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All New WWE Raw Tonight!
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  • Ray Wyant
    Ray Wyant 3 hours ago

    I know I'm late here, but I think what Simon is missing is the connection between Fox and football. I think the reading names from a list, while not the same as the NFL draft, was supposed to emulate it in some form. Hence the, "group of guys" being the analysts for football on Fox, and the calling up all the old names being because they were all old school football players / coaches.

  • Jasiam 3:16
    Jasiam 3:16 3 hours ago

    Cmon Lacey is Breathtaking 😍👌

  • Apfgl a
    Apfgl a 3 hours ago

    I would have loved to get that NXT-Book and a mystery-box. But seriously, 28£ of shipping outside the UK just doubles the whole price. Ooof...

  • OxfordDA98
    OxfordDA98 3 hours ago

    I was gunna say something about Andy being effed for suggesting Senor Benjamin being the one to cuck Reby (his daughter) then I realized it's Vince, I wouldn't put it past him... haha

  • oXAngelusXo
    oXAngelusXo 3 hours ago

    I thought Chris Benoit was the first person to do "suplex city" after Eddie Guerrero started doing the three amigos.

  • TR Willis
    TR Willis 3 hours ago

    Fox wants a more sports- like program, which is why brock is the champion. But they also draft the fiend 🤔

  • rosado360
    rosado360 3 hours ago

    several inches lmfao

  • ChloePriceBAE
    ChloePriceBAE 3 hours ago

    Baby Banks whining again

    • Sim ?
      Sim ? 3 hours ago

      How is that?

  • Clutter
    Clutter 3 hours ago

    Señor Benjamin is Reby’s Dad irl ooof! 😬😅

  • Leader LT
    Leader LT 3 hours ago

    Roman will be pushed to the top very soon

  • kieroa1196
    kieroa1196 4 hours ago

    Broken Adam is the best thing ever 😂

  • All Things Randumb
    All Things Randumb 4 hours ago

    Sasha needs the accelator dlc.

  • Tom Mason
    Tom Mason 4 hours ago

    Why is Kevin Owens going to Raw? His story with Shane was Smackdown specific. Smh.

  • Meir Nissim
    Meir Nissim 4 hours ago

    Daniel you spell wierd WRONG you spell it W E I R D

  • baki coşkun
    baki coşkun 4 hours ago

    I would like to see Rusev on Cocky-o's

  • Khali 75
    Khali 75 4 hours ago

    WWE is shit.

  • LiamJoakim
    LiamJoakim 4 hours ago

    give us more Phil, he is the most over babyface at WC

  • Joshua Grosvenor
    Joshua Grosvenor 4 hours ago

    TBH I think both Sasha and Carmella have a point, I think Sasha is better than an 80 ovr but it is just a game so she should calm down about it.

    • Sim ?
      Sim ? 3 hours ago

      She's a heel....... & What exactly are heels known for??? How would that be ANY different what a lacey Evans or Mandy rose would say?

  • Rusty Campbell
    Rusty Campbell 4 hours ago

    this is exactly what happened to wyatt last time. he got beat by orton then drafted to raw, now he gets beat by seth and is drafted to sd will they ever let him complete a world title fued

  • justGSquared
    justGSquared 4 hours ago

    Gangrel with Count Chocula Leaping Lanny Poffo with Cheerios Chad “not shorty” Gable with Wheaties

  • mgeorgejags
    mgeorgejags 4 hours ago

    What is a fird round pick?

  • Rikochet States
    Rikochet States 4 hours ago

    Yo Simon, I don't know what it is, is it that you look like an alley-way guy that would mug me or is it that you look like you're about to enter a hidden local fight club to scrap with other fellas🤔

  • Joker
    Joker 4 hours ago

    Not only this wrestlemania 24 was pretty underrated imo, it was also the last TV-14 one.

  • Yowie Wowie
    Yowie Wowie 4 hours ago

    I mean I like Lacey Evans. I’ll be the optimistic one that can be made fun of if I’m wrong.

  • Donny P
    Donny P 4 hours ago

    Tall baldy SHOOTS on Tally Baldy

  • zoipi
    zoipi 4 hours ago

    Adam talks like he's fed up of searching for hentai and always finding a lot of NTR.

  • Chris Lomas Magic
    Chris Lomas Magic 4 hours ago

    "do you know who else is pissed?!" I was so worried that was going to be a link to the Jeff Hardy story!!

    • Micah Hill
      Micah Hill 4 hours ago

      Got arrested again 😩😩

  • Shiro
    Shiro 4 hours ago

    I have a very simple opinion on Lacey Evans : she's got the looks , the character , the wrestling talent ... But PLEASE stop botching and get a new finisher

  • forever314
    forever314 4 hours ago

    This is why they sell the additional 2K Accelerator for $5 so all the smarky players can "correct" the wrestlers ratings

    • Tomas Bell
      Tomas Bell 4 hours ago

      Wow that's crazy how can you not go into setting like 2k and do the rating yourself?? That's a scam I'm happy I don't by wrestling games at all. Nothing beats shut your mouth or 08 and 09.

  • Sim ?
    Sim ? 4 hours ago

    Sasha is a heel! Of course she would say what she said! Damm are people that slow??? How would that be ANY different if somebody like lacey Evans or Mandy rose said the exact same thing??

  • DJ Kurupt
    DJ Kurupt 4 hours ago

    Smackdown was decent to be fair. Seen much worse

    ULATAN 4 hours ago

    This entire draft is a dumpster fire. Really hope Chad Gable ends up back on NXT.

  • m P
    m P 4 hours ago

    hell in a cells ending.... que the rage again *^_^*

  • Mad Tinker Gnome
    Mad Tinker Gnome 4 hours ago

    Broken Adam is awesome. Waiting for the Broken Adam universe.

  • Douglas Pogliano
    Douglas Pogliano 4 hours ago

    Simon Miller you have not only seen a chair shot you have actually felt the devastation of a chair shot I have seen you get busted open from a chair shot

  • Kendall Taylor aka Taylormade

    The hardy drama is a work 😎🤘jk

  • Omar Guardado
    Omar Guardado 4 hours ago

    What about DRAGON LEE AND RUSH

  • Alex Pau'u
    Alex Pau'u 4 hours ago

    New day with booty-o’s

  • brandon ginder
    brandon ginder 4 hours ago

    Becky is definitely worth 10 more points ;)

    • Fayde
      Fayde 4 hours ago

      No shes not

  • brandon ginder
    brandon ginder 4 hours ago

    Kevin Owens looks like he smells like an old ballsacky smelling couch and the product he provides is extremely subpar and stale..... the fued with Shane was literally the most annoying autistic storyline I’ve ever experienced in my 26 years of living.... probably all vinces fault tbh tho

  • Randy GBH
    Randy GBH 4 hours ago

    Old news?

  • Ad Greenwood
    Ad Greenwood 4 hours ago

    Out off all piss takes Edge’s theme song 😆 and the blokes name is Adam 🤔 and the bands name is 🤔😆 well if it’s any Consolation call the band atm might not have gone down aswell

  • peter murphy
    peter murphy 4 hours ago

    Señor Benjamin is Reby's real life father you sicko

  • THE W Legacy
    THE W Legacy 4 hours ago

    For people who say wrestling is fake " what is fake ? They are not telling us that they fight only to win or hurt each other , they do what is in the script and they just follow it and they do it just for our entertainment ." So nothing is fake !

  • MR P
    MR P 4 hours ago

    Jeff doesn't need * help* he needs a reality check. Drunk drivers are selfish twats.

  • Harold Parson, Jr.
    Harold Parson, Jr. 4 hours ago

    Kairi Sane on a box of Captain Crunch

  • Po1ymorph
    Po1ymorph 4 hours ago

    TheXvidrs watching SD and RAW so I don't have too? Up!

  • drums4lyfe0987
    drums4lyfe0987 4 hours ago

    German suplex = Benoit, long before angle or idiot lesnar. Video fail Simon, goodbye

  • Quake: Destroyer of worlds

    Not surprised that Sasha's ignorant haters decided to jump on her for that. I mean, they jump on her for literally anything so why not? 😒

    • Tomas Bell
      Tomas Bell 3 hours ago

      @John Balnis Mom You came off sounding racist as hell. Secondly no one in hell puts someone name then adds a mom to it. Who comes online sharing someone else's name?? We get it your proud. You sound racist as hell and seem like u trolling.

    • Quake: Destroyer of worlds
      Quake: Destroyer of worlds 4 hours ago

      @Sim ? Sasha is easily the most polarizing character in the business imo. It seems people either love her or hate her. I rarely see any middle ground with her. You can actually see just how obsessive her haters are.

    • John Balnis Mom
      John Balnis Mom 4 hours ago

      @Kevin Nelson well if thats the reason maybe they should stop hiring people of color.

    • Sim ?
      Sim ? 4 hours ago

      @Kevin Nelson of course race plays a HUGE factor! But they would NEVER admit that. She's a heel! How is what she said any different than what a lacey Evans or Mandy rose would say??? These Sasha haters are unbelievable sometimes.

  • Wendigooooo
    Wendigooooo 4 hours ago

    Kairi Sane? Capn Crunch?

  • Eric Thrash
    Eric Thrash 4 hours ago

    Wow, Sasha's rating is too high!

  • MCZ Suzumebaschi
    MCZ Suzumebaschi 4 hours ago

    wwe games sucks a$$ but 90 to lynch is already a joke when she barely have 2 moves and shes not even top 5 if we look at pure wrestling skill, 80 to sasha good joke btw. for draft picks its just wwe shit all over again the booking will not be better iam really sad for Drew K.O. and also someone like EC3 ….

  • 1.21 Gigawatts
    1.21 Gigawatts 4 hours ago

    Sasha refused to work for almost five months and now she expects to have a higher rating when she wasn't wrestling for a third of the year. Talk about self entitlement. Some of the women on the roster aren't even pushed half as much as Sasha was and will never get a shot at the title and they still work week after week..

    DON RIGHT GAMING 4 hours ago

    Chad Gable should be w Frosted Flakes and he should be fighting the tiger on the cover lol I’m sorry shorty g

  • Kevin Nelson
    Kevin Nelson 4 hours ago

    To all of you talking about the Sasha banks rating, you have to remember three things. 1. You can change the ratings in the game. 2. She’s a heel, it’s her job to make you hate her. 3. A heel’s job is to make them hate you. For some reason fans on the Internet forget that.

    • Fayde
      Fayde 3 hours ago

      So 2 things that you dragged out to 3 things?

    DON RIGHT GAMING 4 hours ago

    Maybe the fiend will win the belt tonight stay on raw and smackdown will have bray Wyatt and Seth will move to smackdown

  • Big Guy Little Toys
    Big Guy Little Toys 4 hours ago

    Undertaker for boo berries

  • Chad Childress
    Chad Childress 4 hours ago

    A little too late to say bayley and cheetios 😅😅😅

  • Daniel Deng
    Daniel Deng 4 hours ago

    Stop making Long videos

  • Tyson Lennox
    Tyson Lennox 4 hours ago

    Just further proof that Sasha is a self entitled cry baby!

    • Sim ?
      Sim ? 4 hours ago

      You a heel bruh. Damn are you that slow??? How is what she said any different than what a lacey Evans or mandy rose would say. Y'all talk about Sasha crying but her haters are some of the biggest crybabies ever!

  • Otto Buck
    Otto Buck 4 hours ago

    You guys will make a video about anything just to try to get any type of spotlight. Seriously you should only let Simon do videos cause I don't watch the videos hes not in I just comment and complain lol

  • Blam Mahma
    Blam Mahma 4 hours ago

    I've watched less WWE due to Lacy Evens & have turned to AEW more due too soo.

  • AU LiveSafe Tablet
    AU LiveSafe Tablet 4 hours ago

    WWE has to be careful with lawsuits, especially people who could be a liability. I don't see him returning to in ring action, one wrong bump and he's wheelchair bound, than WWE gets a massive lawsuit for clearing him to compete.. But who knows

  • Mantorras Montquilla

    jesus its sad the state of things family matters being resolved on twitter instead of close doors , its sad

  • Wayne Sharman
    Wayne Sharman 4 hours ago

    Jon moxley losing his IGPW championship as he couldnt get there due to that typhoon that has just happend and couldnt commit to his title defence

  • evildoctor
    evildoctor 4 hours ago

    So those additional draft picks seem like smackdown is not meant to be the a show.

  • carlson 34-7
    carlson 34-7 4 hours ago

    They starting to make Braun Strowman weak

  • Baveshen Pillay
    Baveshen Pillay 4 hours ago

    Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle: Lockdown 2012 Jeff Hardy did the Ankle Lock and Angle Slam pretty good.

  • Ra18SJ
    Ra18SJ 4 hours ago

    Triple H tombstone Undertaker at WM 26

  • Gregory Fuller
    Gregory Fuller 4 hours ago

    Lacey will never beat Becky or Charlotte in a match even if Vince is high on her just saying

  • Sean Mchugh
    Sean Mchugh 4 hours ago

    I am the tenth comment

  • Adam Wilton
    Adam Wilton 4 hours ago

    Becky Lynch should have adopted the Stunner named the Stun-her

    DON RIGHT GAMING 4 hours ago

    Honestly tho Sasha was out for months and months lol

    • Sim ?
      Sim ? 3 hours ago

      She's a heel bruh. What do heels do??? C'mon be smarter than that.

  • Tom Düwel
    Tom Düwel 4 hours ago

    @Adam Wilbourn Yes, Jadon Sancho complaining about everything of his FIFA 20 character was perfect😂

  • MPScrimshaw
    MPScrimshaw 4 hours ago

    Maybe Sasha's rating went down again this year because she literally hasn't accomplished anything in like 2 years aside from complaining so much that she disappeared from television for like 6 months

    • Quake: Destroyer of worlds
      Quake: Destroyer of worlds 4 hours ago

      @Tyson Lennox so Becky at 90 and Sasha 80 seems right to you? Sasha is not exactly Dean Malenko lol. Sasha is a legit star of the division.

    • Tyson Lennox
      Tyson Lennox 4 hours ago

      @Anam Fatima Soooo? Dean Malenko put on better matches than Stone Cold and The Rock, so does that mean he deserves a better rating? They're not rated on ring skill, they're rated on their importance of position.

    • Anam Fatima
      Anam Fatima 4 hours ago

      She literally was off television for half a year and still delivered 3 of the best matches of the year. That's an accomplishment.

  • JWA79
    JWA79 4 hours ago

    If Shane turns up on RAW we RIOT !

    • Edward triggerhands
      Edward triggerhands 4 hours ago

      @Josh Adams Nah, its true. Those who say "we riot" never riots just cries on TheXvid.

    • Josh Adams
      Josh Adams 4 hours ago

      @Edward triggerhands no u

    • Edward triggerhands
      Edward triggerhands 4 hours ago

      More like cry on TheXvid, but I don't see that happening.

  • OWLovethBL
    OWLovethBL 4 hours ago

    Susan G. Komen foundation is a total sham. Thought you'd have the balls to call them out on this Simon! Guess not. They don't fund cancer research at all, they are literally not "for the cure". They brand themselves as an "awareness organisation", but they're basically a PR company who collect misleading donations to fund their legal battles against real cancer charities, to stop them using words like "cure", or the colour pink. They take cancer survivors, who they did NOTHING to help, and exploit them to get good PR for horrendous organisations like WWE, who are trying balance their PR scorecard ahead of their morally bankrupt PPV in Saudi Arabia.

  • Joker
    Joker 4 hours ago

    The final wrestlemania under the WWF name.

  • Daniel Hurst
    Daniel Hurst 5 hours ago

    Sasha looks juicy in that thumbnail 😋

  • Eyad Humaidah
    Eyad Humaidah 5 hours ago


  • Eyad Humaidah
    Eyad Humaidah 5 hours ago


  • My penis is really small but

    Sasha needs to ring up Tony Khan and get out of WWE. She's too talented to be treated like shit for the last 3 years. Also, her constant complaining is actually annoying the hell out of me. We know you're not happy, stop resigning and just leave instead of constantly bitching about every little thing on social media.

    • Sim ?
      Sim ? 4 hours ago

      Yall Sasha haters are unbelievable sometimes. SHE'S A HEEL!! Of course she would say what she said! How is what she said any different than what a lacey Evans or Mandy rose would say???

    • Eric Thrash
      Eric Thrash 4 hours ago

      Sasha sucks.

  • Anam Fatima
    Anam Fatima 5 hours ago

    2 things: 1. Lol at Carmella for thinking she's on Sasha level. But, if she's tryna start a feud good for her. 2. Carmella also complained about her render a while ago. Jeez, it's just a render, Mella.

  • Joker
    Joker 5 hours ago

    I still call WWF wrestlemania 17.

  • GHOST T.V.
    GHOST T.V. 5 hours ago

    How You Mad At A Video Game Rating? 😑🤨🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂 I Love You Sasha But Cmon On.

  • Lincoln Jacdonmi
    Lincoln Jacdonmi 5 hours ago

    Even for a whiny Sasha Banks, who threw her toys and hair dye out of her pram after WM 35, an 80 rating is outrageous.

    • Sim ?
      Sim ? 4 hours ago

      She's a heel bruh. Of course she would say she don't like her rating. How is what she said any different than what a lacey Evans or Mandy rose would say??? Y'all are unbelievable sometimes I swear

    • Lincoln Jacdonmi
      Lincoln Jacdonmi 4 hours ago

      in that logic, so did Roman Reigns.

    • Eric Thrash
      Eric Thrash 4 hours ago

      Should be 75!

    • Edward triggerhands
      Edward triggerhands 4 hours ago

      Not really she only just came back, I think that's fair.

  • ShadyGlitch
    ShadyGlitch 5 hours ago

    My peepee big

  • LegacyOfCrimes
    LegacyOfCrimes 5 hours ago

    Reading the title of the video of coarse Sasha Banks is fucking angry about something. Lmao

  • David
    David 5 hours ago

    5 views. First comment. Lets go baby

  • Terentius Brunneis
    Terentius Brunneis 5 hours ago

    The world: we love Bret hart Ric Flair: he is a joke and doesn't know how to wrestle

  • Terentius Brunneis
    Terentius Brunneis 5 hours ago

    I love randy savage and that top rope elbow is amazing one of the best...compared to cm punks weird looking elbow lol

  • Kyle McGrew
    Kyle McGrew 5 hours ago

    Anybody else feel 90s weirdness coming around lol

  • Kyldrian Studios
    Kyldrian Studios 5 hours ago

    The Rusev Bobby starline is good I don't know what the heck you're talking about. Also that fatal 5-way gave us a chance to see all five superstars show what they can do in the ring..... Pretty good storytelling if you ask me

  • Ditger Peters
    Ditger Peters 5 hours ago

    I want Bayley to now adopt Barrett's gimmick from a couple of years ago. And become Bad News Bayley. Only this time WITH the belt so she can back up the "bad news" she gives people before the match. "Hello > insert random name of challenger < , you think you have fair a shot at the title? Well I'm afraid I've got some..... BAD NEWS!" I know it's clichéd. But I don't care. I like it.

  • Dana Rose
    Dana Rose 5 hours ago

    I honestly see the Roman as the top guy era as done. He is still comfortable in a top spot. But Vince has had quite a few of his title holders forced into retirement in the last decade. He's probably a little cautious and not wanting to vacate the title unexpectedly again. Not saying Roman won't have gold again. Just don't see the program centered around him anymore.

  • Paul Schmich
    Paul Schmich 5 hours ago

    Joey Ryan is the worst

  • Vishal Jain
    Vishal Jain 5 hours ago

    Crazy features u just stupid.2k games sucks

  • Brian Cromartie
    Brian Cromartie 5 hours ago

    Still not worth $60

  • jawa 2
    jawa 2 5 hours ago

    I bet she is tight

  • digital262
    digital262 5 hours ago

    They should draft Edge to Raw, but as a commentator (like his wife is in nxt).