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  • TheNewVocal
    TheNewVocal 5 months ago

    Greetings from The Garden City =) =) Wish you a wonderful day!

  • Johnny Clam Cakes
    Johnny Clam Cakes 7 months ago

    good stuff

  • thejamesoc
    thejamesoc 8 months ago

    can you do the new overwatch event opening

  • Ànnabel Griffin
    Ànnabel Griffin 8 months ago

    i love you so much but can you make you vids longer

  • xXPhoebePlaysXx
    xXPhoebePlaysXx 8 months ago

    ilysm liaaaaa!!!!!!!!

    CAPTAINDOGE GAMING 8 months ago

    Who else Loves her and her videos?! Wolfpack! 4Ever!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍🐺🐺🐺😊😊😊🌟🌟thank u so Much for loving all of my comments!! This made my Monday So much better! Ur a amazing yt! I love u and I hope u have a Great Day!!! ❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️🐺🐺🐺😀😀btw the rest of u have a Great Day too!

  • wig flew
    wig flew 8 months ago

    When is the new stream going up?

    GIRLS ONLY MSP 8 months ago

    hi sssniperwolf if you see this I love you can you come see me in lansing please im a big fan

  • Runnerbliz broe
    Runnerbliz broe 8 months ago

    sssniper wolf you are looking fat now compare to your old video xD

  • Frisk
    Frisk 8 months ago

    I love this channel! <3

  • Little Punk Joker
    Little Punk Joker 8 months ago

    hey sssniperwolf please do more vrchat videos :D

  • Lord Kyrian
    Lord Kyrian 8 months ago

    now it is just... stuff

  • Gianna Wofford
    Gianna Wofford 8 months ago

    i love you sssniperwolf can you please say my name in a video i love you so much your so great and kind thank you

  • ParkMan21
    ParkMan21 8 months ago

    you weird lady

  • Older Two's Teacher
    Older Two's Teacher 8 months ago

    dear david

  • Nirvana G
    Nirvana G 8 months ago

    SSSniperwolf your so amazing i love all your video's

  • Kylocat
    Kylocat 8 months ago

    how do i enter live stream

  • Zombie Slaughter Gamer

    sssniperwolf You're the best! Around! Nothing's gonna ever keep you down You're the Best! Around! Nothing's gonna ever keep you down You're the Best! Around! Nothing's gonna ever keep you down

  • i just want some milk
    i just want some milk 8 months ago

    just keep swimming

  • Kyle Brackman
    Kyle Brackman 8 months ago

    What made you want to become a TheXvidr? Also, are you single?

  • no thanks
    no thanks 8 months ago


  • Holly and Aleahs World

    hey guys i just heard that she got aressted

  • Alivia Martinez
    Alivia Martinez 8 months ago

    when you going livvvveeeeeeeeee?

  • Rider W
    Rider W 8 months ago

    when the stream

  • kinj minj
    kinj minj 8 months ago

    im a uhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Edie Mar
    Edie Mar 8 months ago

    Your the coolest person in the whole universe sssniperwolf aka lia

  • Carlos Raygoza
    Carlos Raygoza 8 months ago

    who love me here?

  • Carlos Raygoza
    Carlos Raygoza 8 months ago


  • Ambrosio Supangan
    Ambrosio Supangan 8 months ago

    Wait what's SS supposed to mean

    MEAH BAIN 8 months ago

    i love you can you and you are cool and me and my BFF ,ove you

  • Suki Lover101
    Suki Lover101 8 months ago

    btw i cant have gluten either i have celiac

  • SukiBassBooster
    SukiBassBooster 8 months ago

    btw i cant have gluten either i have celiac

  • hannah g
    hannah g 8 months ago


  • Mario C
    Mario C 8 months ago

    Hi sssniper wolf😀😀😀

  • ssm 4761
    ssm 4761 8 months ago

    nice reaction channel

  • ggukfilms
    ggukfilms 8 months ago

    react to kpop pls

  • Caitlin Stevens
    Caitlin Stevens 8 months ago

    Hey SSSniperWolf? I heard you got imprisioned on the twelth of August 2016 for 'disorderly conduct-fighting' Is this true? :-(

  • Jessica Lundberg
    Jessica Lundberg 8 months ago

    Hey! If you love Shorewood thumbs up!

  • Matty Bishop
    Matty Bishop 8 months ago

    were u on omegle a bit ago?

  • Eman_VIDDIES
    Eman_VIDDIES 8 months ago

    i love your content keep it up

  • Thundershope AJ
    Thundershope AJ 8 months ago

    SSSniperWolf I love you so much, you have changed my world so much im so grateful I found your channel, thank you for putting a smile on my face every single day. I love you so much :).

  • Creeper Gaming951
    Creeper Gaming951 8 months ago

    for all you new comers this is the majestic SSSniperwolf she is the best thing u can find on th internet

  • Julia Aguiar
    Julia Aguiar 8 months ago

    I am part of the wolf pack

  • Darren Foxx
    Darren Foxx 8 months ago

    SssniperWolf you are one of my fav youtubers plus you are nice and I would like you to make a video about skyrim or fallout. ps your googling videos are awesome. Stay awesome <3

  • Xavier Sutton
    Xavier Sutton 8 months ago

    how would you rate her channel out of /10 i would rate 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10

  • Victoria wylde
    Victoria wylde 8 months ago

    i like your videos a lot

  • The Unicorn Squad
    The Unicorn Squad 8 months ago

    SSSniperWolf vids make me happy

  • Jackson Bauer
    Jackson Bauer 8 months ago

    SSSniperwolf you should start playing more games again but keep up the good work

  • William Satterwhite
    William Satterwhite 8 months ago

    your the coolest person in the universe SSSniperWolf

  • Tundra and Neptune's World

    the most kawaii's and amazing person in the world is you sssinperwolf arooooooooo

  • Neo Gavini
    Neo Gavini 8 months ago

    I Love You. I just wish you could wait for me to grow and become my girlfriend.. and then my wife. WOW! That'd be really great.

  • Adrianna Somwaru
    Adrianna Somwaru 8 months ago

    im almost sweating rn bc in laying in front of my heater

  • Jade and hollie
    Jade and hollie 8 months ago

    I love your vids I've been watching for a few years and I won't stop can you do a diy

  • Layla Baum
    Layla Baum 8 months ago

    can you make it without bad words pls?

  • Tanvir Rahman
    Tanvir Rahman 8 months ago

    Can we have the Q & A (Ask Wolf) videos from Lia again? every single Sunday?

  • Projects City
    Projects City 8 months ago

    keep up with ur amazing videos

  • geo p
    geo p 8 months ago

    ik we got one thing in comin we both like wolves did you know ima werewolf

  • geo p
    geo p 8 months ago

    my dog sam sam isn't doing well I'm praying he,ll be ok I'm going to west verginya to spend days in a hotel called pipesten or pipestem

  • Madalynne Papai
    Madalynne Papai 8 months ago

    Who's here from 2018

  • starbucks unicorn
    starbucks unicorn 8 months ago

    your channel is so great

  • Lia Fuller
    Lia Fuller 8 months ago


  • Matthew Crum
    Matthew Crum 8 months ago


  • bob bobet
    bob bobet 8 months ago


  • Minutedragon 62
    Minutedragon 62 8 months ago

    :P I have literally watched every single one of your videos and I wanna tell you that you are amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!

  • Chelsea Grey
    Chelsea Grey 8 months ago

    Do more live videos PLEASE

  • Bunbunzy YT
    Bunbunzy YT 8 months ago


  • Erin Ganley - Hillcrest MS (1256)

    you are a great youtuber you always make me happy

  • ktown himself
    ktown himself 8 months ago

    SSSniperWolf is the best you-tuber ever!

  • Jassmine Garcia-Moreno


  • Demitrius Dicus
    Demitrius Dicus 8 months ago


  • Asia's Arts
    Asia's Arts 8 months ago


  • Poncho McDougall
    Poncho McDougall 8 months ago

    Don't listen to go haters. They want to get to down I think your awesome and amazing! If your a hater shame on you for doing such a awful thing like that. 😤 I love you!!!😊

  • Daniel Xie
    Daniel Xie 8 months ago

    Can you make more Fortnite videos?

  • x_solarr
    x_solarr 8 months ago

    HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY MR. SAUSAGE! (˵ ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°˵)ノ⌒♡*:・。.

  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover 8 months ago

    You are my favorite TheXvidr!!!!!!

  • gabbie hanna is my queen

    your my favorite youtuber ive watched almost all your videos and i think their hilarious i hope you keep up the good work

  • Galaxy slade
    Galaxy slade 8 months ago

    from 2016 to 2018 i haved loved you and still do

  • Tia Maria Al Mhayyar
    Tia Maria Al Mhayyar 8 months ago

    Hi I am a new wolf I just subscribed to your channel I love u so much 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Aqua Games
    Aqua Games 8 months ago

    i cant watch her live stream why :(?

  • DeRandomAmber
    DeRandomAmber 8 months ago

    i liked ur stream it was funny and entertaining, and idk how to spell that so dont judge me XD

    • SSSniperWolf
      SSSniperWolf 8 months ago

      thanks for coming to the stream :D

  • DeRandomAmber
    DeRandomAmber 8 months ago


  • Raheel Jadoon
    Raheel Jadoon 8 months ago

    Thumbs up !!!

  • Abdulla Sulaimani
    Abdulla Sulaimani 8 months ago


  • Christopher Douglas
    Christopher Douglas 8 months ago

    she is pretty

  • Caitlyn Cabrera
    Caitlyn Cabrera 8 months ago

    I found her by finding one of her creepy text message history videos. She should make a playlist for all of the videos so I can watch them more easily. :)

  • Annabell Animations
    Annabell Animations 9 months ago

    SSSniperWolf, I have a suggestion for you. You should do video reactions.

  • Yaanik Yoyo
    Yaanik Yoyo 9 months ago

    SSSniperWolf you're the coolest and nicest person in the whole world and don't listen to the people that are rude to you they are all wrong love you

  • zachary green
    zachary green 9 months ago


  • Natalie Winder
    Natalie Winder 9 months ago

    I saw SSSiperwolf on the Joel McGale show on netflix

  • TheMagesticTess
    TheMagesticTess 9 months ago

    Dear SSSniperwolf, You have taught me to always see the funny side of things, also you got me through tough times with a good laugh, Thanks for this, A very happy fan

  • Joseph silba
    Joseph silba 9 months ago

    I want to get your gamer tag your good at fortnite 😌😘😶

  • Joseph silba
    Joseph silba 9 months ago

    My friend loves u!

  • fenderstratocaster
    fenderstratocaster 9 months ago

    You should try looking into badly translated signs, it's hillarious!

  • BurtonYTP
    BurtonYTP 9 months ago

    my pp is mass

  • NoNoob96
    NoNoob96 9 months ago

    very funy fuccig lol

    TRACETHERACE 123 9 months ago

    wassup also subscribe to her other channel little Lia

  • VIPmanYT
    VIPmanYT 9 months ago

    hello does anyone even read comments here?

  • Jade Crisanti
    Jade Crisanti 9 months ago

    can u do more exposing people vids or maybe try doing diy's no matter what ill like it :)

  • CuRrUpT_ AcId
    CuRrUpT_ AcId 9 months ago

    SSSniperWolf could u maybe get me some subs im new to youtube and by the way ur a great fornite player and ur beautiful

  • JohnnyGamez132
    JohnnyGamez132 9 months ago

    i thoght she was with my boy steav-o right now in the moutains or somethin

  • Noëlle Claus
    Noëlle Claus 9 months ago

    Hi SSSniperWolf/Lia

  • Hugo AM
    Hugo AM 9 months ago


  • Lexy Kendrick
    Lexy Kendrick 9 months ago

    OML! I'm only 10, and i watch ur vids! they may be dirty and say bad and....uhhh... well, bad words, BUT I LUV U! btw, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz gimmie a shoutout plzzzzzzzzzzzzz XD

  • Rachael Miller
    Rachael Miller 9 months ago

    Hey i hope if you see this you are apart of the wolf pack ahoooooooooo! (howl lol)

  • Evelyn Lima
    Evelyn Lima 9 months ago

    hi cilk clik

  • JM 18
    JM 18 9 months ago

    I like your videos sssniper wolf love you xx

  • Gideon Niskey
    Gideon Niskey 9 months ago

    Sniperwolf y sausage tho

  • danny horton
    danny horton 9 months ago

    i got a ps4 slim Can I add you to my ps4 when i get online i hope you will be online playing games

  • Michaela Johnson
    Michaela Johnson 9 months ago

    ssniper play this game called wolf play

  • Quazon Henderson-Miller

    have your boyfriends listens to your stomach growling with his ear in your bikini?

  • Kaylee Hennig
    Kaylee Hennig 9 months ago

    my friend thinks this is not child freindly who cares i love this channal

  • Elvin Nuñez
    Elvin Nuñez 9 months ago

    SSniperwolf what is your name?

    JOCA TV 9 months ago

    people do yuo whant help my of subcribers pleas

  • mayda menchaca
    mayda menchaca 9 months ago

    i subed

  • The Hobo Named Amy
    The Hobo Named Amy 9 months ago

    when are you going to play fortnite

  • a
    a 9 months ago

    please take more dicks on camera and upload it thanks

  • WhiteHockey HD
    WhiteHockey HD 9 months ago

    When will you do another Livestream on Twitch?

  • Roxy the rock
    Roxy the rock 9 months ago

    i love you ssniperwolf

  • Kpopz Stan
    Kpopz Stan 9 months ago

    i love your channel!!!!

  • Jayden Taylor
    Jayden Taylor 9 months ago

    decode this iay ovelay ssnipersay olfway iay maay neoay foay erhay iggestbay ansfay

  • matsm atamne
    matsm atamne 9 months ago

    gget a omegle video lia

  • Shape1Shifter
    Shape1Shifter 9 months ago

    Shape--Shifter01 to add me

  • Tamari Williams
    Tamari Williams 9 months ago

    Alguém aqui entende espanhol?

  • Abigail Loch
    Abigail Loch 9 months ago

    You should do a Wendy's roast video. I know it's kinda old. Also, do a collab with Alonzo Lerone please! It'd be hilarious!

  • Cracker Sak
    Cracker Sak 9 months ago

    sup everyone ?

  • Gabriela Perez Garfield

    i have been watching your videos i have been having a hard time but you make me laugh every day when i get home from school

  • Ashley Wilson
    Ashley Wilson 9 months ago

    i love u and yr vids just plz play fortnite it will be so so so goooood

  • Ashley Wilson
    Ashley Wilson 9 months ago

    u need to play fortnite

  • jose moreno
    jose moreno 9 months ago


  • Therandomchannel
    Therandomchannel 9 months ago

    lol ima do my own channel one of these days

  • Nikhil Thakur
    Nikhil Thakur 9 months ago

    Have ur name plz...

  • Daniel Lim
    Daniel Lim 9 months ago

    Trying to watch Paranormal Activity online on my macbook pro, just struggling a LOT.

  • Mighty Matt
    Mighty Matt 9 months ago


  • khadija saleh
    khadija saleh 9 months ago

    love your videos u're my insperation

  • Mor Ham
    Mor Ham 9 months ago


  • hunter awesome graves
    hunter awesome graves 9 months ago

    gud job on 8 mil

    • Abigail Loch
      Abigail Loch 9 months ago

      Please at least put some effort into your spelling.

  • Dakota Linder
    Dakota Linder 9 months ago

    Hey sssniperwolf do you ever play league of legends

    MATT_ATTACK 9 months ago

    can we calab with are gaming

  • CoyoteGames
    CoyoteGames 9 months ago


  • Ivy {ultimate weapon holder}XD

    SSSniperWolf is definitely the best youtuber i mean she plays fortnite (so subscribe) if it doesnt convince you (still subscribe) have a nice day :)

  • YouCube26 The OK Cuber

    Hi I am a cool guy

  • Katherine's Corner
    Katherine's Corner 9 months ago

    Congrats on 8 million subs!

  • alicia
    alicia 9 months ago


  • Ava deerstar
    Ava deerstar 9 months ago

    Congratulations on 8 million subscribers :)

  • Ava deerstar
    Ava deerstar 9 months ago


  • PixelatedBrayden
    PixelatedBrayden 9 months ago

    congrats on 8 mill!

  • teplkin
    teplkin 9 months ago

    lia: Well let's just cycle through my *4* different reactions for my thumbnails *every week* me: ;-;

  • Julian Molina
    Julian Molina 9 months ago

    hey is madison lau here

  • aerin Jenkins
    aerin Jenkins 9 months ago

    Foxes are red wolfs are blue I love lia and you should too.

  • Nindget
    Nindget 9 months ago

    Hey Lia in the video where you explored a haunted house you saw something in a hole, in the wall. Could you please tell us what was in there...

  • pennywise11
    pennywise11 9 months ago

    hey Lia i love ur vids please reply it would mean the world to me btw i am sending you a letter so yeah i love you xxxxxxxx :)

  • Poopybannaface 52
    Poopybannaface 52 9 months ago

    do more gaming vids

  • Kate Velez
    Kate Velez 9 months ago

    can you plz shout me out. I love your vids # :] :p

  • Reginald Mitchell
    Reginald Mitchell 9 months ago

    Hey I think you're a beautiful woman

  • Lorna Dane
    Lorna Dane 9 months ago

    Can i React to your videos for the youtubes? I am not a hater btw

  • Nuclear
    Nuclear 9 months ago


  • Allison Pollard
    Allison Pollard 9 months ago

    Your vids make me smile after a bad day at school :)

  • mr Sandman
    mr Sandman 9 months ago

    Will you be playing red dead redemption 2 online when it releases ?

  • WeemanliloGaming
    WeemanliloGaming 9 months ago

    i watch every video that you upload.

  • WeemanliloGaming
    WeemanliloGaming 9 months ago


  • Ana Payan
    Ana Payan 9 months ago

    this channel makes my day all the time luv you❤️

  • Perverted Fox
    Perverted Fox 9 months ago


  • Hollynichollslife
    Hollynichollslife 9 months ago

    sssniperwolf we love you xxx

  • Caidence Whitlow
    Caidence Whitlow 9 months ago

    My Birthday Was The Seventeenth Of February! Can I Please Get Some Love Lia? You Are My Favorite TheXvidr!

  • govindunath thenuwara
    govindunath thenuwara 9 months ago

    sniper your is most beautiful girl

  • Roblox gaming and more


  • Roblox gaming and more

    @SSSniperwolf I was here since 5million 300-ish thousand

  • Gothic Sheep
    Gothic Sheep 9 months ago

    You are the best Girl youtuber ever even better than Jenna Marbles!

  • Aleigh Grubb
    Aleigh Grubb 9 months ago

    Lea you are my favorite you tuber and i wish i could play over watch but my dad wont let me

  • Andie Miller
    Andie Miller 9 months ago

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  • mary foster
    mary foster 9 months ago

    i can.t wait untill the next vidoe.

  • Burden FuckOff
    Burden FuckOff 9 months ago

    I Saw Her In A p 0 r n Vid

  • John Spence
    John Spence 9 months ago

    My god, you are super attractive and charismatic, good for you for recognizing it...very mesmerizing. Looks like a young Natalie Portman

  • Metal_Mainia9734
    Metal_Mainia9734 9 months ago

    Give me a shout out plzzzzzzzzz

  • mary foster
    mary foster 10 months ago

    hi i am 13 years old you are my faveret youtuber i love your videoes i love you you are prety

  • time keeper
    time keeper 10 months ago

    Hey was having discussion with you and got disconnected. Not sure if u can reach me through here. Oh well.

    BRYNN ERNZEN 10 months ago

    Lia! Wow, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of you before until today. You are such a beautiful, young and inspiring TheXvidr. Your videos make me laugh, even when I watch them at 2 AM

  • Kebbie Ramseur
    Kebbie Ramseur 10 months ago

    ssniperwolf what is your ps4 acouunt i wanna play some fornight with you and if its not to a lot ask but can you say my name in one of your vids and do some more scarry vids i love them

  • mkaay. katy
    mkaay. katy 10 months ago

    sssniper Wolf just wanted to say your the best, sweetest and most wonderful person in the world and hope you never change, you inspired me to create the channel and to keep it :) <33

  • Musical_harmony 2
    Musical_harmony 2 10 months ago

    hi Lia! i am your #1 biggest fan i have seen ALL of your videos i just think you are a AMAZING beautiful person and please please PLEASE never stop making videos :)

  • Vickie's Vlogs
    Vickie's Vlogs 10 months ago


  • Matthew Snow
    Matthew Snow 10 months ago

    hey i'm 16 and super chill do you have Xbox

  • Advens Storm Akingdom
    Advens Storm Akingdom 10 months ago

    yo sniperWolf test the game Modern Combat 5 Blackout on pc I think you'd be mad!

  • JaapioNL
    JaapioNL 10 months ago

    Do you still make gaming videos? Or stream games?

  • Nyron 2004
    Nyron 2004 10 months ago

    no. just no

  • Alanna Campbell
    Alanna Campbell 10 months ago

    Hi Lia, I am kinda shy on what to say but I need you to a know something very important could I find away contacting you please, I am a huge fan but what I want say to you I am too shy to say it if you want I could contact you through Email...thank you from Alanna

  • Amy Sanchez
    Amy Sanchez 10 months ago

    i love all of your vids, i am subscribed to you channel

  • antonio pruymboom
    antonio pruymboom 10 months ago

    i think youre a bette youtuber than pewdiepie

  • Titan
    Titan 10 months ago

    Die in a hole

  • Madison Kerstetter
    Madison Kerstetter 10 months ago

    Hi sssniperwolf I recently became a huge fan and love your channel so much. Whenever I have crappy days at school and we are using computers in class i turn on your channel and it makes me laugh so much i start crying. U R AMAZING!

  • Steve Delk
    Steve Delk 10 months ago


  • Robert Wilber
    Robert Wilber 10 months ago

    do you sign your merchandise with autographed signature?

  • Robert Wilber
    Robert Wilber 10 months ago

    I subscribed caaause I enjoy your enteertaining videos plus your easy on the eyes (chuckle,chuckle) keep up the great contentet

  • SmoothTuberTV
    SmoothTuberTV 10 months ago

    congrats on 7 million subs! :)

  • non-active2able
    non-active2able 10 months ago

    hi i realy like your videos wolf life oooooooowwwwwww

  • damien  weston
    damien weston 10 months ago

    happy valentines day lia

  • Epic Four Life
    Epic Four Life 10 months ago

    Lia your so awesome! :D

  • Rayden Boboiboy
    Rayden Boboiboy 10 months ago

    congrats 7mils subscribe lia

  • Shelah Rosevelt
    Shelah Rosevelt 10 months ago

    I am a girl gamer to I love the way you have the pics of reaper he is my fav i never really liked any of the real celebreties just reaper well not exactly i also like Brett Young and Thomas Rhett i am kind of a country girl

  • Shelah Rosevelt
    Shelah Rosevelt 10 months ago

    Your videos are amazing and i hope the next one is as amazing as the last ones!!!! I love you Lia!!!!!!!!!!!!!