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  • Snigdha Chatterjee

    no one: Zach: puts 5 ounces of syrup into a mocktail instead of 0.5 ounces

  • Snigdha Chatterjee

    no one: Zach: puts 5 ounces of syrup into a mocktail instead of 0.5 ounces

  • Urmom Urdad
    Urmom Urdad Hour ago

    What about Chucky Charms “Their magically malicious🤪”

  • Dan Arthur
    Dan Arthur Hour ago

    12:45 when comrade dyatlov try wendy's

  • Chels Moss
    Chels Moss Hour ago

    7:10 Zack What kind of Dr. Seuss shit is this I can’t even

  • emmieistaken
    emmieistaken Hour ago

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Not even a soul: Not even Satan: Eugene: do u like my little pony?

  • mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit]

    I just realized. They gave the Jew the baconator to try. He has a big star of David hanging off his neck, yet he was given all the bacon heavy burgers.

  • Jessamy Tred
    Jessamy Tred Hour ago

    why does Wendy's have so many slogans

  • Lauren Tuttle
    Lauren Tuttle Hour ago

    Ariel is so beautiful and such and amazing mom!!!!

  • Cory Spatter
    Cory Spatter Hour ago

    Am I the only person that gets anxiety with every bite of a burger in these episodes thinking he is about to bite his finger?... I am!? Ok, I'll sit down.

  • Duncan Macartney

    Mean much

  • Alyssa Toms
    Alyssa Toms Hour ago

    I like the three poo poo two poo poo one poo poo That’s a lot of poo poo

  • Lexie Motz
    Lexie Motz Hour ago

    This made me realize how messed up this world is and how many people hate on lgbtq and you shouldnt hate on lgbtq because there is nothing wrong with it! People are human no matter what like I don’t know why people have to hate on Others just because of the genders they like or what gender they want to be ! It’s messed up

  • the fox boss lit

    i'm crying a little

  • Anna Verena
    Anna Verena Hour ago

    Im a bot offended by Keith keeping the nice wig for himself. Not a great Host tbh

  • the fox boss lit

    owwwwwww that hit me where it hurt not all aquarius are munipulitive

  • Tessa Lazzari
    Tessa Lazzari Hour ago

    its too bad Good Times is only Midwest because I bet Keith would love an eat the menu of that

  • Kandi's Random corner

    nooo belie is my favreit pricsess

  • the fox boss lit

    i am a aquarius and at school people do call me weird. if your a aquarius like this and replie back

  • maddison
    maddison Hour ago

    "i don't remember what my life was before this and i don't think i can ever go back" lmfaoooooo

  • Anna Verena
    Anna Verena Hour ago

    I wonder how much they had to pay for that

  • Kiara Keeper
    Kiara Keeper Hour ago

    the pops commercial.. thats Jessie from braking bad.

  • Patricia Haskins

    I don't know if it was the apples that saved him but I wonder how long they film this? Because Keith definitely caught a second wind and came back to life.

  • Cristin Nazario
    Cristin Nazario Hour ago

    I love when the food count goes up so does Keith’s ability to not talk goes up too

  • unluckyG0
    unluckyG0 Hour ago

    Is it just me or does old Keith look like jeff goldblum's brother

  • Not Me
    Not Me Hour ago


  • Marisa Martinez
    Marisa Martinez Hour ago

    I can’t believe Smacks weren’t in this video

  • Kiara Keeper
    Kiara Keeper Hour ago

    can i just say, as someone who is hard of hearing. i LOVE that your team takes the time to actually make sure the closed captioning is on your videos. youtubes auto generated captions are not working and have not been working for a long while and its really frustrating. I appreciate who ever does your captions. give them a raise... or fire youtube.. your choice

  • Sam Owens
    Sam Owens Hour ago


  • mirrbot
    mirrbot Hour ago

    Loving Keith in this wig 😂

  • J Mak
    J Mak Hour ago

    I love how much you can tell these guys eat way too much salt/sugar in their diets because they always ridicule the items that aren't overly salty or sugary, lol.

  • Kamalpreet Singhania

    i hate precocious kids, but this one is a genius, no joke. who talks like that at this eloquent!

  • Brokenz childz
    Brokenz childz Hour ago

    nobody: Eugene: I'll be my own daddy ;) me: yes.

  • Alexander Budd
    Alexander Budd 2 hours ago

    WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!???!? LUCKY!

  • l u n a r a h h
    l u n a r a h h 2 hours ago

    i have the LOWEST ego. im a Leo.

  • Punch 336
    Punch 336 2 hours ago

    Looking back on this video i think there was alcohol in Keith’s dumplings

  • x0hitsme0x
    x0hitsme0x 2 hours ago

    This Wendy's wig is really bringing out the blue in Alex's eyes, and Keith is really bringing out the panic in them.

  • Arin Justice
    Arin Justice 2 hours ago

    Wendys doesn’t have breakfast there?

  • Lizbeth Campos
    Lizbeth Campos 2 hours ago

    To mas 😂 😂

  • Bryan Robinson
    Bryan Robinson 2 hours ago

    I used to work there and 2 weeks ago on Saturday was my last day this video makes me to go back

  • Ultimate Ruler Games

    Nobody: Every comment: *eye emoji* *mouth emoji* *eye emoji*

  • Gaetes McGloughlin
    Gaetes McGloughlin 2 hours ago

    anyone else disappointed aquarius didnt move in ranking? Like I can take being an alien and I guess manipulative but like 8? Ow, I feel so irrelevent lol.

  • Thndrcougrfalcnbrd
    Thndrcougrfalcnbrd 2 hours ago

    You didn’t get the bacon cheddar potato wedges???

  • Emo, but with a singular rainbow.

    It sounded like he said "Lime-onade"

  • LastQuincyGirl
    LastQuincyGirl 2 hours ago

    In Ohio, they have Wendy’s breakfast and it is bomb!!

  • Dulce M
    Dulce M 2 hours ago

    Capricorn’s being depressed is my everyday normal (I’m a Capricorn)

  • Pranav Puranam
    Pranav Puranam 2 hours ago


  • Myra Faye Turner
    Myra Faye Turner 2 hours ago

    I don't understand why they don't use knives and cut the burgers. I'm not biting a burger that someone else has put their mouth on.

  • Aubrey Kindy
    Aubrey Kindy 2 hours ago

    My mom and Zach are so alike 😑

  • My Name Is Dream
    My Name Is Dream 2 hours ago

    I cried. This was absolutely beautiful. All the LGBTQIA+ people, please stand.

  • Ana :)
    Ana :) 2 hours ago

    keith said "youre 19 , you dont have a lot of money , this is your baby" literally my go to samdwich when i get the four for four

  • Brokenz childz
    Brokenz childz 2 hours ago

    boob flaps.

  • Sophie Bear
    Sophie Bear 2 hours ago

    The beef in the chili isn't leftover meat at all actually. (could be at some locations depending on poor management) When I worked at a Wendy's' they put in raw beef and therefore we had to wait to serve it to make sure the raw food was cooked. All "left-over" food was thrown out. Most fast food places encourage/demand you to toss out anything after a timer goes off which is within minutes of it being cooked. So if you're that asshole who thinks he's clever for ordering "fries with no salt" just to get fresh fries at peak busy hours, please know the "old fries" came out fo the fryer 45 seconds before you ordered them.

  • Probably So
    Probably So 2 hours ago

    Me and my dad rode the Batman ride at Six Flags Over Georgia over 6 times in a row because there was no one at the park in the middle of summer. We just sat on the ride and stayed because no one was there. We only stopped because we wanted to ride other rides. It was so exiting.

  • Caroline Alleman
    Caroline Alleman 2 hours ago

    the Spicy Chicken Caesar is the only good salad hahaha

    WEREWOLFCRUSH 2 hours ago


  • Jessie M
    Jessie M 2 hours ago

    I feel Rapunzel did so much more than Anna and as much as I love Mulan and agree that’s shes #1 she’s actually not a princess 🤷‍♀️ Neither is Elsa cuz she’s a queen.

  • Amanda Spohrer
    Amanda Spohrer 2 hours ago

    Jamie needs to have some recurring appearances in future Try Guy videos <3

  • Jackson Moy
    Jackson Moy 2 hours ago

    Rip toy in toilet

  • Beck Alcock
    Beck Alcock 2 hours ago

    Ok but why did the rubber duck on neds face sound so good 😂

  • Sam Gabriel
    Sam Gabriel 2 hours ago


  • Katie B
    Katie B 2 hours ago

    NEDDDDDD!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • maddithehatter
    maddithehatter 2 hours ago

    I wanna see Keith eating at sonic wearing a sonic costume

  • Victoria Bitong
    Victoria Bitong 2 hours ago

    Why is Eugene better than blackpink

  • kaila valencia
    kaila valencia 2 hours ago

    Who eats at wendys? Like really who goes hmm im craving some wendys...

  • Owen Warmerdam
    Owen Warmerdam 2 hours ago

    I remember Mari from that Amish eating video

  • schneider MELODEE
    schneider MELODEE 2 hours ago

    no i am the great kid im 9 and iv watched all your video over and over

  • amy pelfree
    amy pelfree 2 hours ago

    do taco bell next

  • Nadalina Francic
    Nadalina Francic 2 hours ago

    for some reason after Jared left and they looked at each other and hugged I thought they were gonna kiss LMAO

  • WanderL King
    WanderL King 2 hours ago

    Confirms the basic fact that Wendys is legit good if you pick the right menu items (and go to at least a half-way decent location).

  • Dee Mccloud
    Dee Mccloud 2 hours ago

    I hate that they take a bite in the same spot

  • lil _ quirky
    lil _ quirky 2 hours ago

    4:02 -1+1=0 😂

  • Mark Laing
    Mark Laing 2 hours ago

    A dad can not do that 😂😂😂😂

  • Danielle Sparks
    Danielle Sparks 2 hours ago

    Kinda sad u didn't try the chili cheese burrito tho lol maybe they don't have it at ur taco Bell stores

    JPC ART 2 hours ago

    You know Eugene went crazy when he saw the model lol

  • Camille Arseneau
    Camille Arseneau 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Wes is dressed like a character from the peaky blinders haha

  • RyRy158
    RyRy158 2 hours ago

    Eat the Menu: Baskin Robbins

  • Caitlin Patrick
    Caitlin Patrick 2 hours ago

    IKEA!! Eat the entire menu at the IKEA restaurant and bistros

  • 애도fuck보이 NIO

    Is ned’s liver okay?

  • Szzd Djkdbf
    Szzd Djkdbf 2 hours ago

    I love eugenes style... He hot

  • EviePontecorvo
    EviePontecorvo 2 hours ago

    YB's wig is adorable!!!

  • Alecc
    Alecc 2 hours ago

    How fucking dare you put anything besides Cinnamon Toast Crunch over fruity pebbles

  • yeokii
    yeokii 2 hours ago

    no one: Keith screaming “yeah” like a madman at 18:58 :

  • dankery1
    dankery1 2 hours ago

    They numbered the bags?!?! Is this the boss level Wendy's?!?

  • Franuwu
    Franuwu 2 hours ago

    Omg Ned is so cuteeeee

  • Zelayia Witty
    Zelayia Witty 2 hours ago

    Eugene be you okay

  • Strawberries And Dandelions

    Dunkin Doughnuts

  • Mochirin
    Mochirin 2 hours ago

    When did they get the shapes back in trix?

  • Samantha Savoie
    Samantha Savoie 2 hours ago

    Sorry bean is pERFECT

  • Alexander D
    Alexander D 2 hours ago

    Keith: "with some fuckin horseradish" Ads: "Ight Imma head out"

  • kendel perry
    kendel perry 2 hours ago

    if keith ever leave the tryguys he really needs to become a host of some sort.

  • Macey Blazek
    Macey Blazek 2 hours ago

    Love this video

  • Alexander Budd
    Alexander Budd 2 hours ago

    All of Florida is in a freaking rage right now

  • solay
    solay 2 hours ago

    I got Wendy’s after this

  • Hotel Diablo
    Hotel Diablo 2 hours ago

    I’m sorry but Tina is not that good.

  • Sharon Maltez
    Sharon Maltez 3 hours ago

    I love that Alex looks happier than when he was at BuzzFeed... Like everyone who leaves BuzzFeed

  • cemre ateş
    cemre ateş 3 hours ago

    the smartest person i know is a taurus

  • samantha painter
    samantha painter 3 hours ago

    You should do The Cheesecake Factory next, May need to be a 2 part series.

  • Lesly Lopez
    Lesly Lopez 3 hours ago

    omg eugene is from pflugerville!!! that's so cool I love that lil town lol it's really close to Austin TX

  • J3SS & BR33
    J3SS & BR33 3 hours ago

    "And I'm going to put her above the fish girl" lol