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Arm Mounted Hydraulic JAWS
Views 4.2M4 months ago
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Building a Furze Tea Machine
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Real Fold Out Metal Shield
Views 3.8M7 months ago
Flick AXE Wrist Mounted
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Making a Staircase TREADMILL
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Burning the Wall Of Death
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Walking Stick Tazer
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The Briefcase Fireplace
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BMW Hot Tub
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AK47 door bell system.
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Freeze Plate Reverse Hob
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Baby Washing Machine
Views 1.2M2 years ago
Games Console Microwave
Views 1.2M2 years ago
The Colin Furze BOOK!!!!
Views 482K2 years ago
AT-ACT Cold Start
Views 3.9M2 years ago
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  • Side Bob billy
    Side Bob billy 3 minutes ago

    FURZE where you been me old China teapot? Thought nasa kidnapped you lol

  • peter müller
    peter müller 3 minutes ago

    I gotta say, I'm very disappointing to see you advertising a company that is currently supporting a regime that is not only shooting innocent civilians on the street, but also kidnapping and torturing them in "camps". One could almost say they "concentrate" the torture in those "camps".

  • Robert Buth
    Robert Buth 3 minutes ago

    Colin where you been man? Haha I notice a different type of film makin some changes to the channel?

  • DJ DMR
    DJ DMR 3 minutes ago

    Hi Collin

  • EgRecklz
    EgRecklz 4 minutes ago

    You need to do something with battle bots

  • The Tyttuutface
    The Tyttuutface 4 minutes ago

    You are an absolute moron. Keep it up, you make awesome stuff.

  • endy565
    endy565 4 minutes ago

    How long until the next video

  • zygazygazombie
    zygazygazombie 4 minutes ago

    Ive been playing overwatch since December 2016 and me defence main is junkrat so Im hyped that two of my favourite things to do are coming together. Watching Colin and playing overwatch !

  • satoshi nakamoto
    satoshi nakamoto 4 minutes ago

    now attach a bomb to it

  • Chisnich
    Chisnich 4 minutes ago

    Not gonna lie this channel really seems to have lost its charm, and its roots. I enjoyed watching a man do crazy shit in his shed, not an overproduced, overpaid time lapse

  • Ryan
    Ryan 4 minutes ago

    Oh my Colin, production quality has taken a step up! Wasn't bad before but this looks amazing! and your enthusiasm is as contagious as ever!! :D

  • furry gamer
    furry gamer 4 minutes ago

    Luv it

  • The RC Basher
    The RC Basher 5 minutes ago

    I liked this before I even watched the video

  • Nils
    Nils 5 minutes ago

    An englishman getting paid by a company that supports a country that brutally silences democracy and freedom in a city that was still part of the United Kingdom not even a generation ago.

  • Lassi Kinnunen
    Lassi Kinnunen 5 minutes ago

    Is it china legal?

  • TikTok Compilations
    TikTok Compilations 5 minutes ago

    I LOVE U SO MUCH COLLIN !!!!!!!!!? Thanks for making me smile every time I see u ur a legend

  • Kyle Riley
    Kyle Riley 5 minutes ago

    Shew, with the lack of uploads I was beginning to worry you hurt yourself doing something crazy. Glad to see you havent blown yourself up yet!

  • Jacinta Tuite
    Jacinta Tuite 5 minutes ago

    It would be a good calab with him and mark rober

  • Olivier Lopez Ch
    Olivier Lopez Ch 5 minutes ago

    Me 5 min ago: I wonder why Colin hasn't uploaded any videos in a while, is he ok? Colin: HERE YA GO!

  • Samurai Pipotchi
    Samurai Pipotchi 5 minutes ago

    FUCKING FINALLY. I have been craving some furze crazy for a while now. Then you come back with an overwatch project? Fuck yes

    WIEWIÓR 7 5 minutes ago

    I love the video, as always it's amazing. Also, people, dont comment about china here, its not related! (Im not supporting it,but please not here guys)

  • Fliens
    Fliens 5 minutes ago

    you could control it by breaking one of its back wheels just an idea :)

  • Corwin Harris
    Corwin Harris 5 minutes ago

    Colin, you should stand with Hong Kong instead of Blizzard.

  • noobmaster 69
    noobmaster 69 5 minutes ago

    Too bad blizzard supports tyrany and communism

  • Thomas Hestvik
    Thomas Hestvik 5 minutes ago

    Awesome video

  • Awesome Avis
    Awesome Avis 5 minutes ago

    I’m honestly surprised furze didn’t fill it with fireworks so you can also explode it

  • brianartillery
    brianartillery 5 minutes ago

    I'm enjoying this, and there's a nagging little thought at the back of my mind. Where have I seen something similar? Then it hit me - the classic 'Cotton Reel Tank'. Only they were never two-stroke, or lethal. Lovely job, as always!

  • Aiden
    Aiden 6 minutes ago

    I loved having a camera man it looked so much better

  • Seroga Forever
    Seroga Forever 6 minutes ago

    Shill TOP

  • MajMat
    MajMat 6 minutes ago

    Colin could you put a counter weight on a bar inside which slides left/right for steering?

  • Preston Howell
    Preston Howell 6 minutes ago

    As soon as I seen that this was a Furze video I became scared

  • Vinay Khobrekar
    Vinay Khobrekar 6 minutes ago

    I really wish my life should have been like him .Create anything destroy anything

  • Zane Grey
    Zane Grey 6 minutes ago

    HEY CF.. thought you were dead...

  • Sid Diaz
    Sid Diaz 6 minutes ago

    Can you make Meka next time?

  • какойто канал

    Я чичас не понял

  • Nicholas Jacob
    Nicholas Jacob 7 minutes ago

    Colin this is a step up you finally did some cad but I never want to see you use a touch pad for cad again 1:25

  • theshizzle mcdizzle
    theshizzle mcdizzle 7 minutes ago

    blizzard dislikes incoming

  • Elite Worm
    Elite Worm 7 minutes ago

    COLIN, You are the man!!! You should build something using a NITRO"ENGINE!! Like so he can see it 👍

  • Hunter Gaspari
    Hunter Gaspari 7 minutes ago

    I’m the next video he’s gonna be adding a pressure cooker bomb

  • bansheemania
    bansheemania 7 minutes ago

    I thought this was Going to Be A Stand On Rig.

  • Jim Fortune
    Jim Fortune 7 minutes ago

    Better toys than you had as a plumber, am I right?

  • johnseyefish
    johnseyefish 7 minutes ago

    what about the meka?

  • tate story
    tate story 7 minutes ago

    Not likin new camra angles

  • Avver DK Mikji FD
    Avver DK Mikji FD 7 minutes ago

    He's gotten so intricate over the years :')

  • Aziz Pathan
    Aziz Pathan 7 minutes ago

    So long time you came back

  • Rationalisti
    Rationalisti 8 minutes ago

    Not the best time to collab with blizzard while the situation with Hongkong is ongoing and blizzard being in support of Chinese government. 🤔

  • Dragonmaster 360
    Dragonmaster 360 8 minutes ago

    Push this if your subscribed collin furze ⬇

  • Leo Plunkett
    Leo Plunkett 8 minutes ago

    This is litttttt 🔥🔥🔥

  • viewtuber
    viewtuber 8 minutes ago

    Blizzard are a bunch of spineless twats.

  • Arné Lewis
    Arné Lewis 8 minutes ago

    Dude...i love your work you inspire a crap load...keep doing what you do 👌👌👌👌😁

  • Eirc Spangler
    Eirc Spangler 8 minutes ago

    He lives

  • Freddie Coate
    Freddie Coate 8 minutes ago

    I thought you’d died or something

  • Bas
    Bas 8 minutes ago


  • Kenny Ying
    Kenny Ying 8 minutes ago

    Furze is junkrat confirmed

  • Rowena Grinsam
    Rowena Grinsam 8 minutes ago

    Dear Santa....I wish to have.....

  • InsaneZylex
    InsaneZylex 9 minutes ago

    You really need to meet Hacksmith haha

  • Favaro Leone
    Favaro Leone 9 minutes ago

    Kree Hong Fong

  • Dacian Kolkhuis Tanke
    Dacian Kolkhuis Tanke 9 minutes ago

    Really, why did you accept corupt Chinese money

  • Mel Covell
    Mel Covell 9 minutes ago

    Make a flying phone or make a flying TV

  • Wowzers
    Wowzers 9 minutes ago


  • IamAwesome
    IamAwesome 9 minutes ago


  • Luca La Ferla
    Luca La Ferla 9 minutes ago

    Glad to see you are still here.

  • laurence jones
    laurence jones 9 minutes ago

    Just got home after an operation and this is making me feel much better cheers colin

  • DanTheChickenMan
    DanTheChickenMan 9 minutes ago


  • DanTheChickenMan
    DanTheChickenMan 9 minutes ago


  • Prathamesh Kalaskar
    Prathamesh Kalaskar 9 minutes ago

    2:21 what was that😅

  • Gerard Mourits
    Gerard Mourits 9 minutes ago

    Hes alive!

  • Dr Falko
    Dr Falko 9 minutes ago

    i fuking luv you colin

  • Victor Solem
    Victor Solem 9 minutes ago

    Finally a Furze day with a new project 👏👏😁🔥💨

  • Taz_Run21 Mc
    Taz_Run21 Mc 9 minutes ago

    Fire In The Hole!

  • Robbie the ControllER!
    Robbie the ControllER! 9 minutes ago

    ?Dose anyone know anything about the overwatch Spider tanks, because I would like to learn more about them.

  • DanTheChickenMan
    DanTheChickenMan 9 minutes ago


  • Kiwi_91
    Kiwi_91 10 minutes ago

    loving the new camera work Colin

  • Abdullah Pro
    Abdullah Pro 10 minutes ago

    Oh Nice Colinfurze!!! Lots of Love from Pakistan!!!

  • thomas peter
    thomas peter 10 minutes ago

    Blizzard trying to act as if everything were ok

  • Taz_Run21 Mc
    Taz_Run21 Mc 10 minutes ago

    Early Squad! Also: Best Junkrat imitation: HUEHUEHUEHEU

  • johnseyefish
    johnseyefish 10 minutes ago

    but does it blow up

  • Handmade Factory
    Handmade Factory 10 minutes ago

    Powli...saayipp muthey...Nee vere levalaaa.....( I'm Indian)Kerala..kovalam👍✨✨✨ Super video...

  • Cyborg Gemerx
    Cyborg Gemerx 10 minutes ago

    how did my comment get pinned

  • Noah Heath
    Noah Heath 10 minutes ago

    I waited for two months and I got over watch???? Nahhh, sorry

  • grant flavel
    grant flavel 10 minutes ago

    I forgot i subsribred

  • Richard Poet
    Richard Poet 10 minutes ago

    Have you considered doing a video on tig welding with a company like lincoln electric or miller? I know you're self-taught but theres always more to learn!

    • colinfurze
      colinfurze 4 minutes ago

      yeah I've asked on Lincolns welding corse so its there to be had, I've always wondered if what I do is actually any good.

  • WillBill
    WillBill 10 minutes ago

    Finally Furze!!!

  • Ali Trollope
    Ali Trollope 10 minutes ago

    What's with the fancy filming and editing, not sure if I like it

  • Devon Pucel
    Devon Pucel 10 minutes ago

    He honestly kind of looks like short haired junkrat, and he is just as off his rocker...

  • ansel thebestest
    ansel thebestest 10 minutes ago

    Captive Nut November

  • Dan J YT
    Dan J YT 10 minutes ago

    Big up all my junk spamming mains

    JUSTIN BYSTROM 10 minutes ago


  • EL_ gameover
    EL_ gameover 11 minutes ago


  • Davos Azizora
    Davos Azizora 11 minutes ago

    Colin, it’s needs some fireworks 🧨 Awesome stuff though!!

  • PsychoAxeMan
    PsychoAxeMan 11 minutes ago

    Hes a mad scientist

  • Akala Tanara
    Akala Tanara 11 minutes ago

    Good to see a new video, shame it's a Blizzard sponsored one with all the stupidity Blizzard's been up to as of late. Not going to let that ruin the video though.

  • Umer Ali
    Umer Ali 11 minutes ago

    To match waiting to your video....

  • Funny Kikimon
    Funny Kikimon 11 minutes ago

    Can you make the baller from the Jurassic park

  • Harry Mota Amorim
    Harry Mota Amorim 11 minutes ago

    “Ooh ma hair got a bit shorter”

  • GeneralFalkeys
    GeneralFalkeys 11 minutes ago


  • Steve Reinhart
    Steve Reinhart 11 minutes ago

    Pretty freaking impressive my boy.

  • Zurox X
    Zurox X 11 minutes ago

    Moin Moin

  • mk gamer 2
    mk gamer 2 11 minutes ago

    2 stroke time

  • Aaron Mendoza
    Aaron Mendoza 11 minutes ago

    .......tuck in your tie.