charging phone on the market right now

  • ashoor ada
    ashoor ada 4 hours ago

    i buy it

  • Kevin Van Eric Saballo

    Hi Daniel. I follwed you in twitter, ig and yt. @erickvos in both twitter and ig I want to win because i neeed a better wireless headphone. Thanks.

  • Andy Peterson
    Andy Peterson 4 hours ago

    I don’t think Tim Apple has a good sense of style. Apple Watch sucks l. Those glasses look ugly

  • Vrede Human
    Vrede Human 4 hours ago

    AR glasses should have eye tracking built in the glasses

  • Ubale Randy
    Ubale Randy 4 hours ago

    I am using Note 9, may be am switching to S11

  • prb3512
    prb3512 4 hours ago

    Turning it off 1/2 way through because you have WAY too many commercials. We get it you have to make money, but don't be greedy!

  • Adonai Victor
    Adonai Victor 4 hours ago

    What size is that

  • Major Geek
    Major Geek 4 hours ago

    Where can i get that flower wallpaper on ur 7+ in the thumbnail?

  • venomGT350
    venomGT350 4 hours ago

    Ig: eliechid Twitter: venomGT350 Cool giveaway thanks!

  • ashfaq Ashu
    ashfaq Ashu 4 hours ago

    Hy can u give to me..😊

  • Richard Kennedy
    Richard Kennedy 4 hours ago

    Google have basically given up trying with AR Smart Glasses, which is a real shame they tried to have the Glasses themselves do all the processing power, the visuals and data was just so basic.. but with external visual processing through a Smart Phone or pocket sized computer the AR Glass users will have visual displays closer to the Hololens but with similar looks of a regular pair of Glasses.. making them likely to be used with Advertising in public, from Bus Shelter Windows, Store Fronts and even Vehicle Windows or Billboards.. which is where all the money is.. I wouldn't use AR Glasses like Apple Glass in the toilet though.

  • Motheo Bokaba
    Motheo Bokaba 4 hours ago

    I would really like to win the AirPods as I have never owned a pair before, but have owned almost ever iphone up until the XSMax(not really a fan of the 11. Will wait for the 2020 Iphone) So yes, pick me😁 T- @motheobokaba I- @motheo_r_bokaba

  • Jose Luna
    Jose Luna 5 hours ago

    I just subscribe I want to win the give away!!

  • Divit mukhi
    Divit mukhi 5 hours ago

    Air pods have best bass

  • Souvik Das
    Souvik Das 5 hours ago

    21:9 becoming mainstream

  • Widi Brain
    Widi Brain 5 hours ago

    I can’t wait to see the new design of this S11 Ig: kkwidiana Twitter: widi.brain

  • chiggins
    chiggins 5 hours ago

    There’s a good Black Friday deal at Costco for the note 10, I’m wondering if it would be worth waiting for the s11?

  • terrize08
    terrize08 5 hours ago

    @Terrize0829 and instagram terrize08

  • DreadNought 1
    DreadNought 1 5 hours ago

    I really need to upgrade from a potato

  • Andrew Munnings
    Andrew Munnings 5 hours ago

    AirPods please IG:andrewmunnings

  • Bellovic
    Bellovic 5 hours ago

    instagram: @bellovic_ twitter: @scooby1don to broke to buy a new phone

  • Tech Savvy
    Tech Savvy 5 hours ago

    Instagram:- bhavyashah2003 Twitter:- BhavyaS10792175

  • Zack Kayuryuk
    Zack Kayuryuk 5 hours ago

    Ig Zachary kayuryuk Twitter zachary kayuryuk

  • Ron Pirela
    Ron Pirela 5 hours ago

    Samsung's coming hard. Twitter: can_youbelieve Ig: ron451_

  • Sylvester Lachica
    Sylvester Lachica 5 hours ago

    Cant wait to have that s11 here in ph.... IG: fablito26

  • Lou Harsh
    Lou Harsh 5 hours ago

    Your cute

  • Adam Steinthal
    Adam Steinthal 5 hours ago

    The Samsung Galaxy 11 is looking great! Could use some new AirPods too tho 👀 P l e a s e Twitter: @Adam26435608

  • afro lyrics
    afro lyrics 5 hours ago

    you have great videos bro @keith_verfied Twitter

  • wolf hunter
    wolf hunter 5 hours ago

    I hope samsung improves the speakers

  • Mia Song
    Mia Song 5 hours ago

    how about the Samsung iCloud ?

  • Spodey Jr
    Spodey Jr 5 hours ago

    I need a new phone :'( twitter: @RafifSantosa ig : @rafifsantosa_

  • Babon kar Kar
    Babon kar Kar 5 hours ago

    27 Mgapxl will be in auto mode 1/4 of 108MP

  • Mubarak Khamis
    Mubarak Khamis 5 hours ago

    the reason I wanna win the pixel 4 is I need to change my xiaomi redmi 5 😅 twitter: mk86dark instagram: mk86almorry

  • Amir Shaikh
    Amir Shaikh 5 hours ago

    Compact phone ❣️

  • Salvador Alejandro
    Salvador Alejandro 6 hours ago

    Waiting for those AirPods pro :) instagram: @sweetchavacano, twitter: @sweetchavacano

  • Amir Shaikh
    Amir Shaikh 6 hours ago

    I hope that ill win AirPods pro as google pixel is banned in india Twitter - @amiruchiha007 Instagram - @muhammad_amir005

  • The Wild Piranha Specialist

    I don’ have instagram or twitter but I did all the others , liked , subscribed and notifications on !! Great Video , can’t wait till the AR glasses come out !!

  • Grid Lock
    Grid Lock 6 hours ago

    Have fun constantly charging your remote

  • Habiba' s YT
    Habiba' s YT 6 hours ago

    OK we understand that u like the s10e more😒

  • Farhaan Thoppil
    Farhaan Thoppil 6 hours ago

    IG:farhaanbaramy Twitter:farhaan_t

  • Farhaan Thoppil
    Farhaan Thoppil 6 hours ago

    IG:farhaanbaramy Twitter:farhaan_t

  • Jet Ceñidoza
    Jet Ceñidoza 6 hours ago

    😍😍😍😍 loveeeee it. ig @saitoujet twitter @sirjetcenidoza hope to win

  • Reil Justine Borja
    Reil Justine Borja 6 hours ago

    What a crazy specs. Ig: reiljustinebillanes Twitter: @reilborj

  • ivorysteele
    ivorysteele 6 hours ago

    Samsung phones are very expensive. A cheaper iPhone is better than a cheaper Samsung phone

  • Aqib Akram
    Aqib Akram 6 hours ago

    You're gonna get your 1M play button soon❤️ Instagram: aqibakramkhan Twitter: AqibAkramKhan

  • Alias Alias
    Alias Alias 6 hours ago

    Believe it or not I’ve been here before this video was made

  • SanjayVideoChannel
    SanjayVideoChannel 6 hours ago

    wow .. wow

  • Benji
    Benji 6 hours ago

    This is the 1st time I decided not to upgrade & I won’t till we have USBC

  • Tomsterr
    Tomsterr 6 hours ago

    These sizes are stupid

  • Ahmad EE6002
    Ahmad EE6002 6 hours ago

    Instagram & Twitter @ahmad_ee6002

  • Adam Sykut
    Adam Sykut 6 hours ago

    Twitter: adamsykut Instagram: adamsykut Thanks for the incredible content! 👍🏼

  • sherri moquin
    sherri moquin 6 hours ago

    What about the sound quality of the Galaxy s11 I would like to know how that goes

  • XtreemCh1LL
    XtreemCh1LL 6 hours ago