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  • Mustaq Tahmid
    Mustaq Tahmid 3 hours ago

    You have to appreciate his love for celtic, can’t have been an easy decision for him to join us

  • Jon Rend
    Jon Rend 3 hours ago

    Weird, i can understand him easily lol

  • Jon Rend
    Jon Rend 3 hours ago

    This guy is going to be the bomb i can sense it

  • kj
    kj 3 hours ago

    1:04 only one player in the box, I was like what are the chances . I was wrong.

  • Elias Eluasti
    Elias Eluasti 3 hours ago

    Anyone here after he scored his first goal vs Frankfurt

  • AdityaFingerstyle
    AdityaFingerstyle 3 hours ago

    This guy is the real DEAL !

  • Olu Ade
    Olu Ade 3 hours ago

    Who is here after Frankfurt?

  • Joseph Doherty
    Joseph Doherty 3 hours ago

    Will always be bhoy,good luck KT and Gunners for the season ahead ☘️🇮🇪💚

  • Arpan Sagar
    Arpan Sagar 3 hours ago

    He's a simple boy

  • Blems 1
    Blems 1 3 hours ago


  • b s
    b s 3 hours ago

    Best left back in the country

  • Ishan A
    Ishan A 3 hours ago

    Seems down to Earth, genuine, hard worker and a man of simple basic needs. Just the type of personality we need in this diverse dressing room

  • Naijababe Dagrin
    Naijababe Dagrin 3 hours ago

    The arsenal male team would have lost this game

  • Walls Jericho
    Walls Jericho 3 hours ago

    Sees Thierry Henry in vid caption, presses vid instantly

  • Cameron Cole
    Cameron Cole 3 hours ago


  • Conor Higgins
    Conor Higgins 3 hours ago

    S'appenin Bitton

  • TheOperator404
    TheOperator404 3 hours ago

    Man I love this accent, very down to earth lad. Looking forward seeing him play.

  • samya chakraborty
    samya chakraborty 3 hours ago

    That northern accent

  • Stewart Seyfried
    Stewart Seyfried 3 hours ago

    He'll do just fine. If the likes of Bebe, Peter Crouch, Richard Dunne, Andy Carroll, Phil Jones etc, and the rest of the average junk players outside the top 6 clubs can play in the 'almighty' Premier League then Tierney will have no problem. Some English fans sure love piping up their league as if every player playing in the EPL is some sort of superstar. All the best players in the league aren't even English, they're all foreign, there hasn't even been an English manager who has even won the league, a certain Scottish manager won it 13 times, Sir Alex Ferguson.. You might have heard of him, he's the manager who's won more trophies than any other manager in the history of football. Stop thinking because Tierney is Scottish the league will be difficult for him, I've never heard so much rubbish. Some English fans sure do flatter themselves. Scotland literally ran English football for years, Liverpool wouldn't be the club they are without Bill Shankly and Kenny Dalglish both are Scottish, Man United would be nothing without Sir Alex, Matt Busby & Denis Law, they're all Scottish & Arsenal wouldn't have had much of the pedigree they enjoy to this day without George Graham who was also Scottish. Be humble in future, because most English fans are arrogant prats that talk absolute rubbish. There's been hundreds of players that have played in the Premier League that have been utter dross so it can't be that difficult. Tierney is only about 22, he's played all over Europe with Celtic, Champion's League matches, Europa League matches, played in a physical league every week, International matches and caps, he's more experienced than HALF of that Arsenal squad and he's won more trophies than most of the players combined at Arsenal currently! Trust me, if he's there for many years to come he'll be captain by the time he's 25.

  • Edin
    Edin 3 hours ago

    I like his accent

  • Quang Độ Nguyễn

    His accent

  • MaJor LuCes
    MaJor LuCes 3 hours ago

    Just hope his crosses are half good as Robertson man! Or all this hype and waiting on him to start will be 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Big Blair
      Big Blair 3 hours ago

      His crossing ain’t great all low driven and most hit the 1st man

  • Eugene Nyunt
    Eugene Nyunt 3 hours ago

    Get rid of the subtitles. S'happening ! 🥦🍎

  • getafix72
    getafix72 3 hours ago

    ma pals are rangers fans and they are glad he's gone from Celtic , which means I'm glad he's going to be playing for us

  • MRDH33.0
    MRDH33.0 3 hours ago

    Id love to be there when Tierney and Emery are trying to communicate

  • Jake Low
    Jake Low 4 hours ago

    Good game Arsenal and well done on the win but the Barmy Army made this game what it was! MUWFC

  • Χαζιέρ Κλίνσμανν

    Outside of football, Tierney is very opposite of Bellerin. LOL. But that's make them closer as players and friends. Bellerin is so friendly in person, so.. my new ship. LOL. Cracked me up when he mentioned Mamma Mia.😅😂🤣🤣

  • Babatunde Ojo
    Babatunde Ojo 4 hours ago

    Lool surprised he didn't say his other favourite sport was basketball cs of the Boston celtics

    • Ryan
      Ryan 3 hours ago


  • Que_Rico
    Que_Rico 4 hours ago

    Come on, unleash this guy bellerin and holding. No more messing about!

  • True Gooner
    True Gooner 4 hours ago

    Oh mannnn can't wait till Tierney takes Kolasinac's spot... SMH been too long since we had top FB play (probably Sagna was the last top FB we had).

    • True Gooner
      True Gooner 3 hours ago

      @Ishan A LOL I mean he was pretty good, but ELITE? C'mon mate, we haven't had elite fullback play since maybe Sagna, and perhaps being more critical, since Ashley Cole.

    • Ishan A
      Ishan A 3 hours ago

      You dare speak bad of my Nacho man? My sweet Nacho man 😂😂

  • suuna ben owensasage official

    one of the greatest lift back in the history of football i really want to see his first touch against any team

  • Greg Richard
    Greg Richard 4 hours ago

    Arsenal should send their women's team to represent them in the premier league.

  • Vamshi N
    Vamshi N 4 hours ago

    Welcome to Arsenal again Tierney!!!😀

  • Dariusz Miskiewicz
    Dariusz Miskiewicz 4 hours ago

    I knew he was going to say Scott Brown 😂

    • Ishan A
      Ishan A 3 hours ago

      Scott Brown is a legend. Proper leader.

  • rory obrien
    rory obrien 4 hours ago

    Pro'ly Henry... Meh

  • pilgrimpater
    pilgrimpater 4 hours ago

    It's funny his fashion preference is the opposite end of the spectrum to his fellow full back Bellerin. Fill that Emirates dressing room with Gerry Cinnamon. Make a nice change. Btw I'm English and have no problem understanding him. The school of Rab C Nesbitt helped me though.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 3 hours ago

      Two footballers dress differently. Comedy gold.

  • Vishwamitra Ngasepam

    He's Scottish alright.

  • Luv_ Ramy
    Luv_ Ramy 4 hours ago

    Tierney : Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic.

  • Farruh Abdullaev
    Farruh Abdullaev 4 hours ago

    The girls have more passion, more fury and fire than that "men" from main team! Go ladies!!!

  • Anisa Issa
    Anisa Issa 4 hours ago

    He is very honest and not pretending that he likes Emirates stadium 🏟 and all that🤗

    SHANE 4 hours ago

    Man said he likes to eat Chinese... Imagine if he moves to china. China will go extinct.

  • George Fawkes
    George Fawkes 4 hours ago

    I'm English and speak it very well but I still need subtitles to understand him🤣 Love the accent love the player

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey 4 hours ago

    Can’t wait too see him play 💪🏻🇬🇧

  • Sam Nasir
    Sam Nasir 4 hours ago

    Heccy will surely get him into some high fasion hahha

    • Ishan A
      Ishan A 3 hours ago

      Nah I think Kieran will make Hector into a mature man than a kid with obsessions of pop culture

  • adam butt
    adam butt 4 hours ago

    “Come on gunners subscreeb” - Kieran Tierney

  • Henry Yeta
    Henry Yeta 4 hours ago

    We need to get Kieran a megaphone so he can change the atmosphere at the Emirates

    • Ryan
      Ryan 3 hours ago

      Would take more than KT to improve that shite support.

  • Karl Aavik
    Karl Aavik 4 hours ago

    Goalkeeper Hein will be in the 1st team soon

  • Fatoumata
    Fatoumata 4 hours ago

    "New coach coming" wait is joe leaving?

  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha 4 hours ago

    No tattoos Tucked shirt Cel-tec true and true Black tracksuit everyday He’s gonna be the best LB in the world

  • Poseidon fikhry
    Poseidon fikhry 4 hours ago


  • eka pamuji
    eka pamuji 4 hours ago

    He doesn't pretend to love Arsenal all of a sudden. I like him.

    • Jordan hong
      Jordan hong 3 hours ago

      He definitely cares for arsenal. You should watch his reaction of laca scoring on NLD via the bench cam

    • FireBlueGaming
      FireBlueGaming 3 hours ago

      he is a DIE-Hard Celtic fan

    • Mr Reece 123
      Mr Reece 123 3 hours ago

      Tech Intuition he loves Celtic of course he's an Celtic fan but he does care for Arsenal you can tell

    • Tech Intuition
      Tech Intuition 4 hours ago

      He loves Celtic man, arsenal was just a good opportunity for him

  • The Football Odyssey - Test your football knowledge

    Future big star? What do you think ?

  • LetsDoHumans Podcast

    Stop filming these interviews and get on the pitch mate lol

  • Pablo Bosque
    Pablo Bosque 4 hours ago

    Gies your laptop

    • Pablo Bosque
      Pablo Bosque 3 hours ago

      Gilfoyle Shanks 😆👏 respect

    • Gilfoyle Shanks
      Gilfoyle Shanks 4 hours ago

      How about I give you something more valuable than a laptop?

  • Mustard-Obsessed
    Mustard-Obsessed 4 hours ago

    Well he's honest, I think. Other than that this little vid was quite boring.

  • Owain Meredith
    Owain Meredith 4 hours ago

    Is there a more down to earth footballer?

    • Demondoink
      Demondoink 3 hours ago

      Robbo. I think it's in our Scottish DNA to be pretty unassuming and somewhat humble as we know where we stand in most sports (we aren't very good so we need to outwork other people/teams.)

  • John Mwangi
    John Mwangi 4 hours ago

    Love this guy

  • William Haselgrove
    William Haselgrove 4 hours ago

    he is a belter

  • tomasiek
    tomasiek 4 hours ago

    Thanks for the subtitles, without them i wouldn't understand a single word 😂 Hope he is as fast on the pitch as fast he talks ⚡👟

    • Spideyy!
      Spideyy! 4 hours ago

      Its not the way he talks,its the accent mate

  • jack541
    jack541 4 hours ago

    Gerry cinnamon is class should defo listen to his stuff 👍

  • Anas Hellfire Elghazaoui

    There is a yin , There is a Yaaaang and here we Got AubameyaaanG

  • IT'S JDS
    IT'S JDS 4 hours ago

    Why is there subtitles?

    • Christaki
      Christaki 4 hours ago

      Non native English viewers won't understand the Scottish accent! 🙄

  • Ahmad Kemal-Aushaf
    Ahmad Kemal-Aushaf 4 hours ago


  • TDSM 99
    TDSM 99 4 hours ago

    Better start against villa

    • TDSM 99
      TDSM 99 4 hours ago

      @Rahulmagic tired of one dimensional Kolasinac and unreliable AMN. Wishful thinking

    • Rahulmagic
      Rahulmagic 4 hours ago

      Not gonna happen. Him and hector will be playing for u23 for couple of games.

  • Rahulmagic
    Rahulmagic 4 hours ago

    Couldn't understand single word. 🤣 🤣

  • KLY
    KLY 4 hours ago

    Future Captain of Arsenal, FM20 legend.

  • omar yahya
    omar yahya 4 hours ago

    Can't wait till he gets back man

  • Nwankwo Kanu
    Nwankwo Kanu 4 hours ago

    All black tracksuit all day everyday? Ah, finally, we have a roadman in our squad. This should help toughen up things around the place.

  • Jonas filberg
    Jonas filberg 4 hours ago

    The 👑

  • Jack Jackson
    Jack Jackson 4 hours ago

    He’s too into Celtic imo as odd as it sounds Ik u all get me

    • Ryan
      Ryan 3 hours ago

      @Jack Jackson He is talking about Celtic because that's all he's known his footballing life, and career; he's almost always replying to a question asked as well. What do you want him to do - lie? As for not putting in 100%: Don't talk absolute pish.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 3 hours ago

      You don't feel like that for Arsenal? Strange how a fan can find KT's familial love for Celtic odd; get a grip.

    • Jack Jackson
      Jack Jackson 3 hours ago

      But Ik if we came up against Celtic let’s say in the Europa league final he wouldn’t put 100% in no way

    • Jack Jackson
      Jack Jackson 3 hours ago

      With Koscienly you wouldn’t have expected that from him

    • Tuco
      Tuco 3 hours ago

      It shows he's very loyal. It lets you know that when he starts repping Arsenal fully that the club is really part of him and not just because he's contracted to do so. Or would you rather him be like Koscielny dropping the shirt of your previous club in the announcement video for your new club?

  • Blaine Charlie
    Blaine Charlie 4 hours ago

    I love the fact that he needs subtitles.

    • ll Huntor ll
      ll Huntor ll 3 hours ago

      Deaf people could be what they are going for?

    • Gubney K
      Gubney K 4 hours ago

      Even though I'm Scottish and can understand him clearly, I respect the subtitles 😂

    • Boo- Chan
      Boo- Chan 4 hours ago

      man I'm Spanish and I do believe I understand quite well english, but this... My god hahahahaha

  • Jozzy
    Jozzy 4 hours ago


  • Night Owl
    Night Owl 4 hours ago

    A proper LB after Ashley Cole & Nacho Monreal

  • pedro H
    pedro H 4 hours ago

    Love arsenal love tiernny

  • Aakarshan Sharma
    Aakarshan Sharma 5 hours ago


  • Jarosław Naziemiec
    Jarosław Naziemiec 5 hours ago

    Before I watch this video I thought I understand english

    • Jarosław Naziemiec
      Jarosław Naziemiec 3 hours ago

      @MRDH33.0 easy to understand when reading subtitles, but without subtitles it's difficult because od his accent

    • MRDH33.0
      MRDH33.0 4 hours ago

      Is that speaking and listening or reading and writing? Because the subtitles are at the bottom of the screen

    • Jarosław Naziemiec
      Jarosław Naziemiec 4 hours ago

      @Magic. Mac sorri for my bad england XD

    • Magic. Mac
      Magic. Mac 4 hours ago


  • Ankit Tiwari
    Ankit Tiwari 5 hours ago

    Tierney 😍😍😍😘

  • Rasmus Nielsen
    Rasmus Nielsen 5 hours ago

    Numero uno

  • Rahul AFC
    Rahul AFC 5 hours ago

    That accent though 🥰🥰🥰


    If you like him pls 👇 👇 👇

  • Alex Ojeda
    Alex Ojeda 5 hours ago

    Dying to see him play!

  • Tyler 97
    Tyler 97 5 hours ago

    Finally Kieran Tierney plays for a big club

    • Brian Harkin
      Brian Harkin 4 hours ago

      How many champions leagues has Arsenal won again.

    • Mawhinney 2.1
      Mawhinney 2.1 4 hours ago

      ThE cUp WiNnErS cUp Is A eUrOpEaN cUp

    • Elysia Jenkins
      Elysia Jenkins 4 hours ago

      Arsenal have 100s of millions to spend and are still in europa. Kind of says it all so pipe down clown

    • Skotsk
      Skotsk 4 hours ago

      @Tyler 97 you count the Cup Winners Cup? 😂😂

    • Tyler 97
      Tyler 97 4 hours ago

      Skotsk 2 next question?

  • sai karthi
    sai karthi 5 hours ago

    first one to comment

  • socio path
    socio path 5 hours ago

    18 views 23 likes

  • Hazza Els
    Hazza Els 5 hours ago


  • Szociki exe
    Szociki exe 5 hours ago


  • Aran Khalastchi
    Aran Khalastchi 5 hours ago

    Give him the captain's armband already

  • SixFilmsGaming !
    SixFilmsGaming ! 5 hours ago

    When do we get to see him on the pitch?

    • Tech Intuition
      Tech Intuition 4 hours ago

      might be available next week on the bench

    • Jaz C
      Jaz C 4 hours ago

      @ParaDoc 7pm 👍

    • ParaDoc
      ParaDoc 4 hours ago

      Peter Ndung'u what time is it on?

    • Peter Ndung'u
      Peter Ndung'u 4 hours ago

      Tonight, U23, game will be live on the wolves website

    • Christaki
      Christaki 4 hours ago

      @kim robin Sylow really? Oooh that's great news!

  • Emir Zaini
    Emir Zaini 5 hours ago


  • Ta_hk* Andy
    Ta_hk* Andy 5 hours ago


  • Shashank S
    Shashank S 5 hours ago

    Shame about the men’s team

  • HH 040
    HH 040 5 hours ago

    Ehrenmänner reden einfach nur deutsch Ahahaha

  • dominic clarke
    dominic clarke 5 hours ago

    COYG 🙌🏾 🇧🇿

  • santos dkk
    santos dkk 6 hours ago

    Pallana tawwa

    GEORGE OHORE 6 hours ago

    Arsenal women team has a better defence than the male team, they should be allowed to help sometime

  • Andre The What
    Andre The What 6 hours ago

    Well done ladies. Keep showing the boys how it’s done!

  • Athul Das
    Athul Das 6 hours ago

    He's got natural confidence, you can see it in the way he speaks here and how he imposes himself in games

  • Richard Jolly
    Richard Jolly 7 hours ago

    Dvdd super sexy pocket rocket pops up for the winner , if only the girls had the support they deserve ! Coyg !

  • Antoine de Longeaux
    Antoine de Longeaux 7 hours ago

    lens is not in ligue 1, Racing Club Paris doesn't exist, Toulouse, Nimes are in ligue 1...