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  • BoiBoi800
    BoiBoi800 13 minutes ago

    The ending was pretty sad he just wanted to see his family & finnaly did but then gets killed by Kai & the mom almost got killed too

  • Leonard Wong
    Leonard Wong 21 minute ago

    Rambo!! He's the original action hero. Screw the idiot reviewers. It's good.

  • Joya Oka
    Joya Oka 22 minutes ago

    Thomas Wayne Is a scumbag. DNA Test

  • Gertie Siegel
    Gertie Siegel Hour ago

    I was so upset at the ending. Movie creators have used "the main character went crazy" way too much. If the hospital had actually ended up secretly harvesting people's organs, I would've liked it much better. And why would Ray shove his daughter off the ledge of a construction site just for losing her toy?

  • A N
    A N Hour ago

    What happened to J.K. Simmons?

  • Friquido
    Friquido Hour ago

    Daaaamn that intro is such cringe

  • Lah Ahmad Z.
    Lah Ahmad Z. Hour ago

    I watched it again, then stop when they enter the car together as family. And im satisfied with my own plot 🥴

  • Nora Girl
    Nora Girl 2 hours ago

    Then: "still a better love story than twilight" Now: "still a better story than game of thrones" (D&D totally deserve this treatment, Seth is just blaming them and shitting on them! They completely cancelled SDCC at last minute, but they were quick to go to the Emmys and climb on stage to get their rigged price! And when the reporters there asked questions, they didn't say shit! They let the actors take the fire! It all fell down because of them, THE WRITING was the only fault of s8 and yet, they can't even handle the fans reactions. I sure hope it follows them everywhere they go. I hope people will ask GoT questions when they'll promote their stupid Star Wars trilogy or any other project they're supposed to have)

  • trelard
    trelard 2 hours ago

    Totally agree. I loved the movie. It's a Rambo movie, with Rambo, doing Rambo things (including the slow, self reflection parts). Anyone expecting anything different is an absolute IDIOT. Critics these days from major outlets, without any proof I have personally seen otherwise, have an agenda to what ever is butthurting them this week. Rotten Tomatoes is becoming more and more irrelevant with critic scores being retardedly low and audience scores far removed from them. Instead of critiquing on the merits of the movies alone, these mouth breathers include their own personal agendas in what they do and thus, should NEVER be listened to as they have given up that right by exposing their lot to be placed in a very unhelpful part of society.

  • LadyVenom Way
    LadyVenom Way 3 hours ago

    I cant be bothered to watch it again but what happen if kid Stefan doesn't go with his mum on the train?

  • anime addict
    anime addict 3 hours ago

    Why did them people torture ,who were they and why did he let them torture him

  • Justin Kassis
    Justin Kassis 4 hours ago

    I think ur kinda right. If u pay attention to the clock in the scsne were he keeps banging his head on the door. it says 11:10, and through ou the moie it keeps the sma etime on, which might means its all in his head a s a dream. where there is no sense of time

  • Lewis __Grimes
    Lewis __Grimes 5 hours ago

    I cried throughout the movie. I watched it last night

  • Yuniva Parra
    Yuniva Parra 5 hours ago

    I just fucking wasted an hour of my time for seeing a movie that I didn't even understand.. WTF I thought that he was saying the truth!

  • Lotta Sunshine
    Lotta Sunshine 5 hours ago

    I enjoyed the movie, despite its flaws. Thanks for your review!

  • TOP XI 11
    TOP XI 11 6 hours ago

    When I saw he got a random patient and not his family I was like "Shit you fucked up big time!" The whole time everyone was telling the truth that he came alone and not with his family,I was on his side where I wanted him to prove everybody wrong but He's fuckin crazy!

    • Heavy Spoilers
      Heavy Spoilers 4 hours ago

      Yeah lol I was happy for him at the end lol then realised he was just absolutely crazy

  • Tyrone Khan
    Tyrone Khan 6 hours ago

    Get a job....you are obsessed....it's a fictional character


    Looks like shit

  • wreck er
    wreck er 7 hours ago

    What about the hole in his head need an explanation...!

  • Waseem Ahmed
    Waseem Ahmed 7 hours ago

    What a terrible review.

  • James Hobbs
    James Hobbs 8 hours ago

    I only remember slight parts of the machinist due to the fact that i was like 10 when i first saw the movie, so the ending of fractured caught me completely off guard. When i first saw the stray dog i thought for sure ray was sane and that the hospital was evil or something. The movie had me on the edge of my seat from when ray's wife and daughter first went missing to the very end. Great movie 10/10 for me.

    • Heavy Spoilers
      Heavy Spoilers 6 hours ago

      Glad you liked it and thanks for the comment

  • Little Boots
    Little Boots 9 hours ago

    double tap is what u want in a sequel. enough time passes it didn't have to be 10 years but glad all the original characters are back.

  • MsB inSYDNEY
    MsB inSYDNEY 9 hours ago

    So frustrating just when he is about to go into more detail with his opinion of the final season they bloody cut him off. I love that he was honest in his disappointment with the writing. Charles was in the best seasons.

  • lVl Arsenic lVl
    lVl Arsenic lVl 9 hours ago

    Minute 5:14; HOW COULD YOU! Confuse a damn ford with a JEEP!!! Dislike!

    • Lotta Sunshine
      Lotta Sunshine 6 hours ago

      He's reviewing a movie, not selling cars. lol

  • DREW H
    DREW H 9 hours ago

    soooo are we just going to ignore the fact that Cal is in love with his sister?

  • — ; rosiimilk
    — ; rosiimilk 10 hours ago

    so he just took some random ass dude home with him while his dead wife and child are in the trunk, huh? that’s wild.

    • Lotta Sunshine
      Lotta Sunshine 6 hours ago

      I'm trying to figure out what happens to the poor guy when he wakes up from the anesthesia!

    • Dylan Rice
      Dylan Rice 9 hours ago


  • Reynaldo Garcia Casas
    Reynaldo Garcia Casas 10 hours ago

    Deadpool: All tight, well, let's rip off Spidey 'One more time' (The last part in the melody of "Hit me, baby, one more time" by Britney Spears. Holo, me llamo Piscina de la Muerte. I was fucked up by a pair of easily forgotten assholes, and ever since Thanos came too TARDIS, I've been your Disney favourite Merc (suddenly screaming ) WITH A MOUTH, -leader of the Golden Girls slash fanfic,- Deadpool. I'm pretty sure you know I'm home.

  • Tommy Mccoy
    Tommy Mccoy 11 hours ago

    The beyonders killed the Celestial right?

  • Aaron Oliva
    Aaron Oliva 11 hours ago

    I just watched the movie. Story was predictable, CGI did not look good at all, (especially in daylight) Will Smith and Benedict Wong kept it watchable for me. I agree with your score. It is the same as mine.

  • robert bertie
    robert bertie 11 hours ago

    film " explained " videos on youtube, this immediately puts me off bothering with a film

  • 「 Flurrii 」
    「 Flurrii 」 11 hours ago

    Even though I only knew don and Adrian for like 5 minutes, I still felt terrible while seeing the gay bashing scene.. worst part is that there were kids in the theater cheering it on!

  • M0 Here
    M0 Here 11 hours ago

    Bruh...when they planned to the back seat and that guy was all drugged up and bleeding I was like “😳😳. Oh fuck, he was crazy?!”

  • I wish I could lua script

    Explain the part where the worker changed his job from the person in the elevator bringing them down to a doctor helping people? :O

    • Lotta Sunshine
      Lotta Sunshine 5 hours ago

      I was wondering about that too, but the admissions clerk who was asking all the insurance information was a nurse in the operating room, so I guess all the characters were mixed up in Ray's mind.

  • Chuck ATWT
    Chuck ATWT 12 hours ago

    Excellent video! Halloween is my favorite horror film series! I like every Halloween film (including Season of the witch) except the second Rob Zombie film. I just didn't like Zombies depiction of Michael or Loomis in his sequel...but great cameo by Margot Kidder!

  • Grec
    Grec 12 hours ago

    "Ending explained" ...still waiting for the explanation.

  • Steve
    Steve 12 hours ago

    Heh, I didn't know that this show is pretty interesting with odd creature also have a horror vibes mixed with scifi to it and it was set in 1984?!?! Well sounds like i have to download netflix to watch this show (yeah I'm from different country so totally clueless)

  • ShyFetcher
    ShyFetcher 13 hours ago

    I don't like this ritual. ಠ﹏ಠ

  • MsB inSYDNEY
    MsB inSYDNEY 13 hours ago

    Charles Dance essentially said that he didn't think the final season was very good...haha! Yes Charles, we all agree!

  • John Tarry
    John Tarry 13 hours ago

    Movie was good but, they could have done WAY Better though in the ending

  • Buda Svuda
    Buda Svuda 13 hours ago


  • Buda Svuda
    Buda Svuda 13 hours ago

    its like crispy bacon..a little dissapointing.

  • malcolm adderley
    malcolm adderley 14 hours ago


  • Bayan Alqurain
    Bayan Alqurain 14 hours ago

    I have seen it but have not watched part two

  • Shawn Wesley
    Shawn Wesley 14 hours ago

    Can you still catch it with a condom lol

  • 『 Elegy! Gacha 』
    『 Elegy! Gacha 』 15 hours ago

    Ray hesitantly answered the question about drinking, and didn't even answer the question about them providing a safe household for Peri.

  • s p
    s p 15 hours ago

    I remember seeing the first film in a theater and thought it was great in having an ambiguous ending. But, I think they should have left it at that. However, ...money.

    • s p
      s p 2 hours ago

      @Heavy Spoilers Exactly.

    • Heavy Spoilers
      Heavy Spoilers 8 hours ago

      The real evil haha

  • Sauvage Ascension
    Sauvage Ascension 16 hours ago

    Her character sucks ass.

    ICTUBE 16 hours ago

    Why not kill the attacker

  • Chaquavis 911
    Chaquavis 911 16 hours ago


  • Marc Lapinff
    Marc Lapinff 16 hours ago

    smth went really wrong in that movie when the police didn't check the groundfloor

  • gost max
    gost max 16 hours ago

    Emma stone look cool

    DANtheMANofSIPA 17 hours ago

    This movie was great all the way until it's revealed that he killed his family after all. The idea of an organ harvesting hospital is pretty interesting and I feel like the he killed his family idea is too obvious especially since the pyscologist literally says this

  • Wesley Valk
    Wesley Valk 17 hours ago

    Like the pale man is based on the Japanese Tenome, the pale lady is based on the Japanese Mu-Onna, which also absorbs children into her own flesh. The toe-eating story reminded me of Tailypo, and the creepy guy was based on the chilean Invunche.

  • Ronald Pollock
    Ronald Pollock 17 hours ago

    Some class trip, “Class today we’re not going to any amusement parks, Europe, or any historical structures or parks....we’re going to long term State Psychiatric facility where individuals so sick cannot live amongst human beings for the rest of their lives!” Course that was very common back when Carpenter was a kid. Most of those mega structures have been closed down and make for fun Ghost hunter episodes.

    • Heavy Spoilers
      Heavy Spoilers 8 hours ago

      Looooool that’s what I thought, had to check with a couple of sources on that to make sure it was true but that’s where they took them lol

  • nsde
    nsde 17 hours ago

    How can you hate the ending? It was literally hinting at his craziness through out the whole movie. It was good af.

  • Violet Daisy
    Violet Daisy 17 hours ago

    Honestly I knew this was all an illusion from the second he turned around and suddenly was all positive and his wife too. and the girl suddenly woke up. i thought it was really lazy, because they could have hid that better.... It's not fun watching the movie when you know from the start that is all in his head.

  • Nyarlathotehp
    Nyarlathotehp 17 hours ago

    I liked H2O it was pretty good

  • Richie Trashmouth Tozier

    I knew all of these so the title is a lie

  • EmilyKat
    EmilyKat 18 hours ago

    My favorite it the original

    • Heavy Spoilers
      Heavy Spoilers 18 hours ago

      Thanks for letting me know, my favourite too

  • Slasherfan 1001SlasherVillianFan 1001

    I like 1978 halloween 2 halloween 4 5 6 resurection and 2018

  • Nihilo Zero
    Nihilo Zero 18 hours ago

    At 9:15 and again at 9:38 he says "four" years when he instead means "forty." It's annoying. Ee sor uv sez et fas wit a sor uv akscent, but I slowed down and have concluded that he really needs to work on his enunciation when saying that word.

  • Slasherfan 1001SlasherVillianFan 1001

    Do chucky

  • Slasherfan 1001SlasherVillianFan 1001

    Awsome job

  • joe shilo
    joe shilo 19 hours ago

    For sure for sure I'm still hopingI'm still hoping scorpion and be in the next movie nice to be bad of course he had never be a big bad it is some I want to see the Spider-Man fight someone who's pretty much on the same boat with him you know they both had a little bit right in the DNA in them

  • thelast Sith
    thelast Sith 19 hours ago

    The cult of samhain baby

  • jose duran
    jose duran 19 hours ago

    For me, the 2 Rob Zombie's movies are the best ones.

    • jose duran
      jose duran 18 hours ago

      @Heavy Spoilers I love them, I always enjoy serial killers, they are amazing, how they can cross the lines, by night act like an animal and next day walk around us like nothing happens the night before

    • Heavy Spoilers
      Heavy Spoilers 18 hours ago

      Yeah true true, weird they wiped zombies timeline Cos from what I remembered they made money

    • jose duran
      jose duran 19 hours ago

      @Heavy Spoilers to me is more about the killings!

    • Heavy Spoilers
      Heavy Spoilers 19 hours ago

      I love the first one but not too sure about the ghost stuff in the second

  • Rohit das
    Rohit das 20 hours ago

    Zombieland double tap is an awesome movie sir 😎😎

    • Heavy Spoilers
      Heavy Spoilers 19 hours ago

      Ah glad you liked it, thanks for letting me know

  • Ragnarok Official
    Ragnarok Official 20 hours ago

    Funny story between me and my friend it’s a running joke to say the line “I’m A Doctor, lock your doors!” We just burst out laughing when he said that, we’ve being laughing about since we first say the film.

  • KevinPR_13
    KevinPR_13 20 hours ago


    • Heavy Spoilers
      Heavy Spoilers 18 hours ago

      Thank you, you too! Hope you have a great weekend 🙏

    • KevinPR_13
      KevinPR_13 19 hours ago

      @Heavy Spoilers good as well, have a great day bro! Keep being awesome👍

    • Heavy Spoilers
      Heavy Spoilers 19 hours ago

      Really good thank you, how are you?

    • KevinPR_13
      KevinPR_13 20 hours ago

      @Heavy Spoilers hows it going man?

    • Heavy Spoilers
      Heavy Spoilers 20 hours ago


  • Jne A
    Jne A 20 hours ago

    Look you good today

  • Heavy Spoilers
    Heavy Spoilers 20 hours ago

    Let me know your favorite film in the franchise below!

    • Phantom Alpha
      Phantom Alpha 51 minute ago

      Heavy Spoilers They actually we’re gonna film that for the last film but weren’t sure how people would accept it or if they’d accept the movie as a whole or how much different it would look then the original. I’m from the old school of thought that not everything need’s to be seen on screen and that your imagination is more powerful then what you see on screen sometimes. You’ll get it in this movie but you gotta understand is that there’s SO MANY pissy Halloween fans who will hate everything unless they had the idea beforehand, filmmakers are limited to their own imagination and writing skills and it’s impossible to give everyone everything they want. Try to appreciate what they actually give you because they’re putting a lot of love and hard work into the series and giving it the proper respect we all wanted for it. Kinda like how Chris Nolan did for Batman, let’s hope this is the Dark Knight of the series. Typically the second of a trilogy is usually the best and yeah I get that it’s technically the 3rd but DGG’s 2nd.

    • thelast Sith
      thelast Sith 8 hours ago

      Heavy Spoilers i agree, i feel like they could of shown what went down, especially with the sheriff saying he was the one to get him right?

    • Heavy Spoilers
      Heavy Spoilers 8 hours ago

      I just don’t like how 2018 they just said he got caught and we never actually saw it

    • Phantom Alpha
      Phantom Alpha 16 hours ago

      Heavy Spoilers It make’s literally no sense to keep 2, he was blown to pieces at the end and isn’t capable of hiding for 40 years.

    • Heavy Spoilers
      Heavy Spoilers 19 hours ago

      Yeah I loved 2, sad it got retconned Cos it’s such a good follow on from the first

  • Naim Forde
    Naim Forde 20 hours ago

    When he took off in the car at the end I thought he would of died in a car crash as ironic as it is

  • henry park
    henry park 21 hour ago

    All his actions leading up to the daughter's fall made me think, "how can this guy be this stupid". And then we learn later, he also caused the death of his previous wife and unborn kid. So it was a bit hard to sympathize for him.

  • Milky milk
    Milky milk 21 hour ago

    *Another theory here! Please read it and tell me what you think* Im thinking something similar... But instead of him willingly going into the upside down, I think Jim was sent there. Because remember when eleven killed the demogorgon back in season 1? She wasn't killed but teleported to the upside down, and while doing so she vanished into some kind of back dust in the normal world. And during hoppers death scene, something similar happened to to the men in the suits, see for yourself at 0:47 . Therefore, I think that hopped and those men are now in the upside down, however couldn't get out like eleven since the gate is now closed. Then however, as you said, the Russians could've somehow opened the gate in Russia and locked hopped as it was showed at the end of season 3 What do you think?

  • LaTer_Icee
    LaTer_Icee 21 hour ago

    Why don't shut up?

  • tricky_97 _
    tricky_97 _ 22 hours ago

    Best Netflix film yet

  • ameone
    ameone 22 hours ago

    I was with him until the very end and then I just had to let go. People like Mr. Monroe that have hallucinations and delusions. They will kill you if they think that you are a threat or you get in their way. Because they are not living in the real world.

  • YS Gaming
    YS Gaming 22 hours ago

    Same story as shutter island

  • That_main_girl_riri
    That_main_girl_riri 23 hours ago

    Imagine if the pale lady fell on you and smooshes you..... Oww

  • Amara Eve
    Amara Eve 23 hours ago

    Jesus the big toe dude spooked me as a kid.

  • Pamela Ibe
    Pamela Ibe 23 hours ago

    Very disturbing! Apocolypse Now used a technique of showing black/white images dispersed in the movie building up to the horror of it all. The walls in this movie are similar technique used effectively and create a disturbing feeling as you become accustomed to the horror of what is happening. Nd I don't want to be accustomed to horror. This is not a movie I could watch a second time right away so I was glad to read the screen play for parts that were still confusing to me. The horror in broad daylight was very effective;; I agree with those reviews which have stated Ari has set a new bar for horror. Do not think I will watch Herditary any time soon, although now I want too. I waited for this movie to come to Amazon as I read a time mag review and was intrigued....yet I still waited awhile. Even so I found it extremely disturbing film. Thankfully I am now able to see the comedy in the film as well. It is unusual person whose mind deals with break up by writing a movie like this.

  • Marco91
    Marco91 23 hours ago

    I enjoyed the movie

  • Birb Call
    Birb Call Day ago

    But, how is it with de scarf from peri he found underneath the bed?

  • لؤي حاصوفي

    📲*00212.645.760.441* *whatapps*📲 شــبــاب صــار لــي بــقــرأ🧏‍♂️ كــثــيــر مـن الــكــومــنــتــات عــن صـغـر الــقــضــيــب وسـرعـة الـقـذف وأحـب أقــولــكــم بــمــعــلــومــة مــفــيــدة🤩 أنــي حــصــلــت عـلـى وصـفـة رهـيـبـة مـن الـدكـتـور👨‍⚕️ الــلــي بــيــتــواصــل مــعــاه كـثـيـر مـن الـنـاس وبــصــدق اسـتـعـمـلـتـو كـم أســبــوع وصــار لــي قــضــيــب رهــيــب تـتـمـنـاه أي زوجـة😍 هــذا رقــم الـدكـتـور👨‍⚕️ عـلـى الــواتــس *00212.645.760.441*

  • FireFox Gaming

    Loosers: *_Its not real_*

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn Day ago

    David and ted were both into women with long dark hair

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn Day ago

    Is that the btk killer at 0:19? He was good looking when was young

  • Ranson Tham
    Ranson Tham Day ago

    It is bad. Dialogues are unnatural. Shallow character development. Many easily spotted plot holes. Lazy explanation in the end. Excellent build up but build up to disappointment. Easily predictable. I love the tone though.

  • bigpmc
    bigpmc Day ago

    Maybe I'm being dense here but... If she accomplished her mission, and the attack never happens-she has no reason to come back in the first place. Therefore why doesn't the guy she shoots come back? Why doesn't lockhart then lead a totally different life with no knowledge of any of the events because, well they never happened

  • contact1araya
    contact1araya Day ago

    so how did Lara have african features being both her parents caucasian?

  • Johnny Begood
    Johnny Begood Day ago

    I love the Rambo movies and this fifth one took the franchise to a whole new level. Not a lot of people are into action movie, then they shouldn't waste their own time seeing it because it might offend them.

  • Ziggy Dee
    Ziggy Dee Day ago

    I’m not tall enough to ride that emotional rollercoaster!

  • Banana King
    Banana King Day ago

    Are you gonna do terminator dark fate

    • Banana King
      Banana King 18 hours ago

      Heavy Spoilers cool

    • Heavy Spoilers
      Heavy Spoilers 18 hours ago

      Yeah, dropping in the U.K. on the 23rd so should have my video out next week

  • Charmie
    Charmie Day ago

    Glad to hear that movie was good. It's been a difficult year for old franchise movies

    • Heavy Spoilers
      Heavy Spoilers 18 hours ago

      Yeah, been the death of so many movies franchises this year and still so many left

  • J J
    J J Day ago

    What the heck happened to the black kid and how is he not dead after tongue kissing an alien

  • hi there
    hi there Day ago

    i knew that this is going to end in the bad way from the beginning lol

  • Slasherfan 1001SlasherVillianFan 1001

    I enjoyed it but the first one was better

  • Magpie_ Manini

    I noticed that Hallie was the last one to disappear possibly because she somewhat refused to believe that the slender man was real while the others became fascinated and obsessed in a way. This is just an idea.

  • John Redcorn
    John Redcorn Day ago

    So we’re did his daughter and wife body go?

    • Linda
      Linda 16 hours ago

      John Redcorn @6:32 in the back of his car

  • Andrea Prince
    Andrea Prince Day ago

    Now I'll always look at my librarian when she's behind me