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People Play Musical Dares
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$2 Street Food In Japan
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  • Zaynab Bader
    Zaynab Bader 20 minutes ago

    Cassandra be listing all the ingredients she doesn’t taste except for the sweet potatoes 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  • Flaming hunter
    Flaming hunter 20 minutes ago

    Did I miss a video or is merle living with aria

  • fairytaleyoongi
    fairytaleyoongi 20 minutes ago

    i think people are being way too dramatic about boobs lmao.. its not that much pain like thr 2 women said

  • Angelina Crystal MIP
    Angelina Crystal MIP 20 minutes ago

    Mana nih suaranya Indonesia! Like 😁👇🏼👇🏼

  • Hessa Aldereih
    Hessa Aldereih 20 minutes ago

    “17 yo with more TikTok followers than the population of Ireland” 😂😂😂😂

  • Book Nerd
    Book Nerd 21 minute ago

    Ew jews

  • L CB
    L CB 21 minute ago

    Nope. Still Italian pizza.

  • Mary Abueva
    Mary Abueva 21 minute ago

    8:41 when he says he just woke up at 7am, that's definitely Merle's headboard (from the crush handcuff video) definitely spent the night. They are sooooo cute ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • boo daboo
    boo daboo 22 minutes ago

    You should do Nigerian mums try each others jollof rice.

  • Nicole Nobre
    Nicole Nobre 23 minutes ago

    CRAP!!! When they were in the hardware store near the Christmas trees, they should've been under missile toe so they could have kissed.

  • Bard Juggs
    Bard Juggs 23 minutes ago

    Im crying while watching honestly

  • crazybee360
    crazybee360 23 minutes ago

    He doesn't even go here DA FUQ!

  • Darren S
    Darren S 24 minutes ago

    wow buzzfeed employees all look like very low testosterone betas. probably explained by their hard left views. liberalism does not create men.

  • otakurocks
    otakurocks 24 minutes ago

    Do "jew moms try the foreskin of their mutilated babies"

  • Sabrina Marie
    Sabrina Marie 25 minutes ago

    anyone notice how she has a pink scrunchie on her wrist in bed and then he has it in the next shot 👀

  • irem mermer
    irem mermer 26 minutes ago

    In Turkey our schools system is more like Koreans I guess. Cause we have to study so hard at our Sophomore and Senior years. We have to finish many test books if we want to go a good university. Generally our days are starting at before the sunrise. And if I stay at school for studying or for a extra class after normal classes it's or it is going to dark when I get out of school. In here we can take extra courses for exam at private institutions. They are like extra school. And maybe more than half of us go to them. There is too much competition here... I thinl it is kinda hard and sad.

  • M3LV3RN Noob
    M3LV3RN Noob 27 minutes ago

    The Indian One Looks Tasty And So Buttery.

  • lana ikhwan
    lana ikhwan 27 minutes ago

    did anyone else notice she was wearing her scrunchie in bed and then he was wearing it the next day

  • Rödluvan 08
    Rödluvan 08 27 minutes ago


  • Nick USSR
    Nick USSR 27 minutes ago

    Yep,greeks and totally not americans,Γεμίστα,ΤΙ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΑΥΤΟ ΡΕ ΜΑΛΑΚΑ

  • Linda Easley
    Linda Easley 29 minutes ago

    Never heard of pickled okra . Fried okra is more Southern

  • LEAD
    LEAD 30 minutes ago

    Whenever I watch these videos there's always some voice in my head saying: WHERE IS THE SUGAR, THE NUTMEG AND THE CINNAMON?

  • Verse-Bboi
    Verse-Bboi 30 minutes ago

    “A lil gas never hurt anyone” ~Sum dude in the comments

  • Talk ID
    Talk ID 30 minutes ago

    Ou dont walk your cat. Cat walk you

  • Princess Nanaxoxo
    Princess Nanaxoxo 31 minute ago

    You should do Venezuelan moms try each others cachapas

  • tucker21222
    tucker21222 32 minutes ago

    I'll drink to that I love me a wee dram of whiskey and maybe just a wee more

  • Jon Cook
    Jon Cook 33 minutes ago

    Wow this is pure Garbage

  • Anjali
    Anjali 33 minutes ago

    Poor Kevin 😂😂😂

  • Soorya R Balan
    Soorya R Balan 34 minutes ago

    That was absolutely beautiful. He gave it his all and it makes me feel so proud to see what he has overcome. His coaches and crew were amazing!

  • Devashish Mantri
    Devashish Mantri 34 minutes ago

    Why does everyone have an accent? XD

  • MakoRuu
    MakoRuu 35 minutes ago

    >Terminally ill but can still eat cheese >lucky person

  • Eraz0rA
    Eraz0rA 35 minutes ago

    9:30 Turn on captions

  • Jasmine Trinh
    Jasmine Trinh 36 minutes ago

    melanin king in a buzzfeed video!

  • Imama Hashim
    Imama Hashim 37 minutes ago

    I want to try Egyptian food so bad now

  • Hannah Stewart
    Hannah Stewart 37 minutes ago

    The video: *compares Gen Z to the silent generation Me, a Gen Zer: *gets mad that they've been compared to a generation that didn't fight the system* HoW dARe yUO thINk That WE doN'T StANd UP FOr OursElVeS

  • MiggiGAMES
    MiggiGAMES 38 minutes ago

    Potato chip with cottage cheese made me crave that right now omg

  • blacknigga
    blacknigga 38 minutes ago

    * Marzia has entered chat *

  • TarantulaCandy
    TarantulaCandy 39 minutes ago

    is none of you bitches gonna notice them 6:25 and 7:38 Botox eyebrows

  • Simple Sally
    Simple Sally 39 minutes ago

    I didn't even know Jewish people were associated with brisket 💀

  • Carol Souza
    Carol Souza 40 minutes ago


  • AllAboutMeanGirls
    AllAboutMeanGirls 40 minutes ago

    This is gonna be perfect for me cause I'm a patriotic American who loves America AND Britain to no end.

  • Ella Chuang
    Ella Chuang 40 minutes ago


  • Chenggong Lee
    Chenggong Lee 41 minute ago

    No lie yall so cute. Makes me wanna find someone too ☺️

  • Btpc1
    Btpc1 41 minute ago

    3:17 that are churros

  • yoongi chimmy_
    yoongi chimmy_ 42 minutes ago

    is no one gonna talk about how she had webtoon app in her phone?

  • GraceMCA 776
    GraceMCA 776 42 minutes ago

    6:07 don't mind me... Just saving the timestamp of when Eugene danced

  • Isaiah Stevenson
    Isaiah Stevenson 42 minutes ago

    Did be just quote a Michael Bublé's song?

  • Clement Cheung
    Clement Cheung 43 minutes ago

    excuse me did merle just comment? 4:52 this is hilarious i can't-

  • Keara C
    Keara C 43 minutes ago

    “Do you want to date, me?” “No” “Well, There you go” 😂😂

  • GoatzzzMilk
    GoatzzzMilk 43 minutes ago

    I pray for you influencers. As a white man, American, and college wrestler and student, this video offends me. When will we actually fulfill MLK Jr’s “I have a dream,” and judge people only by an individual’s character content?

  • randomjean
    randomjean 44 minutes ago

    there is a chain fries restaurant in Aus called Lord of the fries 9:25

  • Nicholas Marshall
    Nicholas Marshall 45 minutes ago

    More Jackson

  • Subway Nelt
    Subway Nelt 45 minutes ago

    They should add a type of worth it where they only go to one single shop but have all 3 items and have it called Worth it One Shop

  • liquid paint 2
    liquid paint 2 46 minutes ago

    Subru was in Howard did he missed the spell ? I think he got some fake University of howhard digress You know most of their beef politicians use their jetprints to get howhard digress US government just get rid of this immature migrants

  • robert10197
    robert10197 47 minutes ago

    i got to say, as a non-korean LA native, I have been able to observe my korean friends' family dynamics, and because of this, i have never been more excited to see one of these comparisons

  • Will L
    Will L 47 minutes ago

    No offence, but the first burger's patties were way too thin even though they did look delicious

  • Mashka Mars
    Mashka Mars 47 minutes ago

    Wait, whats the difference between animator and cartoonist? 🤔

    VITTXRIO 47 minutes ago

    Now Aria lowkey looking like Kris Wu's mixed race cousin.

  • Tara Holm
    Tara Holm 48 minutes ago

    “An owl fly to his house and tell him he’s going to be a witch”

    FIREZING _LP 48 minutes ago

    *next video* Play gta 5 online without breaking laws uwu

  • BGDX
    BGDX 48 minutes ago

    Isn't that riceball Nikki's cat ?

  • Noyyiezy
    Noyyiezy 48 minutes ago

    3:18 how she said "prince naveen" was...👌👌👌

  • The Food Bureau
    The Food Bureau 48 minutes ago

    E boy reminds me of Cameron Diaz if she was a teenage boy.

  • feebeci
    feebeci 48 minutes ago

    Meat to me is gross , mock meat is a whole new level of gross

  • kEAnE -
    kEAnE - 48 minutes ago

    now you gotta say the n-word on video,,, like chase did 🤭😔

  • Avura Rey
    Avura Rey 48 minutes ago

    I am 2 minutes into this video and I love Jackson with my whole soul and I want him to be in every video.

  • Akashdeep Shukla
    Akashdeep Shukla 48 minutes ago

    Bro you can take your whole lunch in 100 rupees in India and there are chances you still have some coins left in your pocket.

  • Clement Cheung
    Clement Cheung 48 minutes ago

    absolutely love whoever made the captions for the ppl, he/she/they deserve a shoutout

  • Kao Hiang
    Kao Hiang 48 minutes ago

    I looked Cassandras IG username and it doesn’t exist ☹️

  • liquid paint 2
    liquid paint 2 50 minutes ago

    Cattles on tv

  • Alex Lange
    Alex Lange 51 minute ago

    America is fucked.

  • minniepop90
    minniepop90 51 minute ago

    OMG THE PICS WITH MERLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eboni Marinelarena
    Eboni Marinelarena 51 minute ago

    Have y’all had Texas bbq brisket tho

  • Mr Someone
    Mr Someone 52 minutes ago

    My friend has a gay dad too

  • brandino
    brandino 53 minutes ago

    Aria: Im getting laid tonight *next day* At the girls apartment

  • Vicky Nguyễn
    Vicky Nguyễn 53 minutes ago

    I think they should let these grandmas taste their own pie, I wanna see whether they were honest with their judgments or not.

  • Sophie Kay
    Sophie Kay 53 minutes ago

    This is why i hate kids

  • Shazrina Ali
    Shazrina Ali 53 minutes ago

    5:24..yes or yes😁

  • Evangeline Bremnes
    Evangeline Bremnes 54 minutes ago

    Points to Norway “This is Finland” *cries in Viking* Btw, contrary to popular belief, Viking helmets didn’t have horns on them at all

  • Sophie Kay
    Sophie Kay 55 minutes ago

    Yeah, smoke weed and cry... OkEy?

  • Eddy
    Eddy 55 minutes ago

    Buzzfeed you ain’t poor so get some decent crockery and cutlery

  • Home Sweet Home
    Home Sweet Home 56 minutes ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how he pushed the door which says "pull"

  • Eleni Theologiti
    Eleni Theologiti 57 minutes ago

    Chase, my boyyy doing great

  • princess hira
    princess hira 57 minutes ago

    my mom is saggitirius and she likes jasmine

  • minniepop90
    minniepop90 58 minutes ago

    Merle was basically like " oh my god..I just want to take him into a corner and make out with him "

  • princess hira
    princess hira 58 minutes ago

    my star sign is cancer and I am really relaxed near the water and i like ariel too

  • Noura Abdelhamed
    Noura Abdelhamed 58 minutes ago

    Egyptian moms trying each others mahshy

  • Shiro Zexal
    Shiro Zexal 59 minutes ago

    this is amazing but is no one talking about how genuinely great they are at singing

  • Kay S
    Kay S Hour ago

    but are you into it merle I couldn't tell

  • Dean Arendon
    Dean Arendon Hour ago

    This whole video pisses me off because it kind of forces this subculture to so many kids, I mean TikTok is so repulsive the way it influences the post-2006 and beyond generation. I mean, Aria’s whole personality was ERASED and Merle LOVED it. Vine was never like this. Sexual attraction, looks and outlandish personalities, how much of that is real?Chase’s attitude was so far off with Aria it was too painful. WTH, people stay who you are. If you want to try something, that’s great! It may not be the same accepting outcome like Aria’s tho. 💁‍♀️ wow I sound like a dictator but my god this generation urks me. “ ok, millennial” that’s what y’all say right?

  • blaine o hare
    blaine o hare Hour ago

    I am alrgic to the pink chips

  • Kao Hiang
    Kao Hiang Hour ago

    Where’s the Licor 43?

  • Turk Turner
    Turk Turner Hour ago

    Question to God: why do you refuse to reveal yourself?

  • bamasteus
    bamasteus Hour ago

    Why are black peoples potato salads sweet? I dont get it

  • Milx tea
    Milx tea Hour ago

    kevin looks like momo Lol 😂in the drawing

  • delaisvanilla
    delaisvanilla Hour ago

    Andrew: "is dua two in any language" Me: *rage in idonesian*

  • Jisha Madassery
    Jisha Madassery Hour ago


  • Eremon1
    Eremon1 Hour ago

    Balding dude in the denim shirt reminds me of Rainman.

  • Sandhya Parhi
    Sandhya Parhi Hour ago

    All the dessert is f*ing bad If u want the good ones come to India

  • Abigailvictoriaxo

    Okay why is no one talking about Merle and aria being together at someone’s house before work !