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Who Is Jeffrey Epstein?
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  • Brandon Bradley
    Brandon Bradley Minute ago

    I just love how NYT always claims to be the protector of free speech, but they just straight up deletes my comments. (no swearing, no vulgarity, just a different perspective)

  • bilibala
    bilibala 6 minutes ago

    they are fighting for freedom with their lives.

  • Rob the Great
    Rob the Great 8 minutes ago

    If you combine stealth with speed and altitude no enemy on this planet will be able to defeat you

  • Cedric Wai
    Cedric Wai 9 minutes ago

    New York Times bias and fake reports, not telling the truth, only telling one sided story.

  • Gmgauravmishra
    Gmgauravmishra 9 minutes ago

    Hit Unsubscribe on that post

  • I’m Batman
    I’m Batman 10 minutes ago

    Today in 2019 every time a shooting happens lefties try to force gun control on law abiding citizens before the bodies are cold. And then they bust on the police for not getting there in time.( they demonize the police unless they need them ) police aren’t supermen, they can’t know exactly when and where there’ll be a shooting. All they can do is their best. I fail to see how it’s the gun or the police departments fault. The only one who should be blamed for shootings are the SHOOTERS!

  • Dartagnan
    Dartagnan 10 minutes ago

    nyt your attempts at propaganda make me crack up. chill my guy

  • Jack Passmore
    Jack Passmore 11 minutes ago

    If we don't change our direction we're likely to end up where we're headed.

  • Thought Kernel
    Thought Kernel 12 minutes ago

    reverse,propaganda ? everywhere,else on the web : we condemn this voilence ,stupid youth . nyt: go hang yourself here's the rope

  • OptimisticCynic715
    OptimisticCynic715 12 minutes ago

    Hillary wished Biden was there sniffing and fondling.

  • Robbie Curtis
    Robbie Curtis 13 minutes ago

    #YangGang 2020

  • Dartagnan
    Dartagnan 14 minutes ago

    it was hong kong who wanted the extradition bill lmao. bruh you did this to yourself fool.

    • Peridot
      Peridot 9 minutes ago

      The Hong Kong government, specifically the members appointed by Beijing.

  • Konny
    Konny 15 minutes ago

    Death or liberty

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace 15 minutes ago

    I want to maintain my data dignity now and forever!

  • MrArbeter
    MrArbeter 16 minutes ago

    2:05 our men flee the field of battle this is a shameful display

  • cjNOre
    cjNOre 17 minutes ago

    I just transited thru Beijing International and I had my ear buds in my pocket and I got scanned a frisked and I had to go thru customs 6 times + I hit the angry button

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace 19 minutes ago


  • Sabrina Cooper
    Sabrina Cooper 20 minutes ago


  • ri hehe
    ri hehe 21 minute ago

    so die pls

  • Christopher Finn
    Christopher Finn 22 minutes ago

    What I don’t get is that when AI does take all the jobs how will we be able to buy anything from the big companies? Won’t they lose income?

  • Roy Yang
    Roy Yang 29 minutes ago

    Please stop treating children in Hong Kong as victims of politics and ideology. For those who support Hong Kong's freedom at CNN, FOX and BBC, please send your children to Hong Kong. 1. May I ask the children, are there Westerners giving them money? Is it funny to read the so-called suicide note and the money from others in the pocket? Is it stupid to listen to the public opinion propaganda of other countries, take the money of others, and destroy your own city? 2. Ask the Americans to use the money to send the children in the video to Syria for one month. Those who have never felt hungry will learn to cherish their city if they are alive. 3. The riots in Hong Kong lasted for 3 months. There was no one dead. Catalonia in Spain died one person on the first day, and Chile has died 11 so far. This shows that the quality of the Hong Kong people, including the police, is very high. Please cherish the pearl of the East and need to cool down instead of pouring oil on the fire. 4. I hope that these color revolutions exported by the United States will eventually return to the United States, so that everyone can experience what is called riots. The United States is the root cause of the world’s instability.

  • yenma akari
    yenma akari 29 minutes ago

    I don’t know they talked to the wrong white people.

  • Misunderstood Grass
    Misunderstood Grass 29 minutes ago

    Thanks. I hate it.

  • mathew idicula
    mathew idicula 30 minutes ago

    Hong Kong citizens are heroes this could be a movement akin to the Bosten tea party, to stand with China is to stand with repression, but to stand with Hong Kong can be the echo of histories ones again rising up to throw off it's shackles.

  • John Christopher Robert
    John Christopher Robert 32 minutes ago

    What BS, the protesters are the ones that started using violence. They started with fire bombs and the throwing bricks at the authorities . Not to mention the fact that they are attacking police with high power lasers. The police are trying to arrest these violent individuals. The protesters are the ones going down into the subway attacking people and destroying the subway system to the point where Hong Kong is running out of parts to repair the subway trains. The protesters from the very beginning have been using violence to antagonize the police force and the police have responded remarkably well. If this happened in the United States there would be a lot more protesters injured and in jail.

  • Bob The Plumber
    Bob The Plumber 32 minutes ago

    Esau b.v wont be happy until the whole Earth is destroyed.

  • Jacob Harrison
    Jacob Harrison 32 minutes ago

    Do you hear the spongebob music in the background

  • Ricardo P
    Ricardo P 33 minutes ago

    In the mean time, what can we do? I can only throw one rock at a time 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Vanessa Wei
    Vanessa Wei 33 minutes ago

    so weird, people on both sides are prepared to die for their beliefs and comments choose to stand with protesters only because of this biased report and unknown of the other side.

  • Mr. Simple
    Mr. Simple 34 minutes ago


  • Wong MOON
    Wong MOON 35 minutes ago

    吾準你地禁講啊😭😭😭😭😭 要齊上齊落 煲底下相擁 加油啊手足 香港人 反抗!!!!!

    • Mr. Simple
      Mr. Simple 35 minutes ago

      Wong MOON 最好全部被人拉哂,被警察毒打😏

  • mathew idicula
    mathew idicula 36 minutes ago

    They have the sympathy of the world, the lambs to the slaughter of the lion. Only I wonder how long other nations, democratic nations will take a stagnation of the worlds second biggest economy. Then those democratic nations will have but one choice to stand with their democratic allies and confront the bully of China, not with a World War but a market solution, that will endanger the Chinese status as economic world power and with using that power to stifle free speech.

  • Christian Miller
    Christian Miller 36 minutes ago

    The Kurds don't love us. They work with us because it furthers their objective of establishing a Kurdistan.

  • Nerd Mysteria
    Nerd Mysteria 37 minutes ago

    The protester crying around the end.... that hit me

  • G Day
    G Day 37 minutes ago

    Pray of politician...

  • Sunnyfolsom Ng
    Sunnyfolsom Ng 39 minutes ago

    i cry every time i see riot police attacks the protesters ... i came from communist regime, so i do understand what you guys are risking your lives for ... I pray for Hongkong protesters, especially the young ones

    • R wi
      R wi 36 minutes ago

      Yeah u will be a good actor or politician

  • Kay Lam
    Kay Lam 39 minutes ago

    Fight for freedom Stand with Hong Kong 😭Hongkongers add oil

  • Anis Ahmad
    Anis Ahmad 39 minutes ago

    one step closer to be SUICIDE BOMBER...

    • Peridot
      Peridot 16 minutes ago

      Leave. You are not deceiving anybody. The world knows of China's wrongdoings and the world stands with Hong Kong.

  • Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson 39 minutes ago

    @HongKong stop asking Americans to help.One, no American wants to fight for an Asian. Our countrymen wont fight for you. America wont risk a war for you if you havent won a battle. Americans won battles against the Brits (by ourselves) before they joined us. America already won our war. Stop asking us to win yours. Sadly, in all honesty, Hong Kong means ZERO to us. We won't help you, unless you can help yourself.......declare war! Win a couple battles,stop asking American men to be who your fathers failed to teach you how to be. Man up, and stop begging us

    • R wi
      R wi 33 minutes ago

      U talk like a man who has his own field , people like u just love to achieve thing by ur own hands . Respect

  • Alex Delarge
    Alex Delarge 39 minutes ago

    I actually find there to be a more appreciable difference between this compared to modern violas and Strad violins compared to modern violins. This actually has a warmer, fuller tone than modern violas.

  • codyjones109
    codyjones109 40 minutes ago

    All systems of control are EVIL and hurt people. They are run by self serving people, who use fear and violence to enslave the people. It is always the same no matter where you are in the world. Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely!

  • Светлана Артемова

    Боже, храни наших летчиков!

  • Zypherus
    Zypherus 44 minutes ago

    70% of the people in this comment section have a much higher capacity to make me even think about laughing than these comedians

  • 婷婷黄
    婷婷黄 45 minutes ago

    Stand with Catalonia. Fight for freedom 💪💪💪 Glory to Barcelona. God bless us💪💪💪 Support from HK, a real free city 👍👍👍

  • Pixelation
    Pixelation 48 minutes ago

    That was actually my grandfather. Sorry TNYT, no conspiracy this time. He had a condition on his skins called xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) so he cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. He loved JFK and he wanted to see him, he's no pointman nor spy, just a simple man.

  • Aris Chiu
    Aris Chiu 48 minutes ago

    😭😭😭😭 They are so brave.... but your life is worth more than everything😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mannie Puleshun
    Mannie Puleshun 49 minutes ago

    Ephesians 6:10-18 (King James Version) 10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. 11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. 14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; 15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; 16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. 17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: 18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

    • Peridot
      Peridot 16 minutes ago

      If you live in the US, please call your representative. Tell them to support the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

  • Kody Jung
    Kody Jung 49 minutes ago

    ncaa, biggest criminal, corrupt organization

  • Yau Peter
    Yau Peter 49 minutes ago

    A Hong Kong police just got slashed on the throat. The rioter had started to plant explosive this weekend. The riot will soon become a terror attack. The police are the one that should write the letter.

  • Hannah Golike
    Hannah Golike 51 minute ago

    I am a female Drilling engineer currently in Watford City, ND drilling a well. I love what I do. I’m in the field everyday; surrounded by men who respect me and care about my safety. Please stop spreading lies.

  • 2Coop 4U
    2Coop 4U 57 minutes ago

    1:38 what is that dude at the bottom right doing? He starts grab assing him lol

  • Isaac Mullins
    Isaac Mullins 58 minutes ago

    In my opinion, they are doing the right thing, I would rather die than convert to communism. I really hope the protesters who were shot didn't die in vein.

    • R wi
      R wi 51 minute ago

      Communism vs Capitalism Not communism vs democracy

  • Ian
    Ian 58 minutes ago

    That little smile after Danny De Vito says that he needs salt is priceless. It's art, should be framed as an example of genius and given to museums worldwide.

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 58 minutes ago

    She looks like Miley Cyrus

  • Deleon 8633
    Deleon 8633 Hour ago

    Be a ghetto ghost

  • Bruce Jin
    Bruce Jin Hour ago

    Grown adult should take responsibility for their own actions, your body autonomy fight to death or flight to US to enjoy freedom of speech lol

  • Ames Adamson
    Ames Adamson Hour ago

    cat videos get more play than this. sad. this is real. and very very scary. bless the protesters.

  • Deleon 8633
    Deleon 8633 Hour ago

    No lie I would be in the crowd robbing them

  • Zeeshan Mukhtiar

    Yang mentioning her wealth tax didn’t work on other countries either they repeal it

  • Jose Mendez
    Jose Mendez Hour ago


  • Hex Boriken
    Hex Boriken Hour ago

    Guess what, if you create something in a student lab, the institution makes the money off of your invention. It’s not just sports students that don’t get paid for the money they generate

  • 4GOD10
    4GOD10 Hour ago

    Sounds like "making a murder" to me.

  • Big Richard
    Big Richard Hour ago


  • Mannie Puleshun
    Mannie Puleshun Hour ago

    Praying for HK protesters' safety. Please don't lose hope. Put on the whole armor of God!!! Read Ephesians 6:10-18.

  • Kelly Levicky
    Kelly Levicky Hour ago

    I like Warren but I do not want Medicare for All, socialized medicine.

  • Sabby Tse
    Sabby Tse Hour ago

    1:30 i think there is also something not right about equating moral righteousness w extreme radical violence as the saviour of all problems; the discourse of violence should not always be the means at which people expense or believe that they have the capacity to influence or make a change.

  • ayhan cetin
    ayhan cetin Hour ago

    For the right of the disbeliever come the one who has no imaan

  • MMQuck
    MMQuck Hour ago

    She's pretty cute

  • jimmytko1994
    jimmytko1994 Hour ago

    Freedom is not free... I feel really heavy after watching this video

  • R wi
    R wi Hour ago


  • don fundroid
    don fundroid Hour ago

    I love this frigvin viewing process!!!!!! Wow

  • ayhan cetin
    ayhan cetin Hour ago

    Dog mogs

  • ayhan cetin
    ayhan cetin Hour ago

    No Allah for chinese you can have Jesus jahwe

  • ninjapoodle22
    ninjapoodle22 Hour ago

    Has there been a follow up to this story/crisis?

  • Meghan Lagaden
    Meghan Lagaden Hour ago


  • ayhan cetin
    ayhan cetin Hour ago

    Its a ruin dont look at it as rich where is their wealth

  • ayhan cetin
    ayhan cetin Hour ago

    It cant even defend itself

  • ayhan cetin
    ayhan cetin Hour ago

    China is a coward, I know

  • Abraham Contrerad

    Look at the world people are just aren't going to stop doing bab stuff if we don't stop we are going to be in big trouble

  • ayhan cetin
    ayhan cetin Hour ago

    Not become one

  • Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee Hour ago

    I hope that the government cracks down on these masked terrorists.

  • Admiral Wasteland

    #HarrisClinton2020 VS #TrumpPence🇺🇸

  • ayhan cetin
    ayhan cetin Hour ago

    I would have strangulated the jew

  • Lau Vivian
    Lau Vivian Hour ago

    Heartbreaking when I watching this video 😭God bless Hongkong's protesters 🙏

    • Peridot
      Peridot 20 minutes ago

      If you live in the US, please call your representative. Tell them to support the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

  • ayhan cetin
    ayhan cetin Hour ago

    Why do you even work with jew

  • Yan Ka
    Yan Ka Hour ago

    年青人要知道自己幾時進幾時退, 太危險的事情不要做了, 注意自身安全,不要被人煽動。

  • 黄越
    黄越 Hour ago

    Mainstream media is completedly biased, Try Search “Jaron Lines” who is American INDEPENDENT journalist who actually went to HK, lived there for more than 10years(Lines), and experienced the whole thing, and “Tony Guu”, a Canadian who posted the unbiased footage of the violent protest and got threatened by mobs, check out their videos about the reality behind “pro-democracy” protest. What’s funny about the protesters is that some of them have no clue what they’re fighting for and treat it as a real-life GTA. They are just kids who got proved by politicians who wants to bring down China’s economy, when one protester being asked about “why do you think universal suffrage will bring prosperity and civil to HK, Hitler was also elected through democratic system”,They remained silent and don’t know what to say. People should have rights to protest, but even in US you need to get permit before protest, right? Try protest and attack police like that in US, lets see what the police will do. So be a critical thinker, think through before you take action, don’t be tricked by mainstream media, they only post what they want you to see. Oh btw, Jaron Lines’s TheXvid account got banned after posting the reality of this incidence.

  • ayhan cetin
    ayhan cetin Hour ago

    If it goes it goes

  • Michael TSE
    Michael TSE Hour ago

    As a HKer, I'm proud of our brave youth. Shame on CCP, HK gov & police. We should treasure our youth, not killing them.

  • michaelwumol
    michaelwumol Hour ago

    Fight for the freedom they already have? Destroy the freedom and life others were enjoying. How ridiculous

    • Kelvin C
      Kelvin C Hour ago

      michaelwumol You know nothing

  • ayhan cetin
    ayhan cetin Hour ago

    Perhaps he have a punishment prepared for you

  • Synthetic Dawn
    Synthetic Dawn Hour ago

    This comment section serves as a commentary field for terrorist rioters and their supporters these guys are just as hated as the islamic state and are created by the same guys watch my playlist hongkong jihadists and you will understand

  • ayhan cetin
    ayhan cetin Hour ago

    Why dont you submit to Allahu ta'ala

  • ayhan cetin
    ayhan cetin Hour ago

    The East and the West is controlled by zionism you have given your souls to hellfire

  • 黄越
    黄越 Hour ago

    And nobody cares about the umarmed police who got burnt all over by Molotov cocktail, the innocent truck driver who got robbed and whose car got smashed, and the journalist who got tightened up and beaten to near death at the airport, and the pharmacy stores which got stolen and burnt down, the actress who was filming mob activity and got beaten up, and millions of innocent people can’t go to work because subway station got vandalised. Nobody wants to hear these, because “fighting against government” sounds way cooler.

    • R wi
      R wi Hour ago


  • ayhan cetin
    ayhan cetin Hour ago

    Why do you become zionist and not muslims

  • Donia Marie Denise Thimons

    JFK was hit in the throat by? (WH "Flechettes" AT) WH_AT ? for JFK to grab his throat the way he did,,,, Moments before they Shot & Hit in the head. Joshua Thompson's book published photos of bullet hit(s) on the president's car windshield ...See for yourself.

  • framedheart
    framedheart Hour ago

    You should change the title to "Jerry Seinfeld: How I wrote the pop tarts joke". Your title is misleading, it's too general.

  • ayhan cetin
    ayhan cetin Hour ago

    Now its my turn

  • Wenliang Zhang
    Wenliang Zhang Hour ago

    It is dangerous US playing this way. There are anti government group everywhere including US. Can not believe NYT dare to encourage young student go to die. How about they use body booming? Are they hero to NYT? Don't forget ISIS was created by US. Are you going to make new ISIS in Hong Kong?

    • R wi
      R wi 5 minutes ago

      Wenliang Zhang while US just love to see people bleeding I don’t like to see blood specially human blood , so dirty and disgusting . Urgh I hate to see any blood

    • Wenliang Zhang
      Wenliang Zhang 12 minutes ago

      @R wi So you can just shut up. Don't try to be as smart as US.

    • R wi
      R wi 28 minutes ago

      Wenliang Zhang yeah I am cold blood I don’t care anything but my mother and my son I don’t have many rooms for others

    • R wi
      R wi 29 minutes ago

      对外国人来说就是看戏,多大点事。香港整个没了他们也只会在吃饭的时候说一句。 哦我的神~真可怕 然后继续吃饭 我也希望不死人,这四个月我觉得挺有意思,看着疯子自导自演,傻子自我感动,骗子暗自得意。

    • Wenliang Zhang
      Wenliang Zhang 52 minutes ago

      @R wi Life is the most valuable thing than anything else. It is evil action US making this speech and encourage young student to die. There will be many ways to improve the society. but US choose sacrifice student life to achieve US own benefit. It is biggest evil action. And you said they love bleeding. You just a cold blood bustard.