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Skate 3 MODDED on PC!!
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Session - Huge JAWS Gap!
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  • karhunokka
    karhunokka 2 hours ago

    Hey guys, is there an existing video with clear instructions of how to make all the tricks, lock each grind etc. in the game? If there is, would you be so kind to tell me where I can find it. If there isn't, could Nightspeeds produce one perhaps? Cheers guys!

  • c: c:
    c: c: 3 hours ago

    If they had a story mode where you get flowed would be sick

  • c: c:
    c: c: 3 hours ago

    why skater XL took my money and ran haven’t been able to play on PC due to the fact it crashes for windows 8 not only that why aren’t they updating the game not what they promised

  • sneaX
    sneaX 4 hours ago

    my fps is only 20, but i have gtx 1070 and i7... PLS somebody help!

  • Tobi Capullo
    Tobi Capullo 5 hours ago

    I love the mechanic and gameplay, and the maps are brilliant! BUT these devs doing nothing for the needs more life with NPCs or cars or whatever! It feels so dead outside from Skateparks...

  • George Venison
    George Venison 9 hours ago

    why tf the animations look so cheap and outdated?

  • Jay .d.d
    Jay .d.d 11 hours ago

    Please keep doing these

  • baron
    baron 12 hours ago

    Holy Shit! Biggest map update Yettt!!!!

  • D Bechtel
    D Bechtel 13 hours ago

    Thanks medium_burnt. You've put Nightspeeds skate autism into overdrive

  • John frayster
    John frayster 13 hours ago

    0:38 oy vey

  • Marcus Elliott
    Marcus Elliott 14 hours ago

    yo try to do a bannana slide

  • Luke Ormsby
    Luke Ormsby 14 hours ago

    I love your encyclopedic knowledge of what tricks have been done on what spots by what skaters and in what videos hahaha you could become a skate historian

  • Marcus Elliott
    Marcus Elliott 14 hours ago

    reminds me of jack olson or zion wright @ 0:01

  • Dechral
    Dechral 16 hours ago

    what a great map. I grew up skating in Miami, and the best part about it was the ability to travel all around the city/suburbs/beach with the metro-rail. Also middle of the night was prime time for skating

  • pollnxd
    pollnxd 16 hours ago

    how do u get skate 3 on pc?

  • Niall Finnan
    Niall Finnan 17 hours ago

    I’m going here Irl in feb so hyped!

  • GWAR fiend
    GWAR fiend 18 hours ago

    nightspeeds hates highpop.

  • medium burnt
    medium burnt 19 hours ago

    yo thanks for checkin out he map! had a bunch of fun makin it and i got alot more comin!

  • Royce Reagle
    Royce Reagle 19 hours ago

    I don’t really understand how people could watch this you are that cringe guy that you can’t wait to bail when you’re playing skate 3 with them 😂

  • João Claudio Lobato
    João Claudio Lobato 20 hours ago

    please someone do the low-end pc version of this mapp pleaseee

  • jus tin
    jus tin 21 hour ago

    i only see this being a switchgame its toooo fugly for pc

  • Ntsako Mathebula
    Ntsako Mathebula 21 hour ago

    Hall of meat nightspeeds

  • Steve Minecraft
    Steve Minecraft 21 hour ago

    first off we need skate 4

  • kgang
    kgang 22 hours ago

    its not a fakie ollie sw fs crook its fakie suski

  • Team OutBurst
    Team OutBurst 22 hours ago

    I don't understand how u like this game. But it is good in its own way. But definitely can't wait for session when it comes to console.

  • Gonziferreyra06


  • matthijs De Pril

    *rages in Danish* Captions: yeah come on baby cool oh

  • Bifrozt
    Bifrozt Day ago


  • Jesus Loves puppers

    I really like that people started to create full street spots. In my opinion it's way more interesting and immersive than standart skateparks. however, i don't understand why most of those types of maps have soooo much unused empty space. And usually it's just covered with one texture. I think it would be better if it was just compressed. i would much prefer a highly-detailed small street map than a giant half-empty one.

  • Juice
    Juice Day ago

    Subtle jab at Session @ 5:40 lol Personally I've bought both for their own reasons. SkateXL for a more relaxed experience and Session for more of a challenge. One is not necessarily better than the other imho. Just for different moods.

  • Adams best friend

    this game looks so cool i used to play skate 3 alot but then it wasnt available on ps4 for some reason so i was hyped this was coming out but then heard this isnt on ps4 either

  • Dark Ness
    Dark Ness Day ago

    27:37 Nightspeeds: I want more lines. *2 seconds later* Nightspeeds: I like the way this is a-lined

  • izmalcheahmad
    izmalcheahmad Day ago

    Can anyone share to me mods for camera view of the skater? I can't seems to find it on Discord :/

  • NiteMDE
    NiteMDE Day ago

    Can't wait for someone to make Lot 11!

  • elias meinhart

    More real skate videos pls you kill it man

  • 902Rider
    902Rider Day ago


  • oGPoLa
    oGPoLa Day ago

    Anyone know how to get the pin mover mod he has?

  • oGPoLa
    oGPoLa Day ago

    New sub and i just wanna say i love your knowledge of different tricks hit in certain places. Definitely will catch up with all of your videos for this and skate 3.

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith Day ago

    Seeing the opening lip/shuv out made me realize that you rarely do tricks into or out of slides. You mostly do boards and crooks. Where all the kickflip back tails or font tail bigspin out? I'd like to see more of those.

  • rapidsplash
    rapidsplash Day ago

    Wow cuz this is great work! Congrats and keep it up.

  • morrowheat23
    morrowheat23 Day ago

    15:24 song?

  • Azael Burger Ramirez

    Your awesome I watch you and Zax

  • A Sneaky Finger

    Those Vikes help out dont they lol

  • Evan Frees
    Evan Frees Day ago

    Bro this is poods park right by my house, trippy to see it in a video game

  • Clay Soggyfries

    Nobody: Somebody’s low-end PC while playing this map: 🤒🤢😭

    • baron
      baron 12 hours ago


    • Bifrozt
      Bifrozt Day ago

      Burnt released a LITE/low end spec version of the map for just that reason. You can download it in the SXL Modding Discords "Map - Release" section. Oh and if you are playing on the high spec version put the game on Ultra graphics beforehand and then it'll usually just stay at around 60 fps stable which is what it usually runs on regardless. Burnt told me that himself. hope this info helps.

    • bogiraffe
      bogiraffe Day ago

      Naw i got a super cheap pc and that map runs rly well

  • Vivereftw
    Vivereftw Day ago

    Dang, I really wanted to see you hit that spot at 21:02

    NINJA DUDE Day ago

    U changes the thumbnails

  • Lance TacoMaster

    I can't revert so I can't get past the tutorial

  • x_Reception
    x_Reception Day ago

    Guys I‘m totally new into this Channel and i love it but i can’t decide if either Session or Skater XL should be my way to go. Can you help me out? :)

  • Fernando_
    Fernando_ Day ago

    The feeling of getting your first drop in is the best. You feel like you can do anything. You immediately go back to the top of the ramp and do it again.

  • Hayk Live
    Hayk Live Day ago

    I love you vids

  • RyeDaddy16
    RyeDaddy16 Day ago

    3:50 hubba hideout? But blue

  • Ev1lWays
    Ev1lWays Day ago

    Hope your hand heals quickly. Was it your main hand?

  • Monkadelic
    Monkadelic Day ago

    Congrats for surviving the TheXvid purge of dec 10th!

  • Andrew Bibby
    Andrew Bibby Day ago

    Epic. Wish I had a pc capable to play this

  • Squishy Bomb
    Squishy Bomb Day ago

    Wow this game looks great but doesn't sound fun to play with those controls. It could be different playing but that sounds bad

  • Brad.M
    Brad.M Day ago

    I can't lie, Session graphics are putting SXL to shame

    JULIENZANG Day ago

    The balance between chill n try hard a trick is perfect

  • Ivan Vasiljev
    Ivan Vasiljev Day ago

    thanks for sharing good vibes, and take care of those thumbs!

  • Aqrthur
    Aqrthur Day ago

    Damn dude, you broke your hand just a day after I broke my foot.

  • doftpunk101
    doftpunk101 Day ago

    Favourite Episode of NS and Chill (and I love them all.) -I think when it comes to getting stuck on one trick it's fine as long as it doesn't lock you into 1 area of the park. If multiple trick battles are all in the same basic area it can feel like there's a lot of time taken up in a small area and fun parts of the park are being ignored. This episode had a few battles but each battle spot was in its own area so it felt varied and fun. I like the NS and Chill series the most since I feel like it's a mix of cool tricks and skating around with homies. Love the content. You're definitely one of my favourite TheXvidrs right now.

  • The Joker
    The Joker Day ago

    Can't wait to play this on the switch if I get it,great vid btw

  • Lukas Zen
    Lukas Zen Day ago

    West palm beach is the biggest i think, might be, i'm not sure.

  • Guy_ BG
    Guy_ BG Day ago

    25:14 Fs noseslide nollie flip out to primoslide

  • The King Of R3tardeaa

    That spot at 8:09 is definitely the MLK ledges, jenkem did an evolution on them you should check it out! :)

  • smeeno
    smeeno Day ago

    This game is pretty much the gmod of skating games

  • ykcub13
    ykcub13 Day ago

    What mod you use for the cursor?

  • S 9
    S 9 Day ago

    Hope you get well soon Nightspeeds!

  • Archie Robertson

    You missed a secret door

  • Simon
    Simon Day ago

    blue ledges are NMB high ledges and the parking lot skatepark is the old lot 11 skatepark. it just reopened last month as a skate plaza :)

    ANTI TV Day ago

    bro i'm from miami and this shit looks completely foreign to me. i have no idea where this is supposed to be

  • peter smith
    peter smith Day ago

    It’s crazy/awesome how you come up to a recreation of a spot (sometimes not even the best recreation) and are able to so quickly be like oh yeah so and so did this trick here in this video. You know your skating! haha and also another great vid 👍

  • Kn0t Natural
    Kn0t Natural Day ago

    Palen sent me, subbed.

  • goofyLukey
    goofyLukey Day ago

    See if you can do some of Andy Anderson tricks. Now that's insane, I enjoy watching him skate on NKA vids!

  • Morgan Coffey
    Morgan Coffey Day ago

    I can’t lie This is the most original skating game to date

  • JJMartianLive
    JJMartianLive Day ago

    270 lip oh yeah

  • Anthony Maranto

    I realize your channel is all skateboarding, but I’d love to see you play other games that you enjoy too!

  • Roasty Bunz
    Roasty Bunz Day ago

    Hope you have a speedy recovery man

  • Matthieu Laniel élève

    Get well soon! 🛹 🎮

  • Sammy Forman
    Sammy Forman Day ago

    Would you be willing to do another NS and chill on this map? Or play it on a stream? It’s a seriously epic one. Keep up the good content 🙂

  • Danny Sandoval

    Going to be playing this game on the Nintendo switch lite when it comes out 😁👍🏼

    • Clay Soggyfries
      Clay Soggyfries 7 hours ago

      You should’ve got an Xbox or PC

      HOWDY FOLKS 8 hours ago

      You'll be waiting for a few years switch sucks

  • Ivanhoezz
    Ivanhoezz Day ago

    Look insane when you do nose and tail slides.....🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟greatbvid and cant wait to play this N.thx.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio

    Shout out to my boy Medium !! (This is SanderWelo btw)

  • Stone Cutter
    Stone Cutter Day ago

    Are there vids of you skating irl on this channel?

    • The Joker
      The Joker Day ago

      U should watch street part 2015,some Barcelona footy 😁

    • Nightspeeds
      Nightspeeds Day ago

      I have a playlist with my parts and then there probably a few 100 videos of my skating if you go back long enough

    • Lapis Eye
      Lapis Eye Day ago

      There is. He has quite a few actually

  • Robert Dungan
    Robert Dungan Day ago

    Simpson’s. Skateboarding.

  • mmmmmmk
    mmmmmmk Day ago

    sick video, hope the hand heals soon

  • switch heel
    switch heel Day ago

    Hey nightspeed, always wondered, and i know you probably get asked this a lot, but what's your favorite legendary spot?

    • Nightspeeds
      Nightspeeds Day ago

      I like the big gap stuff, so maybe El Toro, Wallenberg, Carlsbad, Love Park gap, Hollywood High. For the tech stuff Macba or Parallel :)

  • Osh
    Osh Day ago

    How many times am I gonna say this, Simpson's Skateboarding

  • Jamboxx3030
    Jamboxx3030 Day ago


  • Dylan Beckerich


  • vague
    vague 2 days ago

    hey you should drop another video part haha

  • mattleninja
    mattleninja 2 days ago

    R.I.P Juice WRLD

  • Leo Holohan
    Leo Holohan 2 days ago

    how do you get this DLC?

  • ImpoverishPoet
    ImpoverishPoet 2 days ago

    Every episode it’s let’s not film that much. COMMENCE A SHIT TON OF CLIP FILMING! Lmao. Love it. 💪💪💪

  • Phoe Phoe
    Phoe Phoe 2 days ago

    U can change the trucks to low in the settings to turn faster

  • Military Edits
    Military Edits 3 days ago

    dude, that first part of the park is inspired by my local skatehall :D this is so awesome to see you skate it

  • EliteStuntman 51
    EliteStuntman 51 3 days ago

    “Nans” “Off the meds” 😂😂

  • Samurai Monster
    Samurai Monster 3 days ago

    this game is missing multiplayer

  • Lucho Pascual
    Lucho Pascual 3 days ago

    The line isnt this