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Lets hang out and talk
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Just wanna say hi!
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Happy Suho Day!
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  • KC Francisco
    KC Francisco 4 hours ago

    you should look into the lyrics of the song as well

  • G Alghmdi
    G Alghmdi 9 hours ago

    I miss you 😭😭😭💔

  • Melody
    Melody Day ago


  • Hoon Mi
    Hoon Mi Day ago

    I just wanted to say that I fell for your accent FUCK

  • Kate Tjuhtina
    Kate Tjuhtina Day ago

    The best thing I've seen so far I can't So funny

  • p p
    p p 3 days ago

    Baekhyun ❤

  • Hey Its Bilel
    Hey Its Bilel 4 days ago

    stay strong and keep going i believe in you ;)

  • Diego Boom
    Diego Boom 4 days ago

    React to more twice, thanks for this 💜

  • Nuclues Farm
    Nuclues Farm 4 days ago


  • Nuclues Farm
    Nuclues Farm 4 days ago


  • Arsha Islam
    Arsha Islam 4 days ago

    Hi dayna. - cosmic railway English subtitle with a fmv of anime movie 5cm per second. ❤️ You don't have to react to this but i hope you'll watch it ❤️ thanks.

  • Blink •EXO-L
    Blink •EXO-L 5 days ago

    she ignores sehun so hard

    • Dayna Watson 데이나
      Dayna Watson 데이나 5 days ago

      Blink •EXO-L sometimes it’s hard to comment on everyone. Wreckers change often

  • Thomas Petersen
    Thomas Petersen 6 days ago

    Waaaaaay to much pausing 👎👎👎👎👎every 8 sec🤨

    • Dayna Watson 데이나
      Dayna Watson 데이나 6 days ago

      It’s almost like I’m trying to avoid copy right claims 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Noura Ch
    Noura Ch 6 days ago

    After I watched this I feel like you know the members personalities so well. You're 1 year old Exo-L aren't you? Jagiyaaaaa congratulations 👏👏👏👏

  • Noura Ch
    Noura Ch 6 days ago

    It's okay to not be okay sometimes. No one is perfect. Hope you get well soon

  • N.m.N
    N.m.N 6 days ago

    You will feel better and you are doing a wonderful job right now! Love you girl! We can do this!

  • Jibi-kun •
    Jibi-kun • 6 days ago

    React to "A beginners guide to Twice" by Gaypop, so you may know a little of bit about them...

  • Heejung Kim
    Heejung Kim 7 days ago

    Yes you are right love songs Lyrics are just another LEVEL with Amazing voice ♡

  • Jakkrit Srisuwan
    Jakkrit Srisuwan 7 days ago


  • exo exo
    exo exo 7 days ago

    Miss you baby love you ❤️

  • Desi Karcian
    Desi Karcian 10 days ago

    love you 💕💕💕

  • Evalatif Latif
    Evalatif Latif 10 days ago


  • Gabriella Chen
    Gabriella Chen 11 days ago

    My baby baek own all era

  • Sarah Alyce
    Sarah Alyce 12 days ago

    Sending my love to you xx

  • HaNaNooNa72
    HaNaNooNa72 13 days ago

    Hi Dayna, you are definitely doing great!! Be BRAVE & come back with MORE Reactions soon!! TAKE CARE!

    AMALINA MUSTAPHA 14 days ago

    Please eat well. You are so skinny. Make sure eat healthy food dear❤️

  • ByunBaekhyun I'm gonna sue you

    Yes you’re back I miss youu 🥺

  • Katie Ahn
    Katie Ahn 14 days ago

    Long time no see ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Welcome back👍 I missed so much😂. This is really good idea because of we could meet👍👍👍

  • bunnycitizen kjm's bby girl

    Stay trong, we miss you!! Take care !!

  • Carolina Beleño
    Carolina Beleño 15 days ago

    Pls react to EXO NEXT DOOR, it’s their drama

    • Dayna Watson 데이나
      Dayna Watson 데이나 14 days ago

      Carolina Beleño I have on daily motion, there should be links back in the community posts

  • Carolina Beleño
    Carolina Beleño 15 days ago

    I am so happy that you uploaded cuz I really wanted to know how you were doing, I love you, everything is going to be amazing in your life.

  • reem aneam
    reem aneam 15 days ago

    Thank god your fine! Lol U dissapeared for so long i started to think something happened

  • Josephyne Pudaite
    Josephyne Pudaite 15 days ago

    I'm late getting this noti,btw I put my real name I'm (baekhyun wife 🤷) well,I finished my exams and here I am back to as usual 🌼... It feels great to see you getting better. Take care ,love you ❤️

  • chansamone
    chansamone 15 days ago

    I love that you are taking care of yourself and getting the help that you need. This is so important and I love that you are sharing with your subscribers to take away the stigma of mental health. We are the Lucky Ones.

  • A Girl Has No Name
    A Girl Has No Name 15 days ago

    Sending you the warmest hug~! ❤ After 13 years struggling with depression in silence, I finally reached out for help a few months ago. I'm now on meds and therapy. My therapist and psychiatrist both congratulated me for realizing that my mental health is in bad shape and brave enough to get help. They said most people wouldn't even realize that they have mental health problem, let alone admit it. In a way, we are lucky~ 🤗

  • Subilynn oweight
    Subilynn oweight 15 days ago

    Dayna im glad and happy your getting the help you need and were cheering you on, on getting better <3 we love you and we dont want anything bad to happen to you TT TT TT your one of my favorite exo reactor so please stay healthy and fighting!!! we wont be LUCKY without our LUCKY PRESIDENT :) we missed you!

  • Kate Tjuhtina
    Kate Tjuhtina 15 days ago

    Heeeeey! I've missed you SO much ❤️ Glad you back now

  • mar mar
    mar mar 15 days ago

    I think i'm your only french subscriber😂 but i love u 💕

  • bianca velarde
    bianca velarde 15 days ago

    healing takes time dayna but im glad to see you back ❤

  • Min Min
    Min Min 15 days ago

    I missed you

  • Irp Zz
    Irp Zz 15 days ago

    Miss you 😍 it so far so good

  • BAEkhyunie
    BAEkhyunie 15 days ago

    love ya girl :) take as much time as you need. we're always here for you btw, have you heard exo is coming back with a new album on the 27th? so hypeeed

  • loli pop
    loli pop 15 days ago

    We will pray for you to get better , exol loves you 💕

  • Rym erii
    Rym erii 15 days ago

    I love u babyyy 💘💘💘💘 and I missed uuu I'm praying for uuuu

  • jianelle 17
    jianelle 17 15 days ago

    GOD bless.

    NADHIRAH 15 days ago

    Know that I will support you no matter what, do take your time, proud that you are so confident and strong in talking about your mental health. This also helps me to acknowledge my own mental health too, pray that you get better soon <3

  • Natalia H
    Natalia H 15 days ago

    We missed you! Thanks for doing this, all of this. Being frank and open about health issues really saves lives. I was gonna offer you to send me a DM or a WhatsApp if you ever needed to vent (since sometimes it's easier to chat with a stranger), but that would probably make you uncomfortable atm. Something personal I'll share (because I realized this yesterday and I'm still shooketh): apparently my anxiety gets better when I think/speak using my second language (English). Spanish has more emotional connotations, so a second language helps me take a step back and see things more "clinically". Anyway, we love you and we're here for you 🍀❤️

  • exolovesexo mc
    exolovesexo mc 15 days ago

    i missed seeing your exo reactions Dayna:< I hope you're fine

  • Isa Suarez
    Isa Suarez 15 days ago

    you are really brave, i hope you can be better and better day by day...i miss youre videos, take care of you..... regrests from Mexico!!

  • D.O please create Instagram Account

    Welcome back Dayna

    EXO KYUNGSOO 15 days ago


  • 大志野村
    大志野村 15 days ago

    miss u...

  • Manatsawee S.
    Manatsawee S. 15 days ago

    May the exo force be with u. :) Miss u Dayna

  • grace lustre
    grace lustre 15 days ago

    I miss u so much dayna.. See u talking your health infront of the camera and to everybody who watch your videos is really hard and not all can to that but becoz u keep fighting i can say your such a brave one i know u overcome everyhting that come in ur life. Remember WE ARE ONE.. Where here to listen and to comfort u if u need to. You are not alone. I always include u to my prayers.. ! Keep fighting... See u very2 soon we ❤️ u..😘😘😘😘

  • Lin Osh
    Lin Osh 15 days ago

    i saw the notif & i clicke. dayna!! its been a long time. i hope your doing great.

  • nessa
    nessa 15 days ago

    we miss you.. you are one strong woman! im happy to see you smile.. 😄 glad you are getting help.. i love you.. 😘

  • EXO L
    EXO L 16 days ago

    coming on youtube and seeing that you have uploaded a video has made my day!!! I missed you so much!!!!! not gonna lie I have been rewatching your videos too! I really hope you are feeling better each day and be happy always ❤️❤️ take care of yourself and know you have all of us always ❤️ we will wait for you :) love you lots!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cinder Fade
    Cinder Fade 16 days ago

    So glad to see you doing better! Hope it gets even better!

  • Pau AmVaz
    Pau AmVaz 16 days ago

    Take care of yourself and take time for healing yourself, we love you💜

  • Jodie653
    Jodie653 16 days ago

    I'm sad that you have to be in hospital but I'm happy that you're getting help. The shower question was which guy would invite you to join him in the shower and I think Baekhyun would invite someone in just to mess with them lol. Your reaction to "wet Chen" was excellent.

  • Lois Pantas
    Lois Pantas 16 days ago

    Happy to see you again Dayna! Sending all the love from the Philippines! You'll get better soon for sure. heart heart heart in Jongdae aegyo. :)

  • angelica benipayo
    angelica benipayo 16 days ago

    I pray for you to be strong that you would be able to pass through this. 💞

  • noon
    noon 16 days ago

    exol We missed you miss you Your return and back exo 💃💃💃💃❤️❤️❤️

  • G Rose EXO-L
    G Rose EXO-L 16 days ago

    virtual hug 💞❤

  • L
    L 16 days ago

    Dayna!!!!!!!! I missed youㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ longtime no seeㅠㅠㅠㅠ😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Dsky
    Dsky 16 days ago

    There’s is absolutely nothing wrong in reaching out for help with your condition. Everyone misses you. But take your time k. We do have a heart and will definitely pray for you to get better. 💕

  • G Rose EXO-L
    G Rose EXO-L 16 days ago

    Heeeey I miss you ♡💞💞💞

  • Poola Soo
    Poola Soo 16 days ago

    Please stay strong and healthy. We miss you❤️

  • Hannah Ebenga
    Hannah Ebenga 16 days ago

    Omg welcome back queen😍

  • Maria Bithynia
    Maria Bithynia 16 days ago

    We miss you Dayna...🤗🤗🤗

  • Say What Reacts
    Say What Reacts 16 days ago

    Awwwwww thanks girl!! @17:32 I can't wait to do another video with you too!! I am so glad you're starting to feel better... miss you and love you! :) <3

  • Andrew Coffey
    Andrew Coffey 16 days ago

    So proud of you girly! 회이팅

  • supernatural401
    supernatural401 16 days ago

    We miss you! Do what you can with uploads but above all, keep getting better. I deal with depression so I know how hard it can be to ask for help. We all need help at one point or another though. Remember we love you! ♥️

  • cupcakejuicy
    cupcakejuicy 16 days ago

    This was a fun video! Been missing you and so happy to see you! Just take care of you and get better soon! Always so lucky to have you!

  • Baek Chiminie
    Baek Chiminie 16 days ago

    omg baby hope you get well soon we loooooooooooooove you

  • Merve Çadır
    Merve Çadır 16 days ago

    I am so happy to see you again and hearing that you are feeling better 😊 I hope you'll get to see the thank you message I've sent to you on insta 😊 I am watching this video right before I go to bed (it is like 2 am here) and now I have images of Kai and Baekhyun showering and a wet Chen in my mind soo thank you for that 😃 this video was a good way to end the day 👍

  • Shawna Brooks
    Shawna Brooks 16 days ago

    I've missed you so much. I'm glad you're getting the help you need. Mental health isn't a joke and not something to take lightly- keep fighting! 💕

  • Ravinder Kaur
    Ravinder Kaur 16 days ago

    Its been so long i missed u a lot. I love you and happy to see u getting better, pls take care of yourself and don't worry we will always be there for you and wait for you 💕

  • Mike Dee
    Mike Dee 16 days ago

    Hope you get better. I have anxiety too and I started taking xanex to help me get out of the rut. It helped me to cope with social situations. Take care 🙏

  • Atiny ExoL
    Atiny ExoL 16 days ago

    Hi Dayna,so happy to see you again.I hope you are getting better.Love from Malaysia.

  • David K
    David K 16 days ago

    Dayna, I hope that you get the help that you need and that you feel better soon!!!! Hang in there!

  • OnJongKeyTaeMinho⚘

    Hi Dayna we miss you.. Hope you'll be fine. Fighting!!❤❤❤❤❤ P.S. Great news!! EXO's having a comeback. They said it will be released on Chanyeol's birthday.😊😊😊

  • Ainz Saire
    Ainz Saire 16 days ago

    Its been a while :D so nice to see you again...

  • i'm nnawys
    i'm nnawys 16 days ago

    Omg i miss you dayna 😌

  • Jhel Pogsxz
    Jhel Pogsxz 16 days ago

    Ohoooooo imissyou 😍

  • Nolberto Antiguay
    Nolberto Antiguay 16 days ago

    wow wow wow hellow there

  • angelica benipayo
    angelica benipayo 16 days ago

    Hey, where are you? 😅

  • Iluminate The Murder

    lu cantik banget sih dayna

  • Rosemarie Delmiguez
    Rosemarie Delmiguez 18 days ago

    Pleasessssss react to exo electric kiss🙏🙏🙏

  • Dana Moisii
    Dana Moisii 18 days ago

    Your eyes were sparkling when you realized that is a remix 🤗😅it's my favorite live performance 😍

  • D.O please create Instagram Account

    Missing you Dayna

  • Samantha Ramesh
    Samantha Ramesh 19 days ago

    There is a english subtitle

  • Samantha Ramesh
    Samantha Ramesh 19 days ago


  • Dana Moisii
    Dana Moisii 20 days ago

    This performance made me a Exo-L 😔💕

  • ms123
    ms123 20 days ago

    i miss luhan's voice :( his voice is so sweet, almost like ASMR to me haha

  • Divina Ventura
    Divina Ventura 21 day ago


  • Noura Ch
    Noura Ch 22 days ago

    We're missing u... It has been a long time 🥺 I hope you're okay ♥️♥️

  • Tin Infini
    Tin Infini 23 days ago

    Hi Dayna! Waiting for your next upload :)

  • all kpop all dance
    all kpop all dance 23 days ago

    EXO and BTS posters haha Me too💜 Im ArmyBTS and Exo-L

  • Super M is bae EXO is life

    We cried together sister