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  • Cookazor
    Cookazor 35 seconds ago

    Rubio is a good guard for this team ngl. Who was the pg before him

  • Chris xO
    Chris xO 5 minutes ago

    Pelicans Youth and inexperience was so obvious here, they look lost after screens. One minute they look like a future dynasty the next this looks like a G league team.

  • Nick Ptak
    Nick Ptak 6 minutes ago

    Suns win this one with Baynes and Ayton. They're making the playoffs with those guys back, won't have to play Kaminsky out of position all the time.

  • steve O
    steve O 10 minutes ago

    Gotta hot those FT to tie the game if you’re gonna be the man Randle!!

  • William Jemison
    William Jemison 13 minutes ago


  • Kayreen Thompson
    Kayreen Thompson 14 minutes ago

    One bulls fan to another.? I don’t get to watch a lot of games but I see the bulls have talent. They seem like they can be deep too.. what’s the problem tho? Is it just poor defense?

  • Random
    Random 15 minutes ago

    Hopefully he doesn’t turn out like Michael Beasley. Had all the talent but lacked motor

  • Oli-A
    Oli-A 17 minutes ago

    Celtics are the best team in the league

  • Spencer Richardson
    Spencer Richardson 21 minute ago

    Props to melo winning the award also man was dropped by two teams back to back that’s a pride killer. But to come back and then come back as strong as he did

  • Megan Molloy
    Megan Molloy 23 minutes ago

    We all know he’s a bad person but we don’t laugh and cheer when somebody gets hurt of breaks something Credit to Kyle Lowry for telling the crowd to shut up Respect Kyle.

  • The Youngest Flexer
    The Youngest Flexer 26 minutes ago

    Go bucks lol

  • Jacob
    Jacob 28 minutes ago


  • H Eck
    H Eck 31 minute ago

    Looks like the lakers bench from last year is killing it this year 😂🤣

  • Do It
    Do It 33 minutes ago

    Ariza fucked that game up 😠 Missed 2 3point shots for the win 😵

  • Joe Nathan
    Joe Nathan 35 minutes ago

    that damn fish grease is always hot i guess

  • hassan saab
    hassan saab 36 minutes ago

    Just waiting on 2021 when gianis leaves Milwaukee to the lakers dejavu kareem 😂😂

  • Trenten Contee
    Trenten Contee 37 minutes ago

    Peep russ 😂😂😂

  • 1quickster
    1quickster 37 minutes ago

    It is so nice not hearing how great Lonzo Ball. Overhype, can't shoot, injury prone. The best part not hearing Lavar Ball talking about his son.

  • Cassidy
    Cassidy 38 minutes ago


  • Marlon Small
    Marlon Small 40 minutes ago

    Randle has literally lost like 5 or 6 games for the Knicks this season in similar fashions

  • Hokage Obama
    Hokage Obama 41 minute ago

    Magic Johnson: "Lakers on the waay..."

  • Kirk Meyers
    Kirk Meyers 43 minutes ago

    It's nice seeing synergy between two of NBA's greats, Lebron and Caruso.

  • Dominque Johnson
    Dominque Johnson 46 minutes ago

    Jaren Jackson jr looks like a young Kevin Garnet if he works hard on his craft

  • Anes Dizdar
    Anes Dizdar 51 minute ago

    everyone chanted “mvp” for harden when half his points were free throws and booker had 35 🤕

  • reymundo santiago
    reymundo santiago 51 minute ago

    is sportsmodelanalytics dot com ever even wrong about the outcome of a game?

  • R.M.S Titanic Liverpool
    R.M.S Titanic Liverpool 55 minutes ago

    Everydoes not care about another thing about this day

  • ToMuchFilay
    ToMuchFilay Hour ago

    Rip juice wrld

  • mweb1
    mweb1 Hour ago

    Come from behind win!

  • TypOPositiv
    TypOPositiv Hour ago

    A world class athlete!

  • Itz_Da_ Eagle
    Itz_Da_ Eagle Hour ago

    I wish McLemore would move off ball more, he seems to just stand in one spot for a whole possession.

  • Gq Dempster
    Gq Dempster Hour ago

    Im really starting to think the Knicks players get paid to lose wtf this is out of control now

  • Landon chong
    Landon chong Hour ago

    It feels so great to beat portland by over 20 in they place i swear it does especially how they owned us the last 3 years

  • Tannermcboss
    Tannermcboss Hour ago

    Rip juice wrld man

  • Hec's Vids
    Hec's Vids Hour ago

    Mvp this season don’t sleep on the kid

  • Jay Kular
    Jay Kular Hour ago

    People need a reason to share their negative opinion about the clippers. Well this game gave you the reason so enjoy!

  • Duvenschy Luma
    Duvenschy Luma Hour ago

    Well that's the Celtics die hard fans and a back stabbing front office and management

  • Shmevin Matlalcuatzi

    RIP juice wrld he didnt live to see the lakers win the chip 💛💜💛💜

  • Ruben Gutierrez
    Ruben Gutierrez Hour ago

    Mr. Triple Dub Russell Westbrook!

  • Basketball Singers

    LOVE Nick

  • Jermane Beckford

    @ Anton Douglas Lmao! No need to hate. Kawhi played for Spurs for some years won a chip with them. He was the only real talent on the team. I’m sure you see the great Defense Lebron has when he guards Kawhi(sarcasm). Kawhi goes to Toronto; ok team but couldn’t get over the hump and he goes there 1 season and gets a chip 🧐. Stop saying ppl hate when they have an OPINION. Lebron reminds me of my old favorite football team the Buffalo Bills. 4 str8 and no chip. He went 8 str8 and got 3. That’s not even 50%. Great is going 3 str8 taking a break then getting another 3str8.

  • Malcolm Gholston

    Clippers ain’t that squad. Kawhi is great but the Raptors were great last year when he rested too. He needs a great team and PG...well we know he’s gonna disappear in the playoffs again “Playoff P” 😂

  • Antonio Aguiar
    Antonio Aguiar Hour ago

    Wanted to see when booker and harden got a double tech but it didn’t come up.

  • Jermane Beckford

    @ Downer Dave Scottie Pippen wasn’t the top 5 player when he was playing with Jordan. A ton of better players at that time; Magic, Karl Malone, Clyde Drexler, Dominique Wilkins, Larry, Olajuwon, David Robinson. Need I keep going? Lebron has DWade at that time D Wade was number 2 maybe 3 SG in NBA. Cris Bosh was top PF/Center. Lebron is good but NO GOAT. Win without the top players maybe I can have more respect for him. Jordan didn’t have the top players he had the BEST TEAM. They worked well together. All of the bulls players were GREAT ROLE players younsta. Learn the difference. Lebron is not even on KOBE’s level.

  • iEatChowMein
    iEatChowMein Hour ago

    When luka is benched its a tie game, when he's in a 20+ point lead. Luka is a gift given to the Mavs

  • Artie The Strongest Man

    Those jerseys make them look like they need to change their name to the East LA Clippers

  • Unknownymous
    Unknownymous Hour ago

    I see a potential in this kid. Maybe one day he will become the King of NBA.

  • Fernando Enriquez

    All i see is so many double dribbles

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C Hour ago

    Clippers gotta get out LA they need to be put in a city where they can actually get support like San Diego or Vegas

  • Prince Thoj
    Prince Thoj Hour ago

    This dude’s black don’t crack

  • Robert Blanton
    Robert Blanton Hour ago

    For all the lakers fans who supported your team... you’re fucking scummy, communist supporting, human trash. That 80 percent of the rest of America wishes that our duly elected, and beloved President, would build a wall around you. You’re king (labum) is a moron. He has the mental capacity of a fruit fly, the spine of a jellyfish, and could play in Larry legends jock strap. Free 🇭🇰!!!!! The new NBA is absolute trash, and should only be broadcast in mandarin. Gfys

  • Kid Renegade
    Kid Renegade Hour ago

    Pistons > Spurs > Clippers > Mavericks Wtf?!

  • Drillteam Chicago

    Lakers Vs. Bucks is Gonna be Lit. Bucks are Gonna Shoot their Lights Out

  • John Tate
    John Tate Hour ago

    They should let Mclamoure take more shots he's getting really good behing the arc

  • Bidyut Biswas
    Bidyut Biswas Hour ago

    They can do anything ..... but not with the new boss in the new La .. KELTU. ...... Khawhi . Number 2 . LoL.

  • Seki Thinks Too Much For His Own Good

    So basically, this guy is the new chris bosh for the raptor??

  • Orlando Tocano
    Orlando Tocano Hour ago

    Divac should be fired immediately for not drafting Luka, and people in the Kings organization are still making excuses for him, unbelievable!!

  • Dragon Meliodas
    Dragon Meliodas Hour ago

    Very nice guy and a solid team player

  • Giovanni Cervantes

    These commentators were waaaaaacckkk Hotter than fish grease What????

  • Walt Walt
    Walt Walt Hour ago

    They be talkin that shit after takin it to the 🕳 or dunking on somebody

  • Naxulius
    Naxulius Hour ago

    50:17 I dont think Lonnie Walker is a Rookie

  • infernalparadise021

    Bruh that Fresh Prince jersey design.

  • Xander Himar
    Xander Himar 2 hours ago

    Pelicans worst team in NBA because of lanzo ball and Ingram

  • George Papadopoulos
    George Papadopoulos 2 hours ago

    Milwaukees load management - WHOOP the shit out of opposing team and rest Starters in the 4th! Clippers=Soft

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones 2 hours ago

    Randle is overpayed. Only go left can't read team defense out of position. DSjr is undersized and non shooter. Fiz had to coach a bunch of " misfits " literally. M.Morris is good but is a head case picks fights on the court. The wrong kind of teaching toughness. They have potential players. Just build thru the draft and create the right chemistry and development. I like the idea of Mark Jackson. He coached up Golden State

  • TWC TheWrestlingChamp

    Anthony Davis plays for la lakers

  • infernalparadise021
    infernalparadise021 2 hours ago

    Cant get over the GTA font jerseys. At some point the Clippers need to pick a jersey that doesnt rip off other media and get their own design

  • Jay Nguyen
    Jay Nguyen 2 hours ago

    Steph, Klay, Dray, Caulie Stein and whoever they decide to trade DLo for is actually a pretty dangerous line up. I don’t know if people understand that. Everybody quick to forget. It’s pretty funny.

  • david garcia
    david garcia 2 hours ago

    James Harden gets bailed out so much with stupid fouls its no wonder he averages 37 plus the guy literally fouls the defender at times jumping on them and they give him the calls. They wont get anywhere with him hogging the ball like that

  • TayMusiq
    TayMusiq 2 hours ago

    Rockets can play half court offense with Harden or fast break with Russ.

  • DedicatedDad
    DedicatedDad 2 hours ago

    Half of the people on Spotify trying to figure what song is this and whos singing lol

  • Darpan Dahal
    Darpan Dahal 2 hours ago

    Glad to see Rockets play actual basketball

  • raven still
    raven still 2 hours ago

    Frank Nitty got Valentine playing like a actual nba player 😂😂

  • TV Jumpshot
    TV Jumpshot 2 hours ago

    I'm telling you now..... When Ayton gets back, a lot of teams are gonna eat dirt from the Suns. Rockets are one of em.

  • Walt Walt
    Walt Walt 2 hours ago

    Dawg slick got slammed on at 7:13

  • Undead Showgun
    Undead Showgun 2 hours ago

    Is it me or is this game empty in the stands???

  • Tony Moshier
    Tony Moshier 2 hours ago

    So I heard a story on the night before this game that the players and coaches of the Trailblazers said MJ can't make threes. Needless to say he heard what they said and the Goat delivered

  • Vito Vito
    Vito Vito 2 hours ago

    Young king excellent

  • 10 Hour Entertainment

    This video is blocked everywhere except the United States and Somaliland for some reason.

  • Raul Reyes
    Raul Reyes 2 hours ago

    Nash era un extraordinario jugador

  • at peace at war
    at peace at war 2 hours ago

    Hawks points went from 67 to 68 even tho the guy made a 2 pointer

  • Street Marshal Flip
    Street Marshal Flip 2 hours ago

    Where tha fuq is Malik Monk!? I thought he would have a bigger impact on this team.

  • Jay Nguyen
    Jay Nguyen 2 hours ago

    Mavs just missing a solid 3 & D. Oh yeah, and a new designer for their hideous jerseys. 😂

  • MrPrettyBoyChina
    MrPrettyBoyChina 2 hours ago

    The bigs for Phoenix are terrible

  • pantherblack jones
    pantherblack jones 2 hours ago

    The sun's will be the shit

  • AggeLe
    AggeLe 2 hours ago

    why i can't see highlights anymore? i can see the notif but says they are not available

  • snakexpert552
    snakexpert552 2 hours ago

    Suns making the playoffs this year just watch

  • P1: Na'jae
    P1: Na'jae 2 hours ago

    This will be the NBA Finals in June. If I’m wrong, then it will be just a switching of the clippers and placing the lakers in it. I see more Clippers vs Bucks than Lakers vs Bucks. Either way, Los Angeles will be the city for the NBA Finals for the next 3 years, weather if it’s the Lakers or the Clippers.

  • 倒灰
    倒灰 2 hours ago


  • Rich at Large
    Rich at Large 2 hours ago

    Harden 19 points on 27 shot attempts - plus 15 free throws of course. Ugly again. Fortunately for the Rockets, Westbrook had a rare good game.

  • Amadou Diallo
    Amadou Diallo 2 hours ago

    Kobe has 40 in the first half?!? Wth

  • Manohar Rajan
    Manohar Rajan 2 hours ago

    Poor Melo 😢

  • Darrien Swanson
    Darrien Swanson 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one who see these niggas shaking GD

  • YBC DA G.O.A.T
    YBC DA G.O.A.T 2 hours ago

    yo, I'm a magic fan but that dunk by Giannis brother that was clean. I'm embarrassed

  • Unknown Planet
    Unknown Planet 2 hours ago

    Today's kids don't know about this Melo.

  • Moses Jones
    Moses Jones 2 hours ago

    Yo Randle GTFOH!!!

  • code smoke
    code smoke 2 hours ago

    Lol classic clippers

  • Affordable Sticks
    Affordable Sticks 2 hours ago

    Best athlete of all time hands down

  • MrAjama9
    MrAjama9 2 hours ago

    Remember how bad the Sixers were during 2013-2017? Knicks will get better, Masai Ujiri will leave the Raptors for the Knicks...Steve Mills will be fired

  • SaMod o
    SaMod o 2 hours ago

    Steph curry is better

  • TheReal Ant
    TheReal Ant 2 hours ago

    Gotta love” though the wire”