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  • Maxson At The Fort
    Maxson At The Fort Minute ago

    The office is where she does her "special" negotiations.

  • amazonfreak11
    amazonfreak11 2 minutes ago

    heres where im at, no hisenberg me no watchy ..cuz heres the thing , if your going to make a breaking bad movie why not go all out and include walt and jessie i mean wtf. thats not rocket science. if the director vine gillan is so atuned to his attion to detail why not go all the way.

  • Conor Smith
    Conor Smith 2 minutes ago

    What a great world we've made where if a man wants to pee on a tree he has to fear incarceration and being labeled a disgusting monster

  • Jaymes D
    Jaymes D 2 minutes ago

    This Michael Jackson looking mother fucker showing us its empty office in a jumpsuit a prisoner wouldn't wear.

  • JHT Gaming
    JHT Gaming 4 minutes ago

    I want to kill the short hair green shirt girl so much, such an asshole, just because u are a full vegan don't mean u are much better than others

  • Xavier Rosenbauer
    Xavier Rosenbauer 4 minutes ago

    I’m dieing rn

  • SoupMan Jones
    SoupMan Jones 5 minutes ago

    That scream killed me!

  • SoupMan Jones
    SoupMan Jones 7 minutes ago

    What's a dog?

  • Luis Rodrigues
    Luis Rodrigues 7 minutes ago

    You sound desperate for rough butt sex with the contestants. Get yuorself together, calm your hormones.

  • Zech Newton
    Zech Newton 8 minutes ago

    I'd be fine switching my normal shit out with vegan stuff if it's tastes just as good but all of that vegan shit cost atleast double

  • Lord Boros
    Lord Boros 12 minutes ago

    This films actually good though.

  • Jake Christensen
    Jake Christensen 12 minutes ago

    Keep this up and you'll look like Slash in no time!

  • itsjustavi
    itsjustavi 13 minutes ago

    no .... the hot dog man

  • 00 00
    00 00 13 minutes ago


  • Spit Dragon
    Spit Dragon 14 minutes ago

    Me present day : gross! Me 20 years from now : awesome!

  • Lord Boros
    Lord Boros 14 minutes ago

    Phahha I'm fucking dead with these voice overs I'm crying 🤣🤣.

  • Teriyaki
    Teriyaki 14 minutes ago

    *2019 Guy* still going strong

  • SwisherSweaty
    SwisherSweaty 16 minutes ago

    This man said "wierd Spore creation" I FORGOT ALL ABOUT SPORE LOL im gonna cry

  • M1006 Hope
    M1006 Hope 18 minutes ago

    I mean people are annoying. I don’t totally agree when she says she started with nothing. The reality is her father is an Olympic Gold Medalist. Her mom helped her sisters especially Kim launch their careers. Her becoming a make up mogul or a billionaire isn’t the same as someone who grew up in public housing let’s say becoming one. That’s because Kylie clearly has connections the rest of the population doesn’t have. Those connections did help. Also if it wasn’t for Kim none of them minus Bruce would be as famous. They wouldn’t have made clothing deals or have gotten whatever endorsements that paid them money. It was with that money she launched Kylie cosmetics. That being said people are still haters. She did have a platform and it easier then most people, but she still thought up the idea of a make up kit. She still came out with her own makeup line. Society is who made her a billionaire. Everyone wants her makeup. That should be acknowledged also. I do like her office. I think it’s convenient. She said herself it’s a family office because her sisters take meetings there and they do photo shoots there.

  • Kalina Dog
    Kalina Dog 18 minutes ago

    "Self made" , the biggest load of crap in this modern era. They really need to change the definition behind "self made". More and more people are becoming wealthy in this world, sooner or later we will have a 16 year old the youngest self made billionaire after being born to a billionaire. Self made lol, she had it all made for her. She could atleast say something about the title they try to give her but guess not!

  • Daniel Crase
    Daniel Crase 18 minutes ago

    download as joke. actually finds memes worth watching in life again.

  • Keep it mello Fam
    Keep it mello Fam 21 minute ago

    That shit isn’t calming at all🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Keep it mello Fam
    Keep it mello Fam 22 minutes ago

    That shit is stupid af

  • Dr. Chimichanga
    Dr. Chimichanga 23 minutes ago

    I love how the background music is 2019 guy

  • Notgon Nalie
    Notgon Nalie 24 minutes ago

    'The life of Todd - A Breaking Beds Movie'

  • duke Ma-Ul Z
    duke Ma-Ul Z 24 minutes ago

    Charley your legs get me 100% moist

  • Gamer_Kyle 420
    Gamer_Kyle 420 25 minutes ago

    Why does he look like a minion?

  • Mister Raisin
    Mister Raisin 25 minutes ago

    If he made a cake, he'd use mayo as frosting.

  • Bastian P
    Bastian P 26 minutes ago

    What , she is worth an estiamated 1Billion USD at 21?...

  • Dougie Wright
    Dougie Wright 27 minutes ago

    Never thought I'd like a video with the words Kylie and Jenner in the title

  • Narhwal Lord
    Narhwal Lord 28 minutes ago

    "Oh hey, they finally picked me to be on Live PD. It's my time to shine." *3 hours later* *exasperated sigh* "Andi, please stop."

  • Bionicleboy 10
    Bionicleboy 10 28 minutes ago

    Still think she a man 🤷‍♂️

  • Javakio
    Javakio 29 minutes ago


  • Yuki r1n
    Yuki r1n 30 minutes ago

    How did I end up watching a low budget Keanu Reeves telling some mayonnaise dude he ain’t amazing

  • Brody Paris
    Brody Paris 31 minute ago

    "Hey guys its me kylie" Oh shit what a twist, mustve had her co-star on the stream at

  • Succ God
    Succ God 32 minutes ago

    This movie sucked lol

  • Anonymous SS
    Anonymous SS 32 minutes ago

    Anybody know which stream this was?

  • Aderemi Porsche
    Aderemi Porsche 33 minutes ago

    I could not focus on anything Charlie was saying because of those Martinez dudes' fishmouths. I mean, what the fuck, man? Those kind of lips are supposed to be on a lady, not a dude, Jesus Christ.

  • Lil Net 484
    Lil Net 484 34 minutes ago

    He was listening to rape rape by idontknowjefferey😂😂😂

  • Sean McCauley
    Sean McCauley 35 minutes ago

    Really should have your PC elevated. Carpet + dog hair = inevitable overheating issues. Hope your PSU intake is filtered too.

  • emma rosalie
    emma rosalie 35 minutes ago

    “I saw a jeffree star thing and I bought it” Me too Also who told you this was jawbreaker😂

  • anonyname
    anonyname 35 minutes ago

    I think, maybe there's too much space.

  • JHT Gaming
    JHT Gaming 36 minutes ago

    The actor is just like the guy from TheXvid rewind

  • Zach Sorensen
    Zach Sorensen 37 minutes ago

    I hate to have to defend anyone, but this man inspires others, to do something to cook, possibly find a new passion. And y’all are just shitting on him. Granted some of his recipes are not the healthiest but at least he’s doing what he’s passionate about and doing it well apparently. You people, especially the guy reviewing the video are gross and need to get a life ✌️

  • Thot Patrol
    Thot Patrol 38 minutes ago

    Do you notice how there is literally a smoothing filter constantly over Kylie's face?

  • Healthy Boy
    Healthy Boy 38 minutes ago

    I don’t know much about this movie other than what was said in the video, but based on what was said it sounds like “The One” if Will Smith was the main character

  • RealWunterslaush
    RealWunterslaush 38 minutes ago

    I like how 2019 Guy is the background music

  • Narhwal Lord
    Narhwal Lord 39 minutes ago

    The creators say it change how we use our workspace... Doctors say it can change how you view backpain.

  • Starllet Nixie
    Starllet Nixie 42 minutes ago

    Does Kylie now she's practically a meme for how she acts and how her ego shows through the first 2 second of the tour.

  • Van Juan
    Van Juan 42 minutes ago

    I just really like the 2019 Guy instrumental in the background.

  • Devoted2ThaEntertainment
    Devoted2ThaEntertainment 47 minutes ago

    This Jaystation reminds me of the saying "Cry wolf". 110% of his videos are fake, so even if he made 1 real video, it's going to be dismissed as fake. I definitely don't believe this video is real. I'm glad you called his fakeness out with this video. Poor kids who believe the fake, you will be in my prayers

  • Dirty Guy
    Dirty Guy 48 minutes ago

    cant believe travis cheated on her once a nigga always a nigga

  • Pepijn Six
    Pepijn Six 48 minutes ago

    Actually Pandas aren't endangered anymore.

  • Artur
    Artur 48 minutes ago

    *Christianity is still stable somehow*

  • Suzanne The Bear
    Suzanne The Bear 49 minutes ago

    Bro I'm not grossed out easily but I was gagging throughout this whole thing

  • Emil Herda
    Emil Herda 50 minutes ago

    I feel so uncomfortable

  • dvldog_ 0311
    dvldog_ 0311 52 minutes ago

    The saint of salmonella is here!

  • tear728
    tear728 54 minutes ago

    Her products are literally dropshipped.

  • German Pereira
    German Pereira 54 minutes ago

    If can make that obscene amount of money legally by doing nothing you have a little bit of my respect. Hate the game don't hate the player.

  • Juju
    Juju 56 minutes ago

    I Died at "Unique Potions"

  • byrnzee44
    byrnzee44 58 minutes ago

    2019 guy in the back very sexy

  • I eat Cereal with Water
    I eat Cereal with Water 59 minutes ago

    Right. at one point 3D was so fucking good! and nowadays things barely pop off the screen. personally i loved 3D so it's a shame that we didn't go as far as improving it. instead it only got worse.

    HITARIX 59 minutes ago

    The only name I recognized was Logan...

  • Mortally Challenged

    Joker, proving critic scores on movie review sites hold 0 weight.

  • straightwhitemale

    Okay so... as a woman I’m ashamed I clicked this lmfao

  • GliderBoi
    GliderBoi Hour ago

    Amazing fckn movie

  • GliderBoi
    GliderBoi Hour ago

    Fuckin Jack and the bean stock 😂

  • Thog
    Thog Hour ago

    Ugh what the fuck

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan Hour ago

    I feel like the idea of sound power is just white people feeling they've been enlightened after studying like native American culture or something for like a day

  • Arquev
    Arquev Hour ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that he is tryna look like Yung Gravy with those glasses?

  • TheSloth
    TheSloth Hour ago

    My guess:"To use the bathroom you need to purchase a hotdog, man."

  • apex XD
    apex XD Hour ago

    he used his "rewind time" ability to go back into the past and kill himself

  • 1993 Subaru Impreza WRX 22B

    Auschwitz's have seem to be improved i guess.

  • GoodMusicFeedsMySoul

    Wooly mammoth chairs, fuck humanity!!!!!

  • ChanceStearns
    ChanceStearns Hour ago

    It's a dog eat ass world out there lol

  • Gabriel Najerra
    Gabriel Najerra Hour ago

    I know that feeling of having to much money and not knowing what to do with it

  • JishMarphy
    JishMarphy Hour ago

    can we boost this video so we get a response.

  • Dr IP
    Dr IP Hour ago

    Who is she?

  • Ninjagogo 2014
    Ninjagogo 2014 Hour ago


  • Sean Schutt
    Sean Schutt Hour ago

    My wife and i have some nasty slot cars! We each have a drag car and a track car. ours are bigger than what your dad has though. My wifes drag car is faster than mine though :( Love this track and slot cars are fun and awesome so dont knock it until you try it!!

  • The Replacement Name

    Visits comes from „blogs” with fake and real links with free downloads of movies games and stuff...

  • Ivan Ivanof Ivansson

    We could put a window there and increase Carols life expectancy, but my name in neon is way cooler.

  • Rachel Freeders
    Rachel Freeders Hour ago

    You know I've never fan girled over Kylie, but I gotta say if she actually talked like this she might be my idol lol

  • Devon Orr
    Devon Orr Hour ago

    Why the fuck do people still do spice? That dumbass fad was here and gone quicker than fidget spinners...if anyone is still stupid enough to do spice or crocodil they need to go ahead and do a cartwheel from a low place to a place that is 100 ft lower...

  • Donkey Studios
    Donkey Studios Hour ago

    the man filmed the body edited the video of the body understood he was editing the video of the body uploaded the video of the body and lastly, gained stacks off the video of the body

  • Harold
    Harold Hour ago

    wow what a waste of food

  • JHT Gaming
    JHT Gaming Hour ago

    How can he even live that long?

  • Macadoodle123
    Macadoodle123 Hour ago

    I watched this last night with my brother and I loved it

    THE GOLDFISH Hour ago

    please say this is a beta

  • Sunshinybro
    Sunshinybro Hour ago

    as a fiend for cheese im still dissapointed in myself to say i would fucking devour that lasagna or the past with all the cheese.

  • Dillon Rice
    Dillon Rice Hour ago

    I like how this one is a lot more violent than the Christian/Atheist one lol

  • JHT Gaming
    JHT Gaming Hour ago

    I love sugar, but not like this

  • Devon Orr
    Devon Orr Hour ago

    lol know I guy who pissed in the woods at night time by the high school in Morrilton, Ar and was put on the sex offender registry too....that’s fucked up id go ahead and beat the cop 7/8 to death while I was at it...might as well at that point

  • Regina Hagel
    Regina Hagel Hour ago

    What in the white girl wedding hell is going on here...trashy

  • Shaif Uddin
    Shaif Uddin Hour ago

    props to travis and tyga for hitting that

  • I'm Trying
    I'm Trying Hour ago

    Who comes after a 6 years old? (Obviously a pussy)

  • IsThatYouFreezy
    IsThatYouFreezy Hour ago

    That background music though 🔥💎

  • JHT Gaming
    JHT Gaming Hour ago

    Totally agree

  • Alice Herts
    Alice Herts Hour ago

    f u c k y o u j u i c e r o

  • Zenpai mN
    Zenpai mN Hour ago

    This is the time of all greatest