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  • Monotone is likeable

    Yahtzee, will you do teslagrad? I quite like it, but I'm not entirely sure if there's something wrong with me.

  • Shawn Radcliffe
    Shawn Radcliffe Year ago

    "On October 21, 2017 it was announced in an open letter that all paid employees of the site had been laid off (excluding Yahtzee). While the site remains online, the future remains unknown." - Wikipedia. Guys, I remember walking into their Durham, NC office with one of my buddies. They were warm, welcoming, we meet the Vice Prez. It saddens me to hear that they have all but gone under. Here's to the Escapist, providing us uncultured plebs with quality video game news and entertainment since 2005. If that Vice Prez is reading this, next round is on me the next time you are in town for whatever reason.

  • diarykeeper
    diarykeeper Year ago

    I think we'd still need a Metroid Prime Hunters review...

  • petrichor
    petrichor Year ago

    Y U NO JUDGE BY COVER It's been like 2 months, did you stop judging by the cover? Judging by the cover is the only reason that I come to -the Escapist's- your channel, Yahtzee.

  • Melchior
    Melchior Year ago

    More Judging By The Cover please ^_^ MOARR!!!!111

  • Sam Chilton
    Sam Chilton Year ago

    Please don't forget to post the last Dark Souls stream vid (part 11) as the whole playlist is otherwise incomplete. Praise The Yahtzee.

  • MisterWilly
    MisterWilly Year ago

    Hi guys, I love your videos but I keep noticing an annoying sound bug on the Zero Punctuation reviews. Basically on most videos, about halfway through, the right channel starts buzzing and corrupting. It's not major but it's noticeable and irritating. Maybe there's an issue with his mic? Anyway, would be really appreciated if you addressed it.

  • TheVideoGameManiac

    Yahtzee, I've been watching you since you first started doing Zero Punctuation! I still remember when G4TV was around, they had a show called X-Play, and they would play a 30 second snippet of your review-episode. Still brings a smile and a laugh whenever I see them too.

  • Bogdan Gabriel Onete

    Hej, could I recommend you do a review on Doki Doki Literature Club ? You will... enjoy it... also, keep you local folder of the game opened as you play, and read the Steam description before playing. Other than that... enjoy

  • LuigiGod
    LuigiGod Year ago

    super mario odyessy

  • Magnus DarkSlayer

    Yahtzee basically owns this channel now. That's both funny and sad at the same time.

  • Luxury Wrist Watches

    You should update your featured video.

  • Travis Whatley
    Travis Whatley Year ago

    Hey Yahtzee any chance your doing a review of Shadow of war before the cram feast of new title in October

  • ExtraName
    ExtraName Year ago

    It's funny how the last upload that isn't Ben Yahtzee Crowshaw was two whole years ago

  • Mr. Blocky
    Mr. Blocky Year ago

    Yahtzee... *piss on 2017.*

  • ebuxo
    ebuxo Year ago

    Great channel. Keep up the good work.

  • Square 8
    Square 8 Year ago

    Anyone for >>>>>> Yahtzee movie reviews <<<<<<<< ?

  • Square 8
    Square 8 Year ago

    Don't be d*cks guys. we all love yahtzee, but it doesn't mean we have to be such jerks about it.

  • Tree Dog
    Tree Dog Year ago

    why are comments disabled on streams? If the streamer doesn't want to talk to the chat fine, but at least let the viewers talk to each other, it makes the streams much more fun

    • Scott H.
      Scott H. Year ago

      I think they also have a twitch channel so they don't want to try to keep track of to chats at once

  • Dave Kitsune
    Dave Kitsune Year ago

    do star wars 8 for Judging by the cover.

  • DemonGrenade274
    DemonGrenade274 Year ago

    Why is this channel even still called the escapist? Yahtzee is the only one that makes content for it anymore lmao.

  • ajyeager73
    ajyeager73 Year ago

    Yahtzee I think you should review No Mans Sky again after all the updates it is like a new game.

  • Fall Catalyst
    Fall Catalyst Year ago

    Talk about something else already. I'm dying of lack of variety here care to stop me from dying surrounded by a collection of utterly depressing reminders of wasted potential.

  • Fall Catalyst
    Fall Catalyst Year ago

    Shut up about yatchzee yatchzee yachtzee so what stop harping on about it

  • Fall Catalyst
    Fall Catalyst Year ago

    Subnautica (after completion of the game)

  • Average Gigel
    Average Gigel Year ago

    Please Yahtzee, I beg of you. Do a review on Divinity Original Sin 2

  • EdwardHowton
    EdwardHowton Year ago

    You can thank Taylor Hidalgo for losing a subscriber. I can't stay subscribed to anyone who employs a shameful bigoted racist and sexist piece of shit like that. I hope more people follow suit. Or maybe if there's any people who are male and/or white at your company who don't like being shat on by a coworker you'll fire Taylor and every human being will be happy. Every _human_ being.

  • NeonsStyle
    NeonsStyle Year ago

    For so long now I've been coming here, and every time I do, I see the feature video as Judging by the Cover and since I don't like that series I move on. You Really should set it to Latest Upload. Otherwise add an upload area to the top of the page.

  • Thomas Alexander

    How did Yahtzee get a girlfriend. He's a sarcastic game reviewer who has never seen the sun. She must have wandered into his man cave by accident. Perhaps he left a trail of cheerios ending in his bed... Gamer mysteries like this may never be answered ;)

  • Trevor McGuffee
    Trevor McGuffee Year ago

    Yahtzee, have you thought about reviewing Little Nightmares? You would love it.

  • Luke Pavitt
    Luke Pavitt Year ago

    I wonder what Yahtzee would have to say about games that were first on mobile and then crossed to steam... specifically the Kingdom Rush series by Ironhide Game Studio. I realise he has said he isn't for strategy games but I'm unsure if that applies to tower defence games...

  • Mr. Blocky
    Mr. Blocky Year ago

    Zero punctuation run by ben yahtzee has the worst kind of grammar imaginable with consistent fuck ups on ending sentences not adding commas to the script and worst of all lack of emphasis and forgetting capital letters but thats okay hes british after all he can say fuck grammar and still get away with over 1 million subscribers

  • Cirtex Quake
    Cirtex Quake Year ago

    Yahtzee. Warframe is a game that has been out for about 4 years now. The game is a 3rd person action game, classed as a "Looter". it's a free to play game that's quite fair with it's micro payments. it's system gives value to the people who pay money and reward the people who simply spend the time to gather resources. Unlike most F2P games who pressure you so much to spend money by making the experience miserable, Warframe does the exact oppisite. Lots of comparisons are made to Destiny with it. however only in the Looting sense. It's a multiplayer game which can be played solo if you so wish, however there are some more complex missions that would benifit from having teammates. The community of the game is quite strong, new players are often cradled by veterans to help them get their footing. The game is complex and it's not afraid to hide it. but while more and more games are numbing down their systems and menus, Warframe does the opposite. One of the things that has alot of depth in the game is the MOD system. you can mod your Warframes and weapons to fit your style of play. speaking of the weapons and Warframes, their are tons of them. and these aren't shameless reskins, each weapon in Warframe is unique in their own way. their are Taser-Whips, Nail Rifles, Rocket-Launcher Pistols, Lasers, Staffs, Quad Barrel Shotguns, Snipers rifles, Boomerang-Blades, and Bows that fire explosive energy! The Warframes fire a similar path. each one with it's own unique set of abilities and stats. The game play of Warframe is quite the same objective wise, there are a handful of Mission modes you can choose from, so you'll be playing the same modes over and over, often times fighting off waves of enemies. The mission objectives wont give you the satisfaction and fun you seek, it's the way you complete them that will give you the all the fun in the world. While you may have a lot of power you are in no way invincible. so the game keeps a sense of challenge to it. I have said all that i am willing to, to perhaps persuade you to play this game and properly review it. However. I must tell you one thing. one thing you MUST complete in the week you have to play the game. you must complete the Second Dream quest line. Do not look up spoilers. it's best experienced blind, makes it more memorable. Also you can shut off all chat functions to divide yourself from the Multiplayer universe, if that is what you please

  • Madalovin
    Madalovin Year ago

    Last 'non Yahtzee' video uploaded on this channel was a year+ ago! This might as well be his channel. Guy has an appeal, that is for certain. :)

  • Dreamslayer
    Dreamslayer Year ago

    For horror games, since they seem to be a favorite of his when done well, I'd recomment the newly released Tokyo Dark.

  • EfectoR
    EfectoR Year ago

    Wait is there even something that isn't made by Yahtzee on this channel?

  • Riddlez
    Riddlez Year ago

    Play Death Road to Canada with your GF, lol.

  • Quinn Vlasic
    Quinn Vlasic Year ago

    Does anyone else notice how Yahtzee seems a lot more human in lets drown out and judging by the cover videos than he does in Zero punctuation. There is a very distinct difference in the delivery of his lines in ZP then in Judging by the cover...

    • Anthony Jensen
      Anthony Jensen Year ago

      Mainly because he's focused on critiquing at a high rate in ZP. Part of the reason the name of the show is "Zero Punctuation." It's supposed to be a whole hell of a lot faster paced than a Let's Drown Out or Judging by the Cover, and it's pretty easily seen in the name alone.

  • Zombles Allegoy
    Zombles Allegoy Year ago

    Can the channel just be renamed to Yahtzee already?

  • Ari Meneses Santos Sobrinho

    congratulations for reatching 1 million subs!!!!!!!!!

  • Guido den Broeder

    TheEscapistMag, please stop cyberbullying me on your website forthwith.

  • Fall Catalyst
    Fall Catalyst Year ago

    By the way has Ben 'Yahtzee' Crowshaw not reviewed Little Nightmares yet.... oh yeah it is probably (or almost definitely) because all the dlc hasn't come out yet if someone who reads this thinks what? Why is the games dlc so important then just go play the game (and the 1st dlc part) to understand and if one talks about Little Nightmares without having played it oh F#$£ing come on you big twat its like having a publicised debate with Stephen hawkings about particles and quantum physics because a single watching of Sherlock.

    • Anthony Jensen
      Anthony Jensen Year ago

      It's possible that it was so terrible that he can't even bring himself to write anything about it.

  • marco39120
    marco39120 Year ago

    So the Escapist has officially given up on producing any other TheXvid content other than Zero Punctuation videos, huh? It sucks but I just looked at the viewer count of your other videos prior to Yahtzee taking over this channel and I completely understand.

  • Nada S
    Nada S Year ago

    Nice Voice

  • Sidney Kirk
    Sidney Kirk Year ago

    RimWorld ZP! *BANG BANG* RimWorld ZP! *BANG BANG* RimWorld ZP!

  • private 8uck
    private 8uck Year ago

    hey yahtzee have you ever tried warframe!!

  • Sam Hundt
    Sam Hundt Year ago

    i don't know if you have already, but i know you've done videos about minecraft and starbound and a few others that have been updated since your videos, and since some of them have updated majorly since then have you put any thought into making a new video for those? i know minecraft has added many things since your video, but i don't know if that would change your opinion

  • Trik Stari
    Trik Stari Year ago

    Why have you not done Hyper Light Drifter? It's Dark Souls style hard. Right up your ally.

  • Dusk Sentry
    Dusk Sentry Year ago

    anyone else notice that Yahtzee is very mesmerised by Spiders?

  • Chris Tiller
    Chris Tiller Year ago

    As I watch more of your content Yahtzee I find that the rate of which I actually get a laugh out of your content (which already makes me burst into laughter at an alarming rate) exponentially increases with the more that I drink...also can you review Fire Emblem: Echoes?

  • Tom Jackal
    Tom Jackal Year ago

    he dun did it. one million

  • Nikodimos Triaridis


  • Fettuccine Alfredo

    Wooo a million people watch Yahtzee

  • GPSmadness
    GPSmadness Year ago

    congrats on reaching 1 million subs!

  • hachnslay
    hachnslay Year ago

    "Chat is disabled for this live stream." ... why?

  • casey day
    casey day Year ago

    Yahtzee, please review Arms.

  • scabbyjiz
    scabbyjiz Year ago

    commie scum

  • KINGD353
    KINGD353 Year ago

    yahtzee you pussy..... disabling the chat and like bar for your stream..... i thought you were above that cowardly shit.... for shame....

  • Exterminator
    Exterminator Year ago

    Can't wait for the e3 review.

  • The 25th Cylon
    The 25th Cylon Year ago

    When will Yahtzee doe a review for state of decay?

  • SilkSippMilk
    SilkSippMilk Year ago

    Almost to 1,000,000 subscribers!

  • Mallika Banerjee

    Judge the new Spiderman Homecoming poster please. It looks super tacky.

  • Jakob Bran-flakes-N-ham

    Subbed for Yahtzee! (No: 992,375)

  • Stephanie cabral

    hey Yahtzee I'm a big fan of your Zero Punctuation videos, of your honest though/opinion on games and what they could had done to improved them , so i wanted to know your opinion on tales of symphonia (steam) and rune factory a fantasy harvest moon(ds) . if u have not play them you should tire i really want to know you though on them. i my opinion there pretty good for old games but i want to know your opinion.

  • Tairongo
    Tairongo Year ago

    So does Yahtzee just own this channel now?

  • Tezla Alchemia
    Tezla Alchemia Year ago

    the stream was a stupid idea and you should never do it again.

    • Tezla Alchemia
      Tezla Alchemia Year ago

      no offense to Yahtzee, he is the only reason why i didn't unsub a long time ago.

  • JaRetro  Reviews
    JaRetro Reviews Year ago

    I hit that bell for notifs. When are you doing more Nintendo stuff? I want to see your criticisms on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

  • sora 3mo
    sora 3mo Year ago

    I am not reallty sure how you are preferably greeted but... Keep up the good work mate. Sincerely Dallas Power.

  • Sam Hickey
    Sam Hickey Year ago

    Let's not be coy Escapist, this is the Yahtzee channel now. It's been over a year since anything that isn't his was even uploaded.

  • ReZDucK
    ReZDucK Year ago

    Hey Yatzee, I was wondering if you could do a review on a game called 'Hyper Light Drifter' I think you would like it, it is similar to Dark souls, but it's unique in the way it does gameplay and storytelling.

  • LuigIan2000
    LuigIan2000 Year ago

    We're almost too a million subs, guys. Yahtzee'll finally be up there with the greats!

  • Aurora Wesker
    Aurora Wesker Year ago

    We need more videos like the Apocalypse Lane series.

  • Trooper3358
    Trooper3358 Year ago

    I Have complete different opinions to this guy when it comes to Ubisoft Games. I like their games the open-world game play and to me it doesn't get repetitive. The only one i didn't like was Far Cry Primal and 4 was pretty bad because the game play was poor and story little to nothing. Other than that i like For-Honor, Ghost Recon, Division and Siege. Guess I'm a bit of a fanboy :P

  • Trevor McGuffee
    Trevor McGuffee Year ago

    Here is something you are bound to like. Rock of Ages.

  • enssra
    enssra Year ago

    people say yahtzee is the 90% of this channel. But were is the other 10% ?!!!

    • enssra
      enssra Year ago


    • Denam
      Denam Year ago

      On the official forums, where it consists of 100% retarded, asshole moderators. And that's coming from someone who didn't get banned.

  • divinearcadia
    divinearcadia Year ago

    Oy! Muff herder, when're ya gonna take a crack at Horizon Zero Dawn? Some seppos are impatient twats and would like to see a decent review for a change... Unless you're wantin' more abuse, in which case private me an' I'll stomp on yer nads like a six year old faced with a tarantula for the first time... I might not have the best accuracy, but by god will it smart when I land a solid hit...

  • Marcos Elena
    Marcos Elena Year ago

    Yahtzee should do breath of the wild

  • DarknezzMadnezz
    DarknezzMadnezz Year ago

    Won't lie, im kinda itching to see your review on Mass Effect Andromeda...

  • Thomas Mears
    Thomas Mears Year ago

    Hey Yahtzee, how about giving League of Legends a try? Its different from the regular make big money formula that all mmorpg makers have down so hard that gravity is getting a tad jealous, in that you don't grind against NPC's (save for the first 2 levels) but instead bash your own head into other players using your champion that can be anything from a woman that turns into a dragon (but actually looks more like a poorly drawn gecko), to a Scooby-Doo mummy ripoff. I like the game so please do me a kindness and ream its asshole like a discount hookers at a frat house and everyone's trying to get in all at once, because spitting in ones face is the purest form of flattery, or something like that. Sincerely~ Me

  • Cirtex Quake
    Cirtex Quake Year ago

    hoping to see some Ghost:Recon Wild Lands next week!

  • Faddlechud
    Faddlechud Year ago

    Yahtzee, I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your videos and that they help me get through a lot of depression. I used to be what you could call a "gamer," back in the wild west days before quick time events and regained health and whatnot, but these days - possessing none of the older systems anymore, not having the money to afford them nor the time or energy to catch up with whatever new shiny pretty bells and whistles system that seems to come out every time I blink is- watching your videos not only entertains me but keeps me updated on modern games and their wrong doings, and I love them. Watching your videos makes me feel like I've experienced the games, and more than a few times I've looked up a game you've reviewed and added the words "full playthrough no commentary" to get more a feel for it. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, because your super fast bluntly honest dolphin loving videos are fucking health potions for me when I'm feeling a bit down and disconnected from an entertainment medium that I've basically abandoned. I think the word I'm looking for is "catharsis."

  • Informal Fallacy

    I know you own a VR so please talk about "Psychonauts in the Rhombius of Ruin." You cunt.

  • TechNickL
    TechNickL Year ago

    Dear people yahtzee works for, please ask him if/when hes doing this new zelda game thats supposedly "the best video game ever made". I'm not saying the review will determine whether or not I buy a switch... but the review is going to determine whether or not I buy a switch.

    • Zer0dog
      Zer0dog Year ago

      He actually liked it

  • DustyPixels
    DustyPixels Year ago

    love to see him do Warframe

  • Wolfe Lemmons
    Wolfe Lemmons Year ago

    What the fuck is going? Whose Yahtzee? [tis new guy .-.]

  • Cirtex Quake
    Cirtex Quake Year ago

    I have a small list of Indie games, and 1 AAA title, for you to check out: One Finger Death Punch, Toribash, Robocraft, Factorio, Space Engineers, Medevil Engineers, and when it comes out: Tom Clancys Ghost Recon: Wildlands

  • CannibalSquid
    CannibalSquid Year ago

    please do hyperlight drifter :3 pls

  • Review The Cheapest

    I wish you uploaded more often.

  • Cirtex Quake
    Cirtex Quake Year ago

    i think you should check out One Finger Death Punch. it's an Indie game and its extremely simple. and once you unlock survival mode and the all the upgrades (which isn't too hard) then you can jump into a really fun battle. and the Devs, Silver Dollar Games, have been working on the second game. which should be out within a year or two. and I'm Really excited for it! on a similar note I will also recommend Toribash. a fighting game that you can only get better at by playing. experimenting. a game where, once you get good at it you can actually create your own fighting style. I'm keeping the details scarce because i know how you are about spoilers and granted there is no story i believe that there are also spoilers in how games work. but in short: One Finger Death Punch is a game that utilizes only 2 buttons to create a fluid and reflex based fighting game. Toribash is a 3D game where you bend and flex joints to make a model move and fight another. One Finger death punch is a strictly single player game (less you count the score board), and Toribash CAN be played offline but your opponent wont move at all.

  • Zain Hamid
    Zain Hamid Year ago

    I would be curious to see your opinion of Darkest Dungeon.

  • Government Certified Entertainment

    everyone got fired so now it's the yahtzee channel

  • KainMcnab
    KainMcnab Year ago

    Yahtzee get your own channel man, I don't want to give those shit stains views.

  • Rainfox
    Rainfox Year ago

    You should do Enter the Gungeon

  • Aza Smith
    Aza Smith Year ago

    Dear Yahtzee, Please do a retro review of "The Suffering." Thank you.

  • Madalovin
    Madalovin Year ago

    anyone else care about "Judging by the cover"? I don't see the appeal.

  • DustyPixels
    DustyPixels Year ago

    i really hope he can do Warframe some time

  • Secret Steve
    Secret Steve Year ago

    RE VII coming soon?

  • SoundMaster
    SoundMaster Year ago

    do you even like anything?

  • kazim tackett
    kazim tackett 2 years ago

    Hey yahtzee I hate to try and recommend a game to you but I'm gonna do it anyway so, Enter The Gungeon please try it out -Kazim

  • Super Newtonbros
    Super Newtonbros 2 years ago

    Top 5 games I want Yahtzee to review: 5.Terraria 4.Party Hard. 3.OFF 2.Breath of The Wild(When it comes out.) 1.The Binding of Isaac/Rebirth/Afterbirth/Afterbirth +

  • Normal Guy
    Normal Guy 2 years ago

    PLS cover FOR HONOR Yahtzee

  • Joseph Ceda
    Joseph Ceda 2 years ago

    I wonder what Yahtzee thinks of Let It Die

  • Jacob A
    Jacob A 2 years ago

    I swear, they should just call this "The Yahtzee Channel" at this point.

  • Game Rating Review
    Game Rating Review 2 years ago

    I Miss Zero P. I used to watch it while washing dishes. That was 2 years ago!! Glad your still making vids. Please don't stop. Thanks for all the content

  • Jallen
    Jallen 2 years ago

    Didn't this channel use to have other series on it? There must have been a reason why I didn't subscribe in the past. Now it just seems to be nothing but Yahtzee.

  • Nario
    Nario 2 years ago

    Zero Punctuation request: Plating Mother 1 isn't a dirty crime anymore! Review it or snails will come and cut us up, then eat for dinner. :/

  • Dark Star Mike
    Dark Star Mike 2 years ago

    Um... ZP top, bottom and bland 5; 2016? Where are you?

  • Dave Kitsune
    Dave Kitsune 2 years ago

    where is the top 5 of 2016

    • Viperstrikes 262
      Viperstrikes 262 2 years ago

      Its already on the escapist website

    • Jim Nicholas
      Jim Nicholas 2 years ago

      It takes a while to script and animate these kinds of videos. Don't worry, be patient and it will come.

  • Van Arcelle
    Van Arcelle 2 years ago

    This is one of the most biased channel and website for gaming.

  • Amy Rose
    Amy Rose 2 years ago

    yo yahtzee, where's your top 5 games of 2016

    • Jarrod Clemens
      Jarrod Clemens 2 years ago

      He's a few days late to say the least. Wasn't he the one that said 'i hate everyone telling do my job'? xD

  • CheesyYams
    CheesyYams 2 years ago

    I don't know where else to ask this since I don't have a twitter, so I'll just hope someone on the team sees this (especially yahtzee, considering it's one of his favourite games). Surely you know about the sequel to Psychonauts currently in the works...Do you think it'll see the light of the day? What are your thoughts and expectations?

  • TheNinjaFuckr
    TheNinjaFuckr 2 years ago

    Yahtzee, you sly old dog, you! Happy holidays!

  • Playlist 1
    Playlist 1 2 years ago

    Happy Holidays Yahtzee!

  • dra6o0n
    dra6o0n 2 years ago

    Odds of a 'Let it Die' episode? It's literally f2p and has gotten people's attention, plus gotten a few streamers addicted to it lol.

  • Piroclanidis
    Piroclanidis 2 years ago

    Does yahtzee even make any positive reviews or just points out the bad things in games? Because he has shat on games that are considered good and fun by most people

    • ctpOMG
      ctpOMG 2 years ago

      That's the point of the zero punctuation series, if you want to see his reviews go and read them om the escapist website.

  • bornmtgirl66
    bornmtgirl66 2 years ago

    Could you please do the binding of Isaac or wrath of lamb?

  • Daniel Croslin
    Daniel Croslin 2 years ago

    I recently heard of a webseries called "A Good Knight's Quest", but since the only trace of it on youtube seems to be the trailer. ya'll should consider uploading it. I did find it on meta cafe, but its scattered and about as organized as a horder's garage

  • john torouzokth
    john torouzokth 2 years ago

    watch dogs 2

  • razzcolio
    razzcolio 2 years ago

    Have i missed the Rainbow Six Siege Zero Punctuation?

  • ha nguyen
    ha nguyen 2 years ago

    vote for you

  • Cirtex Quake
    Cirtex Quake 2 years ago

    its difficult going through all the Zero Punctuation but i just made it to Wolfenstine and Bloody hell im still laughing and making spelling errors as i type! i love the content Yahtzee you make so many people laugh. if only you weren't a pretentious arse.

  • Eddy Gonzalez
    Eddy Gonzalez 2 years ago

    infinite warfare when?

  • Cirtex Quake
    Cirtex Quake 2 years ago

    Zero Punction suggestion: Factorio and The Long Dark. both available on Steam

  • Nikodimos Triaridis
    Nikodimos Triaridis 2 years ago

    Slowly but surely, you're reaching that prestigious 1.000.000 subs...

  • The Third Renton
    The Third Renton 2 years ago

    Is Yahtzee's bank BOQ?

  • Bright Starsong
    Bright Starsong 2 years ago

    How about a Judging by the Cover for the Nintendo Switch logo?

  • L D
    L D 2 years ago

    Hey Yahtzee, do a retrospect on all the games that you've ever thought were good. There can't be many. Like a top 10 of all time, or top 8 or something. I'm too old to fart around with shitty games. i need quality to fill in my time between work and wanking. you're the only person I trust to discern something that's genuinely good from a blue coloured turd, something that's slightly more interesting than the regular shit, but is still shit.

  • Andrew Hazlewood
    Andrew Hazlewood 2 years ago

    Is there a place to request reviews?

  • BaranZenon
    BaranZenon 2 years ago

    OK so when will you name this channel Zero Punctuation? Becouse you cant seriously believe that any of us is subscribing this channel for anything else?

    • KKCT
      KKCT 2 years ago

      Perhaps you should take a look or two, it's good stuffs.

    • Lawrence Nuesslein
      Lawrence Nuesslein 2 years ago

      ._. Its the same guy.

  • Spyrocrab
    Spyrocrab 2 years ago

    I love yatzee, I think his work is great. He is good at humor and I respect his lack of political correctness. However I don't think yatzee would like me very much. the main reasons being: I'm American I'm Catholic And apparently yatzee has an extra-special hateboner for these two groups, because he will squeeze catholic jokes in anywhere he can, and bashes america far more than is needed. Wait never mind, he hates the irish too. So he isn't racist. Just English, and therefore pre-programmed to hate all three of these things for no other reason than a superiority complex the English still have left over from their long-dead empire.

    • Denam
      Denam 2 years ago

      Why do you instantly presume that he hates what he jokes about? Believe me, you religious folk aren't the only ones capable of tolerance. That was a joke too, considering how often the opposite is true.

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    Relit 2 years ago

    Keep up the nice work! I enjoy the Style! If you get a second let me know what you think of my TheXvid! Thanks!!!

  • Mr DarkHeart
    Mr DarkHeart 2 years ago

    Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks (Zero Punctuation) is a need and not a want. I want to see how he can rip it up in new ways because everyone seems to hate trains and it makes me cry on the inside. Trains are nice, this has trains with guns on them, that should get the hip and cool kids in.

  • NBG
    NBG 2 years ago

    can you do a review on dead by daylight please :)

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    Nugget Egg Nugg 2 years ago

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  • AppleMacsterRace
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  • Sorven Nevros
    Sorven Nevros 2 years ago

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    How To Make Sushi 2 years ago

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    samplexample 2 years ago

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    Ali Mohammad 2 years ago

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    A Brittish Panfish 2 years ago

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    Neil Desperandum 2 years ago

    I love your game reviews, specifically your Dayz review, which was bang on point and hilarious to boot. Quick question - PLZ can you do a ZP review of The Long Dark? TheXvid auto-fill apparently suggests you already have done one, but alas seems you have reviewed every game with the word "Dark" in it except The Long Dark. It's an indie effort currently on Steam Early release/alpha infancy, but with the rudiments of a damn fine survival sandbox already present, and daily updates almost from what I can see. TLD is unforgiving, and, you mentioned in your DayZ review you'd been playing minecraft of hardcore "in celebration of life's fleeting misery" - in which case I think you might love TLD, because it's permadeath and even on medium setting the environment is so tough it feels like you're being repeatedly slapped in the face. Happy Days. I doff my cap to you sir.

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    • DJreject101
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      Thats because he had no interest in monetizing the channel or anything like that, was just summit he did with a mate that wasnt a thing he wanted to really make a career off so why bother promote it, you actually watch most of the vids on there and you would have known this

    • TheD736
      TheD736 Year ago

      Because they pay him a shit ton for doing something he loves

    • Thomas Mears
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      Yahtzee isn't the only one employed by escapist hes just the only one on this channel. Its still called The Escapist because they are the ones who pay him. I'm sure this isn't the only thing the do, much like how Remington is famous for their guns but they also make clothing and other things. Its not Yahtzee's channel because its not Yahtzee who is making the majority profit, though I'm sure he wouldn't mind doing it.

    • shino7311
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      +John Piscazzi And being a faggot

    • John Piscazzi
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      because yahtzees gamer channel doesnt drum up that much subscribers which is his own fault for playing rather lackluster games and not really selling his channel well with eye catching thumbnails though i think he has a good rapport with his partner

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    The guys who made ´Limbo` has a new game, 'Inside'. Interesting?

    • Se1ander
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      It's done

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      ...I can't wait...

    • The_Feisty_Yeti _
      The_Feisty_Yeti _ 2 years ago

      from what very few snippets I've seen of it, it seems to be exactly the same as limbo. It even looks identical. I should assume that yahtzee will tear it to shreds in his review....

  • Ben Noren
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    • g craig
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      he did it, its only on the escapist website for now but it is going to be here soon.

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  • Ashlin Savage
    Ashlin Savage 2 years ago

    I want to see a Zero Punctuation on Final Fantasy XII. It seems like it has everything that Yahtzee claimed XIII was lacking, aside from a quick start. I feel like he would appreciate the combat integration to a great extent, like the environment a lot, and hate on the characters and the plot, even though I loved every bit of it.

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