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a video without editing
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Trying Funny DIY PRANKS
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  • Sandy Wilson
    Sandy Wilson 5 hours ago

    How is she texting if she cant see

  • K Creative
    K Creative 5 hours ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Memphis Oathout
    Memphis Oathout 5 hours ago


  • Apple pie
    Apple pie 5 hours ago

    Apple: buys underwear at a thrift stores Me: buys it at target 😂😂😂

  • Lady Insanity
    Lady Insanity 5 hours ago

    Oh yeah..she totally set him up..doze nutz were waaay too expensive...lmao

  • Melly Mata
    Melly Mata 5 hours ago

    Team girl

  • K-L FUN
    K-L FUN 5 hours ago

    They tryna suspended us for wearing hoodies petty🙄

  • Kris Andreasian
    Kris Andreasian 5 hours ago

    You look like ellie idol a little! ✌😍👍

  • Nathan Williamson
    Nathan Williamson 5 hours ago

    private school food is a 1000 time better than a 5 star restaruant at least at my school

  • Avery Johnson
    Avery Johnson 5 hours ago

    (im saying this sarcasticly) if the world is not flat like I Frisbee how does it go around the sun (again I'm saying this SARCASTICLY)

  • Valerie Valentines
    Valerie Valentines 5 hours ago

    This is how to end friendships

    JORDYN POWELL 5 hours ago

    Sssniperwolf said “wow” after she said wow she said I don’t think I said the W word😂😂😂😂😂

  • Smol bean Celcia
    Smol bean Celcia 5 hours ago

    I'm 14 and I know that I'm England that pounds is another way of saying money! That chick needs to stay in school!!!

  • Armani Cordoba
    Armani Cordoba 5 hours ago

    30 kills

  • MangoPie 0w0
    MangoPie 0w0 5 hours ago

    hi im a Furry so you do a carracter and then ya your a furry'

  • Abby
    Abby 5 hours ago

    7:56 its that one dress where ppl said "do u see black snd blue or white and gold " 😂

  • Serayven Ophuicus
    Serayven Ophuicus 5 hours ago

    A crane?

  • S Go
    S Go 5 hours ago

    I would tare my child up she would be bleeding and every thing

  • Raven Taverner-Gil
    Raven Taverner-Gil 5 hours ago

    You have such a nice house

  • Gamerwolfie Gurl
    Gamerwolfie Gurl 5 hours ago

    My fave video was when she said “it’s 4 in the morning and I’m cocking a Chanel bag in my microwave”I couldn’t stop laughing

  • jackelyn lopez
    jackelyn lopez 5 hours ago


  • Racee Jay
    Racee Jay 5 hours ago

    6:04 it looks like he punish his self

  • scarlet giveen
    scarlet giveen 5 hours ago

    I think my worst gift, was a bar of soap. And I think it was used? It had a few hairs on it and finger-print marks. I was like “Oh! Thank you! Thank you SO MUCH!”But, It smelt amazing, so I just washed it and put it in my bed room.

  • Elizabeth Taylor
    Elizabeth Taylor 5 hours ago

    :ssniperwolf: im poor : me: i m, rich

    SUA SPONTE 5 hours ago

    What happen to her arm

  • Slimeyunicorn
    Slimeyunicorn 5 hours ago

    Who else is Siri got triggered by her saying hey Siri or only me also watching in 2020

  • Yendor Leilani Lindsay

    Lia with the Doritos Lia: no I don’t like it Also lia: aww I love it

  • Tegan Rand
    Tegan Rand 5 hours ago

    I like my Oreos soggy as well

  • Kenzy Tucker
    Kenzy Tucker 5 hours ago

    Is that Donald trim on Omegle Just so cassuallyy

  • Brian Adair
    Brian Adair 5 hours ago

    I'm a furrie but I'm on your side and I love your videos I can't wait until I get my baby cat back one day you make my day

  • Angela Williams
    Angela Williams 5 hours ago

    Help get Shane Dawson to see this

  • Isabella and Abigail

    my mom like to save money but i think it’s just because were mexico

  • MysEm Vids
    MysEm Vids 5 hours ago

    Mom: *Cries* Me: *Starts screaming and beating that dang child*

  • Nohemi Villar Peralta

    You can get a straw

  • Iris Little
    Iris Little 5 hours ago

    I love me some Talenti icecream though.. xD!!!

  • Flavio Triunfo-Loviselli

    jokes on you I USE A MOUSEPAD

  • Jakob Sparks
    Jakob Sparks 5 hours ago

    They change shape because of the camera angle

  • Rogelio Orta
    Rogelio Orta 5 hours ago


  • Rosangely Rodriguez
    Rosangely Rodriguez 5 hours ago


  • Cindy Solis
    Cindy Solis 5 hours ago

    We girls have problem

  • Stephanie Vigoa
    Stephanie Vigoa 5 hours ago

    Can I have the car

  • Ruth
    Ruth 5 hours ago

    She can roast

  • JosieMina Flo
    JosieMina Flo 5 hours ago

    Aww i only speak spanish-english

  • Jaiden K.
    Jaiden K. 5 hours ago

    Look at both

  • Valori Mazaba
    Valori Mazaba 5 hours ago


  • Bianca_GachaGirl 123

    The girl in the first video is Trisha Paytas

  • Fatima Epstein
    Fatima Epstein 5 hours ago

    I deserve to have more smacks I have nine let Tronic’s

  • Tristan Poynter
    Tristan Poynter 5 hours ago

    I would never cheat on my girlfreind

  • Patience Urrabas
    Patience Urrabas 5 hours ago


  • Lizzy the cat
    Lizzy the cat 5 hours ago

    Most likely food but not expensive cars

  • Tyannah Cham
    Tyannah Cham 5 hours ago

    noticed that she put the same clips twice the coffe table thing and the rubber ducky thing with the carpet (:

  • - Midknight_Wolf -
    - Midknight_Wolf - 5 hours ago

    Same when something gets stuck in my teeth im like *brain.exe has stopped working*

  • jackson moore
    jackson moore 5 hours ago

    1:55 John wick is that you

  • Melisse Ellis
    Melisse Ellis 5 hours ago

    Can this woman stop!

  • chloe brown
    chloe brown 5 hours ago


  • skylar hubbard
    skylar hubbard 5 hours ago

    What about to wizard of oz one.

  • Dan Dan Lee
    Dan Dan Lee 5 hours ago

    OMG! Love you!

  • Kate Wong
    Kate Wong 5 hours ago

    Ok, so about the school lunches, I went to a private school and they served some very strange pb and j, when I went to public school they served great food like pasta,

  • TheGiff Twins
    TheGiff Twins 5 hours ago


  • Dorothea Talley
    Dorothea Talley 5 hours ago

    A cat 😑 duh

  • muto prime
    muto prime 5 hours ago

    Sniperwolf i love you

  • TafficoGacha
    TafficoGacha 5 hours ago

    Her: they bought me anything Me: I got noting for all holidays accept for my birthday , I got earrings;-;

  • Ermalinda Domingo
    Ermalinda Domingo 5 hours ago

    Uhhh....,yeah I. Am opening my order now

  • Gacha life Ferming
    Gacha life Ferming 5 hours ago

    So little rich girl sayng u rich if u take any other cars to school but if u take a bus to school u poor

  • LuigiChamp Number 1
    LuigiChamp Number 1 5 hours ago

    3:49 meowth what happened did Jessie and James kick you out Team Rocket and got the alola Meowth instead

  • Josue Gonzalez
    Josue Gonzalez 5 hours ago

    What if they were actually missing a 100 dollar bill.....

  • Ash Paterson
    Ash Paterson 5 hours ago

    I’m nonbinary and pan and polyamorous I’m also 13 the only thing wrong with her was that she thinks she’s all grown up poly is fine for any age but sex nah

  • Renée Wilson
    Renée Wilson 5 hours ago

    Canada was the second coldest place in the world last Wednesday

  • Le Duck Cat
    Le Duck Cat 5 hours ago


  • isaac the elementary kid

    Im watching in 2020 and ive been fan since 2k17

  • rock and roll girl
    rock and roll girl 5 hours ago

    In the question that was asking the color of the sunset there were roses in front of you the color is:rose

  • Kayla James
    Kayla James 5 hours ago

    I love you so much i have a crush on you

  • Sergio Cerro
    Sergio Cerro 5 hours ago

    Sup Sssniper wolf:)😎

  • Maria Morales
    Maria Morales 5 hours ago

    I sometimes get round Nacho chips with a block of chese

  • Danica Holland
    Danica Holland 5 hours ago

    Big f

  • Rosa Villalta
    Rosa Villalta 5 hours ago

    I ❤️ sssniperwolf

  • sunflower Sis
    sunflower Sis 5 hours ago

    Do one with digitalnex please

  • Adam Winz
    Adam Winz 5 hours ago

    THERE IS 👏🏽 NO 👏🏽 WHAT 👏🏽 IF. 👏🏽 I 👏🏽 AM 👏🏽 PREGNANT.... and it is Jesus

  • Amber Reeves
    Amber Reeves 5 hours ago

    I asked the five-year-old thing out my way and well the dad got shot and well the son of the family he went to the hospital and he was good does tea have to be in there for like that long though

  • Sharlyne FOREVA!!!
    Sharlyne FOREVA!!! 5 hours ago

    What happened to your wrist?

  • Alaina Plunkett
    Alaina Plunkett 5 hours ago

    Aye go danyeille

    RML BFFS 5 hours ago

    I love the school food

  • I_AM_ME
    I_AM_ME 5 hours ago

    The corneal said *”WHAT CHU SAY ABT ME”*

  • RickyPuf
    RickyPuf 5 hours ago

    a lizard LNDJKFRS,SL

  • Cury Cherry
    Cury Cherry 5 hours ago


  • Ryan Mullen
    Ryan Mullen 5 hours ago

    Did you know that the cops can find your address through you phone number sssniperwolf? I learned that when I was bored and had an old phone that I thought didn't work! Spoiler alert: They came to my house. I didn't even talk to them!!!!!!

  • Makayla Aariaga
    Makayla Aariaga 5 hours ago

    8:12 got me like 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pamela Ramsey
    Pamela Ramsey 5 hours ago

    What is that kissing tho bro

  • Rosa Villalta
    Rosa Villalta 5 hours ago


  • Christine Stratton
    Christine Stratton 5 hours ago

    Me and my brother herd a creepy. Noise so we got a plastic fortnight gun and went down stairs and sat. On the couch and waited in til our parents got home

  • Casey Miller
    Casey Miller 5 hours ago

    Love your hair color

  • Coconut Chicken
    Coconut Chicken 5 hours ago

    Most of these I am not scared of :/ they aren’t spicy

  • Floodpro21010
    Floodpro21010 5 hours ago

    Hi olga

  • Harvinder Singh
    Harvinder Singh 5 hours ago

    You kill with kar98

  • Bridget Lacy
    Bridget Lacy 5 hours ago

    I love ur purple buns

  • jaydin lopez
    jaydin lopez 5 hours ago

    I went to private school and the lunch is terrible we eat cold foods and un-cook things but now public school is really good

  • BloxyBananaGirl
    BloxyBananaGirl 5 hours ago

    target is AMAZING don't DISRESPECT

  • Tinsley Miller
    Tinsley Miller 5 hours ago

    asssnifer XDDDD

  • Gabriela Villa
    Gabriela Villa 5 hours ago

    I’m in the 2020s already 😑😑😑😑