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...Ready For It? Trailer
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#STYLEmemories One
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#STYLEmemories Two
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Surprising Gena
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#HiFromTaylor Teaser
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Some extraordinary news...
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  • Christopher G
    Christopher G 7 hours ago

    Desperate Taylor adding Shawn Mendes on to the song because the original version flopped hard at radio. Pretty much all her singles have bombed at radio since Delicate.

  • Andreja Nikolić Milojević

    Aerosmith Crazy ..

  • grandmahugzarebestforhearts Idrizow

    Red 2.0 please

  • Jasmine Olson
    Jasmine Olson 9 hours ago

    Wow😍😍😍😍totally my girl crushes

  • dartsport1974
    dartsport1974 9 hours ago

    I like the original version better with Taylor Swift singing only. Nothing against Shawn Mendes.

  • It'sMeMiana
    It'sMeMiana 9 hours ago


  • hossein ahmadi
    hossein ahmadi 11 hours ago

    You are the best singer

  • hossein ahmadi
    hossein ahmadi 11 hours ago

    Was great

  • Goldie Locks
    Goldie Locks 12 hours ago

    Love this song. Hopefully one day I will meet someone. Lol

  • Leanne frey
    Leanne frey 13 hours ago

    Another amazing song by the ever so talented Taylor Swift 💯 This song is one of those songs you have on repeat, while in the shower, with your cats 🐈, jk, without your cats,,,,by yourself, alone!! Lol

  • Jay Grnstaf
    Jay Grnstaf 13 hours ago

    Hey Play Guitar lol. I'm going to listen to that song right now..

  • mohammad Amz
    mohammad Amz 16 hours ago

    I love you moreeeeeee

  • Jakiś ktoś
    Jakiś ktoś 18 hours ago


  • JustAnotherMonster
    JustAnotherMonster 19 hours ago


  • JustAnotherMonster
    JustAnotherMonster 19 hours ago

    could she have been thinking about joe when she sang this?

  • Megu Fujiwara
    Megu Fujiwara 19 hours ago

    “Can I go where you go babyyyy” is such a typical Shawn line 2:59

  • Gamer Bruh
    Gamer Bruh 21 hour ago

    Ladies and gentlemen Will you please stand As I hit the whip And then default dance

  • edmao
    edmao 21 hour ago

    Such an underrated song! I just made a cover/remix of it if you're curious! *I know that there are thousands of comments like mine, but believe me, I will not disappoint you! So if by chance you see this, please give a chance to my music. I'm trying to make it as an independent artist without a label! Reaching 3k subs before the end of the year would be amazing 🥺* Thank you for reading me, and have a great day! Xoxoxo

    WHY SO SERIOUS?? 22 hours ago


  • ThE BLACk lADy
    ThE BLACk lADy 23 hours ago

    Released on my birthday.. Great song

  • Max Goli
    Max Goli 23 hours ago

    the colors was a hint for her lover album

  • drh3280
    drh3280 23 hours ago

    WOW! That"s a great performance. Wish the Fam to experience something like it. Go team #taylorswift

  • shivi uniyal
    shivi uniyal 23 hours ago

    This song makes me want to slow dance with my imaginary lover.

  • Grim Morg
    Grim Morg Day ago

    Fireworks ~ Cross Roads😉

  • Grim Morg
    Grim Morg Day ago

    I got it right then? My Baby needed a Mic!

  • Jessie Lin
    Jessie Lin Day ago

    who is watching this during 2020!

  • Talking Pizza
    Talking Pizza Day ago

    She is the sweetest person ever

  • Lit Rush
    Lit Rush Day ago


  • Whoo Theeem
    Whoo Theeem Day ago

    Taylor Swift queen of this generation 😍

  • tutsy bassista


  • Saaya Reichel
    Saaya Reichel Day ago

    This is what heaven sounds like

  • Betrand Peto BentoXBensu

    Oh sh*t . When taylor 19

  • Marieny Hernández

    Creo que este es el comentario en español que alguien esperaba :v

  • essie Paite
    essie Paite Day ago

    Deserve 100M+ views

  • essie Paite
    essie Paite Day ago

    Vocal heaven

  • Matheus
    Matheus Day ago


  • Caio Gallas de Souza

    You is so beautiful i am from brazil

  • walendxweg
    walendxweg Day ago


  • Upscale Avenue

    3:23 - 3:52 WOW!🔥

  • Keep it one hunnid

    A chinese restaurant's washroom music brought me here 🤔

  • Otto Menendez
    Otto Menendez Day ago

    Fans: marry with Brendon Brendon: haha

  • Tanya Watkins
    Tanya Watkins Day ago

    I take my Christmas lights down on the 26th of December 😁🎄

  • Danica Marie Music

    I love Taylor ❤ Support an unknown artist (me 😂) by checking out my original christmas song: thexvid.com/video/Wqxv--voj4c/video.html

  • Hard Techno
    Hard Techno Day ago

    T Your so Cute!! Y love you!!🗼🎁🎄merry christmas

  • Tara Ni Choncúir

    Just beautiful, very natural, 👌😘

  • Alyssa Migenes

    I laughed so hard when she screamed “GEEEEETTTTT OOOOOUUUUUTTTTT OF MY HOOOOOOUUUUUUSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Zahra Azgg
    Zahra Azgg Day ago

    How can you dislike this amazing voice and perfect stage?

  • daisy
    daisy Day ago

    it has been 10 years omg it's like i literally grew up with her :')

  • miksiie
    miksiie Day ago

    I love you miss Taylor!!! 😭💗💗💗 YOU'RE AWESOME!!!! 💗💗💗💗

  • tu papa ctm
    tu papa ctm Day ago

    I love this song

  • Emma Strutton
    Emma Strutton Day ago

    OMG!!! I WANT A KITTEN LIKE THAT!!! 🐱🐱🐈🐈🐾🐾

  • 女孩們‘s小仙女

    She is so pretty

  • Selly Agustin
    Selly Agustin Day ago

    My favorite song from the album. And this is my favorite performance.

  • 1921
    1921 Day ago

    this is like too precious

  • Frost Mist1597

    This is supposed to make me feel all lovey-dovey but here I am crying my eyes out wishing that I had my own lover ❤️😭

  • Lily Verma
    Lily Verma Day ago

    the artist of the decade <3

  • Batiste Travers

    Super l'accent français. Toi must be work it. C'est marrant

  • Eren H
    Eren H Day ago

    why the music sounds like tranzit map in bo2

  • Eren H
    Eren H Day ago

    why the music sounds like tranzit map in bo2

  • Jasmina Salma
    Jasmina Salma Day ago

    omg i love this so much.

  • Smokey One
    Smokey One Day ago

    I had such a crush on her

  • Herrera14
    Herrera14 Day ago


  • pesasepa
    pesasepa Day ago

    This song makes me miss my gf, she's not exist

  • kenn roberts
    kenn roberts Day ago

    thexvid.com/video/2ll1DrlZgqk/video.html let ths b known, then... we cool... just doing the world a compliement, use music when watchin orange..

  • odod
    odod Day ago

    nice guitar tone ... fits her vocal though .. beautiful

  • sodon swargiary
    sodon swargiary 2 days ago


  • Brittany Elizabeth
    Brittany Elizabeth 2 days ago


  • Jane Nalo
    Jane Nalo 2 days ago

    After 15 years, I'll use this song as I walk towards to my future husband. 🤘

  • Jessica Wheeler
    Jessica Wheeler 2 days ago

    I would love more of these 2 collabing

  • diana
    diana 2 days ago

    if you wanna be my lover you gotta stream lover by taylor swift

  • Axel Venti
    Axel Venti 2 days ago

    I just can’t get over the “man that’s a bummer this isn’t fun for me”😂😂😂

  • Malachi_Jewels
    Malachi_Jewels 2 days ago

    imma lover for this song

  • Devan Williamson
    Devan Williamson 2 days ago

    I’ve never heard her sound so amazing live, my day is so much better now.

  • Kellborcoil
    Kellborcoil 2 days ago

    My sister and my mom’s favorite artists Btw I like both of them

  • Charles :
    Charles : 2 days ago

    Everyone leaves there Christmas lights till January 😂

  • camisha mill
    camisha mill 2 days ago

    shawn went off tho!!😍

  • Arina Ahmad
    Arina Ahmad 2 days ago

    2019 ??

  • Reem Alelyani
    Reem Alelyani 2 days ago

    this is the best song a , i like it soooo much

  • Finn Stannard
    Finn Stannard 2 days ago

    Who else prefers this one to the original? I feel like this one is better because it shows both sides of the relationship.

  • Duru Yavuz
    Duru Yavuz 2 days ago

    You are so lucky benjamin button İ am so jealous right now

  • Mrs Maximoff
    Mrs Maximoff 2 days ago

    I'm crying

  • thecarter hs
    thecarter hs 2 days ago


  • thecarter hs
    thecarter hs 2 days ago


  • Be Happy
    Be Happy 2 days ago

    2nd week of december no winter so hot!!

  • Aprajita Bhardwaj
    Aprajita Bhardwaj 2 days ago

    This is so addictive

  • Jess Min
    Jess Min 2 days ago

    I'm pretty sure this'll be in a romantic movie or rom com in the future <3

  • Gladys Andaya
    Gladys Andaya 2 days ago

    You’re definitely my favorite vlogger 😂

  • Gladys Andaya
    Gladys Andaya 2 days ago

    You’re definitely my favorite vlogger 😂

  • Mari
    Mari 2 days ago

    So in love with this version

  • Gladys Andaya
    Gladys Andaya 2 days ago

    Iloveyouuuuu taylorrrr

  • Gladys Andaya
    Gladys Andaya 2 days ago

    Meredithhhhh 😍😍😍

    • Gladys Andaya
      Gladys Andaya 2 days ago


  • Gladys Andaya
    Gladys Andaya 2 days ago


    • Gladys Andaya
      Gladys Andaya 2 days ago


  • Gladys Andaya
    Gladys Andaya 2 days ago

    “i’m video blogging” omg this is really 2008

  • Gladys Andaya
    Gladys Andaya 2 days ago

    she’s also the vlogger of the decade 🤣 💓💓💓

  • Gladys Andaya
    Gladys Andaya 2 days ago


  • Ripan Jhang
    Ripan Jhang 2 days ago

    Who are those bad 2.1k guys, who disliked this video

  • Gladys Andaya
    Gladys Andaya 2 days ago

    Loveyouuu taylorrrr

  • Camilo Fernández Pacios

    ... /... Des-Like, por supuesto. Musica muy rayante... Vocablos absurdos... *CONCLUSIÓN:* *_este vídeo es una Mierda_* .

  • Ivan Testado
    Ivan Testado 2 days ago

    She was more excited than the impersonator haha her adorable and humbleness is Killin' me

  • Kelly  Rusike
    Kelly Rusike 2 days ago

    THIS is too magical for my soul shem. Now...how many of us dance around in the kitchen with the refrigerator light by ourselves to this song?