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FIFA 20 Speed Test | 4K
Views 644K2 months ago
Penalty MISSED by Goalkeepers
Views 530K5 months ago
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KARMA in Football
Views 3.4MYear ago
Top 10 Fastest Red Cards
Views 12M2 years ago
Top 10 Undeserved Red Cards
Views 456K2 years ago


  • Dixie 974
    Dixie 974 Hour ago


  • Leo 19
    Leo 19 2 hours ago

    Where was saint maximan

  • airkuna
    airkuna 2 hours ago

    fukin youtube we can't see the 1. goal!!!!!!!!!

  • airkuna
    airkuna 2 hours ago

    the 5. and 6. goal is unbelievable.....

  • Denize Manzano
    Denize Manzano 2 hours ago

    Que comparação de merda comparar o Messi com o Neymar kkkkk nem para pegar um dos dois apenas

  • Mohammad zubair
    Mohammad zubair 2 hours ago


  • William Kimball
    William Kimball 3 hours ago

    Bro who thinks these injures are nothing and just doesn't get back up pretending there hurt when you've had worse

  • openyard
    openyard 4 hours ago

    The goal by Keisuke Honda was just puzzling the goalie saw the ball change direction mid air.

  • Hilaac official
    Hilaac official 4 hours ago


  • Adriana Chaves
    Adriana Chaves 4 hours ago

    Fsjdjs sueajce jhdwidd. Sjfs

  • Bandit and Nolan Vlogs

    This guy doesn’t know what an own goal is

  • Owik Akopyan
    Owik Akopyan 5 hours ago

    Так и в школе разборки так и в футболе разборки

  • Al22ex
    Al22ex 6 hours ago

    Where are zlatans bizza

  • Eray Tan
    Eray Tan 6 hours ago

    I feel bad

  • bam bam 13
    bam bam 13 6 hours ago

    Red karton

    MESSI GOAT 6 hours ago

    4:09 K.O

  • Shafdil Salu
    Shafdil Salu 7 hours ago

    Were king off skill neymar

  • Raju Raju
    Raju Raju 7 hours ago


  • João pedro Santosdesouza

    coitado do juis que tava de preto e o amarelo

  • Andrzej
    Andrzej 8 hours ago

    chachacha 1 NAJLEPSZY:)

  • Emerson Tjia
    Emerson Tjia 8 hours ago

    Pes celebration is like not real

  • Emerson Tjia
    Emerson Tjia 8 hours ago

    I agree you compared neymar w messi, cause if neymar w neymar, that was not balance cause fifa has psg license pes not

  • The_hater _isjustjealous

    Confuse no reason red card: Gun at teammate: it's their friendship choice? Chicken dance: why not? It's just a fun celebration Sniper: I mean it's just sniper but it's ok lah u put yellow ca-- OH MY GOD THIS REFREE I mean what's wrong with this celebration??? If y'all understand pls reply me I don't even know...

  • alan walker
    alan walker 9 hours ago


  • 황준성
    황준성 10 hours ago

    No.15 is so terrible goal

  • Revolzy
    Revolzy 11 hours ago

    That Ramsey one wasn't selfish at all

  • Σταυρούλα Παπαμαλή

    5:21 the best

  • שיר נעמן
    שיר נעמן 11 hours ago


  • Nanang Rusdiyanto
    Nanang Rusdiyanto 12 hours ago

    4:23 indonesia😞

  • rahman A7X
    rahman A7X 12 hours ago

    recoba is real king corner kick

  • ngear2
    ngear2 12 hours ago

    thexvid.com/video/UgAQRtQJiNM/video.html but it's not that famous :)

  • David Barenyi
    David Barenyi 13 hours ago

    FIFA IS A FAR AWAY BETTER !! If fifa put editor and u could play your own ligs then Pes is out

  • Charisma Tube
    Charisma Tube 13 hours ago

    Hahahaa Is crazy selebration, Greetings

  • shahadat sumon
    shahadat sumon 13 hours ago

    Speechless 😶...

  • Bill Barone
    Bill Barone 14 hours ago

    4:04 is that possible???!!!

  • 안지환
    안지환 15 hours ago


  • Mate Rostas
    Mate Rostas 16 hours ago


  • Football Story
    Football Story 16 hours ago

    thexvid.com/video/DMpkvrGMc-s/video.html see my knuckle shoot with futsal ball

  • Sven Koreman
    Sven Koreman 17 hours ago

    That penalty in 2:10 isnt from Messi! It is the Cruyff penalty!

  • Jagrav Makvana
    Jagrav Makvana 18 hours ago


    ALFREDO JUAN 18 hours ago

    This is love This football This is friendly This is Big!!!!!!!

  • Vân Đỗ Thị
    Vân Đỗ Thị 19 hours ago

    Toi trong tai

  • Omar Casas
    Omar Casas 19 hours ago

    El ultimo no es

  • MengChhorng Barber
    MengChhorng Barber 19 hours ago

    Rip Thailand 🇹🇭 😂

    NHỒI VOLG 19 hours ago


  • Hermeson Djessy
    Hermeson Djessy 20 hours ago

    Messi 10# Age 18 (i think) 40 seconds red card and that ref will always be in the story for giving the first and last red card Messi Now world class 6 ballon d or winner and i wanted to see that ref

  • jose perez
    jose perez 20 hours ago

    Jeez, he’s a human Ferrari.

  • Muhammad Aiman
    Muhammad Aiman 20 hours ago

    Where fais subri

  • BigChungus456
    BigChungus456 21 hour ago

    3:38 WTF WAS DAT???

  • Stewart Escobar
    Stewart Escobar 21 hour ago

    Este Man es pendejo o que?? No dejo ver el #1 por colocar los videos recomendados

  • unlimetad Badminton
    unlimetad Badminton 21 hour ago

    4 amazoning

  • Fxdel Veg4
    Fxdel Veg4 22 hours ago

    Chino recoba, idol 🇺🇾❤⚪💙

  • Doge For Memes
    Doge For Memes 23 hours ago

    11:40 awwww so cute a dog playing soccer

    THAT GOAL 23 hours ago


  • עילאי מויאל

    6 omg

  • Ana Mouque
    Ana Mouque Day ago

    Music ?? Plis 👑


    4:07 the coach got ankled lol

  • Tall Cheezy
    Tall Cheezy Day ago

    The dislikes on this video are referees

  • Devastatore Gladys

    Viva PES

    NSHR SHADER Day ago


  • Untypical User

    2:25 kinda similar to Messi first red card


    Some people dont understent

  • Abdulla 2000x
    Abdulla 2000x Day ago

    The zidane is no karma because the defender talked badly to his sister

  • Muhammad Afzal

    1:15 I got so shocked and then realised that the title is OWN goals

  • Muhammad Afzal

    Karius one: I can believe it

  • Ricky Mngomezulu

    I am glad l am not a referee

  • Ewan. r6s
    Ewan. r6s Day ago

    u forgot jj


    1:01 hahaha

  • Derek Abbey
    Derek Abbey Day ago

    There’s 34 you did 2 twice

  • Adnan Hajrulahovic


  • Hanan Mahamoud

    neymar did not dive

  • Ani Xhyra
    Ani Xhyra Day ago

    And where is the backheel goal of Lapadula from the assist of Suso vs Palermo in 2016 ??! 😭😅

  • Detoles Malyaw

    Pacniterm ostekoha lskenehukebo

  • Hugo Cruz
    Hugo Cruz Day ago

    Arjen robben (Mr.robbery)that was the biggest robbery of 2014 world cup....i was inspired by him but then mexico vs netherlands clashed and that fkin happened #biggest robbery of the decade

  • adventures with kibet

    Rivals did get hit but not in the face

  • adventures with kibet

    DAvid Luis did not div but just laughed after the tackle

  • яё Ha
    яё Ha Day ago


  • HDT Tổng hợp

    wow, ok bạn

  • Mohamed Shameem Salah

    Those attacked Refrees Life time banned 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • bulletfastspeed

    Why do these comp videos always have the shittiest music

  • Əziz Məmmədli

    1:42 Azerbaijani Goal😍

  • Vitoria Souza
    Vitoria Souza Day ago



    4.02 not tall but his legs move fast n light

  • luk
    luk Day ago

    Check the 23' also its old i can't say that cuahutemoc blanco did it first but him did it way back before the one in 23'

    MOHAMED Day ago

    0:23 it was 2 times 2#

  • fajar 023
    fajar 023 Day ago

    Bagus pes cok

  • Twitch XxpanjzxX

    Football= overreaction

  • JD media
    JD media Day ago

    khub valo lagle 5656



  • Ok boomer
    Ok boomer Day ago

    5:42 rest in peace Theyab Awana💔

  • Hassan Shahid
    Hassan Shahid Day ago

    Check this out Top 5 Bicycle Kick Goals ever thexvid.com/video/kp0FQJrZogU/video.html

  • The X-pert Genius

    PES 2020 just KO'd FIFA 20 this year

  • AdamzVid Z
    AdamzVid Z Day ago


  • Marius Oprea
    Marius Oprea Day ago

    Ammm... hulk=))

  • CARtube
    CARtube Day ago

    Dont do that to refeeres they are living only from that money please dont punch them! 😟

  • Nicole Leroy
    Nicole Leroy Day ago


  • Dillzzy
    Dillzzy Day ago

    Drogba champions league final ?

  • Taline Dedejian

    Ronaldo is a big legend he must be number 1

  • Vaibhav Patil
    Vaibhav Patil Day ago

    All of you taking sides of refree but I think most of the times(not always) such things happen because of wrong decision by refree.Like they dont take VAR and directly give red card or yellow card. Best example is last red card of messi in copa America.That was clearly a wrong decision.These people have ways to harm players career by giving red card but they do nothing about how refrees take wrong decision.

  • TAEKAF Reodas
    TAEKAF Reodas Day ago