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Keith Eats Every Pie
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I Got Surgery For My Balding
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The Try Guys Try CrossFit
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Why I'm Coming Out As Gay
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I'm Gay - Eugene Lee Yang
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The Try Guys Try Pottery
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  • I.z
    I.z Hour ago

    Just started the video, 'welcome to Snowdonia'... wow how exotic, we're going to North Wales....

  • ally mohammed
    ally mohammed Hour ago

    Snowdonia is actually a place in Wales with a mountain called Snowden

  • MetalJacx
    MetalJacx Hour ago

    Apparently you just do damage you don’t roll to hit or save vs spells.

  • Aila Rovei Balanga

    Eugene: Asian.. cool? Zach: Ashkenazi Jwish Ned: that other white guy

  • ASMR_ Queen
    ASMR_ Queen Hour ago

    Eugene going to a gay bar makes me happy

  • absol1626 AJ
    absol1626 AJ Hour ago

    I saw this and I started screaming then I sent it to my dnd group and they were like YAAAAA did I overreact? probably

  • Amanda Clews
    Amanda Clews Hour ago

    I need this as a series

  • Annie Gaytan
    Annie Gaytan Hour ago


  • aura lemuria
    aura lemuria Hour ago

    i am watching this an hour before my weekly DnD session MLAO , how many sessions do some of yall do in a week? I used to have 3 games a week last year.

  • AdventuresOnline

    Zach wants to be big and strong and accidentally becomes Mr Tumnus...

  • Calvin Fabros
    Calvin Fabros Hour ago

    Hotankles be like: "Toss a coin to your try guys"

  • Maddie B.
    Maddie B. Hour ago

    How does one get into this tho? Like none of my friends would go for this

  • Sour Cream Sydney


  • tiffany boschee
    tiffany boschee Hour ago

    Um Keith not all snakes lay eggs. Some actually give live birth. Also only snake eating eggs eat eggs. Just letting you know.

  • Grace Howell
    Grace Howell Hour ago

    After the raft incident, WHY DO YOU KEEP GIVING EUGENE A KNIFE???

  • Blue Nightfox
    Blue Nightfox Hour ago

    This needs to be a series!

  • Olivia Knops
    Olivia Knops Hour ago

    This is very confusing since I live in Snowdonia...its a real Wales, UK. Its named after the Snowdonian Mountains. I can confirm that its just as badass as described.

  • Sundae Chii
    Sundae Chii Hour ago

    this video is so amazingly produced. loved that they also acted it out, helps with the image and to follow the plot

  • Kimberly Leal
    Kimberly Leal Hour ago

    Ned reminds me of the dad in Brave

  • ana moyen
    ana moyen Hour ago

    Zach insulting the shit out of a child with vicious mockery has HUGE bard energy

  • Megan Behrmann
    Megan Behrmann Hour ago

    Having helped birth goats, horses, dogs, and cats this video was nothing new 😂😅

  • llama prana
    llama prana Hour ago

    "Baking is the most precise thing in the entire world". Fuck surgery

  • quackss
    quackss Hour ago

    Eat everything at grandma's house. I DARE YOU

  • Floral Child
    Floral Child Hour ago

    _fIrE, fIrE, iGnItE wItHiN mE, jUsT aS i Am FoReVeR sAd._

  • chezamau
    chezamau Hour ago

    Says Tiefling. Shows picture of Tybalt from Magic the Gathering.

  • han
    han Hour ago

    snowdonia is in wales o

  • jordaniite
    jordaniite Hour ago

    The dog growled at the baby- no duh- if Bean but Wes’s hair, Wes would cry.

  • Lena Reis
    Lena Reis Hour ago

    make this a series. now. please.

  • Avalon Project Wildfire

    Just checking, but you do know that Snowdonia us a real place, right? Some pretty smallish mountains in Wales, UK. Less snow than you might think. Some snow though.

  • Hailey Hailey
    Hailey Hailey Hour ago

    I would love more of this

  • General Rat
    General Rat Hour ago

    they did it, incredible

  • Limey Blimey
    Limey Blimey Hour ago

    Would a 100% listen to a Try Guys DnD podcast.

  • Elise Bessetti
    Elise Bessetti Hour ago

    How dare you make me want to play, it looks so fun, curses this world for giving me no friends

  • Marci LK
    Marci LK Hour ago

    Dungeons and Dragons always confuses me, and it still does. But the video was enjoyable, and I loved the consumes. Always high quality videos.

  • KettouRyuujin
    KettouRyuujin Hour ago

    Haven’t even started watching it, and already I want a longer version.

  • kit kat
    kit kat Hour ago

    kieths character reminds me of Drax

  • kylan morrow
    kylan morrow Hour ago

    Can we please get more of this?!

  • Sian Dym
    Sian Dym Hour ago

    So, Snowdonia is a region in Wales so that really threw me for a sec

  • Sasu123456789x1
    Sasu123456789x1 Hour ago

    I wanna play D&D so badly! 😭 It looks like so much fun and its interesting! 👌🏾

  • Zoey Robertson-DeGraaff

    I would love to see this as a series. I really want a continuation of this story.

  • Noah Whaley
    Noah Whaley Hour ago

    i love dnd, my first character was an aarakocra rogue and my first dice set is coming in today i love it sm.

  • Waddy Bear
    Waddy Bear Hour ago

    YES. YES. YES.

  • Lucy Masters
    Lucy Masters Hour ago

    fr I just came back from this week’s session and found this video

  • Anna Lily
    Anna Lily Hour ago

    eugenes cake looks like a masterpiece

  • frances Swain
    frances Swain Hour ago

    Zacks hair is looking so good, that robot really did a solid there

  • Gus Johnnson
    Gus Johnnson Hour ago

    I love that every time Eugene says something rude, Daniel is just taken aback and a little offended.

  • chole maglia
    chole maglia Hour ago


  • gabiluch87
    gabiluch87 Hour ago

    Kilometer is the unsung hero of this story

  • Mike Mardell
    Mike Mardell Hour ago

    Will someone PLEASE talk to Zack about the way he gets his hair cut

  • Madelyn Bachtle
    Madelyn Bachtle Hour ago

    Is it me or do the Try Guys seem like the off-brand McElroy brothers and their dad?

  • Ray Collins
    Ray Collins Hour ago

    Carol carried this goddamn team we support

  • Legend of Link
    Legend of Link Hour ago

    I play DND every week and I’ve been waiting for the guys to try it. Aghhh!!! So excited you guys gave it a shot! 😁

  • Sydney Knipp
    Sydney Knipp Hour ago


  • Quite Salty
    Quite Salty Hour ago

    Why does Ned know everyone??

  • Diamond Rae
    Diamond Rae Hour ago

    Me the entire time Keith did his part: WHAT THE FUCK LOL

  • Laurin Marie
    Laurin Marie Hour ago

    Okay but can this be a series

  • Meagen
    Meagen Hour ago

    In which Ned is just Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy 😂

  • DarkComputerGirl


  • kasey jane
    kasey jane Hour ago

    I surprisingly actually really enjoyed this?

  • Brianna Keogan
    Brianna Keogan Hour ago

    Omg this was so funny and so fun to watch!! My friends and I used to play but then we just stopped bc we all got too busy lol

  • Princesslilfire LG


  • Talon
    Talon Hour ago

    As someone who actually lives in Snowdonia, you're not far from the truth...

  • Yuikota
    Yuikota Hour ago

    I don't play D&D, but I would actually love to see you guys play more!

  • salty who?
    salty who? Hour ago

    “I have one thing to say...Gay Rights”

  • Andrew McKay
    Andrew McKay Hour ago

    Please make another D&D episode! This was very entertaining to watch!!

  • Hamishwitha H
    Hamishwitha H Hour ago

    It was worth the wait

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku Hour ago

    By the lemon cream cake Keith lost his sanity

  • josy
    josy Hour ago

    im sorry but i cant get over zachs voice crack in the first second 😂😂😂😂

  • Ambi Cahira
    Ambi Cahira Hour ago

    My first D&D adventure the enemy was on the ground and I could dagger stab him anywhere and I chose the leg because my character didn't want to waste poison and needed the satisfaction of a slow death :p It was a fun adventure :)

  • Samwich _
    Samwich _ Hour ago

    Eugene will be the cool uncle

  • The Daydreaming Demon

    "Tiefling, they're like devil people." Keith laughs his head off. *Me, who mainly plays Tielfings shrinks into chair*

  • Mr. Krabs
    Mr. Krabs Hour ago

    im not joking my name is emmerson and i feel so special right now im crying why i legit have no idea why. but i feel very very happy

  • Fiona Muir
    Fiona Muir Hour ago

    am i the only one who got great british bake off vibes from the music? lol

  • Gabriella Stein
    Gabriella Stein Hour ago

    The try guys play the shortest dnd game ever 😂

  • Yonathan Lazar
    Yonathan Lazar Hour ago

    Is that Eugene’s mom??? (12:39)

  • Ellae Dior
    Ellae Dior Hour ago

    i dont even like pizza that much, but im watching lmao

  • Felicita Martinez

    Eugene acts like my dad 😂😂

  • Braulio Maduro-Salvarrey

    Make this a series.

  • IWantTo Believe
    IWantTo Believe Hour ago

    I remember that churches including mine preached that Dungeons and Dragons was demonic. They also thought bar codes on food and goods was the Sign of Satan. This is why I'm not religious. 🤣🤣🤣

  • StressedVulture
    StressedVulture Hour ago

    I want to get friends so I can play this

  • Ciera Hoover
    Ciera Hoover Hour ago

    This was hilarious, like what the.. XD funniest version of a round i've seen in a while. Ya'll need to practice role play though... for fantasy >< pfff....!

  • Alex-Chan Nguyen

    Part two part two

  • Jada Baz
    Jada Baz Hour ago

    Finally an actual video

  • TheOofin Oofer
    TheOofin Oofer Hour ago

    Omg I'd never thought they'd try d&d 🤣😶

  • Ryan Wilhelm
    Ryan Wilhelm Hour ago

    Oh please play more DND please!

  • Brooke Oops
    Brooke Oops Hour ago

    make try guys dnd time!!! TGDNDT

  • Kate Reed
    Kate Reed Hour ago

    Wait.... you mean to tell me y’all nerds haven’t been playing DnD????

  • gabiluch87
    gabiluch87 Hour ago

    Zach had to turn this into sth sexual right away by calling James "Dungeon Daddy" and of course, Eugene delivered in the least subtle way

  • John Bainbridge
    John Bainbridge Hour ago

    This is so transcendentally idiotic, it has become painfully brilliant.

  • Lottie 555
    Lottie 555 Hour ago

    Let’s have a part 2!!!

  • Full English
    Full English Hour ago

    I recognise those hero forge poses!

  • Win Con Gaming
    Win Con Gaming Hour ago

    any tieflin who models their character after tibalt is in for a bad time

  • Musashi Williams


  • Matt Mojo
    Matt Mojo Hour ago

    Maggie has a very specific aesthetic, I just learned what that means

  • meggy
    meggy 2 hours ago

    The instant eugenes choices go up they knew it was over

  • kat915
    kat915 2 hours ago

    Can you all make this a monthly thing? I'd love to see more adventures of this group.

  • Kenna
    Kenna 2 hours ago

    DnD in 20 minutes. how.

  • Tina Jackson
    Tina Jackson 2 hours ago

    Found my new saying for my period. THE CRIMSON MIST IS COMING! 😂😂😂

  • E W
    E W 2 hours ago

    Eugene's hair. That's it, that's the comment.

  • Anonymous Channel
    Anonymous Channel 2 hours ago

    My friends play dungeons and dragons, and lemme tell you, they’re very chaotic, argue a lot, and wen one of them is dm, they will try to screw each other over (sometimes). There’s a lot of math and literally your fate lies within the dice and the dm, so, those trying out, good luck and choose wisely