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  • Olivia Haynes
    Olivia Haynes 45 seconds ago

    Melissa was SO rude omg Just because Maddie and Mackenzie didn't get anything special

  • Nina Oreste
    Nina Oreste Minute ago

    The angry mom said stop touching me when she was the one touching maesi's mom😂😂

  • Kenya Ezeanuna
    Kenya Ezeanuna 2 minutes ago

    He looks like he could be Caitlyn Jenner's sister 😂

  • Noor Husain
    Noor Husain 2 minutes ago

    I just realized that Nia has been here from the beginning and has never left the team and she’s the only one who has a mom who has a brain I think Nia should be the star

  • Maizy Moo123
    Maizy Moo123 2 minutes ago

    I love how no one was agreeing with Jill lmao they were just nodding 😂

  • glitter Rockstar
    glitter Rockstar 2 minutes ago

    4:06 is so me!! Michelle is me when I take revenge and it works 😂😂😂

  • Tracy Williams
    Tracy Williams 3 minutes ago

    Does diane have a fun side? Dang she is soooooo mean

  • Olivia Haynes
    Olivia Haynes 3 minutes ago

    See to me it all seems like acting because the American accent is like an acting voice to us Brits, we know it's not, but we're used to hearing it in movies and series. No offense btw. That's the only way I could tell Nia was acting at some points, she was very good though.

  • gidget heller
    gidget heller 4 minutes ago

    Neva is a Delusional Diva.

  • T Segars
    T Segars 4 minutes ago


  • Rachel Cole
    Rachel Cole 4 minutes ago

    This show actually kind of sucks ,and so do most of the dancers!

  • Young Reezy
    Young Reezy 5 minutes ago

    “We need to change yo name to the prince of New Jersey”😂😂😂

  • Jemma Miles
    Jemma Miles 6 minutes ago

    Hadleys mum was soo rude I just wanted to go ‘ummm excuse me, stop talking about children like that u psycho!’

  • Jeraneka Rodgers
    Jeraneka Rodgers 7 minutes ago

    Just make this the last time

  • Raymone Norwood
    Raymone Norwood 7 minutes ago

    What's the song in 34:15

  • Jorja Clarke
    Jorja Clarke 8 minutes ago

    I thought it was so sad that when Abby was talking about cancer and now she can't walk from it 😭😭😭

  • suck a bloody bootyhole

    36:04 *"You sure you wanna battle me?"*

  • Rohan Eats food
    Rohan Eats food 10 minutes ago

    ‘YOU TOUCHED ME’ *touches her*

  • brenda garcia
    brenda garcia 10 minutes ago

    Kalani is her favorite

  • joyce velazquez
    joyce velazquez 11 minutes ago

    I think Jess just speaks out of jealousy because she she knows that Jojo isn’t capable of doing half of the things Sarah can

  • Thomas Draws
    Thomas Draws 11 minutes ago


  • Denya Lukak
    Denya Lukak 11 minutes ago

    cheerleading Isn't going to give her a scholarship

  • cattleya 39
    cattleya 39 12 minutes ago

    This should be title Christi with a y makes accusations

  • Amy Leighton
    Amy Leighton 13 minutes ago

    the fact that she is out of breath had me dead 😂😂

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 13 minutes ago

    She may not have wanted the child at first, but a lot of young people feel that way and soon want the kid. Even if she didn’t want her kid, knowing that a baby inside of you just died is hard. So stop saying that she’s being dramatic and all this other stuff

  • Nisha Banks
    Nisha Banks 13 minutes ago

    I used to love this show

  • sydney_ lived
    sydney_ lived 14 minutes ago

    Her ponytail is really tight

  • Eunice Zhang.
    Eunice Zhang. 14 minutes ago

    That trophy is as big as MackZ

  • Debbie Mazzuca
    Debbie Mazzuca 18 minutes ago

    Her facial expressions just make me want to punch her in the face. I hate fake! 😡

  • Gabrielle Bintin
    Gabrielle Bintin 18 minutes ago

    At 50 seconds. I’m sorry what are those teeth??!!

  • CJ Lou Hughes
    CJ Lou Hughes 19 minutes ago

    Ava’s fine guys She now owns size 13 nikes Men’s size 13 nikes

  • meena
    meena 19 minutes ago

    wtf? why is she complaining about people shaming her body and personality? like people go through so much worse like u know wearing sIzE 13 nIkEs.. *men’s nIKES.*

  • Emily Model
    Emily Model 20 minutes ago

    0:06 I love Abby 😂

  • Tadek
    Tadek 20 minutes ago

    Did you see Jades face when Christy touched her xd

  • Sonshine Singz
    Sonshine Singz 20 minutes ago

    She ain't going back n forth with That dance coach........Doing her best dance

  • Aphrodite and Friends
    Aphrodite and Friends 20 minutes ago

    Am I the only person that thinks maybe they kept Asia only for the fact that it’s a tv show, and a lot of fans liked her even though she clearly wasn’t up to par with the other dancers?

  • Alexa Torres
    Alexa Torres 22 minutes ago

    I haven’t watched this in so long time wat happen to the black dude caylee was with did they break up . Is she with chase now

  • Bratty Maggie
    Bratty Maggie 22 minutes ago

    Isn’t this the same song from Cathys Ego Solo😂😂😂😂

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 23 minutes ago

    Some of y’all need to watch the video where they fought.

  • Go Cardi
    Go Cardi 24 minutes ago

    I think Asia should go and perform at Asia (the continent) 😂

  • mel
    mel 25 minutes ago

    okay, but why does Abby have devil horns?

  • Emily Model
    Emily Model 26 minutes ago

    * its reasonable why Abby pulled Maddie out of the group dance cause don’t get me wrong.i think there all very hard-working and all have ambition,”but sometimes they rely on Maddie to win even Abby depends on maddie!!!* 3:51 🎤

  • I got you triggered huh?
    I got you triggered huh? 28 minutes ago

    Omg is that really taara???!!!!

  • Amariah Villatoro
    Amariah Villatoro 29 minutes ago

    Peytons a HUGE brat if I was her mom I would’ve smacked that girl so hard

  • Evelyn Tang
    Evelyn Tang 29 minutes ago

    I hate chatty but the ending was funny

  • Chunk Lee
    Chunk Lee 29 minutes ago

    Every time Wooda drinks... Emily drinks👀

  • Dawn Drake
    Dawn Drake 30 minutes ago

    Who else saw the one white girl 🤭

  • Jabari’s Journey
    Jabari’s Journey 31 minute ago

    Cathy makes really good tv. I mean she went from being a dance mom to opening her own studio just to agg Abby. The queen of petty 😂😩

  • E Pizzle
    E Pizzle 31 minute ago

    We already had bring it and dance moms we didn’t need another

  • bokunoruruka
    bokunoruruka 31 minute ago

    I’ve watched this dance at least 8 times now because it’s just *that* entertaining

  • Maddie S.
    Maddie S. 32 minutes ago


  • Nurul Tasya
    Nurul Tasya 33 minutes ago

    I think this is one reason why Brynn stopped dancing

  • Gaby Suarez
    Gaby Suarez 33 minutes ago

    2:46 can we just talk about the fact that Jill is wearing a change with a lock

  • Noor Husain
    Noor Husain 34 minutes ago

    Wait was that the same girl that she ran over holding the door for Abby or is it only me


    Jasmin is lovely, her kids the same. Poor lil Penny, has soo many struggles ahead...poor lil baby. Praying for ya honey.😞😞😞😞🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Maddie S.
    Maddie S. 34 minutes ago

    Why would you do that to poor JoJo Abby she deserves everything. She visited you in the hospital and raised money for your cancer. She wouldn't of done that if she didn't forgive you. Don't tell at anyone of the other girls

  • S.K.O sko
    S.K.O sko 35 minutes ago

    "sometimes I think the moms forget I have a life to." Abby Lee miller

  • Stella Garcia
    Stella Garcia 37 minutes ago

    Cole 25 balding

  • Bernice Cheung
    Bernice Cheung 37 minutes ago

    lolll abby going like yes yes yes wow

  • Noor Husain
    Noor Husain 37 minutes ago

    Didn’t that police sound like a robot or is it just me?

  • Stella Garcia
    Stella Garcia 38 minutes ago

    Mika minds everybody business but her own

  • Ptolemy Glenn Soter
    Ptolemy Glenn Soter 38 minutes ago

    Lesley abusing her daughter. Should be ashamed of herself

  • Reginelli Coleman
    Reginelli Coleman 39 minutes ago

    Who remember this episode like it do

  • Kpoplover 07
    Kpoplover 07 39 minutes ago

    Sooo let me get this straight... Cathy can get in the ALDC studio like if it was hers without any permission, and hide there. While Abby puts ONE foot in Cathys studio and she’s already cussing her away? I mean, she needs some logic or whatever💀💀💀

  • Arianna Leah
    Arianna Leah 40 minutes ago

    I dream of Kendall every night that we are best friend but l haven’t met you guys yet l am huge fan sense the day l saw guys 😀

  • Emily Model
    Emily Model 40 minutes ago

    3:26 that looks like my restroom curtain 😂 the *dress*

  • Ya boy jack
    Ya boy jack 40 minutes ago

    it would be so funny If she got emancipated

  • Bernice Cheung
    Bernice Cheung 42 minutes ago

    tbh why does melissa need to pull the solo?! abby gave maddie the solo cause maddie always wins and is a great dancer, like it's nationals, as a mom, why would u pull your kid's dance maddie so so nice to not pull sb else's solo and enter hers despite really wanting to do a solo

  • •Mathea•
    •Mathea• 42 minutes ago

    You know its nationals when Maddie runs off stage at the end.

  • Christina Swaiss
    Christina Swaiss 42 minutes ago

    macy: abby said i cant say everyone else: thats abby’s boy toy and shes promoting his new song

  • Andrea Lynn
    Andrea Lynn 43 minutes ago

    She is hurt!!! What you do for do for the other

  • Esmerelda Villa-Lobos
    Esmerelda Villa-Lobos 45 minutes ago

    this lady built lime Jasmine masters😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Liv
    Liv 46 minutes ago

    This is one of my favorite group dances, where you can really appreciate how they are all syncing together so well, but it's also enjoyable to look at how they are dancing individually.

  • Erin
    Erin 50 minutes ago

    That was really rude how Abby stuck Ava beside Chloe and said she was too tall and then cut her. I get it how dancers are usually shorter (sometimes not always) but Ava is such a elegant dancer. She should not have been cut because of her height.

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  • Cesar Aceves
    Cesar Aceves 52 minutes ago

    Shut up Abby Lee Miller she did great you are the one who's acting stupid you are

  • Buffi Winkler
    Buffi Winkler 53 minutes ago

    We all saw your girls talking s*** to the Dancing Dolls don't try to f****** lie and we all saw the Dancing Dolls just dancing!!!!!

  • Utube Lover
    Utube Lover 53 minutes ago

    Can we just take a moment to acknowledge holly being a queen and looking gorgeous in that dress

  • Addysen Kloysuntia
    Addysen Kloysuntia 54 minutes ago

    why is there like Australian money in her bag and lots of it in plastic bags??

  • fun guy
    fun guy 54 minutes ago

    That’s so sad I don’t know what I would do if I was in ava’s size 13 Nikes

  • Erin
    Erin 54 minutes ago

    “Your kid’s arms are horrendous! She looks like a praying mantis when she dances!” -Abby Lee Miller A couple years later.... AVA DANCES A SOLO CALLED PRAYING MANTIS!

  • sheena dogra
    sheena dogra 58 minutes ago

    Aubrey o'day songs have not more than 200k views in any of her songs ... and in some less than that . And sia more than a billion views And in 2019 we can also see the level where maddie is and the level nia is in

  • Dinesh Yadav
    Dinesh Yadav 58 minutes ago

    OMG god Gift

  • Catherine Napravnick

    I legit don’t even understand why McKenzie is crying she is crying for no reason like what the heck like maybe she feels bad but like she wasn’t involved at all soooooooo!?😂😐😑lol

  • Asia Gipson
    Asia Gipson Hour ago

    These women are truly ghetto!!

  • ooemzaragoza
    ooemzaragoza Hour ago

    tall girl is in this ?

  • Jammy Mrls
    Jammy Mrls Hour ago

    Honestly heres my message for leslie. *Usually, people just accept the fact and leave.*

  • Caitlyn Schrager

    Well I really wanted you to be here because I really loved the solo that you gave me. My heart broke she wasn’t acting like a brat she wasn’t being a crybaby she wanted Abby to see her and to be proud of her we have to realize she won with that solo too

  • Krystle Mitchell

    I agree with neva

  • Daisyÿ
    Daisyÿ Hour ago

    4:46 no hate but she sounded dumb the way she that LMAOOO

  • Kamima Abid
    Kamima Abid Hour ago



    I don’t think i’ve seen 1 scene, 1 episode, or 1 clip of Neva that makes me say Neva is a good person🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️

  • Kamima Abid
    Kamima Abid Hour ago

    Abby:UR DONE

  • Ingrid Tideström

    Cindy is soooooooo annoying! Kira has good comebacks.

  • Dk gang
    Dk gang Hour ago

    1. Abby is so rude 2. Ava is about the same height of chole 3. Ava is better with out abby. 4. She got a Netflix movie

  • Marvellous Fans
    Marvellous Fans Hour ago

    I feel so bad for everyone right here 💞 these drama...

  • Evie Powell
    Evie Powell Hour ago

    “That was rude” *says the one who threw a chair at Paige*

  • Eylmao
    Eylmao Hour ago

    I wish i was as "lucky" as that kid when i was in school

  • Mary Dylancute
    Mary Dylancute Hour ago

    The girl ava looks like a stick I could see her bones

  • shonny j
    shonny j Hour ago

    If Sarah kills christy...I will testify on Sarah’s behalf or get her a attorney and try my best to get her off!!!!