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Lets hang out and talk
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Just wanna say hi!
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Happy Suho Day!
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  • Natalia H
    Natalia H 5 hours ago

    I felt that "OH IT'S JACKSON!" XD (Did you guys have to book the cafe beforehand?) (Oof, Chained Up in the background at 8:20, I love it. Wanna go there. Yep.)

  • اميرة ابي
    اميرة ابي 12 hours ago


  • pallavi sharma
    pallavi sharma 13 hours ago

    There is a sad story behind this was a very sad moment for both EXO and EXOls was where we cried together... They were treated so bad bcoz of the beef between mnet and sm... 😭😭😭 My heart still breaks when I see this performance coz I know wat happened before and after

  • jbex
    jbex 13 hours ago

    21:09 same girl, they are 💕👑

  • xiaoshi LV
    xiaoshi LV 14 hours ago


  • Ellen Duran
    Ellen Duran 17 hours ago

    Hi I've been watching your exo reaction playlist for 3 days now 😅 like exo reaction marathon I'm still not finish tho but I want you to react to Lay's Honey MV thank you in advance 😘

  • 미우
    미우 Day ago

    actually Sehun raps in chinese there 😅 and they did use korean scene when D.O hits 'naega' part

  • bunnycitizen kjm's bby girl

    2:55 relatable dayna relatable

  • Athenis
    Athenis Day ago

    I remember noticing that A LOT in the M version of the Call Me Baby video. That was mostly in dancing scenes though, it's more odd to see when they do closeup shots.

  • Baek Kyoong'ᄉ'

    can you react exo cbx paper cuts live

  • Jhel Pogsxz
    Jhel Pogsxz Day ago


  • nely a
    nely a Day ago

    Actually SM is perfectsionis, so this mv must take again with they are really sing in chinese, especially when the solo sing, about DO look like he sing naega,actually he sing chinese line but seem look like naega, ofc not mention when scene like they are running, dance, when they are not sing it can took from LMR korean vers.

  • Wallcok Wang
    Wallcok Wang Day ago

    it sounds like NEGA but the word is GANJUE in Chinese 感觉.Totally different pronunciation.

    • Athenis
      Athenis Day ago

      @Wallcok Wang The shot of D.O is identical, and his mouth and the audio don't match. It's very obvious, as was the part with Sehun that she pointed out. There's also a pretty obvious one with Xiumin when he has the glasses on. If you really want to see how obvious it can be, look at the M version of Call Me Baby. The group dance shots their mouths are singing the K version with the M audio. There are plenty of examples.

    • Wallcok Wang
      Wallcok Wang Day ago

      Athenis Nope.EXO Mandarin MVs always have their own shooting process since their debut.Chinese gov's Audit Committee has a series of strict standard for the official music videos' release.

    • Athenis
      Athenis Day ago

      It's that his mouth movement is for nega, while having the Mandarin audio. They just reused the shot.

  • Kyle Nicole Galos

    react to its live stages please

  • Hanadi Al Arasi

    Yeah i really love this song and your reaction is so cool as will😍😚

  • Icy Gom
    Icy Gom Day ago

    girl love me right era was THE BEST when it came to how everyone looked. Hairstylists really stepped up their game. D.O, Chen and Xiumin with LONG HAIR YASS. Also, A little after this sehun dyed his hair silver and kept it long (like in jap ver. of LMR) URGH. 2015 was so good to us.

  • Icy Gom
    Icy Gom Day ago

    love me right is one of my favourite exo title tracks. freaking love exo's funky/rnb tracks. i always notice the lipsyncing thing cause i work in advertising and it's literally my job to notice LOL... the editors probably just used the shots that looked better (maybe the korean shots were better than the mandarin shots). i would like to add though that 2016 onwards it seems like they stopped filming for the mandarin singing parts (monster, lucky one, lotto etc).

  • Noura Ch
    Noura Ch Day ago

    You look so happy and this makes me happy ... I like your talk ✌💖😊

  • Torie Carter
    Torie Carter Day ago

    2:06 Jongin didn't have his injury that caused the long, several months break from performing until The EXO'rDIUM tour in 2016 (between Monster/Lucky One's comeback and Lotto comeback), nearly a year after Love Me Right~ He's had a few other smaller injuries, but I think the injury you're talking about is the one that came later~~~ [Lotto and Dancing King were the only mvs Jongin couldn't dance the choreography in.]

  • jongdaeddy -
    jongdaeddy - Day ago

    You dont put intro döxmödmxöxmx

  • Jodie653
    Jodie653 Day ago

    Xiumin naps a lot in videos. He's like wake me up when you get on my level 😂

  • khushbu kawadkar

    Exos singing: say u love me, ...u love me same time Dayna: i love chen's hair here EXO: .......

  • tzof000
    tzof000 Day ago

    I agree with you that there where shots from the Korean version because i noticed d.o saying nega in his part, anyway xiumin with black hair is the best look ever😍😍

  • Merve Çadır
    Merve Çadır Day ago

    I think Love Me Right is my fav EXO song ❤ I love EXO's funky songs in general.. I love the aesthetic of this mv too, the only problem I have with it is that there are so many scenes moving too is what I found problematic in most EXO mv's moves from scene to scene so fast we usually don't have time to process the way they look or dance.. I would love to get longer shots with each member so we can just drool over how beautiful they are 😃

  • Gloria González

  • I'm strong
    I'm strong Day ago

    Yay I'm early and I'm so happy that you are back and can you react to super m opening their album on sm channel 😊

  • Min Min
    Min Min Day ago

    You are so cute 😂

  • 몬한야올
    몬한야올 Day ago

    You are right . They used the same takes from the korean version and just dub it on chinese. There were only a few scenes new. Mostly the ones lay, and any that a different member sing something that corresponded to another one. Chen and xiumin run and touch each other the same way than in the korean version.

    • Nolberto Antiguay
      Nolberto Antiguay Day ago

      i was gonna write about this XD , but found your coment , i re watched the mv , and the takes looks exactly the same , but, they do sing or lip synch since is an mv the chinesse version , so the takes must be diferent at least when they sing o.o

  • Druki B
    Druki B Day ago

    I love this song. I love EXO's funky tracks! Xiumin with black hair is everything!

  • Syz Lya
    Syz Lya Day ago

    This is the first time for me watching this mv chinese ver thank you so much!! And Lay, WHERE'S YOUR SHIRT ?!!!

  • Nolberto Antiguay

    shouldnt you be sleeping XD

    • Nolberto Antiguay
      Nolberto Antiguay Day ago

      @Dayna Watson 데이나 hope you are felling good , also lay omg , didnt knew i havnt wathced this one , thanks for the reaction, been missing you as always

    • Dayna Watson 데이나
      Dayna Watson 데이나 Day ago

      i certainly should

  • grace lustre
    grace lustre Day ago

    First to comment & 10th to view this reaction... Love your reaction as always daynaa.. Hope after this exo-m series u can react to exo performing on WINTER OLYMPIC..! :D

  • 94 Wirls
    94 Wirls Day ago

    dayna! You're so cute with the little eribong😆💖

  • D.O please create Instagram Account

    The only I can relate is MAS (Malaysia airlines) Hi EXOL from Malaysia 5:40 , 7:43 everytime EXO song played on street, my inner fangirling when like kyaaaaaaa 😆

  • Rishelle Anne Llupar

    White noise and playboy are such great songs... i love it.... its very sensual

  • Chanyeol عاشقة So

    My Love chanyeol😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Marianne zdklin
    Marianne zdklin 2 days ago

    please react to kai's solo on Olympic 😙

  • suci amalia
    suci amalia 3 days ago

    Please react to exo in japan drop that, keep on dancing, lucky and run. Thxyouuu

  • ninis
    ninis 3 days ago

    !!!!!!! You definitely have to check out confession

  • Erna Erviana
    Erna Erviana 3 days ago

    Kyungsoo so happy

  • Yeng Alcantara
    Yeng Alcantara 3 days ago

    Hi Dayna, Pls React to SB19😍

  • Milyjoliee
    Milyjoliee 3 days ago

    One of my fav songs! I didnt know there was a MV either 😍 loved this reaction hahah ××

  • M S
    M S 3 days ago

    The best bands to me Are EXO_SUPER JUNIOR They're both tge best they never disappoint me

  • Jessie Ang
    Jessie Ang 3 days ago

    Baekhyun slipped during this performance in Bangkok. U can see it in fancam

  • jazzy yamashita
    jazzy yamashita 3 days ago

    Seeing them perform live is such a wonderful experience. I have never been disappointed watching them live. They always surpass my expectations. I've seen them in a concert More than 5 times, but each time is like the first time. I still get so nervous and excited to the point I can't sleep few days before every concert I attended, and my heart stops everytime I see them live. My hands still gets shaky everytime I see them performing in front of me. Every second of each concert is so worth it.

  • Shailesh Yadav
    Shailesh Yadav 3 days ago

    Please watch EXO one and only live song

  • Gabbie Pereira
    Gabbie Pereira 3 days ago

    Xiumin have the most beautiful baby face

  • Joy London
    Joy London 3 days ago

    To understand it watch the dance practice... Its so fun to watch and also the other parts of Exo in Infinite Challenge... Lay is there but Kai is injured during that time so its sad... But its fun to watch 😊🤗

  • Wiwi Adrianti
    Wiwi Adrianti 3 days ago

    I actually didn't want to watch mama 2017 because mnet treat exo worseeee... I remember that day I cried very hard, exo member especially chanyeol cried too.. That the worse day for exo and exol... 😭😭

  • Catherine Abellanosa

    You should watch the whole episode of Infinite Challenge for this video. It's so hilarious! 😜 Kai wasn't able to perform in this. He was injured then.

  • Catherine Abellanosa

    You should watch the whole episode of Infinite Challenge for this video. It's so hilarious! 😜

  • Yanti Tomo
    Yanti Tomo 3 days ago

    Get well soon dayna, exo l always support you,fighting!!

  • Eri chan
    Eri chan 3 days ago

    Yu Jaeseok is korea’s famous mc and comedian so he cant rlly dance and sing well (but he did pretty well tho) so thats why the choreo was kinda easy/not hard and just fun looking and the song means “im dancing king for this night and dancing all night etc ” or smth like that so its just fun song and Jongin were injured this time so he only recorded the song and didnt perform on stage together

  • Ana Leah Millendez
    Ana Leah Millendez 3 days ago

    he's's an infinite challenge..u should check out their live performance of's a station btw..not an mv..hihi..hope u chevk out more of the lost planet concert nxt tym..thanks!

  • Nikki Y
    Nikki Y 4 days ago

    Sometimes I wonder if Chanyeol and Lay have dab-offs. Because they both have unhealthy obsessions. Chanyeol's goddamn Ko Ko Bop ending pose, istg

  • Katie Ahn
    Katie Ahn 4 days ago

    Girl’s opinion is very sharp because Baekhyun had 6pack t that time😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Vanessa elaine Boquiren


  • Micah Domingo
    Micah Domingo 4 days ago

    There is also an ep for this ... you will see their practices and how they come up to this performances ... its so funny watching ...

  • Jennie Delmonte
    Jennie Delmonte 4 days ago

    Hi dayna! Can yo do a reaction to EXO POWER PHOTO SHOOT Thank you

  • G Rose
    G Rose 4 days ago

    so I missed you and I came here to watch this reaction again . And girl I can't wait to see your reactions to kai's confession ♡

  • khyunee Byun
    khyunee Byun 4 days ago

    The part where you think chen is lip sycing - actually thats jst background track - he does the high note till the end sometimes and sometimes he stop it from half if he thinks he cant do it but he dont and would never do the high notes lip syncing. You can check other performance if you dont believe me.

  • Mama Aurora
    Mama Aurora 4 days ago

    I’m pretty sure They had to make it easy for the guy training with them which is South Korea’s nations host to learn. He’s the most famous well known mc of many numerous shows. They had a whole episode where he was with exo on infinite challenge you should definitely check it out.

  • khyunee Byun
    khyunee Byun 4 days ago

    The part where you think chen is lip sycing - actually thats jst background track - he does the high note till the end sometimes and sometimes he stop it from half if he thinks he cant do it but he dont and would never do the high notes lip syncing. You can check other performance if you dont believe me.

  • EXO will forever be on top

    I hope you went to SMTOWN 😍

  • EXO will forever be on top

    Mama playing in 2019???? Is that real??

  • EXO will forever be on top

    I hope you feel better now ❤

  • EXO will forever be on top

    You should watch the whole episode hahahaha its so funny

  • Yara Sy
    Yara Sy 4 days ago

    Ilove this song so much ❤❤ Miss exo😔

  • moon light
    moon light 4 days ago

    can u plz tell me the name of the song at the end of the video i need to know it ASAP

  • Imene BeM
    Imene BeM 4 days ago

    This is Yoo Jaisuk the nation's MC the best comedian ever just watching him talk makes me laugh 😂😂 dancing king was a collab between Infinite challenge which is a variety show and yoo jaesuk is one of the cast! He was challenged to perform with EXO of course our boys welcomed the idea and helped Yoo jaesuk in the training and that was the result!! Well the whole process was a crack, seeing jaesuk oppa with EXO was a joy for me! I still watch those episodes everytime i feel down 😁😀😀 glad you liked the MV dayna

  • Milinda Wilson
    Milinda Wilson 4 days ago

    So here is some insight into the MV for "Dancing King.". The pink bear is SM Entertainment's mascot. You will see the bear in a lot of SM productions. Plus, baby pink, like the bear, is SMTown's color, if you watch any SMTown concerts you will notice that the group T-shirt is usually pink or at least the lettering is pink because pink is SM' Entertainment's color. You might have also noticed on some of the SM videos you have watched, that SM's logo is pink as well. Yu Jae Seok is the most famous and highest earning comedian and variety show host in Korea. If you watch any variety shows chances are you will see him as the host. Some of the most famous shows he hosts are Running Man, Happy Together and Infinite Challenge. So everyone in Korea, and most Kpop fans, know who Yu Jae Seok is. This MV came about because Yu Jae Seok was challenged on Infinite Challenge by a cast member to perform with EXO, so SM took this prime opportunity to capitalize on Yu Jae Seok's popularity and EXO's being "Dancing Kings" to make this MV. The live performance was at one of EXO's concerts in Thailand a few days before this MV dropped. You can find TheXvid clips of the live performance if you want to see it live. Kai was injured during this time so he was unable to dance and he sat out most of this whole concert. This was during the time when he had hurt is ankle and he was walking around with a boot cast on his leg. So you only see Kai a little during his vocal parts of the song because he wasn't able to dance. The MV was supposed to be fun, funny and a little bit campy, and also impressive, because Yu Jae Seok is a comedian and no one thought that he would be able to pull it off. He actually proved everyone wrong and worked really hard -- and was fairly decent in the end. So he took on the challenge and pretty much won this one. As you saw, Yu Jae Seok is not a singer or dancer. Even though he likes to dance, he isn't particularly great at it, but he sings in this song and I'm surprised he sounds pretty good. This was such a great collaboration. The other older guy you see on stage in the MV is a cast member on Infinite Challenge and he was at the concert acting as Yu Jae Seok's "manager". Yu Jae Seok had about a month to learn this song and dance before he had to perform on stage. If you ever want to see the whole episode here is a link to an English Subbed version of Infinite Challenge Episode 498. The whole episode is about 1 hour and 20 minutes long. There are some things you obviously missed that you will see if you watch the full episode because they only used clips of the show to create this MV.

  • Krik Tasic
    Krik Tasic 4 days ago

    You can watch the whole show in infinite challenge. That episode was very funny.

  • Torie Carter
    Torie Carter 4 days ago

    A lot of comments explained the situation surrounding the collab~ So, I just wanted to add EXO-Ls were really thankful to Jae Suk. As a very big comedian & this being tied into a funny variety show, he could've easily ( and most other comedians would've) made a joke of the whole thing & not taken it so seriously~ *BUT* Jae Suk took it *very* seriously and was practicing up until the moment he walked on stage! He showed honest respect and admiration for how hard EXO not only works but the care they show to one another and him; Jae Suk even did his best to mitigate some of the jokes his fellow comedians on the show tried to make towards EXO, cause EXO isn't often on variety shows & he wanted to people to see how great they are^.^ He's now on a variety show with Sehun, and he continues to take not only Sehun but other EXO members into his care whenever they do cross paths on variety shows^.^ So, Jae Suk will forever be special to EXO-Ls~~~

  • holic
    holic 4 days ago

    please react to exo ladder II 🙏 🙏 🙏 ily ❤️

  • I don‘t do kawaii

    Isn’t it a happy go lucky vid 🥰!

  • I'm strong
    I'm strong 4 days ago

    Hi dayna I just wanted to say if you will make a cupcake to Chen like suho make it mint chocolate because it's his favourite flavor because i can't send anything so i just wanted to share an idea 😅

  • Vina Alvian
    Vina Alvian 4 days ago

    Hi Dayna.... please reaction to paper cuts exo cbx😊

  • Baekhyun's hands
    Baekhyun's hands 4 days ago

    Stan Legends stan EXO

    EXO KINGS OF K-POP 4 days ago

    It's from show "Infinite Challenge ",498 ep Performance on EXO'rDium in Bangkok

  • Druki B
    Druki B 4 days ago

    I love this song, it's so fun! It's on my Party playlist! It does make you want to dance! I love that they basically got to be themselves here, EXO needs more fun and silly MVs! (Like CBX's The One - that is so funny!) I know with their mysterious concept that it will probably never happen, a girl can dream though!

  • Deepakshi Koli
    Deepakshi Koli 4 days ago

    Watch the live performance for this for the choreo and Kai was unfortunately injured... So he couldn't dance... And that's why he isn't seen much here

  • Esther Mabera
    Esther Mabera 4 days ago

    To Why you were saying the choreo doesnt suit the song .I think its because they were collabing with Jaeseok hence they had to make it somewhat easy for him to learn and catch up.Remember he is just an MC with no experience whats so ever.I heard it took months for him to train so yeah personally i find the dance cute and playful and exo do alot of hard choreos ...This was great for them to just take a breather so i like it

    • Dayna Watson 데이나
      Dayna Watson 데이나 4 days ago

      I totally agree with you, I had this thought while I said that but I had no idea who he was so I didn’t want to assume anything. The dance had heaps of charm though :)

  • Sanya
    Sanya 4 days ago

    Omg please do a reaction video to the actual challenge show between Exo and Yu jaeseok. Its so so funny! Sending you the link to the complete show.

  • Kitty Xiumin
    Kitty Xiumin 4 days ago

    You should watch the show,,it was so funny..

  • Baek hyun
    Baek hyun 4 days ago

    Daynaaaa check this out

  • tzof000
    tzof000 4 days ago

    Anyway more information in general- if you heard about superM the "new group" of sm entertainment that the members there are from three different groups - exo,shinee and NCT, anyway they chose baekhyun as their leader, and they need to debut soon in the u.s

  • ExoWeAreOne Exo-LsWeAreOne

    Hi dayna how are you❤ yoo jae seok cover to kai position,but the voice still of kai,kai can't join of them coz of his injury😥 but his still singing there,his setting at the side😁

  • tzof000
    tzof000 4 days ago

    They did with him collaboration that's right, i really like him because he always appears in different shows in general and i know his personality, And by the way CBX did a song for a show named running man, and the song name is-its running time so please react to the song🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏, the guy that did collaboration with exo is part of the show running man

  • vanessa ilagan
    vanessa ilagan 4 days ago

    hahaha thanks for the reaction.. maybe they didnt do much harder choreography for Yu Jae Sok. its part if the Infinite Challenge (variety show) where Jae Sok is a host. he's a popular comedian and tv host in Korea. i love this collab. Jae Sok is also one of the hosts of my favorite korean variety show running man.. 😄😄

  • heechulliebabo
    heechulliebabo 4 days ago

    This is probably my favorite EXO MV lol. Hope you can watch the episode on Infinite Challenge that covered the making of this song and performance. YJS was the main host/member of Infinite Challenge, he did this as a challenge.

  • Jae Ane
    Jae Ane 4 days ago

    Hi Dayna,, Jaesok is a very popular celebrity in Korea. He is also with Sehun in the Busted series in Netflix. Jaesok is a member of a variety show called Infinity Challenge, and this was the challenge given to him by Kwanghee (another member of the show). There's a whole episode of EXO in this variety show. You can check it out. It was very fun! You can see how they practiced together, and the preparation for the live stage in Thailand concert. Hope you can watch the whole episode. It's Infinity Challenge ep 498. You can find it with English subs.

  • نسيم المطر


  • Deniz E
    Deniz E 4 days ago

    I don't know how the copyrights work but it would be so good if you react to the clips of Infinite Challange(like the other comments said, this MV was a part of Infinite Challange and it was so fun!), you can find some clips on YT ❤️❤️ And i get sick everytime I travel too, it really sucks! Hope you get well soon 💕

  • Merve Çadır
    Merve Çadır 4 days ago

    This was actually made as a challange for Yoo Jae Suk that is why the dance moves are so easy and the mv is silly cause he is a comedian.. but this is one of my fav songs and mv's anyway cause it so fun and carefree 😊 the only thing that bothers me is that the song is called the dancing king but Kai couldn't properly be a part of it because he was injured at the time 😕

  • nely a
    nely a 4 days ago

    Btw you must watch the full show, its called "infinity challenge" ,the process,behind the concert, etc its so funny

  • grace lustre
    grace lustre 4 days ago

    Yu jae seok is a #1 anouncer and a comedian in korea and this colaboration made becoz of their show called INFINITY CHALLANGE .. U can watch the whole journey of their collaboration acctually. Yah they train almost 2 months to performed dancing king in exo concert n thailand. I hope u check that out coz u can see how exo help yu jae seok in dancing and singing..! KAI is acctually injured and have cast on his foot in this era so he didnt perform in the concert..! Love the reaction daynaa.. Take care and rest well...!

  • Julia Sizikova
    Julia Sizikova 4 days ago

    Thank you! Best reaction to this song

  • 몬한야올
    몬한야올 4 days ago

    This was for a show. He is a very famous comedian, if not the most famous. In 1 of his tv show he has a challenge in which he has to record a song with exo, train the choreo and sing and dance live . Sehun is with him in Busted, d.o participated in another show as well, the one he has to do agyo and end up just saying "Egyoooooo, egyoooo". He has so many tv shows, one of the most famous are happy together, running man, busted,... Kai was injured back then and wasn't able to dance.

  • Citra Yuliani
    Citra Yuliani 4 days ago

    Hi dayna, I’m back with some not so important information as usual. It’s a SM Station song, you know those ( Chanyeol - SSFW, D.O - It’s Okay) This song is featured on a variety show INFINTE CHALLENGE, the man (Yoo Jae-Suk) is the cast, bassically they challenge him to dance and perform with EXO in concert stage.That’s why he actually training and all with the boys. And also,all profits from this songs were donated.

  • Salsa EXO-L
    Salsa EXO-L 4 days ago

    I love your reaction 💕 Please reaction EXO VCR MY TURN TO CRY