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  • 02
    02 4 hours ago

    This people are smart

  • Leo St. Pierre
    Leo St. Pierre 4 hours ago

    Know this everyone who is bashing the Catholic church. It is the one true church founded by Christ. Run by imperfect people. And satan knows this as he infiltrates the church with these evil people. Trying to bring down the church, but he never will.Very sad indeed but these evil people will meet their maker one day if they haven't already. Pray for your own soul and those who are destined to be damned. But never abandon Jesus for anyone else's sin. God bless.

  • 02
    02 4 hours ago

    The guy in Orange did a full 360

  • rhythmay
    rhythmay 4 hours ago

    I always preferred era of BYP with Kim. I love those songs, they have so much taste and class to them, just like Kim Hill herself. I salute her.

  • TheMagicalGoatz247
    TheMagicalGoatz247 4 hours ago

    Why does the one in the back have an rpg? I hope to god he knows how close he is😂

  • Xriz
    Xriz 4 hours ago

    I boycotted Nike's cheaply made and overpriced products years ago, you should too.

  • cubaxx5
    cubaxx5 4 hours ago

    Sold by the Dutch Carlink International

  • XRamzyX
    XRamzyX 4 hours ago


  • Slayerholik
    Slayerholik 4 hours ago

    Amazing ace, artist, and human. Legend!

  • Jareth W
    Jareth W 4 hours ago

    Disgusting Nike. Good going girl.

  • Hogman The intruder
    Hogman The intruder 4 hours ago

    dang! i always wondered where she went. First time i listened to the album elephunk, i was like "who tf is this white girl?" lol Glad she found happiness, and she's right. She was apart of hip-hop during its greatest moment.

  • Rachel
    Rachel 4 hours ago

    Starting from the birth of my future children, I won't post their pictures online. You wanna see my baby? If we're close enough, you'll probably be able to visit or receive a pic. Otherwise? No reason to see my kids online😂

  • J. FILL
    J. FILL 4 hours ago

    Good....its everyone's right to own one. Even felons. Will not be infringed

  • calliph
    calliph 4 hours ago

    could you push in the camera any further? can't quite see up her nostrils.

  • juany ramirez
    juany ramirez 4 hours ago

    Loved the narration, loved the story, so inspiring. She did not loose herself, she won.

  • Symph
    Symph 4 hours ago

    I’m 200 pounds and I’m the fastest person on my American football team

  • Mark Waring
    Mark Waring 4 hours ago

    Ware are her parent's

  • Cory Drybrough
    Cory Drybrough 4 hours ago

    But do the Shoes increase your speed?

  • John Brown
    John Brown 4 hours ago

    This speech by Khizr Khan reminds me of Fannie Lou Hamer's speech at the 1964 Democratic National Convention.

  • Maribel Medellin
    Maribel Medellin 4 hours ago

    Heard him scream 😭

  • Itz_ Anne
    Itz_ Anne 4 hours ago

    I understand why you guys are talking about how good Malala is but what about the people who recorded this??? They were brave enoug to do this

    SAINTSEBASXX 4 hours ago

    At least they got Trump right.

  • Shady Jimin
    Shady Jimin 4 hours ago

    I'm glad you stood up for what you believe in. I'm glad you're doing well.

  • Andrew Vo
    Andrew Vo 4 hours ago

    Hang him

  • Josh Kubacki
    Josh Kubacki 4 hours ago

    Didn’t want it enough

  • Hockeymaskbob
    Hockeymaskbob 4 hours ago

    This is an avocado, I grew it myself, and the government doesn't know I have it...

  • Naught Guile
    Naught Guile 4 hours ago

    "I want to be the fastest female athlete." Naaaahhhhh transexual athletes exist. Hope is free though but that's not enough to make you win against transexual females.

  • Hindsight
    Hindsight 4 hours ago

    If he believed the cop was going to die, why fire only one shot, why not continue firing until the threat is ceased. The first shot did not end the threat, it took them several seconds to start dispersing. Something about this just screams "I hate these guys and want to use my new toy on them" he had less then lethal that would have been more effective on a crowd instead of a single bullet but chose not to?

  • Headwhacker
    Headwhacker 4 hours ago

    Complaining about conditions in prisons? Here's an idea stop breaking the f****** law and stop getting arrested and going to prison

  • redwolf gaming and mechanics

    Sactions do nothing cause words only stop men who listen.

  • Leroy Jenkins
    Leroy Jenkins 4 hours ago

    Im a man, and this is one lady i respect! GOOD JOB NOT FALLING IN TO THIS SICK SEXUALIZED SOCIETY!

  • Steven Cervantez
    Steven Cervantez 4 hours ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah U IDIOTS LOOK SOOOOOO STUPID!!!!!! #MAGA

  • rayzimmermin
    rayzimmermin 4 hours ago

    this kind of stuff has been happening in male sports for thousands of years now and no one cared about all the males whose lives were destroyed even now it this video is not pointing out how its the sports industry in general that is hurting people no it's just about how it's hurting women and girls who cares about the men and boys

  • stirange
    stirange 4 hours ago

    Interesting interview, but the invasive distance between the camera and the subject is annoying.

    CMILL 4 hours ago

    This makes me so sad Jk I don’t care

  • Lulu Brown
    Lulu Brown 4 hours ago

    Well, needs to remember.

  • Olivia B
    Olivia B 4 hours ago

    If my mom posted a picture of me in a bikini, I’d scream. Wow. Poor girl.

  • Olivia B
    Olivia B 5 hours ago

    If my mom posted a picture of me in a bikini, I’d scream. Wow. Poor girl.

  • Travis Pisani
    Travis Pisani 5 hours ago

    Can someone please hook me up with that cute girl in the glasses talking about Harold the rock? I'd like to date her.

  • carolyn gordin
    carolyn gordin 5 hours ago

    how four nuts matt mark kellyand david became gas lighters huh

  • Xnation
    Xnation 5 hours ago

    If we killed machines instead of people would it be worth it? What if the concept of war changed from killing human beings to killing other machines.

  • Julio Quinones
    Julio Quinones 5 hours ago

    Screw cultural appropriation Live and Let Live bro

  • I K
    I K 5 hours ago

    Wow . I have chills everywhere watching this .

  • mirzamay
    mirzamay 5 hours ago

    I believe this might possibly be the most touching story I've ever heard.

  • CCRob720
    CCRob720 5 hours ago

    "where's you're voice" "where are you"...those are strong words.

  • BrotoSwaggins
    BrotoSwaggins 5 hours ago

    Even if she's happy, i'm sure that stung. Black Eyed Peas were everywhere when i grew up

  • Cobone
    Cobone 5 hours ago

    The virus is the lying MSM like you The New York Times.

  • BluejeanMermaid
    BluejeanMermaid 5 hours ago

    Gee, this isn't scripted at all.🙄

  • Bye Felicia
    Bye Felicia 5 hours ago

    Why am I just hearing about her.. I literally never knew the black eyed peas even had a female singer before fergie..

  • matthew clary
    matthew clary 5 hours ago

    Just another reason to throw Nike’s away

  • Zara Woods
    Zara Woods 5 hours ago

    what a monster

  • A.73773
    A.73773 5 hours ago

    I Came from the darkness

  • Death Hack
    Death Hack 5 hours ago

    How stupid this all is

  • Moslim Islam
    Moslim Islam 5 hours ago

    At what point did dad come in to “talk” to Alberto?

  • lo l
    lo l 5 hours ago

    He's the first white man to see with african hair

  • Emma Röhrig
    Emma Röhrig 5 hours ago

    The guy at the end "in germany we don't wave flags", I can so relate, that's very true

  • Armando Lopez
    Armando Lopez 5 hours ago

    She should sue nike no cap

    DRAGONE 5 hours ago

    3 years of his prime wasted :/

  • Tony Madrueno
    Tony Madrueno 5 hours ago

    She just touched my soul with her words. Awesome and powerful video

  • Jessica Davis
    Jessica Davis 5 hours ago

    Smh lost people and the comments are one sided.

  • Olivier Thibault
    Olivier Thibault 5 hours ago

    neither Biden or Warren should get the ticket, imo it should be Bernie or Yang.

  • Tmg Clips
    Tmg Clips 5 hours ago

    Trump is a fat old sweaty orange man. But Kim jong un is a fat clown so

    ALL HAIL SATAN 5 hours ago

    HAHAHAHAHA but nike is woke, she's just a fascist pig....🤣🤣

    JAMBORAMBO MANGO 5 hours ago

    A story that has two sides that both equal happiness love stumbling across videos and story’s like this ♥️

  • Edwin Gomez
    Edwin Gomez 5 hours ago

    How one man takes down a whole building without help dont sound right

  • dillaaaaa
    dillaaaaa 5 hours ago

    She was with the group when we loved BEPs. They were good. I mean really good.

  • T Slap
    T Slap 5 hours ago

    Is the first one that stabbed him standing in court crying? All they got was life. They should of gotten the death penalty.. I hope prison is as cruel to them as they were to that boy.

  • MrJobofo
    MrJobofo 5 hours ago

    And people always go on about how great putin is! He's a cold blooded killer.

  • Angst
    Angst 5 hours ago

    Is that guy at 1:17 holding a rpg at close range?

  • Kabo Lobo
    Kabo Lobo 5 hours ago

    They are sellout today... good job Girl.

  • MissDeniseR
    MissDeniseR 5 hours ago

    I never believed this lady killed her baby, and was disgusted by the way she was treated, and for people to joke about a tiny baby being eaten by a wild dogs its horrifying, i am glad they finely got justice.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 5 hours ago

    Y’all got hella bored huh

  • Sleepin thegarden
    Sleepin thegarden 5 hours ago

    America take notes

  • TheBespectacledN00b
    TheBespectacledN00b 5 hours ago

    At 3:17 looks like the Grimsby coat of arms between the Irish harp and Welsh dragon. Appropriate for a chippy.

  • XxConstant AnxietyxX

    "Get what he deserves" He did not deserve this.

  • OAPS
    OAPS 5 hours ago

    Wow.. just by the way she’s telling her story I can feel every bit of her words. She has a big soul and an amazing meaning to life. Not even money can buy that. My blessings to you. Thank you for making me realize that women like you still exist .

  • Lolis Are My Lifu
    Lolis Are My Lifu 5 hours ago

    I just remember this boy from that one episode of Seinfeld

  • Mishkafofer
    Mishkafofer 5 hours ago

    US should go over Mexico like Iraq in 2003.

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 5 hours ago

    Listen its simple, we can make sure Roberto or any of his assistant will ever work with professional athletes ever again! Put a tap on him online, I can do it just give me the names then I’ll get info every time these Names pops up in any online document!

  • Goth kid
    Goth kid 5 hours ago

    i hate Alzheimer's. both Alzheimer's and dementia run in both sides of my family. my parents had it and my mom is showing signs of it. it terrifies me but we have to make every second of their life amazing and worthwhile

  • Bob Hope
    Bob Hope 5 hours ago

    Great video. Fire Sarah, she’s racist

  • Amy Ahlquist
    Amy Ahlquist 5 hours ago

    Even though the public was proven wrong we as a civilisation have learned nothing we still have people jumping to judgment with very little evidence in hand.

  • T Slap
    T Slap 5 hours ago

    This just broke my heart. Seeing the Demon cut the kids throat brought tears to my eyes. How can people be so evil. This makes me wanna gather up a few things of mine and go out and clean up New York. Leave them where I find them..

  • Courtney Veatch
    Courtney Veatch 6 hours ago

    In 2011 when Melissa showed us how to bake a whole fish she said then to go ahead and give it plenty of salt and pepper because 'it can take it' - Now she says *not* to salt it too much because 'it comes from a salty place', and that makes sense, but... which is it?

  • Hindsight
    Hindsight 6 hours ago

    To be honest, wars against large nations are rarely about killing soldiers, it's about destroying assets and preventing the enemy from occupying strategic positions. This tech will not change war, it just means less humans will be killed as a result and the only thing lost will be assets and funds.

  • Aaron Bolanos
    Aaron Bolanos 6 hours ago

    this same tactic is being used here. ppl are getting served "hot" wraps of heroin, tainted with fentanyl/carfentanyl.

  • Survivalbum 55
    Survivalbum 55 6 hours ago

    I stop buying anything Nike when they signed colin kaepernick

  • Dani Halling
    Dani Halling 6 hours ago

    I just want to give her hug. Not for pity or any reason... just to give her a hug. It’s amazing that she stayed true to herself 💜✨

  • Pipa Ra
    Pipa Ra 6 hours ago

    Man or woman if you want to reach your full potential, you should not allow yourself to be under the thumb of anybody. Be independent even if it means you have to build your own country with in a country.

  • NoBuntu Mhlambi
    NoBuntu Mhlambi 6 hours ago

    my...breathtakingly dignified....gorgeous, just alive & gorgeous.

  • Troy White
    Troy White 6 hours ago

    Jay z still looks young

  • Everglow
    Everglow 6 hours ago

    They need to follow the marriott's steps. Employees first, customers second

  • Star Cherry
    Star Cherry 6 hours ago

    Further video surveillance shows that YES the shop owner did call the police 2x! Streetsmarts 101: Police are minutes away when seconds matter. And in this neighbourhood the police don’t show up when you call. (They never did btw). A simple ride to the hospital would’ve been the difference between life and death Also the second Junior ran out the bodega *bleeding* A pushy elderly costumer yelled at the shop owner to hurry up w/ his purchase. (While the shop owner was calling 911 2nd time).

  • Lucian Samsel
    Lucian Samsel 6 hours ago

    Hope she's at least getting royalties for her lyrics

  • HAL 9000
    HAL 9000 6 hours ago

    We won't forget the abuse of your own suicided son, and we won't forget Madeline McCann.

  • Dante Rosales
    Dante Rosales 6 hours ago


  • Missy Lee
    Missy Lee 6 hours ago

    Respect motherhood

  • Thomas Brinkler
    Thomas Brinkler 6 hours ago

    They are probably Liverpool fans

  • LG
    LG 6 hours ago

    I don't understand why he took so many guns to his hotel room. It's not like he was gonna use all of them. It's like he just wanted a good news story after he killed himself

    DOI LEE 6 hours ago

    Sad story :(