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5 Shortest Lived Species
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5 Worst European Wars
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10 Rarest Dog Breeds
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5 Oldest Organisms
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10 Airplanes That VANISHED
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10 Most Unique Flags
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10 Most Common Passwords
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10 Most Expensive Sneakers
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5 Biggest Threats To The EU
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10 Most Ironic Deaths
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10 Worst Military Decisions
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5 Most Dangerous Countries
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  • Johnny Rep
    Johnny Rep 44 minutes ago

    I've heard of all these...

  • s.p.FOX
    s.p.FOX 46 minutes ago

    I always thought the Egyptians made paper.

  • s.p.FOX
    s.p.FOX Hour ago

    You have a good base in your voice

  • Nicolas Silva
    Nicolas Silva Hour ago

    I felt such a bad energy by watching these parts of columbine basements here. Suddenly, my eyes were in tears, but I wasn't to cry.

  • Archie Carter
    Archie Carter 2 hours ago

    Our queen rules in a literal palace meen while ur president sits in a house making false promises to get power

  • KostasRotary
    KostasRotary 3 hours ago

    0:44 says about a lonely planet 11 times Jupiter. 5:30 says THE LARGEST planet ever discover 1.9 times the size of Jupiter..WTF man?

  • Jimin‘s Jams
    Jimin‘s Jams 6 hours ago

    Ok I will rename wasp 17b Ze gy e uhs Voila I just banged my head on my phone

  • Icecream Youscreem
    Icecream Youscreem 8 hours ago

    I don't know how it is in other parts of the Netherlands, but where I live we frown upon people who swear with cancer. We don't think it's okay.

  • Stuart Thomas
    Stuart Thomas 8 hours ago

    As a time served VO artist, I'm going to be polite a say this guy has an average voice.

  • r iki
    r iki 11 hours ago

    smash that like button if ur dad isnt back from the supermarket

  • Richard storey
    Richard storey 11 hours ago

    Because I always keep secrets from my spouse. That is #1 dont do if you want to stayed married to your spouse dont keep secrets

  • mohamed salah
    mohamed salah 11 hours ago

    i support all nations which dont have state i hope in the future all nations get their own state

  • DildoSnuggie
    DildoSnuggie 12 hours ago

    We've heard of all these peoples

  • Agt.BADASS
    Agt.BADASS 12 hours ago

    1:10 Densuki Watermelon??? 2:50 Seaweed salt??? 4:10 Really??? Well, in that case, then, adding phenol pollen to 🍕 Pizza would be tasty💗💗💗 The Culinary Fairy Dust??? Hahaha😂😂😂

  • Sinner Gaming
    Sinner Gaming 13 hours ago

    J1407B I...What I feel like thats photoshopped

  • M-CPBA
    M-CPBA 16 hours ago

    Saturn envies you.

  • Sgtjohn Sannicolas
    Sgtjohn Sannicolas 17 hours ago

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  • BoldColt
    BoldColt 17 hours ago


  • First Name Last Name

    How they do they know all this shit?

  • Foxy’s Channel

    If there is space in between Galaxies, what is in that space?

  • Randy Callaway

    I've been told i won but is all scammers contacting me

  • Mukhtar Mukhamedov

    No body wins it's BS fake except $2 $4 they never will gave many away

  • Switch
    Switch Day ago

    Everyone hating on Brittany honestly think she looks attractive

  • Obsert Hoffman

    Yes Pakistan not on the list Pakistan is a very peaceful nation but India doesn’t want us to have a Muslim states on the Indian sub continents

  • Scot Solomon
    Scot Solomon Day ago

    Whale vomit. Yum.

  • ItsTinaTime
    ItsTinaTime Day ago

    Hé, die Amerikanen toch.

  • SR
    SR Day ago

    Jason Pollock? Lol.

  • ThinkerOfGames

    Nobody needs to know this but the exoplanet with giant rings is 420 light years exactly

  • Jay D
    Jay D Day ago

    Wow, I'm actually impressed, finally one which doesn't have clickbait.

  • Rawenhappy2
    Rawenhappy2 Day ago

    Imagine being lost in space 300 light years away from earth

  • Marriex Monton

    planarian flatworm mostly immortal new challenger has been awaken the all mighty flip flops

  • Da ham Shank
    Da ham Shank Day ago

    *My teacher is named nonilon and hes a math teacher and theres number nonillion* HMMMMMMMMMMMMM*

  • Aaron Stubbs
    Aaron Stubbs Day ago

    11. Canary Islands. Islands out off the coast of Africa, there would be no interest in nuking them, wouldn’t be worth the costs. Also beautiful places to live (better than the 10 places listed above) and has the best weather climate of anywhere in the world.

  • JustinTheKingOfDabs NL

    Not everybody here swears with kanker, ill never did and ill never will do

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh Day ago

    space is so creepy

  • Hyper Thorpe
    Hyper Thorpe Day ago

    If only if they weren't such assholes in online games

  • Vybz bar
    Vybz bar Day ago

    I win

  • Viktor Morra
    Viktor Morra Day ago

    Oh, no. AI will replace work and people wont have to do it and will he able to enjoy their lives. Talk about Stockholm Syndrome. Yikes.. enjoy enjoying being a slaves.

  • Yesenia Cortez

    When i rip do i come back as an 👽

  • Yesenia Cortez

    Do alieans age or live for ever exploring planets

  • Yesenia Cortez

    So why aliens visiting us when theres dimonds platinum gold planets

  • Max
    Max 2 days ago

    The valedictorian from my class got into Princeton, pretty cool!

  • SinisterSilas
    SinisterSilas 2 days ago

    Finding a planet name. search for a shape thingy you found the word perpendicular good planet name.

  • Princess Pura
    Princess Pura 2 days ago

    😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 im scared😫😫

  • Elijah Ullmann
    Elijah Ullmann 2 days ago

    What is on the dark side of the m

  • Squidward Tentacles

    But there are only 8, duh

  • Hannibal Zulu
    Hannibal Zulu 2 days ago

    Only a fool would trust anything a Caucasian (or a colonized negro) has to say about Mugabe, Amin or Gadhafi.

  • Eternal WIXOSS
    Eternal WIXOSS 2 days ago

    Also ISIS why? Because if ISIS heard about WW3 so ISIS wanna attack all countries

  • LegionMapping
    LegionMapping 2 days ago

    1:45 *Oh how the tables have turned*

  • Alex Macdon
    Alex Macdon 2 days ago

    why didn’t they call it “Supiter”

  • Saturn
    Saturn 2 days ago


  • that is
    that is 2 days ago

    Catalonia now is indepence ???????

  • Austin Holmes
    Austin Holmes 2 days ago

    Germany has less violence and crime with 88 million people than the US with about 400 million people? I guess they would....

  • KreamKazper
    KreamKazper 2 days ago

    how the fuck is having more venomous snakes a good thing wtf

  • Kinda_.Maybe
    Kinda_.Maybe 2 days ago

    k ging echt stuk toen hij Nederlands probeerde te praten hahaha

  • SkyWade
    SkyWade 2 days ago

    Isn't it common for Asians to have bird nest soup though >_>

  • Nick Friend
    Nick Friend 2 days ago

    ....10 countries most likely to start WW3? .........1. USA, 2. USA, 3. USA, 4. USA, 5. USA, 6. USA, 7. USA, 8. USA, 9. USA, 10. USA.

  • Michidmaa Erdembileg


  • Smok Biggarton
    Smok Biggarton 2 days ago

    Panini also the inventer of the Panini sandwich

  • JTGamer
    JTGamer 2 days ago

    Hail Hydra!!!!!!!

  • caesar savage
    caesar savage 2 days ago

    U lied dude, United state of America is the most dangerous country in the world period!

  • SuperRobloxMan777
    SuperRobloxMan777 2 days ago


  • HD Keemii
    HD Keemii 2 days ago

    here just incase, thanks

  • PostMy Loans
    PostMy Loans 2 days ago

    A diamond planet....hmmm....Eyy Steve get yo pickaxe and ill rigg a spaceship from the Area 51 and lets travel to 55 cancri e

  • Sue de Nym
    Sue de Nym 2 days ago

    The Queen doesn't run the country so can't be compared to Obama. She's a figurehead who draws in tourism. It's weird that some Americans may think she has any authority over us. We vote for our leaders but haven't so far landed up with a dangerous autocrat who's only experience is business, with no political background or understanding of democracy.

  • Samantha Manning
    Samantha Manning 2 days ago


  • Abhijeet Pathak
    Abhijeet Pathak 2 days ago

    But the greedy countries like China and Pakistan or America can invade this land for military expansion

  • captain eggy
    captain eggy 3 days ago

    China? No. It's going to be Philippines, lol. China might colonize Philippines and make it a province. hehe

  • 2a_ch
    2a_ch 3 days ago

    6:13 is basically thra

  • Emrah M
    Emrah M 3 days ago

    4:53 that is when we will die... All of us

  • Bumblemax
    Bumblemax 3 days ago

    We British also spell things correctly oh and also name things properly e.g FOOTBALL you know the game where you use your foot to kick a ball around a Field not soccer

  • Conor Meehan
    Conor Meehan 3 days ago

    Do u love when foreigners try prounce irish

  • Bumblemax
    Bumblemax 3 days ago

    Fun fact America wasn’t going to save our ass in the war they only joined because the British intercepted a message from Germany to Mexico saying that they should attack America and the British showed the message to America therefore enticing them to join the war

  • Taylor Allen
    Taylor Allen 3 days ago

    At 0:35 he says it’s 11 times bigger than Jupiter. But at 5:27 he says this planet is the biggest planet in the known universe. And it’s only 1.9 times the size of Jupiter. This dude is stupid

  • Sulaiman Mable
    Sulaiman Mable 3 days ago

    Ha ha so many salty Indians

  • Femacamp Bandleader

    Its funny how your inflection on certain words is meant to make good things sound bad, but these seem like perfectly reasonable, downright preferable policies to prevent the current globo-homo-capitalist order from ruling the west.

  • Star Crew Productions

    0:41 Tord?!?!

  • Deborah AIchele
    Deborah AIchele 3 days ago

    No mention of LaMar or other women.

  • Lachintus
    Lachintus 3 days ago

    Bavarian Soviet Republic was alive for 1 year. It's too big to leave in 35 days.

  • PupTurtsYum
    PupTurtsYum 3 days ago

    Thanos is *inevitable* but these are *immortal*

  • mamo
    mamo 3 days ago

    Wrong. Mandarin Chinese is the hardest language and Arabic is the second hardest language.

  • Jin's Chocolate milk

    Hey! I just discovered a plant named gwjfhakarh628hdbaksjsj

  • Zvonimir Bobanovic
    Zvonimir Bobanovic 3 days ago

    biggest finding of white truffles is not Italy but Istria - Croatia

  • Dimenvionz
    Dimenvionz 3 days ago

    Ok I saw this comment that if you bang your head on a keyboard you make a planet name let's do it ghuko 797291b sounds legit

  • Daniel Pedersen
    Daniel Pedersen 3 days ago

    GJ 1213b reminds me of Tau Volantis from Dead Space 3.

  • RadRich
    RadRich 3 days ago

    I don't see how they're finding all these outer planets and they still can't find planet 9 in our own solar system. Something is not adding up.

    • Aquiles Alviola
      Aquiles Alviola 12 hours ago

      RadRich its because its right in front of their telescope! ITS PLUTO!!!! :P

    ALPHA DELTA 3 days ago

    4rh great ninja war

  • toney katana
    toney katana 3 days ago

    Strache is a Fascist

  • Cherry 99
    Cherry 99 3 days ago

    our insults are better Du Hurensohn

  • K Vamshi
    K Vamshi 3 days ago

    That's no the largest black hole bigger than that is ton 68

  • six fingers
    six fingers 3 days ago

    People are stupid and some of that shit is just gross

  • Kyle Aquias
    Kyle Aquias 3 days ago

    9 is 11x larger than jupiter and 2 is 1.9x but still the largest

  • ButterFly1970
    ButterFly1970 3 days ago

    I am a Sami from Finland, I live now in France. The government and the organizations in Finland, Sweden and Norway are trying to underestimate our number to pretend that we no longer exist. Our territories attract the greed of companies and political figures attracted by the lure of gain and unscrupulous. I was about 5 when I inherited a large territory of boreal forests with its lakes, a large herd of reindeer. They used coercion on the child I was, even passed a law limiting the area of ​​territory that a single person could own, all that to force me to sell my territory to companies. I cut my inheritance in territorial parts, sold under conditions to give the usufruct of the parts for the creation of a natural reserve near Rovaniemi. But the protected species of this reserve are in danger, administrators of this nature reserve whose management has been recovered by the state try to allow hunters to go on polar safaris to kill these species yet legally protected.

  • Phillipine _
    Phillipine _ 3 days ago

    You guys Ready? Here some Space Ships cmon Let's Explore The Space!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  • Grace Alcid
    Grace Alcid 3 days ago

    VHSBHKx184 is the new planet ( i actually banged my head on my keyboard )

  • Afx kk
    Afx kk 3 days ago

    It is incredible how people know about planets several light years away

  • Jun Jun Gatbos
    Jun Jun Gatbos 3 days ago

    Yakuts women are most beautiful

  • Jule Mercer
    Jule Mercer 3 days ago

    After watching ambergris I have to wonder what is wrong with rich people. Having loads of money is no substitute for tastebuds n yeah it’s a status symbol but like? Do you NOT love yourself???

  • King Shepherd
    King Shepherd 3 days ago

    Im going to start hunting for treasure in the sea with my brother. How do you search sea's that are in different continents and countries. Do you need permits or permission from that government too search for gold, or and lost treasure. please give info, if you any thank you, send here.

  • JaumVituu
    JaumVituu 3 days ago

    Everyone talks about Pinochet, but did u guys saw that Solano López isn't in this video? He just started an war with 3 countries (2 of them was the most powerful of the continent, Brazil and Argentina) and just killed his own country, jeez, how can u guys forgot him?