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Arm Mounted Hydraulic JAWS
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Building a Furze Tea Machine
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Real Fold Out Metal Shield
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Flick AXE Wrist Mounted
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Burning the Wall Of Death
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Mr Beans RC Armchair
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Walking Stick Tazer
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The Briefcase Fireplace
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BMW Hot Tub
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AK47 door bell system.
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Freeze Plate Reverse Hob
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Baby Washing Machine
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Games Console Microwave
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The Colin Furze BOOK!!!!
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AT-ACT Cold Start
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#Made for you Play Button
Views 1.4M2 years ago


  • Влад Манин
    Влад Манин 12 minutes ago

    Отморозок 👍👍👍👍

  • Da Carlos El Chico Melodia

    Wow cuantoa miles de dollares se gasto en concreto y metal

  • Kumbang Gaming
    Kumbang Gaming 30 minutes ago

    Colin before shooting those fireworks you should have put some sausages wrapped in aluminium foil on the other end

  • YourNewTV
    YourNewTV 35 minutes ago


  • kifer stevens
    kifer stevens 38 minutes ago

    anti rape belt 7:59

  • majdi yunu
    majdi yunu 40 minutes ago

    I'm love you so much.

  • Subhrajit Ghosh
    Subhrajit Ghosh 41 minute ago

    The Great Escape

  • Товарищ Bender
    Товарищ Bender 46 minutes ago

    What about rust?

  • Syeda manzar Fatima

    So dangerous

  • cyber indo
    cyber indo Hour ago

    Make it like 9 dimension



  • Тарас
    Тарас Hour ago

    вот делать то некуй такую шляпу лепить,это все сгниет через год, сколько металла ушатали

  • Zachary Schwartz
    Zachary Schwartz 2 hours ago

    Wow 3 days before I was born

  • Ali Pogek
    Ali Pogek 2 hours ago

    thats cgi right??😂

  • Roman BOLSHOY
    Roman BOLSHOY 2 hours ago

    Очевидно что это теплица для конопли. В первый год окупится, и выйдет в плюс.

  • Johnathan Cheng
    Johnathan Cheng 2 hours ago

    Can you turn a Honda TMX125-Alpha into a Reverse Trike? Much like Harley Davidson V Rod Reverse Trike... But cheaper yet still durable and Stable?..

  • DisposableEgo
    DisposableEgo 3 hours ago

    You joyful fear laden man...

  • PTMmotor Hoàng
    PTMmotor Hoàng 3 hours ago

    I am also planning to build one like you I really like your channel, and you're very funny

  • Prottay Sutradhar
    Prottay Sutradhar 3 hours ago

    TheXvid should embed an "😂" emoji button, near the like button.

  • Uriel Daluz
    Uriel Daluz 3 hours ago

    gonna be honest, im glad they set the turkey on fire for the modified method, as that was bothering me in the first method. milliard reaction is important for good flavor

  • Starwarsgirl
    Starwarsgirl 3 hours ago

    I would much rather that AT ACT than any computer game on the Internet. You couldn't even pay me to play video games all day and miss out on a toy like that master pice!!!!

  • Starwarsgirl
    Starwarsgirl 3 hours ago

    You have made my childhood imagination come true!!!!!

  • xX Arthion Xx
    xX Arthion Xx 3 hours ago

    I buy for 2000 dollars

  • EndoDoes YT
    EndoDoes YT 3 hours ago

    Great for the zombie apocalypse

  • livewithpassion2001
    livewithpassion2001 4 hours ago

    Is it gonna wark. Hell who knows, waste of time dude

  • WTG Hawaii
    WTG Hawaii 4 hours ago

    What kind of psychotic BS did I just come across? How in bloody does this video have 2.7 million views?!?

  • BeNoah Gaming
    BeNoah Gaming 4 hours ago

    Britains version of The Hacksmith

  • Snooperino
    Snooperino 4 hours ago


  • Nelson Ortiz
    Nelson Ortiz 4 hours ago

    You need to stabilize it . first by making it from lighter material. Second 4 propellers. A light weight seat in center.. light weight protection guards . So propellers wont get damaged or hurt you.The control mechanism would be radio frequency at a larger scale to better gyro and move left and right.

  • teo mancinelli
    teo mancinelli 4 hours ago

    disfruto cada segundo de tus videos! no paro de reirme!!! GRACIAS POR EXISTIR COLIN

  • whiteflag
    whiteflag 4 hours ago

    That steel is untreated.

  • Bruno Maciel
    Bruno Maciel 4 hours ago

    Gringous locous

  • Sir.Banister 463
    Sir.Banister 463 4 hours ago

    Make one that’s bigger and that has more floors to it

  • eusebio corniel
    eusebio corniel 5 hours ago

    Try 4 motor next time

    MOLAROIS MORAIS 5 hours ago

    Good job 👍!

  • Kurt Jensen
    Kurt Jensen 5 hours ago

    Am I the only one that’s disappointed that we didn’t get to see it drive?

  • Борис Сафаров

    Оказывается не только у нас дебилы есть, но и в европе тоже!!!

    • Roman BOLSHOY
      Roman BOLSHOY 2 hours ago

      Борис Сафаров там такие через одного, как минимум.

  • Jeff Olson
    Jeff Olson 5 hours ago

    He bought a kit

  • Syfaro
    Syfaro 5 hours ago

    i saw some thing fall

  • Claire Wilkins
    Claire Wilkins 5 hours ago

    Munster munch

  • The Bros
    The Bros 5 hours ago

    I think the neighbor’s think he’s dumb

  • Jack Harper
    Jack Harper 5 hours ago

    To dangerous.

  • Argha Samanta
    Argha Samanta 5 hours ago

    You guys are polluting the air and noise.. try to plant some trees.. that can save our mankind.. please do..

  • Fatkidtricks
    Fatkidtricks 6 hours ago

    Good he didn’t get chopped up into 10,000 pieces

  • John Mcdonald
    John Mcdonald 7 hours ago

    What if it’s a 1000000000 check

  • Ryne Winsett
    Ryne Winsett 7 hours ago


  • Soybean Beanson
    Soybean Beanson 7 hours ago

    You should make an rev car that has a trash can on it and bribes tward you when you need it

  • Luis Anler
    Luis Anler 7 hours ago

    Hey man i wanted to buy you one of the

  • sanjay sinha
    sanjay sinha 7 hours ago

    Last shot was awsome

  • Peter Polo Lustig *
    Peter Polo Lustig * 8 hours ago


  • Ahmadaladhamy Alabede

    انت جعلت يومي سعيد رغم اني اعيش في العراق 😊❤️ 🇮🇶

  • Nigel williams
    Nigel williams 8 hours ago


  • Nigel williams
    Nigel williams 8 hours ago

    Can you make me one

  • William Turner
    William Turner 8 hours ago

    Too bad he can get this thing walking and sell this to the military 😅

  • Marius Tamosiunas
    Marius Tamosiunas 8 hours ago

    *Rim brakes *No helmet *50km/h What the.... Madness

  • Jhayce Williams
    Jhayce Williams 8 hours ago

    It was built for vombie apocalypse

  • Rubber Chicken Channel

    it looks like a fish

  • neighbor . - J -
    neighbor . - J - 9 hours ago

    You are more than just a little bit touched in the head... By genius!!! Amazing, sir.

  • jaysper
    jaysper 9 hours ago

    Jesus Colin. You need to wear earmuffs.

  • Vini Pereira
    Vini Pereira 9 hours ago

    Dude, look the quality of this plastic box! It's better than the glass dishes here in brazil.

  • jaysper
    jaysper 9 hours ago

    Meh. Needs more power.

  • Jordo
    Jordo 9 hours ago

    7:42 what is that flashing tool?

  • Monty Ashley
    Monty Ashley 9 hours ago

    How bout build the project and not try being a camedian

  • Chair-Person
    Chair-Person 9 hours ago

    I can already see the police using this in 2087

  • 11157sd
    11157sd 9 hours ago

    2 videos 2x Profit

  • Dennis Cook
    Dennis Cook 9 hours ago

    I'd have a blast with that at the va hospital

  • EnderwaveYT
    EnderwaveYT 9 hours ago

    Somebody: it's just a game Colin: Hold My Hidden Blade And Donot pull the ring

  • Mr Haney
    Mr Haney 10 hours ago

    Its not a bike a bike has wheels.

  • GoingCloth473
    GoingCloth473 10 hours ago

    This is the inventor of the century

  • Meoli
    Meoli 10 hours ago


  • Sam Lutfi
    Sam Lutfi 10 hours ago

    if I could trade lives with anyone it would be this guy

  • Sheshnath Kumar
    Sheshnath Kumar 10 hours ago

    i think its jst a flame ........ it is not able to provide a thrust

  • yaroslav markevitch
    yaroslav markevitch 10 hours ago

    Люди не знают как геморой вылечить, а он бункер строит

  • Павел Фролов

    It's a shirt bunker for idiots.

  • Bobby A
    Bobby A 11 hours ago

    Dude bought three springs. If only I could like twice

  • Jacob Hudson
    Jacob Hudson 11 hours ago

    if there is a nuke can i hide with u #biiiiigfan

  • Alan Cotton
    Alan Cotton 11 hours ago


  • Jacob Hudson
    Jacob Hudson 11 hours ago

    hydrofoil plllllllllllllllz

  • jara
    jara 11 hours ago

    круто) но в подобном бункере надо 2 выхода. если на 1 выход навалятся ходячие то через другой можно будет спокойно выйти

  • Robert Patton
    Robert Patton 11 hours ago

    DUDE! I'm not sure if you are just nuts or a genius.......either way love it!................... You know we all get sick of the Women Folk complaining about walking through the house with wet feet after a shower/bath or how we just dump clothes everywhere.... hows about making a.... "MAN-DRYER Clothes Folder"????

  • Люка Брази
    Люка Брази 11 hours ago

    Перня надо одеть в черный болохон и вы поцменте на каких метлах литали ведьмы

  • Jair Monsalvo
    Jair Monsalvo 11 hours ago


  • Аллихандро _

    хз хз, яп той мулатке вдул...

  • BigMacheteBM
    BigMacheteBM 12 hours ago

    I couldn’t even hear what you said in pretty half of the video cause I was laughing after I saw your project drawing lol

  • Night_ Skull
    Night_ Skull 12 hours ago

    I didn't know Opresser MK2 were invented in 2016😂😂😂

  • Adam Boyd
    Adam Boyd 12 hours ago

    Fuk'n stupid

  • Евгений Николаев

    Жди скоро прилечу. Русская ракета.

  • Mordor City
    Mordor City 12 hours ago

    Полный отстой,более галимого решения я не видел

    MICHAEL JUNG 12 hours ago

    Amazing many ways... I smiled, thought it interesting, saw a little bit of future, wanted see it improved...

  • ignacio vilariño
    ignacio vilariño 12 hours ago

    Important : Never ever go to piss with that invention

  • Bogdan
    Bogdan 13 hours ago

    The flying car is here boyz

  • Farmer's son
    Farmer's son 13 hours ago

    Why are you not uploading Colin I know you have real commitments or just a whopper of a prodject?

  • Santhosh Patil
    Santhosh Patil 13 hours ago

    Very nice expression .I love u 👍👌❤

  • Alicia Gray
    Alicia Gray 13 hours ago

    Lucky for me I have a toilet downstairs and upstairs

  • Садовый Центр#1 Черноземье

    Как он туда занес диван?

  • Владимир Владимир

    Это спасёт лишь от соседа который пиздит варенье на закусь, и то замок спилить любой бухарь умеет...

  • Рустам Дугоев

    Мужики молодцы конечно, но надо чуть больше о безопасности думать. Хотя бы какой-нибудь кожух-юбку из углепластика поставили бы.

  • Evie Scrase
    Evie Scrase 14 hours ago

    Geez mannnn

  • Vucu The wolf
    Vucu The wolf 14 hours ago

    No more paying taxes 😂😂😂