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  • Fabio lima
    Fabio lima 27 minutes ago

    Fredo needs a shit

  • Jason Holt
    Jason Holt 35 minutes ago


  • Liam neill
    Liam neill 53 minutes ago

    You know when you get goosebumps.......say nothing 💫 🤫

  • Tasha Denkins
    Tasha Denkins Hour ago

    Love this ❤️

  • Acesiz Official
    Acesiz Official Hour ago



    c4 should be doing his own tunes and bars instead of going to next man beats its peak c4s hard wouldn't do it myself

  • charlie w
    charlie w Hour ago

    Come on my g 🆗☢️🔥

  • Lee Hughes
    Lee Hughes Hour ago

    DJ Preditah x MC C4 repping Brum town 0121 spinning old skool tracks on the wheels of steel way to lit💡so cold ❄still !! . ✌🇬🇧☠💯

  • Steven Newbery
    Steven Newbery Hour ago

    Wretch you ready after that? You wanna take a breather?... defo didnt realise what was about to happen 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    DEEPROT Hour ago


  • Ash Balu
    Ash Balu Hour ago

    that dilla spacek flip echos jay dee's soul through eternity. kano did it justice too. fire front to back top to bottom

  • ProwseOfficial
    ProwseOfficial 2 hours ago

    This is cringe lol

  • Navostar1
    Navostar1 2 hours ago

    I put the blame on everyone who hit the dislike button🤯

  • BRENDA bel
    BRENDA bel 2 hours ago

    Cool 😎🤙

  • Brandon Malik Rashid

    First 🏆 🎵

  • nathan tucker
    nathan tucker 3 hours ago

    Now this is music 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Chris Mcgrath
    Chris Mcgrath 3 hours ago

    RK deffo been pushin them UC claims through 🤣😂

  • Shakil Ali
    Shakil Ali 3 hours ago

    How the fuck does this have 198kviews underrated asf

  • illeabbas
    illeabbas 4 hours ago

    This guy needs to blow fam wtf its been time now.

  • george kairo
    george kairo 4 hours ago

    Mi seh chris martin adi real proud a him

  • Kezza HD3
    Kezza HD3 4 hours ago

    Kmft nafe ya need to make these 2 into a song👌❄️❄️❄️🌊

  • TaoTao Kawai
    TaoTao Kawai 4 hours ago

    Extreme ecstacy

  • Dj Velivel
    Dj Velivel 4 hours ago

    He only Just one style and flow

  • Jacob Nomafo
    Jacob Nomafo 5 hours ago

    Who said he couldn't make it ?

  • John Sakealevu
    John Sakealevu 5 hours ago

    Aitch looks like he part of the Peaky Blinders cast.

  • Amy Frost
    Amy Frost 5 hours ago

    Jaykae needs to stop shouting it Hahahaha what

  • Chris Rhodes
    Chris Rhodes 5 hours ago

    Discovered this guy thanks to FIFA 19 soundtrack. Guy is like the British Kendrick Lamar 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ewan Dunsmuir Images

    JPC has to be my favourite artist right now. He is simply incredible!

  • Rob rob
    Rob rob 7 hours ago

    This is hardly freestyle!! Anyone seen big l,krs one etc. Proper freestyle

  • luckyducky lofthouse


  • Danchehall Kuff Kaff Again

    Up top 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rachel Edwards
    Rachel Edwards 7 hours ago

    love this Kano x

    • Rachel Edwards
      Rachel Edwards 7 hours ago

      really love this one, thanks man!! Wow ....

  • Josh D
    Josh D 8 hours ago

    When people say he doesnt rap that fast live, I show dem deeeeez nuts

  • Dylan Craft
    Dylan Craft 8 hours ago

    Why is Skibadee the size of 2 Harry Shotta's?

  • Dylan Craft
    Dylan Craft 8 hours ago

    Still the best fire in the booth. Ocean Wisdom is incapable of spitting a bad bar

  • Ana Silvia
    Ana Silvia 10 hours ago

    Is there any song that Michael came up with melodies lines, or was it all Teddy s work?

    • MacXpert74
      MacXpert74 3 hours ago

      On Dangerous a few song are only credited to Michael Jackson: "Heal the world", "Who is it" and "Will you be there". Some are credited to T. Riley and M. Jackson and others ("Jam", "In the closet", "She drives me wild", "Remember the time", "Can't let her get away") The rest are credited to others.

  • Orchidalicia 799
    Orchidalicia 799 10 hours ago

    14-th Oct 19. Sir David Rodigan we salute you..The baddest DJ in the World!!!👑👏👏👏👏😍

  • Jimbo Perry
    Jimbo Perry 10 hours ago

    This song still bangs mothers

    SADIKIE OFFICIAL 11 hours ago

    My British Idol......

  • Jody Wellington
    Jody Wellington 13 hours ago

    Should do a collaboration 🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄🤧🤧🤧

  • Jody Wellington
    Jody Wellington 13 hours ago

    Virgo ♍️ ♍️ that voice omg terry ur voice omg🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧

  • Wahid Iqbal
    Wahid Iqbal 14 hours ago

    Love the way skeppy takes control when all the rest get off like the grime king he is!!! Not racist but the white guy was shit.

  • D G M
    D G M 15 hours ago

    I Really want to hate the kid, no sure why. However, good little performance. What I don’t understand is why his bars sound like he’s lived in London for the past 10 years but accent is screaming Manchester. Up north don’t speak like that. Weird

  • raz lia
    raz lia 16 hours ago

    2019..anyone still here?

  • Sam Rodgerson
    Sam Rodgerson 16 hours ago

    Deadest crowd

  • Asa JeanVeVo
    Asa JeanVeVo 16 hours ago

    a 12year boy playing his mix tape in clubs😂😳

  • DatzDatJoint
    DatzDatJoint 16 hours ago

    Str8 fiyah! 🔥🔥🔥🇯🇲

  • Jaiden Official
    Jaiden Official 16 hours ago

    Clearly not a cover?

  • Hydra Crap
    Hydra Crap 17 hours ago

    The new Eminem

  • Malisa Myers
    Malisa Myers 18 hours ago

    *Get Out* of the *U.S* Boom there you go people You're welcome people

  • Samantha Mary
    Samantha Mary 18 hours ago

    Why he shouting

  • john muoyo
    john muoyo 18 hours ago

    I love koffe

  • iClutch
    iClutch 18 hours ago

    October 2019 anyone here with me or I’m I alone?💯💯⭕️

  • Dill P
    Dill P 18 hours ago

    all im gunna say if this mug can get 2 fitb's then surely i can

  • Ella Barnbrook
    Ella Barnbrook 19 hours ago

    Wretch 32 is something else ❤️🔥👏🏻

  • puunbaz 4000
    puunbaz 4000 19 hours ago

    Bugzy Malone, one of my favorite Grime MC's.

  • SiouxZQ McBEAN
    SiouxZQ McBEAN 19 hours ago

    Cronixx and musicians, my honor fi vybe with outstanding vybration 1love livity

  • Rambos Hunchoz
    Rambos Hunchoz 19 hours ago

    His so shit

  • james fox
    james fox 20 hours ago

    Camp as fckkkkkk! But 🔥

    EMINƎM 20 hours ago

    WTF is Top Boy! I came here for Kan0

  • LosBarrel
    LosBarrel 20 hours ago

    Really! People dislike this? If you don’t like something click the next video. He ain’t talking bout your mother or family. Wow!

  • Lina Bruce
    Lina Bruce 20 hours ago

    Unruly. 🤘🤘🤘💯

  • Steven Choppin
    Steven Choppin 20 hours ago

    What the flying fuck is this shitty noise fucking little mug

  • Mossy
    Mossy 21 hour ago

    Ay yo sully became a rapper yoooo

    • Reece Butler
      Reece Butler 16 hours ago

      loll he was a rapper long long before he was sully

  • day buttons
    day buttons 21 hour ago

    Don't complain about knife crime when the BBC itself is promoting music like this.

  • Michael Gideon
    Michael Gideon 21 hour ago

    No difference in her voice sounds exactly like the recorded audio nice song.. Mi never get tired of listening.. TOAST

  • Flashy Nizz
    Flashy Nizz 21 hour ago

    Instrumental on my page right now!

  • Sir Derpingtons
    Sir Derpingtons 21 hour ago

    how am i finding this just now!

    ARNOLD MLOTSHWA 21 hour ago

    j p , ndakakunyarira ufunge ndochiii ichoch

  • Momosar Iblin
    Momosar Iblin 22 hours ago

    Aitch diss by school boy

    DIBRI N 23 hours ago

    Why isn't Charlie sloth screaming. This is fire

  • matteo1538
    matteo1538 23 hours ago

    'Brave Dave'

  • Adam Chalkley
    Adam Chalkley 23 hours ago


  • Alex Watkin
    Alex Watkin 23 hours ago

    You man can lie to yourself’s UK artists are waaaaay better than US lyrical geniuses say nothin🤫

  • Anthony Demetriou

    Steves is a sick selector

  • Edilson Perengue


  • Harley White
    Harley White Day ago

    Atich is a kind of person that had a doctor's appointment but he doesn't turn up because he's sick

  • Cuban Rican Stacks

  • Cuban Rican Stacks

  • Haaz93
    Haaz93 Day ago

    Jaykae is trash live. Why does he scream so much.

  • Lornie Red Wine David


  • Marc Harrington

    Big up Bugzy and much love to Shola *_* Representing the #0161 one love <3

  • Charl Jonas
    Charl Jonas Day ago

    ID 6:00 double wheel settings

  • golemkonty
    golemkonty Day ago

    this is too brutal.Skeppy is like voodoo magician!

  • Юрий Гагарин

    Песню эту люблю,но данная версия аранжировки не понравилась совсем...

  • Opel Combo
    Opel Combo Day ago



    Check BassDropKeys

  • Sean Barrows
    Sean Barrows Day ago


  • Bazanji
    Bazanji Day ago

    Kano loves the word Ting.

  • Janson Plays
    Janson Plays Day ago

    Get in aitch go on

  • Estelle M
    Estelle M Day ago

    This kid sings like Angelique kidjo.♥️😍

  • sweggie boi
    sweggie boi Day ago

    gotta rewatch it in 2019

  • Harry bradshaw

    Takeoff makes offset n quavo look like nothing

  • Yahz Islam
    Yahz Islam Day ago

    That was hard I wanted to hear more fam

  • JD 04
    JD 04 Day ago

    This ones cold styll

  • Ryan James
    Ryan James Day ago

    Who’s here after sponge bob

  • lacky c
    lacky c Day ago

    Aitch got the smooth flow, good mic control, decent showmanship, can skank and knows how to work the crowd. Jae kae needs to work on his mic control big time.. pissed or not lol, plus he needs more showmanship,. Skank or something when the chorus is playing, don't just scream adlibs staring at the crowd looking like homer simpson

  • Brian Mwangi
    Brian Mwangi Day ago

    Tbh anyone with a bit of intelligence would know he’s not saying much of anything. The flow though is 🥶

  • The Spectacular Minion Sonic

    R.I.P CADET 😥😥😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭

  • AkosiSushmita
    AkosiSushmita Day ago

    If y’all wanna sing with her here’s the lyrics Oh, ey You don't know, babe When you hold me And kiss me slowly It's the sweetest thing And it don't change If I had it my way You would know that you are You're the coffee that I need in the morning You're my sunshine in the rain when it's pouring Won't you give yourself to me Give it all, oh I just wanna see I just wanna see how beautiful you are You know that I see it I know you're a star Where you go I follow No matter how far If life is a movie Oh you're the best part, oh oh oh You're the best part, oh oh oh Best part It's the sunrise And those brown eyes, yes You're the one that I desire When we wake up And then we make love It makes me feel so nice You're my water when I'm stuck in the desert You're the Tylenol I take when my head hurts You're the sunshine on my life I just wanna see how beautiful you are You know that I see it I know you're a star Where you go I follow No matter how far If life is a movie Then you're the best part, oh oh oh You're the best part, oh oh oh Best part If you love me won't you say something If you love me won't you Won't you If you love me won't you say something If you love me won't you Love me, won't you If you love me won't you say something If you love me won't you If you love me won't you say something If you love me won't you Love me, won't you If you love me won't you say something If you love me won't you If you love me won't you say something If you love me won't you Love me, won't you