Recording Academy / GRAMMYs
Recording Academy / GRAMMYs
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  • brxstian
    brxstian Hour ago

    Why does the crowd look dead asf

  • Rachel K
    Rachel K Hour ago

    Must be nice to be that pretty and talented

  • Jacob Dorrance
    Jacob Dorrance Hour ago

    I want to message the vocalist personally and tell miss how much this exact song means too me especially acoustic/raw sounds. Fantastic is an understatement please keep doing you💚💚

  • Sergej Lovrekovic
    Sergej Lovrekovic 2 hours ago

    still in love with you i wanna see you dance again

  • Jaymehz
    Jaymehz 2 hours ago

    Angela Aguilar mi vida

  • Grant Johnson
    Grant Johnson 2 hours ago

    Don’t feel bad for blackbear he has a bunch of real fans like us, a bunch of money, and sold out his entire tour. Be happy for him.

  • Sara Zaldana
    Sara Zaldana 2 hours ago

    The girl needs to work on her pronunciation, I know spanish is probably not her first language so she did great anyway. Harmonized perfectly with the other ladies.

  • ImSippinTeaInYoHood
    ImSippinTeaInYoHood 2 hours ago

    Wtf cardi b hella trash and overrated

  • Sharon Carr
    Sharon Carr 2 hours ago

    Beautiful and heartbreaking. <3

  • Rocio Fernandez
    Rocio Fernandez 3 hours ago

    Que hermosa que es la pibita por DIOSSSSS y todavía tiene un parecido a Dua Lipa nanannaa

  • Jared Jared
    Jared Jared 3 hours ago

    Everyone loves Taurus

  • ferdinandino mena
    ferdinandino mena 3 hours ago

    La mejor interpretacion de la lloran a mi.parecer

  • Dulce Maria Lopez
    Dulce Maria Lopez 3 hours ago

    La imitación de Shakira te salió muy mal no te confundas Lady Gaga es otra cosa sale?.... Pero hechale ganas mija ahí la llevas

  • Bunny boys
    Bunny boys 3 hours ago

    I love ya. mothafucker!

  • Jesús Serra
    Jesús Serra 4 hours ago

    Dua Lipa

  • Navroze contractor
    Navroze contractor 4 hours ago

    Absolutely awesome.... yes, the future is safe

  • Ol' Captain Ahab
    Ol' Captain Ahab 5 hours ago

    Cool cover, would have been even cooler to mention the name of the musician playing with M. Bird...

  • Tucosinaqui
    Tucosinaqui 5 hours ago

    Like si también crees que le sale mejor a Ángela Aguilar. 😍😍

  • Matt Gomez
    Matt Gomez 6 hours ago

    And that band rips "🤔

  • Armazi Dundua
    Armazi Dundua 6 hours ago

  • Jasmine R
    Jasmine R 6 hours ago

    BEYONCE & ADELE are my favorite favorite female artists from my generations very emotional moment!

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos 7 hours ago

    Y el premio es para......Maluma!

    A 90s SNEAKER DREAM 8 hours ago

    Kendrick is the Greatest Rap Alive🐐

  • Paola Robelo
    Paola Robelo 8 hours ago

    hayley josh zac tay jeremy no is bad

  • Vlad771001
    Vlad771001 8 hours ago

    I didn't know that he's Canadian

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson 8 hours ago

    the 2019 version of this song should add a verse about Daryl Hannah

  • Sarai FCova
    Sarai FCova 8 hours ago

    Estoy enamorada del vestido de Ángela Aguilar 😍

  • Indyanya Ta
    Indyanya Ta 9 hours ago

    I feel like she’s almost there... some parts like her tone is hard to pick because she smothers it in vibrato but this is really nice cover bless her idk why people bully her / think she’s bad - out of the loop. Some parts are incredible

  • drpoomanchu
    drpoomanchu 9 hours ago

    She is insanely talented... so very underrated in this day and age

  • Beryl Beckner
    Beryl Beckner 9 hours ago

    Esto fue algo grandioso para la humanidad entera pero sobre todo para mi, me levanto el espíritu hasta las lágrimas, agradezco a Méjico por darnos estas gran mujeres , amantes puras del arte del canto de la poesía esto fue un regalo del alma del corazon, para mi , me emocionó tremendamente , Natalia,Angela,Aida, no hay comparación para este arte , los dones de cada una, es .....inolvidable, mis lágrimas son de orgullo, cariño profundo, para la tres, Natalia yo te quiero te admiro eres y son unos seres Maravillosos, bendecidas . Gracias mil.

  • Sultan AlJaloud
    Sultan AlJaloud 9 hours ago

    kanye is the greatest

  • Mercy Waithaka
    Mercy Waithaka 10 hours ago

    So he didn't thank Africa... Ok.

  • jojo jazz
    jojo jazz 10 hours ago

    Not funny at all

  • Glenn
    Glenn 10 hours ago

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  • Norma Edith Ramirez Jimenez

    Normalmente odio los covers, pero me encantó, amo a lady Gaga y su canción pero ella la hizo suya

  • Internet Handle.
    Internet Handle. 10 hours ago

    i'm knowing, Dermot....

  • armando soape
    armando soape 11 hours ago

    Que es Chunka? Me gusta el rito de esa canción pero la letra se me figura que no tiene sentido.

  • Internet Handle.
    Internet Handle. 11 hours ago

    i'm in love with you, Dermot...

  • Hi There
    Hi There 12 hours ago

    EDX is always one of the first ones to arrive to his shows and other things like these. Love that guy.

  • Concerned Customer
    Concerned Customer 13 hours ago

    If Beyoncé had her abilities, Beyonce would be GREAT !! Right now she is just good . I admit Solange is talented but I would neverrr put her in category with Whitney, Mariah. Celine , Patti labels THEY ARE THE INDUSTRIES GREATS!

  • Concerned Customer
    Concerned Customer 13 hours ago

    They let anyone win a Grammy now a days. The Grammy is not significant anymore .

  • chris higgins
    chris higgins 14 hours ago

    Beautiful cover! Neil's version was our wedding song eighteen years ago... We caught Andrew at the Wiltern a few months back. Fantastic show!! Thanks for posting.

  • Anthony Cervo
    Anthony Cervo 14 hours ago

    Who down-voted this? Seize the madlad!

  • polygonwrangler
    polygonwrangler 14 hours ago

    Beautiful cover. So comfy. Been a fan of Mr. Bird for quite some time. Everything he touches becomes awesome.

  • Gabriel Kerr
    Gabriel Kerr 14 hours ago

    I'm the 100th like!

  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson 14 hours ago

    I love seeing these two playing together.

  • Juan E
    Juan E 14 hours ago

    Thats cuz they dont wanna give kendrick no accolades due to the fact he is original and he is from where he from ..macklemore represents assimilation in todays rap they did it with rock n roll they did it with R and B they gonna have reveresed oreos ...wait i think they did that ...doh

  • Danilo DiPrizio
    Danilo DiPrizio 14 hours ago

    fantastic! as usual. (...shame about guitar volume surmounted by violin 😉 )

  • TAZ Fields
    TAZ Fields 14 hours ago

    The crowd was a little dry with Alicia keys .

  • kfieldsy
    kfieldsy 15 hours ago

    Wonderful cover!

  • david thomas
    david thomas 15 hours ago

    Nice cover of a great song.

  • Kjed4ever
    Kjed4ever 15 hours ago

    Super talented guy 👍

  • David Maione
    David Maione 15 hours ago

    amazing rendition but when she starts talking up the guitar solo it's kind of cringey. Literally any intro-level guitar player can play that solo haha

  • Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish 17 hours ago

    Where the fuck is Billie Eilish??? She’s literally the best singer there is today. The Grammys need help.

  • Simon Sawe
    Simon Sawe 21 hour ago

    Did H.E.R do the devil hand sign? Damn...they've got her !!!

  • King Ech
    King Ech 22 hours ago

    Tell me a joke

  • Leslie Martinez
    Leslie Martinez 22 hours ago

    Muy bonito todo pero que pedo con natalia se hubiera vestido mejor jajaja

  • CeSaRu
    CeSaRu 22 hours ago

    Todos los artistas musicales que estaban sentados se quedaron pendejos con esas voces e incluso pensaron que como le harán para cantar así sin el AutoTune

  • Jonelle85
    Jonelle85 22 hours ago

    Dude at 1:17 in the colorful shirt looks like he just woke up from a 17 hour nap.

  • La diversión de las tres amigas

    Se siente bien chingon ver a las nuevas generaciones cantando y valorando nuestra musica vernacula, que bonito seria mi Mexico si todos los jovenes se sintieran orgullosos de nuestras raices y llevaran a mexico en la piel como dice luis miguel

  • Emmanuel Boullosa Amador

    5,800 tontos que no sabes de música y belleza

  • mybetterfilms
    mybetterfilms 23 hours ago

    Aquí estoy llorando con la llorona 😭

  • Cesiah Espinoza

    Qué orgullo ser mexicana!!!

  • MGEE
    MGEE Day ago

    This would have been wonderful to release last Friday

  • Taheera Fuller

    Love you Nipsey wish I could have seen you in concert TMC 🔥🔥🔥

  • Valentina Castelblanco

    Virgensita 🥺🥺

    JORKA Day ago

    De Oaxaca para el mundo ❤️

  • Magdalena gleydi Torres vita

    Lindo México de las tres me gusta más la primera que no se su nombre . Pero es muy tierna para cantar. Las demás también cada uno asu modo

  • Jillybean
    Jillybean Day ago

    Awe. Her reaction makes me so happy ❤

  • lizbeth lopez magallanes

    Amo como canta angela aguilar y obio lo heredo de su abuelo antonio aguilar like a los que le guste como canta antonio aguilar

  • lizbeth lopez magallanes

    Para mi gusto a Natalia Lafourcade y a Aida Cuevas les queda mas bien cantar una cancion de malvada como malefica o algo asi Like los que estan de acuerdo y des like los que no

  • tyshawn
    tyshawn Day ago

    Congratulations cardi 🔥🔥🏆🏆

  • tyshawn
    tyshawn Day ago

    Well deserved aww cardi b 👏🏾👏🏾

  • Fàtima Luna Avilès

    Bellísimo ... saludos desde Perú

  • Josè Antonio Pardo

    Esa es mi angela aguilar saludos cantas super bien Si partisipas ya ganarias cumple tus sueños

  • alondr azul
    alondr azul Day ago

    Q hermosa niña... Y talento



  • Silvia Diaz
    Silvia Diaz Day ago

    Remembering High life vídeo when Daft punk got a nomination by best dúo or group colaboration 😊😊,the nominations were: Blackbirds,trilogy,Daft punk & Crescendolls but don't win 😞😞.

    ZAELL GAMER Day ago

    Me quede así ira :0

  • Kostenlos V-Bucks


  • Kostenlos V-Bucks


  • Laura velez
    Laura velez Day ago

    Que bonita representacion que bellas voces? Que orgullo que estas voces nos representen en otros paises

  • Luke Melin
    Luke Melin Day ago

    Wonderful cover - congrats to the team at The Recording Academy for making this happen.

  • Michael Postman


  • Elaine Rector
    Elaine Rector Day ago

    He's so sweet and talented

  • Bella Bella
    Bella Bella Day ago

    Muy lindo, pero Aida cuevas predique con el ejemplo, haga las paces con su hermano acuérdese que ya se le murió uno y no tubo tiempo de reconciliarse con el.😔❤️🙏🏻

  • Richard Rogers

    Hold on to Peace

  • albytheracistdragon

    Over Mac Miller!!! The grammys are a joke. Cardi B who??? Sounds like a skank with money rapping about being a skank with money.

  • Jesús Francisco Delgado


  • Gabriel Moraes Arruda Moraes Arruda

    1:48 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk quem é essa gente?

  • MGEE
    MGEE Day ago

    Thanks for this! Love Andrew and a new fan of Madison

  • Luis Angel Rodriguez Montelongo

    Esa morrilla no sabe cantar

  • Vivalablond
    Vivalablond Day ago

    Maddison Cunningham and Andrew Bird, 2 of my favs!

  • el mocho le dicen

    Una palabra niña eres ¡grande!

  • Pierre D. Guéneret

    YomonFILS, I loveUmore than I can sa y..

  • George Keever
    George Keever Day ago

    Just got back from a vacation in Mexico and was promised mariachi by a restaurant, disappointed when two old men came in with a guitar and harp but then got blown away for an hour by sheer talent, memorable.

  • mad21a1
    mad21a1 Day ago

    I am so happy for her. From nothing to almost everything. I find her intelligent, the fact that she was a stripper and had really tough start made her even more in my eye. Just look at it from your point of view. Have u been that successful in her age? They demonize her bcs of stripping, for some it's obstacle but for her it was just moneymaking job. I would do the same

  • Ezequiel C
    Ezequiel C Day ago

    My goodness , this is amazing! I wish you guys the greatest success for all the hard work you all put in 🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌