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Iphone 11 - Launch Trailer
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PS5 Graphics Demo - 4K 60FPS
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PlayStation 5 Trailer
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PS5 graphics demo - Next gen
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PSVITA 2 official trailer
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PS5 Official Launch Trailer
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FORTNITE 2011 VS 2018
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PS5 demo graphics
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[Mini-Edit] COD Ghost
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  • Jay Hovah
    Jay Hovah 17 minutes ago

    Report for spam or misleading!

  • rgth bjjhfgbr
    rgth bjjhfgbr 3 hours ago

    Yea the wet floor is the future of graphics

  • rainingChocolate
    rainingChocolate 4 hours ago

    Honestly. I wouldn't want this. Miss me with that realistic looking shit.

  • JkButterfly
    JkButterfly 5 hours ago

    Sims 5: So realistic Other Sim: Hold my plimbob!

  • Bailey Krumhorn
    Bailey Krumhorn 5 hours ago

    that good

  • Bam Bam
    Bam Bam 8 hours ago

    I can already smell my computer burning

  • Jason Boyes
    Jason Boyes 9 hours ago


  • Jason Boyes
    Jason Boyes 9 hours ago

    Title should read PC graphics demo

  • fireballz500000
    fireballz500000 10 hours ago

    My god...... Just imagine the porn mod for this game.

  • Brownie 332
    Brownie 332 10 hours ago

    This is to much beautiful be, be real haha

  • Nagita Nagita
    Nagita Nagita 12 hours ago

    Nice try.

  • adriel DribleBrós
    adriel DribleBrós 14 hours ago

    Esse daí é o rádio relógio da minha vó !!!😂😂

  • WHO is BEST?
    WHO is BEST? 14 hours ago

    2:15 when that ps5 screen turned black my whole brain was rebooted with even more freshness

  • Try Guys Meme videos
    Try Guys Meme videos 15 hours ago

    Me: *finally got sims4* Sims 5: hey there.

  • Klu Cifer
    Klu Cifer 16 hours ago

    Buy The Sims 5 buy new computer

  • Le Ыvan
    Le Ыvan 16 hours ago

    is this Minecraft with shaders?

  • Foxy Girl
    Foxy Girl 16 hours ago

    Wham Bam No thank you maam

  • YnnyY&nne OilRyser
    YnnyY&nne OilRyser 17 hours ago

    Why can't we get the Sims engine in GTA6?

  • nika magradze
    nika magradze 17 hours ago

    What do you like Ps4 -like Xbox - comment

  • easykill_45
    easykill_45 18 hours ago

    Its not possible on console. They would need a REALLY good top of the line cpu to handle these graphics. Plus the graphics card would be at the very least an rtx model. My ass they would charge even 500 for the console. People would not even buy it. My graphics card alone was 700bucks. So hell nah😂😂😂 thexvid.com/video/IKQXgSx1Gio/video.html

  • 김치랑 초코케잌 같이 먹으면맛있어요

    헐 제발 이번엔 오픈월드ㅠㅠㅠ팩 좀 싸게싸게 내주세요ㅠㅠㅠ니네들이 그지새끼도 아니고 팩하나에 오만원씩 받아가냐ㅠㅠㅠ

  • ???
    ??? 20 hours ago

    ここまで進化するとは… もう実写やな そして俺たちはps6の世界で 過ごしていたことに 6年後に知らされる事となる。

  • Guy
    Guy 22 hours ago

    Finally when we shoot enemies we’ll get to see real detailed, discernible pieces of guts and brains being splattered

  • Benjamin Esver

    Ray tracing Minecraft?? 1:10

  • tay
    tay Day ago

    some people actually believe this is real i-

  • Hälo Gächä
    Hälo Gächä Day ago

    No it not

  • Samsars 5
    Samsars 5 Day ago


  • She Who Praises God Endlessly

    Sims go to Fyre Festival lol.

  • Ron Weasley
    Ron Weasley Day ago

    Any word on when this comes out? I hope it does in our life time.....tired of waiting...and waiting...and hopes not to get disappointed like I did on Sims4. You set a higher bar..lets see if you can jump it Origin!!

  • Riley Vaneps
    Riley Vaneps Day ago

    If only it was real...😪

  • Courtenay Shampaign

    is this real?

  • Элизабэт Дрэйк

    Эта игра будет стоить как моя почка?

  • Hollowland
    Hollowland Day ago

    i know its just a fan made but i like to see these trailers lol

  • Pyrx
    Pyrx Day ago

    18 cores?!! Damn bro that's one powerful ass smartphone lol

  • S K
    S K Day ago

    Sims 5: sims become real Sims 6 : we become the sims.

  • Xman Hunter
    Xman Hunter Day ago

    Ok first of all I don't think ps5 loading sceen would be that fast I mean how you supposed to read the words when Rockstar is telling you about the new DLCs that's coming and awards you have to complete to get more money if like the loading sceen is that fast you wouldn't know what's going on if you cant get a chance to read.Thats why we have loading sceen in the first place it's not all about how much the game can take cause it uses so much space to make it load so long but yea I have a ps4 slim and when I play red dead redemption 2 or GTA 5 it loads my games tell 3 or 4 minutes and I'm on the game just like that with no problems unlike ps3 yea the loading sceen takes a little longer cause ps3 can burley handle bigger games like GTA V or just cause 1 and 2 you know the bigger the games the more MGB it takes then yea of course it will take long plus it would lag the game so hard.

  • B!oHaZ aRd
    B!oHaZ aRd Day ago


  • Vittoria Rossi

    Like a chi non piace

  • Rezidiv Frisch

    Yesss zoral ❤️😍✌️

  • Jenn
    Jenn Day ago

    It's bs that they have tossed out extra content and expacs for purchase to scoop up as much cash as possible from loyal fans, apparently, not too long before launching the sims 5.

  • King AI.
    King AI. Day ago


  • Dark2702
    Dark2702 Day ago

    Thats unity and unreal Engine tec demos. Not nessesary on ps5. Maximum u find that on xbox one Scarlett 😂

  • Jesus San Andreas

    GTA 😍

  • Bruce Leroy
    Bruce Leroy Day ago

    Fuck around and put everyone in a simulation.

  • Sakura Lillibeam

    I don't want this. This has nothing to do with Sims anymore. It's a simulator, not Sims. I hate it.

  • Sirawit K.
    Sirawit K. Day ago

    I think I like the sims4 caractor but I like the sims5 forniture

  • SENO Gaming
    SENO Gaming Day ago


  • Rickard Samuelsson

    Ps5 have no reveals yet, this is unreal engine

  • Julian David
    Julian David Day ago


  • Mia Button
    Mia Button Day ago

    Cc makers be like: well what do I do now?😂

  • ღCaty Catღ
    ღCaty Catღ 2 days ago

    It looks more like GTA 5 I would like the sims 4 to stay

  • Mp Jp
    Mp Jp 2 days ago

    Ps5😂😂😂😂not even close!!! 😎😎😎😎

  • Edith88
    Edith88 2 days ago


  • Luis Montana
    Luis Montana 2 days ago

    This video showed nothing.

  • Angela One
    Angela One 2 days ago


  • Gabriele
    Gabriele 2 days ago

    What's this shit I honestly wanna a sime gameay ore 5 second graphic

  • Seven
    Seven 2 days ago

    Low end pc gamers: Ow shit here we go again

  • Kucklow Music
    Kucklow Music 2 days ago

    u know its time we focused more on movements rather than graphics for realism

  • Wolfieee!!!
    Wolfieee!!! 2 days ago

    I just don’t want sims 5! It’s just... TOO realistic! I miss the toony stle of sims4! Anyways, if there ain’t cowplant, no buy, no pets, no buy and WHERES THE FREAKING HORSES IN SIMS 4 U COME OUT WITH THAT BEFORE SIMS 5! Also, the expansion packs are prolly now gonna be like 100$ each

  • Maria Luiza
    Maria Luiza 3 days ago

    Vocês continuam acreditando que vai sair o The Sims 5? Ou é só meme?

    STEEL KNUCKLES 3 days ago

    Not impressed at all

  • J C
    J C 3 days ago

    My computer 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 me :😿💸💳🧨

  • Domnic War
    Domnic War 3 days ago

    Later after ps5 ps6 will come fooling people changing graphics and making game size to 100gb idiot

  • boinggers s
    boinggers s 3 days ago

    No offense but eww

    ATG IMM 3 days ago

    Not ps5 footage brah

  • Bianca Rocha
    Bianca Rocha 3 days ago


  • SEBAH ಠ_ಠ
    SEBAH ಠ_ಠ 3 days ago

    Pensé que era el minecraft con shaders

  • Gvk.__
    Gvk.__ 3 days ago

    Wish I could motherload real life...

  • MATRiX
    MATRiX 3 days ago

    1980: a blue pixelated maze with 4 ghosts and a yellow guy 2020:

  • Dani Moreno
    Dani Moreno 3 days ago

    Mas estafa imposible

  • Vitor Calebe Santos Meira

    Diaxo de console esquezito tomara que a Sony não lance essa praga para nós sonistas

  • Burried Alive
    Burried Alive 3 days ago

    But the biggest question is.... Can we select our own colors and patterns for the furniture like in sims 3?

  • L3st4t Mods and Games

    It's not ps5

  • Randy Erwin
    Randy Erwin 3 days ago

    This is cool

  • darrel drl
    darrel drl 3 days ago

    Boulshitt boyy

  • Skejt
    Skejt 3 days ago

    Na filmie to sobie można pokazać wszystko jeśli chodzi o cuda grafiki. Pytanie jaka bedzie rozgrywka 👎

  • Akemi LIfe
    Akemi LIfe 3 days ago

    Это точно симс 5????

  • Sonyeo Margit
    Sonyeo Margit 3 days ago

    Sims is still sims. Not a real life.

  • Holly Braunton
    Holly Braunton 3 days ago

    Wish this was reall

  • Baby Bitch
    Baby Bitch 3 days ago

    Nobody ain't either gonna be able to play it coz of computer or afford it period.

  • Dreamer Xao
    Dreamer Xao 4 days ago


  • Jedi Luke 22
    Jedi Luke 22 4 days ago

    Just give me one more epic real life looking Uncharted game on PS5 !

  • skylar malone
    skylar malone 4 days ago

    what game is this?? if not sims 5 then what? bc i wanna play it!! lol :)

  • Anigurl28
    Anigurl28 4 days ago

    Please just let it be open world. I’m sick of loading screens when I visit my neighbors!!

  • Evelyn Naile Camacho

    No se crean este video que estafa no está el tráiler de los Sims 5 ahun

  • patriota Brasil
    patriota Brasil 4 days ago

    o vídeo game tá perdendo a graça por estar muito realista ... 😂

  • patriota Brasil
    patriota Brasil 4 days ago

    na época eu me emocionei com o PS1 😂 era um super gráfico na época 🤗

  • Leah Simone
    Leah Simone 4 days ago

    Shit bout to get real out here😂

  • Brandon L
    Brandon L 4 days ago

    I remember hearing the sims 4 life time is at least for another year with its packs and expansions. Most are good but compared to all the mods pc has to offer, Sims 4 is extremely lazy. Sims 5 really needs to step it up and push the boundaries.

  • le noob
    le noob 4 days ago

    C est vrai ou pas ?

  • english pie
    english pie 4 days ago

    I DONT need Sims 5 i need half-life 3 pleasr

  • Pedro Jacques
    Pedro Jacques 4 days ago

    vim pela caju

  • zap status
    zap status 4 days ago


  • sabre_wulf1
    sabre_wulf1 4 days ago

    Calling Bullshit...

  • Minh Huỳnh
    Minh Huỳnh 4 days ago

    Walk like a robot...

  • Scarlat Santos
    Scarlat Santos 5 days ago

    Ai vai ser top de mais 😍

  • Queen K
    Queen K 5 days ago

    So the graphics are good but the people walk funny as heck

  • Anime Gamer
    Anime Gamer 5 days ago

    Ooouhh sims 5 time to kill them in detailed

  • savagegiraffe1
    savagegiraffe1 5 days ago