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  • Lee Sun hun v chai
    Lee Sun hun v chai 3 hours ago

    Get Dicaprio on snl already

  • Richard Umphlett
    Richard Umphlett 3 hours ago

    That is my nipple, and I think you know that.😁

  • Sam AD
    Sam AD 3 hours ago

    Bill Hader would make an awesome Pennywise

  • Will Endowed
    Will Endowed 3 hours ago

    This isn't just a former Disney star ripping on Disney. This is also a former Nick start ripping on Disney.

  • avix007
    avix007 3 hours ago

    Vanessa Bayer is an adorable turkey.

  • Depcom
    Depcom 3 hours ago

    If I had a teacher like Kate back in high school I wouldn't have learned anything in her class. I would have been mesmerized by her.

  • Jason Chandler
    Jason Chandler 3 hours ago


  • Madihah Zulkifli
    Madihah Zulkifli 3 hours ago

    i can't help but making theory that in this skit seth and amy were married because the way he looked at her and she asked if he already slept with hillary, saying he got reputation lol and that twist is true with rachel right ? hahahaha

  • Will Endowed
    Will Endowed 3 hours ago

    I love that Kevin couldn't hold it.

  • jeena chanu
    jeena chanu 3 hours ago

    I just came here to see the Jin's Rose🌹 again 😂😂

  • MrGoat
    MrGoat 3 hours ago

    lol you can't even get 200 proof. like it does exist but only in chemistry labs as pure ethanol in sealed bottles because 100% pure ethanol is unstable and hydrophilic - once exposed to open air it will literally leech water from the atmosphere until it stabilizes at about 95% ethanol, or about 190 proof.

  • JD 07
    JD 07 3 hours ago

    My guy’s sounding the exact same

  • yas yas
    yas yas 3 hours ago

    Got my gear vr for this

  • Paul D
    Paul D 3 hours ago

    They hit all notes with this one

  • Александр Бурдейный

    Hi hi hi, ya ba da ba doo ))

  • Sam Ogla
    Sam Ogla 3 hours ago

    From a gangsta to a CLOWN i think the CLOWN side fits him better jerk off

  • J.R
    J.R 3 hours ago

    Kirsty alley was so fuckable

  • Intensity EXILE
    Intensity EXILE 3 hours ago

    Pretty sure I got this ending for Detroit become human

  • Luey Tele Deluxe
    Luey Tele Deluxe 3 hours ago

    HAHAHA! "..Oh I watch CSI:Miami!" (forehead slap!)

  • Justin Doherty
    Justin Doherty 3 hours ago

    Is that a cannibal in that class

  • jackgibs xxx07
    jackgibs xxx07 3 hours ago

    You have a good show and some fool at the network sees crap somewhere else and wants to git rid of the good show

  • Elizabeth Rose
    Elizabeth Rose 3 hours ago

    I've always wanted to know what a dog's reaction would be if a human kissed them the way they kiss us.

  • T-Rell VI
    T-Rell VI 3 hours ago

    Wait who was Jost???

  • Chris Vesy
    Chris Vesy 3 hours ago


  • TOOLfandomania
    TOOLfandomania 3 hours ago

    I hated everyone of these sketches. Not funny

  • Michael
    Michael 3 hours ago

    247 people are cops.

  • Life of a Kath
    Life of a Kath 3 hours ago

    I didn't recognize Kristen Wiig in the first time! Haha

  • Dubz
    Dubz 3 hours ago

    SNL is a comedic abortion.

  • Georgine Verano
    Georgine Verano 3 hours ago

    colin and john love pete it’s so cute

  • frank martelli
    frank martelli 3 hours ago

    God I wish that was funny. I mean I was waiting for it but it never happened. Waste of time.

  • Spoon Face
    Spoon Face 3 hours ago

    I’m watching this on the same day PM Justin Trudeau is being accused of doing blackface after he attended an “Arabian Knights” themed party as Aladdin wearing body makeup to make his skin darker. What about this then? Exactly. It’s called DRESSING UP

  • pretentious pal
    pretentious pal 3 hours ago

    How are they holding up! It's amazing that none of them cracked up🤣

  • Vausechapmans
    Vausechapmans 3 hours ago

    Scarlett johansson can get it with any haircolor or style

  • Fangirl Relly
    Fangirl Relly 3 hours ago

    This was so funny I had to watch it twice 😂😂

  • jokerjay
    jokerjay 3 hours ago


  • Broken Wave
    Broken Wave 3 hours ago

    What is in those boxes? The video keeps bleeping it out?

  • Shruti Singh
    Shruti Singh 3 hours ago

    Bill's voice 💖💖💖

  • Noah Daniels
    Noah Daniels 3 hours ago


  • YestwentyFOUR Wins
    YestwentyFOUR Wins 3 hours ago

    Love Paris in this!

  • Dee Chaney
    Dee Chaney 3 hours ago


  • Mohnish
    Mohnish 3 hours ago

    Mr. WORLDDWWIIDDEEEE..... OH wait.

  • cubswincubswin
    cubswincubswin 3 hours ago

    Soooooo funny!! 😂😂🤣 Back in the 1970's when SNL was amazing every Saturday night....

  • Professor Duckford
    Professor Duckford 3 hours ago

    Loud does not equal funny...

  • Genio Del Queso
    Genio Del Queso 3 hours ago

    It’s funny because Shia Labeouf is an alcoholic

  • Dude Man
    Dude Man 3 hours ago

    I wanna laugh then I think I love bat man also bat man ain’t racist

  • Henry W
    Henry W 3 hours ago

    Remind me Again ........... what's Kevin Spacey been found Guilty of ???!!!

  • Nature cannot be fooled

    Pretty sarcastic....🤣

  • Ilsa Malsi
    Ilsa Malsi 4 hours ago

    Peter looks especially handsome in this sketch

  • Genio Del Queso
    Genio Del Queso 4 hours ago

    Hey I used to live in Fort Huachuca

  • Em-Jay Taylor
    Em-Jay Taylor 4 hours ago

    Wow! Back when “a gun for potential grizzly” in a school was a crazy idea. Now you are actually arming teachers to accidentally shoot students or get shot themselves by SWAT, or worse, dead teachers guns picked up by students to defend themselves also shot by SWAT. By hey, you guys have all capacity to recognise that you are officially the most menacing, erratic, undependable, unbelievable, corrupt, racist, potentially at some point genocidal, clear and present danger to the planet. So, so much worse than Bush - at least he did try to put the country’s best interests before his ego- which at least was an ego thicker than an egg shell. Trump isn’t joking when he makes now 7 “jokes about lifetime presidency - these are trial balloons - the longer you treat them as jokes, his pattern shows, the more he convinces himself what he “jokes” about is possible, the more The Chosen One convinces himself what’s beat for him is best for the country. You’re democracy is more at danger the longer you don’t challenge him on this. And in turn the whole free world. Do you think this pattern isn’t how he moves the Overton Window? From a crazy lady suggesting a gun for grizzlies to actual teachers training to pretend to be law enforcement just two years. From press secretaries everyday spouting lies to no press secretary- just Trump, yelling in front of a helicopter. You don’t seem to have any idea how bad things have become due to one emotionally unstable man with either a belief he is the Chosen One or a desire for his followers to believe he is. Don’t you see the danger of that kind of man with the nuclear codes?

  • Judy McGaugh
    Judy McGaugh 4 hours ago

    REALLY, it was catchy and made me , YES, SMILE !!!!!

  • April Chronister
    April Chronister 4 hours ago

    Omg, my gramma&grampa were from Maine (lived in Bangor for a bit pre ww2), & My hubby from NOLA! "pawhk dah cahhr'(cept not said in skit,but how gramparents' Maine accent was), & ''Laissez les bons temps rouler'(let the good times roll)... in same skit, luv it!! ☭&⚜❤!

  • Zuz Angelo
    Zuz Angelo 4 hours ago

    Not Funny. American comedy is weird

  • Vausechapmans
    Vausechapmans 4 hours ago

    Kate Mckinnon, Paul Rudd, Andy Samberg, Bill Hader & Fred Armisen , all my favs OMG I love this

  • shapes
    shapes 4 hours ago

    oh my god she looks really hot here

  • luh
    luh 4 hours ago

    U r here because u watched The Office a couple of weeks now and u r almost done. U want more, because ur body wants more. And i feel that, I am at season 8 now, almost done, and i cant think of what will im going to do after that

  • aaron short
    aaron short 4 hours ago

    Heluv choreography, to make it that funny too

  • Interested Learner
    Interested Learner 4 hours ago

    Can anyone else see the similarity to Ellen’s audience?

  • Vausechapmans
    Vausechapmans 4 hours ago

    Jake peralta and mlepclaynos

  • Love Me
    Love Me 4 hours ago

    i also teach you 😮😱😨

  • 151 phuongtutran
    151 phuongtutran 4 hours ago

    The image of the Buddha must be as solemn as our respect for him. because he is not only our great spiritual teacher but also of all three worlds. I am a Buddhist I am not angry about these actions but it brings many negative comments and Buddha and Buddhism, this behavior is considered disrespectful to Buddha.

  • milkmanv1
    milkmanv1 4 hours ago


  • EmeraldView
    EmeraldView 4 hours ago

    We can all rent Subaru's OMG

  • Swarngini Soren
    Swarngini Soren 4 hours ago

    Love Fred's dance

  • Bianca Dedans
    Bianca Dedans 4 hours ago

    i thank god for the one who decided to put a shirtless chris in this

  • erich
    erich 4 hours ago


  • erich84502ify
    erich84502ify 4 hours ago


  • rock8 5cool
    rock8 5cool 4 hours ago

    I’m just really not a fan of this cast of SNL, there’s really only one or two that actually funny.

  • 151 phuongtutran
    151 phuongtutran 4 hours ago

    "Buddha doesn't care who defames him because he has mercy on them because they will surely go to hell"

  • erich84502ify
    erich84502ify 4 hours ago


  • txgirl3
    txgirl3 4 hours ago

    Well for starters, Madonna's publicist is Liz Rosenberg who has been with her since day one for several Decades - so she has her spot genius

  • Julz XD
    Julz XD 4 hours ago

    In 2008 Young Anna looks so much like Britney Spears. Cute innocent eyes and mouth. Stunning 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️👄💖😇

  • arif kazi
    arif kazi 4 hours ago

    "You think he would know which way to go.." 😂😂

  • Anees Ali
    Anees Ali 4 hours ago

    Oprah show nice.. That was the real opera show right. Hit like if you couldn't see the difference aswel.

  • jackgibs xxx07
    jackgibs xxx07 4 hours ago

    So many greats in this

  • Ronny Aron Kopperdal

    If you didn't know: In the olden times, people used to walk to a store to rent physical copies of movies. Also, they were on tape, and thus had to be rewound when used (therefore the "Be Kind Rewind" t-shirt). They also had to walk back and deliver the physical copy back after a set amount of time. Good times.

  • Noah Deer
    Noah Deer 4 hours ago

    Holy shit how can snl be this far left and think it's funny

  • emrnem
    emrnem 4 hours ago

    WHAT'S IT GONNA BE *BABY HOOK* ...ok good d

  • Shawn King
    Shawn King 4 hours ago

    Looking back he didn't call 911 either.. Js

  • maha moustafa
    maha moustafa 4 hours ago

    Maybe she was in a coma ? 😅

  • SenorBoiii
    SenorBoiii 4 hours ago

    The cars stayed parked there for 5 years.

    LEGO TUBE 4 hours ago

    Cecily string cant say one damn line. Affirmative action at its finest...

  • Alan Cogan
    Alan Cogan 4 hours ago

    Someone once said that if Barbie was a real woman, that she would vote Democrat. She is plastic, artificial, and has lint for brains. Yep she would vote Democrat alright...😆😆😆

  • lazy deadpool
    lazy deadpool 5 hours ago

    Chads hilarious

  • Valerio Vigino
    Valerio Vigino 5 hours ago

    I'd watch the shit out of this podcast

  • Three'sCompany 9
    Three'sCompany 9 5 hours ago

    Is it weird i want to see Jon Hamm in star wars?

  • jackgibs xxx07
    jackgibs xxx07 5 hours ago

    Don't mess with Mrs. MM

  • MatchstalkMan
    MatchstalkMan 5 hours ago

    Becca-Ashley the Scrappy-Doo of The Hunch Bunch…

  • Anandi Ganguly
    Anandi Ganguly 5 hours ago


  • It's ya girl Indica
    It's ya girl Indica 5 hours ago

    That was f weird! But funny too. I'm stoned and i can't believe I just watched that. It was so long and weird and pointless.

  • Opus One
    Opus One 5 hours ago

    Larry Stevens would make a great candidate to be a democrat in today’s world

  • Anandi Ganguly
    Anandi Ganguly 5 hours ago

    2:27 Seth: NO STEFON. Stefon: (whispers) he will *AND HE DID!!!!!!!!*

  • J Miller
    J Miller 5 hours ago

    This game show is *HORSESHIT...*

  • So There's That
    So There's That 5 hours ago

    I have a lot more respect for Madge after seeing this.

  • Twitting On Trender
    Twitting On Trender 5 hours ago

    The deafening silence from the audience is embarrassing.

  • maha moustafa
    maha moustafa 5 hours ago

    He said he was dead 😂

  • •Scotch's•
    •Scotch's• 5 hours ago

    Omg, it's the Jake Peralta actor from Brooklyn 99!

  • J Miller
    J Miller 5 hours ago

    I'm... fucking... *DEAD.*

  • Cadence Cassettes
    Cadence Cassettes 5 hours ago

    Nard Dog is killing it!

  • HarleeQuinn
    HarleeQuinn 5 hours ago

    Pete and his mom hugging at the end was the sweetest thing ever! 🥰🥰🥰