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Meal Swap: Pho Vs. Ramen
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  • The Lurchness Monster !!
    The Lurchness Monster !! 15 seconds ago

    I bet he has great stories to tell but his dad is 102 years old & still alive.. I wanna hear his old school mafioso stories!!

  • lil polarstar
    lil polarstar 35 seconds ago

    BuzzFeed is such narcissism

  • Izuku Miydora
    Izuku Miydora 37 seconds ago

    Buzzfeedvideo You gave these kids they day of there life I’m finally proud of you

    ΛRCΛNΞ DΛNGΞR 42 seconds ago

    Yeah, I actually find this very relatable because I too had my phone stolen in a bar that got sold on the dark web and ended up halfway across the world where I become a celebrity involving orange fruits.

  • YoungAbel15
    YoungAbel15 Minute ago

    I'm surprised they didn't have hairy men wear some of these dresses. What's the matter buttfeed, i thought that "we should talorate that?" 😷

  • miguel aguilar
    miguel aguilar Minute ago

    What next 7 days without weed

  • Say Sike Right Now.

    fr how you gonna jump on free throws and then not even pull up from deep AND YOUR ON TEAM MAMBA!

  • XxJokerDroxX
    XxJokerDroxX 2 minutes ago


  • XxJokerDroxX
    XxJokerDroxX 2 minutes ago

    That girls eyes went. ___/

  • Lauren Carrell
    Lauren Carrell 3 minutes ago

    and this is that story.

  • Imnotcrazy
    Imnotcrazy 3 minutes ago

    I doubt these people are blind Just because its buzzfeed

  • Savannah Behnke
    Savannah Behnke 3 minutes ago

    @John Starr love you being a clown you sound very entertaining and I’d love to hear more it was fun hearing your stories :)

  • Samuel Hsu
    Samuel Hsu 3 minutes ago

    I saw Trader Joes in the thumbnail and thought only the town I live in had Trader Joes...

  • Olivia Kosel
    Olivia Kosel 4 minutes ago

    Anyone else think that Andrew looks like Sebastian Stan? Like low-key

  • Sophie Leaf
    Sophie Leaf 5 minutes ago

    Can we start a petition for jackies own show😂

  • Ashvin Vinnie
    Ashvin Vinnie 5 minutes ago

    John looks like a pi

  • Ulster Infidel
    Ulster Infidel 5 minutes ago

    If any of these feminists actually watched an ultrasound of an abortion taking place they will all be calling for abortion to be illegal. Watch the a video called the silent scream, the majority of you people will feel ashamed of yourselves for supporting such cruelty

  • Izuku Miydora
    Izuku Miydora 6 minutes ago

    As a Canadian my take on Japanese snacks are: there great ya’ll need to get some Japanese kitkats Ya’ll need this I’m also a weeb

  • Zanaya Monèt
    Zanaya Monèt 6 minutes ago

    holy heck ! hi try guys, is that you ? WOW

  • Elizabeth Lovett
    Elizabeth Lovett 6 minutes ago

    Surprising. I thought this would be a video on what men consider attractive regarding women in various cultures.

  • Squirrel Chaser
    Squirrel Chaser 6 minutes ago


  • random chicken
    random chicken 7 minutes ago

    the makeup one was a trap

  • Devon Schoby
    Devon Schoby 7 minutes ago

    put his bar down he doesn't want it i wanna be a big boy

  • Avianiae
    Avianiae 7 minutes ago

    but can i just mention the cheery whistling music in the background is so out of place?

  • 2 m8s
    2 m8s 7 minutes ago

    Does anyone realize that both of them are wearing apple watches? Just saying

  • Alex Is AWESOME Mig
    Alex Is AWESOME Mig 8 minutes ago

    What kind of weak man watches buzzfeed

  • Nicole Quick
    Nicole Quick 8 minutes ago

    Zoey iw.

  • Larus
    Larus 8 minutes ago

    I think I can smell it through my screen 🤢

  • Are memes Dead
    Are memes Dead 9 minutes ago

    They forgot :getting swimmers ear :people seeing your ashy skin

  • The Group
    The Group 9 minutes ago

    wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt omg whatttttt sub to me

  • holybiebah
    holybiebah 9 minutes ago

    The fact that all of the artists have an unique style 😍

  • Samyyah Muhammad
    Samyyah Muhammad 9 minutes ago

    They clearly didn't have the right size because no techsuit should ever rip while trying to put it me

  • Marcus Puzio
    Marcus Puzio 10 minutes ago

    Light and love to you ...may our Creator bless you n comfort you in the time of need ..

  • Tian Yang
    Tian Yang 10 minutes ago

    You know you can actually buy sloths right

  • Lisa Wilson
    Lisa Wilson 10 minutes ago

    I want to not be allergic so bad. I love these aloof little critters.

  • Samyyah Muhammad
    Samyyah Muhammad 10 minutes ago

    I can't believe they actually cut those super expensive suits in the end!!! THOSE ARE LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS!!!!

  • Ookinette Gem
    Ookinette Gem 11 minutes ago

    What breed is this? Is it a beatzu?

  • Shaded Sith
    Shaded Sith 11 minutes ago

    Good damn job aria

  • Ashley Gross
    Ashley Gross 12 minutes ago

    Mcds around here does not melt the cheese on the sandwiches. I wish they did!

  • Ana Pisani
    Ana Pisani 12 minutes ago

    they did amazing, congratulations! showed me there are smart americans out there

  • Poder Vida
    Poder Vida 12 minutes ago

    These people aren't real asians they're americans.

  • Jonathan Thomas
    Jonathan Thomas 12 minutes ago

    Ummm I hope there wigs

  • Philadelphia Collins
    Philadelphia Collins 13 minutes ago

    As a Midwester, I can pretty much confirm, but... A. I hate ranch. B. They're freeways, not expressways. C. Midwesterners are chatty, but I'm not. ;) (I'm still a nice guy, I swear!!) And yes, it's pop not soda.

  • Taygan Mitchell
    Taygan Mitchell 14 minutes ago

    Wish i could work there.... just for the food of course

  • Rachel Ramadan
    Rachel Ramadan 14 minutes ago

    Lucys looked the best

  • Muzaffar Krylov
    Muzaffar Krylov 14 minutes ago

    *The only thing better than a cat... is two cats!*

  • Whitnee Sand
    Whitnee Sand 14 minutes ago

    One time I was babysitting my 3 year old cousin, and out of nowhere, she looks me straight in the eye and says, “you killed my wife!” And I was like, oh okay 😂

  • XxBubblxLemonxX
    XxBubblxLemonxX 15 minutes ago

    Girl why is your voice so calming.

  • Padme Amadalia
    Padme Amadalia 15 minutes ago

    At 2:12

  • Advance Warrior
    Advance Warrior 15 minutes ago

    It feels so weird how the younger looking guys have opposite reacts to the elders mostly throughout the video. Is it that they're following a trend? Or are their tastes coincidentally opposite?

  • pearlism
    pearlism 16 minutes ago

    *I experience this every few months* By this, every few months my wifi doesn't work for a few days (4-7 days) and i have to actually be productive without internet.

  • heh Zoinks
    heh Zoinks 16 minutes ago

    *just imagining trying to roast these ppl moms and you say one of these*

    BIG BOOBS 17 minutes ago

    Lil ole girl could have gotten dropped easily she all bone

  • Izuku Miydora
    Izuku Miydora 18 minutes ago

    BRUH U GIVIN AN ITALIAN MAN A PIZZA LUNCHABLE tsk tsk tsk The disrespect

  • Mon Gà Con
    Mon Gà Con 18 minutes ago

    Khi người Việt Nam bẻ rất dễ dàng thì người nước ngoài bẻ rất khó khăn

  • Kira Phothikoummane
    Kira Phothikoummane 18 minutes ago

    What is a Mafia Boss?! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤨😳

  • Suraj Vishwakarma
    Suraj Vishwakarma 18 minutes ago

    Good story

  • Linette Joyce
    Linette Joyce 19 minutes ago

    * sees merle* *clicks to see if aria is in this video*

  • Json Coding
    Json Coding 19 minutes ago

    These are the most feminine men

  • Βαγγέλης Καλ.
    Βαγγέλης Καλ. 20 minutes ago

    This lady is soooooo beautiful..

  • Isi Zhang
    Isi Zhang 20 minutes ago

    I. Want. Your. JOB!!!!!!!!!!

  • -FADE -PG3D
    -FADE -PG3D 21 minute ago

    0:26 that smile made my day

  • Drek
    Drek 22 minutes ago

    Literally just self pity as opposed to just making a change in your life.

  • Raptorwolf 3
    Raptorwolf 3 23 minutes ago

    You know what’s weird? I’m scared of normal clowns, but clowns that are “scary clowns” I find less frightening. I guess when something is trying to scare me, I know what to expect. But with normal clowns they’re so bizarre and chaotic that I just don’t know how to react to an interaction with one, so I default to panic

  • Kyle Pierce
    Kyle Pierce 23 minutes ago

    Oklahoma is incorrect. We drink like fish here....

  • Danesha Harney
    Danesha Harney 25 minutes ago

    This is exactly why I never want children lol.

  • mexican gains
    mexican gains 25 minutes ago

    I love how *almost* all of them were so bubbly and happy.

  • Zee.
    Zee. 25 minutes ago


  • Survivors Dogs
    Survivors Dogs 25 minutes ago

    Cats have this weird thing where they hate u in the day and at night they are like “why hello there”

  • Evie Beggs
    Evie Beggs 26 minutes ago

    0:59 did anyone else notice he said nice to meet u I’m Harry? 😂

  • CeCe0008888
    CeCe0008888 27 minutes ago

    "If you ever need a kidney, I have two." 😂😂

  • Moon
    Moon 27 minutes ago

    And ofc she gotta be black...

  • Daiyamondo
    Daiyamondo 27 minutes ago

    omg inga was the one with the hotdog

  • Aaron Alvarez
    Aaron Alvarez 28 minutes ago

    You clikbait little bastard

  • Elliot productions
    Elliot productions 29 minutes ago

    I got a door dash ad on this video

  • Andreea
    Andreea 29 minutes ago

    a bully apologizes to her victim *15 years later* Well .. a little too late don’t you think Nyasha?

  • Miner C
    Miner C 29 minutes ago

    These are the most buzzfeed looking teachers there can ever be.

  • ?
    ? 30 minutes ago

    Bruh he doesn’t even have to try to win come on dawg

  • bluegrassbabe1
    bluegrassbabe1 30 minutes ago

    4:19 I wanted to lick the sauce of those luscious lips of his!

  • The J Guy 51106
    The J Guy 51106 30 minutes ago

    What happens to all the food after these videos?

  • Vivian Lo
    Vivian Lo 30 minutes ago

    Me as a mom, this is so rude!

  • RedManPower32
    RedManPower32 30 minutes ago

    I hate cat haters!

  • RedManPower32
    RedManPower32 31 minute ago

    Cat people: dogs are alright I guess. Dog people: cats are demons!!!

  • Casey Dylan
    Casey Dylan 31 minute ago

    I lost my mom 12/11. She was my whole world. I still don't know if I'm going to survive it, the pain is unbearable. I'm trying so hard for her. I would trade my life for here's in an instant as long as I could spend one more day with her.

  • ThatFreakMary
    ThatFreakMary 32 minutes ago

    My moms pretty sure she almost got kidnapped by Gary Ridgeway, the Green River killer, who is a serial killer who’s never talked about even though he killed almost 50 people (claims 71). We also drove by him showing the cops where he hid the bodies when I was like 3

  • random kilo
    random kilo 32 minutes ago

    ok but why would u spell alex like alix

  • SirWilliamSquireVonDutchMire

    The beyond Burger is good but if you have a place around you that serves the impossible Burger it's the best. A couple chain like Red Robin serve the impossible Burger and compared to when I used to eat meat The impossible Burger tastes better than any beef burger.

  • Doctour Two skull
    Doctour Two skull 33 minutes ago

    How can you forget the icon chaotic bisexual

  • Noble White
    Noble White 33 minutes ago

    Can when a have another draw from memory

  • Melodizing
    Melodizing 33 minutes ago

    When you realize that they played the pornhub song...

  • Chop Sticks
    Chop Sticks 33 minutes ago

    Should of went to ichiraku ramen while u r at Japan.

  • Cackle
    Cackle 34 minutes ago

    Wait a minute is it normal to get honeyfor chicken nuggets I'm scared wtf

  • Olivia Parise
    Olivia Parise 34 minutes ago

    at the start of the video when they are introducing themselves i couldnt help but notice he just had to say "we are all single guys" HA like what does that have to do with this im WEAK

  • beresheethtrack
    beresheethtrack 34 minutes ago

    They got the title of the video right, but not the in-video title - "whose" =/= "who's"

  • Danielle Winrow
    Danielle Winrow 35 minutes ago

    Jen and Steve remind me a lot of Steve and Nancy from stranger things. Down to the fact they broke up

  • CHILLiItsKayla TV
    CHILLiItsKayla TV 35 minutes ago

    Nobody gon talk about Atomy

  • Ella Walsh
    Ella Walsh 36 minutes ago

    Problem with dark brown eyes is the lighter contacts colors never look realistic. I wish I were blonde and blue-eyed. Would be so much easier to change my eye and hair color. I would have to kill my hair with bleach to get it lighter.

  • Isabella Garcia
    Isabella Garcia 36 minutes ago

    try guys 2.0 ? ew

  • trylikeafool
    trylikeafool 36 minutes ago

    Only the last one qualifies as a horror story, and she brought that on herself.