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Trying Funny DIY PRANKS
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ANNOYING Things we ALL do
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Teachers You WISH You Had
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Ordinary Things CUT IN HALF
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I Went To Area 51
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  • povis Poviliuxs
    povis Poviliuxs 5 seconds ago

    Mis pigy? More like SANTAN

  • Aurora Ware
    Aurora Ware Minute ago


  • kline projects
    kline projects Minute ago

    LUCKY DOG!!!! (grumpy face)

  • mariam farouk
    mariam farouk 2 minutes ago


  • Malak Maristani
    Malak Maristani 2 minutes ago

    Hello yessica

  • Lisa G
    Lisa G 2 minutes ago

    Okay at like 0:13 is that a mouse, cockroach, Or IDK lol ❤😊

  • Shaz Saleh
    Shaz Saleh 6 minutes ago

    Ok now im confused . How do you say lycee ? Leeci or laici

  • RP - 07MK - The Valleys Sr PS (1354)

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww I would never ever in my entire life use used underwear Like if u agree

  • Anni Garifallidi
    Anni Garifallidi 6 minutes ago

    I'm so sorry for u!!!!

  • Adrian Yang
    Adrian Yang 7 minutes ago

    Even I have more likes than 26 on Insta. 40 something, LOL

  • RP - 07MK - The Valleys Sr PS (1354)

    I have a little baby cousin and my aunt changes her diaper on a bed and a counter she didn’t have a baby changing diaper thing

  • tori itimu
    tori itimu 9 minutes ago

    AT 5:02 , in Kenya, the tea-pickers do pick them individually,.....sooo 😶

  • ZeMemeLord MEMES
    ZeMemeLord MEMES 10 minutes ago

    Where I live I have vps not cvs and in some places they have pharmacy like in the market there’s a pharmacy and also from where I live in a couple of parts in the city’s they have large openings for the bathroom stalls and in my house the eggs are in the refrigerator

  • EMMA Svensson
    EMMA Svensson 10 minutes ago

    Pls kids don't be like spoild B***hes. Just be nice.😊😊

  • Ginger Delana De Bruin
    Ginger Delana De Bruin 12 minutes ago

    This is not real right👻

  • Jaleel Muhammad
    Jaleel Muhammad 15 minutes ago

    I was Furious when she said I'll send it to Africa for the children who don't have any Christmas trees

  • Sotiris Papakonstantinou
    Sotiris Papakonstantinou 17 minutes ago

    This dress is 0 of 10

  • Gabrielė
    Gabrielė 17 minutes ago

    I’m a vegetarian... 😅

  • Sotiris Papakonstantinou
    Sotiris Papakonstantinou 18 minutes ago

    0 of 10

  • Skylar Plays
    Skylar Plays 18 minutes ago


  • Vítor Israel
    Vítor Israel 19 minutes ago

    Is bill there? BILL BILL BILL BILL Bill the Science guy I̬̤̯ l̬̤̯o̬̤̯v̬̤̯e̬̤̯d̬̤̯ t̬̤̯h̬̤̯a̬̤̯t̬̤̯

  • Nicole Thomassie
    Nicole Thomassie 19 minutes ago

    the bicycle picture is upside down

  • wallce
    wallce 20 minutes ago

    Can someone explain to me how she got this subscribers

  • Zak Stroker
    Zak Stroker 21 minute ago

    Team girl

  • Wolf King Hunter
    Wolf King Hunter 23 minutes ago

    Sssniperwolf I saw a shadow but it's not your friends shadow

  • Jawed Bajwa
    Jawed Bajwa 23 minutes ago

    i am both😉

  • Cherry Panda
    Cherry Panda 24 minutes ago

    polic can have a fight with prioners too (sorry for bad grammar)

  • Confirming Patient. . .
    Confirming Patient. . . 25 minutes ago


  • Justyce And Emma !
    Justyce And Emma ! 25 minutes ago

    Uhhh 3:10 LOL

  • Boyao Sun
    Boyao Sun 27 minutes ago

    I think it will take like 4 month if I was doing it all by myself

  • Ava Christie
    Ava Christie 27 minutes ago

    probly kill mysel

  • Kylee Baumgarner
    Kylee Baumgarner 29 minutes ago

    Sssniperwolf you are my favorite person in the world you make me feel better after school

  • Chris McIntyre
    Chris McIntyre 30 minutes ago

    Strange addiction of mine: DABBING ON THEM HATERS!

  • Ginda Tumblin
    Ginda Tumblin 31 minute ago

    Its her belly

  • LIAD
    LIAD 31 minute ago

    Poor dogs

  • Chloe-Ann McKenna
    Chloe-Ann McKenna 32 minutes ago

    The girl at the bars she uses her um stick or whatever it's called but she escapes because she is pregnant and she unlocks the lock and goes

    DIVAXYT XTY 32 minutes ago

    Hey your a good TheXvid i dont want to be rude but cane you stop talking so much 😄👍😊❤

  • It’s Ley Collins
    It’s Ley Collins 32 minutes ago

    Save a dog

  • butt zillla
    butt zillla 33 minutes ago

    I just saw a ad of an old lady dying which destroy my mood for this video

  • Ricky Bhattacharya
    Ricky Bhattacharya 34 minutes ago

    Hacoona Matata or the relabeled Sodium Methanoate 4:39 Writing letters in Mandarin 5:42

  • Madeline Aponte
    Madeline Aponte 37 minutes ago


  • --?
    --? 37 minutes ago

    2:17 Never have I ever as a guy butt sweated a chair, or whatever that is. It looks like a box. I got get sweat on my butt.

  • The life of Cookie
    The life of Cookie 38 minutes ago

    If I had that girl for a child oohh she would not be on nothing she would be doing homework and going to school and doing what she is told and I am I am not a mum yet

  • emily akrman
    emily akrman 39 minutes ago

    those people are hella weird like I understand if you like sweet things I have a sweet tooth myself I like eating sugar but not every thing I eat have to be bad like I just ate a banana somethings apples strawberrys raspberrys and I really like eating honey I just take a spoon and eat it like that it's sooo sweet and I don't feel bad eating all these stuff it's not really bad ok I eat chocolate and cakes and cookies but not every day and you know what after eating all that sugar it's good to have somethings salty after like burger or a meat lover pizza

  • Dorianne Saliba
    Dorianne Saliba 41 minute ago


  • Dalia Greco
    Dalia Greco 41 minute ago

    Woman:"I be here Monday!" Kid:"We got school Monday!"🏫 Woman:"You be here after school!" 🏫 Other kid:"We got homework !" 📚

  • Sophie Stars
    Sophie Stars 42 minutes ago


  • Taylor Seamon
    Taylor Seamon 43 minutes ago

    yess thoooo

  • Katarina Morvig
    Katarina Morvig 43 minutes ago

    The kids may know her passcode.

  • Banana Bonana
    Banana Bonana 43 minutes ago

    In Sweden you don’t call your teachers Mr. Smith or Professor Janson and that kind of stuff. Here we all call our teachers by their first names and sometimes we even give them a nickname.

  • Hazel Lebron
    Hazel Lebron 44 minutes ago

    i live in the us thay dont come arond in a resturant and fill up your drink

  • Ashiley Noya
    Ashiley Noya 45 minutes ago

    Hi Oga

  • Brosis Channel
    Brosis Channel 50 minutes ago

    I mean yay I had a avocado I’m Mexican

  • Diogenes from Sinope
    Diogenes from Sinope 50 minutes ago

    Why does chick always bang fat guys

  • Cherry Panda
    Cherry Panda 50 minutes ago

    but if she is a ghost.. how is she holding...the wine glass.. wouldn't it go right through her?

  • Cookie 〈3 :D :P
    Cookie 〈3 :D :P 50 minutes ago

    My dad shut the car door on my thumb but I would still go with A

  • Dark Dreams
    Dark Dreams 53 minutes ago

    You are sooooo pretty Lia!😍

  • alvaliz cruceta
    alvaliz cruceta 53 minutes ago

    I want to do one of the slides

  • Music _Kitty
    Music _Kitty 53 minutes ago

    1:14 SSSinperWolf: almost everybody loves Chicken, if u don't I'm so sorry Me: oh uhh I hate chicken, I rarely ate chicken, I'd rather ate ice cream at winter

  • Joy Destriza
    Joy Destriza 55 minutes ago

    Dis woman dumb ,delusional, and a disappointment

  • Gaming Glow
    Gaming Glow 58 minutes ago

    Lol I got 19, so according to this my fear is pHySiCal pAin

  • Jezxander Ruiz
    Jezxander Ruiz 59 minutes ago


  • Gacha_Alice :3
    Gacha_Alice :3 59 minutes ago

    ...does this woman know that half of us here can speak Spanish and English that includes me

  • Bower Junior Logan
    Bower Junior Logan 59 minutes ago

    4 am is my answer hope I got it right

  • hannah b
    hannah b Hour ago

    Someone got you this in a video in the future

  • victoria larsen
    victoria larsen Hour ago

    Sssniperwolf love yeah

  • Micah Morales
    Micah Morales Hour ago

    You are missing your glasses

  • sandra o'neill
    sandra o'neill Hour ago

    Happy birthday 🥳

  • viviana oliveri
    viviana oliveri Hour ago

    I saw the vid of her wachting the baby then she goes back to this vid

  • Thushari Palihawadana

    have your reputation ruineddddd!!!!! YASSSSSS!!!!!!

  • Kayla's hope YT
    Kayla's hope YT Hour ago

    8:20 If I was here waiting for something creepy I would be like Hello. Im wondering if I could order a pizza? Edit: jk xD

  • yunny1606
    yunny1606 Hour ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Digital Wolf
    Digital Wolf Hour ago

    Lol I’m vegetarian

  • Tiana Lynch
    Tiana Lynch Hour ago

    I love you hair...👌👌👌👌

  • Myah Tavares
    Myah Tavares Hour ago

    I tried the short one and it worked so well