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  • Rikki
    Rikki 2 minutes ago

    This was so awkward

  • sam s
    sam s 3 minutes ago

    0:26 You wanna know what you did to make his life so bad? Well for starters you peed on him, locked him in the bedroom and house, stalked him, had NASTY hygiene when it came to sex... need I go on?

  • Frank Ucros
    Frank Ucros 6 minutes ago

    Nicole a sad and desperate girl. She’s 22 or 23? And is stuff enough to think some guy in the Middle East really wants to marry her after meeting her through the internet. This may be a little racist but a lot of those ppl are trying to leave the situations they are in in they’re countries for a better life in AMERICA! he knew she was fat and insecure and would be easy to manipulate if it gets him out of Morocco and into AMERICA! It’s obvious. And she’s stupid ASF and her family knows it.

  • Kristin M
    Kristin M 7 minutes ago

    Who are these creepy little boogers?

  • Jack Harkness
    Jack Harkness 9 minutes ago

    “Oohh that looks fruity dont it?!?!” Yea this guy scares me...

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 10 minutes ago

    Tom: " you don't ring ppl at 5 am" Darcy:" it's long distance " Well then find out the time difference girl!

  • Holly Rosenbrock
    Holly Rosenbrock 12 minutes ago

    Lmao omg wtf

  • Something Productions
    Something Productions 13 minutes ago


  • Selena Turrey
    Selena Turrey 16 minutes ago

    I think the first one is actually a really good addiction

  • ix3bumblebeetuna
    ix3bumblebeetuna 16 minutes ago

    He’s prolly trying to run away from the exes or something

  • Something Productions
    Something Productions 17 minutes ago

    wtf kinda cliff hangar was that COME ONNNNN WHAT WAS THE NEWS

  • bethann landerstyle
    bethann landerstyle 17 minutes ago

    she was def a hooker

  • Spy Boy
    Spy Boy 17 minutes ago

    This so cute normally you would find this annoying

  • Your girl Jessie
    Your girl Jessie 18 minutes ago

    Veggies. Ewwwwwww. Ahahah that's hilarious hilarious

  • Jannah QP.
    Jannah QP. 19 minutes ago

    She knows is doing wrong

  • Anthony Esparza
    Anthony Esparza 27 minutes ago

    Boy: hey girl I'm in a band Girl: Cool what insterment do you play Boy: You know a clown with a metal bat and hits it on a keg

  • Firefox1526
    Firefox1526 28 minutes ago

    I think she should donate like half of her stuff. There are so many people in need. She can still have a stock pile but help others at the same time

  • Mandy Muruvalo
    Mandy Muruvalo 29 minutes ago

    These kids were sweet ❤️

  • Phillip Fillmore
    Phillip Fillmore 30 minutes ago

    You are fat and you have little toes

    THE REAL KING FRANCES 30 minutes ago

    I would make babies with her

  • No Way
    No Way 32 minutes ago

    Actually if she is still alive even after consuming that much plastic, WE COULD SAVE ALL THOSE OTHER ANIMALS BY FINDING MORE PLASTIC ADICTS

  • Paige Box
    Paige Box 32 minutes ago

    Okay am I the only one who is really confused by the audio in this clip....? At 0:50 seconds the guitar plucking just about drowns out any sort of discernible English words. Someone please tell me it's my headphones before I get mad that someone is getting paid a good salary to pump these out onto TheXvid.

  • thekeys2life
    thekeys2life 36 minutes ago

    Wait she's a cheapskate but has a GYM MEMBERSHIP????? A GYM MEMBERSHIP. that's blasphemous

  • S A M A N T H A. P H A N T O M

    The best part of this whole video was the puppy

  • la china
    la china 37 minutes ago

    he’s so cute 🥺

  • Yuckie
    Yuckie 38 minutes ago

    I want a guy to look at me the way Ethan looks at his wife

  • Seo Clerks
    Seo Clerks 39 minutes ago

    Robert is a broke ass simp. She after that green card.

  • Jennifer Hurns
    Jennifer Hurns 42 minutes ago

    Corey had a Mercedes Benz car & his family own land, lots of it !! She intended to suck him dry until he had nothing left. This girl , Evelin , is going to get the karma she deserves sooner than she thinks ! It is not right for a person to use a human being like she has done !! The car he was driving in Ecuador was broken down & fit for the dump. He gave up too much to be with this brutal woman. I am glad he finally came to his senses. He is good looking & a decent man from a loving family. He. does not need to be with this third world woman who is greedy for material things & does not know how to treat a man of higher class than herself. Corey will find a beautiful loving woman right here in America, He is young enough to recover from this bad experience & acquire all that he lost in that terrible relationship. He.will have all the things he desired.. .... The kids , the house & the. love he deserves.Some of these women from impoverished. countries need to stick with their own kind & stop exploiting all men who are from a different culture....!!!

  • Mian İk
    Mian İk 43 minutes ago

    That smile

  • thekeys2life
    thekeys2life 47 minutes ago

    Pretty sure it's illegal to harvest roadkill

  • Anna A
    Anna A 47 minutes ago

    Mursel deadass looks like their dad

    • Sadie Adler
      Sadie Adler 46 minutes ago

      That's because he is there dad.

  • Lori Van
    Lori Van 48 minutes ago

    Me walking to my local convenience store

  • Sup Guy
    Sup Guy 48 minutes ago

    stop eating lol

  • Tami D
    Tami D 50 minutes ago

    Tom reminds of those classic con man in movies that wears tailored suit so they can rub shoulder with the rich women and rob them🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kaitlin Kannich
    Kaitlin Kannich 51 minute ago

    Get the fan that has heat with it 🤦

  • thekeys2life
    thekeys2life 51 minute ago

    To the woman with 10 kids..... If you can't feed 'em, dont breed 'em

  • To Mour
    To Mour 52 minutes ago

    I’m a fan of fan boy now. Mainly his voice but also his enthusiasm

  • thekeys2life
    thekeys2life 52 minutes ago

    Most people don't forget their anniversary. Bro I remember the anniversary of my 1.5 month relationship 2 years ago

  • Juan Bautista
    Juan Bautista 52 minutes ago

    I bet these gypsy bitches fuk so good

  • john folsom
    john folsom 52 minutes ago

    How old is this woman?

  • Kaitlyn Kenley
    Kaitlyn Kenley 53 minutes ago

    She looks different in her pictures than in person to me....

  • Tami D
    Tami D 53 minutes ago

    Ah key 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣tha fvk

  • Oguz Oguz
    Oguz Oguz 53 minutes ago

    adam ulkucu selami verdi.. :)

  • Skysthelimit212
    Skysthelimit212 54 minutes ago

    More kids having kids. Yeesh how do u not even know about your own foreskin

  • June Glow
    June Glow 55 minutes ago

    Do you like pizza Cbnxsmkabchsjsbxn

  • Heather D.
    Heather D. 55 minutes ago

    I honestly feel like something is wrong with him. It's not just the language barrier.

  • Luis Quintero
    Luis Quintero 58 minutes ago

    Animo GALLO con diciplína Todo es possible ...

  • Dorian Best
    Dorian Best 59 minutes ago

    You go dad!

  • thekeys2life
    thekeys2life Hour ago

    Admit. You used to come here for entertainment, but now you come here for tips

  • HighWay 2Life
    HighWay 2Life Hour ago

    He was so confined as a kid dang

  • infires man
    infires man Hour ago

    Is it weird that I think his fish dish actually looked good and I wouldn’t mind eating it

  • thekeys2life
    thekeys2life Hour ago

    2 burgers & 2 shakes for $11.64 Whoa dude wya?

  • Pol Mak
    Pol Mak Hour ago

    Pretty shit father and overall failure of a human being lol

  • disperrr
    disperrr Hour ago

    I mean I know he is a cheapskate but he wants to live the best life with his wife

  • jensmom604
    jensmom604 Hour ago

    Nasty filthy woman. She doesn't deserve a house. It should be cleaned and given to a homeless family and nasty mother should live in the gutter.

  • Funi Hapi
    Funi Hapi Hour ago

    Anna is hot

    • Sadie Adler
      Sadie Adler 56 minutes ago

      She's overweight and old how is she in anyway shape or form attractive to you?

  • wmel0615
    wmel0615 Hour ago

    Smh, wow the mom fired shots at her daughter's date. Made me feel bad for him! Nothing's wrong with going to community college.

  • The Melancholic Tigah

    Daaaaamn! The Rise Of The Anfisas.... Remember her?

  • Rebekah kissel
    Rebekah kissel Hour ago

    Without gay men and over the top women,all of this amazing nostalgia would be in a landfill. I love them for caring💕💕

  • Maya Brown
    Maya Brown Hour ago

    Awkward and sad. The mother is a fool. The oldest son seems like an adult.

    • Sadie Adler
      Sadie Adler Hour ago

      He needs to get a job and move out ASAP.

  • tama sue
    tama sue Hour ago

    She knows how he acts when he's angry I don't blame her

  • Tiffany Jetter
    Tiffany Jetter Hour ago

    This was so so awkward!!

  • Francisco Gutierrez

    No one: Absolutely nobody ever: Ben: Why buy an AC unit when you can just put corn starch all over your body? Keeps you all nice and cool.

  • Pansy Flower
    Pansy Flower Hour ago

    Did anyone else think it was funny that the nurse looked more like the kids parent then the actual parents? LOL

  • Jdawg 25
    Jdawg 25 Hour ago

    All 7 deadly sins: ✅

  • africanashawty
    africanashawty Hour ago

    Poor kids have a foreign stranger living with them and he can’t even speak English, I feel bad for them that’s kind of scary

  • Lizbeth Castillo

    well i wonder if they found ava

  • Francine Levesque

    this poor guy has to eat their crappy food.. Turkey has the best food.

    • Sadie Adler
      Sadie Adler 54 minutes ago

      What's the food like over there? Is it healthier then SAD food? Or is like Mediterranean food?

  • A Matts Purpose
    A Matts Purpose Hour ago

    Pets need to be on board with everyone, I wish that more people of a popular status would start a trend as adoption, Frenchies have sooo many issues

  • Lavender Violet
    Lavender Violet Hour ago

    Cringe fest.

  • michael cooper
    michael cooper Hour ago

    How does this guy pee

  • michael cooper
    michael cooper Hour ago

    I thought I was fat

  • Just Calista
    Just Calista Hour ago

    So what happened to the stage behind her when she “forgot” her routine?

  • Elizabeth IDK
    Elizabeth IDK Hour ago

    You know there's a Dollar Tree right you get toothpaste for $1 balloons for $1 and if you get lucky you can have a cake mixer for a $1 dishes are for $1 clothes are for $1

  • Raven Peterson
    Raven Peterson Hour ago

    I think hes very handsome 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia Hour ago

    I am watching this right now . And all coming from her mouth is “ To work “ here in America instead of saying to be with HIM because he love him . And She mention not once but twice . And that is a red flag .

  • SillyAri Davis
    SillyAri Davis Hour ago

    When they first greeted it reminded me of a porn video

  • AmazingSase
    AmazingSase Hour ago

    Both sides have demonstrated great communication skills

  • Ricky Alexander
    Ricky Alexander Hour ago

    This is bad

  • TMarie That's Me

    I don't care what nobody says I absolutely love Jim Bob.. lmao..

    BROOKIE DA BOSS Hour ago

    I just watched her unbeautyful video and i almost cryed yall stop being mean.

  • kpop fan roaming around

    I’m addicted to eating

  • chey E29
    chey E29 Hour ago

    i wish theresa will comeback in taxslayer, Moline, IL last time she was there i was just didn't get the chance because of the schedule..😥..

  • Bean The Guinea pig

    Why do the all have computers and a tv

  • Sheriff Hoyt
    Sheriff Hoyt Hour ago

    r the kids hawaiin?

  • Rocío Bernal Arenas

    They got an expensive one That dog has a gorgeous face😍

  • Kim Hiner
    Kim Hiner Hour ago

    This Capybara is not meant to be a pet and would be happier with his own kind. Although he’s probably neutered he probably wants a girlfriend of his own species. Out of his element

  • goldeneddie
    goldeneddie Hour ago

    She couldn't have known what exactly? She ASKED them everything! 'Did your Mum pass prior to your Dad?' 'Is there a picture of your Mom and Dad in the restaurant?' Then she guessed that an OLD man was hard of hearing and that his wife would have to shout. That's supposed to be AMAZING? Then she acts out the mother having to shout at the spirit of the dad who is apparently still deaf in the afterlife. Bummer. I wonder if he's still incontinent, short-sighted and suffers with haemorrhoids too? Oh and what about the illness that killed him and made his heart stop? In the spirit world, I'm pretty sure ailments like deafness wouldn't exist anyway, think about it! I mean, spirit ears can get clogged up with... what... spirit gum?! Next she asks: 'Did you bury them together?' (Why does she need to ask...aren't the ghosts telling her anything any more?) Then says: And I don't know what you changed with the stone? But this was interpreted as KNOWING the specific idea that the daughter just put a picture at their grave. And there's no way she could have known that? Well, she DIDN'T KNOW THAT! She suggested that maybe something was changed with the stone. A good guess and very likely. At no point did she say anything specific about a picture.

  • TheGhettoReviewer

    I love Kate man. Idky she gets so much hate. She seems like a real genuine woman. Yes she may be cheap but there’s people doing worse. I respect her and love her for that she does. She looks strong but I bet the hate really broke her down. If you’re watching this kate, keep your head up and stay strong no matter what.

  • Lisa andeson
    Lisa andeson Hour ago

    Does it hurt to poop ?

  • Sweet Listenings


  • Jada Johnson
    Jada Johnson Hour ago

    her husband is over the bs lmao listen to his voice😂

  • Sam Miranda
    Sam Miranda Hour ago

    I love how she says she doesn’t believe in getting toilet paper get there a roll right in the bathroom

  • Lofi 10,000
    Lofi 10,000 Hour ago

    That dude looks like hes 50

  • Emma Prev
    Emma Prev Hour ago

    Everyone should watch this video it’s full of postivity❤️

  • Don Da Drill
    Don Da Drill Hour ago

    White people let their kids do anything. Heeeeell nawl

  • Anthony Castillo

    Says she doesn’t use toilet paper but in the vid there toilet paper

  • N.D West
    N.D West Hour ago

    Lol, he can get rude though, lol "you're not welcome here..." Well, damn!

  • Elizabeth Blanford

    How does she and he usually communicate?

  • jewel babe
    jewel babe Hour ago

    5:07 why does this bitch have a barbie doll she's like 16