Green Day
Green Day
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A message from Billie Joe
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Green Day - American Idiot
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Green Day 5/2
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Green Day 4/27
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Green Day 4/24
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Green Day 4/4
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Green Day 3/28
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  • ralph x
    ralph x 3 minutes ago

    This video describes this generation pretty well

  • SafBiuBiu
    SafBiuBiu 5 minutes ago

    Conor McGregor vs cowboy. Any prediction?

  • MrJxf
    MrJxf 6 minutes ago

    This needs to get to 1 billion. Its no more ordinary song its now a master piece! Just like other GD songs

  • oliwia wychowaniec
    oliwia wychowaniec 12 minutes ago

    2020?? <3

  • Cami Rose
    Cami Rose 12 minutes ago

    Qué bonito que un equipo de nuestro Ecuador aparezca por segundos en el vídeo, pero recuerden que Green Day siempre ha sido una banda conocida desde hace años, escuchen las demás canciones de esta banda, son muy buenas. :) Lo digo por ciertos comentarios que creen que Green Day recién está recibiendo reconocimiento por su “idolosh”, otra cosa es que en saqueoslandia no escuchen esta banda por cerrarse a escuchar otro tipo de música. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • A. Media
    A. Media 17 minutes ago

    Best song from the new material so far.

  • Paqui
    Paqui 23 minutes ago

    El guardia al parecer es hachero El Idolosh!

  • lurnfitness
    lurnfitness 24 minutes ago

    They don't always make a short version, but when they do, its nine minutes long. They are the most green day in the world...

  • Rifana Agustina
    Rifana Agustina 31 minute ago

    i love sound guitar very chrunch

  • anomie nous
    anomie nous 32 minutes ago

    1. Tre says Green Day really weirdly. It's like someone sliced together separate clips of him saying 'green' and 'day.' 2. lolwhatevenisthis is this what post emo pop punk has become?

  • RomantrolleR1
    RomantrolleR1 40 minutes ago


  • XivaporeoniX The best
    XivaporeoniX The best 47 minutes ago

    I love replaying 4:14 over and over again

  • L J
    L J 50 minutes ago

    I grew up listening to Green Day. And I understand how a band has to evolved to stay in vogue. But I can't believe what shit GD has descend into.

  • patologia
    patologia 50 minutes ago

    What happened with that band ☹️???

  • Rico Rockstar
    Rico Rockstar 50 minutes ago

    That feeling when you walk down the street watching this video... in smartphone😄 Hey, Billy Joe, have you just passed by?

  • Jolanta K
    Jolanta K 52 minutes ago

    I love... :)

  • Vicious_ Suoiciv
    Vicious_ Suoiciv 53 minutes ago

    Billie non invecchia mai😍

  • Habibi Welemuly
    Habibi Welemuly 57 minutes ago

    I love you.

  • Jessica Flores
    Jessica Flores 58 minutes ago


  • ceren köksalan
    ceren köksalan Hour ago

    after i watched the video i was in love with billie

  • Kaiser Willhelm The 2nd

    I hate this album


    I guess this is the intro song.

  • Donovan
    Donovan Hour ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Sumsum Bgohain
    Sumsum Bgohain Hour ago

    99 % of the comments are like "when you/ when your"..... #21stcenturyidiots..

  • Musicfan4ever Ashley

    Don’t understand why this video doesn’t have views ? A Green Day classic from 1994

  • Vlerden Smoid
    Vlerden Smoid Hour ago

    Joan Jett covered do you wanna touch. It was written by Gary glitter. That chorus is written by Gary fucking glitter.

  • Avik photography

    Great song

  • Azad Pathak
    Azad Pathak Hour ago


  • Swagster Pro99
    Swagster Pro99 Hour ago


  • Cara Grace
    Cara Grace 2 hours ago

    All the royalties will be goin to victims of sexual abuse; what a band!

  • Mahinmahmud Chowdhury

    Why not in 2020??

  • Taliaghoul
    Taliaghoul 2 hours ago

    Joan Jet...

  • Arthur Crimmins
    Arthur Crimmins 2 hours ago

    When your'e entire squad in rainbow six is dead

  • Bernadette Rodriguez Perez

    2020 and still a classic

  • Sly _
    Sly _ 2 hours ago

    Billie never ages

  • Arthur Crimmins
    Arthur Crimmins 2 hours ago

    Im getting triggered by the fact that in the video he doesn't walk alone

  • Mat Suparjo
    Mat Suparjo 2 hours ago

    Green Day is back!!

  • MartoSuaj
    MartoSuaj 2 hours ago

    que poronga es esto

  • martin096
    martin096 2 hours ago

    It's a no from me.

  • some douche
    some douche 2 hours ago

    I know ill get shit for it. I like the new direction but i miss the anger and angst that used to come from bands like greenday. Like its not a bad song its just not what i remember this band being and it seems like more pop rock rather than punk or pop-punk. I like the message i got from it though so i guess thats something that hasn't changed.

  • ¿Podemos llegar a 100 subs sin videos?

    Like si viniste por el logo y la camiseta del Barcelona Está en el minuto 1:08

  • Botan Hucklebuck
    Botan Hucklebuck 2 hours ago

    WTF 🤦‍♂️

  • Tati Dee
    Tati Dee 2 hours ago

    I love this song. The base and Billie's voice at the beginning give it an "oldie" vibe.

  • Ian Barrett
    Ian Barrett 2 hours ago

    Sounds like Gary glitter

  • A K
    A K 2 hours ago


  • Tati Dee
    Tati Dee 2 hours ago

    This songs says to me "Fuck this shit, we're going haywire". I just can't hate greenday.

  • Ghozi kopites
    Ghozi kopites 2 hours ago

    Not bad 😁😁🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Tushar Ghorpade
    Tushar Ghorpade 2 hours ago

    Song name should be "Today's rhymes for today's world" by Green Day.

  • SanPaVlogs
    SanPaVlogs 2 hours ago

    Suscríbete a mi (:

  • silvercatterpillars
    silvercatterpillars 2 hours ago

    4:55 the crowd grows fucking grass

  • Dilovan Şêr حرية

    Oh No!

  • Antoinette Chaton
    Antoinette Chaton 2 hours ago

    Do you wanna touch me?

  • Nt_ Cybercat
    Nt_ Cybercat 2 hours ago

    I' ve heard this onely once! And it isn't getting Out of my mind! What the fuck are you doing with my head, GreenDay!?

  • Antoinette Chaton
    Antoinette Chaton 2 hours ago

    Joan Jett should be involved

    IM AVISHAE 2 hours ago

    Well dats what she deserved

  • fernando guayas
    fernando guayas 3 hours ago

    B.SC 😍😍😍💛💛💛💛💛❤

  • Kennys Boat
    Kennys Boat 3 hours ago

    Musics shit now. Same fucking beat. Wood in a sea of concrete! Good songs 2014 and before!

  • Dic 156
    Dic 156 3 hours ago

    No entendí pero me gustó

  • FamilyOfTwo
    FamilyOfTwo 3 hours ago

    Childish shite,with focus could be ok.

  • Tati Dee
    Tati Dee 3 hours ago

    If the point is to remind me how frustrated I feel by all the things people do in real life that ressembles what happens in this video, it works. Kudos

  • antonio sanchez
    antonio sanchez 3 hours ago

    Like su viste el escudo del barcelona #Ecuador gg

  • The_disappearance_ of_21

    3:54 me trying to repeat the music teacher

  • DoesTheNetWork
    DoesTheNetWork 3 hours ago

    I cant tell if the news anchor is Tré. It looks kinda like him but doesnt feel like him. Idk weird...

  • vincent bourhis
    vincent bourhis 3 hours ago

    putain j 'avais ans!!!

  • Ahmad Qaisar
    Ahmad Qaisar 3 hours ago

    Keep up good work green you...❤️

  • mark bordeos
    mark bordeos 3 hours ago

    already a legend and still rocking!

  • Aaron YT Games
    Aaron YT Games 3 hours ago

    Quien será mi suscriptor 244

  • JackTrysGames
    JackTrysGames 3 hours ago

    2007-2015 was the high point, change my mind

  • itsnottrevorgaming
    itsnottrevorgaming 3 hours ago

    Why cant you come to my city once i love you BRUH MOMENT

  • Paul Alvarado
    Paul Alvarado 3 hours ago


  • Tx VEO
    Tx VEO 3 hours ago

    I got blood on my hands in my pockets... Please explain

  • zach
    zach 3 hours ago

    Greenday is just autotune and pop beats nowadays...pass.

  • zach
    zach 3 hours ago

    Such a gay song....

  • •Tailess•
    •Tailess• 3 hours ago

    Mom: Son where are you? Son: Iran, I've been drafted! *Sometime later* Sergeant: Private where were you when we were ambushed!? Son: I ran! Coz I was drafted!

  • Fares Temari
    Fares Temari 3 hours ago

    This guy is Tom Holland !

  • eduardo garcia
    eduardo garcia 4 hours ago

    La bandera de mi ecuador y la del mejor equipo del país Barcelona

  • sentimongba jamir
    sentimongba jamir 4 hours ago

    One thing I learned from this video... Never hire Mike as a security guard.

  • Caffeinated Nation
    Caffeinated Nation 4 hours ago

    How has Billie barely aged?? 🤨

  • juan cervantes
    juan cervantes 4 hours ago

    La bandera del Ecuador siempre representado por el idolo BSC a nivel internacional. Orgullosamente Ecuatoriano.

  • Eduardo Urrutia
    Eduardo Urrutia 4 hours ago

    Si eres de ECUADOR da LIKE!!

  • Sebastián Rodríguez

    1:05 Barcelona SC - Ecuadorian soccer team

  • Alberto Capa
    Alberto Capa 4 hours ago

    Like si ves a Barcelona Sporting Club (Like 65005)

  • Sebas SC
    Sebas SC 4 hours ago

    Como llegó el Barcelona de Guayaquil ahí:v

  • ElPais Sano
    ElPais Sano 4 hours ago

    Reportense los exuatorianos que vinieron a ver el logo del IDOLOSh!!!

  • Ash B
    Ash B 4 hours ago

    Ay lets get this trending

  • aytor menta
    aytor menta 4 hours ago

    Fisura fuerteeee el Ysy A

  • Thorr Viernes Holguin Mejorado


  • Cuca Beludo
    Cuca Beludo 4 hours ago

    I prefer the cover by dwight schrute and the nard dog

  • Edward Cranium
    Edward Cranium 4 hours ago


  • Agelz Sagella
    Agelz Sagella 4 hours ago

    I didn't realize the reporter was Tre the whole time.

  • 【InsertAnOriginalName】

    I didn't know that the reporter was Tré with moustache until they said it on their instagram xd

  • Soulz Shredder
    Soulz Shredder 4 hours ago

    Pin me daddy

  • Andika Prasetio
    Andika Prasetio 4 hours ago


  • Roque killer
    Roque killer 4 hours ago

    Yeah yeah yeah 🖤☠️🖤☠️🖤☠️🖤

  • WDKinc
    WDKinc 4 hours ago

    When you're the only one who came here to make a JoJo reference

  • Gabriela Feijóo
    Gabriela Feijóo 4 hours ago

    en realidad el símbolo o bueno la virgen de Guadalupe es una vagina mira

  • yeah yeah yeah
    yeah yeah yeah 4 hours ago


  • Jonathan Vivas
    Jonathan Vivas 4 hours ago

    Sí sabían que el guardia de seguridad es el bajista de Green Day?

  • ulaap sky
    ulaap sky 5 hours ago

    Green day still killin it

  • Edder Cevallos
    Edder Cevallos 5 hours ago