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    JAKE HOOT's voice connects with me. He never disappoints and makes his performances seem so natural and effortless.

  • Summer Skyye
    Summer Skyye 13 seconds ago

    okey we already have a Winner 😁

  • Deviyah Jakanathan
    Deviyah Jakanathan 18 seconds ago

    Anyone knows what happened to Brian Hartmetz TheXvid account? Where do I watch the voice anymore?

  • Taylor Lovenkramds
    Taylor Lovenkramds 29 seconds ago

    This dude got balls to sing that song 8n ya style and make it urs......hmmmmm m feeling chills

  • Nancy Mojica
    Nancy Mojica Minute ago

    Love her unique voice!!! 💕

  • tap tap
    tap tap Minute ago

    His song choices are always on point.. 👌🏻

  • gasmasongs
    gasmasongs Minute ago

    This song is older than his parents, wtf? Wrong song choice for him!

  • who what?
    who what? Minute ago

    Sound like sia

  • jay charleston
    jay charleston Minute ago

    Sorry Abby and Delaney yall we're awesome, but Marybeth just laid this song to rest.... again

  • Barbara C
    Barbara C Minute ago

    Oh man, I love this lady!

  • samuel jackson
    samuel jackson Minute ago

    Wrong song

  • Donna Lynn
    Donna Lynn 2 minutes ago

    What a gift she is amazing

  • Nancy Mojica
    Nancy Mojica 2 minutes ago

    Don’t really like country but she’s a great singer !👍

  • Mizuka Young
    Mizuka Young 2 minutes ago

    I loved the song choice and this was a very difficult song to sing and she seemed very nervous but other than that she did a great job. I loved that she made the song her own.

  • who what?
    who what? 2 minutes ago

    My favorite singer of all

  • Taylor Lovenkramds
    Taylor Lovenkramds 4 minutes ago

    This was so soothing and sweet.....we love hoot!!

  • gasmasongs
    gasmasongs 4 minutes ago

    Oh no!! I like her but this was a hot mess! Love the gold lame suit.

  • Fariz Nicholas
    Fariz Nicholas 4 minutes ago

    I love You will!!!!!!!!! Lots of love from Malaysia!!!!

  • Khy Strick
    Khy Strick 5 minutes ago

    Huge voice. Great song ! Very emotional

  • tom tomlinson
    tom tomlinson 5 minutes ago

    Would love to hear her sing some Nina Simone.

  • gasmasongs
    gasmasongs 6 minutes ago

    Will is fire, his quirks, "wirks" for me!!

  • Mizuka Young
    Mizuka Young 7 minutes ago

    I am not a fan of him at all but this was probably his best performance to date. Welcome to the finale.

  • Echo x rific
    Echo x rific 7 minutes ago

    1:20 Can we just appreciate her vibrato here?

  • chakraboosters
    chakraboosters 7 minutes ago

    Team Kelly and Legend's on his feet. 'Nuff said.

  • SaMyVI
    SaMyVI 7 minutes ago

    She gonna win it ! Calling it, i'm not magician don't thank me , like my comment only when it happens 😋

  • Suzanne Jones
    Suzanne Jones 7 minutes ago

    His voice is so yummy

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    KATIE KADAN & JAKE HOOT were perfect as expected. I don't know why the other contestants were underwhelming in the Live Playoffs compared to their past stellar performances?

  • Hưng Nguyễn
    Hưng Nguyễn 8 minutes ago

    Vote for him... This is a true winner of this competition

  • Robin Cortez
    Robin Cortez 9 minutes ago

    She made this song her own...a very clean, pure rendition.💕💕 Kat sings like an angel.💖🥰👌

  • wfzxy
    wfzxy 9 minutes ago

    Love maxxxxxx!!

  • Ji-Soo Park
    Ji-Soo Park 9 minutes ago

    The nerves got the best of him..

  • Matt Roman
    Matt Roman 9 minutes ago

    This lady has a WONDERFUL voice. FABULOUS! But I wonder if America is open-minded enough to accept a plus-sized elderly woman to be the next Lady Gaga?

  • Diego Gomes
    Diego Gomes 9 minutes ago


  • Alice Bedokis
    Alice Bedokis 9 minutes ago

    He's the best country singer that's ever been on the show! Blake was asleep on this one.

  • Mizuka Young
    Mizuka Young 9 minutes ago

    This is an odd song choice BUT he nailed that and made it his own. I love how he doesn't have the best voice but his voice is unique and he has an excellent style. He's really fun and enjoyable. He can pick a weird song choice and make it his own. He's not trying to be like anyone else but himself. He's a real artist. But all of John's team are artists to me. I want all of his team in the top 13 please.

  • Asse Down
    Asse Down 10 minutes ago

    How far did she go in the competition

  • Eiei Lay
    Eiei Lay 10 minutes ago

    I can relate more to when party’s over, when max sings

  • Barbara C
    Barbara C 12 minutes ago

    On watching the coaching during rehearsals, I think Blake had already decided to throw Zach out before this performance ever happened. Sad.

  • Jetson Jetson
    Jetson Jetson 12 minutes ago

    Just learned about her. I watched a few videos and think she is great. However, I think that this was a horrible song choice. The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds is one of the most influential albums ever! That is NOT an exaggeration! To choose an iconic song from an iconic album is a huge mistake. She is good, but she is not so good that she can stand up to that type of comparison, and inevitably, people will always compare a cover to the original. Bad move by Blake. As good as she is, people could downgrade her performance as a result of the song choice.

  • Linzer
    Linzer 12 minutes ago

    Britton Buchanan laid this song to rest.

  • Lisa Spink
    Lisa Spink 12 minutes ago

    Why did a lot of the artists change who they are for the lives? I liked them for what they have been doing up until now. I would think they would wait to change it up until they know they know the audience has their back. I think he did a good job, but he might have lost some of the "rocker" vote. I hope not.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 13 minutes ago

    For me Marybeth has the best performance tonight she slayed the song tonight with the right voice. So really love her I hope she wins it all

  • gasmasongs
    gasmasongs 14 minutes ago

    Sing on little sisters!!

  • Eddy127
    Eddy127 14 minutes ago

    How didn't she win the voice

  • robert desmarais
    robert desmarais 15 minutes ago

    I think his version of this song sucked. Don't usually complain or make comments. But I think you are going home if this is how you continue to sing.

  • Mizuka Young
    Mizuka Young 15 minutes ago

    He did a great job with the song and I loved he made it his own. I don't think he will make the finale though since he doesn't strike me as John's number one.

  • Ammar Almohimeed
    Ammar Almohimeed 15 minutes ago

    She’s the best one from team kelly

  • gasmasongs
    gasmasongs 16 minutes ago

    Fantastic performance, Katie rocks!!

  • Sheri Bueltel
    Sheri Bueltel 17 minutes ago


  • Bree Wilson
    Bree Wilson 17 minutes ago


  • Dawn K.
    Dawn K. 17 minutes ago

    I liked it!

  • Robin Cortez
    Robin Cortez 18 minutes ago

    They saved the VERY BEST for last...Katie is SENSATIONAL.👍💖

  • gasmasongs
    gasmasongs 18 minutes ago

    Powerful performance. She sings with exciting intensity, well beyond her years!

  • Clinton Fitch
    Clinton Fitch 18 minutes ago

    God, she is so powerful. Would be a travesty if she doesn't make it through to the next round.

  • 778mbz
    778mbz 19 minutes ago

    A TRUE Force of Nature!

  • Betsy P.
    Betsy P. 19 minutes ago

    They put her last because they know everyone is waiting to watch her - I had to stay up through the whole program just to see Katy! 😁 She's the BEST. She really sings the story.

  • Mizuka Young
    Mizuka Young 19 minutes ago

    Cali did a pretty good job with the song but I didn't love this from her. Her weakest performance so far and she did the best she could. Nerves maybe? Or mic was off? I love the song but not for Cali. The only thing I liked was the beginning but I didn't like the chorus cause she isn't the type who goes for high notes.

  • Clif Carothers
    Clif Carothers 20 minutes ago

    top top top 13

  • Dawn K.
    Dawn K. 20 minutes ago

    Just NO!

  • A L
    A L 20 minutes ago

    hes literally a beast, does what he does so effortlessly

  • Kimmie
    Kimmie 21 minute ago

    Damn but she has an amazing voice!

  • Lisa Spink
    Lisa Spink 21 minute ago

    Her voice reminds me a little of Miranda Lambert way back. She should sing "More Like Her" or "Me and Charlie Talking"

  • Akank Rizal
    Akank Rizal 21 minute ago

    wth ... she play piano? power mixed with softness that's incridible performance

  • Dawn K.
    Dawn K. 22 minutes ago

    It was a little rough but I love this girl!

  • Sirbananasir
    Sirbananasir 22 minutes ago

    He is a performer, so entertaining and also so unique! He has his own character

  • pitinannan
    pitinannan 23 minutes ago

    YOu are my favorite so happy you still in .

  • Andrea Trujillo
    Andrea Trujillo 23 minutes ago


  • Carol
    Carol 24 minutes ago

    She's the whole package, she needs to win this competition! What an phenomenaol original!!!! Go get it Katie!!!!!

  • Sirbananasir
    Sirbananasir 24 minutes ago

    I got goosebumps!

  • Desmon Owen
    Desmon Owen 24 minutes ago

    Sis better singgg!!!!

  • Cruzkilla88
    Cruzkilla88 25 minutes ago

    The start was terrible.. But when they started harmonizing.. ooo that was nice

  • Eddy127
    Eddy127 25 minutes ago

    Yikes she looks older than what she is which is around 14

  • D D
    D D 25 minutes ago

    I don’t understand why she’s singing songs that are NOT competition songs??? John knows better this! Whatever happened to her singing an Anita Baker song! 🤷🏼‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Adam Efimoff
    Adam Efimoff 25 minutes ago


  • Sydney Young
    Sydney Young 25 minutes ago

    SO GOOD! my favorite of the night by far .

  • Dawn K.
    Dawn K. 26 minutes ago

    WOOOOOOO sing it!

  • Ji-Soo Park
    Ji-Soo Park 26 minutes ago

    Wow that buildup was insane, major chills throughout the entire last chorus

  • Ryann T
    Ryann T 26 minutes ago

    I dont get this performance...

  • Cool Kidd
    Cool Kidd 26 minutes ago

    I swear with that voice . He could win this sh**t

  • al francis alindogan
    al francis alindogan 27 minutes ago

    wow Max is in the zone!

  • A2SION Y-Kidox
    A2SION Y-Kidox 28 minutes ago

    Most people don’t rilly like her performance Bt she is rilly unique in her own way n we should appreciate her n her style... Hope she makes it through the next round

  • Chioma Ubani
    Chioma Ubani 28 minutes ago

    She has a very beautiful voice

  • Jaybyrd So Wavy
    Jaybyrd So Wavy 29 minutes ago

    Great performance she should feel confident that’s she goin to the next round

  • Kory Kingsley
    Kory Kingsley 29 minutes ago

    Great build up in the song. She needs to choose more songs like this. She can win this for sure....

  • Sirbananasir
    Sirbananasir 29 minutes ago

    I actually love this song choice and the fact that she can tackle a Faith Evans song I feel like she is the one that can bring back that old school R&B that is so loved I actually don’t listen to much American music but my mom used to listen to these songs and it made me want to dance it’s not supposed to be an exciting song it’s one that you would want to play over and over again just to jam along with it. It’s not time for the big guns yet

  • Mizuka Young
    Mizuka Young 29 minutes ago

    I love Jake's voice but yikes this was the wrong song for him as he is a rocker not a ballad artist. He sounded off tonight and nervous. Kennedy Holmes put this song to rest.

    DRE WILSON 29 minutes ago

    So Proud of Her! ❤❤❤🎙🎙🎙😊😊😊

  • Omi GB
    Omi GB 30 minutes ago

    I love him ❤️

  • A2SION Y-Kidox
    A2SION Y-Kidox 30 minutes ago

    Is this the finale??? Seeing him perform makes one feel his a winner already.. Thanks The Voice for the uploads...

  • Susan Sisk
    Susan Sisk 31 minute ago


  • Marlene Reza
    Marlene Reza 31 minute ago


  • Kayla Blakeley
    Kayla Blakeley 31 minute ago

    Wow. 14.....omg

  • Kathi Carlisle
    Kathi Carlisle 31 minute ago

    Katie is good but it seems like she can only sing one way...loud!

  • M A
    M A 31 minute ago

    Will and Alex....... the best of Legend

  • AJ Perea
    AJ Perea 32 minutes ago

    Shes better than this!! Hope she makes top 13 and we can see more performances like her audition and knockout

  • Mizuka Young
    Mizuka Young 32 minutes ago

    Okay I am a fan of Shane's voice but I just wasn't feeling this. This seemed like his weakest performance and he needs to learn to connect emotionally if he wants to win. I want more emotions please Shane.

  • Esteban Gabriel Colmán Valenzuela

    I think he did beter than everyone else tonight. Kinda bold statement, but for real. Really poor song choices from the other contestants.

  • Melyssa Lima
    Melyssa Lima 32 minutes ago

    Not the best choice song for her. Hoping to see her doing more, she has a good voice

  • A2SION Y-Kidox
    A2SION Y-Kidox 32 minutes ago

    I’m shocked he is still here...