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  • Starßoi💫
    Starßoi💫 6 minutes ago

    Won’t be a problem anymore when he moves to Spain in January or next season

  • Michael Bradley
    Michael Bradley 26 minutes ago

    Does nobody actually realize (including you Troopz) that Liverpool played in 2nd gear and still thrashed City? Lol!

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell Hour ago

    It's TheXvid vs MSM in a boxing fight. Arsenal FC are pretending to be the ref, but there aint no ref in this fight YA GET ME!

  • Mezmer
    Mezmer 2 hours ago

    I'm tired of people criticizing leno. I love you troopz, but you criticizing him for not saving that insane shot was wrong. This dude is doing the best he can with this shitty defense. He is a class goalkeeper, and his confidence is gone due to his inability to rely on his centerbacks to help him out. Being wrong footed happens to the best goalies in the world.

  • Trump
    Trump 2 hours ago

    love u forever troops arsenal bord are assholes

  • jimmy
    jimmy 2 hours ago


  • BoA Yoon
    BoA Yoon 3 hours ago


  • gazgerrard1988
    gazgerrard1988 4 hours ago

    Troopz now gonna be responsible for Auba leaving lol

  • lawani precious
    lawani precious 5 hours ago

    I smell conspiracy man but we d fans are always victorious

  • ashkid_wizkid AKWZTS

    Troopz it's all propaganda nonsense. The media really knows how to turns people's head. KMT. Tupac once said. 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 (Recollect your thoughts don't get caught up in the mix 'Cause the media is full of dirty tricks)

  • partha sarkar
    partha sarkar 5 hours ago

    Troopz is a cock sucking bastard

  • karim biggs
    karim biggs 6 hours ago

    Journalists are scared they are about become obsolete... That's really what's going on

  • thekidd7
    thekidd7 6 hours ago

    As Robbie would say ‘David ORNA STEIN’

  • avarice
    avarice 6 hours ago

    Brendan Rodgers is everything Arsenal fans WISH Unai Emery was.

  • mikefamilyman
    mikefamilyman 8 hours ago

    creepy that the club are scanning what players 'like' etc. on social media. If I was an AFC player I'd be asking WTF is going on

  • pete ross
    pete ross 8 hours ago

    Troopz getting chubby chops

  • JM BN
    JM BN 8 hours ago

    We get you, we understand, we get you, we understand

  • Ryan English
    Ryan English 8 hours ago

    The board just money grab and aim for top 4! Ignore them. BIG UPS TROOPZ

  • Lola Vanenburg
    Lola Vanenburg 8 hours ago

    Big up to you Troopz..Coming from a Liverpool fan..We’ve been there with Woy Hodgeson😱..All you want is the best for your club.. Keep the faith bro..YNWA

  • Xapis Xapilaou
    Xapis Xapilaou 9 hours ago

    Troopz everyone be hating and jumping on us. Keep up the good work. Arsenal fans stick together. #OneArsenal

  • Manohar Lakshmana
    Manohar Lakshmana 9 hours ago

    Hey troopz if you don't mind can you please let me know the source of your intro song ? It's too good fam ! Please Sir.

  • stonedraider420 Toke toke

    Just a reel of when troopz started killing your club .He sounds like a 12 year old lol he has also at present completely killed arsenal in 2019

  • Adrian Jacobs
    Adrian Jacobs 9 hours ago

    Opinions are like arseholes everyone has one! You guys make statements about the club and the players and the media make statements about you. Both sides have parts to play in these situations but you can only control or be responsible for yourself. If you weren't relevant they wouldn't be taking about you and we wouldn't be watching! Hold your head and carry yourself with respect and integrity 🙏🏿

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis 9 hours ago

    Troopz 👏🏾. The root of all the misery is this, it’s too easy to score against Arsenal. And the teams ability to defend has been deteriorating for 13+ years?

  • Take Me Back: Pirate Radio Archives

    Mainstream media = Poison

  • Take Me Back: Pirate Radio Archives

    It was probably Bell-end-erin, Ozil Hondini and Xhak Shit that got irritated. Bun the media they don't represent us.

  • Om Zehn
    Om Zehn 10 hours ago

    It's not your fault but you can't deny the impact media has on players and teams and that includes social media.

  • anon 1
    anon 1 10 hours ago

    If aftv are to blame if its troopz out of all of them who is getting the majority of the blame for arsenals decline then how has this decline been going on way before aftv was a thing its been 10yrs maybe more they have gone down hill

  • captain klun
    captain klun 10 hours ago

    Fuck what man says we respect your views keep it up troopz dont let them silence you respect my brother

  • Zebby Blair
    Zebby Blair 10 hours ago

    Lef dat alone fuck dem jus do what you do best bro

    MAK STUDIOS 11 hours ago

    I love troopz

    MAK STUDIOS 11 hours ago

    clickbait for david ornieston

  • Doom Man
    Doom Man 11 hours ago

    Troopz you called it, the beef happened 🤣

  • Casting out Fear
    Casting out Fear 11 hours ago

    What a joke blame game

  • WhatWAsThatClip !
    WhatWAsThatClip ! 11 hours ago

    Your not to blame fuck the world

  • Penny For Your Thoughts

    Arsenal Fans, Make sure you get varied opinions on what is going on at Arsenal. Some Arsenal fans think their protest ousted Wenger. The Kroenkes wanted a football management team and that was not compatible with how Arsene operated so once they got full control they went for the change. This change just happened to coincide with fan displeasure with Arsene. I see fans spinning their wheels about Emery out as if they have a choice in whether he leaves or not. Support your club through what is a tough period, whine through the tough period, disengage until things become better or stop being a fan. Those are your options. Dictating club management/ownership decisions is not an option. Make no doubt about it, the players are receiving training and coping mechanism on how to inoculate themselves against fans. Imagine your spouse receiving training on how to ward off your negative effects. Is that a good relationship?

  • Ray E
    Ray E 12 hours ago

    It's business for these journalists and aftv/any fans getting close to players means you become their competition. Nothing personal! Footballers are used to this scrutiny because they are famous, as you get more known shit like this will happen Dust it off. I'm not even an arsenal fan and I laugh at Arsenal all the time but I support what you guys are doing on aftv, better than what any fans channel do! Keep going!!!

  • Liam Hammett
    Liam Hammett 12 hours ago

    I can't believe you actually believe you are "close" to him! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣 Ffs pal, you are friends on Instagram... that doesn't qualify as close. He is laughing at you because you think you are some Jamaican gangster, when in actual fact you are just a weapon. Putting on a Jamaican accent doesn't make you Jamaican, you are from London... end of. Also, why does anything else have to happen next? They pulled two things up about you... you are irrelevant really mate. Sorry to burst your bubble but you are still a nobody, just like the rest of us. Pipe down and piss off flower.

  • Jay.J 36
    Jay.J 36 12 hours ago

    Big up urself my dawg, we all got a voice 2 express r opinions keep urs... Lfc fan 👊🏾🇯🇲

  • Courtney-Jai
    Courtney-Jai 12 hours ago

    Heard unai has 6 game so guess we are getting a relegation for Christmas

  • EMST3N
    EMST3N 12 hours ago

    Please do a watch along for Bayern Munich-Tottenham !!!

  • Mike James
    Mike James 12 hours ago

    Come on Troopz, we need a vid about your opinion on Raheem and Gomez situation

  • Neil Doe
    Neil Doe 13 hours ago

    Do them for libel. Damned devil's.

  • Vahid Azemian
    Vahid Azemian 13 hours ago

    love you troopz!!! you da best. wish you and DT could be manager of arsenal. then the players would love to play and fight every last drop for you

  • Raoul Fulgos
    Raoul Fulgos 13 hours ago

    They keep trying to scapegoat troopz, and they still can’t do it

  • Eugene Krabs
    Eugene Krabs 13 hours ago

    you should address the non-albanian comments. they were the worst imo. imagine if someone come and said you aint jamaican, you aint pakistani etc. criticise a player but whats the point in dissing his heritage bro.

  • cheetah8667
    cheetah8667 14 hours ago

    Troopz and AFTV have been marked for termination,you can't keep effing and blinding at players and managers and owners and expect them not to put the heat on you also.This is just the start wait till they start taking your assess to court for "defirmation of character"..

  • JG Ballard
    JG Ballard 14 hours ago

    What language is he speaking?

  • Neill Mackenzie
    Neill Mackenzie 14 hours ago

    this is the mainstream media trying to shut down AFTV and you, build you up now lets tear you down like they always do. they dont like the fact that most people these days don't buy papers know they are full of shit and editorial lies. look at all the complete tosh they come out with during transfer windows, 'a source close to the club', 'a source close to the player' none of them ever happen written on the back of the toilet roll while there in the bog. i think we have to get ready for auba, laca and pepe all wanting to leave soon. Stay strong man, love your videos and contribution to AFTV

  • Kennedy Mutuma
    Kennedy Mutuma 14 hours ago

    They are simply trying to avoid a lot of focus on Unai Emery. This man is full of troubles, from the pitch to the players, and now the supporters. only time will tell how far this can go.

  • Banana Bitw
    Banana Bitw 15 hours ago

    🖕 troopz tv

  • Nkurunziza Erisa
    Nkurunziza Erisa 15 hours ago

    The board will do whatever it wants but we all stand by saying #Emery_out or else matches are to be boycotted

  • Shyam Mehta
    Shyam Mehta 15 hours ago

    To be fair AFTV is a massive comedy show. You as supporters make your club look like the joke it is.

  • Christopher Mallett
    Christopher Mallett 15 hours ago

    Arsenal is a business. They will try to distance themselves from anything or anyone that they see as harmful to their brand, just like any business. Critisising the manager and the players is always going to outweigh one good relationship with a player. Arsenal's position on this matter is completely understandable. Rightly or wrongly. At the end of the day without the fans, these clubs are nothing. But they are now so powerful that they can demand their player not interact with a fan (the very lifeblood of the club). But the fans will always continue to pay their money and allow them to behave however they wish. No point complaining when you are also one of those people.

  • ooh to B
    ooh to B 15 hours ago

    Not once has AFTV swayed my views on anything. Unai is the manager and nothing's improved. If anything we've gone backwards.

  • Stephen James the 28th

    That was such a dignified response. Very proud of you bro. I don’t need to say anymore 😓❤️

  • colin peters
    colin peters 16 hours ago

    That's how racism works

  • Day Ko
    Day Ko 16 hours ago

    This is just media trying to ruin the relationship. If it was solely from the club they would have asked Auba and for all the facts straight. This is a distraction and jealousy thing from the media's side.

  • m khan
    m khan 16 hours ago

    is it a coincidence the rise of aftv and the fall of wenger ?

  • m khan
    m khan 16 hours ago

    i enjoy watching aftv and troops but i think that emery or any manager cant win with arsenal , every one has an opinion , some want xhaka in some want him out , guendozi is now a target too ,same with every palyer in the team . manager cant keep every fan happy with his team selection . all the negativity when we lose or playing bad ,has an effect on the players and we know gunners fans drop there heads too when we losing . if our supporters and aftv had a positive and encouraging attitude instead of negative im sure we would see the difference , even with emery as manager

  • Jay Mac
    Jay Mac 16 hours ago

    Fuck em troopz we got ya back bruv keep it real

  • lee
    lee 17 hours ago

    Mainstream media dont like us fans having an outlet to voice opinions,fuck them cunts,keep up the good work bruh

  • Walter White
    Walter White 17 hours ago follow this guy 💪follow club glease

    THEFISATV 18 hours ago

    Clever way from arsenal to hide other issues, create drama to hide the real drama

  • Fire Brand 78
    Fire Brand 78 18 hours ago

    Troopz for Club Chairman

  • Muluken Haile
    Muluken Haile 18 hours ago

    im with you bro! lets the rubish talk the talking, you are doin gr8 , we are enjoying you

  • Undergroundkid
    Undergroundkid 19 hours ago

    Big up Man like Troopz.. People don't realize that Auba won the fans over for Arsenal he is so engaged with the fans he has love for them

  • Chucky
    Chucky 20 hours ago

    Troopz Give me that booze at ur back....pls Chucky wanna play....

  • Abdul
    Abdul 20 hours ago

    Is that a beard or facial pubes? Why does EVERYONE think they would look good wearing a beard these days?

  • ca ikhwan
    ca ikhwan 21 hour ago

    You understand count :

  • Gabriel Temba
    Gabriel Temba 21 hour ago

    Fuck DEM BOMBOCLOT lickle pussy hole Babylon jezebel liars. Troopz Keep doing you. Much Love and RESPECT from the ZAMBIAN GOONER Living in TEXAS!!!

  • Sam Allardyce
    Sam Allardyce 21 hour ago

    remind of them years arsenal v man utd ehh troopz

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown 22 hours ago

    Much love from Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦 🇯🇲

  • klashnekov86
    klashnekov86 22 hours ago

    Classic media, they don't like the fact that nowadays fan channels are taking over and their becoming irrelevant, no-one reading the back pages, they want to know the opinions of fans who goto games.

  • iNITĘ Studio Productions

    Big up TroopZ and Auba, dont let tham scare you. No club attacks the "official" news or the media because they get FINED. I have been waiting for this attack to become a thing every since AFTV started and i knew it would come soon. They never want the people to talk, just them. Come on people, they burned down "black wall street". This is the mentality(still) of the leaders of this country(and the world). But "the lion awakes" and will tear those hyenas to bits for real. ONWARDS FAM.

  • Young Blood
    Young Blood 23 hours ago

    Karma is a bytch ! take it like your scapegoats took it

  • kaykay london
    kaykay london Day ago

    Bun the pricks, troopz.. Keep doing what you do... Bless. #EMERYOUT #XHAKAOUT

  • Tay Man
    Tay Man Day ago

    If tommy Robinson can give his views why can’t troopz😂👀

  • Above up Entertainment

    All the fans should take some time off and leave the stadium empty you guys keeping emery in because the club still getting the same support so no change will come until you guys stop attending the games

  • Akiem Douglas
    Akiem Douglas Day ago

    wasn't it lacazette who they said liked the xhaka post after the palace game?

  • Dore On Tour
    Dore On Tour Day ago

    Fuck him troopz 🤜🤛 Wants wrong with players intraction with fans 🤷🏿‍♂️ Keep it 💯

  • Joel Henry
    Joel Henry Day ago

    When they say my club is Banda club they are acting like that now the fans make the club what it is and I am shame that Arsenal acting like a child don't grow up and see we're this club will end up you all forgetting how much money these fan pay each week think they picking up money the fans have heart like the board don't big up bro

  • omeje joshua
    omeje joshua Day ago

    Bro they are all shithead, just ignore them.

  • steven denham
    steven denham Day ago

    Why the fuck shouldn't fans and players get on talk to each other it makes the fans feel closer to the players shutting down that divide big up the players that give the fans time respect. Journalists are wounded because the fan channels are more relevant than them and players are interacting with them instead of the journalists 👍🏻

  • Ray as
    Ray as Day ago

    Bruv!!! My views r urs n vice versa, respect blud!!! My mind is urs!!! personally u fucking speak for a me!!!

  • Gee Gee
    Gee Gee Day ago

    You keep going Troopz let the haters hate 👊🏿

  • Stu spins slots

    Troopz promoting what looks like arsenal to get that 10% 👍👍😁😁

  • Elise Itembu
    Elise Itembu Day ago

    Last year Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal Robbie: Troopz how do you rate Aubameyang? Troopz:7 Robbie:why??? Troopz:that's the amount of times he touched the ball!!!

  • MLF Bling Bling

  • Connor Bears
    Connor Bears Day ago

    I think the fans shouldn’t turn up to the matches anymore. Doesn’t appear as if the club cares so much about the fans and the opinions of the true, match attending, Arsenal supporters. As much as you love Arsenal, stay home. Leave the stadiums empty.

  • Dee Naijaboi
    Dee Naijaboi Day ago

    It’s the fucking old and useless sokratis that is complaining. I don’t like him anyway,so he can fuck off our club.

  • James Minor
    James Minor Day ago

    The truth ALWAYS hurts, Troopz. Keep doing your thing. Say what you want to say. It's ALL true. Mad support for you, bruv!!

  • mikiy84
    mikiy84 Day ago

    Keep living your life troopz, and continue to do your thing. You travel up and down, week in week out supporting your club, and its your business who you build relations with. This is just another example of the media establishment, and people like ornstein seeing the loss of their importance, when players and fans can connect and interact, especially in social media. The very fact that they are lashing out demonstrates this. I can't remember when I last bought a newspaper and I sure am not the only one, so this dinosaurs know they are no where near as relevant as they used to be.

  • Kieran Pugh
    Kieran Pugh Day ago

    Dictating who players can speak wtf your club is toxic troopz feel bad for yer kidda

  • Tshepo Malele
    Tshepo Malele Day ago

    I don't know how things work in the UK but I'm from South Africa and from my point you did nothing wrong bro. Continue what you doing, never change and keep ypur head up

  • DJ Wakki
    DJ Wakki Day ago

    All these so called 'Medias' providing 'News' are the same media who faked a Soldier Imprisonment, tapped into dead people phones and personal info, said Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction, claimed diseases like Ebola would wipe us all out and pushed for Brexit. We can list it all, but they are just mad that on AFTV, it's a REAL VOICE, for the REAL FANS and REAL PEOPLE. The News Media are trying to stir up shit as usual to cause a friction. No Corruption, No Lies! TheXvid gives us a Voice! Stay Strong Brother Troopz! Couldn't agree more with you about Arsenal ✊🏽

  • Bionic Thieves


  • Dgsblx80
    Dgsblx80 Day ago

    David Ornstein has no contacts in Arsenal anymore, Gazidis was his inside guy before. Ornstein has got everything wrong since Ivan the terrible went to milan.

    • Dgsblx80
      Dgsblx80 Day ago

      Ornstein is a FRAUD, he is not speaking on behalf of the club, proof being that the 1st auba heard of it was cos of the article... surely the club would speak to him 1st.

  • LJ T
    LJ T Day ago

    Ofc they want to put all focus on fans right now. Emery did same with Xhaka when he took his captaincy, WEEK AFTER. They talked shit about VAR as well. They know what they are doing. Emery is manipulative and desperate. Raul is also to blame from now

  • Dan Fry
    Dan Fry Day ago

    These shitty rags, the Sun, the Mirror, the Daily Mail, the Express. Total scum and have been for years. They are one of the main reasons our country is going down the pan with their relentless bullshit and their fuck-wit readers.

    • iNITĘ Studio Productions
      iNITĘ Studio Productions 23 hours ago

      Know that all these news outlets are owned(controlled) by the same big corporation. Now it is easier to see how public opinion is manipulated, by posting only their own views and directives. Now alternate media is here, they run scared.